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Another Day in Medical

OOC Date: July 6, 2019
Location: Beacon Outpost, Rori
Participants: Aryn Cole, Halwinder Soron, Ektor, Miri Sakir, Elrych Cometburn, Zandra naMuriel, Ambrosia Greystorm

Medical Station - Beacon Outpost, Rori

A two-story complex, with wide doors leading into a sealed antechamber upon entry. Jets of air automatically blast when the doors open, to prevent insects contaminating the facility. Immediately inside is the central emergency triage area, with smaller side nooks able to be isolated for trauma surgery. Secured storage cabinets are placed throughout the largely open area, alongside powered-down hover tables, awaiting use. The ground floor is clearly designed to rapidly process a high volume of sudden casualties, with lifts toward the back of the large chamber leading up to the recovery rooms, bacta treatment facilities, and medical staff offices on the second floor.

The morning brought with it a full medical bay, coupling sick call with those who were injured in combat from the mission the day before. At the middle of all this is Dr. Aryn Cole. Currently, she is seated within her office, finishing up her reports on Agent Halwinder and Lt Apollyon. Meanwhile, her medics are seeing to those visiting for sick call.

"Is it supposed to itch this much?" Ektor wonders to no one, sounding amused. "No lie? I think this might be like.. some kinda ghost itch. Like one of them 'disturbance in the Force' things where it don't REALLY itch, but it's like.. an echo of all the itches the skin that used to be there never felt, or some drek.." The pilot is stretched out on his back, a colorful and rather impressive swathe of his unclad torso marked by the vivid shades of freshly healing burns. It complements the older scars of neuronic lashes and assorted other healed hurts.

Halwinder wakes up, now that he is no longer at death's door thanks to his recent medical treatment. He groans, weakly, "Every time I open my eyes I feel like you are 4 feet away from me...err..pilot." he says, his recent trauma fuzzying his memory a little bit. "I...er...this hurts. Want to trade?"

What was left of Halwinder's arm was capped with a cybernetic nub intended to lock a new arm in place. It required a great deal of therapy and adjustment, but the groundwork was made when he was unconscious. The Resistance didn't have much use for a one armed soldier afterall. Dr. Cole emerges from her office with a hot, steaming cup of caf. "Good, you're both awake now.-- Lt. Apollyon, that itching will go on for awhile. Best I can do is numb it for you with injections." She gestures, then looks over at Halwinder. "Agent Halwinder, I can give you some pain medication to help mitigate what you're feeling." Both of these were offers, the decisions were for the ones experiencing the symptoms.

Ektor also sports a number of questionable tattoos up the length of his arms. "Hey, New Guy's awake! Trade, huh? Remind me, which arm was it, yeah? Cause.. I kinda like the vulnok and alla the glyphs and drek on my left arm? So I don't really wanna trade that one- Oh, hey Doc. So about them injections.. Whatever's gonna let me go blow some drek up tonight, yeah?"

Halwinder makes a face. "The eerie thing is it's hard to tell which arm." he says, looking down at the nub and shuddering. "Er...I'd love some pain medicine, but I still need to speak to the Major, and I need my wits about me." he says, grimacing. "It is getting better."

"Of course." Aryn says softly, then sets her mug aside safely. She crosses the room with easy, silent steps and opens the door to a large cabinet. From this cabinet, she frees a small container. This case (the container) is carried to a table near Apollyon, then opened. Within it was the small applicator she had used when administering the vaccine weeks before.

Aryn takes a moment to load a kolto numbing agent, then she places the applicator to Ektor's arm and squeezes the trigger. Once, twice, three times. A cold sensation follows, and what had felt like an itch is pushed away by the cool presence of kolto in his system.

"That's the nature of medicine, Agent Halwinder. I can adjust it to avoid particular side effects. I just need a moment." Aryn ejects the capsule from her applicator and places the small, gun-like object back into its case. That's when she disappears out of view for a few minutes.

Ektor gives a dumb, easy chuckle. "Oooh, yeah. Like slipping into a cold pool on a hot day, yeah?" Lazily looking aside toward Hal, he advises, "Wits are overrated, yeah? You should try going without em for awhile, it's all.. freeing and drek."

