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Spiral Arms Casino - In Orbit Over Coruscant

Scene Rundown An antique Clone Wars era Acclamator transport (Republic Cruiser), now converted luxury cruise-liner, 'Spiral Arms', is host to the annual Sabacc Galactic Challenge Tournament and this year a lot more is riding on this game than a mere collections pot.

After everything is finally set up. Lia steps up on the massive mostly empty stage. Behind her is the band and there are little projections where dancers are ready to start their little thing, to the sides of the stage and around the various playing tables are banquet tables. Also there are a number of waitresses wandering around with treys and of course are more than willing to serve the guests and players what they want. She then picks up the mic and looks to the director "Ready?" she asks, her voice kind of carrying over the PA, this does elicit a rather annoyed look from the Alien. "Hallo folks, and welcome to the anual Galactic Sabacc Tourney here on the Spiral. So lets get onto the rules. The varient we'll be playing is Old_Republic rules. In honor of the New Republic and to show respect toward those on the planet the Spiral orbits. Every contestant will be starting with 500 chips. The person with th 'most chips at the end of course wins." She then grins and motions to the empty stage behind her. Large doors open up and a yt-3450 is raised up on a massive lift "This is what everyone's playing for. The Thunderheart." She steps aside and then calls out "Every so often there will be announced breaks for drink and food. The drink and food will be free for the contestants. As we don't want our players getting drunk there will be caps put on the alchohol so go easy please." She looks around then calls out, obviously nervous as she tail-lashes "Ok, would the contestants please approach the center table, the mic will be passed around for you all to announce and introduce your selves."

As the Galaxy swirled and moved in it's own fashion, so too did the lives of influential tycoons. Vega Starlight, a man long shrouded in mystery and misunderstanding, was also a man who appeared like death himself - Quickly and quietly seeping through the crowd. The armored being was decked in what looked like a metal plate, but it's color seemed to absorb the light rather then reflect it back across it's dull blue surface. To those close, it was very personal to him. Being a Bounty Hunter had it's perks -- With a mere glare towards the guards, he went unaccosted, thanks to Galactic Law showing the Hunters some love. He wasn't sure who would be here, but Vega's duty was to be here. He had his reasons, but he was always willing to drop a hand on Sabacc. At each side of the hunter, faithfully, two shadowy figures followed suit. All that was missing was General Razec. Ryn was as classy as could be, dolled up in Nhealcharii silk, and seemed out of place beside the armored figure. After approaching the table and taking his seat, Vega studies those in his bird-like peripheal vision. When the mic comes to him, for Vega to introduce himself, it is merely passed on without an introduction. He needed none. Nor did he desire to get friendly with people he'd just as soon obliterate. But business was business.

A large human male stands next to the side of the bar on the left side of the chamber, he's turned so that his left side is leaning up against the bar with his left arm atop it whilst his right is holding drink just before his torso. The man's dark eyes scan the room from left to right before they fall upon the form of the Thunderheart put on display for all the gamgling fools to gawk upon. He wears a leather duel holster around his hips that is currently empty of any blasters upon either thigh. The man raises his drink up to his lips and silently takes a drink as he watches the going-ons with a calm expression on his rough skinned face. Fett observes...

Hearing the announcements, Kwan lays her head on the table and crosses her arms over it with a grunt. "Arg... shut up..." she mumbles. All the noises; the big crowds. The drinking and laughing. This is /not/ her scene. However, looking up, she spots the ship and a brow raises. It didn't look like anything special to her, but... it /is/ a ship and if she could win it for only 500 creds.... she'd have transportation of her own! She could finally get back to the guild! Or at least get to see some new landscapes! Standing up, the woman makes her way towards the table and hits 500 down. "I'm in," she mumbles. Okay, so she doesn't know how to play, but that's besides the point.

Han stands at the bar at the other end from Fett. He's already striped of his hold out blaster, mumbling, "Sithspawn Guards letting armed Bounty Hunters in." As he had watched Vega Starlight come in. He runs his fingers though his hair before tossing credits to cover a tip and the drink. " Where is Calrissian? He'd said he'd be here. Oh well." With that Han takes a drink before moving to the table he's playing at.

The Spiral Arms casino was filled with noise. It wasn't a harsh blare, but a soft and encouraging din. The variety of species gathered on the Old Republic ship was a spectrum. Several poured in from the glorious Silhouette above and others flocked in from the central nexus. Toward the back of the casino was the tall, lithesome Falleen known by no other name than Zhankana and her various associates. The Hutts had been so glorious in donating their prize, but there was no doubt that there would be some catch later on. She had her naked green arms crossed about her chest and her eyes were forward at the gathering.

       The doors of the casino were guarded with dolled up humans in decorative armors. There were other guards scattered throughout the room, several standing beside the holographic projection of the beautiful Corellian ship. They continued to turn their head left and right to watch the room with trained eyes.

Introductions. Great. Tigris made his slow way to the table, his coat pulled it close around his chest, arms hugging his sides-- Galaron and the Four Brothers, it was cold in here. And he was barely wearing his vest-- like most of his attire, it was unclasped and left open, and the blaster that so gingerly hung in his holster was instead stuffed in the inside seam of the open vest, dangling under his arm-- and the stars, stuffed in the double-folded inseam of his crotch. Couldn't be too bloody careful. Taking a seat at the table next to the pretty girl with the dark hair and the weird ey-- -Wait a minute. He knew that face. And those eyes. He knew them /really/ we-- Kwan-Yin Weiss," Tigris hummed, under his breath. "Son of a Sith Lord."

Kirk Jones enters into the casino and pays his entry fee so he can get what he needs. His nods to the attendent and makes his way over towards a table. His eyes dart about the room to some people he knew. He shrugs his shoulders a little and hopes to win. He could then sell the ship to pay off his own. He smiles a little and then looks over towards an empty seat and he doesn't care who he sits by.

