Log:Array Consortium: Reporting In

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Reporting In

Location: Deep Space, Location Unknown
Participants: Pash Danigo, Adhar Gann

Having met with Aline, and gotten the information that the Mathall Syndicate is willing to deal, Pash reaches out to Adhar...and, perhaps, learns some things he doesn't care for.

Deep space. Nothing around about but pinpoints of light. Pash Danigo jumped here directly from his meeting with Aline, someplace off the grid where he can run a systems check and identify any bugs that may have been planted by the shady crew who were crawling in his ship's guts. Also, a place where he can make a call in private. Patching through to Adhar, he waits for the other man to receive is ping, going through his head the best way to deliver his news...

The holocomm connects, showing a man in a medical bed - which would be Adhar, though for a moment he barely looks himself. Gaunt, shirtless, dark circles under his eyes. He looks...near death, honestly. Even through the blue paling that the holoprojector applies.

"Pash Danigo," he says with a weak smile, the voice seemingly too big, too brave for the image you see. "What can I do for you tonight, Captain?"

Pash squints and leans forward. Maybe he's getting old, or maybe his tech needs updating, but does Adhar seem...? "Well, you look like shit," he decides. If Adhar is well enough to answer a holocomm, then Pash's sympathies can wait. "Just popped out of the meeting with Aline. The woman is livid," he starts, leaning back in his pilot's seat. "She wants to cut a deal, and Adhar, let me help you broker this one." It looks like the senior captain will need that right now.

"I just about got my guts handed to me by an angry jellyfish," he says, chuckling - and then wishing he didn't. "I'll tell you later. Now what's this about this Aline woman? What the hell are you talking about?"

Pash lifts a brow and says, "You get into some weird shit." Then, the topic is back on Aline, and again he leans forward, lifting his arms in disbelief. "Aline! The Echani woman I met. She really didn't like the Koolen bombshell." Arms lowering, Pash huffs and falls back yet again. "The Syndicate is rattled. They want to make a deal. More people may not have to die after all."

"I bet she didn't," says Adhar, arching his brows. "They're likely going to hate what I've done this time even more - but if they're willing to deal....I think we might have something for it." He settles back on the bed softly. "Why are they rattled? We haven't destroyed all of their drug operations, or even touched their distribution network. Yet. So what's the deal? Tell me everything, Pash, and don't leave anything out."

Pash rest a pair of fingers on his chin, looking like something was just confirmed to him. Something that gets him thinking. "Yeah, that's I was thinking. I get the feeling this Aline woman doesn't know as much about Syndicate operations as she lets on. She told me their spice operations may be nonexistent without Koolen, but I have doubts." A moment passes, then his forehead creases before he asks, "Wait, what did you do this time?"

"I actually believe it," says Adhar, chuckling throatily. "Good. That makes negotiations possible, then. I got wounded last night by going to their mining world, you know, the one I wasn't interested in? Snuck in, snagged a massive node of the mineral crystal they use for the stuff. Got mauled by a creature apparently sleeping on in, but I'm still alive so it makes no difference. Now I'm waiting to hear back, but I do believe that by morning I will know if we can synthesize Danati Blue entirely free from any mining or slavery. I can save their entire operation, and they will pay for it."

Pash is quiet for a moment. A longer moment than usual. "You know," he starts, "When I signed up with you I was under the assumption there would be votes for big operations like this one has become. Now I'm walking around expecting surprises, which I don't like." He doesn't sound angry, but his expression is stony. "Sounds like your plan is made up, though. so I'll catch you back on the moon. Glad you're not dead."

"We did vote for it, Pash," says Adhar. "But you weren't with us yet. That doesn't mean you were shut out. I'll see you when you get back."

Pash's mouth becomes a tight line, but he doesn't talk back. He does, however, reach over to end the call, and when he does he closes his eyes. Deep breaths are taken, held, and exheld until he's calm again. It takes a few minutes. When he is, he pulls out his datapad and sets it on the dash. Time to dig a bit deeper into eldtratz and the Gantas before hyper-hauling his ass back home.