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(OOC NOTE: To help add other folks' bits and make this less confusing, I may reformat later to just do a page for each room of the building, since my character was bouncing between them - as this log reads)

Entertainment Plaza - Corellian District, Nar Shaddaa Like any other Nar Shaddaa city block, this particular section is made up of several different pedestrian packed streets.

Here you will find a larger majority of humans than in most other sections of the moon, due to this being the area known as the 'Corellian District' a lot of the natives to that world end up here as a sort of home away from home.

The streets vary from being narrow to wide open, the more narrow ones obviously being the harder to navigate since they are typically more congested. One can find many different types of businesses, bars, entertainment sections within the different street buildings. Neon colored signs light up the building faces explaining the name and content of events you can find within their walls.

If one were to gaze skyward, they would likely become dizzy, lost in the maze of skyscrapers that reach up towards space and many might wonder if they're on Coruscant itself, but the strange smell would always remind them just exactly where they are.

Law enforcement patrols are quite regular along the streets of this city block, but they rarely venture down the countless number of alleyways or into any of the business'.

The "Muse" gallery of arts is closed to visitors at the moment, but there seems to be a tremendous amount of activity parading in and out its door. Vendors, service staff, and temporary 'help' portering items into the gallery offload the occasional table, crate, and equipment around the side of the building and ferry them swiftly inside. Standing just outside, watching the worker bees filing in and out is one Rheisa Dirleel. From 'refugee' to 'curator', the Togruta stands silently vigilant, sharp eye and ears keeping watch out of rough handling.

From Pirate Lord and Scourage of the Outer Rim, Rax Vaelus has traced an arc directly opposite the beautiful togruta's. He is dressed in simple clothes, lacking finery or armor, indistinguishable from a billion other transient spacers on the Smuggler's Moon. He walks with stiffness, still wounded from the battle that saw him captured, and wounded further from his time there, and his departure.

Upon seeing the former refugee patiently standing watch over the processions heading into and out of the art gallery, Rax hesitates a moment before finally changing direction and heading her way.

"Tch!" Rheisa chuffs in warning as a crate corner begins to slip from its handler's grasp. It's apparently heavier than it looks. "That Qo's work..." she cautions and follows them in just a few steps to see the entry through. "That room, there," she points before backing out, into the path of an incoming guy with a packing list seeking signatures on his data pad. It's a close call, but the Togruta steps left just in time, so the collision is reduced to a mere whisper of garments against the other. Perhaps a stroke of luck, or perhaps a stroke of extra-sensory awareness. Looking casually over her shoulder, she offers an apologetic smile and turns to touch a finger to the pad as instructed.

Surprised by the sudden reversal, Rax leans back at the waist, bracing for an inevitable collision. But it never comes, and instead fabric whispers across fabric, and Rax offers a faint smile in return as she signs for the delivery. "A far cry from the feral girl who limped onto Parmac's so long ago..." Not bothering to step back, he instead waits for her to finish, glancing up and aside at the art studio that houses her collection. "...You've certainly done well for yourself. The predators of this world did not know what they were dealing with..." He glances back down at her, "I trust you are well...?" He hasn't forgotten about the mysterious clinic visits.

Mouth drawn into a neutral line of serenity, she tips her head aside in study of his person, expression betraying nothing until she's done. Brows knit faintly together then, gaze softening. "Are you?" A small smile. "I see a hunter who has lost his claws." Eyes widening a touch with a skyward lift of the brows, she erases her look of concern and twists 'round to gesture at the building. "I find work. Some day, will afford to fix this," she pats once at her chest.

Coming from the west is perhaps a peculiar train. A Chiss male is in the lead, followed by a procession of two droids. One is a small BB-Unit that rolls along dutifully in the wake of its master, the other a polished silver protocol droid. Their direction seems easy enough to guess after a moment as they head straight for the gallery. Upon seeing Rheisa standing outside, the Chiss dips his head in greeting and says, "Good evening, Rheisa. I come bearing gifts."

Rax's own eyes widen at the cold greeting, the wounded look unconcealed as he clearly did not expect such a reception. His own smile dies into a thin line as he regards the shorter togruta. "You have exceptional sight... But I wonder if it is mere coincidence that you refer to physical claws as well as metaphorical ones." He shakes his head slowly, "I still hunt. But for what, I could not tell you." He turns away toward the building, looking up at it. He takes a breath as though he were going to say more...but the arrival of the Chiss renders him silent. His mouth shuts, and he simply watches as the man approaches. After the man has said his piece, Rax glances aside toward Rheisa, "It seems you have business to attend to. I'll leave you to it."

"Ah," Rheisa breathes softly, and reaches out to stroke fingers over Rax's sleeve. Mayhap the inside's not as cold as the exterior portrays. "Maybe the 'sun' not 'set' yet, for you, after all." Something sly twinkles in her eyes at her artful play on a nickname. "Come back tonight, hunterrr..." she invites. "Good foods, good arts, and good company." The bad eye twitches and she turns her head to grace the Chiss and his mechanical entourage with a smile.

"This is 'protocol droid'?" she points to the humanoid-shaped one and approaches it curiously to stare into its glowing eyes.

Raim nods his head glancing from Rheisa to Rax. A brow lifts and he says, "It was not my intention to interrupt. This can wait until later if needed. I had just thought that it might be able to assist you with what remained of the preparations." His eyes move over Rax for a moment in curiosity. If Rax were to be looking at the Chiss, he might see that Raim is not looking upon him as a stranger.

Rax Vaelus looks mystified at Tazi's request, "You are hosting something tonight? Here?" Regarding the signs with new focus, his eyebrows lift as they do indeed proclaim an event, not long from now. "So I see..." Turning to regard the blue man once again, perhaps unfamiliar with his race, Rax takes on a wary expression, eyes slightly narrowed, "...Perhaps it is your eyes, strange one, but you seem to recognize me, while I do not even know of your species. You have me at a disadvantage." He places a hand on his chest, "I am Rax Vaelus, and my business with Sunset here can wait until later, if you have preparations to discuss. I did not know there was to be a gala tonight, not long from now."

"Some help would be good. I need to work with the things for 'awk-shun', but also need be sure things look nice upstairs? I not know about tables for the games, how to set." Rheisa reaches out to touch the 3PO unit, marveling at the way her reflection looks back at her, if a touch distorted. "You talk?" She asks the droid.

Raim returns Rax's look, though on his part, his expression never changes. The same curiosity that a scientist might adopt while gazing upon some strange anomaly beneath a microscope. He does extend a deep blue hand toward Rax and shakes firmly, "I am known as Raim Shah. Owner and operator of the Techno Emporium within the Gearhead District, specializing in droids and cybernetic augmentations." His hand drops back to his side and he says, "I must admit, I am surprised to see you about Nar Shaddaa once more. I knew you to be captured by the First Order."

The silver Protocol droid does not move away from Rheisa as she reaches toward it, though its head does turn in her direction. Raim turns toward it and says, "This is your new keeper, Rheisa. You will serve her well." The droid makes a beeping sound and at once answers Rheisa, "Yes, Madame Rheisa, I can speak in a multitude of languages. It will be my great joy to serve you."

Rax Vaelus gestures aside with his other hand after the handshake, "Yeah, we had some drinks. Shot the poodoo. Got tortured. You know, hung out for a while. It was fun." He moves stiffly, if one watches closely. One hand is slightly burned. The one that wasn't shaken. "I was rather hoping Doctor Zavir was in today. Could use a bit of a tune-up." The human smirks without humor, "I'm pretty sure I've overlapped wounds to the point where I may need to start visiting your Emporium if I want to keep moving."

Glancing sidelong at Rheisa, Rax bows his head slightly, "I should let you return to your preparations..." Starting to turn away, he pauses, "Oh, right." He stops and produces a small parcel from his interior jacket pocket. "For your collection." Handing over the trinket, he nods again to her, nods to Raim, and turns stiffly, walking with slow, careful movements, artfully disguised as a casual walk.

What delight and amusement Rheisa might've rejoiced with at the droid's response is dampened heavily by her mind's echo of Raim's last comment to Rax. The smile she wears falsely now shines not as bright and headtails hug more tightly to her frame. Stripes grow dull. A reflex, perhaps, against an inner whisper of fear.

Forcing a polite nod to the droid, she says "Come," and makes to lead it inside, but halts in her tracks as the fiery-maned man gifts her with a little something. Taking it shyly, she turns it over in hand, watching his departure from the corners of her vision. Cautiously, she unwraps it.

Raim watches as Rax departs, his scarlet eyes tracing down across his body as if to gauge the man's truthfulness. "It was good to see you," he adds toward the man's back. "I would be interested in hearing more, when you feel up for talking. You know where to find me." He turns to head inside and then stops as Rheisa does, turning his eyes toward the parcel.

The paper gets crinkled into one hand, leaving the other to cradle an...animal. That much is obvious, but it's unlike one she's before seen. Lips parting in awe at the craftsmanship behind this clearly handmade creature, she strokes one fingernail over the sloping head, the strong hind legs and tail upon which it seems to stand. A tiny saddle has been etched along its back, as is the texture of what must be thick, lush fur. "What is?" she whispers.

