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Explosion erupts at the Muse, more ways than one

OOC Date: May 1st 2016
Location: The Muse
Participants: Rheisa Dirleel, Suoh Yume, Sirus Yume, Alana Zee, Siya, Nivyn Cuul, Nadia Cuul, Asiir Cuul Shadow Syndicate

There's a lot of bump-scraping noise emanating from the work room. Rheisa is half bent over the kiln, pulling trays of baked clay figurines and pots from their fiery den and relocating them a few at a time to one of the tables. Most of the pieces are quite obviously the work of amateurs, misshapen and a little rough.

Suoh emerges into the art room with a sheepish sweep of his feet. He pretends he is checking on the art work or the structure, like he isn't there to see Rheisa. So painfully obvious he is, but he still painfully tries to play nonchalant.

The Togruta goes about her work to the tune of clattering beads and teeth, arranging all the kiddie work onto a table before latching the kiln door and securing any fiery demons lingering within. She's well aware of the arrived company, of course, feeling him move into the room. Grey lips stray from their line of neutrality and betray the tiniest of smiles. A swiftly stolen glance under her arm confirms her suspicions while she reaching for a jar of pigment. "So he lives, the man who drowned his senses."

Suoh eyes peek at her just at the moment she looks. He gains a nervous smile. He runs his hand through the tuft of faintly blue hair on the top of his head. Some forced nervous laughter. "So I hear." He glances down for a second, then to some art. "My brother says I said some.. pretty silly things.." He begins. "I.. do not remember much of it." A finger lightly touches a piece of art.

"A child says silly things," Rheisa fishes out two more jars from the assortment on the shelves and carries them in arms to the table. Without missing a beat, she lines them up in front of the children's artwork before turning to unearth some painting tools. "A man knows his words enough to say what he means." Suoh frowns, feeling like he is being chastised by his mother for a moment. He lowers his head more. He tries not to sulk. He just sits at the kid's art table and looks up at her. "I was taught a man's actions are better than words." He rolls a bead under his finger. "I guess my actions don't speak for much. And when I talk.." He just shakes his head.

"Your actions say many things..." Rheisa notes, returning to the table with a handful of little brushes and stippling tools. Aka, toothpicks. Slender hands goes still, coming to rest alongside the pots she could almost camoflage against. She offers the cowed man a smile, but there's a sadness rising from its depth and trepidation in her chest. "I know."

Suoh digs in his pockets for a cigerette out of nervous habit. A rancor didn't make him this nervous. He glances up to steal another glance. "You know, that.. I have been absolutely miserable since you left to visit Nabu? Listless, miserable sod." He is thinking really hard what to say, coming on empty with a cigerette. "You are not much for words Either Rheisa. I mean I understand there is a language barrier and all, but I think it is more avoidance than language." He checks another pocket afraid to look up at the moment.

Rheisa listens quietly, watching his failed search for a fix play out. "Where I am from, there are not many words that need to be spoken. Language is not limited to voice." Indeed, the subtle flex of a headtail, rippling of color to disrupt the steadfast stripes, twitch of a nostril or puff of a cheek. The Togruta 'speak' soundlessly more than noisy offworlders may be aware of. "We were not away long, to Naboo. But if I had not gone, would my presence here have made much difference? You have also been away...inside. You dwell like a spirit here, watching when you think I do not see, but never for long. Your words also are ghosts. Ready to disappear if your brother is there to listen."

As strong an accusation as her words may sound, they're spoken gently and with care. Her pronunciation of some sentences may come slowly, but more accurate than in months past. Seems she's been practicing.

Suoh finger drags across the table over and over again as his hand rests on the table, as he listens. "You are right." He wasn't going to argue, he isn't even mad or upset. "You are the only one that listens to me, but you are the only one I have trouble with the words." His eyebrows flex being vulnerable. "Sirus never listens to me." He rolls his eyes. "I guard myself. I hide myself from you, because I do not want to say or do something to scare you away." There is a pause. "I cannot even offer much myself." He takes another long pause running his hands over his nearly bald head. "I am fairly mad at Sirus right now."

One by one, Rheisa assigns a brush and pick to each little pottery piece while he speaks. "Why hold anger against your brother?" She questions at the end. It's an opportunity to evade his previous statement. "He has done something wrong?" It's a dangerous line she senses she's treading, questioning one employer regarding the other's apparent misconduct. Her eyes dance a cautious glance to the transparisteel window towards the gallery beyond. *Click* *Click* fingernails continue to tap the tabletop as the last of the untensils get placed. Suoh snorts, "He has been berating me for months, about.. how I attempt to win your affection." He admits solemnly. "and yet.. now he is chasing after Sala and that is completely different. He is a hypocrite. It bothers me." He rubs his temple. "He told me to go out and get a real girlfriend and stop mooning over something that was never going to happen. She seems to like him, which bothers me more. He has always had it so easy." He stands up and tries not to let his rage show as he pushes the chair back in place. "I told my mother how I felt about you.. she is not happy about it. But I do not cae what they think. I like you.. and maybe that is wrong, but all this means nothing if you do not like me back the same."

Rheisa looks troubled by the time Suoh's done ranting. Stress felt for him, perhaps, more than for herself, but it's there, blanching her headtails and darkening her face. Unsure of what to say, she looks down at her hands. Her fingers pick at a dried bit of something leftover on the table from the last class. "It is not right for you to take a woman who is not ... like you?" She repeats her understanding of his relatives' biased opinion. "Once I worry about the same. But in this place, so far from home, some rules do not matter any more."

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"I was curious about you. I did feel interest, yes..." The shy smile growing on her face falls flat, deflated as her gaze lifts to reclaim his. "But your actions, your words...confuse. For a long time you seemed not happy with me, would not say the real reasons. So I...when..." Rheisa pauses, at a loss for the proper words.

