Log:Array Consortium: Interlude - Winding Up The Pain Machine

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Interlude - Winding Up The Pain Machine

Location: In Transit, Freighter Blueline
Participants: Atria Foster, Adhar Gann

Ah, it's the Captain! Adhar's brows arch as he looks through the 'camera' of the holopod on board the cockpit of his ship. "Chief," he says. "Out and about again, I see?"

Holographic Transmission ::::

Hologram Atria lounges in one of *flicker* the cockpit seats. She grins and shrugs, "Not too far out and about at the moment. Currently getting some cargo offloaded on Nar Shaddaa."

"Good." Adhar leans back in his seat. "Bar'duur has been kidnapped him and a good friend of the Consortium, a woman named Siya Do you know her?"

Holographic Transmission ::::

Hologram Atria *flicker* sits up straight, her expression becoming deadly serious, "I believe I've heard Bar'duur mention her name before, but haven't actually met her. What happened?"

"Just a moment." He presses a few keys on the terminal after slotting a datacard, allowing a video to appear.

The video is of Bar'duur and Siya being dragged while unconscious through a dark tunnel and shoved unceremoniously through a metal door. The video turns around to look into the dark cell of the two lying on the ground unconcious, but otherwise seemingly unharmed. A voice is heard. "You can have them for a hundred thousand. Otherwise we will gain our money in alternative ways. Wait for my instructions."

Holographic Transmission ::::

Hologram Atria frowns as she watches the video. "That's not the Blades' usual methods. Do we know who's behind this?"

"Not yet," says Adhar with a shake of his head. "But I've already tracked down the kidnapper, so we will be fetching him this evening. I imagine putting him in space in a suit with a five-percent oxy load will get him talking. After that, we speak with whoever's behind this, and get them to understand the error of their ways."

Holographic Transmission ::::

Hologram Atria nods sharply, "Sounds good. I'll be able *flicker* to return to the ship for my gear once this cargo's unloaded."

"We'll get there," Adhar says with nod. "They'll be sorry in any case. Even if we get them to hand people over without fight, we'll cleanse them from the earth. Minimal survivors.

Holographic Transmission ::::

Hologram Atria grins darkly and leans back in her chair once more, *flicker* "Even better. I'll bring my A280. Been wanting to try it out on live targets."

"That's the spirit." He smiles, though it's a flat, plastic thing. "Talk soon. In the meantime, say nothing. He's officially on leave for now. Just in case we've a spy in our midst."

Holographic Transmission ::::

Hologram Atria frowns at this and nods, "Maybe we can find that out from the kidnapper, too."

Adhar nods. "That's the plan. Right, then, I'll leave you to it. Don't worry, we'll get 'em AND put the fear in them at the same time. Out."