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Array Consortium: Didn't Get The Memo

OOC Date: April 11, 2018
Location: Tatooine
Participants: Adhar Gann, Mandl, Pennywise ST

Mos Eisley is by all accounts a horrible place. Whoever comes here might be trying to either run from something or hide from something. Some might say that's the same thing. The Market Street is a packed today, which is no different from most days. The sun is scorching down, making the sun bleached walls of the merchant city even brighter as one takes in the surroundings. One might wonder what brings Adhar Gann to Tatooine and to this hive of scum and villainy. But sometimes asking gets a blaster bolt in you.

That it might, that it might - but stepping off the shuttle and walking along the sand-choked street leading out of the Stardock Row, if someone looked very close, it might appear that someone's taken the shot at him instead. Hands in the pockets of his jacket, Adhar feels the sting of the blaster wound he'd suffered just the night before, the familiar burning in the flesh, electric and pulsing. Adhar's had a lot of injuries, some more exotic than most. He knows pain well. It can feel it there, knows that it exists, buried beneath the warm pink waves of painkillers. It'll surface again, sooner than he'd like, but tonight there's business needs doing and so business wil be done. Walking along, guns at his hips, knife at the small of his back, he tracks the slow course down the street toward his ultimate destination - which he has, as it happened, not determined yet.

It's this sort of aimless, almost holistic walking that leads him to his best business, albeit usually through a wall of blood to get to it on the other side. But despite the wound in his ribs, he does the circuit anyway, because it always needs done, the work. If he didn't do it, someone else would. Then they'd all be fragged.

Adhar just doesn't get a break does he? Most people would say no. Some other people would say that he's had it coming for all the stuff that he's done, but, they don't know the man now do they? There's a few people that bump into Adhar, one offers a grunt of apology before they peel off and head down the street. The other doesn't offer anything. Not even a fuck off.

Down the way, there's the sound of something going on. Maybe a vendor getting something stolen and cursing out the thief? Maybe there's a fight breaking out? No one really knows, but there's a lot of people starting to gather. Seems like the afternoon is going to get a little more interesting.

Now, now, he's not some evil - he hasn't killed anyone that hasn't tried to kill him or his first, as a rule, and he certainly tries to keep his hat as white as possible. He has that instinct, that little voice that says 'hey stupid, go stop that.' And so he does, sighing to himself and sauntering toward the hubbub, hands on his hips, just above gun range.

The crowd doesn't really give way when Adhar approaches, but for all the sudden commotion and things, two people take the chance to approach him. "Mister Gann." there's the sound of a deep voice that comes from his right. "We've been waiting for you to return. You're not a hard man to miss." a female voice states from behind him. Shorter of course. It comes from below his shoulders. "We'd not like to cause a scene when there's already already one. How about you just turn to your left and head down that alley for us." there's the slightest hint of a smile to those words from the woman.

It's the drugs, its go to be; the endorphin analog keeping the pain down dulls the senses. Should have come in armor. Adhar stands there for a long moment, looking at the two with mismatched eyes, the intact one as black and cold as the crystal the replacement one is ground from.

"Guys." Adhar sounds tired as he looks at each face, studying them. "You two know who you're talking to. Why don't you tell me what's going on here, first, maybe we can come to some kind of arrangement."

He's armed, but unarmored, and cover's not within rolling range. Adhar tries the mouth before the guns.

Both of Adhar's aggressor's are human. The male an older gentleman, probably not out of his late thirties. The woman, probably not out of her late twenties. They bare some resemblance. Father and daughter bounty hunters? Possbily. His words do give them a slight pause, which buys him a little time, "The Mathall Syndicate doesn't really want an arrangement, Mister Gann. They want you dead." the woman states with a bit of a look to him. "Which...I'm sure if someone sneezes on you hard might happen." she frowns as her nose wrinkles up.

The /Mathalls/ want him killed? They were just offering terms a few weeks ago! But then this is The Life, where things can change without apparent reason, and the stakes are almost always tracking toward death. Adhar heaves another sigh, looking now a bit more tired. "Guys," he says, "I'm not interested in hurting you two. You two might kill me, but you gotta know, one of you arent going to walk away from this. So...come on. I'm asking nicely. Let's figure some thing out. Don't make me do the thing." The 'thing', one assumes, is some act of terrifying violence. He is known for these things, after all.

