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A Meeting With Mandalore

Location: Nar Shaddaa, Bunker 21 Lounge, VIP Area
Participants: Navi Kryze, Narsai Ordo, Adhar Gann

While his droids collect data on the Lok pirates, Adhar continues to cement the alliances necessary to further his conquest of the blasted world and all its criminal resources. And as he's no stranger to taking chances, Adhar reaches out to the finest - if the most infamous - warriors that he knows.

Having gone to collect Navi's rifle as the Mandalorian summons her chief, Adhar returns, ostensibly finding Navi unarmored and alone in the VIP enclosure - but with a drink, so that's nice. The Captain himself carries a rifle case, one that is no doubt familiar to Narsai. "All right," he calls as he steps out of the turbolift and back into the still-shuttered enclosure, "I'm here. I miss anything?"

Navi, looking a trifle weary and a little more relaxed than before, takes a sip of her drink as Adhar returns. The girl is dressed only in a close-fitting light gray tee over matching black undergarments and knee socks whose material and trim suggests they are a step or two above normal underwear, meant to be worn underneath body armor. Her armor and other gear are carefully set to one side, in relatively easy reach. "No, nothing really, other than my legs feeling less numb. I sent a comlink message to Mandalore just a few minutes ago, and she said she would try to be by tonight," she replies softly. "I don't know how busy she is tonight, so I hope it will be before morning."

Narsai does indeed arrive rather quick, but that's the benefit of having a club near the landing zone. Drawing into the VIP space, the woman wrapped in her own black and red Mandalorian armor steps into the VIP area. Her helmet is removed, likely to allow her recognition and access to the space, but the woman's eyebrows do raise at Navi and her state of undress. "You deciding to moonlight as a dancer now Navi? I only did that -once- when we ran out of fuel and I can't say I recommend it." A tilt of her head, she turns her gaze towards Adhar. "You wanted to speak with me?"

"A shame I was not there to see it, Mandalore," Adhar says as the august personage appears, apparently feeling familiar enough in quiet quarters to tease her. "No doubt those skull-crusher legs of yours would be put to interesting use." That said, he sets the case down in front of Navi. "Have a look."

"No, Mistress," Navi replies, blushing at the question and shaking her head. "I wouldn't take my armor off to dance. It was for an errand of mercy, for a dear friend. But please forgive me if I regret missing that occasion, too. I suspect you dance very well." The case being set before her surprises her a little, though this doesn't keep her from carefully unfastening the locks and opening it. "Oh! You finished it! Thank you, Captain," she says, carefully lifting the long rifle clear of the case.

"It was in the early days, before the Revivers," she comments, looking between the pair. "And it was something I kept secret and to myself, until earlier in the year that Zeltron and some friends managed to get me drunk. The 'secret' is out and there's less point of hiding it." Pausing, she makes to sit herself down and tilt her head to the side at the sight of the rifle case that has the other woman so excited. "You have been getting some work done then?" she questions. Skull-crusher legs or not, the woman does seat herself comfortably on the couch with her helmet resting by her side.

The weapon revealed is...beautiful, frankly. Every inch of dursasteel is blued as a sniper weapon should be, but heavily inscribed with the geometric patterns that befit Mandalorian art - it isn't Mandalorian per se, but a love letter to the form from someone on the outside. The barrel has been replaced with far stronger galven unit in an ion sheath, and the scope is of a design that is thoroughly uncommon in the glaxy - custom-manufactured, most likely, from some laboratory or black-market workshop. Big, ultra-high resolution electroscope, macrovision function and such with a seamless s-link to the targeting computer so its superior interface can be used instead. Where there is shielding, the meta has been covered in triple-sealed black lacquer, the grip is rubberized and no-slip with a low-ammo pulser, and the trigger is weighted for maximum sensitivity. It's fairly a work of art, really. Adhar's not quite a master of the trade, but he's damned sure on the way.

"There we are," he says as Navi eases it out, "All that you wanted. I hope the aesthetic treatment isn't too much." He turns to Narsai then. "All teasing aside, Mandalore, I'd like to speak to you about future business. Will you indulge me, and can I get you a drink?"

"I see. And yes, though that wasn't the errand I was speaking of," Navi says, still blushing a little. "Miss Tamrae was badly distressed by an incident earlier this evening. I discovered by accident that contact and gentle affection soothed her more than I expected, and armor's awful for hugging someone," she explains.

After a long examination, she carefully sets the weapon back into its case. "It's fine, really. Thank you, Captain. It's a wonderful example of your handiwork, and much prettier than I was expecting. And when I have need of such a weapon, I suspect it will serve well."

"Mandalorian hugs aren't for everyone," Narsai agrees, chuckling a little before she leans back to examine the weapon and the craftsmanship for herself. Narsai had always been good at fixing things, building things, but that didn't mean she couldn't appreciate the work of another. Tilting her head to the side as her emerald gaze drinks in every last detail of the weapon before her, it's actually a long lingering minute before she pulls her eyes away towards the man and tilts her head. "I'll take a drink, especially if you've learned to stock Netra'gal. Otherwise? What is it you wish to speak of?"

