Log:Array Consortium: Imperious Stricken

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Imperious Stricken

Location: Wild Space, near the Albanin Sector
Participants: Dreman Bryce

Thanks to some breed of craft or treachery, the First Order has discovered the location of the Imperious. The Supreme Leader has decreed that a message must be sent, and so it is....

"Your course, Captain," Bryce's voice rang clear in Captain Kinna's mind. She had become distracted by the wash of pink and blues of the nebula outside of the Ferrata's viewport. In all of her years in the First Order, she had never seen such a sight. Their sensors had the Strike-class 'Imperious' buried beneath signal noise in a gravitational anamoly.

"All ahead engines. Bring us alongside," Captain Kinna ordered, finally, "Tell the twins to suit up--" She says, before being cut off by Bryce's quick interjection.

"No boarding parties," Bryce says, turning to regard the crew for a moment. His eyes linger for a long second on Kinna, before she makes a bold decision.

"Commander, an old, secret Imperial ship?" She muses, looking beyond Bryce to the nebula again, "There's no telling what secrets are buried here." Her voice is the firm voice of a Naval Officer practiced in pushing her luck.

"Our orders don't allow for any sightseeing, Captain. The Supreme Leader has called for that ship's retirement," Bryce returns, coldly. "The history of a failed Empire isn't useful to us. Our enemies would use this ship to supply the Resistance and attack our people," Bryce explains quietly. He turns his back to Kinna and her crew, to eye the ship that was to be scuttled. "Destroying this vessel marks our commitment to the First Order's security from pirates and thieves. When our enemies seek out the Imperious, they'll find themselves wanting. This is what happens to those who would oppose our Supreme Leader," Bryce affirms, holding out a hand, palm up, towards the derelict.

Captain Kinna considers Bryce's words for a moment, before she offers a nod to her crew. "You heard the Commander. Leave no piece un-scorched," Kinna orders. Moments later, the Corvette's gunnery stations below deck light up, destroying the Strike-class 'Imperious'. Being a modular ship, pieces were quick to break away, and they were not spared the wrath of the Ferrata's weapon systems.

In the end, there was only fragments of ship and scorched durasteel.