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Array and Hutt Cartel Debrief and Q&A

OOC Date: December 15, 2021
Location: Tatooine
Participants: Alexis Khel, Adhar Gann, Tovana, Jundani Meru, Mandl, Valeska Kora

[ Alexis Khel (Alex) | 20:00:49 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

It makes sense the Array Consortium would book this room. It's a lavish conference room meant for Big Money and Big Business in the nicest building on Tatooine. It has been retrofitted to suit the gathering of Array Consortium members. There is a sleek looking podium at the front of the room and a small table just behind and off to the side. Alexis Khel is standing at the podium, her back resting against the solid edge. Her hair is down, that chestnut brown bob looking a touch askew from desert sun and wind, but she wears it well. A sharp, thick-strapped and high-necked dress covers her torso. Form fitting and sleek, the black fabric atop is an intricately woven tapestry of lace covering something a bit more sleek and gold beneath. Keeping in that pattern is black high heels with metallic gold heel-spikes, and delicate gold jewelry. Rings, a necklace, and earrings. Eyeliner and lipstick. The whole shebang.

"It really does get everywhere," Alexis says, sticking her left foot out and giving that high heel a gentle wag up and down, as if to spill some more sand. "If the wind keeps up, I might have to make you carry me back to the ship," she says to Val. There's a sort of humor to her tone.

Behind her, a HoloProjector broadcasts the Array Consortium's logo. The projection is large, taking up a good amount of space in the room. It twirls that logo around on its axis in front of a gathering of comfortable chairs for folks to settle onto once they've arrived.


[ Mandl (Man) | 20:03:24 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Mandl, no stranger to sun and sand, does telegraph some relief in the air conditioned space. Clearly they, too, have a yen to develop teleportation between the conference and the atmospheric presets of their hold. But present they are, having brought their own seat!


[ Jundani Meru (Jundani) | 20:08:07 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Jundani, entering not far behind Mandl, and looking none the worse for wear from the trek between the starport and the government, center, noted the projector screen as well as the two standing not far from it. The lawyer and the Mandalorian both received a nod of acknowledgement, before she made her way to a seat to Mandl's right, "Begin as you mean to go on, Dr. B'rot?"


[ Valeska Kora (Val) | 20:08:17 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

There is a presence in the room already that doesn't quite fit with the lavish decor and she has found herself a perch near Alexis. Positioned to the side of where the podium is, the crismon-armoured form of Valeska is leaned up against a support column with her arms crossed over her chest; eyes behind the T-visor watching the Array's logo spin around and around on the holoprojector.

The mention of sand makes the bucket tilt to the side then turn on a swivel towards her and though no expression can be seen, there is a bit of humour in her voice modulated through the vocoder. <"Last time I was on Tatooine, I said I couldn't be paid enough to come back. Apparently I was wrong."> She makes no mention of all the nooks and crannies the abrasive stuff has made its way into but instead adds: <"Still beats Mandalore, yeah? I swear the sand there is made out of shards of glass."> A thoughtful pause then, <"Probably is since it's all been rekked over the centuries.">


[ Adhar Gann (Addy) | 20:16:10 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Amongst the others entering the conference room is Adhar - who, looking properly naval, enters in the trim blue and gold lines of his usual uniform. Are there sand-ships on Tatooine? The Krayt-Hunter's Navy? He enters with guns and fighting-knife on his tunic belt and a large-format datapad under one arm as he strides in easily. Notes Alexis there, the Mandalorian standing nearby. The sentry.

"Well I am glad that you have a good bodyguard, at least," Adhar says as he crosses the floor to where Alexis stands. "If not our own Marines, at least a Mandalorian." Valeska gets a nod before he turns his attention back to Alexis, brows faintly quirked. "Any trouble since last we spoke?"


[ Tovana (TV) | 20:20:45 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Also making her way into the conference room is a somewhat unusually tall Jawa. Or is it? When on Tatooine, make like the Jawas. Tovana was covered head to toe in her old brown desert robes and wrapped in black cloth underneath, rendering herself almost indistinguishable from an actual Jawa save for her height and the unusual bump in the back of her hood from her lekku. A wave is given to the others in greeting as she looks around at who's gathered in the conference room. Mostly familiar faces and one suit of armor. Making her way inside, she finds somewhere to sit alongside the other Array members.


[ Alexis Khel (Alex) | 20:22:58 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Alexis laughs softly at Valeska and lifts her foot back down to the floor. Whether or not she succeeded in getting sand out of her high heels is... well. It's doubtful, to say the least. "Now now," she says, "The Mos Espa representatives have been quite accomodating. Try to be polite," she says. The mention of Mandalore does give her a pause, and for a second, it looks as if she might be about to speak. That's when Mandl makes his entrance into the room.

