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Aliases Corcer and Cuul

OOC Date: October 6, 2017
Location: Chandrila, Abhean
Participants: Wodi Corcer, Nadia Cuul

The dead drop is on Corellia, on a rooftop near the spaceport - out of the way of a spacecraft, but Rocket Wodi 5000 can get to it just fine. The crates are on a closed repulsorlift pallet, and so with a little work Wodi can push it off the roof and the two of you can muscle it down the road to where the ship awaits. Of course, that's the first challenge: can you get it down the road while acting casual?

Nadia is the look out for this leg of the pickup and now leans up against a light post across from where the dead drop is set up to be. She absently picks at a thread of her coat with her hip out, the other hand resting against it, looking about as casual as a rancor in a porceline shop. This is freaking Corenet, everyone here is either a smuggler or wants to be one.

Wodi Corcer has removes his captain's coat and replaced it with his rocket pack. Tugging his control gloves on, he looks over to Nadia, saying, "If I die, you can't have anything. It's in my will. It explicitly states that you get nothing." He smirks and starts a slow jog, his jetpack firing off! The captain rockets through the air with a strange grace, especially strange for those that know him, and he comes to light near the crate. "Alright, keep those pretty eyes peeled, Cuul. I'll see about getting this lift down to you," he says into his wrist comm, walking over to the palet.

Nadia absently glances up at the roof with a turn of her eyes, speaking into the small commmic running from her ear, "On the bounce. I don't want Corsec catching wise. I haven't had a chance to change our registrations." Another thread tugged, rolled between her fingers, and flicked away. "You look like a mynock."

"Rude," Wodi retorts, pulling the top off of one of the crates and inspecting one of the bottles. "How messed up you think you'd be if you downed one of these?" He rolls the bottle around in his hand and places it back in its rack, before resealing the crate.

"Very." Nadia says with a frown, "They have to boil it down and burn off the whiskey... or cut it with mix to dilute it before the distribute. You drink that straight and it'll frak'n kill you." She warns, shaking her head. "Don't waste it, those bottles are our engine."

"So, you're saying I should keep a vial on me and spike your drinks from time to time?" Wodi asks, grinning to himself and activating the repulsorpallet. The thing hums and begins hovering a few inches from the ground.

"Aside from the fact that I can smell it from here..." Nadia grumbles, shaking her head, "Just get that shit down here before Coresec shows up. We'll never get off this damn planet if they get on our trail."

"Maybe you won't," Wodi says. "But all I've gotta do is outrun you, and /I've/ got a jetpack. All you have is an, admittedly great, set of legs." He starts dragging the repulsorlift behind him. "All clear down there?"

Nadia snorts, "I'll be off this rock before you figure out how to jetpack your way into orbit." She's still keeping an eye out, even if she's doing so lazily. She has good eyes. "So far, but it's going to get harder to hide once that thing starts floating down the side of a building."

"Alright, well get your ass over here," Wodi says, his shoulder pressing hard into the side of the crates so that they begin their slow fall down the side of the building. He takes a deep breath and steps off the roof after them. Unfortunately, like a dummy, he didn't secure his control glove before he took off and where there's supposed to be a nub that activates the pack's thrusters, there is not. The Smuggler Prince crashes on top of one of the crates with a groan, riding the repulsorlift the rest of the way down until it 'bounces' upon contact with the ground and throws him off onto the duracrete beside it.

It bounces, all right - but not before clipping the side of the warehouse, making an ungodly noise. Someone's bound to have heard /that/.

Nadia pushes off the light post to make her way over with hands in pocket. She is unaware of the tumbling Wodi until she hears the repulsors bounce and clip the side of a building to the tune of hundreds of their credits, no doubt, and the potential they get picked up before they're ever able to make good on the run. "Son of a Gant..." She's jogging around the corner so that she's shoulder back against to look around in the direction anyone who heard that might come to investigate, "Get those crates situated, we need to move.." No, are you okays, this is all about the credits! Them Benjamins.

Wodi Corcer is crumpled on the ground, clutching his shoulder. His foot swings a few times and kicks at the pavement, but he does do a decent job of standing up quickly after that. He exhales sharply and nods to her, still holding his shoulder. "Crates are fine, let's go," he says, gesturing for her to pull the sled as he begins a slow walk to the ship.

Nadia waits for the sled to be righted and walks over tugging off her jacket and gunbelt, both of which she shoves between some crates to hide with the tarp covering the whole haul. She slumps over as she pushes the repulsor sled and, very suddenly, looks nothing like a smuggler and everything like a hired servant of a questionable wage pushing the merchandise of her wealthy, if ill dressed, fair wage employer.