Halwinder sheugs, "If I knew more about the nature of medicine, I'd be hanging out in clinics instead of getting my arm shot off." he says, chuckling, and his nub twitches, making him wince again. "Well, that is going to take some time to get used to, I think."

"That's a fair statement." Aryn says when she comes back out. Her statement was intended for Halwinder, but Ektor could have just as easily misconstrued it. When she arrives at Halwinder's side, she's holding a small cup of thick, green liquid. "I need you to drink this and /not/ vomit. I will not be dishonest with you, it tastes like hot garbage juice, but this will keep the pain away and keep your wits about you." She offers the cup to him (+troll willpower), then steps aside to grab a small cup of water that may aid in washing it down.

Ektor grins. "See? Doc agrees with me. That makes it extra true, cause she's another one a you..." A searching motion is made with one hand. "..Smart types. Heh. A real.. left brain type. Yeah? Get it? Cause of the arm?"

Miri Sakir saunters into the medbay, a small bottle in her hand. "Yo, I heard ugly was in here," she says to no one in particular. Somehow, the medics know exactly who she is referring to and point her to Ektor. "Hey, ugly. Heard you got fried." She blows a kiss to Aryn, then nods in greeting to the unfamiliar patient.

There is some shouting from down the way and the whine of a machine lift. It gets louder and louder until that carbonite slab of Elrych in his movie star pose slowly and painfully is wheeled through the door by the horrible team work and lack if communication by ywo knuckle draggers. "Heya... where ah... do you want this new statue. Weird art choice and all."

Halwinder drinks the cup down greedily. After about half a second, his face turns green and he tries, then fails not to retch it back up. Looking miserable, he looks up at Miri. "Err. Yes. Nice to meet...you?"

Aryn passes the water to Halwinder, to help him encourage the substance to stay down. Her attention shifts to Flight Officer Sakir. A small, sheepish smile follows the gesture, and she points out Ektor for her. About that time, the carbonite captured holo-star Jedi is wheeled in and Aryn sighs softly, both in worry and exasperation. It seemed like Elrych allowed himself to be captured.

"Over there. Hook the console up to my terminal so we can begin the defrosting sequence. I need a team on stand by to catch him and place him into the scanners. We'll need to catch the carbonite poisoning early /if/ he has it." The young Jedi doctor follows the crew over and waits for her instructions to be followed.

Ektor cracks a broad grin. "So I'm Ugly, now? I like it. Got personality- Oooh, close call," he winces in sympathy for Halwinder's medicinal struggles. "Don't worry, Doc will magic up some medicine that works for you, yeah? Oh yeah, introductions- She-wolf," Miri. "This is.. Left Brain," Halwinder. "He's one of them intelligent guys." A look goes aside as Elrych is hovered in. "HA. Look, everybody.. it's El-rock."

"Can we put him in the Swamp Rat? We can put seasonal festive hats on him, and the back wall is seriously screaming for some good decor," Miri says, only half kidding. She looks to Halwinder. "Hey, I'm Miri. Got jacked up on your first mission? That sucks." She hands the bottle to Ektor. "Don't drink this."

The knuckle dragget shurgs and nods to his partner who park freezeburn where the doctor wants him. They give he a data pad to sign and the take off happy to be rid of the cumbersome jedi.

The process to break Cometburn from the carbonite begins. The surface that contours the terrain of his face and the rest of his body begin to heat all at once until the dull gray is no more and the color of pale flesh is revealed. When Cometburn is free, two medics help him from the slab and place him onto a bed, strapping him down firmly so that he can go into the scans to detect any sort of poisoning. Aryn oversees this crucial task, arms crossed and focused stare.

Halwinder smiles. "Well, computers are usually what I do battle against, not turrets. So lesson learned."

Ektor, freshly drugged up, and in an altered state of awareness (though how far off of his normal state remains debatable) looks at the ongoing defrost process and decides, "Doc looks busy. Say," he appeals to the nearest perceived expert, Miri: "I can prolly go now, yeah? Got some drek to do before the thing, later. Thanks for the bottle, yeah? What's in it?"