Looking at the figurine, it doesn't seem to wow Raim near as much as it does Rheisa, but then again he just delivered her a complex bit of machinery! He opens his mouth to speak when...

"I believe that to be a Tauntaun, miss. A species of snow lizard, commonly found on the snowy planet of Hoth. Many times, humans will ride them because Hoth is often too cold for speeders or other means of transportation," the slightly mechanical but oh so polite voice of the protocol droid cuts in.

Rheisa runs a finger over the curl of a horn. "Tantan," she repeats and nods, committing the name to memory. "You are a smart 'droid'," she praises and folds the carving back into its paper before rewarding the 3PO with a pat to its head. Seemingly rejuvenated out of her brief funk, the Togruta motions with /her/ horned head to the gallery, this time addressing Raim with the word "Come. I show you what needs upstairs?"

Art Room - Corellian District, Nar Shaddaa

This room showcases the major works of a traveling show, but is also used to display work by local artists. Right now, it's filled by a diverse blend of the owners' private painting collection, some works of scrap metal sculpture - priced moderately low to quadruple digits - and a small case of primitive pottery, featuring muted tones of grey, white, terracotta, and geometric design. One wooden sculpture is tucked in with the pottery - a squatly carved humanoid with horns and two pairs of headtails. If the v-shaped form of teats hanging to the knees is any indication, it depicts a female. A very small protective case also displays some handcrafted jewelry.

The back third of the room is cordoned off by a massive window with door, allowing visitors to watch attending artists labor away at their craft. A couple countertops and metal cabinets hold supplies while two metal tables, supporting various tools of the trade are bolted to the center of the floor. There is a small kiln in one rear corner and a sink in the other.

There is a door in the front leading back to the foyer.

The Muse is ready. Upstairs, final touches are being added to the elegant table settings - set to accommodate hungry guests amid tables set for gambling. In the lobby, signs direct guests to the lounge upstairs as well as deeper into the gallery towards the west room, where several auction-bound pieces are currently enshrouded in black silk. Also curtained in black (with accents of purple) is the viewing window for the artist workshop in the rear of the art room. Those curtains are drawn closed now, sealing off whatever tiny remnants of clutter remain at work stations, and...giving a certain 'Muse' a place to get herself presentable.

Rheisa is bent over a mirror, a smudged jar of moss-green pigment to her left. Her beaded strands that circle 'round the upper third of montrals have been replaced with multifaceted, glass beads to make a multi-pendant headdress of sorts, but still include the akul teeth - one dangling as a pendant from each montral ring's three strands (front, back, outer side). A small, matching stud has been embedded on the outer corner of each brow.

Suoh ventures in with a white box in hand, he is dressed to the nines and even dyed his white hair light blue for the occasion. He had a knit sliver embroidered top and a coat fit for a king. He even had a sash in colors of red, white and blue. With little pins and buttons, mimicking badges of honor. In his jiggling and finest. "Rheeeeeiiiiisa!" He calls in a sing-song voice. "Whe-re a-re yooouu?" He peeks around to see her preening. He smiles and nods. "Well Hello, Beautiful. Have you seen my Curator around?"

Halting a green-smudged forefinger over her cheek, Rheisa turns to regard the hair-dyed Suoh with a touch of confusion. "Am....here?" She steals another glance at her handiwork in the mirror and draws a thin line of green to shadow one of the stripes from eye corner to montral. "You paint?" She gestures vaguely at his head as what was so starkly white is now so obviously blue.

Suoh smiles cheekily. "Yes, Paint. But you cannot be Rhesia, unless Rheisa is now royalty to run away with some rich handsome King." He wiggles his eyebrows and those too are also a light blue. "Blue for the occasion. Celebratory." He tousles his hair and then jiggles the box. "I brought you a gift ohhh Princess of art." http://starwarstyle.tumblr.com/post/122306750289/a-formal-gown-for-asajj-ventress-ellie-saab

"Oh?" Rheisa smiles, tucking her chin shyly to hastily finish the paint job on her face. "What is? Is big box..." It's a day of presents, it'd seem! A new protocol droid and wooden carving!

Suoh checks the time. "Oh! Something lovely for my curator tonight. I want you to look like the business woman artist you are." He hands her the box. "Get dressed. And I'll stall for you!" He smiles and bows a bit and disappears out front!

Foyer - Art Gallery - Corellian District, Nar Shaddaa The Art Gallery foyer is a crisp, white canvas in which to display art for a traveling show or even for local artists. A large area rug and a few small, cushioned stools put a pop of sea blue into the space. Right now it's full of the owners' private collections, including many different styles of paintings from modern to classic. Hidden among some of these are a few by the owner himself. They are quite the view. It's obvious these personal works are flawlessly cared for, tarnish-free and tucked safely alongside some of the other paintings. They seem to just fit in with the rest of the room perfectly.

A small rack to the left of the entrance showcases a few handbags for sale, stitched by hand from slick, black fur and some pebbly, yellowish hide. There's no sign to tell what creature(s) was sacrificed in their making.

There is a door in the back leading deeper into the art rooms, another door which remains closed and locked, and a polished, black ramp ferries visitors to a second story. Under the ramp is a glossy, white desk where the proprietor(s) can keep an eye on folks or happily make transactions.

Suoh ventures in from the art room and closes the door behind him. The Echani is dressed to the nines and even dyed his white hair light blue for the occasion. He had a knit sliver embroidered top and a coat fit for a king. He even had a sash in colors of red, white and blue. With little pins and buttons, mimicking badges of honor. Jiggling his finest badgery. He stands watch over the door. Seems he is alone and they are ready to open. He sighs, he didn't have to stall for long. He checks his reflection in a shiny surface and makes sure he looks ready. He is pretty sure Anjilek is upstairs so he doesn't do any snooping.

The Muse's lobby is set for splendor. Display artworks are polished to a shine, as is the chrome of the sleek ramp leading to the upper level. Signage directs visitors up the ramp for gambling and entertainment, or onward to the 'art room' where the silent auction will be taking place, amid an assortment of other showcase artworks. AT the door, though, is the biggest alteration to the art gallery's typical decor. It's a bodyguard, stationed to pat down the entering guests and relocate any carried weapons to a weaponry-check station off to the side. It's a locker and a bin full of labels to slap on any pieces 'accidentally' brought to the event. Kyanggha begins to unlace the laces and unstrap the straps as she starts removing pieces of her intricately designed, and Wookiee historic, battle armor until the last piece is removed.

It is hard to determine when a wookiee is dressed up, but the lack of armour and weapons is a good clue. The pretty beads in her hair, also a fairly good clue. Kyanggha pushes the art gallery door open and steps inside, giving a glance at the bodyguard and a warning growl if he (or she) decides to actually touch the wookiee.

Siya arrives to the art gallery dressed simply elegantly. Her hair is done up, pinned into an updo with gold colored pins. When she walks, she moves with poise and elegance. Her bright blue gaze falls upon Suoh and a smile curls up the corners of her lips. "Hello there. I see this party is just beginning. Well, now that I am here, it is sure to heighten." She winks.

The slim Lethan enters, one long fingered hand on the arm of the tall human man at her side. She moves with a feline grace, Golden eyes wide as she takes in the crowd.

She is in an elaborately embroidered gown; sleeveless with a tight, low-cut bodice in gold and red, panniers at her slim hips flare out, spreading the skirt of heavy red satin; it is short at the front then sweeps down in a long curve to the floor, framing her long legs, clad in lace-patterned black hose and black pumps. The Hem is trimmed with black lace. Over her bare shoulders she wears a fitted, short jacket, again in red and gold satin, with puffed sleeve, the cuffs are trimmed with heavy falls of black lace, a standing ruff of the same material frames her throat and the deep decollate'.

She wears slim head band in matching gold and red, It bears a single, graceful fan-shaped brooch of gold, set with a single, brilliant Amethyst. It is of remarkably deep, violet hue.

Bar'duur has nice clothing on today, what passes as a 'suit', something left over from his employment at a Hutt-owned Casino. The Zabrak has a comfortable little smile resting on his face, green orbs turning to take in his surroundings as he moves along. He has been here once but now everything looks so spiffy and well-prepared. For now he slides off to the side and keeps his mouth shut, observing the others who file in and who are already present.