Wodi Corcer has one of those nice, unrestricted blaster pistols, so it's staying right on his hip. He walks along beside Nadia and says, "You didn't see that, did you?"

The two of you manage to lump it (or in Wodi's case, limp it) down the street and into a gap between two towering duracrete barriers into the spaceport where the Rancor is waiting. Doesn't take too much longer before you're able to get the pallet on board, and you're able to leave if you like.

"I heard it." Nadia confides, but shakes her head otherwise, "But it could have just as easily been the turbolift malfunctioning..." Save the Captains dignity, it's all he has going for him. "Keep your head in the game. We're not out of this yet."

Once they're onboard, Nadia goes about strapping the crates down in the cargo hold and then grabs her jacket and gunbelt to head for the cockpit to get the Rancor online. "Let the autodoc take a look at you."

She's not bringing down her guard until they're OUT of Corellian space. There's a whole mess of ships up there with a whole lot better engines than they have.

"I'll be fine. I'll get the engines spun up. Just be ready to get us out of here," Wodi says, stepping onto the ship and deactivating the maglock that's holding his jetpack on. It clatters to the ground and he makes his way to the engineering section. Once at the engine terminal, he'll tap in a few commands and the machines will hum to life.

"Yeah." Nadia drops down into the pilots seat, fingers moving over the console to bring power to the engines and waiting for the unavoidable call from Air traffic. "If this goes sideways, get ready to hold on." She's cooked up something, incase they try to detain them, but it's not her best work.

The ship comes to life, and you are on your way - and, thanks to...whatever's going on with that crate, you're also clear of scanning by CorSec as you make your way out. Beyond the veil of systems security, you make the jump to lightspeed...and now it's just time to play the waiting game.

Nadia narrows her eyes at how easy that all turned otu to be, even for Corellia, and finally blows out a sigh once they've made the jump out of the system. Once they controls go loose and the stars stream past the viewport, she stands up and makes her way aft to where Wodi should be holed up. "Alright, we're on the way... Didn't even get a detainment lock for inspection." Which means the hard work will be on the other end. "We'll stop off in the Chandrila system to send Adhar's guy a comm before final approach." Looking him over, "You good?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, I think," he says as he wanders his way into the lounge, having removed his flight suit. He walks over to the table and grabs his pants. Sliding them on, along with his boots, he finally takes a moment to look his shoulder over. There's some scraping and some redness, but it looks like he'll survive.

Nadia grabs a pair of glasses from the cabinet and a bottle of Whiskey from some distiller in the outter rim. One is set in front of Wodi and the other across the table, both are filled. "Good. If this fella isn't true on his word, we might have to send a very potent message." Cap plugged in the dirty bottle and set between the two glasses so she can take her own up for a drink, "Something feel off about this?"

Wodi Corcer reaches over to grab his tunic and slides it on, "Other than the fact that it's all going too smoothly, you mean?" Wodi takes his glass and takes a long sip from it, sucking his teeth after he swallows. "I don't spit in the face of good luck."

"And I don't believe in good luck." Nadia shakes her head, sucking in a sharp breath after a swallow of the extra strong alcohol, "Luck is inspectors inspecting the ship next to you when it's time for dust off. Luck is the sniffer droids being mucked up after going through a Trandoshan's shit hole of a ship..." Motioning with a claw, "We didn't get inspected. Nobody came hunting after the repulsorlift bounced off the side of a factory. That ain't luck, least not the kind you or I have."

"Says you," Wodi remarks, leaning back in his seat. "I've gone from being stranded on Ryloth with nothing but my undies to sharing a new ship with a beautiful woman in the span of three months. My luck doesn't run out."

Nadia stares at Wodi, calculating really, and shrugs, "Alright.. maybe you're right. Fortune is turning a little, but be on your bounce at the other end of this jump. Just in case." She drains the glass and pops the cork to refill, bottom then held out to Wodi. "Ryloth with not a stitch but your delicates? How'd that pan out?"

"You're lookin' at it," Wodi says, gesturing to himself and his surroundings. "Convinced a young naive captain with her head in the stars to give me a ride, and well, that's how I ended up with the Brigand."

"The other part." Nadia bounces her finger backwards, "The party where someone boosted everything, including your ship, and your clothes, on Ryloth of all damn places." She scoffs, "Only one reason to go to Ryloth and it doesn't end in nudity."

"Well, I owed some people some money. Screw over the wrong people often enough and that can happen, y'know?" Wodi explains, taking a sip from his glass. "So, they took my ships, took my guns, took my clothes, and left me on that forsaken planet."