As the Array Consortium members file into the conference room, Alexis lifts her back from the podium she'd been leaning on and turns to face them. Her fingernails sort of tug and play at one another, hands lacing over her midsection. Her big brown eyes sweep the crowd and a pleasant, albeit catlike, smile spreads over her expression. "Please, take a seat," she says and, upon seeing Mandl's throne, softly exhales a laugh, "Or bring your own. How industrious." Jundani is offered a polite smile and a delicate nod when she enters as well.

When Adhar enters, he's greeted with a familiar face that may look somewhat unfamiliar in person. In the flesh, Alexis Khel is a quizzical combination of delicate and intimidating. "And a lovely conversationalist. All quiet in Hutt Space, I'm pleased to report. It's good to meet you in person," she says, and then gestures to the row of seats in front of her in a motion for him to sit.

"Good evening, everyone," Alexis says when folks have finished settling in. "Thank you for taking the time to travel to Mos Espa on our behalf. I am Alexis Khel, the adjucator hired to represent the Array Consortium's case to the Hutt Cartel. This is my bodyguard, Valeska Kora of clan Kora."

She depresses the button on a small cylindrical object in her hand, and the projection buzzes, hisses and pops to an image of Nal'Hutta and its orbiting moon Nar'Shadda.

"Before we begin, I would like to go around the room for some brief introductions," she says, and smiles. "I like to know the people I'm working with. Just a name or callsign and, if you'd care to share, a brief bit about yourself," she says.


[ Adhar Gann (Addy) | 20:26:36 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

"Likewise." Adhar offers Alexis a faint smile and another nod to Valeska before he goes to take the indicated seat. His Consortium fellows get a smile as well, though this one is a bit less businesslike as he settles in and places the datapad upon his lap. He doesn't speak up. Mostly because he figures that he doesn't have to.


[ Mandl (Man) | 20:26:58 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Mandl confides quickly to Jundani: "Resting my limbs. Ejected from a swoop I over-clocked. There's footage of the race, somewhere, doubtless?" They shake their head. "... perhaps someday I will learn." *ahem, hem.* A nod. "Dr. Mandl B'rot, Exploratory Chief. Miner, metallurgist, surveyor, et cetera." They nod appreciation to the lawyer and her bodyguard. "Madames."


[ Valeska Kora (Val) | 20:27:01 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Valeska's helmet turns to Adhar -- clearly the guy in charge though his face is unfamiliar to her. There is a moment of silence from the unmoving armour then a nod of acknowledgement back towards him. <"At least."> is repeated back in the same modulated tone that often comes from a Mandalorian who is officially on the clock. To the others gathering, the figure studies them each in turn; her shoulders relaxed and propping a foot up against the support where she leans. Of the group, there is one she recognizes and an abrupt laugh sounds through. <"Mandl. Quite the entrance."> But beyond that, she opts to keep talking to a minimum. For now.


[ Jundani Meru (Jundani) | 20:29:00 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

"I thought you simply wanted a few extra limbs with which to kick down the competition." As per her usual, Jundani's tone was entirely deadpan, but Mandl, at least, would know her well enough to catch the humour in her words. Having remained seated while the other members of the Array made their way in, Jundani listened t the brief introductions, eyes moving from lawyer to Mandalorian, before she nodded. "Jundani Meru. Specialist under contract to the Array." What precisely she specialized in, Jundani did not seem inclined to specify. But, she did at least follow the brief.


[ Tovana (TV) | 20:34:50 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Tovana blinks under her hood as she looks around for a moment. "This meeting feels kinda small..." she notes quietly to herself, shaking her head. She reaches up to pull her hood down and slip some of the cloth off from around her face so she's not completely unrecognizable. She takes in a breath once her mouth is free. "I forgot how hard it is to breathe in this stuff... anyway! I'm Tovana, mechanic and Y-Wing pilot!"


[ Adhar Gann (Addy) | 20:37:49 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

"The vast bulk of the organization is working or in a state of combat readiness," Adhar affirms to Tovana. "And is being holorecorded besides. We don't need a crowd." He looks back to Alexis, then. "Adhar Gann, for the record."


[ Alexis Khel (Alex) | 20:40:35 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Alexis goes around the room as introductions are made. She smiles to Mandl and their thone. Jundani is not pressed for further information. It seems Alexis understands the need for discretion, and the woman receives a polite smile and nod as well. Lastly is Tovana, who receives a similar sort of politeness from the lawyer. When Adhar introduces himself, Alexis smiles and nods.

