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Battle At Jaynat

Location: Sarkhai
Participants: Zerna Gann, Sarna, Liss, Mandl, Kaelyn, Sion, David Ironside, Adhar Gann

The Atrax Guard and Grey Legion are finally going to make their move. A small flotilla of mercenary warships are to assault a Kespanian task force in orbit over Jaynat; the Serious Business and its complement are to assist and engage enemy forces, destroying and mangling as many ships as possible. Destroying or scattering the task force here is the first step toward breaking the occupation of the mining world before it can get impossibly entrenched. This battle is primarily between spacecraft, but is the gateway to a whole lot of ground combat. Hurrah!

The ship has been busy all day, preparing for the next sortie - the combined forces of the Atrax Guard and the Grey Legion, much larger mercenary companies hired to assist in breaking the blockade over the Sarkhai system by the so-called 'revolutionaries' calling themselves the Children of Kespan, have decided to make their move. Tonight, The Serious Business made the jump to Sarkhai a few hours ago, and have linked up with the task force in orbit of the outermost planet of Daltara. There, seen through the viewports, the tiny, angry, acidic blue orb seethes below, mostly eclipsed with but a slice of its surface visible from the light of the distant star of Sarkol.

The Captain is on the bridge, dressed simply in his duty jumpsuit, guns on his belt but out of the armor he'd been wearing earlier that day. Instead of going down to the hangar for a briefing, however, Adhar has called everyone up - and sure enough, the twelve pilots of Brawler and Bouncer squadron are here, two of them to serve as copilots or relief crew with their own ships destroyed in the anti-piracy action in the Y'toub system two weeks ago. Everyone waits as the captain stands by the main holoprojector just off the command deck, murmuring to one another. It's a bit of a tight fit in the corridor.

Zerna well....is in her uniform to say the least. Not her duty but her officer one. Rolling her shoulders, the tall orange woman makes her way onto the bridge now. Her heels click as she makes a bee line for the captain with a data pad tucked under her arm. No silly misdemeanor here but one of determination. Nodding to Adhar she simply stays quiet as she moves to stand at his side as she waits.

Sion squeezes into the corridor, resigned to backing up this invasion of Daltara against people who hate them, supporting people who hate them a little less. It's a paycheck. Maybe this time they can convince the suspicious Atrax Guard that they're more than space battlefield janitors. Seeing Adhar at the 'projector, and Zerna making a beeline for him, she leans on the only bare spot of wall she can find, waiting for the briefing.

Viktar makes his way in, wearing his standard pilot's flight suit. He has one pistol in a drop leg holster at his side and is lazily rolling a tooth pic between his canid teeth. He slides onto the bridge, perusing the scene, looking at the larger stations of the bridge and noting the activity. He makes his way over to the rest of the group and takes up a spot standing toward the rear, listening, his pointed ears perk up, pointed towards the Captain.

Following close (but not -that- close) behind Sion, David steps out a turbolift, one thumb hooked in his gunbelt, as it is usually hanging off his hips. He observes the scene for a moment, then decides on a spot to stand and wait for Adhar to speak up. Projector means there's definitely stuff about to get explained.

Sarna is in her uniform standing next to Adhar hads held behind her back as she stands there, her red eyes looking over the bridge as people start to gather there. She stands quietly at attention looking from one person to the next.

Incoming Kaelyn! She's wearing what appears to be some kind of Mandalorian-made type armor, but this is sealed with a body glove.... She's wearing what amounts to kind of an older schooled armored flight suit type getup... She checks the helmet on her hip and then blinks and looks around curiously... "Wyvern's here!" She calls out, grinning a bit... She then glances around, blinks a few times and occupies an empty seat.

The new girl, Liss Ardaine, shuffles in, looking terribly out of place in a generic, ill-fitting flight suit. For the time being, she lurks around the sidelines, trying not to draw any attention to herself!

Once everyone's in, Adhar begins. "I'll make this quick," he begins, calling up a system map with a small remote in hand; the lights dim in the corridor, and the projector summons the image of the Sarkhai system, with the star Sarkhol in the center, then the Crownworld of Sarkhai, enormous gas giant Ralun, small, rocky and mineral-rich Jaynat, the asteroid belt known as the Glittering Belt, and then of course the tiny, outlying acid-planet of Daltara. "I've been informed that there is to be a combination assault by the forces of the Gray Legion and the Atrax Guard, along with, of course, ourselves; while the details of the majority of the attack have been kept secret to keep the enemy surprised, we will be working with the task force here at Daltara to attack the blockade of Jaynat and break its hold on the planet before the Kespanian forces can get too deeply entrenched. They've already put a thousand troops down on the surface."