"Huh." Nadia drains her glass again and drops down onto the couch, "Well, not much better than me." Lounging out with one leg stretched across the cushions, "Took a job I didn't do proper investigation on and it cost me the Hawk and my sister. Who's probably, ironically enough, being moved as slave cargo..." Her tongue runs against the back of her fangs, "If so, gonna have to fix that."

Wodi Corcer sucks his teeth and says, "I'm...sorry to hear that." He tucks the half of his shirt in that would otherwise cover his gunbelt and says, "If you get a lead on her, we'll find her."

Nadia lifts her glass in appreciation, "She should have ran when I told her too. Nobody ever listens. They always think they know better than the ones who've been doing it for years." Doesn't make her not kin, obviously. "We find her, we find the Hawk. And a cargo of slaves. Since they're the ones who have both."

"We'll keep an eye out," Wodi says, standing up from his seat and moving to pluck up his gunbelt from a hanger on the wall. He straps it on over those tight, tight pants of his and says, "It's a shame we can't have a bottle of that stuff. I wanna start hearing colors, you know?"

Nadia turns her wrist over to look at the multitude of chronos she wears, "Seven or eight minutes on the first. Then another ten to Adhean." She drains another glass of the whiskey from a dirty bottle and corks it to put away after standing up. Wodi is standing over hooking his gunbelt and Nadia is taking hers from atop the table on her way to the cabinet. They're both in the lounge waiting for the first half the jump to end. One to Chandrila, send a comm, then a second to finishes the trip to Adhean.

Nadia glances over at Wodi, then back across the couch towards the hangar, "If they know the weight and they're all precise, they'll know one bottle fell out of the batch." But that's not exactly a no. "Could see if they'll let us take a bottle with us, for some of the payment, but that'll cost us credits."

"Don't know if your delicate feline physiology could handle it," Wodi remarks with a grin, finally getting around to putting his coat back on.

"Shit." Nadia snorts at the thought, "My delicate feline physiology is designed to handle more than your petite human..." Waving a clawed hand in the frocked Captain's direction, "Whatever you humans are made of."

"You wish," Wodi says. "You may always land on your feet, but you can't hold your stims for shit. Don't make me bring up what happened on Naboo last time. The whole palace guard saw your holiest of holies."

"Psssh..." Nadia waves her hands, "You only know because you saw the vids afterwards. You were sucking on your thumb like a nursing cub while I was out making mischief." She grins, that unholy expression upon a scarred up mouth.

"I was /not/ sucking my thumb," Wodi says, pointing his finger at Nadia. "I told you, there were a civilization on my finger and I was keeping them warm. It's /your/ fault they're dead."

Nadia extends her hands out in a shrug, "And I told you blowing hot air on a starving civilization doesn't warm them, it dry them out and kills their crops."

"Well, when I see you running a utopia, I'll start taking your word for it," Wodi says, rolling his eyes and flashing a grin at her. "How much longer on the jump?"

Eventually, you drop out of realspace, and into the near orbit of Chandrila - one more beautiful, peaceful, sedate world andzzzzzzzzzz. Whatever. Having entered the system, you are immediately hailed by Republic forces, specifically a large cruiser called - of course - the Mon Mothma.

"Incoming starship," a stern voice states over the crackling of the comms. "This is Republic Military Cruiser Mon Mothma. You will identify yourself and slow to 10 MGLT to submit to a scan."

"Hell," Wodi says, scrambling back to the cargo hold. <<Get to the cockpit and slow us down. I've got this.>> Wodi's voice echoes through the intercom. Meanwhile, Wodi's pushing the repulsor sled out of the cargo hold and into the lounge where he'll work at stuffing the crates into the smuggler's hold. "Heat from the bulkheads should throw their sensors off."

Nadia pushes the lever to pull them out of hyperspace and stares at the system appearing in the view port all around them. This includes the rather impressive Republic Cruiser now hailing them. "Oh joy..." She murmurs, "Republic Military Cruiser Mon Mothma, this is the Filthy Rancor out of Corellia-" Stalling for Wodi while he works the crates into the smugglers hole. "-Bound for Adhean with a shipment of Corellian Whiskey.." She picked this system for it's position between the two, "We're having engine trouble... you know these twenty fours, hiccupy before they're good and worked in."

She flips to internal comms, <<You've got about forty seconds. Leave enough crates to match the manifest.>>

She grabs the throttle and jerks it down, limping it into a slower pace to facilitate her story that the engine is experiencing troubles.

Nadia's words draw a quick reply from the vessel. "Say again, Rancor," replies the Mon Mothma, a bit amused. "You say you're having engine trouble? Can you detail?"

You can almost see whatever officer's on the other side of the comms just rolling their eyes at the name.

