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A Small Donation

Location: Bandit's Castle, Captain's Room
Participants: Leia Organa, Bar'duur, Adhar Gann

There's a beep at Adhar's desk; he looks down and triggers the comm. "Yes, Nirna," he says, Nirna being the officer on watch. Faint murmuring, if excited. Adhar quirks his brows. "Yes," he says, "And have her escorted up to my ready room."

"What, the Mathalls?" Adhar then says to Bar'duur. "Yes, but they'll be taken care of, likely. And if they don't, they know what's coming. And if you mean the Order, well, they have to hold the Core before they can hold anything else. I've been analyzing the strategy they're using...it's a refinement of Imperial naval doctrine, which only proves that they're still rip-offs of the original. They might be much more careful with the lives of their pilots, using shields on fighters and the like, but in essence it's still big ships over everything else, and state-sponsored terrorism. The Tarkin Doctrine proved to be a massive failure, strategically speaking, and adopting the same strategy this time around is only going to replicate the same result: the fall of the First Order."

Adhar takes a sip of his caf, shaking his head as he puts the cup back down. "Mark me, Bar'duur, even obliterating most of this incarnation of the Resistance will in no way stop its success over time - the Rebellion will live again. It's just a matter of time. And with that said, look sharp. General Organa's apparently coming back." Little did he know she was just breezing in, likely snagging his whole tactical diatribe. Watch him stiffen in place - one would think she was /his/ general.

The General's arrival is likely announced before she ever makes it to Adhar's ready room, so it's unlikely that she'll be surprising them from the doorway. She's come tonight without excort, however. Not even her golden droid is with her as she slips into the ready room and reaches up to pull her white silk hood back from her head. "Captain."

Bar'duur is sitting back in his chair, lounging somewhat, wearing normal street clothes as if he's just stepped in from the moon at large. He nods a little while Adhar goes on. "Hm, sounds like it." Is all he says in an easy-going manner. When the hatch leading out opens, he sits up a little and looks over to Leia. "Welcome aboard, general." He offers and stands up.

"General Organa," Adhar says, rising to his feet as well. "You are most welcome. May I get you something to drink?"

Adhar and the liquor cabinet: a love story that will never die.

Leia catches parts of the 'diatribe', but she says not one word about it as she fully enters the ready room. "I can't stay long. I'm scheduled to leave Nar Shaddaa shortly, but I didn't want you to think I had no intentions of making good on my promise to return." She assures both men, smoothing out her robes as she sits easily into one of the chairs across Adhar's desk. One leg moves slowly to cross the other, "I'm fine, thank you." In response to a drink, though she does regard the extensive liqour cabinet.

"You must be Bar'duur?" To the aforementioned individual, proving that she may be just as well informed as she suggested. "Do you have an honorific you prefer or will that suffice?"

Bar is silent when the others speak, listening to the General, when she speaks to him directly he just nods his horned head. "Just Bar'duur is fine." He replies and sits down again, turning his chair to get a better view of both Adhar and Leia. "Adhar says you need ships."

"I'm not important right now, General," Adhar says, waving the topic away like a cloud of gnats as he sits back down. "You - and the Resistance - are. I've just come out of a bacta tank, where I've made a suggestion to my first officer that you will want to hear."

He settles back in his chair, then, gesturing to Bar'duur. "Please. Don't mind me."

"As you so graciously reminded me, this is how friends act." Leia explains with a nod to Adhar, "I gave you my word, that still counts for something." But she doesn't stay on a dying topic. Her eyes shift to Barduur with a touch of intrigue, "Is that so? Well, I'm all ears."

"Are you familiar with the cr-90 corvettes?" Asks Bar'duur. "The ship outside, Sweet Spot belongs to me, it was one of the ships owned by my company Gizka Galactic, but it is not seeing much use right now. You're group does not have anything so if you would like to use it you can."

"I am familiar." Leia says with a little grin of nastalgia, "The Tantive IV, my ambassador ship during the Old Republic, was a CR-90." She returns to the now with a dip of her head, "I appreciate your offer, Bar'duur. I do wish to warn you that the nature of our engagement means that it is possible the ship might well sustain damages? Obviously that is not our intentions, but I would hate for there to be any misunderstandings."

The Zabrak's horned head tilts just a touch to one side and he grunts, nodding to the General. "I understand this, but you will make good use of it, and it is a place your group can call home while you grow again." The man offers a little smile. "So, I'll unload my things from it and you can send people over to get it if you want."

"I appreciate this, as does the Resistance." Leia responds honestly, extending her hand to Bar'duur, "I'll have a few of my people come by this evening to pick it up, if you send me the access codes." Further, "Obviously I will do everything to keep it from taking any great damage."

Bar'duur stands up and makes his way closer, shaking Leia's hand. "I appreceate that, but I understand things happen, just put it to good use." He says with a smile and a nod before he looks to the captain and back. "I should get things arranged, oh it has engine and hyperdrive upgrades too, the hyperdrive is illegal I hope that is alright.. but it is not as fast as the Mellinium Falcon, from what I hear." He grins just a touch at that.