Suoh tries to study her reactions. His eyebrows lift a bit. "Not to brag, I have taken a lot of women not of my kind." A pauses. "However, to take a ...permanant partner not of echani with my family's tradition is frowned upon. I haven't thought about it much, because I didn't think I had a chance." He mulls it over some, taking a step closer from behind. "I thought.. the differences would be to much, or you culturally could never accept me." His hand rests on the table she is picking at. "That, if I forced myself to just be content with a friendship it would be enough."

"However.." He rumbles in a low tone. "Mee said you were very friendly and were possibly lovers with Raim.. And this did not sit well with me. I could not just force myself to feel a certain way when what I felt was completely different." His hand shyly comes up and two finger tips trail down her headtails. "I have been completely and utterly smitten with you since I saw you at the spaceport." He inhales from his nose. "I have -forced- myself not to smoke to much. Which makes me moody. I apologize." He tries not to gain a glimmer of hope when she said she /had/ interest. "I have been forcing myself -not- to like you and that was not fair to you. And I do not apologize to others ever, but for you I would drag my naked self, across broken glass, covered in barbecue through a bantha field if it could make you smile."

Rheisa's brows twitch, headtail stiffening just a tad in the wake of his touch and insides tremble under the weight of his stare. Of his words. That silly, one-armed creature...his perceptions were wrong - at the time - but perhaps telling of the future to come. "I do not think this thing would make me smile," she offers in return with a concerned dip of her chin to peer at the man. "It sounds not good. But...maybe I understand." Lifting one hand off the table, she takes hold of his wandering one gently and repositions it between her own. "I was no one's woman, on Jakku. I did not think I could, or should be. But Rrraim, he -- it happen. Later."

Suoh expression is elated when she takes his hand but it only happens for a brief moment. He tugs back slowly. He looks like he just got punched in the gut. His eyes cloud over, he shuts down. Every open thing he has ever said to her, just all those emotional doors shut at once. "I ..have to go." He breathes and takes a step back. "You have a nice ..night.. Rheisa." He makes his way out of the room and out of the gallery.

"well then...."Sirus is on the way into the room as his brother heads out looking upset."What the fuck...." He stops wraping a arm around his brother for a moment and dragging him back into the room."So what the hell is going on?" He is dressed in a brnad new white suit with his hair down for once covering his face and brushing it out of his face with the left hand. He looks at Rheisa and then back at his brother for a moment."What is goin on you crazy kiddos?"

Rheisa looks less than happy herself, moreso when the other brother appears in twist of fate and hauls his emotionally-injured half back in. The Togruta is standing her ground from behind a table in the workroom. Said table is half covered with childlike pottery creations, all arranged, dried, and pair with tools/paints in preparation for the next day's class. She turns a defensive stare onto Sirus, headtails flexing in a subtle, outward arc, stripes broadening. To a fellow Togruta, or predator larger than self, it'd read 'dont f-k with me'. To an outsider, it may just be a creepy, alien stretch. In either case, the motion comes and goes quickly, more of a knee-jerk reaction than sustained emote.

Now, she is forcibly serene. "It would please you, I am sure," she answers back before reaching under the table to grab her satchel. She presses forward in the hopes of slipping by the brothers, out of the workroom, since her own escape route is now partially blocked by bodies. It's an awkward maneuver, considering the exchange that's just taken place. "Today's work is done. Kee'tch'ka can lock doors."

"Let go of me! I am not a little welp you can push around anymore!" Suoh struggles some getting pulled back into the art room. "Stay out of it Sy! You do not have the right to be in the middle of this, after all the crap you put me through. Let me go." He demands in a firm voice and he straighens his suit in a firm grip. "I'll clock you. I'm sure Sala will love a black eye." The brothers do fight, but Suoh rage is palpable. His breath is ragged, like a caged animal. He bares his teeth in a snarl, not the well dressed gentleman he portrays. He is so hurt he doesn't look at Rheisa now. But when she just quietly starts her way out. Motions his hand "See! You were right. Does that make you happy brother? Go to your Sala... and leave me alone." He wanted to break something so bad to when he turns back and all he can see is Rheisa's creations. He just growls, nothing he could willing break in here. He let's Rheisa go if that's her wish. "I'm going back to Nal Hutta.. I do not belong here."

"Shit and what the hell is going on." Sirus's voice booms out the type of voice that can stop people and the other side coming to the surface."So what the hell just happened." He pushes his brother into the room slowly and then looks back at Rheisa."Well then what the hell is going on and one of you tell me now." His eyes are light up with fire and the voice is not the happy go luck one and this is the mob boss. This is the criminal the one that truly takes care of business. The one he was groomed to be and his eyes flick at both of them."No-one is going to leave till I know what is going on." His fingers tighten on his brothers shoulder and he is not smiles at all.

The potential for violence that flares within each of the Yume's is plenty felt by the now-cornered Rheisa. It's like being trapped in an Akul den, between two squabbling over the last kill. Not a good place to be. Three minutes ago, this work room was her sanctuary - her place to get away from the overcrowded apartment. But now?

Fear and a touch of her own anger lights up the Togruta's wide-eyed stare back at Sirus. She turns to keep him sharply in her sights as her spine butts up against a literal wall. It's not far, but far as she can get. Sharp nails dig into the leather satchel she grips so possessively and her throat works around the startled lump forming there. "Listen to your brother," she hisses softly. "He can make his own decisions. As I have made mine." But her feet have stilled, frozen in place by the authoritative boom of Sirus' voice. Looks like she and Suh are stuck with each other for a little while longer. Briefly, she flicks a nervous glance to his face.

Suoh is blind. Rage or Love or both. Is really blind to his reaction. "Rhesia!" He shouts. He grips his brother's shoulder because for the life of him he is still being protective. "DOES RAIM LOVE YOU?!" He growls. He stops a second a looks at Rheisa, a eye in the storm. Sharp steel eyes soften just slightly. "Just answer me that.. If you are happy I can let it go." He just stares, waiting.