The other armored figure accompanying Starlight could hardly be singled out by the definition of armored. The fact that it towered at eight feet, and was, needless to say, a massive alien mantis, was a less nonchalant way to describe the being. The deck trembled under the weight of each of its footsteps, an ambient clicking sound emitting from within the beast, the creature's bulbous eyes calmly noting the surrounding; mostly bipedal Humanoids milling around in their typical lack of importance. The Vratix continued past Starlight as the man had sat, finding an unoccupied corner with a decent enough vantage point to loiter in.

A Sabacc tournament above Coruscant? Hah! No one on the planet, or anywhere nearby should even bother showing up because a certain man by the name of /Lando Calrissian/ is going to be there. Now if you dont know just who this amazingly good-looking, dark man is you need not look any further than this month's issue of /Republic Starship Magazine/ where he gave a tour of his beautiful luxury yacht 'The Lady Luck' and pointed out in his one-on-one interview the fact that /he/ is the Galaxy's best-looking man first, and best sabacc player second. You all shouldn't of even showed up......

As everyone enters, and does there thing a young woman with a microphone enters through the archway and blares out her voice from unseen speakers, "Ladies and gentlemen, if I could have your all of your attention for more than a moment......." The woman clears her throat and begins, "Introducing Bespin's very own Senator, the hero of the Battle of Endor, the Commander of Staves himself....LAAAAANNNNDDDDDOOOOooooO CALLLLLLRISSSSSIIIAAAANNNN!!!!!!!!" As the very last bit of the name is pronounced the man in question finally steps through the archway, exposing his good-looks to the mass of people in the casino...... Lando allows one of those famous grins, and casually stalks his way through the ever growing crowd of the casino headed towards the bar.... This man is going to own you all in just a matter of time....So dont bet too much...

Kent stands near the stage and just shakes his head as he walks over to the central table to register and waits for the mic to get to him... He takes a look at all of the people entering this competition and wonders what he's getting himself into... The man takes up the mic when its passed to him and just shrugs tapping it once to make sure its on, "Yeah, I'm uhhh Kent... ummmm Grayshade..." The man quickly passes the mic to the next person... Nolkyan has left.

Standing in the shadows, making himself a subtle annoyance, a male Rodian, clad in a tacky plated, silvery vest and a pair of too-baggy bantha hide pants, can be found. "My name Joe!" he proudly announces to the Bothan standing next to him. "Good player. I know all tricks! I make sabacc! My game!" The Bothan gives him a funny look and a gutteral grunt, and moves away. 'Joe' folds his spindly arms across his chest and stomps his foot once, taking up the microphone as it makes its way to him. "I AM JOE! HI GREETINGS!" he announces, cheerfully, with a lot of mic feedback. Spittle flies onto the mic's head before he manages to hand it off to the next in line.

Da'lia Looks around as the mic is passed and grins, thinking to her self . o O (This is going quite well) before she grins and looks around "So! I guess, without further waiting we can all get started. I would like to announce that the Spiral Arms Casino galactic Sabacc game get under way. All contestants to your tables!" She calls out, beaming, before going to her respective table, the saurian blissfully unawares of the insain 'bothan'.

The crowd was mostly ignored by Vega. Many were recognized -- Han, Fett, Lando, Kirk, Tigris -- It was a reunion of people whom, at one point, he'd tried to shoot at, or was shot at by. Keeping quiet, Vega catalogued them all into groups as he formulated his dangerous plot. But, imperceptive to anyone but a man with a true eye, Vega dipped his chin low for a slight signal in respect towards the solitary figure at the bar. One of the few people Vega legitimately respected, overall. Then, quietly, he began to mimic a series of clicks that few would understand, and he was only capable of due to his alien build.

"Pompous bint," Zhankana mumbled under her breath in response to the obnoxious introduction of the Bespin man as she slowly dropped from lean at the barside. She moved with a delicate and soft hip-sway as she approached the main Sabaac table. She grasped onto a wireless microphone and spoke in it with her smooth, reptilian voice. "All playerss intending on joining the Sabaac tournament, pleassse take your sseatssss at the tabless of your choice-ssss." It was almost as if the microphone enhanced her words. Although Da'lia had already done the same, Zhankana made sure to get the stragglers to the table. She set the thing aside and moved toward the center of the room. The dealers prepared for their tables, shuffling and scattering cards, then shuffling them again.

Fett noted the presence of Vega and as they made eye contact the mandalorian, outside of his armor shell, gave a curt nod in the direction of the one he owed his life too from two years ago. Boba lowered the glass of red liquid down to the bar top and set it there softly, it was nearly empty and the humane female waitress closest to him noted the dwindling level of the man's drink and quickly rushed to fill it to its brim once again to which Boba noted the action and gave the woman a very faint smile of recogition, then looked back to the gathering of gamblers as he leaned against the bar and observed. The woman tender smiled back at Fett and reluctantly pulled her eyes and attention away to return to her pressing duties on this busy night.

Kwan sits at her table. Why in the hell would anyone not playing care who is? Rubbing her temple, the woman just growls. "Come /on,/ already! I'm not sitting here to make friends! Sit down and let's play!" Geez. People act like they've got all the time in the world. Well and great, but /she/ doesn't. Hearing the person next to her identify her, the woman raises a brow. "Look, pal. I am not the son of anybody, so kindly shove--" Her eyes trail over, instantly indentifying the man next to her. "What the--- Tigris?" Oh, isn't that just great? So, this is what he's being doing since--- Instantly, the woman looks away and back to the table. At least she's shut up now. And hey! The game's starting, too. That's a plus. Now all she had to do was push all the chaotic jabber now in her mind completely out and try to focus on this game. Idly, she picks up the card with the rules written on it and tries to sink it all in.

"Yeah, well, you know how it is." I hope. Tigris' eyes went back to his table, folding his hands-- and twiddling his fingers, tapping his fingertips, shivering a little bit in the cold. Maybe he should've worn something besides a tanktop. -But his eyes still watched, and he still recognized. And he indexed, and thought, and-- -Back to Sabacc.

