Log:Array Consortium: Seeking Lost Friends

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Seeking Lost Friends

Location: The Little Secret, Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Adhar Gann, Siya (Storytelling)

The Little Secret. Only very few know of its secrets. Adhar Gann is one that knows of /some/. As he arrives, at the Little Secret, he is greeted by a very familiar snow-white Twi'lek named Nari. "Ah! Mister Gann! Welcome! What can I get for you to drink?"

Adhar is stone-faced as he hits the bar, taking a seat there. "Nari," he says to that white-skinned fellow, "We need to talk. Call relief up here, let's go to the office." No question - an order, gently put but without any real room for refusal. Were he Zeltron, the man's alarms would be on hard.

The Twi'lek woman blinks at him. "Umm. Alright." She turns, her lekku twitching nervously to get the attention of a young man to take over at the bar. "Come on. We can talk. I am sorry, but Siya is not here. Is everything alright?" She asks, gesturing for him to follow her to the back.

He says nothing until the two of you enter the back; the moment he hits the office, however, he begins to look about, as if he might have left his keys here. Rummaging, lifting folders, looking at things.

"Your mistress," he says, "Where is she?"

Nari is quiet a moment, looking at Adhar as he begins to rummage around. "Umm. I don't know. She left a couple days ago to deposit some credits at the bank. I saw her meet up with Bar'duur outside the door. They seemed in good spirits. I simply overheard them talking about wanting to head to the gearhead district to look for things to buy." She narrows her eyes, "What are you looking for?"

"I'm looking for your mistress." He squats by the desk, looking under it. "And any sign of her passing. Did she meet someone here? See any clients lately, anyone might raise your suspicion?"

Nari steps forward, closer to him. Her hands fidgit nervously in front of her, "No. I am sorry. I didn't. All I know is they left to go to the Gearhead district. She probably took a cab to get there." When Adhar looks under the desk, he finds a small paper secured beneath it. When he retrieves it, there are two words written on it. 'Lair' and '1337'

"Right." He gets to his feet, looking grim. "Your mistress is kidnapped. Pray that I find no evidence that you've been involved. Otherwise, go forth and tend the bar until I return with her. I assure you, there will be no mercy for any involved." Nothing exagerrated about it, really - he states these things as though he were commenting on the weather. Is it scary? Who can say?

Nari's reaction is genuine and her hands go to her mouth in utter shock. Her eyes fill with tears almost immediately. "K..k..kidnapped?" She says in a quivering voice. "No! I would never! Siya took me in after I was a slave. She gave me a job! She is mybest friend! I would never do anything to hurt her!" She steps forward again, "Is there anything I can do to help?"

"You can tell me what you know, if anything." Adhar takes a seat behind the desk, hands out of sight. Expression flat, like the poured stone from which the tower is made. "Dig deep, Nari. Anything you might come up with could be of help."

The Twi'lek woman thinks really hard. "Actually.." She looks up as if remembering something, "They did take the cab. I saw her flag it down. There was a Rodian driving. I remember the cab had a weird dent on the side and a blaster mark like someone fired at it. I didn't think anything else about it as I went back to my business as the cab pulled over. We havn't had any trouble here for a long while. I can't think of anyone who would try to hurt her!"

He gives Nari a faint, humorless smile. "Well, then we're both learning new things, yeah? Don't worry, Nari, you're doing a good job." Adhar purses his lips for just a moment. "Now those are good things to remember. Can you remember anything else about the cab, or the Rodian? Color? Cab company name? Registration? Just give yourself a moment, Nari, close your eyes...just think about that moment, let it play in your mind."

Nari closes her eyes and takes in a deep, shakey breath before letting it back out. "The Rodian. He was a dark blue green color. I did not get a close look at his face." She takes a few more breaths. "There was a logo on the side.. Umm." Her eyes flash open, "The cab belonged to the Golden Belt Cab Company."

"Golden Belt." He nods once. "Happen to get a unit number? Should be marked on the hull somewhere - I realize that's a bit of a small thing, but it would help to pin things down even more. This sort of thing is very necessary in the early phases of an investigation." Trying to pry out her real state of mind, he finds her weirdly impenetrable; perhaps if he knew the language of her species? "Anything come to mind?"

Nari furrows her brows a little more and shakes her head, her lekku twitching in nervous ways. "No. I don't remember seeing that. Though, there aren't too many Rodians around. Maybe ask the people at the cab company?" She shrugs slightly. "I could poke around if you like."