Zooming in on the outer edge of the system, Adhar gestures to the much-magnified image of Jaynat and Daltara, separated by the Glittering Belt. "The strike force will consist of the assault frigate Altiadan and its fighter complement, the corvettes Nastadar and Shurota, and the Serious Business and its fighter complement. All told, we're looking at thirty-six fighters along with the combined firepower of our capital vessels. The enemy force consists of the Cathexis, a Nebulon-B frigate and, the Marauder corvette Kallatar, and the CR90 corvettes Workman and Foundry Heart. Both the Cathexis and the Kallatar are expected to have full complements of fighters, likely those upgraded Preybirds they like to use, so it's going to be interesting, for certain."

He sequences another image, showing the capitals heading through the asteroid belt. "Now the Guard and their enginers have cleared sufficient magnothermic asteroids from a section of the Glittering Belt that will let us jump over the belt without pulling us out of hyperspace with the false mass shadows that the rocks tend to project. We will execute a microjump into far orbit of the planet, just at the edge of its gravitational field, and assault the enemy formation - the Serious Business and Altiadan will engage the Cathexis, while Bouncer and Brawler wings engage the Corellian corvettes. Vendettas will engage the Kallatar, while Hurricanes One and Two along with the Bravado and the Wyvern will support them. We want to get this done fast and wipe out everything we possibly can, folks; the enemy's Preybirds still have crap hyperdrives, so even a microjump to Ralun or Sarkhai will take long enough that we can call in support and solidify our position. We don't have much time for this, folks, so I expect you to do your level best, kill everyone you see, and make a real impression on these bloody corporatist vultures." Mismatched eyes, synthetic and flesh, sweep over the assembled faces. "Any questions?"

Zerna stays quiet, her bright blue eyes glittering slightly before she glances to Adhar as he speaks. With that her attentions turn to her data pad....looking through the same notes she had already taken. There's silence from her but for now she just nods a bit then looks up. "None from me, Captain."

"Who flies the Hurricanes?" Sion has to ask. Whoever does will likely have their hands full, covering the slower Vendettas and protecting the Guard corvettes from starfighter attack. If the Guard have thought of the trick of hitting light capships with fighters, it's doubtful the Kespanians will be far behind.

Viktar watches quietly, gnawing on the toothpick as he rolls it between his thumb and index finger. His eyes widen as Adhar Gann goes over the forces they are up against. He raises an eyebrow and looks to the person next to him, shrugging slightly, not necessarily confident, but not backing down either. He turns his eyes back to the Captain, shaking his head as he is passed for questions.

David runs a hand through his hair, nodding along with Adhar's briefing. He glances briefly at Zerna and Sion when they speak up, keeping focus on Sion when she asks about the Hurricanes. He's interested in the answer, but anticipates he'll be in his X-Wing regardless. He doesn't speak up himself, though. Were he assigned anywhere else, he'd just accept it anyway.

Kae tilts her head curiously "Want me to go standard versitile mix loadout on the wyvern? Or load up on one or just two types of warhead?" She asks curiously, rubbing at the back of her neck now. "I was thinking 2 to one mix of ion and standard proton torpedos." She says and tilts her head to the left... "Umm yeah, what kinda loadout you want me to stick on the wyvern?" She adds and grins a bit

Sarna continues to stand there listening as everyone speaks around her, its what she tries to do best is listen and watch. She does not speak unless spoken to directly (If I was and missed it sorry.) She looks between everyone as they are briefed on things.

Mandl nods, arms planted with determination on the railing. "Mandl could offer to launch probes, or do metallurgical analysis, but such readings are difficult to transmit in a way that provides real-time useful intelligence. Is probably constrained to sensors, or primarily useful 'on the ground,' via geology."

"I'm glad you asked, Corvara," Adhar says to Sion. "You'll be flying Hurricane One with a wingman. Your job is to escort the Vendettas and keep them clear; the Kallatar's fighters are going to be hard to crack with your lasers, so make good use of your ion cannons. The Altiadan's flight groups will be broken up to assist as well. Crewman Viktar will be flying Vendetta Two with a co-pilot." A nod to Viktar, then. "Remember, the Kallatar's old, but she's been heavily upgraded and will have point-defense as well as heavier turbolasers. Break it open or drive it off; Venedettas will be loaded with anti-capital torpedoes, but they /must/ make their targets. Otherwise, we'll have to peel off and deal with her first, leaving Altiadan to deal with a very heavily upgraded Cathexis on her own."

