Log:Array Consortium: The Inheritance, Part Three and a Half: Interlude

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The Inheritance, Part 3.5: Interlude

OOC Date: September 12, 2017
Location: Waywards Base, Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Siya, Nezlani Bebarv


I mean wait. No. Hack the Datanet. That's what Siya, seated at her rather impressive computer console deep in the headquarters of the Waywards Guild, is ready to do. As a request from Adhar Gann, she has been asked to find a specific ship, the last place it was recorded landing, and when. A tall order, considering how long ago it might well have been, but! Siya is on the case.

Siya laughs. "I don't run any show." She says to Nez. She leans over to where there is a cooler and pulls out a cold soda type drink. She pops it open and inserts a crazy straw. Don't judge. A sip is done and she leans in to read something on the screen. "What I am trying to do is figure out when that ship last left the planet.. Then I can get a bit of a timeline."

Still with his blue-ish alcoholic drink in his hand, Nez nods his head in some degree of understanding. "Alright, so how are you going to do that? Those types of files are usually encrypted, right?" With that said, he takes a less heroic pose and a drink from his beverage.

Siya sips again from the sugary, bubbly beverage. Hacking is the only time she drinks this sort of beverage. She considers it part of her ritual. When Nez says something about encryption, she laughs. "Encryption.. pfft." She finally gets to where she wants to be, "Encryption is not that difficult for me." She chuckles. "Ah! Here we are.." A new window opens up on the screen and she begins to search through bits of information quickly.

"Ohhh, that was good." Nez says, seeing just how she managed to do that. "So you're in the datanet know, it looks like." Another drink from his beverage and he bobs his head, mostly just watching and taking mental notes.

Siya digs through the datanets - she finds the start of the trail quickly, but it takes some time to find exactly where it leads. After an hour or so of digging, she finds the first gate: an old Imperial database, located...somewhere. Somewhere attached to the datanet and getting power, at least. Quickly locking down the address, she gets through the first encryption wall and finds...

...a half-corrupted mess. Something's going to need sifted through.

Siya leans in closer to the screen as if that was going to help. "What in.." She seems a little confused at first, those blue brows furrow and she reads the information displayed before her. "Oh by the stars.." She mutters. "This is a mess." She sighs softly and reaches for her drink, sipping it, then goes back to working on the information she has got. "Somehow the Old Empire is in on this. I don't know what they would want with this old ship though." She brings up a new window, beginning to type in some commands as if trying to develop some sort of logorithm or something to help clean up the mess.

"No no, go back." Nez says, recognizing the mistake Siya made. "Look, that link there, click on it. You can back direct the datalink and actually get it to start sending you it's raw script data, straight from the Imperial mainframe." Nez doesn't want to intrude too much on Siya's personal space, but he reaches a hand towards the computers and jabs at the keys a bit. "See, look."

Siya blinks. She is not used to someone touching her computer when she is working. "Wait.. what.. uh.." But then she looks to see what he is saying. "Oh..." She says the last monosyllable in a tone of understanding. She glances to him and back to the computer. "Well. Let me see here.." She clicks the 'link' and suddenly gets a whole mess on her screen. "ACK!" She works feverishly to get the mess from her screen, then looks over to Nez. "Wrong thing to click." She then looks back.. "But.. I see it here.."

Another sip is taken from her soda. Soda sure is good luck! With the soda set back to the side, she glances back to Nez, "Thanks for the help." A smile is flashed before looking back to the screen. She begins to shift through some files. "Look.. names of several criminals, smugglers.." She furrows her brows. "Oh man. This guy deserves to be on the list.." The name pops up, Bolinos the Slasher. "He has kidnapped and murdered many women and children across the galaxy. They still havn't caught that guy.."

"Right right." Nez says, agreeing with Siya. Though, he backs off a bit from the computer so she can work. Taking another long drink from his cup. "They haven't offered a large enough bounty for people to go after him. Intel reports showed him being pretty darn dangerous." Nez suggests to Siya.

Siya continues to scroll through names and faces, resting her chin into her palm. She doesn't open any more files, particularly looking for any file with the last name of Gann. Then Siya blinks. "Oh here we go.." She finds a file and tries to bring it up. It is encypted and she quickly works with another program to decode the encryption. It takes a moment and as she waits for the program to do it's job, she looks to Nez, "See. I get more work done than people fighting.. no dealing with charged emotions with this. Though, if someone finds out.. there will be charged emotions on their end." She laughs. When the program finishes running, there is a soft sound that comes from her computer and she turns her attention back. "A master list. This will help me find... Bingo." She clicks on the file Mooncharger.

"Hey, charged emotions have their uses." Nez replies with a chuckle, offering Siya a grin. At this point he has hammered down the last little bit of his drink before tilting his head at Siya curiously. "What is 'moonstormer'?"

The file is fairly brief, listing the name of the ship, its provenance (Corellia, 17 BBY) and its original owner (Masaan Norrel, believed to be an alias.) The ship's crew and captain are specifically not mentioned, but the source of the data is from an agent Talal.

There's a final mooring record for the ship on Bimmissaari during 3 BBY, but any attempt at finding the vessel after that failed. It's noted that the ship is believed to be working with agents of the Rebellion.

Siya laughs. "Yes. Though, I am not interested in those types of emotions." She smiles faintly. "The Moonstormer is the name of the ship." She says softly. "Hmmm." She takes the information that was in the file and then records it onto some small device plugged into the computer. "Would be a shame if.." She clicks a button, deleting the file from the database, smirking. "Ok, now I need to go and find some files from the Bimissaari ports.."

"Huh... Moonstormer. Eh, it's an alright name. Could use some work though." Nez says, shrugging a shoulder. "Moon Keeper... No..." Nez rubs his chin in contemplation at a better name. Then he peeks back up at Siya. "Oh, are we going to Bimissaari? I've never been..."