Adhar quirks his brow at the idea of him having 'learned' to stock a drink, but he simply nods, murmuring the order before speaking further.

"I'll be blunt. I'm taking over a planet, slowly but surely - and hopefully without blood, but you and I both know that nothing of such a scale is done fully without blood spilled. Are you familiar with Lok?"

"I'm not terribly fond of them, in spite of resembling the name," Navi adds softly, off of Narsai's reply. Adhar's question is met with a shrug and a shake of her head that sets her pigtails swishing about. "No, sir. I don't think I've ever even heard the name before now. What is it like, and who are you taking it from?"

That, it brings a pause to the woman who now sits up rather straight and a frown crosses her lips. Memories cross behind those eyes, many accusations and refusals of aid offered purely based on the woman's culture and their people's race. Mandalorians were still known, thanks to many seemingly experts on millenia-old history never letting people forget it, as conquerors and murderers. She'd heard it spat at her many times despite all the good she'd tried to do.

"You've come to Mandalorians to take over a world," she says slowly, folding her hands in her lap. "Were it another making this approach, I'd be warning them right now...but I have seen enough of you to know you're not intending to cause offence or speak ill so..." there's a pause and she looks to the blonde sitting around in her undergarments before looking back. "I'm not familier with Lok, but I am listening."

Noting Narsai's look at her, Navi blushes faintly and bows her head. "I can dress if you prefer, Mandalore," she says contritely. "I hadn't wanted the noise to distract you."

"I've come to Mandalorians for assistance," Adhar says with a nod, only glancing slightly at Navi before continuing. "But only if necessary. Frankly I'm not interested in drowning the planet in blood, and I'm hoping that if it's necessary to hire your people, their simple presence would be sufficient to draw capitulation from those who currently hold it. Those would be the Revenant pirate guild, who are an older, established guild for pirates, having lived on Lok since before the Clone Wars." Adhar purses his lips. "Old, established, and now falling apart. Now I'll admit to being an opportunist, as the planet has long been a bastion of illcit trade - however, even reduced as they are, should the group fall apart on its own, that would men a lot of pirates out terrorizing the spacelanes and worlds increasibly isolated and with poor defenses in the wake of the First Order's gutting of the Republic. I can't stop that everywhere, but it affects our business as much as it damages the public good. Something's got to be done, eh?"

That said, he looks to Navi. "It's a hellscape," he says, equally blunt as he's been with Narsai. "Volcanoes, sulfur pools, dry riverbeds. It's Tattooine's baked and rocky twin. Even has wanna-be krayt dragons in the form of the kimoglias, if you've heard of those. Terrible place to raise a family, but a damned good place to train warriors." This last bit seems to be pitched to both of you, with his eyes tracking back to Narsai now.

"Definitely not a nice place... not for much of anything, even training. It would require climate-controlled clothing and armor for training and general activity, I'll bet. Even the Empire wouldn't leave its troops on Tatooine without adapted climate-controlled armor, and this place sounds worse," Navi observes, unable to suppress a shiver. "But I agree about the pirates... there are just too many to let them straggle out into the spacelanes, and I doubt the First Order would do a great deal to stop them. All they'd be good for is blunting the teeth of the First Order, at best. I'm assuming you have something in mind to prevent that?" she asks softly. "And I'm sure he's not trying to offend or speak ill of us, Mandalore. Not now, not ever," she adds softly.

"It sounds like some of the worlds we've used," Narsai affirms, drawing her fingers over her helmet for a moment and nodding her head. "It wouldn't be the first time we've faced such a thing, to deal with pirates and hostage takers. Russ took many of those contracts for us. I am not opposed to lending assistance, where we can. Even myself in the field." The redhead straightens up, tilting her head to the side with a look towards the blonde. Navi was right, of course.

"So, what is it we need of us? What is it you're offering us? If this is...business, after all..."

"I don't know yet," Adhar says, pursing his lips. "I'm gauging your interest. At the minimum, a show of force. At maximum, mobilization, boots on the ground. It depends on your price, but I personally feel like you lot have had to sit around this moon for long enough, and tht you might jut like a change of scenery. We take Lok, it will be Consortium territory - and asuming the other Captains approve, which I will see to it that they do - I would be willing to grant your people an area on teh planet to train your troops, even settle if need be. Or at the very least, to establish a staging area from which you might be able to carry out the reclaimation of your homeworld."

"It /is/ a potentially very useful offer, even if the conditions on-world would be most unpleasant," Navi observes softly, meeting Narsai's look thoughtfully and with a little downward tilt of her gaze, a sign of submission to Mandalore's will on the actual agreement. Her own offerings are no more than observations, committing nothing beyond her opinions. Having not been told whether to dress or not, she continues to sit around in her undergarments for the moment.