He shakes his head to Kaelyn. "Straight proton torpedoes. We're not here to disable ships, we're here to destroy them. Now, anyone else?"

There's a murmuring from the rest, but nobody steps forward. "Right, all of you, to your ships. We'll be jumping in together, and I want your fighters ready to jump the Kallatar before it can scramble fighters. Do your best, peope - and if you find yourselves getting too damaged, /pull back/. Nobody needs to die for these shavit-eaters. There's plenty around to do the job. Dismissed!"

Adhar gestures to Mandl as the pilots turn to go. "You're on sensor duty tonight, Mandl," he tells the Bith. "Go and take your station. Sarna, comms. We've got our work cut out for us tonight."

Well, at least they know she's good; CAP duty doesn't go to sluggards. "I'd suggest we go with raking passes with the Vennies when we do torpedo runs: Pilots handle the torpedoes while gunners strafe the shields of the /Kallatar/ when they can spare a moment. Every little bit helps, especially with shields that tough."

Sarna nods her heads to Adhar, "Yes Sir." she moves over to comms and sits down pulling out her datapad and putting it down near her station, her eyes go to the read outs and she falls quiet once more.

Viktar nods to Adhar as he receives his assignment, a small smirk tugging at the side of his maw, "Excellent." he says under his breath, "Sounds like fun." he grins as he pulls the toothpick from his mouth and flips it into a nearby wastebin. "Let's get this party started..." he says to himself as he folds his arms across his chest.

David barely reacts, already having predicted his assignment and role in the combat. "Guess I'm on fighter duty." he murmurs under his breath, subtly making his way through the gathered crowd back to the turbolifts.

With all fighters in position, the task forces leaps out. Brief flare of blue as the ships skip through the hypergalactic dimension of travel - kept lower than the fighters usually travel, thanks to the big ships' slower hyperdrives - until they arrive in realspace once more. Looming large is Jaynat, the great brown rock filmed with the thin blue irridescence of its atmosphere. The ships snap into existence on target, not far from another mass of ships in near orbit of the planet. Sure enough, the twin-boom shape of a Nebulon-B hangs in space, its shape faceted and made smooth in whole sections with heavy armor plate, especially around its notoriously fragile 'spine'. The Cathexis is not here to play. Lurking nearby, the winged shape of an old Marauder - the Kallatar - but its graceful body is similarly heavily plated. Two other shapes, assumedly the Foundry Heart and the Workman, are positioned to fore of the formation.

<< All ships, attack your targets, >> calls the captain of the Altiadan over the comms - not to the fighters, but to the capitals, who proceed to close. The Business, too, is set in motion, as Adhar declares a simple 'Get it done' to the command crew. Targets are picked up, turbolaser batteries and point-defense guns begin to track, and ion cannons begin to flood with energy. It's on.

On the Consortium fighters' group comms, the dispatch officer of the Business speaks. << All fighterssss, >> barks the Trandoshan male over the circuit, << Thisss isss the Ssseriousss Busssiness. You are cleared to make your attack. I repeat, you are cleared to make your attack! >>

The moment hangs by a thread - will it go to the attackers, or will the enemy be able to throw up rapid defense? The commanders of each ship begin to bark their orders, and only destiny will prove the result.

Zerna frowns a bit as she looks over at Adhar before looking back ahead. Lips pursed, her blue eyes take in everything but seems....well....quiet. There's a silent fuming there but she looks back to her data pad, tapping at it now as she seems to be thinking.

Sion has the /Hurricane/ out in space within moments of the jump. Having done a few testing flights, she's getting pretty familiar with the zippy little ship's controls. <All Storms, this is Storm Leader. Be ready for heavy fighter action. We're looking at a Nebulon's full complement, and likely a Marauder Corvette's zoomies as well. We've got to keep the Guard corvettes and our own fighters safe. Stay in touch, remember to use your ion cannons, and good luck. Storm Leader out.>

She takes a deep breath and focuses on the sensors. The show won't be long in starting...