Siya casually strolls into the room, humming a tune to herself. In her hand, she holds a computer memory storage chip. She pauses just inside the door, glancing about as there seems tobe heightened tension in the room. The Zeltron blinks and glances about the gallery. "Uh.. what is going on?" She asks the room in general. The computer memory device is slowly slipped into a pocket that is hidden in the skirt folds of her dress. However, Suoh's words cause her to falter. "Wait. What?" She blinks and turns to look at Rhesia.

"Raim and what...."Sirus's voice booms out now and his eyes turn that special silver only a mad violent brother can and he let's his brother go slowly."Raimn and Rheisa are a thing." His voice is calm now the rage and the violence pushed under the surface slowly with a little concered look on his face."Brother...."His voice is soft now and his eyes back and forth slowly his own rejection hidden as well."But......"He then walks towards the center of the room with a sigh and a clap of his hands."Now then truth time and the best type of time." His fingers slowly moving into the jacket to take out a device."Lock down the gallery no-one in or out inless they are on the vip list." He then drops the device slowly on a desk in the corner as he turns to watch them all."What the hell is going on with this little lovely square of love." He looks at the group slowly with a frown on his face."I know Raim is also with Siya....I won't tell you which bird spilled that."

There is no way in hell Nadia was wearing a dress. The last time she did she had to knock some creepy perv whistling at her on the way back to her ship and spent the next several hours explaining to Nsec security why she beat a man with a high heel. There was no pressuring her, no amount of convincing, 'wear a dress' was not in the cards... so when she shows up tonight and slips in through the lockdown in her dusty trailblazed, but crazy comfortable, regular clothes it is with a little grin on her catty face.

That is until she hears the screaming coming from up stairs. It is everything in her power not to turn right the hell back around and walk out. murmuring about stupid 'every other species but Cathar'... if there weren't a Nivyn in her way, even if she's not blocking her path, she may well have done just that... instead she keeps walking towards the source of the screaming, "... No, please let them air out all of their dirty laundry right in public. I am sure we want to hear about who is screwing who."

While Nadia may not want to wear a dress again, Nivyn found the time (and the credits) to purchase a 'posh frock', and at the moment, is getting some use out of it. Greys and gold look almost elegant against black and silver-grey fur, though shoes? Well.. thankfully the dress is long enough to (mostly) hide the boots.

Soft mrowl, rowling that passes for conversation is in the hallway, <<What is it?>> before ears swivel forward to see if she can't catch the words. Basic isn't her strong suit, not by a long shot. "What..." and round green eyes look to her sister. "No.. promised. Now I see."

And now there's a third - Siya. The pulseox on her wrist beeps quietly with alarm as Rheisa's heartrate kicks into higher gear, stress escalating. Trembling breaths draw in and out stubbornly through her nose, jaw clamped shut defiantly. Can she even answer Suoh's question with certainty? Probably not. 'Love'. It's a complicated concept. One she had just begun to explore...and maybe shouldn't have. She suspects there would be an 'I told you so' lecture in store for her, back home.

The syllable that finally does fumble its way off her lips dies soon thereafter, head turning just a tiny degree to the right to regard the felinoids entering behind the Zeltron with equal apprehension. And then there's the thing Sirus put on her desk. What IS going on? Her shift was nearly at end and suddenly the art room is filling faster than the cramped quarters her hosts keep popping children into. Where words fail, a tear may prevail - or not - as it wells up and clings to the curator's eyelid. Headtail stripes grow bolder still, silently screaming where her voice fails.

Suoh hearing his brother's words of 'Raim...with Siya.' He growls at him and his grip tightens. "What do you mean Siya and Raim?" He raises his voice to his brother. Now the room is filling up, there is an audience to this public shame. He looks back at Rheisa with concern, not about the situation but her heart. He releases his brother. And when Rheisa cannot even say she evn does or her does. "He is two timing her and.." Another growl and he punches the glass door behind Sirus' head. He breathes heavily trying to calm himself. He cared not if anyone saw him out of control at the moment. He turns to conveniently enterenced Siya "Did -YOU- know about this?"

Siya sort of stands there for a moment. There is a dumb, shocked expression on her face. For a moment, she is just silent before taking a single step backwards. Her back hits the wall and her gaze just glances away from the rest, dumbfounded. "It's my fault." She finally says in quiet tones. "If I could have been the woman he needed, he would not have done this. I was afraid I was not the one for him, but he kept insisting I was." She rubs the side of her face. "It is my fault.. I turned him down when he asked me to marry him. It is my fault, because I strayed from him once." The hand slid down her cheek and she sighs. "I was not there for him as much as he needed." Glancing back to Rhesia, she offers him a smile. "If you are to be with him, give him much love. I could not be what he needs." She has no anger towards Rheisa. Only remorse for her own perceived failures. "It only hurts because he insisted I changed who I was to meet his needs. I know I failed him. Hopefully, you will not have to change who you are for him." She looks to the men now and straightens up, "Leave her be. Do not shame her for it. Let her be." Is she actually standing up for Rheisa? Yes.

Looking to Suoh, she straightens up even more. "No. I did not. He lied to me. He told me how much he loved me and I was the only one for him and how he should be the only one for me. I knew the two were friends, but I never suspected. Do not blame her, Suoh. He is a very powerful, seductive, and energizing man. I was willing to change my own sexual beliefs for him."

Sirus slowly it starts inside of him the cold rage and the posion of rage slowly being drawn back into his heart and soul."This is not your fault anyone." His voice is calm now and he walks over slowly watching the glass smash behind him with a frown."Let us talk this out now that it is in the open." He sighs softly with a shake of his head and looking out at the shatter glass."Come let us go grab a drink and I think this will help....At least myself." He moves slowly to the device again picking it up slowly."Bring down the portable bar...."He then clicks it off with a shake of his head and then pushes the button again."Also clean up this glass and get it replaced as well." He then sighs softly and droping the walkie talky back down on the desk.