Moving on, Alexis turns her attention to the projection of Nal Hutta and its orbiting moon. She's businesslike, but relaxed. There's a conversational sort of tone and a natural charisma when she speaks. It's deliberate, too. She wants this to feel like a conversation, not a lecture.

"Our agenda for this meeting is loose, but our goals are simple: introductions, updates, and open discussion. I aim to give you objective facts about the case, our strategy going forward, as well as provide a few opportunities for the Consortium to help mend relationships with the Hutt Cartel."

The clicks the button again. The projection shifts to an image of Lord Chrouda the Hutt. He's seated on his throne, mid-conversation, with a goblet in his hand.

"As I'm sure you are all aware, the Array Consortium was temporarily wanted in Hutt Space. I am pleased to announce that, aside from Adhar and Zerna, the bounty on Array Consortium members has been lifted. You are free travel through Hutt Space," she says. And pauses.

"Any questions?" she asks, "I suspect there will be questions."


[ Mandl (Man) | 20:46:18 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Mandl does eventually raise their hand? "Point of clarity? Points, really."


[ Mandl (Man) | 20:48:18 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Mandl says, "Are you our legal representation? Do we flash your card at over-eager collectors on the debt, or just... reply in kind?"


[ Alexis Khel (Alex) | 20:56:12 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

"Officially, I am on legal retainer under the employ of Mr. Gann and the Array Consortium. The Hutt Cartel and Lord Chrouda himself consider me what they call an 'adjucator'. It is a term of respect to them, and I suspect one granted only due to my past dealings with the Hutt Cartel," she says, and smiles. "Feel free to flash my card if you'd like, though. It's why I hired Valeska, after all," she says.

In the absence of further questions, Alexis moves on. She steps out from behind the podium and takes a few steps towards where Array members are seated. This does take her a little bit away from Valeska, though the space she opens up is small and subtle. It still might catch the Mandalorian's attention.

"This freeze on your bounties is only temporary and will last as long as our conversations proceed. I do, however, suspect that I will be able to convince the Hutt Cartel drop the matter entirely. Initial conversations are proceeding smoothly, and a few unforseen events have proven to be potentially... mmmh... advantageous. Feel confident that I am pursuing any and all leads."

Alexis turns to look at the projection of Lord Chrouda again.

"It is my goal to restore the entirety of the Array Consortium's operations within Hutt Space; however, it is important -- imperative, really -- for you to understand how difficult this may be to achieve. Operating independently in the Hutt's territory is... unusual, to say the least. But we will appeal to mutual benefit. If we can prove the Array Consortium's presence generates more credits than their absence, then we have solid ground to stand on."


[ Valeska Kora (Val) | 21:01:07 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

At some point during the conversation, Valeska's chin had found a resting place upon her sternum; ears open and just listening. Inside the helmet, though, her HUD is keeping track of every sentient in the room in a glorious array -- get it? -- of colourful lights.

Alexis' movement away from her sphere does, indeed, get the woman's attention and the helmet lifts to follow the lawyer's movement. A shift in her posture; the foot drops from its propped position to join it's mate rooted on the floor. Shoulders draw up a little and she pulls away from the support column. Ready but not moving.

It is, afterall, what Alexis hired her for and Valeska is nothing if not professional. When she needs to be. Abd a hotheaded mess the other times.


[ Tovana (TV) | 21:01:57 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

"And here I thought the Hutts wouldn't care what a lawyer would have to say. Never underestimate lawyers I guess," Tovana notes with a small giggle. "So uh... are we required to do anything on our end then?" She asks, giving a small shrug as she slumps back in her seat with her arms folded. "What's going on in Hutt space anyway that they're more open to this now?"


[ Alexis Khel (Alex) | 21:05:00 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Alexis laughs when Tovana giggles. It seems she agrees. "Oh, the Hutts don't care about my legal degree. They are tickled that I speak Huttese. I am not bringing a legal case against them. I prefer to keep the skin on my body, after all. Or not traipsing around in one of those ludicrous slave girl outfits," she says. "No, not a legal representative. I am a... negotiator. An ambassador, I suppose," she says.