Viktar makes his way towards the fighter hangar, and after a brief pre-flight, fires up the engins, causing the craft to leviate in the hangar bay. Inside the cockpit, he shoves the throttle forward, humming out of the hangar and into the black void. He does a quick barrel roll and then banks the ship back into the pattern, getting in formation with the rest of the ships. He takes his spot behind the Kallatar and begins scanning for any threats. He keys the mic, "With you Kallaatar..." he breaks in formation, and maneuvers to get a lock on his assigned capital ship. His R2 droid bleeps and warbles concern internally and he chuckles, "Nah, we'll be good..." As his eyes shift sideways, still scanning as he says, "...I hope..."

David, settled into his fighter, is just listening to his comm chatter, the reporting in of yon other wings. He himself has no wingmen or wing commander to go back and forth with in said manner, so his part in the formation is just him by himself off to the side somewhere. <<Ready and waiting, someone fire the first shot.>> he comments, wings splitting into the signature X the fighter is named for.

Kae adjusts her helmet, and flicks a switch. The inside of her cockpit lights up and begins giving the goofy Sephi a 360 spherical view of the space surrounding the Wyvern. On top of that several fins deploy on the forward swept-wing fighter each one emitting a brief puff from the maneuvering thrusters at the tips of every little fin, giving the Wyvern a kind of wide 6 sided star-crossection, even iff the fighter's rather thin top to bottom...

Kae reaches over and powers up the fighter's weapons, and tilts her head to the left some <<Wyvern here, ready, got a full magazine of torps and ready to engage enemy fighters.>> She says whilst grinning a little.

Mandl watches the Consortium's fighters position themselves, fingers flexing eerily as tense seconds pass awaiting the enemy's response-- breath held, perhaps, awaiting an errant signal or exploitable weakness. Such is the lot of the comms-officer, tensed and readied...

Though the allied task force arrives at an angle that /should/ surprise the Kespanain flotilla, the sharp-eyed sensor operators on the Foundry Heart are able to detect the energy signature of their collective entry into realspace quickly enough to inform the rest of the group. Thus, when they arrive, the collected forces of the Consortium and the Atrax Guard find themselves flying into a firestorm. The guns of the Kallatar and the Cathexis roar brightly, lances of bright red and green pouring from both heavily modified warships - pounding the shields of the Altiadan and the Serious Business, but with less of an effect on the deflectors than the much heavier bombardment of the allied warship. The Altiadan and the Business pour fusillades of red and green light into the Cathexis's shields, pounding at the uparmored frigate with a force that dwarfs its initial salvo. The Kallar's heavy shields, also, have to deal with a salvo from the Shurota as it and the Nastadar peel by toward the other enemy corvettes on Cathexis's far side.

Cathexis's point-defense guns, however, are far more lethal. Multiple Guard fighters explode in the face of the crimson rain of the laser turrets, which utilize salvo fire to quickly eliminate, not damage, incoming ships. Disciplined guns shred the shields of most craft coming in, but there are more allied fighters than there are turrets, sparing the heavy ships on their way toward their corvette targets. Kallatar's belly opens, though, and the first of the gray, wide-winged raptor shapes of its Preybird complement begin to pour through, as do they from the Cathexis's foreward hull.

"Keep up fire," Adhar says from the bridge. "Zerna? Keep an eye on their movements, I don't want us to be surprised. Comms! Monitor enemy comms traffic, I want a gauge on their mood. Sensors! Scan the Cathexis, find weak spots for us to exploit!"

Zerna says something in her native tongue and needless to say...its nothing nice. Leaning over slightly as she focuses those eyes on their movements now. "Yes sir!" That data pad is set aside now as she bites her lower lip. Strategy (and ground combat) may be her thing more so than fighter piloting....however.... "Wait...." Picking up her data pad she seems to be looking over somethings but then she speaks up so they all can hear. "Be prepared. They're holding but they may try to break apart and try to draw away to make things harder while that corvette get in close and starts slashing." Looking up from her pad she nods. "That thing has heaving turbo lasers....be advised!"

<Storms, there's our first clutch of targets today! Hit 'em!> Sion coms, sending the Hurricane diving to attack that gaggle of Preybirds. Ion cannon shots spray at the first one, with all the results one might expect. Sometimes the universe is just against you.

David positively beams when the first shots get fired, immediately breaking formation in a direct heading for the trio of Preybirds launching from the Kallatar. The X-Wing wastes no time, unloading a volley of blasts on the nearest bird that immediately fizzle out its shields. David pumps his fist slightly, then requests his astromech droid to compile a damage report. Capital ships are jerks.