Elrych Cometburn falls out of the case like a hot potato in the hands of someone with uncaloused skin. His eyes are closed and he doesn't wake immediately. Once strapped in he starts to shiver, inhailing sharply and blue eyes opening widely, "Kriff You!" He shouts before shivering more violently. "they need yo pay their heat bill in here... the heck is..." His eyes land on ektor. "Oh... i am deaf and went to hell. Great." He apparently avoided the blindness, somehow.

"Yo, I don't make that call, Stinky. It's spaloe gel. For your funky burns. Don't drink it or you will shit yourself to death." Apparently, Miri felt the need to reiterate that for Ektor. NO REASON. She winces at Halwinder's comment. "Yeah, that'll do it." When Elrych regains consciousness, she walks over and begins an absurd pantomime. First, she points to him, and then mimics his carbonite pose. She points to herself, Ektor and Halwinder and mimes shooting blasters and explosions, then points to Elrych again. Then she mimics his carbonite pose again, falling dramatically to the floor as she 'defrosts'.

"So ACTUALLY don't drink it?" Ektor repeats, puzzled. "I thought you was messing with me! Why's it in a bottle if it ain't for drinking?" His indignation passes when Miri goes into her Elrych pantomime, the act earning a lazy round of applause. "No lie, that wasn't terrible."

Elrych Cometburn gives a confused look to Miri... "Wait... you're saying you want to take me on a date to the shooting range..." He watches her fall down, "And... oh thats rather forward of you." He feels atound "Where is my shades, man." The had fallen off him and onto the floor. "So you all got to me... here I was ready to piss off Ren enough he just killed me nice and quick. Thanks for that." He is still looking for his shades.

Miri picks up Elrych's shades and puts them on. She waggles her eyebrows at him before turning back to Ektor. "It's sunburn gel. Come on, you're ruining the joke," she grumps.

"I ruin things," Ektor points out, plainly. "It's my primary skill, yeah?" A crooked grin emerges, as Elrych deaf-banters at Miri, who puts on the Jedi kid's shades. "You do realize he;s gonna think you;re proposing to him, now. Yeah?" Elrych gets a knowing nod and a thumbs-up.

"Should I propose to you, instead?" Miri asks, taking off the shades and getting down on one knee, offering them to Ektor.

Elrych Cometburn purses his lips, sticking a finger in his ear and wiggling it. "Man... this ringing... but I think i can kinda hear a little now." He looks between Ektor and Miro, "Hey... give me those."

"No lie, I could rock the hell outta those," Ektor opines, arching a brow at the shades. Elrych's demand for the eyewear gets a sharp chuck from the Tionese, who decides to grin at the young Jedi as he puts the shades on himself in suuuuper slow motion. "Can you hear this, kid?" he wonders, adding a sound effect to the gradual landing of the borrowed glasses: "Whoooooooooooooa."

"This means we're married now and I get your stuff when you die," Miri declares, getting to her feet. "So hurry up, I can't wait to own the Preybomb."

Elrych Cometburn just shakes his head and lays back in his bed, "Eh... I can buy new ones. Thats all you both get for a wedding present." He grimaces, "How long was I a popcicle? Anyone hear from Nia?"

"Not for nothing, I *really* want there to be an afterlife, so I can watch you and Chief West fight over the Preybomb," Ektor cackles to Miri. Grinning back at Elrych, he drawls, "I figured you was gonna do the wizard floating thing, yeah? Being a rock ain't like... frozen all the magic out of you or nothing, has it?" As for how long. "Uhh.. Few months since you was around last. We're on some swamp moon in Naboo, now. And no lie? I don't know Nia."

Miri Sakir plops into a chair. "Yeah, some pirates were trying to give you to the Eff-Oh. We ruined their day. You're welcome." She holds her hands out. "No idea who Nia is, sorry."

Elrych Cometburn shakes his head, "Nah... still a space Wizzard... probably the only reason im not suffering more. Went into a trance right before the freezing blast... I yabe trouble remembering how i got into that situation but... I remeber doing at least that." He looks between ektor and Miri, "Nia isy fiance. She didn't come looking for me or anything?" He sighs and frowns. "Alright."