At the mention of Solo's ship, Adhar's expression falters a bit - he waits for the fellow to leave, and then he turns back to you. "Once I was conscious," says Adhar, "I just...it was all I could do to think of what I could do for you and your people. I'm so sorry about the other night, General. I was on half a dozen drugs just to keep me alive, and they couldn't give me painkillers, and...." He shakes his head. "I meant very little of what I said. Just the bit about plain speaking. Really, you have my deepest apologies."

Leia hides whatever grief the mention of the Falcon might have brought up in her, keeping in place her warm smile as Bar'duur stands to get the ship ready for her people to move. That same smile is turned to Adhar when he finally breaks his imposed silence, "Think nothing of it, Captain. I was far more curt than I would have been otherwise, but it was the tail end of a very emotional week." As if that is all behind her now? She actually looks younger somehow.

"So I've come to understand." Ahdar purses his lips. "That man who declared himself Supreme Leader - that's Ren, isn't it? Something tells me it wasn't the Resistance who slew him. Mara tells me that Snoke was an incredibly powerful sorceror of the Dark Side." He's talking about the Force again, everyone run. "Do you have X-wings left? I find that I have a great deal of questions with sensitive answers, but...honestly, General, I have been working on plans for this for some time, and I will need such information if I'm to be able to use my information in the best possible way."

He reaches for his caf. "And I didn't intend to give you drug money, I'm sorry that I tripped over myself so badly. Now that we can synthesize the initial compound, we are going to turn it into a potent but nonaddictive painkiller. Legitimate money, from legitimate means. And medical supplies, as well."

Even mention of her son is met with that warm smile. Leia has crafted the expression into something so sharp it's almost a weapon and her ability to hide her emotions is legendary, "Yes, that is Kylo Ren." She confirms with a dip of her head. "Snoke was a dispot tyranical ruler from the Outter Rim. I've tangled with him politically since his attempts to join the Republic some years ago and militarially since I formed the Resistance."

She does not comment on his abilities with the force.

"We have a handful of X-wings, yes. We are not completely toothless, but we have only what ships we left here for planetary defense." Which was typical Republic doctrine, much to her chagrin. It is a benefit now, however. "You need not worry about it, Captain. What you do with your time is not my concern. I've long known Nar Shaddaa was a shady place, which is largely why I have no intentions of remaining here any longer than is required... we just happened to have an established stronghold where we can lick our wounds."

She does regard him for a moment, however, "That is admirable. I wish you luck with it."

"I will be sending out expeditions to seek potential replacements." Adhar says with a nod. "I'm a student of military tactics, as well as a smuggler. I can be of assistance, and I am expected to be out in the Rim looking for Sith artifacts for the First Order. I happened to find a suit of Sith armor from the Jedi Civil War, some four thousand years or so ago, and since then First Order command and...also the new Supreme Leader...have been on me about finding more. I haven't delivered either suit of armor, of course, though if it will help assist the Resistance, I will recover them and deliver them as required. They're two drops in an evil bucket, after all."

That said, he purses his lips. "Will...you not accept the money if I can raise it from a legitimate enterprise? Or am I misunderstanding."

Leia nods fractionally, "Be careful dealing with the First Order. They speak honeyed words, but they will sting you when they've gotten what they want." Perhaps she's not saying anything that he doesn't know, but it's safe to assure the information is provided. "You should also be careful digging into things related to the Sith. You will almost certainly not like what you find."

As for the money, Leia shakes her head, "If you say it is from a legitimate source, we would be happy to take them, but I don't wish to cripple you against your own threat."

"I don't already," says Adhar with a shrug. "I know that they were horrors. But I keep getting drawn into things involving the Force on either side, regardless of my own lack of ability." He smiles faintly. Disappointment there, apparently. "I will be working to collect arms for your faction, of course, and whatever else that I can do. I did not believe in the Republic, but I believe in the Resistance. And the First Order will eventually find out about me, and us, and Mara, too." A beat. "I'm sure that Ambrosia has told you about Mara, hasn't she?"

"She has not." Leia says with a little perk of her brow, "That's twice you've singularly mentioned her, however." The General purses her lips thoughtfully, drumming her thumbs together. "I assume she is a Force User if she has such intimate knowledge of Snoke."

"She's a member of my crew," he says. "Well, technically she's a Captain - but she lives on this ship. Worry not, however, she's not here at the moment. She was trained by him to hunt down force-users." Adhar says, electing this time to use your jargon, not the 'wizard' and 'sorceror' bit from before. "By Snoke, that is. I get the idea that she is...quite powerful. But she's turned against the Order, and we both fully expect that the Order will come for her at some point. I do not doubt that she is right. I have not yet to convince her to help the Resistance, but she is committed to /my/ banner, which means she will end up helping you anyway, even if by extension."