The two Bounty Hunters look at each other while Adhar speaks and there's a look back to him. The gent takes a step back, "I can garuntee you that they didn't pay me enough for this." he admits to them both. Dad was chickening out? Oh that wasn't going to look good. The girl steps forward, "The thing? It's killing, Mister Gann. Let's not beat around the bush. We're all adults here." she states. There's that telltale sign that she doesn't want to deal with Adhar on her own. So she backs off as well. "You look like you could use a dip in some bacta." she tells him.

"I don't die easy," Adhar replies, his voice calm, almost amused in its way. "And I don't /have/ to kill you. Just put you down. My guns aren't on stun, though, so that'd be a mess. I'm just not interested in hurting a girl in front of her father..." His eyes track hers for a moment, then to the girl. "Or a man in front of his daughter. You two're just trying to make money, I get it."

Adhar looks briefly down at the dust at his feet - or does he? The intact eye moves, but the lens stares ever forward, black and hard. "And, it seems you two didn't get the memo. I got a deal with the Four Founders - yeah, I know there's supposed to be five, but I bet you also know that one of them went rogue not too long ago. Well, that's who we've been dealin' with, this...Aline, the Echani. Queen over Narco." He looks back up. "We got an accord goin' with the Four, now. Which means the contract is dead. How much you two put together coming out here after me, now?" The black stare swings to the girls face. "How much you spend, huh?"

The man defers to the woman, which means that all might not be left to the men in the universe. "We didn't spend any of our money coming here, Mister Gann. Everything was paid for by our client." she tells him with a look to him. "But, we did not know that there had been an accord reached. Which means that we should not be out here hunting you and that our clients contract is indeed dead." she frowns. "So, apologies on that." she states. "Glad we didn't shoot first." she adds.

"Yeah..." Adhar's rise a bit into view, where he picks at his nails a bit with the tip of a vibrodagger that had not been there a moment before. Close enough to pick the ribs of either hunter going in toward the heart. "I'm glad that didn't happen. Now you two, who hired you? I mean, specifically - I know, I know, client privilege and all that, but your client didn't update you and it almost got someone killed." He squints at a bit of dirt on the end of the knife's point. Shakes his head. "Might be another rogue element in the works, need to clamp that down one way or another. Your names won't be involved, of course, primarily cos I don't know 'em."

The woman gives a bit of a look to the vibrodagger that's suddenly in Adhar's hand and then a look to his face, "I'm glad we didn't have to shed any blood as well, Mister Gann." she states with a dip of her head. At least some Bounty Hunters were...honorable? Pleasant? "As for who hired us. You're a smart man. You've even said the name in this conversation." the woman states to him with a bit of a smirk. "So. My advice? Not that you need to take it. Would be to cut that head off so it leave you alone. And so it stops making trouble where others think things are settled." she points out.

Mandl, head to the ground, blunders thisaway-and-thataway around pedestrians. Eyes glued to a portable sensor-pack not unlike Skywalker used on Hoth, the antennae flop gaily in the modest wind as Mandl follows the *blonk-blonk-blonkblonk-BLONKBLONKBLONK-REEEE!* Mandl jumps in triumph! "There! There it is! The Massiff graveyard!" Whatever ... that is ... it's conveniently between Adhar and his assailants.

The Bounty Hunters give a look to Mister Gann and then Mandl as they decide to get in between them. They didn't know the person. So it was amusing to them. "Well, I didn't know we were standing on hallowed ground. Doubly good that we were able to sort this matter out by not getting into a fight." the woman states with a smile. There's a nod to Mandl, "You have a good time with the graveyard." she states. Then the two of them are starting to take a few steps back. Because Adhar is still armed and well, they aren't dumb!

Mandl exhorts to Mister Gann: "Put away your knife, sir, and grab a spade!"

Mandl pulls a piece of chalk and starts marking elevations and depth-instructions on the hardest parts of... well. 'The street.'

The woman gives a smile to Adhar and to Mandl, but doesn't say anything else before she turns to leave with the gentleman that's with her. She simply puts down the visor on her helm and starts to head off into the crowded streets of Mos Eisley and disappears. Apparently she'd need to report back to their contractor that she was going to need to pay a little extra for not sending them the correct memo.