"All I can say? Is that nobody named Nia asked me, yeah?" Ektor related with a small shrug. "It's a big galaxy, kid. Good to have you back," he adds with a crooked grin. To Miri, he adds, "And let's be clear: these were BAD pirates. Actually.." he amends, "Not even pirates at all. A boat full a Old Imperial holdouts, yeah?"

"I can ask around for you if you want, Freezerburn," Miri offers. "If she's a good egg, she deserves to know you're alive." All of this talking, plus the shouting from yesterday, is starting to take it's toll. She coughs uncomfortably.

Elrych Cometburn nods to Ektor and Miri, "Right... thanks. I'll try to get cleared as soon as possible. either way. Het back in my X-Wing. Whatd I miss?"

"Uh..." Ektor visibly thinks. "The Republic crashed out. Some old guy a bunch of people knew got killed and they're all sad about it. Shield Gate around Coruscant blowed up, so.. that's good. Annnnd, otherwise, more of the usual, yeah? Blowing up the other side, stealing their drek." He looks to Miri. "I forget anything big?"

"Uh, we got a shitty base on a shitty moon and you need to get shots to keep giant bugs from putting horrible worms in your heart," Miri adds.

Elrych Cometburn blinks, "Theu took out the Akbar? Old dude? What old dude?" He seems to think on something, "What good is a shield gate being down if we dont have the man power to take the planet. Man i get captured for a few months and you all just let things go around here."

Zan comes into the medical area, glancing around. She's got a helmet in hand and is wearing a flightsuit, oddly enough. A small bruise forming a little bit of a goose egg on her head, like she bumped it hard on something. "Uhm, hello?"

Dr. Cole was just coming out of her office when Zan stepped in and said something, bringing pause to Aryn's walk. Aryn does not see the goose egg her fellow Jedi is sporting, but she does notice that the woman is in a flightsuit. "Zandra. What brings you to medical?" The results of Elrych's scans were loaded onto a datapad and tucked to Aryn's side.

Zan shrugs a bit. "I got sent," she replies. "I spent apparently too much time in the simulator. When I was getting out I lost my balance and smacked my head. I'm sure it's nothing, but I was told to come here and make sure. It's good to see you, Doc. How are things?" She shifts her helmet into her other hand, a bit bemused by her own story.

Elrych Cometburn looks up from his bed, eyes moving between Aryn and Zandra. A finger comes up to wiggle inside his ear a bit, causing him to make a funny face. ,"Zandra, you running with us losers now?"

"I'll be the judge of that. Come over here near Elrych. You two can catch up while I examine your head." The Doc gestures toward the seat near Elrych and waits for Zandra to pass before stepping behind her to follow. "Things have been busy, but no complaints here." Is added as Aryn arrives near Elrych and passes him the results of his scans. "You're good to go, Mr. Cometburn. No poisoning, just light side effects from the carbonite exposure." Her attention shifts to Zan now, and she pulls a light-pen from her belt, clicking it on.

Zan blinks, eyes widening. She stares for a long moment and then she says, "Elrych? Have - you been here this whole time? And are you okay?" The words rush out, the startlement obvious on her face and in her words.

Her gaze goes to Aryn, and she moves as directed, heading over to drop into the chair by Elrych, setting her helmet down for a moment. "Sure thing, Doc," she says, easily. Curious eyes go to Elrych, but Zan doesn't ask about any scans.

"I - " She pauses, swallowing, and then she says, "I'm flying Blue 2, so I guess the answer is nope, not flying with you losers." An impish grin flits across Zan's face. "Mostly because I can't hit the broad side of a moon which makes my flying a fighter somewhat less than helpful."

Elrych Cometburn nods to Aryn, "I was able to put myself into a meditative state before the freezing blast. I think it helped." He then looks to Zandra amd chuckles, "Well thats better then nothing. We will habe to run a skirmish sometime. I was... on Ice for a couple few months I guess... Ah my memory is still a little scrambles... i was on... some ice planet. All women... trying to set up a smuggling operation." He seems yo think really hard.