Han just slaps his face at Lando's announcement, "On second thought I don't know him at all. I hope they're recording this for public airing. Going to make sure Leia, Chewie, and Luke get to see it." He says to the people at his table before offering each one of them a hand, "I'm Han Solo, good to be playing with you call me Han." To those he don't know and "Good seeing you" to those he knows even if it's not. Another sip of his giza, "Well lets get started."

The behemoth alien's head lifted slightly to an angle, and oscillated left and right minutely. "*click* *click* *click*.", came a distinct series of clicks from the Vratix, mostly drowned out by the combined noise of every chatting individual within the casino. Ifflix had known of the person, but had never seen him. Had he seen him before, there was little chance that he would have remembered the face, anyhow. He was senile, absentminded, just not the brightest bulb on the tree. "*cli-click* *click* *click-click* *click* *cli-click* *click* *click* *cli-click*." Language: Vratix]

Kirk Jones sits down quietly at a table. His eyes shift over towards the others before they settle on Vega. He grits his teeth a little and then replies to himself, "Sith spawn." He sighs a little and then focuses on the game that is beginning. He looks over to Lando and knows he can out smart him then looks over to Han that he has met once before. He knows he can get him too. He turns his glance to the bug and laughs inside his head. He can't help but worry about Vega though.

Lando smirks as he hears the call to the tables....Ahhh...No time for a drink before the game....As Lando turns away from the bar he catches a glimpse of one Han Solo and sends a glare towards his old pal...A glare that says, 'you've beaten me before but...you're gonna lose tonight....Buddy'

As Lando comes besides the table he gazes about and then decides upon a seat which currently has two empty seats to the left and right....Lando grins to himself and says, "Perfect...." Taking the seat Lando gets comfortable, and awaits for the cards to be dealt. (or in Lando's case to collect the money) Nolkyan has placed a bet of 2. The pot is now at 0 Kent looks around in confusion not quite sure which table is his to play at... He looks back at the central table where somebody points him into the right direction and the man goes to sit down... He takes a quick look at the others at the table and waves, "Hey hows everybody doing today?" the man asks as he waits for the dealer to start this round...

The Rodian turns his back to the crowd for a moment, fishing something out from inside of his tacky, shiny vest. He retrieves a pair of those cheap disguise glasses, with the fake nose and moustache, and puts them on. Then, he pulls out a pair of bulky bantha hide gauntlets, pulling them up over his hands and all the way up to his forearms. Satisfied, 'Joe' turns back to the crowd, adjusting his vest with a macho roll of his shoulders.

Joe makes his way toward the sabacc tables, bag of credit chips in hand, and casually seats himself across from Da'lia. He waves to her, with a gloved hand. "Hello person! I am Joe! I playing good sabacc!" He grabs the glass of free water from in front of him, guzzling it down and setting the empty glass back on the table with a thud. "Joe wins!" he informs Da'lia. "Good player. Give luck to you!"

Striding in from the Visitor's Hub is a figure, dressed in a simple black cloak and cowl. It covers his face up to his thin nose. There seems to be a very soft crimson glow from under the right side of the hood however. He's followed by a slightly well know 501-Z Police Droid painted red. Two critical pieces are missing from it's arms, but beyond that it seems in perfect condition. (Alec) glances about the room, and decides he would rather watch, than gamble his meager salary away.

Da'lia grins slightly and after settling in she looks at her opponent(s) curiously before counting over her chip "Fer th'blind eh?" She says, then tosses 5 credits out for the blind "Well here goes!" She says, looking around, the creature's tail lashing slowly as she glances from person to person

Sliding a hand forward, Vega left ten credits in the place of his marker, a calm and faceless mask covering what was inwardly a curious pair of eagle eyes. "*click* *click* *click* *cli-click* *click* *click* *cli-click* *click* *click* *cli-click* *click* *cli-click* *cli-click* *click* *click* *click*." Vega fell silent again as he eyed those near him, his eyes coming to rest on Solo for a moment. Language: Vratix

The Dealer-- a fat ratlike creature-- wiped at its snot-ridden nose as it looked toward the players that gathered around this central table. When he spoke, he had the most obnoxiously high-pitched voice that sounded as if his nose was filled with cotton. "Please make all opening bets before dealing... place chips in front of you in the isolation squares." He gestured to the squares before each chair. "These chips will not be touched until the end of game." Then he rubbed his big belly in wait for the others.

The tournament kicks into full gear, cards are dealt, bets are made, the game is heating up

Lando grins as he ponders aloud, "I hope you all dont mind packing up early tonight...." Lando leans back in his chair as his hand is frozen....Heh...Frozen just like some of the poor people at this table are going to be after they lose all thier money....

Da'lia looks up and smirks whilst tilting her head and looking at Lando "eh, we'll see." She says cheerily.

Kent looks down at his hand as he freezes it and just shakes his head at Lando, "No worries there Lando... I'm sure the senate has some meeting they need you at..."

"Careful, Calrissian. I'd hate to end up taking all your beautiful women home cause you can't pay your debts." Vega smirked inwardly, before he checked his cards again. "Or is your friend Solo going to slip you a pretty face card?" Vega was jesting, of course. Vega had great respect for Leia and Solo. All in good fun.

Sneeeda remains silent. There's some shuffling, and he stares at his cards through his disguise glasses, then slides them into the holder, grinning wildly. "Joe wins!"

Kirk Jones tosses his card down and sees it's gonna be a long night. He wonders if he can hold off a bit to wait and see if someone gets stupid and over confident. He smiles some. He listens to everything going on.

Han just shake his head at Lando, "Don't worry Lando. I want you to win this ship. So I can win it from you later." Then he shakes his head at Vega, "I don't cheat."

Lando nods towards Kent, "Yeah...Your probably right...But you better be careful Grayshade...The /Senate/ controls where you go now.." Lando almost chuckles and then peers over to Vega saying, "Later tonight, we'll see who needs a face card...."

Kwan turns her cards upside down and stares at them curious. "What's it mean when you got a pair of threes and a pair of twos?" Someone elbows her and after a brief whispering, the woman's expression falls flat. "Oh." With that, her cards are folded on the table.