"No." Adhar shakes his head. "Not at the moment - they're putting them up for ransom and have already threatened harm should they detect something they don't like, and unless you're a trained detective or the like?" His brows arch, looking at you expectantly.

Nari looks down to the floor, shaking her head. "No. I.. I am not. I am just a bartender here. Though, I am also a concerned friend." She looks up to Adhar, "I really don't know anything else."

"That's not meant to belittle you, Nari." Adhar allows himself to soften a bit, and smiles. "I'm sorry. Wouldn't surprise me, truly special woman that we have in our mutual friend, if you didn't have special talents - when this is done, perhaps we can teach you to be a bit more of a snoop, eh?" Another smile, and Adhar gestures to the door. "Please go and see to the bar. Be...careful, won't you? And don't worry, I'll bring them back. You don't know me, darling, but I assure you, I am the /worst/ person to have put upon them. I suspect they'll know that soon enough."

Nari glances back up. "Please, keep me in the know. I am just a simple woman, but I have only love for her. So please.." She takes in a breath. "Ok. I will go. Oh.. umm, I won't tell Siya you were poking around. I imagine she wouldn't mind too much." Then the Twilek woman turns around to depart.

Adhar waits until she leaves, and once she does he locks the door behind her - and after that, goes into the closet to go straight on into her secret sanctum. Dials in the code, expecting it will beep him through - and assuming he's successful, goes down the stairs to look about the place, searching for clues...and then soon to begin using the systems to begin digging as well.

He does not really find any evidence of her having an enemy or anything of that nature. Though, he does manage to find a video feed that is on one of her consoles that keeps a secret surveilance of the place. There are videos outside as well! So, naturally, one would go through the videos. He will find the moment where Siya steps outside the bank and encounters Bar'duur. They hug and she plants a chaste kiss on his cheek very much the same way she does for Adhar. It's loving, but without the sexual undertones. Unfortunately, there is no sound with the video. So, he can just see the two talk, seemingly in good spirits and in friendly tones. The two head off, arm in arm and flag down that taxi.

Who doesn't love Siya? Adhar tosses that bit out as he watches the display, waiting for the taxi to pull up. Must consume taxi data.

The taxi pulls up and the back door opens. Sure enough, there is a Rodian inside. Oh! There is a nice face shot of the bug-eyed bastard too!

Saving a holocapture of the bastard, Adhar then prepares to cross-reference that with whatever criminal databases Siya might have access to - he's not a slicer, really, but /she/ is, and there's no doubt she's got links of some sort to whatever authorities exist in this area of space. Right?

Next he takes down the information of that taxi, and prepares also to run down cross-reference on that taxi as well.

The Rodian comes up with a positive match. 'Sneeder' He is actually a wanted criminal on various planets fo everything ranging from theft to sabotage to smuggling of illegal slaves. It's pretty bad. The man associates himself with whatever makes money it seems. As far as the cab itself, it is different than the normal open-aired cabs. It is closed in with the back section seperate from the front section. It does have that dent on the side and he can make out the cab numbers to be R7v843.

"Well," Adhar mutters as he prods at the consoles, "Nobody's gonna miss /you./" He does a search into the cab, looking to see if it's been stolen, or if the cab company is even real - meanwhile he starts to reach out to his own local sources about this fellow, to see what he can dig up. Adhar knows a /lot/ of people on this rock. Revenge talk might get him some real information.

The cab company is actually real. Unfortunately, people on this rock don't seem to care about backgounds. So, anyone could work for this company as long as they are bringing in the dough. There worst things people say about the company is complaints about rude cab drivers and funny smells in the cabs themselves. Otherwise, it is normal cab service. The cab itself really -is- part of the Golden Belt company. Sneeder really is part of the company, running cab work. Though, not very smart of him to do it this way. Any more information is actually hard to gather without going to the cab company itself.

A call is made to the cab company. He waits to hear from dispatch, and then he asks for the manager. Assuming the manager answers, the smuggler introduces himself, his connections, his Hutt friends. He explains the situation, and offers the manager ten thousand credits for all information known about Sneeder...and also his silence. Gentle guidance that speaking to anyone else would be bad. For him. For the company. He really is good at threats, is Adhar Gann.

What Adhar finds out is the work schedule for Sneeder. Why go to Sneeder when Sneeder can come to you?

And the manager asks very nicely to not blow up the cab.