Adhar takes a sip of his caf. "I know three force-users, all of them dear friends. Perhaps you might understand why I wished to speak to you. I know some about the Force myself, from them, but as I said, I am no adept. Perhaps that might change, who knows? Or perhaps it is the wlll of the Force simply for me to be surrounded by these people. I do not know."

"I don't see how your understanding a mystical old religion can better help you protect them, Captain. I would think, in fact, that they are perfectly capable of protecting themselves." Leia reasons aloud, sitting back with her fingers pressed together in a wide pyramid. "But... The Force surrounds everyone whether they are actually aware of it being there or not. Some people are able to control it, like your friend Mara.. That makes them dangerous to individuals like Snoke and Kylo Ren who wish to see only one side of this great energy in the Galaxy. It is an error of judgement on their part because nothing exists in a vacuum."

"It's more the people they're around more than them," says Adhar with nod. "My crew. My Captains. But as the Clone Wars did show us, even the Jedi could have done with a little more in the way of defenders. Even experienced force-users aren't invulnerable." He shrugs. "And yes, I know what you mean by this. The dark side, with its hatred and anger under the disguise of order. I know about the duality. And of the grey between, it appears. As someone of the grey myself, I'd worry about anyone who would deal in absolutes."

That said, he spreads his hands. "I have a few other questions, if you will indulge me. Maybe we can talk more about the Force another time. Certainly it isn't the most important thing. The weapon that the First Order - I assume - used to destroy the Hosnian system. Does it still exist? I have heard rumors from the Unknown Territories about exploding planets, that sort of thing. And...as you have said, the death of your husband."

"The Jedi were a victom of their own successes. They saw themselves as guardians of the Force and, to an extent, that was true, but that is every bit an absolute as dealing exclusively in hatred." Leia explains, "There has to be a balance." Quietly, but it is besides the point when the conversation shifts.

"It was destroyed." She assures with a nod, "Han saw to it with a dedicated group of Resistance soldiers."

"Overconfidence murders you surer than any knife," Adhar says grimly. "But yes. The weapon - do you have sensor data? Gun camera footage?" He clucks his tongue. "I have in mind a strategy of getting the word out that the Order will not be destroying any more star systems. That might go far toward calming at least parts of the galaxy, and helping give rise to more anti-Order organizations that you might be able to join with. The Alliance all over again, I suppose."

"None that I am at liberty to give out." Leia says with a shrug, "All of the X-wing fighters have nose cameras for tactical analysis, but most of that was destroyed recently." There's a reason they're on Nar Shaddaa. "I also appreciate your willingness to assist, but I assure you are making overtures to calm the hearts of the galaxy. For now, I think it best that you try not to delve too deeply into the goings on between the Resistance and First Order. They seem to have a particular bone to pick with Smugglers and I'd hate for your organization to come under the scope."

"My organization is already under the scope, General," Adhar says. "But I will do as you request. However...something has come up that will require me to hold on to my fighters for the moment - another reason why I asked Bar'duur about giving you use of his ship." Adhar purses his lips, expecting perhaps a sour word from that. "However, I already have a line on multiple X-wing fighters that could be purchased, if you still have funds. I assume that they did not leave with whatever horrible thing befell your organization. Some need to be salvaged, and some are already intact, but it should give you a few new ships. However, they /are/ T-65s. Not as advanced as what your pilots are used to flying, as I understand, and I don't think I need to tell you that those are expensive even in these days."

Adhar Gann adds, "And several Koensayr bombers as well. Y-wings, that is. I expect many were from the Alliance originally, anyway."

"Then you should be very careful." Leia stands slowly from her chair, slowly. Both hands smooth out her robes as Adhar explains he's got a line on X-Wings, "I'll make sure my Naval advisor comes to speak with you about further details. I appreciate your assistance, Captain. It will not be easily forgotten." She extends her hand across the table, "For now, I have several things that require my attention. I may be out of contact for several weeks, but you shouldn't hesitat to contact Colonel Greystorm if you require anything."

"If she'll talk to me," Adhar says with a faint chuckle. He takes your hand, then, and gives it a gentle shake. "I will do my best for you, General. I might be scum do many, but I believe in freedom. And I believe that even with this recent stall, your organization is the best hope for it to remain. In the meantime, I will be fortifying the member-worlds not yet attacked by the First Order throughout the Republic with smuggled arms and equipment. We will do our best to help stiffen the walls before the bastards try to climb them."

Adhar Gann adds, "And if you want more Preybirds, I will soon be able to secure more for you. Assuming Sullust doesn't fall to the Order in the meantime."

"She will." Leia says with a smirk, folding her hands in front of her as she stands erect once more. "Until we meet again, Captain... May the Force be With you." She's said it her whole life, a battle cry of sorts, but somehow it's differentt his time. Whoever this person is, she's not the same woman that visited him several nights prior. She means it in a way she only said it before.

"May the Force be with you as well, General." Adhar smiles at her - and though it is but the second time he's said it himself, he means it quite as well. Not just knowing, not just seeing. Believing.