Down the stairs can be heard the sound of a click of a shoe as Sirus enters dressed to the nines in a suit with a smile on his face. He leaps down the last of the stairs in one swift motion and then he exhales into the air as if he was smoking with a fake hand motion."Hello everyone." His voice booms out of his mouth filled with the confidence of youth. He then walks over towards his brother with a smile."Quiet the turn out already." He then picks up a glass of wine from a passing server with a soft chuckle."I love drinking my own freeeee booze." He laughs again and then watches everyone and then nods towards Siya."Hello again my dear." He then sips the drink again slowly enjoying it. https://kpopandkdramanews.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/38

Strand Korsen slips inside the gallery, holding the arm of the elegantly dressed lethan. His own outfit is a well tailored purple and silver paramilitary affair. it is cut close to accentuate his tall, spare figure. He moves through the line to be checked and to hand over his holstered blaster and boot knife to the heart gallery 's security. Suoh nods to those entering and to Siya, "You my bartenderess seem to lubricate and heighten every experience." He smiles with his sharp white teeth and winks. "How have you been?" He greets with open palms. "I'm currently awaiting my curator so we may start the festivities." He turns to find his brother. "Ah, Sirus. What have you been up too? Yes, quite a turn out. I'm quite pleased." He chuckles and catches two wine flutes himself and hands one to Siya. "Not exactly free for us, but I catch your meaning." He sips his.

A long speeder pulled up outside of the gallery, and out climbs the Chiss known as Raim Shah. He is wearing a black suit, the material strange in the fact that it seems to shimmer when passing beneath light. The jacket's cut is low and hits him at about mid thigh, the cut of his pants slim and tapering down his legs to cascade over the tops of polished dress shoes. Beneath his suit coat is deep maroon vest, and then a tie of a similar material to his jacket and pants. The Chiss' hair is neatly styled atop his head, swept back away from his face and swept toward the right side of his head. He steps across to the sidewalk and then grasps the ornate door handle and follows the rest into the Gallery. He waits patiently for the guard to ensure that he has no weapons, and then walks on into the space, a nod of greeting sent toward Suoh, Sirus, and Siya.

The muttering that comes out of the Wookiee isn't loud enough or distinct enough for even the various droids stationed around to try and catch unfamiliar words to catch. She finds a good spot out of the way to watch the kids, folding her arms across her chest in an unconscious mimic of the bouncer's usual stance.

As guests begin filing in for the event, the ambient music turns up. It's a peaceful melody, light and airy. The gentle clinks of server ware can be heard from above, as service staff rush about to ready the beverage and hors d’oeuvres before parading a couple samplers down the ramp to greet those in the lobby. A few more minutes pass before the 'muse' that oversees this establishment of art makes her appearance.

And a silent appearance it is. One moment, the doorway leading into the art room is empty, giving glimpse of what lies beyond, and then it is filled, by a willowy wisp of silks and stripes. Glass beads tinkle together softly as she turns her head, regarding the filling crowd with a soft smile. Rheisa steps further into the room, coming to rest alongside the chrome, protocol droid. Touching the droid lightly on the shoulder, she leans in for a whispered string of guttural purrs and mumble.

At the checkpoin, A'isha merely opens her jacket. "I have no...weapons upon me, but you are most welcome to search me if you like." THe Lethans voice is soft, dark and musical, like scented smoke on the breeze. Should the guard care to search her, she does indeed have no weapons at all. "Look at the crowd, Strand. So many people to meet!" She lifts a drink from a passing tray, sample the sparkling wine.....Her tarnished gold eyes bright...Bar she knows, she smiles at him. The Chiss gets a longer look, a slow consideration.....

Siya beams a smile to Suoh as he speaks. "Well, speaking of which.." She turns her gaze to Sirus and dips her head politely to him. "Hello there, friend. It is always good to see you again." Laughter comes from her with the comment of free booze. She reaches to take a glass from the tray of the server. "I must say, I love drinking your free booze as well." She winks. Then Raim arrives and she watches him with keen interest as he approaches. "My goodness..." She says to the Chiss as he approaches. "You look simply amazing."

The protocol droid jumps slightly, swiveling his head to 'blink' at his new mistress and gestures nobly with an arm to the assembling bodies. "Good evening to you," he chirps brightly before lifting his other hand and gesturing about the interior. "My name is "Kee'tch'ka" (spoken with a Togruti accent) and I am here to assist with all conversational pleasantries. I am fluent in a multitude of languages and have adept knowledge of galactic politics and history, as well as a number of other intriguing subjects. Please alert me if I can be of assistance! And now...a word from our hosts!"

Strand Korsen looks around the gallery, noting wide array of dress clothes and gowns. "Very interesting attire, my beauty. It seems everyone took special pains tonight. ." He does not mind either himself nor A'isha being searched. He turns, catching a glimpse of rheisa. "Look, A'isha. That is quite the change in our wild togruta friend. ."

Kyanggha snags herself a drink from a passing tray, the delicate glass looking small in her hand and she growls out a greeting to those passing by. "rwowoal wrall thing as grarrrl grarrrl." She mutters, this time just barely loud enough to be caught by translation droids who might have an ear out.

http://media.comicbook.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/gotham-fish-mooney (Siya’s dress, except in blue)

Raim smiles at the compliment directed his way from Siya, and he winks a scarlet eye at her. "So quick to sell me short, were you? I shine up quite well, I think!" he says with a chuckle and an elaborate affair of sliding his hands down his suit coat as if to smooth it free of wrinkles. Stepping up to Siya's side, he shoulders her playfully before turning his eyes around to regard those entering the gallery. Catching A'isha's look of consideration, the scarlet eyed Chiss returns it with an intrigued look of his own before he dips his head politely in greeting from afar.

Suoh keeps the drink refused by Siya and finishes his first one. His head turns as Rheisa makes her entrance and he excuses himself to greet her. "Well, you look fantastic." He leans in to whisper to Rheisa. He smiles, wink and offers the flute of wine in his possession. "You did a great job the place looks divine."

Suoh whispers: How do you like the dress?

Siya smiles up at Raim, "Oh no. Trust me, if anything, I cannot sell -you- short." She winks at him. She hooks her arm in his and says quietly, "Let's go say hello to the others." She turns to make her way to the other couple, Strand and A'isha. "Hello there." She greets them, "I simply adore your gown." The Zeltron looks over the lovely gown. "Have we met before? I am Siya."

"Well welcome to our art gallery." Sirus laughs softly and then he walks back towards the stairs to look at the all of the folks here."Well this is our first art show for charity and our first art show ever." He lifts his glass slowly to his lips as his silver eyes drift over the crowd."So the charity of the moment and the grand one for our first event is going to be Jakku needs help too." He lifts his glass slowly and then he beams at them all making eye contact with those he knows."So tonight we have a silent auction and a gambling upstairs for people that wish to donate or for our vips. All winning and losing go to charity but the one holding the most winning at the end of the night gets a prize." He then sips his drink again with a happy smile."So to buy a ticket to the gambling event speak to me in private and the silent auction is going to be run by Rheisa our amazing curator." With this speech out of the way Sirus leaps back off the steps milling in with the crowd.

"Welcome to t'Muse charitee event!" Rheisa sways up alongside her bosses, beaming a pearly glint of fangs at her guests. There's a happy thrum, lilting from the throat of the Togruta as Suoh whispers. "Is nice," she not-so-whispers back. Then, "Please make your-selves at home," she annunciates best she can, loudly to the crowd, slowly and with concentration for some words, "And sample what local treats have been doh-nated for this event. Like Sirus say - Up, is foods and good drink. More music and entertainment to come. Our best art display is through here," she flourishes an arm behind to the westward room, "where you will also find our /silent/ awk-shun. In a few minutes I will uncover the pieces for sale. All monies made from awkshun will go to bring water and foods to that much-need village on Jakku. Generosity is app-preciated."

The golden gaze meets scarlet for a long heartbeat then Red turns at Strands comment, gazing upon Rhiesa. "Rheisa, you are looking gorgeous." The Courtesan steps closer to her, offering her hand. "It has been long since we chatted." Her Lekku writhe, slowly, sinuously. Then Sirius make his announcement, she offers him a dazzling smile, teeth so white, so very even,. Save for her Canines, those are long, and quite sharp. She turns back to Rheisa. "Too long, this is wonderful gathering. So many I have not yet met! It looks like quite the success..." That warm smile touches those molten eyes, she is quite sincere

A soft little toothy smirk from Kyanggha as she sips and then turns to head upstairs and see what's there. The fewer people who go check out the auction, the easier it is on her credit balance.

Raim is swept along in Siya's wake, though he doesn't exactly try to fight the tug by any means. He draws himself up straight as they walk toward Strand and A'isha and upon arriving he dips his head to the two. As Siya addresses A'isha, Raim extends his hand toward Strand. "Hello there, I am Raim Shah... owner of the Techno Emporium in the Gearhead District, specializing in droids and cybernetics. Fan of art or simply driven by the desire to aid Jakku?"

Suoh applauds for Sirus and Rheisa's speech. He isn't one for public speaking so he politely declines. His steel eyes scan about the crowd mid sip of his wine flute, seeing whose made it. Maybe some faces he's never met before. He clears his throat. He just silently listens to those milling about him and he checks out the art. He even donates his share into the pot to Rheisa. "For the water on Jakku, those poor people."

Strand Korsen glances towards the Chiss but soon turns to address Siya and Sirus. "Thank you for the compliments , my dear. You are looking lovely. And, you, Sir. Thank you for the preparations. They are well done.' He releases A'isha's arm so she may greet Rheisa. He lingers a moment to speak before rejoining the Lethan.