[ Jundani Meru (Jundani) | 21:06:19 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

"Not entirely unusual. An entire world exists in Hutt Space that is not under the control of the Hutt Cartel." Jundani's tone was measured, each word meted out only the precise amount of breath required. "It seems to me, that the basis of the trouble stems, not from the Array's independence, as there are any number of organizations which operate in Hutt Space which are not under the auspices of the cartels, but from Chrouda's dislike of having his attempt to steam roll the Array be rebuffed in such a public forum." Jundani paused, looking in Tovana's direction, "As I am on contract only, and my opinion is not one that carries weight, I would say I am not of a mind to feel that that Array requires access to Hutt space, above and beyond the freedom that its members are now allowed. However, I will say that the Array has always brought money into Hutt Space, we never existed their under sufferance. The Hutts care about credits coming in. If they feel inclined to loose the credits the Array brings in as a result of one Hutt's arrogance." Jundani shrugged, "That's just poor business sense."


[ Adhar Gann (Addy) | 21:15:27 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

"Alexis has a well-deserved reputation with helping smugglers," Adhar explains, crossing his legs and leaning back in his seat. "Her reputation remains well-deserved, as you can see." Once that's said, he continues. "Right now this can be kept down to the basis of a contractual dispute, essentially," Adhar says with a gesture to Jundani. "Jundani, of course, is right - I poked the bore-beetle's nest by refusing the Families to their faces, that's no mistake. But on the other hand..." He shrugs. "Stands have to be taken. They attempted to rope us into the First Order's betrayal, and reputations must be defended.

"That said..." His brows arch. "I'm willing to take a financial hit for running my mouth on their territory, regardless of the requirement. This, too, is a cost of doing business. I understand they might want recompense - and, on our part, a demonstration that we /do/ add to their coffers."


[ Alexis Khel (Alex) | 21:18:47 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

"Of course," Alexis says to Jundani, nodding along as the woman speaks. Alexis' eyes remain on her in serious, sincere acknowledgement. Only when the woman finishes speaking does Alexis chime in. "Of course, Miss Meru, but one Hutt's arrogance -- particularly a Hutt Lord's -- is not a thing one should take lightly. Hutts operate under arrogance, self absorbtion, and paranoia, and they command great authority within their space. But you are correct. If we can, in fact, convince them... gently... that it is poor business sense, we open the way to re-instating Array Consortium activity. Business does not operate in a vacuum, and there is movement already to take your space. If the Hutts feel that others can do what the Array has done while also coming under heel? Well. Letting you stay would be bad business," Alexis says.

When Adhar speaks, Alexis crosses her arms over her stomach and nods quietly along. Only when he's finished does she turn to address Jundani again.

"Make no mistake, Miss Meru. I do not think the bottom feeders scrambling to take the Array's place could replace you. Your organization is one of the best at what you do. What I propose is simple, really," she says.

"We need to show them that you're the best, and that what they stand to gain from restoring your operation within their space."


[ Mandl (Man) | 21:22:57 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Mandl mms? "And those of us in the skilled trades, how can we illustrate our point?" A nod to Tovana and Jundani. "... if I interfere with the quality, quantity or timing of Hutt fuel contracts, I assume it is a very short time before pieces of my body are mailed to known Array safehouses?"


[ Adhar Gann (Addy) | 21:24:44 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

"That would be a costly mistake," Adhar says, his voice having grown cold in an instant.


[ Valeska Kora (Val) | 21:25:42 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Valeska is listening to the conversation still, though none of it has anything to do with her beyond making sure the small, squishy lawyer doesn't end up a statistic during this foreseeably long business venture. Ah, dealing with Hutts. Never a dull moment.

Mandl's commentary causes the Mando to chortle a little and a gloved hand gestures in his direction. <"Not paid to protect you, yeah? Dunno if there are enough credits in the star system to cover the bill if you do something like that."> She seems to see the humour in it, at least.


[ Tovana (TV) | 21:25:59 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Tovana tilts her head slightly. "So... do we need to beat up these others groups trying to take our place?" the twi'lek asks, a small smile crossing her lips. "That would pretty quickly make a point I think. Though I suppose we could just do their job better than they would. Or something. Either way, makes our point clear."


[ Alexis Khel (Alex) | 21:29:47 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

"Nobody's going to be mailing anybody's body parts anywhere," Alexis says to Mandl, Adhar, and Valeska in turn. There's a hint of amusement in her tone, despite the rather unpleasant image of poor Mandl arriving in separate shipments to Tatooine. Tovana's question is nodded to in turn. "In a manner of speaking. I had mentioned earlier that there were some unforeseen developments that we may be able to play to our favor," Alexis says. She clicks the cylinder again, and the projection flashes to three bloodied, bruised faces.

"These three men attacked me. Tried to kill me, in fact. They were delivered to Lord Chrouda by a rather... colorful Togruta who came to my aid," she says. "The Hutts were... nonplussed, to say the least. They mean to eradicate them. A bit more than 'beat up', I'm afraid."

She pauses.