Wodi Corcer drops the final crate below deck and slides the grate back over it. Standing, he moves back towards the cargo bay, where he'll begin sliding the dummy crates into position.

Nadia hears it in his voice and matches his judgement with a laugh, "Crazy name, I know, but they swore she flew straighter than a turbolaser..." Still stuttering her engines down to just above scanner speed, <<Ten seconds.>>

"Hell if I know, Mon Mothma, I'm no engineer, but I know she started rattling during hyperspace, so I dropped out at the closest system to get a diagnostic run inport." After a ten count, she stutters the controls so the ship lurches down to 10 MGLT.

"Acknowledged. Heave to and we will launch a rescue shuttle. Do not attempt to move, or your ship might be further damaged." So nice, these Republic folk. So helpful.

The ship begins to rattle as a tractor beam is locked on and begins to stabilize your fitful progress.

<<Should be good,>> Wodi says, before releasing the button on the intercom and letting himself breathe for a second. Then the ship lurches. "Nadia, what the hell are you doing?" The captain sprints his way to the cockpit and opens a hail to the Mon Mothma, "Captain Corcer of the Rancor to the Mon Mothma. It's no problem, really. My first mate's just a worrier. She's not used to these CEC designs and all the quirks that come with 'em. Hyper's just a little over-extended is all. An hour or two at port and she'll be right as rain." He closes the comms and his eyes look like they could shoot lasers at Nadia.

"Don't look at me like that, that was a good story off cuff. How was I suppose to know they were a bunch of boyscouts?" Nadia motions with both hands, jerking a little when the tractor beam hits and jerks them towards the ship. "This is your fault." Double pointing claws, "Good luck" Air quoting.

"And you need time to get the crates in the smuggler hold." She reasons further, shrugging in an exagerated manner, "It's easy to judge afterwards.."

"....right." Someone doesn't sound convinced. "Scans show your drives are clear, but we're going to comeover andhave a look. Power down and submit to inspection, immediately."

Well, it's not like you're going anywhere.

"My luck is fine, /your/ luck is trash!" Wodi says, jabbing a finger into Nadia's arm. He groans at the officer's response and looks down at Nadia. "You're fired," is all he says before reopening the hail, "Come on over, but mind the mess. Like she said, it's a new ship. Haven't had time to add any flair just yet."

"Power us down, Cuul," he says, turning to head out of the cockpit and back into the lounge.

"Eh, just go convince them and shut it with that firing shit." Nadia says over her shoulder with a sneer, "Nothing wrong with my story, I'm standing by it. I cannot be held accountable for bored boyscouts." The speed is cut down and the systems powered off, then she's on her way to the lounge herself to make sure there's no contraband in any of the cabinets.

After a few minutes, the lock makes that telltale sound of gentle impact, though the ship does not nudge as is customary thanks to the tractor beam. The lock cycles open, and entering the ship are a quartet of Republic Marines and a young man in an officer's uniform that looks for all the world like a disgusted weasel.

"Good evening," he says, looking about the interior of the ship as he does so, hands behind his back. "I am Lieutenant Kavan. Where is Captain Corcer?"

"You were probably flirting with them the whole time, and now they're coming over to check out your undercarriage," Wodi says, pulling his coat over his holstered pistol.

The moment of truth. Wodi rounds the corner and offers a wave to the newly-arrived inspection team, "I'm Captain Corcer. Pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant. I'm sure you'll run into First Mate Cuul at some point, but who knows where she's up to now."

The Lieutenant's brows arch. "It is protocol for all crew to be on deck during an inspection, Captain," he says, peering at the fellow and his coat. "Call her immediately, please."

Nadia makes a rude, very unladylike, gesture at Wodi's back when he suggests she might have been flirting, "As if that was even remotely possible. Unless he's made entirely of Credits and can wisk me away from this life of crime...." Force knows that's not true.

She remains in the lounge until anything that might be illegal is hidden in a manner that would require far more call than an run of the mill inspection to go hunting. Once she's done there she makes her way aft pulling on a pair of gloves to cover her claws. "Eveni- oh.." Seeing Republic marines, "Uh... hey." Her smile is weak and intentionally filled with wonder, "Nice..."

Wodi Corcer rolls his eyes as Nadia rounds the corner. "You'll have to accept my apologies, gentlemen. Nadia tends to go all weak in the knees for men in uniform," he says, leaning against the bulkhead. He pulls out a datapad and hands it over to the men, "I'm sure you'll need the manifest."

Nadia plays right along, grinning stupidly, if a bit off putting because Cathar should never grin and her lips are all messed up with scars. "No, this is only kind of true... I get weak in the knees for handsome men in uniform.." There's a little extra sway to her hips, hoping this little out of the way planet has loosened up some of the military regulation amidst the stuffy Marine sort.