"Is good to see," Rheisa nods back at the Lethan and fingers the Twi's ornate jacket. "I think this much. Hope you all enjoy." She gives a courteous bow of her head to A'isha's accompanying male (Strand) and takes a small step back towards the Art Room. In passing, her gaze sweeps very obviously over the Zabrak lingering off to the side, keeping a touch longer than polite, perhaps, before turning away. "I go uncover things for auction," she excuses.

Meanwhile, in Art Room - Corellian District, Nar Shaddaa

There is a wookiee who has a drink in hand, who is slowly and quietly roaming the show. She pauses by each work, giving it thoughtful consideration, lingering and sipping from her drink. Kyanggha seems quite content to be left out of the fuss about dresses, turning to glance if someone enters.

Padding quietly in not long after the Wookiee, Rheisa also escapes the cooing flattery of guests. The 3PO unit is not so stealthy, clambering on along after with clippy, chrome feet. "Hi," Rheisa offers in passing to Kyanggha, careful not to impede her art-admiring while moving to the auction displays and pulling the black, silk veils off each piece.

Kyanggha turns at the arrival of the curator and nods politely. "roarrl. woeieowl wrall rwarrl woeieowl rwowoal." She gestures at the pieces on display rather than the ones hidden under black cloth. Kee'tch'ka (3P0 Unit 10110) repeats after Kyanggha, "Evening. You've some interesting work here."

Rheisa peeps up from over the unconventional, scrap-metal table piece. "Thank," she smiles and gestures stroking her fingers through an invisible mane. "I like," she points more directly. "Beads. Look nice." The droid translates accordingly, whether it's needed or not.

"rwal you. rwarrl rwowoal rwarrl grarrrl wrall, rwowoal wrall rwarrl of rwowoal wrall rwarrl rallr." Kyanggha moves nearer to consider the scrap metal table piece. "rwarrl rwowoal one rwarrl ... rwarrl." She goes with the usual non-committal answer as she considers it from a couple different angles. Kee'tch'ka (3P0 Unit 10110) repeats after Kyanggha, "Thank you. I'm not one for fashion, but some form of self expression is welcome. Well that one is ... interesting."

Rheisa wags her head into a shrug, sending the akul teeth clattering together. "Is Qo," as though that were explanation enough. Not touching it longer than necessary though, she folds the cloth and tucks it beneath the table. "Veela and Qo," she points accordingly to the artists' pictures "give me home. Get me started as 'arrrt'."

Meanwhile, in the Foyer...

Stavros submits to a pat-down at the door. No weapons today, nor are there any bulges on his zoot suit that indicate concealed weapons. A scan would reveal the same: an unarmed bounty hunter. He looks about to catch the lay of the land, and as a tray of wine passes by, he plucks two glasses, holding one for- "Good to meet you, Sion." He waits for her and Uli to get through security before proceeding.

Sirus comes down the stairs again slowly with a huge smile on his face and then he exhales a little bit of the smoke he quickly had from upstairs. It is a thing little blue bit of smoke not enough to even be noticed in the room. He grabs a fresh wine glass as it passes by him and then he sips it slowly. He moves towards Siya and Raim again with a huge grin."Oh you two are cute together." His silver eyes light up with pleasure and then he sips his drink again slowly.

Rax Vaelus holds up his hands as another beautiful, red-hued woman calls his name, "Hey, it wasn't all bad." He offers a faint, lighthearted grin, "A little interrogation, a little torture, a tour of the detention facility of their Star Destroyer... It was fun. I threatened to turn their ship into a hot dog gun. Then they kicked me out and left me naked on Bonadan." He's wearing a brown sport jacket, matching slacks, and nice brown shoes. But they aren't expensive things, more like the attire of a professor or archaeologist. When the green-skinned twi'lek approaches, he chuckles quietly, "Oriana's Rax? Apparently she likes me a lot more than she let on." There's a faint wince at the corner of his left eye, and he brings his hand subtly to his side--the bandaged one.

At Siya's exclamation about Rax having been killed, he shrugs at her. "I did get killed. I got better, though." Then he follows Siya's suggestion with a glance at the Auction Hall, "I think I will..."

Art Room

"rwowoal rwarrl rwowoal rwarrl?" Kyanggha asks curiously of Rheisa, as she looks from Qo's piece to Veela's piece and then back up to Rheisa with her question. "rwarrl wrall wrall rwowoal grarrrl rwarrl rwowoal roarrl wrall?" She could just read the tags, but she asks instead. The silent auction pieces are out, no longer all covered up, and the wookiee is by them, examining without touching and asking questions. Kee'tch'ka (3P0 Unit 10110) repeats after Kyanggha, "Here on Nar Shaddaa? Are any of the pieces in the auction yours?"

Raim enters into the auction space, his stride slow and a glass of wine held in his hand. He takes a sip as he comes up to gaze at the items. After a moment, he turns his scarlet eyes upon Kyanggha, "I am bumping into you everywhere, it seems."

"Eetsk," Rheisa answers in her native tongue, perhaps a sly attempt to trick up the protocol droid. Her aptly named 'pet' is right on cue, however, spouting out "This!" as she points to the pottery piece. "Also have some over there," she points across the room to the display of primitive, wooden sculpture and pottery. The Togruta moves back out from behind the auction table and checks to ensure that each one's assigned data tablet has the correct base price set.

"rwarrl. woeieowl /rwal/ rwowoal rwowoal woeieowl rwarrl this worieowl." Kyanggha drawls at Raim with a touch of a smirk. "rwarrl a rallr." She turns then to Rheisa at her answer and nods. "woeieowl rwarrl rwowoal wrall grarrrl." The hand not holding her drink gestures back towards the primative wooden sculptures. Kee'tch'ka (3P0 Unit 10110) repeats after Kyanggha, "Well. I /do/ live and work on this planet. It's a hazard. I liked the wood stuff."

Strand Korsen nods his head towards Rax, quirking a smile as the man describes his ordeal. It is amusing because the man is most likely still alive... Though one can never be truly sure. A bigger smile as someone indicates Rax belonging to some female. "At least they released you. That is not their usual method. "Nodding towards Sirus and the others, he slips his arm back through Red's. "Yes, let us see this art."

Hex wanders in after Rax, having been ushered this way. He is holding a drink and pauses a moment to eye the squatly carved humanoid statue with horns and two pairs of headtails with the confused appreciation of someone who might not spend much time in art galleries, normally. "Does she know?" Oriana's Other Person asks, raising a brow at Rax, and then glances to the others who seem to know him - A'isha, Siya, Strand. "Sorry - I'm keeping you from people you know. How rude. I apologize, usually I'm rude on purpose; this is more of an unexpected shock and awe kind of rude."

Raim smirks toward Kyanggha and nods his head. "I suppose that is true enough, maybe I shouldn't be that surprised. I mean... how many Wookies are there around here? Probably only one or two more than the Chiss population, which as far as I know is just me." His scarlet eyes move toward the wooden sculptures and he nods, "Yes, they are quite interesting... Have you placed a bit yet?"

The Lethan moves with a fluid grace at Strands side. Only He might be able to tell when the flow of her walk changes, subtly. Still graceful, but with more of purpose now. Her molten gaze sweeps the room, first a calm regard of the people, as if memorizing them and their movements, then to the Art. "Strand, look, how clever that pottery is!" Still the Courtesans voice, her words. but Red is clearly in charge now.

"grarrrl four rwarrl. woeieowl or grarrrl." Kyanggha answers Raim with a flicker of a half smile. "rwarrl grarrrl, grarrrl rwowoal a rwarrl I dont grarrrl rwowoal rwowoal grarrrl woeieowl grarrrl rwarrl, rwarrl grarrrl rwarrl rwarrl rwarrl grarrrl, woeieowl rwal worowl." She shakes her head. "worowl rwowoal rwarrl. I wrall rwowoal rwal wrall rwowoal rwarrl rwal grarrrl rwowoal, woeieowl grarrrl rwowoal rwal woeieowl rwowoal rwowoal rwarrl wrall rwarrl woeieowl." Kee'tch'ka (3P0 Unit 10110) repeats after Kyanggha, "About four wookiees. Give or take. So far, there's even a couple I dont want to slap until sense falls in, so that's a pretty good ratio, all things considered. Haven't bid yet. I don't really have anywhere to keep art these days, seems rude to tape it to the wall of my shuttle."

Then the other Twi speaks, Red smiles, teeth very white. "It is as well, you know him too, there is not an issue with that!" Her voice, tone very soft. With a feline gaze

Rax Vaelus blinks at Hex, looking surprised by the question, "Does she know? Know what?" Then he laughs, "Oh, that I'm not dead? Yeah, I sent her a message. Haven't really seen her since the Golden Orb when I found that ring for her. Never did get to examine the thing..." To Strand, he smirks, looking faintly painted, "I'm pretty sure they wanted me to give a message to the Resistance. We'll see how that goes."