Aryn monopolizes Zan's attention for a minute by having her look up at her so she can shine the light and examine her pupils. This was to help her determine if there were symptoms of a concussion. Seeing none, she examines the wound itself, gently touching around it with small, warm fingers. "An ice planet with all women? Hmm."

Zan looks at Aryn as instructed, eyes reacting appropriately to the test. The bump is a bit tender, and it's bruised, but not deep. No concussion, literally just a little thing but tender enough to cause a wince or two nonetheless. Zan wrinkles her nose as she listens to Elrych's explanation. "Sounds frightening," she puts in. All women? Eesh! "As for running a skirmish, I'd not say no to more practice. I kind of like flying the fighters so far."

"That just means you have good taste," Miri opines in response to Zan's comments. "There is nothing better than flying a fighter. Nothing."

Elrych Cometburn nods tp Aryn, "And Children. Very few males. Short blue hair all over their bodies." His brows narrow in concentration. "They knew abou the Jedi... said they had been visited long ago. Some sort of proficy fulfilled that brought in the dark times. Something about a machanical arm. Yeah it was beyond me."

"All over their bodies?.." Aryn clears her throat and clicks her light off, pocketing it. "Just /what/ were you doing in a place like this, hmm?" She offers a glance toward the Jedi Cometburn, then toward Miri who speaks about the joys of using a fighter. When her attention returns to Zan, she determines a treatment and steps away for a moment.

Given her violet hair, Zan doesn't worry much about blue fur - whatever happens due to planetary differences, right? She grins at Miri, offering a nod her way, though there's a small wince as Aryn finishes up dealing with the medical stuff. A nod as Aryn asks the important question, and Zan's attention goes back to Elrych. "Seems like you were pretty far out in the middle of nowhere."

"Were you out there alone?" Miri asks, stretching. She gets up and lays down on an exam bed, stretching out comfortably.

Elrych Cometburn stares at Aryn, "What? I was setting up an operation with the locals... getting us more resources." He struggles a moment. "Nelvaan... that was the planet. Force... thats right." He looks towards Miri, "Yeah... wait no. Kid was with me... has anyone seen him or my ship."

Aryn returns, wrapping a cold pack with a clean cloth before handing it to Zan. "Keep this on it. The swelling will go down as a result, and take these for any pain that follows. It will not dull your senses, only numb the pain." Aryn's other hand stretches out, offering a few packets of the pain medication. Her attention shifts to Elrych again, and her hands clasp behind her back. "Well, I see no reason to keep you here, Mr. Cometburn. Just take it easy for a bit, enjoy the humidity, and get some food. Start with soups first and build up, and no hard liquor until you've a tolerance for it again." She nods. A glance at her chrono and Aryn sighs, she's got other patients to visit. "If you'll excuse me.." Said softly, and the tunic wearing Jedi moves on.

Zan takes the cold pack and pain meds, with a nod and a smile. "Thanks, Doc," she says easily. "And take care," as it seems that Aryn is taking her leave. "We should get together over drinks or dinner or something, all of us. Catch up." That said, she doesn't keep the doctor, aware there are probably a lot more patients.

To Elrych, Zan tilts her head and frowns a bit. "I have not seen Kid or your ship," she reports. "Not here nor at - home." A slight smile. "It seems like home is a good name for it, which kind of surprises me still." Zan glances over at Miri and then adds, "There are so few of us, all of us, here. It's a little worriesome."

Elrych Cometburn gives a nod and a wave to Aryn as she takes her leave. He turns and leans up. swinging his feet over the bed. "Looks lovely ke they took my ship and my droids... great." His face goes pal. He starts to pat around, "My lightsaber...where is it..." He stands and starts searching the frame of the carbonite encasement. "Please tell me younguys got it from where ever you found me..."

Zan has to shrug. She wasn't with the group who found Elrych, whoever that was. "I'm sorry, Elrych. I have no idea," she answers honestly. "Hopefully you find the saber, at least. That's kind of important."