"*cli-click* *click* *cli-click* *click* *click* *click*." Another set of clicks came from the Vratix, as it slowly nodded, angling its head toward the bar momentarily. "*cli-click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *cli-click*." More ambient clicking, and the oversized insect's head returned to the vector of the playing table. Its antennae rings jingled merrily as they bumped into eachother while the antennae idly slinked about. "*click* *click* *click* *click* *click-click*." Language: Vratix

RESULTS: Lando Calrissian: 6: Seven Coins, One Coins, Smuggler, Eleven Flasks.

Tigris Calburno: Folded

Kenthadus Grayshade: 19: Commander of Sabers, Four Flasks, Two Staves, One Flasks

Kirk Jones: Folded

Han Solo: 10: Two Sabers, Ace of Flasks, Ten Sabers, Six Coins

Vega Starlight: Sabacc!: Eight Coins, Master of Coins, Nine Coins, Ace of Staves

Da'lia: 22: Three Coins, Five Flasks, Eleven Staves, Three Sabers

Sneeeda: ERROR: Ace of Spades, Ace of Spades, Ace of Spades, Ace of Spades, Ace of Sneeeda

Kwan-Yin Weiss: Folded

The Dealer blinked in a slow, timed motion as he stared at the Rodian. "Sir," he said after a moment, "I believe you are at the wrong game." He stared at the cards. Aces? What the hell were those doing in there.

The Rodian reveals his hand with glee on his face. Five aces of spades -- the last card looks like it was home made. It's a magazine cut out of an ace, and there's a picture of Sneeeda dressed up as a king on it. He obviously cheated, and they're cards from the wrong game too. He reaches for the big pile of credit chips in the center of the table, exclaiming, "FIVE PAIR OF ACES!"

Narrowing his eyes, Vega's reaction to Sneeda's bad attempt at cheating was simple. With cobra reflexes, Vega pulled the Coruschal slugthrower from it's hip holster and put a bullet into Sneeeda's shoulder, right where the humanoid skeleton's shoulderblade should be. The gun was slipped away just as fast, in one quick, smooth motion. Hopefully before the guards could even blink and spy the shot. Vega only offered a casual glare their way before he waved his hands and his cards began to show. Eight of Coins, Nine of Coins, Master of Coins, Ace of Staves. Came up Sabacc. Vega takes the lead. "Welcome to the game, Gentlemen."

Lando peers down the table and says towards the winner, Vega, "thats a misdeal and the pot shouldnt be given out...." Lando shrugs adding, "not that some of us play by the rules though...." Isnt that the truth????

"Keep your gods-be-damned guns to yourself, Starlight," said the orange-eyed boy from across the table, eyes affixed on the man with the smoking gun. "No need for any more violence in this hellhole than is inherent."

Kwan just shrugs and leans back in her chair. "Hey, let him kill people. If a brawl breaks out, they can kill each other and we'll have a better chance of winning."

Kirk Jones blinks at everything that is going on. He ducks under the table until it is safe to play again. He's a lover, not a fighter.

Han takes a drink of his giza and looks at Lando, "YOu been teaching people how to play Sabacc again." Then he looks at Vega, "Hey watch it. I told you people bounty hunters with guys was a bad idea."

"I'd still prefer to kill everyone at this table and take the ship myself," Tigris said, shooting a sideways glance to Kwan. "You with me?"

Da'lia frowns, . o O (Gunfire now?) she say sand slides back away from the table, the saurian dropping her cards and motioning for the security forces in the area, meanwhile lia reaches for her own pistol.

Kwan can only glance at Tigris for a moment as they await the next dealing of course. "I don't know," she replies. "Am I?" Kwan-Yin Weiss says, "OOC> er... 'of cards.'"

Zhankana shot her gaze upward at the sound of gunfire. The Falleen woman was on her feet in a flash-- so were near-by guards. They narrowed their eyes at the Nhealcharrii king and moved quick to seize him-- and the Rodian. Zhankana moved to intercept this all. "You better have some reason to open fire on -my ship-, bounty hunter!" She was not happy!

Lando almost wants to flip the table(its bolted to the floor) and get behind it...Starting a huge shootout...Damn being responsible...."Calm down Vega...There's plenty of cheaters at this table...If your going to shoot one of them..." Lando grins over at Han and doesnt finish the sentence...

The bullet whizzes past Sneeeda's head, with an audible whistle. The Rodian's eyes widen, and he flies back out of his chair just in time for the second bullet to connect. A bloodcurdling scream of pain and anger fills the room, and blue Rodian blood splatters out onto the alien's funky vest. "SNEEEDA HATE GUNS! YOU SHOT SNEEDA! HURTS! HURTS!" he yells, grabbing the edges of the sabacc table and giving it a firm, sudden shove, to upend it and spill the chips on the floor. He reaches into his vest, withdrawing a tiny hold-out blaster. He fires it off wildly into the air, beginning to run away from the sabacc table. His disguise falls off, and as he runs, a bunch of cards of varying face value fall out of his gauntlets. He aims the holdout loosely at Vega, and fires off a single shot, while running. "BZZZZAP!" he shouts, as the bolt cracks off.

Boba Fett was continuing to stand steadfast still at the side of the bar. He was no longer drinking anything however, merely watching the game and the room around it. He saw the blaster shot go off as the results came in that the ugly ant eater was cheating in the first round and the Fettman simply stared from a distance, not too surprising from this collection of scum tossing their earnings into the wind.

Han stands up and starts to walk away very quickly, "Forget this. I've already got the fastest ship n the galaxy. I don't need this. Everybody's got a blaster but me." He runs past Boba Fett and dives over the bar for some safety and to look for a hold out blaster. mumbling, "What next Fett going to show up gunning for me?" Not realizing that Fetts right next to him.