Back to Hex, Rax adds, "Don't worry about it... I'm glad to have people who talk back. And without sass. Or, you know, a mess hall's worth of pointy bits." Rax approaches the pieces for sale, looking them over silently...

Rheisa backs away from the bidding stations, turning her eyes politely elsewhere as the wave of guests begins to wash in. "Excuse," she bows her head while edging away from conversation with the Wookiee, as Raim joins in, seeing a certain hunter on the prowl. So it's true, the hunter had lost his 'claws', she simply hadn't known the cause for his woe. It's a frightful one, indeed.

Brushing past Rax, she pauses face-to-shoulder and murmurs something for his ears alone.

Hex grins in response to A'isha and returns, 'No, not yet. Usually there's only issues with people knowing me after they've been in my acquaintance for a while.' He waves his lekku at her to continue, "flex, curl *swish* curl. crimp flutter *swish* flick flick flutter *swish* flex flex *swish* curl flick *swish*." His attention then turns back to Rax, and the green twi'lek seems amused. 'She won't be losing it again. But I'm sure she would give you a closer look, if she thought you were interested.' Kee'tch'ka (3P0 Unit 10110) repeats after Hex, "Hello, by the way. Always nice to meet someone else with reasons not to be on Ryloth."

"That could be, Rax. If you will excuse us for a moment. It is good that you escaped with no permanent harm. " And he moves off to explore the gallery with A'isha. Strand can easily tell the difference between Red and the other one, by now. He shows nothing on the outside, however. "Rheisa's work. They look lovely. And would you like that necklace, A'isha? "

A later arrival, but none the less she's made it. It probably took a while to find something in her gear that wasn't a flight suit, overalls or armor and then longer still for something that would cover the bandages on her left flank from a few blaster bolts. Having managed a surprising level of dressing up, Narsai steps into the art room wrapped in a long, backless red dress. A good shade darker then her hair that's still hanging down to her shoulders in crimson waves. Those green eyes of hers sweep the room, taking in the familiar faces in the ritzy setting.

Rheisa whispers to Rax, "Tantan...I like very much."

"You're welcome, Sunset. Glad I could get it to you," Rax whispers to Rheisa.

Siya moves into the gallery quietly, pausing by each piece of work. Though, she pauses by one necklace and she looks at it with a bit of awe. Her eyes blink widely and she obviously has to resist from touching it. Then she moves over to look at the painting. Though, she pauses to look back to the others in the room, smiling and listening to the conversation.

"rwowoal, rwarrl rwowoal!" Kyanggha looks at Rax and lifts her glass in salute to him, even if a pretty delicate champagne flute is hardly the usual glass for such a toast. She moves a little more to the edge of the group of people as the room with the auction starts to fill up. "I'm rwarrl rwarrl woeieowl rwowoal wrall drink. Or grarrrl." She starts to move back towards the main room. Kee'tch'ka (3P0 Unit 10110) repeats after Kyanggha, "Hey, you're alive! I'm pretty sure I need another drink. Or ten."

Rax Vaelus smirks at Hex, "I think there will be time enough for that after our...plans come to fruition." Looking over the artworks on display and whispering back to the togruta hostess in reply with a warm, faint smile, Rax is completely blind-sided by the redhead in the red dress. Blinking once, very slowly, Rax's eyebrows lift. "You know, if I someone told me later that you arrived wearing that, I would have never believed them."

Stavros arrives just ahead of Uli and Sion. Stavros himself is a Zeltron bedecked in a bright blue zoot suit with a green pocket square, and he wears it as if it is the height of fashion. It is tailored, if that counts for anything. As he enters, he sees the wookiee moving to pass through the same door. "Kyanggha," he greets with a broad smile. "We keep running into each other. Do you know these two adorable humans? This is Sion Corvara, and this is Uli Gosse. Sion, Uli, this is Kyanggha. I'm honestly surprised to see you here, Kyan," he says. "Then again, I wasn't sure I'd make it myself." Seeing Siya further down the gallery, he gives a small royal wave.

Rheisa bows her head in response, continuing to glide around Rax and through the deepening crowd.

"woeieowl rwarrl use woeieowl wrall rwowoal rwarrl, woeieowl." Kyan comments with a half grin at him as she moves to pass. "wrall woeieowl woeieowl rwarrl. wrall, rwarrl." She looks to Stavros. "rwarrl, I rwowoal rallr. rwarrl woeieowl wrall grarrrl. rwarrl rwarrl grarrrl wrall rwarrl grarrrl." Kee'tch'ka (3P0 Unit 10110) repeats after Kyanggha, "Getting good use out of that suit, Stavros. Sion I know well. Uli, pleasure. Clearly, I hate myself. I'm getting another drink. Find me later if you want."

Red offers Hex a sharp-toothed smile, then smirks as Kya's greeting are translated. "curl arch flex flex *swish* *swish* *swish*, curl arch *swish* flick crimp flex curl arch arch arch flex. curl flick arch curl flex flex *swish* flick arch *swish* crimp.

"Strand, that necklace is lovely indeed, Perhaps we should bid!" She leans against the man, still watching the others, smiling when appropriate.

'Kee-3PO' is about to have his circuits fried, trying to tend both the Wookiee's and subtle Twi'lek conversations going on. "I /do/ apologize," he toddles on around the Twi'lek and those nearest them. "It is ever so hard to bestow adequate focus upon all our guests!" Shuffling noisily, he follows his mistress as she motions for him to leave A'isha alone.

Uli hangs back and lifts a hand to the Wookiee as Stavros makes introductions. He rests one hand casually in his pocket and has a look around at the pieces, or, more specifically, at their security measures. He's not //planning// on ripping anyone off, but taking a thief into a place like this is like taking a chef out to dinner. You can't expect him to be totally off the clock. He'll let Stavros do the talking. He's so much better at it.

Sion squeezes through the door in Kyanggha's wake, arriving just in time to hear Stavros's introduction... and to see the Wookiee in question vanish through the door on her way out. Shrugging, she waves to Strand and A'isha, whom she recognizes. Rheisa gets a wave, too. "I guess the crowds aren't for everyone."

Off in a corner, the hosting Togruta is busy lecturing the protocol droid softly in her own blend of syllables and headtail tremors. Stroking beneath the droid's 'chin' with a finger, she ends on a positive note and beckons it to follow her out for a sweep through the rest of the gallery. In passing, she offers Sion a broad smile and knowing nod. The woman knows well, after all, what Rheisa's style challenges were just a few short months ago...

Out to Foyer Better late than never. That's always Maeve's motto, at least it's her motto when she's running behind schedule - very very behind schedule, to say the least. Exiting the taxi that brought her to the gallery, the doctor rushes into the gallery foyer, fighting with the heel of one shoe before she does a sort of wiggle then smooths the dress she's wearing with both hands and steps inside. She immediately spots Kyan and aims a smile in greeting, "Ahoy and good evening," she offers with a wave.

Sirus comes downstairs slowly with a frown on his face and a look of boredom."Well that was a bust." He walks down slowly in the outfit he got just for this very night. He moves slowly to the landing and then looks out at the people as they arrive."Hello there." He then sips his wine from the glass as he walks over towards Maeve."Hello there I don't think we have met." He offers his hand to the woman with a smile."Sirus Yume."

"roarrl, rwowoal." Kyanggha lifts her fresh glass towards Maeve, drawing up her pacing short, almost guiltily really. "rwal rwoarl wrall wrall rwarrl rwowoal." She points towards the western art room. "wrall rwowoal roarrl grarrrl. rwowoal rallr rwarrl rwowoal." Kee'tch'ka (3P0 Unit 10110) repeats after Kyanggha, "Evening, Doc. Nearly everyone's off over in there. With the auction pieces. Little crowded in there."

Rheisa breezes out of the auction room, looking tired already. But it's a contented tired. Offering a bow of her chin to those she passes, she slips back into the lobby. Kree-3PO is not far behind, seeming to stick to her shadow like glue. She's chattering away to it in her native tongue under her breath. Stopping short at the bottom of the ramp, she /almost/ plows into her boss. And there's the doctor! "Auction is underway," she informs, then beams at Maeve's sparkling attire. "You came!"

Alana Zee enters, slowing from an unsteady trot to a slightly less unsteady walk. Those heels must be new, and she's moving not unlike a baby giraffe. She steps inside and looks round, fanning herself with her hand to cool down from her brisk pace to get here. Still late, but at least she's here.

With everything more or less settled into place, Maeve glances up at the stairs from which the snazzily dressed man descends, sharing a smile with him as he extends a hand in greeting. "I don't believe we have, no, at least, not properly," she agrees, though - amused - she doesn't offer her name right off the bat. Exchanging a gentle hand clasp, Mae glances over at the droid as it translates for Kyanggha, Maeve nodes in return, head tipping back as she smiles up at Kyan, "Crowded usually means that the advertising and word of mouth did the job," sounding cheerful as she says this and spots Rheisa breezing into the room, a droid in tow. "But of course," she replies with a laugh, extending both hands to offer a quick hand clasp with Rheisa, studying the young Togruta's face. "You're looking tired but… all things considered, rather well." She squeezes Rheisa's hands gently before she spots Alana and nods a greeting in her direction as well.