"I see." A humorless look from the Lieutenant to Nadia - he really would be more at home in Imperial grey, especially with that accent. "Is this all of your crew, then?"

"This is all of us," Wodi says, arms acrossing over his chest. "Running freight's not the quickest way to make a fortune, so it pays to keep your overhead low."

"He only barely pays me." Nadia is acting like a star eyed kid next to those marines, grinning silly at them. Harmless, really, maybe around more for her looks than her smarts.

The Lieutenant looks between the two of you again. "...very well," he says finally, and turns to one of the marines. "Bring in the scanning crew." Then he turns back to the two of you. "I'll have a look at your flight plan and manifest, Captain."

"Go ahead, Lieutenant," Wodi says, nodding to the manifest he's already handed him. "If you need help with anything, feel free to ask."

"You need all these Marines?" Nadia picks one at random to focus all her attention on. As close to him as he'll allow without swatting her away, closer still when that keeps getting closer yet.

God damn cats always rubbing against people.

The Lieutenant looks between the two of you again. "...very well," he says finally, and turns to one of the marines. "Bring in the scanning crew." Then he turns back to the two of you. "I'll have a look at your flight plan and manifest, Captain."

And, as Wodi has given it to him, he goes through the sheaf of plastifax. Order forms. Licenses. You remembered to fake those, yes? Flips through them, very thoughtfully indeed. Behind him, technicians come in with a scanning kit, carrying the trunk between them.

The Lieutenant looks between the two of you again. "...very well," he says finally, and turns to one of the marines. "Bring in the scanning crew." Then he turns back to the two of you. "I'll have a look at your flight plan and manifest, Captain."

And, as Wodi has given it to him, he goes through the sheaf of plastifax. Order forms. Licenses. You remembered to fake those, yes? Flips through them, very thoughtfully indeed. Behind him, technicians come in with a scanning kit, carrying the trunk between them.

The Lieutenant looks between the two of you again. "...very well," he says finally, and turns to one of the marines. "Bring in the scanning crew." Then he turns back to the two of you. "I'll have a look at your flight plan and manifest, Captain."

And, as Wodi has given it to him, he goes through the sheaf of plastifax. Order forms. Licenses. You remembered to fake those, yes? Flips through them, very thoughtfully indeed. Behind him, technicians come in with a scanning kit, carrying the trunk between them.

Wodi Corcer continues his nonchalant lean against the bulkhead, watching as they load the scanning equipment onto the vessel.

Nadia keeps flirting enough to be a distraction as the inspectors go through their scans and investigations. Eyes cutting towards Wodi every now and then as the group makes their way around the Rancor.

"Well, this all looks in order," says the Lieutenant, just in time for a voice to sound down the hall. "Sir?"

The Lieutenant hands the manifest back to Wodi. "Yes, Ensign?"

"We've got an anomaly. Come check it out?"

The Lieutenant gives you both a look, then heads down the corridor. The Marines step forward, ready for trouble.

Wodi Corcer takes the manifest back and tucks it into his coat pocket, watching as the officer moves down the hallway. The Kessel-born smuggler's eyes move to rest on Nadia for a moment, but if he's worried, his face doesn't betray it. Yet.

Nadia follows along behind with that same calm sort of mask in place, "What's an anomoly?" She asks one of the Marines, whom, unless she's been shoved away, is now arm in arm with the Cathar like he's going to save her from this low paying gig.

The Lieutenant stands in the corridor, just in side, while a technician gets up to show him the display from a hand-held scanner node. After looking at it for a long moment, the young officer turns your way.

"Captain," says the Lieutenant, "Perhaps you can answer a question for me. Have you had this ship for very long?"

"Just short of," he eyes his chronometer, "A day, actually. Why?" He crosses his arms and raises his brows at the lieutenant.

Nadia leans on a marine to try and get a look at the scanner reading, as if she'd have any idea what it said or meant, right? "What's going on?" Whispering to her new arm candy. In a position to, if need be, really wreck this dudes life.

The Lieutenant eyes him. "Do you have your ownership papers? I will want to see them. And maintenance records." Beside him, the technical Ensign looks vaguely confused.

The Marine with whom Nadia has entangled herself does not seem terribly unhappy with this arrangement.

"Sure thing. They're in my cabin," Wodi says, nodding to the man and slipping out for a moment. There's some rustling that can be heard, but the captain does eventually find his way back, with the requested documents in hand. "Here," he says, handing them over.

Nadia grins up at the marine, tugging at a peice of his armor. She doesn't seem to be paying the first bit of attention to whatever is going on, except she absolutely is. Periodically glancing over the soldiers shoulder at Wodi.