Nadia turns to her sister and ah's, her head circling into an understanding nod, explaining in Cathar, <<She loved him, he loved her, she also loved him, he also loved her.>> Whipping a finger around, without actually pointing at anyone since Raim isn't here to point at.

There's way too much thickness, even for the jaded Nadia... maybe specifically because she is jaded. "I am leaving." She says it, she is not asking permission, "Nivyn, we have work. This is stupid."

Nivyn pauses in her step and looks out into the room itself. The *thud-crash* of broken glass receives, at the very least, an ear quirked in its direction and her dark whiskers pulled in closer to her face. She looks down at the clothing she's wearing and seems to consider, her mrowling sounding a touch disappointed, <<This is pretty. It can not be worn anywhere else.>>

Dark head is pulled back up, and as Nadia gives her the basic translation of what is occurring, there's a soft grumble in her throat. <<They mate funny.>>

Rheisa's eyes close, willing with all her might that she were anywhere but right here, right now. The rolling sands of Jakku suddenly seem more ideal, burned feet and all. The impact of Suoh's fist through the door jerks her back to present in the form of a flinch and cower aside. "Stop it..." she orders, hardly above a whisper. Mortified eyes turn to regard Siya and her explanation of relationship blankly while the wheels in her brain turn tumultously over. "We have...there are..." Purple/green eyes glance the Cathar women once-over. "Is bad, for guests to see." Stiffly, she peels herlsef off the wall and turns her back to step her bare feet carefully around the shards of glass in favor of retreating deeper inside the workroom to fetch a vacuum hose off the wall.

Footsteps footstep upon the stairs, and Alana Zee comes into view. At the sound of someone's fist ordering a redecorating spree, and at the sight of the broken glass, she comes to a stop, hand on the rail, just watching in silence with wide eyes.

Suoh hadn't meant to break the glass door but there it lay at their feet. Sirus, Suoh, Rheisa and Siya are all talking with raised strained voices and tensions. While the Cuul sister just entered watching the dramatic carnage. Something about Raim slipping his charms into several females. "I am not mad at her!" He says to Siya. "I am going to murder and enjoy murdering Raim.. it sounds like. No MAN treats women like this." He is trying to contain his rage and is losing. "I'm sorry I didn not mean to break the door." He attempts to apologize. "He is leading Siya on and just.. just.. HOW could he NOT love Rheisa?" The plans he has going in his head would make sith lords squirm, of what he has in store for the male Chiss. "He doesn't have the right to treat you like that!"

Siya is an empath. Her eyes narrow on Suoh and then she sighs. "Do not harm him." She says softly to him. She rubs at the side of her face. "Though, I am quite conflicted on whether he is my boyfriend now or not.." There is another sigh. "I knew I shouldn't have gotten into a relationship with someone not a Zeltron." She turns away and looks to the felinoids and smiles. "Hello. We are not normally like this. Come in."

"Mmm.." Nadia chirps at her sister, but stops her path to the door when the other cathar mentions her pretty clothes, <<Only because you are wearing expensive clothes..>> Otherwise, Nadia would definitely have somewhere else to be. This conversation about relationships makes her visibly uncomfortable and she doesn't have the benefit of not understanding every other word like her fair weathered sister. When Siya speaks up, she turns a little, and hooks her thumbs into her gunbelt, "First impressions are difficult to redo... maybe in the future, when there is discussion of who is sexually engaging who and why this bothers someone else, it would be more appropriate for that conversation to be done in a closet." Pause, "Or another planet. Or anywhere that I wouldn't hear it." See, she really doesn't care about first impressions. Self centered much?

She is a cat, though.

"Well honestly...."Sirus looks around slowly with a frown on his face and taking out his silver box slowly with the cigs and then looking at Rheisa then towards his brother. He slides it away again remebering the talk that they had and then he sigh softly again."Well then I think you all need to sit down and talk with Raim." His voice is calm now no longer the man forced into being in charge. His dander slowly droping watching them all with a shake of his head. That is when it happens of course always something bad happens and quickly the time is pushed and space is bent for the next event. The sound of footsteps broken glass and then an explosion it semes it is coming from supstairs in the VIP room and then the sound of feet hitting the stairs quickly."Thank god lucky planed this and they shut this place down." A booming voice is heard and then the sound three people inside of the room have heard before. The sound of scanning again and the sound of trouble seems to have arrived.

Alana Zee's lips tighten as she picks up a little of the conversation, and she mutters, as much to herself as anyone else, "Right. I'm done with that piece of shit." She finishes descending the stairs from the room above and walks over to Siya, glancing as she does at the Cuul felines, her expression impassive as she studies them. Then she comes face to face with Siya, turning her full attention on the Zeltron, and opens her mouth to speak, her eyes glittering. This should be a classic.

And then comes the explosion from upstairs, and she whirls, face reddening, towards the stairs she so lately descended.

Nivyn *chirrups* happily at her sister's concession, and glances past, up and over the grey feline's shoulder. Her heavily accented words might be a hint that she no-speaka-da-Basic too well. "Is this place the place for mating?" Maybe it is? Her head perks up a little, and back, curiosity tinging at the tufts of her ears as they flick, trying to take in what is said, and looking a miserable failure.

From Curator to janitorial staff, Rheisa transforms with a graceful stoop to the floor and cranks back the valve on the hose. She watches the glass get devoured to the tune of a dull roar. It drowns voices out for a moment, but does not deafen the woman completely. Her montrals continue to feel the shifting pressures of bodies moving through the space, letting her keep track of present company while pretending to be ignorant of their presence. She watches her reflection disappear beneath her, one broken piece at a time. It's the wild eyes of a stranger that stare back at her, anyway, wondering who'd she become - pretending like she understood the social protocols beyond her little world, letting herself get sucked into the /whole/ experience. But he had been patient, the bed always warm, and words so very convincing. It didn't really matter, they were not a true mated pair, could never sire children, so why does her belly feel so...upset? Worried. Annoyed. Ashamed.