"rallr is rwowoal woeieowl good grarrrl the grarrrl, but wrall grarrrl rwowoal rwarrl rwal rwowoal grarrrl rwal I rwarrl grarrrl rwowoal rwarrl if rwarrl worowl grarrrl. woeieowl rwowoal grarrrl rwowoal woeieowl wrall grarrrl grarrrl rwal rwarrl and woeieowl rwarrl grarrrl woeieowl wrall worowl." Kyanggha drawls before taking a drink of her fancy glass. "rwarrl grarrrl rwarrl rwal rwarrl rwowoal wrall rwarrl rwarrl grarrrl worowl grarrrl woeieowl. rwarrl grarrrl." She comments to the doctor, her attention moving around in fits and glances as people step in and move around, keeping an eye on them. Kee'tch'ka (3P0 Unit 10110) repeats after Kyanggha, "Crowded is no doubt good for the bids, but I'll let the crowds die down again before I go back and see if I'm tempted again. Seems bad for the gallery if someone bumps into me and I slug them out of instinct. You should go have a peek if you're more crowd tolerant than I. Good stuff."

Sirus exhales slowly as he watches for a moment and then laughs as the wookie speaks."Well the next thing we could do is play a game of Sabaac. I have been dying to play." He beams at the Wookie and then looks over at the other woman."So how's it going so far my dearest Rheisa." He smiles at her for a moment and then he looks back at the new arrival."Yeah it seems we have had a great turn out for our first event."

"Is my Doctorrr," Rheisa points out to Sirus in explanation, "Zavirrr." Clasping the woman's hand, she offers it a light squeeze. "Am okay. Is busy day. Auction going well. Please - take drink, food...make your-self comfort-able." Slipping free, she turns and appears to practically float up the ramp, trailing layers of sheer silk behind so she may check on affairs above.

Second Floor - Art Gallery - Corellian District, Nar Shaddaa The gallery's upper level seems to be set up for vocal performances or other music, as an elegant piano on the central stage suggests. It looks like this room could fit quite a few people if there was a show, but you can't judge how many with your passing glance. This space is spotless, and an overworked air purifier keeps the stench of Nar Shaddaa out. Little glass tables and white slip-covered chairs scatter throughout the room to comfortably seat guests atop a massive, sea-blue area rug. The staff runs diligently about to cater to their needs from a small wet bar in a far corner. Purple, hand-blown glass vases accent each table with fresh, exotic flowers.

A sleek ramp leads down to the foyer.

Escaping the crowd below, a rather stylishly garbed Togruta (bwahah) sneaks up the ramp to poke her head into VIP and maaaaybe peruse the food and beverages for herself. And...doesn't seem too populated! Looking around at the flower arrangements and lack of eyes to admire them, she sighs, but makes her way over to a table for a quick snatch of a green-spotted egg.

Suoh is chatting with a violet colored Twi'lek girl whose he's hired at the gallery for the night, she typically works the smoke shop. He needed an extra hand with the festivities in VIP. Keep the male clients distracted during poker. Suoh tips his head. "Oh, Rheisa? How is it going downstairs? I have been making sure all is well here in VIP." He smiles and approaches.

Rheisa glances surreptitiously at the others in the room around Suoh, egg hovering a mere inch from her mouth. She curls her lip and sneaks just one fang into the leathery shell before slurping the contents through the produced hole. "It is very busy. Many people seeing the art." The egg deflates.

Suoh smiles at her eating habits. "I'm very proud of what you accomplished in such a short time Rheisa." He nods over to the twi'lek girl. "This is Anji'lek she works for us over at the Tabac shop. She is helping out with the gambling tonight." He smiles with his silver eyes this time. "You look very ravishing in that dress. I'm glad you wore it." He picks something from the buffet at random and pops it into his mouth. The violet girl waves from behind the gambling table, dressed in white and pearls. Very classy compared to the girl who work at the Twi'lick bar.

"Hi," Rheisa waves back at the Twi'lek and tosses the egg shell into a little waste receptacle tucked beneath the table. "Is nice dress," she murmurs more quietly, running a hand over the belly of it. "Not used to things like this." Breathing a sigh, she glances over the rail. "Not sure how long to keep auction going, but seems many have interest."

Suoh smiles as she touches her tummy. "It's different. But for events for these they are necessary thing. I know how you would prefer to wear." HE tries not to let his eyes drift to much and he scolds himself. "You really look like Royalty Rheisa. I wish I could keep spoiling you like this if you like." The twi'lek girl just smiles and waves and keeps to her post. He peeks over the rail. "It might take all night."

Less than a year ago, she was clinging to pack-hood by the skin of her teeth. A fragile thread easily severed by her fall, and they left her for dead. The lowest of the low, least valued of all. The term 'royalty' doesn't exactly register on Rheisa's vocabulary list, but a glance to Kee'tch'ka clears it up as he trills some word back at her. Minus all the facial cues, of course. But she gets the gist. Torn between feeling shamed or giddy by the compliment, she fidgets her fingers together and looks down. "Yes, maybe all night. Should go. Will...be back." A guarded smile is flashed, then she turns to scramble back down.

Suoh smiles and Rheisa and nods. "You are doing great. Maybe Chuba dinner as reward later?" He allows her go and goes back to the gambling table with Anji'lek the violet twi'lek Sabbac dealer. He nods to Anji'lek. Anji'lek smiles with her white and pearly attire. "Maybe you should go down and scare up some gamblers, boss?" She purple girl asks. "Meh." Suoh rebukes. "They'll come when they want too."

Like all protocol units, Kee3PO seems apt to interject his 'assistance' when it's least needed or wanted. "I believe my mistress is upset, as so clearly detailed in her pigment indicators. Well, if I am interpreting them correctly. Forgive my presumption, but I believe the Togruta frown upon individuality and self-esteemed praise." He gestures one hand to the air, then swivels his head to watch her go before blinking back at Suoh. "Excuse me, sir!" And he totters off.

Back to Foyer

"People very rarely get wounded at a good or convenient moment," Mae notes with a chuckle aimed at Sirus as she watches Rax and Alana do the 'spilled drink dance of awkward', humming a little to herself as she observes the awkward dance and turns back to Kyanggha. She tips her head subtly as Jane translates then grins, "Biased , you say? A bit or more than a bit," she wonders. "More than a bit would inspire me to want to take up some serious tree climbing, just to see if it's as fun as it sounds."

Grimacing as he slowly lowers his bandaged hand from his side, he shrugs, "Oh, you know. Getting shot to pieces. Being tortured and interrogated. Losing all my stuff to assholes in black and grey uniforms. Being stranded on desolate worlds naked. The usual, really." Using his unbandaged hand, he lightly rubs his side before apparently thinking better of it. "Wait... That voice." Turning slowly, Rax's eyebrows lift. "Doctor. When I saw your clinic was closed, I feared the worse. I've...acquired some new wounds."

Looking flustered, Rheisa descends quickly, toes splayed to retain traction on the glossy ramp. She's left the droid in her dust, but Kee'tch'ka (Kee3PO) doesn't seem too far behind. He can be heard muttering to himself about the safety protocols remiss in this structural piece - i.e., slick floor.

"'Scuse," the Togruta rounds the bottom of the ramp in a whirlwind of fabric, avoiding eye contact as she goes. Her pace slows marginally within realm of acceptable though, as she re-enters the art room. Long distance to Suoh: Rheisa Dirleel grins.

"Oh my sounds like a good time."Sirus listens for a moment and then he sips his drink."Well that sounds like quiet the adventure."Hello there my name is Sirus Yume." He offers his hand towards the man standing in front of him."That sounds like a great party or a bad trip depending on who you are." He then slides the hanky away given it does not seem to want to be used."So who left you naked on a world?"

Sirus and Rax both get stared at by Alana in turn, her mouth gaping open. "I'm good, and you?" she tells Sirus, but clearly she's distracted by Rax's words, and she turns back to him. "You were /tortured/? Who tortured you? I'll /kill/ them!" The prospect of the diminutive woman on a vengeful killing spree might be hard to comprehend by some. She balls her fists and plants them on her hips. "And what have I /told/ you about getting shot and stranded. Wait, you were /naked/?"

"rwarrl rwarrl rwarrl rwarrl, rwal. ror it rwal rwowoal ror wrall rwowoal rwarrl ror worowl rwarrl rwowoal wrall. woeieowl roarrl it wrall." Kyanggha gives an almost delighted smile at /that/ discovery. "grarrrl some grarrrl wrall, rwowoal rwowoal rwarrl rwarrl wrall rwarrl. rwal woeieowl rwarrl rwowoal rwarrl woeieowl worowl wrall a rwowoal." Jane (3P0 Unit 9743) repeats after Kyanggha, "In case you're curious, Rax. Apparently it takes two bowcaster shots to land chromed psychobitch on her ass. I proved it empirically. Take some time off, doc and we'll go visit Kashyyyk. Perhaps after you patch your best customer up a bit."