After a moment of examining the documents, then eyeing the scanner data, the Lieutenant looks to the Ensign. "There's an issue with the deck plating," he says, "Nothing more. It's here in the documents."

"Sir?" The Ensign blinks. "Are you sure?"

"Quite sure, /Ensign/." The Lieutenant nods to the airlock. "You're dismissed."

The Ensign blinks again, but he isn't going to argue. Instead, he looks to the other tech and jerks his head toward the lock, picks up his end of the box, and moves with the other toward the lock.

Once out of earshot, the Lieutenant leans forward to look Wodi in the eye. "I don't know what you're hauling," he says, "And I don't care. Two thousand and you can leave with a clean bill of inspection."

Wodi Corcer sucks his teeth and looks the man over, saying, "That's fair. Consider this a tip. For prompt service and for helping a couple of wayward travelers." He offers the man a handshake, his hand, of course, full of credits.

Of course, while Wodi's exchanging the money, he does make sure to keep the man's eyes locked on him, as the smuggler's other hand deftly makes a grab at the Lieutenants wallet.

Nadia doesn't hear what's going on, but she knows when a situation has deescalated by the bodylanguage of those involved. She turns her full attention to the soldier and grins up at him, murmuring all sorts of sweet things to him.

The double screw-job. Well done, Corcer - the Lieutenant doesn't notice as his credit case is slipped from the pocket of his uniform, which considering how tight those pants are in the back is quite an achievement. But you've got the thing, and the thing is done. Soon enough, the Lieutenant has put his holostamp on the documents, and the ship is released.

Time to get while the getting's good.

"Got the jump queued up, Cuul?" Wodi asks, looking over at his First Mate as the officials depart.

"Before I powered down.." Nadia, still grinning until the hatches closed, says sideways to Wodi. "They let us loose of those tractors and we'll be gone before the beam clears."

The ship rattles, and you feel it start to drift. Time to go.

"Alright, hit it," Wodi says, pulling the Lieutenant's credit case from his sleeve and clicking it open.

Soon as Nadia has the Rancor powered up, she's getting them the hell out of this system and on their way to the meet with Adhar's contact to unload this cargo.

Once the stars and system are lines behind them, she heads back to the lounge, "So... get anything good?" Dropping into the couch with a huff.

"Well, I made my bribe back," Wodi says, pulling a handful of credits out of the case and slipping them into his jacket pocket. "And we've got a shiny New Republic ID. Well, until the good Lieutenant figures out it's missing."

"Huh.." Nadia shakes her head, "Well that turned out better than it should have. Maybe you're right about the whole luck thing." There it goes, now she's gone and ruined it. "Give me the ID card." Flicking her hand for it, "I'm going to mount it on the wall in the watercloset."

"Luck? It's all skill, baby girl," Wodi says, lifting the ID card up to her as he moves to have a seat on the couch. "If you tell people it's luck, they underestimate you, though. Comes in handy every now and then."

Nadia takes the card between her fingers and drops it down on the table with a snort, "Whatever, so long as the ends justify the means, you can call it indigestion." She points towards the hatch, "That could have gone sideways, but we kept our heads and made it work."

"Wouldn't have had to make it work if somebody hadn't complained about engine troubles and launched the rescue brigade," Wodi said, cutting his eyes at the Cathar.

"You needed time to put the cargo in the hold." Nadia stomps her foot above where the goods are being held, unphased by stare, "Next time I'll just gun it and hope we can out run a tractor beam."

"Next time, we'll have a better engine in this tub and we just might be able to," Wodi says, standing up and moving towards the cockpit.

And so, it's out of the Core and on the long road into Mid-Rim. The trip takes the better part of a day, giving you plenty of time to reflect on your journey so far, get some sleep, and bicker like a married couple. Because why not? You can only style your hair so many times, Wodi.

Eventually, the Rancor drops into realspace just beyond the security cordon around Abhean, one more anonymous industrial planet out ofzzzzzzzzzzzz. The best part of the planet, of course, are the sprawling shipyards orbiting a large portion of the planet like a vast ring not yet completed - bays, processing centers, blocks on blocks of factories, all form a massive string of durasteel and plastics girding the planet. Used to belong to a major company a billion years ago, then the Republic took it over for naval production during the Cloe Wars. And now, it's basically a combination of Republic facilities /and/ a cluster of independent yards. Except for the security. Security? Still Republic. Because there's a huge effing Mon Cal battlecruiser floating around nearby, and it's full of turbolasers.

"Incoming freighter, this is Republic battleship Reliance. Identify yourself and heave to for inspection."

So there's that.