Asussir's haughty smile emerges from her memory, his words teasignly cruel in her head 'Tazi'...and indeed she is, maybe. Foolish, insignificant, fit to dwell with the children. The vacuum cuts off suddenly with an echoing shudder and 'boom' as something kick-backs in the wall. The mess is cleaned up and she's back on her feet, staring out at the gathering with a renewed sense of ...

Dread. The hose drops from her hand and she snaps her gaze straight up, through the ceiling and to the treading boots that pace overhead. Without a word, she drops her bag, darts from the workroom, dodging bodies as she sprints for the lobby - namely her desk and a precious something hidden beneath it.

The scene in the lobby is chaos to be honest three man in what appears to be white suit with huge backpacks on them scanning the room walking back and forth. This time they have helmets on their heads blocking their faces and species from the wondering eyes. One of them has a blaster rifle on his back and the other two a pair of pistols but not watching the vip room yet. They are working with the hose from the backpacks in hands slowly working over the room back and forth. There is a the sound of fire from upstairs inside of the vip room as well. The sound of beeping coming down as well this seems to be something maybe not an attack but still something odd.

Siya looks towards Alana and she blinks and listens to the woman. She is am empath and she can sense a certain type of anger directed towards Raim Shah. That anger is a familiar sot of anger, however the words are interrupted by the sounds of an attack. Siya is immediately distracted by the more pressing matters and her eyes go wide as she turns towards the way out. As people move into the foyer, Siya follows along.

Suoh is about to let in on his brother again but then he hears the expolsion upstairs. The dapper echani twin gains the 'what the hell' facial expression. However, the Togruta runs into the chaos of the lobby, stupidly Suoh runs after Rheisa. "FIRE!" He calls, he can see the billowing smoke coming from the VIP room upstairs. Not thinking as neatly as he would like he draws his weapon, looking for Rheisa. Most poeple run away from trouble. He ducks behind the lobby desk.

Alana Zee breaks from Siya, casting a sharp angry glance at the Zeltron. But, her anger doesn't seem directed /at/ Siya. She follows Siya into the foyer, breaking left and seizing a red fire extinguisher from a wall mounting. Darting with agility around the three moon explorers with their backpacks, she makes for the stairs, yanking the pin from the fire extinguisher and bringing it up and ready to bear.

'Out' is exactly the direction Nadia wanted to head anyways so it wasn't much of a stretch to start her in the direction to begin with, much less so when 'breaking sounds' make themself known in the middle distance. Her gloved fingers close around the grip of her pistol, sauntering lazily towards the sight of armed men with white armor. A quiet little chirp and she pulls her pistol, "You picked wrong establishment, we are closed and having a riviting conversation about the state of whose pensis is entering whose vagina. Why would you want to interrupt that?"

Please interrupt it?

Despite the obvious and clear danger, Nadia turns to stare at Sirus, "They do not have to wear dresses?!" Motioning at the armored men with the barrel of her very big blaster pistol. "That is not fair, you know this yes?"

"Go AH-WAY!" Rheisa snarls with a deep, booming volume of a huntress who means business. Even if her body is too frail to mirror the ferocity and the fury felt inside at the notion that these crooks were going to violate her establishment a /second/ time. Glistening fangs unfurl with a meaningful hiss as her feet squeak to a halt behind her desk and toes snatch up something into her right hand, synchronized with a motion from her left. There's a quivering arrow nocked into the bow, aimed squarely at the scanning bastard with the biggest gun strapped on its back.

"You break things. You are bad!" Her voice cracks, hoarse with anxiety and she 'listens' to the sound of her companions filing in behind. Her nostrils twitch, scenting the acrid smoke as it begins to infiltrate the space below and a brief wave of relief washes through at the sight of Alana's dash for the ramp. "GO AHWAY!" She puffs her chest, taking a half step out from behind the desk with a trembling glare.

Nivyn catches the scent of burning, and the hair on her back stiffens, forming something of a ridge, though mostly hidden by the posh frock and her hair. Whiskers flatten against her cheeks and she mrowls as she spins around, following her older sister back out towards the foyer. Unlike her sister however, a weapon isn't the first thing she reaches for. Instead, she hangs back just a little before she calls out, "Posh dress necessary!" So there! "This is fancy place!" Uh... huh.. "Maybe for mating only?"

"Well that is cause they don't work here and are hurting people." Sirus slides out into the hall slowly walking right in front of Nadia with a smile as he spins his fingers quickly like a magic trick a knife appears."But you know not too smart timing guys and gals." He looks out at the people in the suits for a moment and then he sighs softly listening to the fire upstairs."Well fuck me and I just had that redone....You better be carrying cash to fix it." He steps fowards slowly with a frown watching them and that is when they turn. The people in the suit look confused for a moment in the mist of all of the noise and watching these people armed to the teeth."Well then combat it is." They quickly draw their own weapons and the sound of people upstairs can be heard as well."I think we can take them and then he will want their bodies I bet." A soft chuckle comes from the one with the large blaster rifle.

Walking along the street of the entertainment district outside of the Muse is a certain male Cathar. His long mane of hair is tied back behind his head and he walks at a brisk pace. Two blasters are holstered on each of his hips beneath the nice jacket he wears, which sits at a stark contrast to the dread locks and general look of discomfort despite the formal'ish clothing. Knowing his sisters were awaiting him at the Gallery, he hardly slowed his pace as he drew closer to the building. His pace slowed upon smelling the smoke drifting from the building, eyes widened as he heard the crashing from within. "Oh shit, Nadia, Nivyn!" he growled under his voice, jerking one blaster from his holster even as he pulled the door open and rushed inside. His eyes rose first to the flames above, second to the men smashing things inside, and then without question leveled and fired.