Art Room

"Giant insects? Sounds nasty. But, no, it was neither of us," reassures Strand, He taps in another bid and looks closely, intently at A'isha, noting her changing eyes. He continues to lightly brush her Lekku but drifts away just far enough to not seem possessive. "She gives me the pleasure of her company and the glory of her smile almost every day. And six times before lunch, on days she feels I am not totally undeserving. So I count myself the richest of men."

Wiping something off the corner of her lip, Rheisa returns to /her/ domain and slides as surreptitiously as she can along the wall to survey any remaining activity around the auction table. Her fingers are ever-so fidgety, toying with a panel of her skirt.

The droid comes hounding not long after. "My apologies, Mistress Dirleel. I informed the gentleman of the most logical cause for your sudden rush of negative emotion. I do hope I did not misinterpret..."

"We were fine...as My Lo..Strand says." Red sighs at the touch, her eyes darkening again to something more suited to a being being. She sighs and takes his hand in hers. Her fingers a long, slim, the nails are black and shining. And so very pointed as well

"We were fine...as My Lo..Strand says." Red sighs at the touch, her eyes darkening again to something more suited to a being being. She sighs and takes his hand in hers. Her fingers a long, slim, the nails are black and shining. And so very pointed as well. "I...am...blessed." Perhaps the Lethan is blushing. Could one ever tell?

"Right?" Hex agrees with Strand. "There just aren't circumstances in which giant insects are a good thing. Ever. I told Jax that. I think he was disappointed in my lack of adventuresome spirit." The man's words for his companion seem to surprise him, but with a smile, as though Hex is shocked to find the world unexpectedly nice for a change. "If all that is true? Then I would agree. You are rich to a degree shared by few others." He glances towards that bidding datapad... and perhaps on impulse, steps over to tap in a bid there.

Looking up from her company of the Twi'lek and her partner at the approach, Narsai was only just getting a drink for herself when Stavros approaches, earning a nod of her head and then a shift of the glass in her hand to return the shake. Sion gets a smile and a nod in greeting, but the mechanic had at least met her before. "Narsai Ordo, Pilot and mechanic. 'Of' the Mandalorian Revivers, but that's not exactly hard for people to tell these days."

Looking up from her company of the Twi'lek and her partner at the approach, Narsai was only just getting a drink for herself when Stavros approaches, earning a nod of her head and then a shift of the glass in her hand to return the shake. Sion gets a smile and a nod in greeting, but the mechanic had at least met her before. "Narsai Ordo, Pilot and mechanic. 'Of' the Mandalorian Revivers, but that's not exactly hard for people to tell these days." The compliment he adds? That just gets a chuckle and a wave of her hand. "I'm as out of place here as a Wampa on Mon Calamari, but you get points for being a smoothie."

Well, there goes the 'charm' again! Sion, blushing a little, manages a sincere if slightly nervous smile for the Mandalorian woman, offering a polite bow of her head. "Um, hi again," she says sympathetically; she looks about as at home as Narsai feels. "I'd almost forgotten we've met before. It's good to see you again. I hope things have been going well?"

Rax Vaelus strides in swiftly, tapping something out on the datapad near the art pieces up for auction, his limp finally visible as he moves swiftly across the distance. Not a 'permanently crippled limp' just the swift hobble of someone recovering from serious injuries.

"I saw them rather better. I wish I had not. I think Grenades would have been nice. There are few things I would see exterminated. They are one..." Bronze eyes meet haze, holding the gaze for a long heartbeat. Then Red smiles squeezes Strands hand, Her tones softens now. "It is true..." Barely a ghost's breath. She follow his gaze to the others, smiling now wryly. "Ah, fans....." That last was even softer, likely only Strands can hear it....

Rheisa takes a deep breath, checking the band on her wrist, before excusing herself into the center of the room. "Please, every one!" She calls. "Final bids on art pieces for auction will be accepted at this time. The winners of each piece will be announced, very soon."

"It's easy for me to be charming with good people." Stavros grins at Narsai and winks at Sion, reaching for her hand to give a reassuring squeeze. He turns to look at Rheisa. "I think I'll leave the room and avoid the rush. I heard mention of gambling. Good luck if you're bidding on something, Narsai!" He waits, however - he is not about to tug Sion away while she's in a conversation.

Alana Zee eyes around, searching for Sion in particular. Her face is keen, and her dress is wet. Someone has spilled a drink down her front. And, to judge by the way she hobbles on her newly acquired heels, that someone is more than likely herself.

Spine just a tad rigid and eyes kept humbly down, now more aware of her attire than ever - and not certain it's a good thing - Rheisa squeezes behind the tables and tries very hard to resist the urge to scratch at the paint accenting some of her facial markings. It's getting itchy. Her eyes are soon drawn to the rat-a-tat of Alana's heels though and she can't help but to cringe inwardly at the thought. Shoes in general were ludicrous inventions that rob one's soul of connecting to the environment. But those just look /dangerous/. "Twenty second..." she calls out, keeping track of the numbers that blink on her wrist.

No bids from Narsai, just enjoying the ambiance and the company it seems. Catching the glance her way, Narsai offers Strand a smile that moves on to Red before finally looking back to Stravros and Sion. "I'll step back, have a look out to see the winners, then I'll probably head back to my ship myself. I'm sure we'll cross paths again soon enough."

"Grenades are always nice to have around. Even on social occasions," offers Strand to A'isha, continuing to hold her slender hand. He leans in close and then laughs, whispering something for her ears, "She deserves fans. Among other wonderful things." And then whispers something even lower into the Lethan's ear. Probably something risque, if one can read body language. He pulls back and looks to Hex, "From the mouth of the goddess herself, sir." He winks playfully, looks towards Rheisa, waiting for the announcement of the winners and the damage to his bank account.

Stepping back from the bidding pads, Rax takes a far more leisurely pace away to await the outcome. Standing near Narsai, he asks, "Too bad Russ couldn't be here... I'm sure he'd be all over that necklace up for grabs." Smirking faintly, he turns away to watch, waiting with his undamaged hand in his pocket. It appears someone in another room has re-dressed his burned hand, with fresh gauze. He's wearing a light brown sport jacket, khaki slacks, and nice brown shoes, along with a white shirt and red bow tie.

The door of the art room can be heard softly opening, as in walks a tall man of Corellian blood. The thin man, of about 6 foot 3 in height, and with jet black hair, and deep set blue eyes slowly walks in, taking a good look at his surroundings, noting the occasion. He then finds a corner nearest to the door, gazing about everyone present within the room.

"Could happen. Best of luck, if you have friends bidding," Sion replies to Narsai, watching as the last bids go in. If Stavros has in mind leaving, she doesn't mind going. She does wave to Rheisa on the way out. Hopefully the fundraiser will be a raging success for the Togruta girl.

Red listens, she laughs softly, under her breath. Whatever else was said, it earn him a sidelong look from hot brass eyes. Those changeable eyes. Her Lekku Writhe, slowly. Then she watches the crowd grow. "Hex, we are blessed indeed." Her tchin drapes over Strands shoulder in emphasis to this point. "So you bid as well?"

Hex lets one corner of his mouth crook into a smile at Strand and A'isha, "It's nice to be reminded that some truths hold themselves self-evident," he observes to them. "As well as that grenades are useful in most circumstances, which is also true." He rubs his hands together, awaiting the results. "I did. Didn't intend to, but... well, the drinks are plentiful, life is short, and I haven't before, so why not, right? What could possibly go wrong?"

Stavros watches Rheisa for a moment. Somehow he has not met the hostess yet while here, but now is self-evidently not the time. He heads towards the foyer, tucking his left hand into his pockets.

"Okay!" Long, sparsely-striped arms perform a graceful snatch and sweep of the datapads in front of each auction piece as Rheisa puts an end to the bidding. Nervous about the part that comes next, she flicks a glance over the bidders that remain. On a moon full of predators and thieves, can one really ever be trust? "Let me say thank, for those who come tonight to see the Muse." A smile is flashed vaguely through the room before she looks back down to the datapads and with a faint tremor in hand, taps the screens. "You have been most generous with time and monies and...please. When this is done, you are welcome to stay. Gamble hall is open upstairs, lots of food, wines..." she's rambling while cross-checking the results.

"Results are ready..."

Still gazing about the crowd, but feeling a bit more confident to venture further inwards into the room, Therous, the tall Corellian man, finally makes his way to a table to where he would not crowd anyone, and has a seat, turning his eyes to the Togruta woman speaking.

Rax Vaelus inclines his head, waiting patiently for the results... He notices Stavros only as he is leaving, and he grimaces as he misses the chance to speak with the man. Unfamiliar with the woman who was with him, Rax merely shrugs and turns his attention back to the hostess.