From down the hall comes back on the the knuckledraggers who brought elrych in. He has that lightsaber in his hands. "Quatermaster said this was..." Before he can finish Elrych has called the object to his hand with the force. A look of relief on his face.

Zan turns as the new arrival makes his way in, but doesn't move as the lightsaber flies through the air to Elrych. She simply holds the cold compress to the goose-egg on her forehead quietly. Elrych is seated on a bed, Miri has apparently fallen asleep she was so comfy stretched out, and Zan is seated in a chair, flight suit on, helmet nearby, goose egg on forehead and pain meds in hand. The Doctor is currently out. "I guess that answers that."

Elrych Cometburn soghs with relief as he clips his lightsaber back onto his belt. "Well i should get some grub like Aryn said. Come down if you get hungry." He says to Zandra. "Might remember more by then."

Zan raises a hand, waving to Elrych, as she lets the cold back work on reducing the swelling on that goosebump. "Sure, will do," she replies. "Talk to you later!"

Mission complete...body count in. BG Greystorm has kept her distance overnight, allowed the medical professionals to do their thing and stabilize the undead before she darkens their doorstep. Their headstart is at an end, as per the sound of bootsteps approaching with crisp, military cadence. Her pass through the lower level goes without a word spoken, ignoring any residual action happening in surgical suites, and heading straight for the lifts.

Which bring her here: the recovery suites. Five or six long strides down the corridor and she arrives in door. For a moment she's just there, surveying the interior with a hawkish stare.

Zan glances up, hearing the bootsteps, and she blinks. The ice pack is moved accidentally, as she recognizes Amber. "Uhm, Hi." she says. "If you're looking for Elrych, he just went to get something to eat." That said, she puts the cold pack back on the goose bump, still watching Ambrosia as though she might explode.

"Yeah, I passed'im in the hall." A thumb vaguely elaborates over shoulder while Ambrosia treads quietly inside. She narrows a look at Zan's noggin lump but doesn't press for details. Instead, she stalks by the sleeping Miri and glances at the next curtain-drawn beds over. "Word is, one of our newer brains is in need of new parts. The hell was he doing in an assault party?"

Zan blinks, and then she has to shrug. "Guess he wanted to help," she replies, not too helpfully. "Sounds painful though - I do hope he'll be alright." She at least didn't damage herself too badly - just bumped her head while not even in an assault party. "I am pretty sure I don't belong on any assault party, unless you all need air cover. Then maybe."

"Least it wasn't his head, what got blown off. That's the bit we need." Sympathy was never Greystorm's strongsuit. It shows. "Well, what're you in for? Party too hard at the Swamp Rat?" A sardonic grin is cast sideways to the icepack.

Zan laughs at that, and shakes her head. "I spent too long in the simulator," she admits lightly. "Banged my head on the way out - but I improved my shooting score so I'm happy. A lot." Which doesn't mean much, based on where she started, but hey, it's something. "Those fighters are fun to fly, even in simulators. Except maybe after ten hours, one should give up."

"Sure you ought'n't be icing your eyes, instead?" The aging soldier's upper lip curls into a look of mild displeasure at the thought of dwelling inside a sim. "It's no wonder you birds have all got a screw loose." She breaks to take a peek beyond that curtain, makes mental note, then withdraws. "If you're still in here when he wakes up, I wanna know."

"Sure," Zan says, with a nod. "Though Doc said I'm good to go. It's not anything serious. Just a bruise. And icing my eyes is not a bad idea. After that long, everything starts to look funny," she admits. She does get to her feet, giving Amber a sober glance. "I can stick around here for a bit, just in case he wakes up?"

"Eh," Ambrosia shrugs a shoulder and pushes back her jacket sleeve to check chronometer. "I won't keep you from wherever you're supposed to be. Bad as he looks, don't think he'll be strolling outta here under his own volition anytime soon, so. I'll catch him with his eyes open, yet."

Zan laughs softly and nods. She finishes with the cold compress and tosses it aside in favour of picking up her helmet. "Alright then, I should probably get going," she offers. "And nice to chat with you again, General Greystorm."