Having styled his hair again, Wodi returns to the cockpit and takes his seat at the co-pilot's chair, looking over to Nadia. "Gonna tell 'em we have engine troubles, again?"

Scanning. When a big ship like the Reliance does it, you can almost feel the hull vibrate - one big oceansweep, a tingle felt throughout the superstructure. Just a second, but if you know to feel for it, always know when you're made. Or at least when someone's looking.

"Filthy Rancor, this is Reliance. We see that you're out of Chandrila - according to our records, you were having engine trouble before. What is your condition now?"

"We smacked it with a hydrospanner and worked out the kinks," Wodi comms to the cruiser. "Your boys over Chandrila came over and gave our systems a look. Just one of those famous CEC quirks."

"See? I didn't even have to tell them." Nadia motions at the big ship in their viewport, "Those marines were something else." She says, not into the comms, but where it would still go across while Wodi was sending his. "You know, I get the feeling they're going to shake us down too. Republic; no more honest than the stories of the Empire."

Rogues everywhere. After a moment, however, the Reliance speaks once more.

"We don't see anything out of the ordinary, Rancor - you might want to check one of the independent yards to get those drives checked over. Have a peaceful time in-system."

"Thank you, Reliance. Over and out," Wodi says, looking over to Nadia. "Alright, Kitty Cat. Take us in."

"Well how about that..." Nadia reaches for the throttle and pushes them into a creeping approach to the meet location with Adhar's contact, "Give him a comm and let him know we're in system."

"Wait until we're in atmo, just incase they're scanning frequencies," Wodi says, crossing his arms and leaning back in his chair. "Is this your first day, or?"

"No, it isn't. You literally know it isn't. Sending a comm to a friend on world to hook up for drinks looks suspicious to you?" Nadia flicks her clawed hand at Wodi, "Be productive somewhere."

"Just fly the ship, First Mate," Wodi offers over to Nadia with a smug grin. "Leave the real decisions to the Captain."

Nadia cuts eyes at Wodi, "I'll fire your ass out of the hold while you're sleeping, captain." Snorting at him in his chair, "You're only captain because otherwise you'd be pilot and I really don't want to die. So sit there and make decisions while I do the real work and rarely, if ever, listen to you."

Once the ship is securely out of range of the Reliance, and safe in the atmospheric bussom of Abhear, Wodi sends a short and sweet message to the comm frequency Adhar provided for them. "Well, how do you feel about this?"

So, you progress. Down into the atmosphere, and Wodi signals - only to be told, by a polite protocol droid, that you have to go back up to the station, where the contact's company offices lie. You are directed to a hangar block at the far end of the commercial section.

Feel free to grouse.

"Like we should have done it my way." Nadia says with a little shrug as she pulls the Rancor around to make their way back towards said hangar block at the end of the commercial block. "If the Reliance asks why we entered and exited atmo so quickly, that's on you."

"Yeah, yeah," Wodi says, closing his eyes as he leans his head back against the chair.

The Rancor comes round to dock at the given hangar and settles on the durasteel tarmac, "Chances that Adhar's contact double crosses us?"

So you go back up, lock on a navigation beacon as detailed by the droid's message, and soon you find yourself parking in a massive bay that once probably held military vessels a few centuries ago. Now, though, it holds freighters. A /lot/ of freighters. Most of which are independent, sans livery, but the bigger ships wear company colors.

And then...you're there. Come out, come out, wherever you are!

"High enough that I'm keeping my blaster on me," Wodi says, patting the Defender that's holstered away for now. He stands up from his chair and turns to march down the highway. Reaching the exit, he lowers the ramp and waits. For Nadia. For the contact. For anyone.

Nadia powers the Rancor down and grabs her gunbelt from the co-pilots seat to fix around her waist as she follows along behind Wodi. Her jacket, the old worn out one, is slung on as the ramp descends, "Fair enough." Trotting down the lowering ramp and stepping off when it touches dursasteel.

And as you descend the ramp, you are greeted by a number of fellows of various species in pain green shipsuits, along with a fat, balding human in a simple vest, shirt, and breeches. "Hallo," the fellow calls, this fellow named Jenz Allap. "Well, well! Consortium, is it? Amazing."

"Consortium, yes," Wodi says, one hand still on one of the ramp's arms as he looks the group of men over. "The Filthy Rancor, more specifically. Brought a lot of spacers with you, looks like."

Nadia slows her step as she sees the welcome party, eyes over her shoulder at Wodi while she tugs at her own bottom lip. She takes up a position on the right hydrolic arm of the ramp, legs crossed, arms over her chest so her fingers dangle near the blaster beneath her jacket. Not on it, just there, in case.