--Perfect. Tigris upended his chair with a flick of his boot, sending his stool into the air with his chips, the sudden spray of blaster fire cutting through the air beside him-- --And he saw Sneeeda, caught his eye, saw him moving all too fast out the door. And he pushed past a waitress, toppling her tray to the floor, and launched himself onto another adjacent Sabacc table, then hopped to the top of a Pazaak game-- and then onto the top of another table, hip-hopping, hop-scotching-- --And landing on the shoulder of a massive being with heavy shoulders-- --And pushing off into the air, closer, distance cutting in half and then some-- --And Tigris twisted his torso and threw out his leg, using the momentum of his last leap to send a flying spinkick headed Sneeeda's way.

Alec is simply standing in the back while this whole thing unfolds. Amazing, but no one died, sadly. That's all.

Ifflix watched the unfolding scene with nothing more but a sense of alertness. As far as he was concerned, all was rather mild at this time. His gaze shot to the approaching Female alien and what he assumed were to be her guards. The Vratix calmly took to foot to close the gap between he and Starlight, as the woman and her guards were approaching from the other side. There was the possibility that it could become uglier in here. "*click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *cli-click*." Language: Vratix

Kirk Jones crawls from out the table and sees the the owner of this vessel was a stupid son of a sith and doesn't know how to manage security right. He starts making his way towards the door to leave. He'll file a complaint later.

Alright so the blaster bolt flew well past Lando...But Lando is famous(and a Senator)! You are /not/ supposed to shoot at him, or around him!!! He's too pretty to get hurt!..... As Han moves away from the table Lando calls after him, "Han wait!..." Go figure.....Han runs and jumps behind the bar, and leaves me here..... Still sitting in his chair Lando reaches into the area behind his cape and removes his /hidden/ blaster....From his chair Lando simply places the blaster on the table, allowing the mob around him to be just that....A mob....

But as usual, there's going to be something that brings Lando into the fray and that something is none other than a man simply standing in the back....Who's face is VERY memorable to Lando......

Slowly Lando gets out of the chair, blaster in hand and moves across the crazed room.....Yeah it sure is him......"Son of a sith...." Kirk Jones has disconnected.

Kent looks at the rodian's cards and stares... then just shakes his head as the violence begins... The man pushes back from the table, and just ... stares, "HEY!" the man shouts, "ALL of you put your weapons away! All of you idiots should be freakin ashamed of yourselves acting like common thugs." Then Kent turns to hide behind the bar with Han...

The Rodian is running for his life, stumbling over objects and people. A couple of guards have no doubt made it to block the exit, so he goes for a different means of escape, which he has obviously planned for. Reaching into his vest, he pulls out a large, Ro-lock(tm) bag. He opens the plastic baggie frantically, then puts it over his head, and, after he takes a deep breath, he seals it tightly around his neck. "SNEEEEEEEDAAAAA!" he yells, diving toward the big saloon-style viewport. Sneeda's holdout pistol discharges, and the blaster bolt slams into the viewport, weakening it just enough that his bulky, ugly Rodian body can slam through it, falling out into space. The compartment starts to depressurize, but a second later, a solid durasteel retaining plate slams down over the shattered viewport, stopping the breach.

Within what could be accessed as a few moments, Vega Starlight had shot Sneeda in the shoulder, Sneeeda had attempted to return said fire but ended up nearly hitting Lando instead, and Tigris had almost taken out the barmaid as he tripped over his own feet. She now lays in a huddle of unconscious, bleeding girliness. Zhankana-- the owner of this establishment-- has attempted to find some rationale and the guards are chasing after the ugly Rodian. Suddenly, said ugly Rodian has blasted his way into a viewport and suddenly, everyone is feeling the sudden PULL of the VACCUUM OF SPACE!

Within what could be accessed as a few moments, Vega Starlight had shot Sneeda in the shoulder, Sneeeda had attempted to return said fire but ended up nearly hitting Lando instead, and Tigris had almost taken out the barmaid as he tripped over his own feet. She now lays in a huddle of unconscious, bleeding girliness. Zhankana-- the owner of this establishment-- has attempted to find some rationale and the guards are chasing after the ugly Rodian. Suddenly, said ugly Rodian has blasted his way into a viewport and suddenly, everyone is feeling the sudden PULL of the VACCUUM OF SPACE! Which then quickly ends.

Within what could be accessed as a few moments, Vega Starlight had shot Sneeda in the shoulder, Sneeeda had attempted to return said fire but ended up nearly hitting Lando instead, and Tigris had almost taken out the barmaid as he tripped over his own feet. She now lays in a huddle of unconscious, bleeding girliness. Zhankana-- the owner of this establishment-- has attempted to find some rationale and the guards are chasing after the ugly Rodian.

The hangar guards were dispatched with little issue, as were the scattered door guards. Shots begin to tear into the room, varying blaster bolts in color and size penetrating the table, civillians, guards, and the like. At the helm of this group were two soldiers - Martalina and Vinis Jak'ran, shouting orders and firing, and with them was Aiden Jak'ran, firing shots into the fray. For now, it was blind shots, but soon, the first hints of that Jak'ran Mandalorian became visible as two of the commandos worked their way into the room. These men were the soldiers of Harabec - their purpose clear. The FRT Thunderheart. Five squadron members kept the rear under guard, fighting off even more approaching security forces. A shot lands in one of the strange commando's necks, flooring him.

Da'lia 's claws come out as she see's what Sneeda is doing, the saurian digging in her claws into the carpet just before the vacuum hits. She's whipped about a bit as the steel closes over the port and the saurian digs in before noticing the goings on and starts screaming into the comlink. "Bloody hell, get everyone down here now, seel off the ship and bring th'weapons systems online now!" She calls into the comlink before yanking out her blaster and tossing it to Han "Catch!" She yells as she moves toward some cover and tries to get closer to the fray.