Something about the advent of combat always has a calming effect on the eldest Cuul sibling. It's like stepping out of uncomfortable interactions and into something that makes perfect sense because of how primal and instinctive it is at its core. With a blaster in hand she takes an easy, even graceful, step to one side and ducks behind a column for protection from whatever fire comes her way, even as the sound of gunfire errupts on the otherside when her brother forces his way into the show. "Always showing up right when fighting is starting." She teases in a raised voice, completely nochallant, completely distant to the real danger they might all be in. "Nivyn, come here." Flicking her fingers towards herself and then pointing towards one of the tables nearby.

With her siblings safety seen to, Nadia ducks out around one side of the column and takes aim... certainly these goons scatter when fighting commense, but that hardly seems to even register... She's grinning, in so much as Cathar -can- grin. All wide eyed I get to hurt someone glee. The blaster starts barking frequent, absurd amounts of red lasers across the foyer as she damn near empties a clip at one of the trio assaulting their little pleasant hide away of fancy frocks and mini skirts.

It worked before, skewering a rifle-wielding buffoon in her apartment. Perhaps, Rheisa wagers while the bow draws tautly and her form angles slightly aside, it'll work again. "Ahk'a heshk," she growls. Aim's taken as another body bursts in from outside, and her initial target gets distracted by being the victim of blaster fire. So a minor adjustment is made, 'gunning' for the bozo in the back. The primitive projectile whistles through the lobby towards the narrow sliver of flesh beneath the intruder's helmet, seeking to finish him (or her) off with a nice, neat piercing through the brain stem.

Suoh steps out from behind the hotel lobby desk in front of Rhesia after she takes a shot and shoots three times. He stands there, a little miffed at his own aim. Always the unlucky younger twin he supposed.

Nivyn stands at the entrance, the stench of the fire filling her sensitive nose. She wrinkles her face as she looks around quickly. There, Asiir is across the way; she can hear him, can smell his fur. Easily recognizable. Nadia's instruction is easy enough to follow, and thankfully she's wearing boots, meaning she can actually move with some deftness. The skirt part does keep complete movement from happening, which leads to some soft cursing that sounds nothing more than a feline grumble. Once behind the table, Nivyn has her hold-out pistol in hand; a tiny thing, really.

<<It went with frock! Others too big!>> is grumbled again, yowling rising from behind the table. Nivyn has to defend her choices!

Peeking around the corner, a left hand points out from what cover she's actually got. The small weapon doesn't so much 'bark' but 'pop' it's bolt in the basic direction of the white armored trooper still standing.

The combat already well under wayt quickly with the sound of lasers and lose arrows flying through the air. The first two to get their wits about them are Asiir and Nadia's blaster making short work of them already proving why they have joined up. But the arrow goes wild from rage at being cheated on or hurting people too much in that young Trunga's brain at the moment but the arrow still flies true hitting the man right in the shoulder and his blaster flys high as he gets ready to fire. The last guy turns quickly holding up his blaster now knowing the scare but as he pulls the trigger. Suoh then aims true for the first shoot him right in the chest and he spins but is not down of course and then the second goes wild. The last shoot missed the man with a soft chuckle at his luck he watches the group with a soft sigh. The last standing merc is standing there with his blaster pistol in his hand and then Nivyn takes her first shoot at him. He steps back slowly the beam goes wild and then he drops to his knees with a frown."DOn't kill meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." He yells it loudly and removing his helmet slowly with his long black hair flowing behind him. He then looks at them for a moment and then he watches them and placing his hands behind his head. "Got it found it time to bail...."The voice from upstairs is loud and then the sound of cheering can be heard. The sound of three jetpacks roar to life and then the sounds of something heavy being removed from upstairs. But they have a prisoner at least more then they got the last time they were attacked.

Glancing toward his sisters to ensure they are both alright, Asiir turns on his heel at the sound of jetpacks and splintering roof pushes back out of the door. Amber eyes flash up toward the sky, the Cathar raises his blaster upward and fires toward those jetpacks flying in the air.

The eldest Cuul sniffs at the air and glances upwards, "More of them up there..." Pointing with her blaster, then looks towards Siya with a blank expression and her head cocked to the right, "Please do not vomit, I can smell it, it will break my killing concentration." It won't, but this is the moment she attempts to use humor. However unsuccessfully and callous it might sound in the moment.

She's new to levity okay?

Nadia steps around the column when the shooting stops and walks casually towards her brother with a glance at Nivyn when the youngest sibling shoots... and barely even hits anything in the ROOM, much less the one she was targetting. "Do not shoot me." Said, pointing her blaster at Niv with narrowed eyes, which she turns to Asiir, "Out side, you follow that way... I go up here and flush them towards yo-..." Pausing, turning, and staring at the one who's thrown off his helmet. "I have better plan."

That plan is fairly simple in comparison to a protracted chase through Nar Shaddaa that will no doubt signal the intervension of Nsec. Nadia strolls over towards the remaining, now unarmed, arrowed goon and holsters her pistol... so that her hand can grab the arrow shaft sticking out of his shoulder and use it like a digging tool to illicit information compliance by way of pain, "I will ask a question now and you will answer that question or this whole friendly exchange of words is going to turn very deadly in the longest, arguably most painful, way possible..." She twists the arrow to assure he's paying attention, "Where are they going?" Nodding her head up towards the sounds of more men above them.

Death. It is no pleasent task, but unlike Siya's mournful reaction to the whole affair, Rheisa's demeanor seem stone cold. They were warned, after all, despite vandalizing personal property, clearly with intent on doing bodily harm. They did not listen to her the first time and there is no second chance. Lowering her bow, the curator unsheaths the sportsknife from her hip and strides forward with a stiff, rhythmically hitched step towards the surrendering man currently in agony under Nadia's attention.