"You've got a lot of cargo." Jenz looks between the two of you, then settles on Wodi. "Corcer. Yeah, I've heard about you. I'm not at all surprised that Adhar brought you on. How's he doing these days?"

"As good as can be, I suppose," Wodi says, continuing to size the group and wondering if he'll be able to push Nadia out of the way in time to close the ramp. "He's opening a bar soon, which means he'll get fat and lazy, eventually."

Nadia preens with her other hand, leaving one to dangle. Eyeing her claws as she eyes the group. All very friendly, right? Wondering if she can convince them to shoot Wodi and take the cargo, leaving her the ship.

Jenz snorts at that. "I highly doubt it," he says. "I know he's still a kid - well, if you call nearly thirty a kid - but I served on his uncle's crew since before he was born. Felan was incredibly ambitious, up until he had to stow his old boat. He only played it safe to protect the rest of us, after that." Jenz looks between the two of you again. "I hear he's found the Moonstormer again. That's good. That boat saved us many times in our careers."

"He did. I flew it out of that hole it was tucked in," Wodi says, his free hand looping through his gunbelt. "She's a solid bird. Not quite as lavish as my dad's GR-75, though."

Nadia has heard the name, but she doesn't make it apparent that she does. Easy enough while looking at her claws so, "I am sure all of these ships are very beautiful and fly like birds throw the trees..." She points up the ramp, "We are working, yes?"

"Felan never wanted it to be a yacht, even though it did get fairly close to that." Jenz chuckles. "Look, so long as you're working with him, you can call me when you have things you want to move. I'll help Adhar regardless, but any business associate if his is a fairly less-distant business associate of mine." Which is high praise, coming from some quarters.

He grins a bit more at Nadia. "I like you," he proclaims. "Right, so the agreed-upon amount is twenty-two fifty. I know I said five percent, but it looks like there's going to be a little more work getting the wine to the old bastard. Changed his security setup all over again, and that means a bit of extra work for us. You want me to handle it, I'm afraid I'll need a little more to cover that. Which means ten grand for each of you, assuming you don't have a problem with it all."

Nadia opens her mouth, then shrugs with a motion up at Wodi and the ship beyond. For ten grand, she might... small m... help carry crates.

"Then you're very welcome." He tosses a credit case to each of you, while his men proceed on board. "so how do you know Adhar, anyway?"

Nadia catches the case, snatching it out of the air and remains leant against the lifts hydrolic arm while giving it a peek. Her grin is no more pleasant because credits are involved, but it's there all the same. "Business associate." She says of knowing Adhar, "Trying to do something good with a whole lot of bad people."

"That's his uncle all over," says the fat smuggler. "I was a pirate before I signed on with Felan. He got me out of prison, on account of him needing a good security man for a job. You flew with Felan, you either flew with him honest, or he left you behind at the next port. Didn't have to get much rougher than that, but he was known to be a bit harsh sometimes." A shrug. "I never had to worry about it, myself."

Nadia listens, half watching the crates make their way out of the hole in ther lounge and out onto the tarmac, "Sound like he is good person for working with." She agrees because it is polite to agree with that, right? "Adhar is same way. Fair, but fierce if he is forced. Probably makes father very proud."

"Uncle," Wodi corrects, staying out of the way.

"Something like that." Jenz shrugs. "I'll have to meet up with him at this club sometime. Anyway." He looks past the two of you, as the group of spacers emerge in a line, crates carried between them. "I guess that's it. Feel free to reach out to me if you're looking for a little work, if you like. I'm always looking for someone to do a little 'recreational haulage'."

"Uncle." Nadia corrects with an incline of her head to Wodi, "Always looking for work." She agrees and puts her credit case inside her coat on the way up the ramp into the Rancor, "We will let Adhar know you are man of your word. Thank you."

"And I'll let people know you're the same," Jenz says with an incline of his head. "You have a good trip back, now."

"Pleasure doing business." Nadia ascends the ramp and, once Wodi is aboard, smacks the control to bring it back up, "Well, that worked out." She reasons on her way past towards the cockpit. Her jacket once more removed and tossed on the counter in the lounge along with her gunbelt. "Off to Nar Shaddaa?"

"Take it easy, Jenz," Wodi says. "Oh, and if one of those bottles were to end up left over as payment, I wouldn't complain." He offers a half-salute to the man and turns to Nadia, saying, "Yeah. I've had enough fun for today."

Nadia nods and brings the ship online, fires the engines, and gets them the hell out of system by the fastest route.

And so you make it home. No muss, no fuss. You even learned a bit about Adhar! Truly, a time of miracles - miracles only happen once if a while, though, so don't let it go to your head.