Vega's helmet turned to regard the Falleen for a quick moment. As the table was thrown asunder, Vegae moved an inch to the left and narrowly dodged the Rodian's shot before he turned back to her. "He was cheating. Everyone saw it. I was giving him a lesson in how to play cards. He won't pick up a deck of cards ever again without thinking about what he's done." He eyed her a bit, fiercely, as he awaited to see how far she was going to go. "And it will deter other cheaters from being so stupid." Vega seemed to consider this a moment, before speaking towards Ifflix. He spoke in the alien's language, before he glanced back towards Zhankana. "You must be security. Good. Under the Authority of the Bounty Hunter's Guild, I'll be taking the Thunderheart. There's a bounty on it and her owner. I want access to them now, or locked until I may have access. In place, I will leave you the value of the ship itself. Five hundred thousand credits, and I will leave. Those winnings may go to whoever wins the rest of the game." He wasn't bluffing. He leaned back in the chair, however, one foot out in front of him as Aar'ryn Shalice stepped behind him. That's when Vega noticed there was some real trouble going down. "And I'm on borrowed time. Speed would be optimal."

Zhankana froze. The Hutts did not tell her this ship was bountied. Her eyes launched toward the exit, which was now being swarmed by armored individuals. Instantly, Zhankana grappled her comlink and hailed the bridge. "Lock down the bay! Lock down the bay! We have intruders!" She then narrowed her reptilian gaze to Vega. "Its in the private hangar." She then coughed back into her link. "Send out a mayday! Inform them we've been boarded by hostiles." The remainder of the casino went into chaos. People started screaming and running around, attempting to make it to the exit until they noticed it was blocked. They soon hightailed it for the end of the room.

Boba Fett continued to lean against the bar as the chaos broke out and the room turned into something out of a holovid. The man felt his clothing shift about his body when the Rodian leaps out the blasted out window but the security gate seals and this causes his baggry dark grey tunic to settle down again upon his body. Fett lowered his glass once more down to the bartop, having paid Han Solo little more than a glance, that guy was old news. Thats when the sounds of more blaster fire coming from another direction caused Boba's dark brows to rise some, and his vision to cast over in that direction. The man calmly let out a long exhale and his hands started to casually reach for the many pockets along his black military trousers. Slowly, he began to withdraw pieces of something, and slowly he began to piece them together...

Lando continued sitting for just a moment more....But......With the armored folks rushing in, and the vacuum of space almost carrying everyone out Lando makes an executive decision...To get BEHIND THE BAR!!!! With a grab at his blaster, and quick movement over the bar Lando grins to where Han and Kent are huddled and calls/yells down to them, "great game.....Next time you'll need to bring Chewie along and we'll really be a part of the party and not uhh!" Lando pauses with a grin and mouths the word.../hiding/...

Listening to the pompous hunter talk, Kwan stands up from the table and hits it hard. "One round?! I wasted all this time and dealing with all this for one round of sabaac just for /you/ to come along and say you put a bounty on a ship?! A /ship?!/" For the love of whatever. "I didn't come here to watch you idiots throw your guns around! I didn't come here to put up with your mouthy bantha fodder, either! I /came/ here to get away. Come to the big Sabaac Tourney! Whoo! What a rip-off." Stuffing her chips in her pockets, the golden-eyes woman walks away. Indeed, she is quite miffed. "See if I ever come back here again. What a waste of my night! I'd be better of on Coruscant with my thumb up my butt." Grumble.

Han looks at Kent as he lands next to him, "Never a dull moment huh Grayshade?" He picks up a bottle of fine Correllian Whiskey from behind the bar, "We're going to need this." Then comes the alarms with the pull of space, Sneeda's exit. Followed by Harabec's men. Then he hears Da'lia calling at him, his head peaking over to get ahold of the blaster. "Got to love that girl. Hey Kent you got a blaster, this looks about as a good position to fight from." He looks at the guy putting together the weapon, as he covers Lando, "Hey buddy, I know your wanting to prove you've got nerves of Dursteel, but there enough room for another while you put that together. If you can stand Lando crying."

"Hey, wait up!" Yeah. That was Tigris. "Come on, wait up. At least we can-- at least we can go-- look, I brought my ship. Let's head back, huh? Sounds good, right? Hey-- hey! Kwan! Kwan!" Scrambling to his feet, Tigris grabbed for the edge of Kwan's shirt, trying to get her to slow down so he could catch up. And as the orange-eyed boy came to scrounge by the girl's side, he stuffed his index finger in her belt, as if to attach himself to her (at the waist). "Hey, come on. Not all's lost, right? Right? Kwan?"

Han looks at Kent as he lands next to him, "Never a dull moment huh Grayshade?" He picks up a bottle of fine Correllian Whiskey from behind the bar, "We're going to need this." Then comes the alarms with the pull of space, Sneeda's exit. Followed by Harabec's men. Then he hears Da'lia calling at him, his head peaking over to get ahold of the blaster. "Got to love that girl. Hey Kent you got a blaster, this looks about as a good position to fight from." He looks at the guy putting together the weapon, as he covers Lando, "Hey buddy, I know your wanting to prove you've got nerves of Dursteel, but there enough room for another while you put that together. If you can stand Lando crying." His blaster training on one of the Mandalorens.

The Vratix stopped aside Starlight's chair, and grasped the man by the shoulder, letting go of it shortly after. "*cli-click* *click* *click* *cli-click* *click* *cli-click* *cli-click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *cli-click* *cli-click* *click*.", it remarked, or simply made more funny noises, according to who was listening. "*click* *click* *cli-click* *click*.", he inquired, a gesture to Zhankana. Language: Vratix

Lando sends a glare down towards Han and says in a cool, loud voice, "Yeah Han...Nerves of Durasteel..." Lando grabs for the bottle, and downs some of it quickly before throwing his upper-half over the top of the bar, blaster in one hand, bottle in the other.... Quickly the ladies man takes aim and fires off a few green blaster bolts before returning to the safety of behind the bar.

Alec scratches his face, throwing back the cowl as he walks out. His droid following him. As it walks, the droid connects two canisters into strange additions to his arms. "Very well, master." it remarks with it's digitized voice.