"It's a fair deal," Narsai nods, tilting her head to the side, "And one I would be interested in...however I would ask something of you Adhar Gann." The woman stands, setting her helmet aside and stepping towards the man. "I wish to rebuild Mandalore, but I have come to terms with the fact it will take blood. Too many warlords control tribes now and won't give up power for a brighter tomorrow. I want Mandalorians to have a home again, to be something good in the Galaxy and to defend those who cannot defend themselves. The Resistance refused our aid and will not help us because of the crimes of our ancestors, the First Order sees us as insignificant. If we help you, we will use this staging ground, it is a fair deal and one I will accept, but..."

She looks to the man's eyes, her youth doing nothing to temper the intensity of her gaze. "I will ask you freely, if you would help us in return, should the day come we may ask for aid."

Adhar's brows arch at that fire. "What do you need?"

"She's right about that, I'd imagine," Navi says, nodding her affirmation. "I can't see a warlord jumping at the chance to better himself and his people when he can sit on a throne as lord and master of a few thousand warriors and thralls that satisfy his every whim. It's one of the biggest reasons the Revivers were founded... to remind our people that there's more out there than that."

Narsai's lips quirk to a smile and she shakes her head. "What do I need? Truth be told? I have no idea. It could be a miracle, it could be credits, it could be an army. I have no idea exactly what the solution is, but I will seek it as best I can." Narsai pauses, then once more she tilts her head to the side. "I ask that you'll offer what you can, when the time comes for it, if it comes to it, and not forget what Mandalorians have done to help you."

Adhar purses his lips. He's quiet for a long time. Thoughtful. Sips from a glass of water that he brought with him. Sips again. The dealer's meditation, counter to that immediate flame. Deliberate.

"So I am not," he begins, "The sort who will hold to an open-ended deal. Not because I don't trust that you'll ask me something outrageous, but because guarantee what I can deliver upon at some point in the future. Nor can I guarantee that the Captains will agree to it, either." He purses his lips bit more. "So. What I will say is this: I will answer the call, bt I cannot guarantee what form that help will take. Not because I won't want to, but because I have /no/ idea what resources I will have in the future - and I cannot speak for anyone but myself and my crew, whatever ship that might be." He looks atraight at Narsai. "I am saying things very clearly and selectively, because I do not wish to be in any position where there may be any misunderstanding, or where I might be be misunderstood as a liar. I have no interest in lying to you. But I will do my best, as I can."

"Not that I'm a negotiator, or anything like, but I think you've just proposed exactly the same thing to one another, on the same terms. Just different words," Navi observes. "Just my two credits, of course. If I'm wrong, I'm happy to be corrected," she adds, with a helpless little shrug.

A shake of Narsai's head she gives a little laugh despite herself. "You missunderstand me Adhar, I've already agreed to your deal, what I ask of you is freely more a matter of honor. I'm asking you to not simply turn away after we have served your purpose and to shun us for our culture, as others have. I wish to make Mandalorians something the galaxy respects for the good it can do, not merely the harm."

As Narsai speaks, Navi lays a hand over her heart and begins to softly hum an ancient Mandalorian anthem, an inspiring song of righteous conquest and the liberation of the downtrodden from their corrupt masters. "Good guess," she adds to Adhar, softly, before going right back to her humming without missing a beat.

A nod, a smile on her lips, Narsai extends her hand towards the man and bows her head. "It sounds to me then, Adhar Gann, that we have an accord...I suppose it's time I actually drank some of my drink then!"

"Just a moment." Adhar is about to extend his hand, but he says, "You /did/ hear me that this deal is incumbent upon if the Captains agree, yes? I want to make sure there's no question there."

Navi stops her humming on the final note of the anthem. "A critical point," she says. "Though I think we both remember it. But don't let that stop you from drinking, Narsai... oops! I meant Mandalore. Sorry."

Narsai Ordo actually laughs, nodding her head. "Yes...and if they decide they don't wish to work with Mandalorians? Then it's all rather moot, isn't it?"

"Hey, you laugh," says Adhar with a short, "But I've seen many a friendship sour on a point of misunderstood contract language." But it all seems solved, and he shrugs. "If they don't go for it, I can still help on a case by case basis. Cargo drops, surface bombardment, that sort of thing. The Business is my ship. I can use it as I see fit in that respect. Just can't speak for the whole Consortium yet."

"For what it's worth, I hope they decide they /do/ with to work with Mandalorians. Even if we'll be working on such a dreadful planet. It would be a very good beginning for the Revivers, when it comes to our ultimate goals," Navi says, nodding firmly. "And I'm sure we'll be very grateful for any help you want to give us, Captain Gann... pending Mandalore's approval, of course."

She looks to Narsai hopefully. "You /will/ approve of it, right?"

"There are few finer troopers than the Mandalorians in the field, and Bar'duur himself can attest to the training I provided with a jetpack. I'm sure your people will see the wisdom in pooling our knowledge and resources."

"That's the notion," Adhar says with a nod. "Well. Thank you for your time, Mandalore." He gets to his feet, offering the woman his hand. "I'll let you know what time reveals. In the meantime, keep me appraised on anything I might be able to do to help our people."