"Firrrst thing!" Rheisa moves down to the scrap metal 'table'. "Qo's table." A soft 'hrrrum' in her throat and she lifts her eyes from the datapad. "Misterrr Korsen!" A pause, as she double-checks another one of the pads. "Also...you are new owner of Veela's creations," she gestures to the jewelry on display. "She make pretty things, yes." Barely able to contain the pride felt for her guild mates - and roommates - at having fetched such a high price for their work, she motions for the man to approach.

Therous Caavuna continues to watch with intrigue, idly folding his hands in concentration, as he continues to listen into what is conspiring.

Alana Zee looks crestfallen that Sion passed by her without a word. She'd even snagged her friend another drink. Now she drinks both drinks, two-fisting them in style as she watches the auction disappointedly.

Strand Korsen nods to A'isha at her question. "Yes, I did bid, a bit. " He smiles at Hex, "We are as we appear. Mostly. " The winners are announced and the man grins and the approaches Rheisa, beaming a full powered smile at her. "Anything for a good friend and good cause. "

Rax Vaelus has sidled his way over to Therous, and he speaks quietly, not leaning over or looking aside, in a conspiratorial way whatsoever. "The man with the red twi'lek, Strand Korsen, is a master information broker... His beautiful companion is a deadly commando, as well as allegedly being a courtesan." He nods toward the curvy redhead in the matching red, backless evening gown, "That is Narsai Ordo. Mandalorian. Possibly one of the greatest pilots in the galaxy." He nods toward Alana Zee, "Finder of goods. Lost or otherwise. If you need it, she can get it."

Rax gestures subtly toward Siya, "That Zeltron used to be Queen Zira's bar-manager. Beautiful. Connected. The Zeltron who just left was Stavros... One of the Rebels. Very high on the chain."

In more hushed tones, Rheisa points to the two numbers on the datapad and at his person for confirmation. "8,000 for necklace, ear rings, and 500 for table. Make total 8,500. Can pay now, or we keep these safe here, for you to exchange at later time."

With his hands still folded, but looking over, he catches the disappointment of someone sitting nearby, and quietly stands up, and heads over to Alana, softly taking a seat nearby her, but not too close to invade personal space. He looks over to her and asks, "I noticed you were sitting alone there madam. May I have a seat next to you?" He politely asks alana, keeping a few feet away for now.

Alana Zee looks between Rax and Therous, eyeing the former with disfavor as she appraises the latter. "You may. Provided you aren't planning on getting abducted and dumped naked on a backwater planet, because if you are, I'm not saving you," she sniffs crankily. She's loud enough to be heard by Rax, for sure. Why, almost as if she was pissed at /him/. My, my, something is clearly biting the diminutive woman.

with a shake of his head, Therous then softly takes a seat next to Alana, smiling at her as he does. "The name's Caavuna. Therous, Caavuna, it be good to meet you." he says, as he then briefly turns his attention to Rax, taking in the information that was given to him, "Ah, I see. Tis good to know indeed. I don't know many people on this moon." He says, as he turns his attention back to alana.

Rheisa nods her understanding at Strand and moves along to the next item(s) to be awarded. "Next," she calls out with a glance to the datapads. "Rrrax...Come." Her lips crook into a knowing smile and she lays her hand gently over the top of her own personal artwork - the pottery piece and gestures aside at the micro-sculpture - two polar opposites in the sophistication spectrum.

Rax Vaelus rolls his eyes at Alana's barbs, but he smiles and approaches slowly as his name is called. Bowing slightly to the orange-red Togruta--likely as low as he is able to at the moment, he accepts the items and slots a pay chit into a nearby reader, accepting prepared packages for the items to be transported in. Pottery and a micro-statue? But why? Who could say...

"500 for the Union of Daark and Sa'aan. 750 for Trrree of Good Frrruit." She watches the transaction take place, then nods, to Rax Vaelus.

"I'm Alana Zee," Alana mutters at Therous, pursing her lips and turning her attention to her new companion - well, Rax seems to be taking care of himself as he accepts his winnings. "What do you do, Therous Caavuna?"

A'isha smiles brilliantly as Strand name is announced. Those eyes, they are that familiar tarnished gold now her smile is warm as she takes his arm, leaning her cheek against him. Still, she misses little; including Rax's assessment of the couple. She watches the man claim his prizes....

Watching the transaction take place and nodding, Rheisa moves to bundle the items cautiously into their pre-prepared cases. A card about the Bith artist is slipped in with the microsculpture. "Thank," she whispers softly and makes an effort to catch some longer eye contact, tone dropping just a few degrees towards stern. "You take better care of these than yourself, hunter...not all prey is worth the pain of its claws."

"I be a pilot for the most part." Therous softly responds, keeping his eyes on his new acquaintance. "However, am aspiring to learn more skills than that. Piloting is just a foundation if you get my meaning. What about you, what do you do? Oh and Therous be ok to call me by should you wish it, or Caavuna, all though most don't call me that unless it is for business." He says with a chuckle, reaching out a hand to shake Alana's. You paged Hex with 'Watcha sign your name on the pad as? Hex?'

Alana Zee's tiny hand is enveloped in Therous'. "I'm a trader. Not bulk goods," she sniffs. "Small difficult to find high-value consignments. " She grins impishly, "Hot commodities, you might say."

Not that Rheisa's one to give lectures on the art of self-preservation, sporting some nasty wounds of old herself...

Clearing her throat, she rubs at it and sighs with a stroll back along to the painting. Miss Zura Icona's work. "Last, we have winner of 'Life' Painting..." A glance around the bodies still milling around, unfamiliar with this name. "Heksash'kurrri," the name does flow off her tongue rather easily, accent almost fitting. "Come, please," she gestures to the painting.

Rax Vaelus flashes a faint smile at the Togruta as he turns away...but that's all he says, other than a quiet whisper as he departs with his goods in tow. Rax whispers, "What is life, if not the dance?"

Therous Caavuna then perks up at the sound of Alana being a trader, "Oh really? Well, should you need a pilot, I would be happy to take you anywhere you wish to go. I am not doing much anyways, and sitting around without anything to do does get often boring, and hazards to my health." He says, waving to Rax, "Perhaps another time we can discuss more of information you have should you wish to give it? I could use more information." he says, smiling Rax's way, before returning his attention to Alana, noticing that her hand is still in his, he giving it a soft touch before releasing it.

"Ha!" Hex's lekku shift in what seems like pleased surprise, which is probably eighty-five percent because he's won something, and a solid fifteen percent because she pronounced his name well. "I own art!" How many drinks has he had over the course of this night? Enough that he's not even trying to pretend he does this all the time or that he belongs here, he's just totally stoked that he's won a thing, and approaches when Rheisa gestures. Then kind of peers at it. It's a huge painting. Is that misgiving settling in...? NOPE. He also slots his pay into the reader.

Strand Korsen makes arrangements to pick up his items in the morning, after the bank transfer clears. He whispers to Rheisa. He might have missed Rax's comments as he makes the arrangement. Warm with pride, he returns to A'isha's side, slipping an arm around her. He offers congratulations to Rax an Hex. Then gives A'isha a deep, powerful kiss upon her lips. "For you. The necklace, to show off your eyes. and for charity of those in need."

One sharp and one foggy eye watch the Twi'lek male closely to ensure that the payment goes through. He might notice the subtle flattening and outward arc of her headtails, but all normal posturing restores when the reader chimes. Nodding her approval, she hauls a big, cloth bag out from under the table and fights with it a moment to battle the static before shimmying it over the top of the painting. The artist's card also goes in. "Congrat-tulation," she smiles and turns her head to collect the two items not yet paid for, but reserved on good faith.

"Thank all for attending! Please enjoy rest of party." And with that, she hefts the goods away and out of sight.

Rax Vaelus DOES have an 'inside voice!' He's not...normally that loud. Soft-spoken, really! But what can you expect in a room full of savvy and cunning underworld types? Rax nods to Therous subtly as he passes...and flashes a smirk at the drunken Alana Zee. Nodding to Rheisa, Strand, and Red, Rax starts to leave...before abruptly pausing, and turning back to Strand. Setting his boxes on an empty chair, he produces a fanged necklace from his jacket's pocket. "I nearly forgot... The First Order made off with my credits... But I can pay you later for everything you can find out about *this*." He gestures with the necklace, bronzed with age. "It is very important to me."

Sion slips back in from the lobby, now Stavros-free. She pauses in the doorway to get her bearings again, straightening her outfit and tugging habitually at her hem. This isn't a huge room, but it's crowded and noisy.

Alana doesn't see Sion re-enter. She's standing in a corner, talking to Therous. She asks him earnestly, "You have a ship, pilot? Do you have a ship that I could use?" She moistens her lips, getting excited about the prospect of a ship for some reason.

Therous Caavuna then gives a nod, "Certainly! She's a personal yacht called the beesga. If you wish i can show you her should you wish it. She can hold up to 100 metric tons, so i know she will do the job well. Plus it might help us both out a bit." he says, giving alana another smile as he speaks.