Kent just shakes his head as he peeks out from behind the bar at the commando's storming in. The man raises one finger to Han as if telling him to be quiet for a sec, and he pulls out the most powerful weapon he has on his person... his commlink, "Republic forces this is Grayshade, the Spiral Arms is under attack by an unknown number of men, dressed in battle armor and armed with blasters of various types, we also have members of importance with me please proceed with speed." Then the man turns back towards Han and just chuckles, "Nope no blaster..." But the man points back towards the door, "But the poor guy over there that has a burned mark in his neck left one for me to use when we can get to it..."

Now that the soldiers of Clan Jak'ran had entered the room, they were brutally efficient. The first round of security forces that attempted to put up a fight were brought down, and they split up across the casino. Looking for somebody. Something. Aiden Jak'ran seperated himself from the group, E-11 held high and bore down upon all moving targets. Then, his targetting computer blipped a sudden energy reading, and he flipped around, turning into a blaster bolt. It hit his armor in the chest, scarring off some of the blue enamel and sending the operative backwards a few steps. Snarling, forcing the pain down, the Jak'ran Mandalorian puts a blaster bolt between the eyes of the guard. Another Mandalorian went down in the casino, and they slowly migrated together. It's as if, even without shouts, they could communicate with each other. However, Aiden remained seperated from the group, leaping over fallen tables and chairs, kicking several more over - firing as he goes- searching for something in rapid pace, something, someone, who knew? As he made his way through, his wristblade extended with the scream of durasteel, as a second form of protection. A third Mandalorian went down. "Cover me!" "Man down, man down!" "We need to pull back, I don't see the Thunderheart!" And finally, "Marines, we are LEAVING!" It was clear that their regrouping was only to provide them cover to begin a tactical retrat. Sneeeda has disconnected.

A squadron of X-wings dive through the Coruscant atmosphere, and a dispatch is sent out to clear the sky around the spiral arms to be cleared, immediatly. Freighters and air speeders quickly try to vacate the zone as the X-wings make their approach ont he Casino. Lumbering behind them up in space is a massive MC-80a, its other /FIVE/ squadrons preparing to launch if needed. "Spiral Arms Spiral Arms, come in this is Halo Squadron of the Galatic Republic StarFighter Corps. The Coruscant Defense Fleet has recieved your mayday, Whats the prob?"

After seeing Han catch the weapon, the saurian leaps into motion. The creature accelerating rapidly into a run before leaping at the nearest mandalorian. The saurian's sword being drawn in one smooth motion as she 'flies' toward the fellow. As Lia comes down, the sword is brought up, then down in one smooth motion, the creature aiming for the attacker's arms with that large, crystaline monomolecular blade of hers.

Vega sighed lightly, shaking his head a bit. He remained in his seat for a long moment, watching as the "*click*." broke in. Blinking some, Vega took a quick moment to scout for Fett. One of his guys? Shaking his head, Vega took the Vratix alien's advice and moved for the doors. It wouldn't take long to get to the hangar. "*click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *cli-click* *click* *cli-click* *cli-click* *cli-click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *cli-click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *cli-click*." And so Vega was off, intent to get his prize. He'd ask Fett what was up later. Language: Vratix

Up in the Spiral Arms Command, the human pilot at the communications seat quickly answered the hail from the Republic. "Yes, Republic, this is Spiral Arms. We have had reports of hostiles invading our ship in the visitors sector. Please, remember we have civilians on this vessel." Down in the Casino, things were still going chaotically. Guards were fighting Mandalorian-wannabes and Zhankana was attempting to gain some kind of control on the situation.

Boba Fett saw precisely what he expected to see and precisely what brought him to the casino this evening. They'd shown themselves. With the metalic puzzle complete, Fett slipped the gauntlet onto his left hand and gave it a twist to secure it. He rolled his left sleeve up and tucked it firmly into the gauntlet. The man curled the now black gloved fingers of his left hand and moved both hands behind him. He pulled a piece of black cloth out from within his military trousers beneath his shirt and he started to unfold it and slide it down over his ruggedly good looking face to conceal his identity. Fett let out a breath, his eyes were all that were seeable now behind this ski-mask and he started to walk toward the Mandalorians... Fett's right hand, ungloved, reached behind him again. This time, Boba Fett retrived a silver and gold shining cylinder tube and held it clamly at his side as he moved at a steady pace toward the invaders, his eyes locked, his pace very calculated he waded through the chaos...

Han just gives the Fettman an odd look, "Great another one. I'm surprised Fett hasn't shown up in this mess. Hey Kent I got you covered, Go for the guy. Lando stop hiding and drinking." With that Han's blaster is ready to shoot at anyone that makes a move to shoot or attack Kent.

"*cli-click* *click* *click* *click* *cli-click* *click* *click* *cli-click*." The Vratix intently followed Starlight's hasty exit. He didn't care to get involved in this mess. It would simply be redundant. His mess was downstairs. Ifflix disappeared through the exit shortly after Starlight, welcoming the lack of brutality that was currently happening within the casino. They were all pathetic humans, anyhow. Language: Vratix

"This stuff tastes pretty good....." Lando smirks as he tries to ignore the chaos for just another swig......Peering back down the bar Lando nods to Kent and moves up top and aims to cover Kent as best he can...Lando calls out, "Go for it!" Lando's eyes roam all across the large room, watching for someone to make a move towards Kent or even better for them to make a move towards the bar....Bring it on! Kent nods slightly and pokes his head out from behind the bar to see if there were any commando's in the way of him and the fallen commando with the nice lovely blaster next to him.... mmmm blaster.... Then he spots a fallen commando with a blaster rifle closer than the guy downed at doorway and Grayshade points to the other one, "Han, Lando change of plans thats my target cover me..." And the man takes off towards the blaster rifle...

They were just as precise exiting as they were entering. Most of the soldiers had made their way to the exit once again, though four unlucky ones got caught in the path of Boba Fett. They faced off against the ski-mask wearing, gold-and-silver cylinder wielding maniac, speaking over their commlinks to the others that they would catch up. Aiden, meanwhile, is still isolated from the group, shifting aside to let the sword pass right by him. And so, he brings his E-11 up, point-blank with Da'lia's chest, and pulls the trigger. From the barrel of the weapon, an explosion blasts out a red bolt for the Saurian. Many had escaped out, but a few ragged groups still remained, cut off and being quickly cut down by security forces - absolutely refusing to surrender, putting up an incredible fight before going down. But, around Fett and the four, the world seemed in stasis.