Kae's BB unit, Hitch, squeels as suddenly the Wyvern is pretty much lit up by multiple incoming barrages... << Wow this is thick! I know! I know we're being shot at!>> Kae can be heard as she begins maneuvering the Wyvern, jinking and jumping while zooming forward... << Got birdies in bound folks!>> She calls out and then calls back to hitch "Get on the shields HItch, Yer sooo gonna be working overtime!"

"Eee, great job there Hitch!" She calls out, and after rolling her fighter slightly, she cuts loose with the lasers, unleashing a veritable hale of red laser fire her self, and of course missing... Hitch then calls out to Kae, and Kae blinks <>

Sarna nods her head, "Yes Sir." her eyes turn to her station and she keeps her eyes and ears open her attention on communications now.

Mandl's desperate *clack-clack-clack* in the search for metallurgical or shield-variance is hurried and purposeful! FYI, Bith sweat smells like straight ammonia, so that's... a thing... Mandl advises: "No metal fatigue detected-- the weakest point is still the boom. Concentrate fire on the narrow point!"

Sarna looks up from her console. "Captain, they seem suprised, but aren't overwhelmed - but they don't seem to notice the Nastadar and the Shurota heading in to deal with the enemy corvettes." she looks to Adhar when she tells him.

The battle has quickly become a serious melee - even though the ships involved are relatively small as far as warships are concerned, the sheer number of guns and volume of firepower seem as though some heavenly strobe has been set up to blare over the field. Zerna's analysis causes Adhar to call the gunnery crews to intensify firepower while pushing keeping back, not wanting to give the Kallatar an open shot at their aft quarter; meanwhile, the Cathexis intensifies its firepower against the Altiadan, steadily draining its shields. The Business, meanwhile, takes a pounding from Kallatar's heavy guns, but its shields hold, and both it and the Altiadan begin pound away at emerging heavy fighters with their point defense guns, keeping evil at bay.

Meanwhile, the Shurota and the Nastadar get the jump on the enemy corvettes, surrounded by the Business's kill-packs. As they fire their own heavy guns against the Foundry Heart, battering down its shields and raking its hull, the fighters swarm the other Workman, clawing at it with concussion missiles and proton torpedoes. Its shields are already close to failing with the first fusilade. Finally, the Vendettas drop their payloads against the Kallatar; without point-defense, the corvette has to rely on its fighters, which are already being shredded by fighters as they emerge from the ship's belly bay. Its shields are flickering, and without some kind of relief they well soon fail.

"Keep it up," Adhar commands, sitting down in the command chair. Everyone has their orders, and he has no reason to further change them.

Zerna keeps her gaze focused as she looks to her data pad. There's an intensity there as she taps at her data pad. "So far....it doesn't appear as if they're making a change to their patterns...."

Sion could really learn to hate this ship: It might be agile as a bead of water on a hot skillet, but it seriously needs an astromech droid socket. She manages to get /some/ shield power back, but it's at the expense of firing. Not that she's managed to hit anything so far, but it's the principle of the thing.

Yeah, the universe is against her. Or at least its badly-designed underpinnings.

David rocks in his seat, thanks to the well aimed shots of something or other. What even hit him? David shakes himself out of it, it doesn't matter. "Ones, nevermind the damage report, just go fix it?" he tells the droid, always staying right behind the Preybird. He's outmatching the slow-n-steady at every turn. Finally, the trigger is squeezed and a wing flies off the Preybird, which soon spins into its death, the explosion catching yet another Preybird by complete surprise coming out of the hangar.

<< Ok OK, Yus, one of them took some damage, and I'm on em>> Kae calls out, this time cutting loose with another fuselad of laser fire, at least the enemy fighter had to dodge it...

Kae says to her droid "Hold the controls... thanks.." She takes a deep breath and then flails! Before gripping the controls "Ok, all better!" She says to her droid.. More beeping "Yes I flailed, get over it."

Mandl strongly suggests in their commandiest (yet still polite) tone: "Array, focus on the areas of fluctuation! Mandl will pinpoint weakened shielding in the cruisers..."

Sarna frowns at her console. "Sir, They seem to be pulling back the corvettes, I think they are abandoning the Cathexis." she turns her head to look at him a bit of a tilt to her head she seems a bit suprised maybe?