"Why you do this?" she demands as a follow-up question with the tone of a perturbed parent, pointing and wagging the knife at him. Suoh's seen what that knife can do...and it doesn't take much of an imagination, really. Coming to hover over him opposite the Cathar, she angles the point to part his sweaty locks and rest against skin. "You make trouble for me. For people who come here to learn. For people who benefit from money I raise. By do these things...you make trouble for you. Ex-plain." Her arm trembles, pulse racing and driving the meter crazy. It's been a lot for her failing heart to handle today.

As the brother exits the building 4 guys are holding flying away nothing between them no box no crate nothing but they are all around one single man in the middle. He rises his blaster high in the air taking a fire like the crack shoot that he is downing one of them quickly. The blaster quickly makes work of him right there the helmet following down towards the earth landing right into the fighting pit. He won't be seen again but he is long going to be used for whatever hutts down with bodies. As the last shoot is fired and the others turn up the speed of the packs trying to escape now flying in random directions planning to not meet up till it's safe. Inside though a difrrent type of story is unfolding the arrow pulled and the knife drawn the boy is whimpering now on the floor."Oh......mmmmm..." Words not forming at the moment and then he sighs softly with a shake of his head."They are going....the warehouse....."He mutters it slowly with fear in his eyes and his deep pretty blue eyes starting to leak tears."No idea where next and new to this group....hired for one job only....."He then mutters softly with a spitting up a little bit of blood from his wounds."But they were going to take it then.....the picture.....of the painting....."

Suoh is torn, going after the roof shooters or make sure Rheisa doesn't kill their only lead. Oh, decisions! He follows after Rheisa since it would be the best lead to what they need to know. THe blood thristy echani twin pulls the man's hair back and grips him by the skull. "You heard the lady you better answer or I'll let her start cutting off things until you talk.." He hisses. "Which picture which painting?"

Nivyn struggles to put her pathetic little blaster back. She's not really concerned over the fact she'd missed; she's more worried about how it might look now that people know that she's armed! Not that there's really much worry, apparently.

One of the first times, though, that Niv's seen her sister in action in person, and green eyes widen. The trooper gets on his knees, helm removed, and there is the grey Cathar, up front and asking questions. It's not that the mechanic is upset about a human getting such treatment; she's actually concerned that others might object.. and she watches from behind her cover each and every one of them.

Alana Zee comes down the stairs slowly, the discharged extinguisher dripping pathetically in her hand. "They burned a painting," she announces. "I put it out but the painting's gone. There were a lot of them, but they're gone now too. They flew out the roof." She drops the extinguisher with a clang and lets loose an obscenity that would make a drill sergeant blush.

The door leading out into the entertainment district is pulled open once more and once again in steps Asiir. His blaster is holstered and he says gruffly, "I shot one of them out of the sky, the other three got away. What has this one said?"

"Which painting does not seem important if we do not know where they are taking it." Nadia is absolutely calm as she goes about the business of twisting the arrow a little deeper into the young, foolish youngsters shoulder, her attention returned to the goon, "You could be a little more detailed as to which warehouse? You do not need to worry about them..." Pointing a finger, a clawed finger, even if it is hidden behind a leather glove, at the pair standing around her. "But I will hurt you. At least until you tell me where this warehouse is. Then you can give them details about a painting I do not care about."

Art is not her business.

Whether they got an oppertunity to do so or not, these idiots just attacked a building where her two siblings were. They, intentionally or otherwise, tried to hurt her family. That indicates, at least to her, that they all need to die. Slight for slight, eye for eye. "Where is the warehouse." Another twist, a little pressure pressed against his face at the trigeminal nerve, a little more pain compliance never hurt anyone.... well, except the guy getting the pain complicance, but he hardly seems to matter to Nadia.

Asiir's return has Nadia looking up, "Nothing yet, but he is about to." She's fairly well convinced of it, in fact. "Right?" Back to the goon, pushing at his wound with her thumb.

"Yeah yeah yeah....."The kiddo spits up a little more blood with a shake of his head."Sorry it is in the port....." He slides out a piece of paper offering to them with a sigh."That is the code to get in and where it is....in case we don;t make it back we all did it." He then shakes his head slowly with a worried look on his face."Please don't kill me.....They just wanted a picture of a painting a weird empire republic fighty thing. It is suppose to be nothing imporant and told to destory it bring back picture when we found it."

Rheisa withdraws her knife a margin, looking from the top of his head to Suoh at the mentioning of such paintings. "Sirus bring in these paintings to sell, not long ago. Why people want picture of these things, I do not know...but maybe someone does not like." Stepping around, she snatches the paper with two fingers of her knife hand and offers it to Suoh before laying her bow down at her feet. She bumps elbows with Nadia and lays three fingers over the shaft of the arrow.

"This is mine. They take long time to make." Gesturing for her to let go of it, she brings the knife to bear again and presses the tip just below the entrance wound. "Takes care to remove in one piece. No twist." Like the poor guy's just a sack on the floor and not a body with a say in the matter.

Siya had been out of commission for a bit, having to work hard at recovering from what just happened. She looks suddenly exhausted, tired, almost like a spectre of death herself. She is paler and her eyes look hallow. "How do you guys do it.. So lucky.." She murmurs to herself, rubbing at her temples. She straightens out her dress and glances to those present before she begins to stagger towards the door.

The echani Suoh, who is pale by nature goes more gaunt. "We sold one to the Doc." He looks panicked. "We might have to get over there.." He doesn'ttake much care for the boy who the ladies are handling like a practice bag of flour. He looks around int he carnage. "Where did Sy go?" He stands up, concerned for his brother's well being as well, he goes to look. "Sirus?!" He cups his hands and calls.