"Roger that Spiral Arms, requesting clearance for one of your hangers. I will have a flight secure the hanger and will drop a team of marines in." Halo leader says, as Flight one buzzes the bridge of the ship. "Flight Two prepare for boarding." Halo Lead says as he puts his X-wing into a suick snap roll and zips by the locked down viewport with Sneeeda escaped from.

Up in space a transport leaves the Hanger of the MC-80a and makes its way down into the atmosphere, ready disgorge its cargo of mariens heavily armed to deal with any oppostion on the Spiral Arms.

As the blaster is leveled in the saurian's direction she is moving again, trying to move her way out of the blaster's path as it goes off. The bolt goes by, backfires, whatever and lia's almost tempted to pat her chest just to make sure she's alive, . o O (woo I'm alive!) Course she doesn't do that instead the saurian then spins, trying to bring that large sword of hers down on the blaster arm of the Merc. . o O (Y'coulda thought of a better idea there Lia.) she thinks to her self. . o O (Too late to try and disengage at this range Lia, gotta get that blaster out of his hands.)

Vega makes a hasty retreat - Attempting to find his way to the secured Hangar the Falleen had mentioned.

Boba Fett watched many of them begin to retreat whilst four remaining caught sight of his approach. Fett moved at a slightly increased pace as they could see he was clearly coming toward them in a challenging fashion moving across the floor and dwindling the distance that seperates them. As he drew nearer, Boba Fett, incognito, left his right hand go out toward the side while his left, gauntleted hand came up to chest level. What came next can simply be described as a burst of light and sound. Erupting from the bounty hunter in two different locations were two different sources of both of these very things. From Fett's left hand suddenly came a gust of brilliantly bright golden light as a wave of energy swept out of the metalic sides of his Mandalorian gauntlet and for the second time since its installation, Boba Fett began to put to use the sunshield that he paid a very very heft price for. The second source that came from Fett was one of even greater surprise and attention grabbing, if a sunshield wasn't even... From the end of the silver and gold cylinder clinched in the man's bare hand burst a blinding bright white light that instantly condensed and sent out a shockwave of a violet glowing hue. This blinding energy created a beam, a lightsaber beam... Boba Fett, facing down these four Mandalorian children, charged. He ran straight for the closest of the group, using his sunshield to block off the other three from being of any importance to him at this stage. He charged, his right hand swiped, the lightsaber growled and it claimed its first victim. Stunned into immobilization the young sentient beneath the antique-Mandalorian armor felt his entire body shake, his helmeted head looked down, then quickly looked back up... Then his body fell apart in two different directions. Fett swished the lightsaber through the air and turned to the other three, his brows were furrowed beneath the black ski mask, and his eyes were boiling with Fett-brand-Rage.

Han's tracking Kent, "You got it Kent." Then he does a double take as the guy that has Dursteel for a pair has a lightsaber, "I think Leia's right. I think it's time I gave up Sabacc." His free hand reaching over to grab the bottle from Lando's hand and takes a drink, "How do you talk me into these things?" Then it's back to covering Kent.

"Me? Your the one who jumped behind the bar....I only came back here to save you! I could've gotten out of here!" Lando snatches the bottle back from Han and gulps whats left of it.......He continues, "and besides...You should give up sabacc...Make my life easier!" Lando grins at the thought of Han not beating him anymore...Heh...Good thought...Another good thought would be Kent hurrying!!!

Kent grabs the rifle and turns looks around the room at the commando's heading out of the casino area... and runs back to get behind the bar... "Yeah that was a big glowing purple sword that guy was using right? I think its best if we just stay outta this one eh?" And the man grabs the bottle from Lando and tries to take a drink and realizes its empty he looks around and grabs another bottle pops the top and takes a swig before handing it to Lando...

Aiden narrowed his eyes at Da'lia. It was clear she couldn't hit a brick wall, much less this trained soldier. He watched a soldier get cut in half, and the three remaining soldiers stare in shock, but dare to continue facing off with Fett. His E-11 was held out for Da'lia's chest - the strength behind her shot had made her vulnerable. And so, Aiden turned from Da'lia, a foe not worthy - his face showed it. He dashed to catch up with the others, who were running through the halls - a group of about eight or nine remaining, scattered through the ship. He caught up with a particular four - Vinis, Martalina, and one other man, who fell soon into step with Alec Razec. The man seemed to be on their side, as they made their way for the hangar.

It did not take long for the other three Mandalorians to get over the sight of seeing their fourth have his body slide apart into two different falling locations upon the deck of the casino. When the first came to his senses the other two were quick to follow and they began to discharge their weapons towards the man in the black mask. Their blaster bolts were met with sheer energy resistances as they collided haphazardly into the shimmering gold of the energy shield eminating from Fett's left gauntlet and swirling around his arm like a pool of translucent yellow liquid. The bounty hunter leapt not once, but in two long simple and easy strides to gap the distances and react to the other three soldiers and with the gathered momentum from this feather light leap Boba Fett made two distinctive moves. The first sent the man into a low swirl above the deck plating. His left leg came out as he held the shield upward at an angle and the leg connected with the back of another Mdanalorian's knees. Fett continued around and back upwards but before he was fully back to his standing position the violet bladed lightsaber struck again, and again it growled like a hungry predator roaring through the air and jamming itself straight through the molded body armor that covered the collapsing Mandalorian's chest. A burst of sparks flew from the man's chest, he gurgled and flailed his arms and collapsed. And then there were two. Boba held his shield up, he blocked another volley of blasts and he spoke. "Flee this place." He said. "Tell your leader. I'm coming for him..."

The two remaining Mandalorians weren't sure what tod o. They looked at each other - this man was obviously beyond them. And so, their weapons lowered, and they nodded, beginning to flee. Targetting computers activated in hopes of discovering the rest of their comrades.

End Log