The Cathexis is a powerful ship, heavily armored and just as heavily armed - but even with its additional guns, it is no match for the combined fire o the two capitals. Beneath the withering blaze poured forth by the Serious Business and the Altiadan, the ship cannot bring its shields up fast enough to save itself; wherever turbolaser blasts land, the armor plating flares and glows before giving way, molten and destroyed, until the plating can no longer save its internals. Smoke and more exotic vapors pour from the frigate's guts; as it tries to escape, its central boom splinters, sending it spinning slowly away before power dies and its engineering section explodes with the light of a miniature sun. Secondary explosions blast through the frigate's forward section, tearing great wounds throughout it, and in that moment, with escape pods launching into space, Cathexis is dead.

Almost immediately, there is chaos - Nastadar and Shurota tear at Foundry heart, dealing more damage to its armored hull, but the ship is able to escape; faster than they, it will make its escape. As will Workman, though beneath the assault of the kill-packs, the corvette has ben horribly savaged.

Finally there is Kallatar, who, already speeding away from the Serious Business, attempts a belly slash as it does so - but whatever the power of the ship's vastly upgraded turbolasers, the gunners fire wide in the ship's haste to get away. Its fighters and though their drives are abysmally slow, they begin leaping out of the field in all directions.

On the bridge of the Serious Business, Ahdar nods to Sarna's words. "Call back the fighters," he commands, "But keep point-defense and the big guns firing on those corvettes. Might get lucky." He won't, but the battle is won. Altiadan signals for its ships to retreat as well, but unlike the Business, whose shields have largely held, the Altiadan has been yet again savaged in places by the Cathexis's death throes. Nonetheless, it is able to signal outlying forces. Backup is on the way.

Zerna stands up straight now, picking up that data pad. Lips pursed she just nods now as she seems to be...slightly less intense. Glancing around the bridge she seems to think before looking back to screen before her. "Now...let the games begin...." A snort leaves her as she turns on those heels to face Zerna. "Need anything else from me, Captain?"

That's a surprising order. <Copy, /Business/, returning to the barn,> Sion says. She's surprised, not sorry; this was turning into the worst off-day she's had in a while. <And I've got an improvement or two to suggest on our latest fighter. You heard the man, Storms. We're homeward bound.>

Sarna nods her head and starts to speak to the other ships, "All fighters return to ship, I repeat all fighters are called bak." she looks to Zerna then to Adhar and back to her screens in front of her.

Similarly, David breaks off his assault. <<Returning to base.>> he acknowledges, giving one parting look to the retreating enemy. <<So.. odds any of our 'allies' were watching that?>> he adds cheerily, the X-Wing's wings coming back together to grant the fighter a little extra speed, as if it's needed right now.

<<OOh roger that.. evgidently I need to learn how to shoot!>> She says and rubs at the back of her neck.. Her droid responds, and for those who understand binary, it's quite obvious, that her droid is confirming that Kae really needs to learn how to shoot...

There's a pause, and Kae mutters << Uhhuh, rub it in chuckle-chips.>> the droid laughs

Mandl turns to Adhar in the wake of their temporary success, flush with is-this-victory? and asks: "Captain Gann, can we discuss plans to make their return a painful one? Mandl can seed the upper atmosphere with ore, or there are always minefields..."

It takes only a few more minutes for the field to be emptied, leaving the task force as the only power over Jaynat. For a moment - just a moment - the group themselves could be conquerors...but that is not to be. Leaping into orbit around the planet comes the Adventurer, the Gray Legion's ancient but pristinely-kept Dreadnaught, along with a pair of bunkerbuster corvettes, their escorts, and a small horde of troop ships and transports. The Gray Legion, it appears, is here to make the lives of the Kespanian troops on the surface a bad time.

"Right, then," says Adhar, sparing a final look at where the still-burning corpse of the Cathexis glimmers as it drifts toward orbit, "Sarna, contact the Altiadan, see if they need any help. Mandl, we'll worry about that later, just reach out and see if you can pinpoint any lifepods. As for the rest...well, I need to see Commander Litara..."

With the other ships settling in, Adhar shakes his head and rises from his chair. "Zerna, with me," he says, gesturing for her to join him as he heads aft toward the turbolift leading belowdecks. "As for the rest of you...excellent job, all of you. First Officer Ka and I are going to see if we can't find out what the hell has been going on since we've been shooting here." That said, he's on his way.