Sirus walks into the room with a smile on his face watching them all."I went into the security room and to watch them." He strides over slowly with another shake of his head and holding out his tablet towards them."I took a picture of all the paniting myself and they burned the one I was keeping in the gallery to hang." He laughs softly moving towards them now and offering the device."That is a picture I took of the painting and I sort each one of them storing the image." He sets it down on the boy with a smile watching him."I guess inless we want to murder your friends no warehouse trip needed." He then watches the others for a moment."But if you wish to go I can try and make this image clear or something you know."

Siya glances up to Alana as she draws near. A faint smile is offered, "The Blue Light.. it's close." She glances over her shoulder and back to Alana. "I.. I am sorry to be so weak here. I felt their death. I always feel it when people die. It's horriying." A breath is taken in before she lets it out slowly. "I need Stavros to help me train so I can filter it out." She smiles softly toher.

Nadia pats the kid on the side of the head and shoves him towards Rheisa and Suoh, "You can ask unimportant questions now." She has what she wants, at least. A location and a code which she shoves into her pocket and starts towards the door. "I am very glad I did not wear a dress." As she passes Asiir, she pats him on the chest, "But you look very sharp." Clawed fingers run along the seam of his overcoat on her way out the door.

Siya, oh sweet Siya, Nadia regards her with her head cant to the side. Her lip pops quietly with each breath where it's split and doesn't sit against her fangs properly, "Equal parts experimentation, application, and enjoyment." There's no fun like joking about torture... Sirus pulls her up short, "There is no reason to go to warehouse? Do you not understand the application of appropriate force as a reaction to action? This is basic physics..." Oh right, we're not criminals... Nadia chirps quietly, shoulders sinking, "Or we call 'Nsec'-" complete with finger quotes, "And inform them there is break-in. Law and Order, that is me..."

"Paintings belong to the gallery. Get them back..." Rheisa tracks Siya and Alana's exit with her back turned, visual focus narrowed on her surgical task at hand. A swift knick and thrust of the knife widens the gash and gives the arrow head more wiggle room. A quick jerk tugs the arrow free, some tissue coming with. She flings it free and gestures to the horrendously wounded 'kid'. "If call NSec, call medical, too. He needs help." But she's not up for offering it herself, apparently. Reclaiming her bow, she stalks back to the desk, stepping over a corpse, and stows her belongings accordingly. An accusory fingerpoint falls now upon the Yume brothers. "I tell you, my work is done for day. I not clean this up."

Suoh claps his hand on his brother's shoulder, happy he is okay. "Didn't the Doc buy one of these? You think she is in trouble?" He rubs the top of his head. He looks mixed up. "You think we should go check over there?" He snorts. Heart broken AND he has to clean up! Life is tough! "I'll hire a clean up crew." He mumbles.

"Well this is it right here." Sirus slides it out slowly it is just a picture of two jedis walking along a desert but it is strange the stars are more in focus then the jedi or anything else. There is bright detailed lights in the sky."I mean this is the one I found the most boring." He sighs softly as he looks at the image."Just some stars and folks in robes."

Asiir extends a hand and pats his sisters as they leave. As Rheisa jerks her arrow free and leaves the poor guy bleeding, Asiir steps forward and says, "Well, if he has served his usefulness, I believe that this is in order...." His hand drops to his blaster and he pulls it free, placing it against the man's temple and pulls the trigger. His feline expressions are grim as the flash of red from his blaster briefly illuminates the room with a spray of blood. His arm drops and he holsters his blaster and then looks to the others. "Is that all here?"

Rheisa sighs quietly, troubling herself with hobbling back over to peer around Sirus' arm to the image. Her expression softens, one finger lifting on its own accord to graze over one of the robed figures. Brown robes. Pretty nondescript garment, but it strikes a chord in her memory. The desolate landscape, the guiding stars...there is something warm and grounding about the paired figures and turns what could be a lonely image into one that's just...right.

A drop of wet escapes the Togruta's eye and worms its way down her cheek. And then her moment of serenity is shattered, by the rapport of blaster fire. Jumping in response, she snaps a glare towards the offending weapon and its owner. "He...he was no more threat."

"Well then....."Sirus hands the tablet over to his brother with a smile and then he sighs softly watching the man for a second."He was down and out man...."He walks over slowly with shake of his head with a look down at the body for a moment."Well at least he can't warn his friends." He then looks at the Togruta warmly for a moment and then he takes his own knife slowly sliding it between two fingers and then moving it quickly on to the hand of the boy."He was also going to try a second attack." He points towards the blade carefully placed to appear that he had just drawn."See there Rheisa." Pointing towards the weapon for a moment with a shake of his head."Our new friend saved us."

Suoh turns to see the hub bub, kids getting stabbed, Sirus possibly planting a knife and Rheisa. He shakes his head and just watches them steadily. His defender still in hand. "I need to secure the gallery." He heads for up stairs to investigate the damages.

Asiir turns his gaze on Rheisa as she makes mention of the man being no more threat. His mouth hands open, long and sharp canines glinting in the light as he considers the Togruta. "He came in here, tried to kill my sisters, tried to kill you. That does not change just because we bested him and he was coward enough to beg. If he had escaped, he would have ran back to those three that escaped and came for us again... surely you know that?"

"If he ran, he would have died. Too much blood gone." But Rheisa can't deny the presence of that knife in his hand. How had she missed it? Frowning, she bends to a knee, then sits back on her heels. Her gauzy skirt slowly begins to soak up one of the puddles, but she doesn't seem to notice. Three souls spilled on this floor, their residual energy left behind is something she's going to have to trespass over each and every day.

"So then let me get these taken care of....I'll be back." Sirus steps out of the gallery to call someone and when the day is new the whole place will be clean top to bottom no scene of a crime at all. Too bad he didn't call the people in charge but a man that owes him a favor from the old days. He is smoking now just sitting there talking for the moment.

Suoh is upstairs investigating the damages, he comes back down. The Muse is going to have to take a loss on this one. VIP will be closed for a time. He saunters down the stairway looking miserable. Day just keeps getting better and better.