"I have proposed to Lord Chrouda that the Array Consortium aid them in these efforts. An eye for an eye. An enemy of my enemy, and all that," she says, and pauses to look to the crowd.


[ Jundani Meru (Jundani) | 21:35:01 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

"So you are proposing that we ingratiate ourselves to the Hutts by becoming unpaid thugs for hire?" Jundani clearly could have said more, but, instead, she simply fell quiet again, retrieving a datapad from an inner pocket of her jacket. Anything else, clearly, would be for Adhar and the Array to decide.


[ Adhar Gann (Addy) | 21:36:49 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

"The last time a group tried to take over our territory," says Adhar, still cool in his chair, "We delivered a fusion bomb to their base of operations." He looks to Alexis. "You may have heard."

Then, to Jundani. "These people attacked her for being associated with us. I was already prepared to purge them for that, Hutts aside. Any ingratiation is a bonus."


[ Valeska Kora (Val) | 21:40:19 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

The mention of the attack gets the most animated reaction from Val so far. Shoulders pull back and her feet shuffle and part in a subconscious shift in readiness. That certainly does explain the need to hire someone in the first place. Her instinct is to hunt the trio down and give them a reminder they won't soon forget about picking fights with seemingly easy targets, but that part seems well taken care of. So all Valeska is left with is her ire at the idea and a vague hope some other scrub tries it again.

<"If you don't mind me saying, it doesn't sound like your clients are in agreement they want back int Hutt space,"> Valeska muses with a sigh, trying to get herself back into a stance of cautious observation. <"Are you all going to be present when your case is made?">


[ Jundani Meru (Jundani) | 21:43:31 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Jundani Meru tilted her head as she looked over to Adhar, "Attacked her because she was associated with us? What proof of that is there? Or was she attacked her because she was a Hutt adjudicator, full stop? If the reason for the attack was to cripple negotiations between the Hutts and the Array, then that was an entirely foolish act. It can't be pinned on us, because why would we sabotage these negotiations, and it does not place the Hutts in a better position for bargaining." Jundani glanced over at Valeska, "The Array is not a single hive mind, slavishly following the commands of the person deemed to be 'in charge'. We very rarely agree on all points of what is to be done and when. Hashing out options and sharing opinions has always been our way. But in the end, the only voice that matters is Adhar's, and his decision is the decision that will be adhere to. because his decisions are always amde after opening the floor to the voices of the people beneath him."


[ Tovana (TV) | 21:43:39 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Tovana gives a nod at that. "So, we help deal with these guys, and that'll start repairing our group's relationship." The twi'lek furrows her brow a bit at the comment from Valeska. "Well... like it or not, that seems to be the best palce to do business these days. Given the choice, though, I'd be keeping my distance from anything to do with Hutts personally."


[ Alexis Khel (Alex) | 21:46:00 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Alexis nods to Adhar as he speaks. She turns her eyes to Jundani again, despite the other woman's being focused on a datapad. "I was content to let the Hutt Cartel deal with them, Miss Meru, but Mr. Gann seemed quite particular in his request for vengeance. I simply did my job -- smoothed things over, and found a way to make both parties happy," she says. "Diplomacy," she says.

Valeska's interjection is met with a raised hand to quiet her. Alexis turns her head over her shoulder to give Valeska a smile of appreciation. "Miss Meru's concerns are valid concerns," she says, and turns to look back at Jundani again. "I gave no formal indication that the Array Consortium would be present. Your cooperation with their... dealings... is strictly the decision of your group. I am merely pursuing all avenues." Alexis then clicks down on the cylinder once more. The projection shows three different objects on display now. One looks to be a piece of antique technology. Another, precious jewelry. And the last? It doesn't look all that special at all. A toy, perhaps. Or some childhood nicknack.

"Ingratiation is the name of the game when dealing with the Hutts, and in the spirit of such, I plan on bringing three gifts to our three scheduled negotiations. They will be jobs for your crew. The first negotiation, the second extraction, and the third... well. A touch more mysterious, I'm afraid. Successfully securing all three will be a boon for our negotiations. A fancy flourish, if you will," Alexis says, and smiles.

"Icing on the cake."


[ Valeska Kora (Val) | 21:50:34 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

<"I honestly don't give a flying drek how your group operates,"> Valaska points out evenly. <"I also don't care if you work for the Hutts or go somewhere else, yeah? So save the lecture for someone else. My priority is that Miss Khel doesn't suffer further attacks or mishaps and since I will be present for these meetings, no doubt, I would like to know who else will be there to potentially take a volitile situation and make it nuclear.">


[ Adhar Gann (Addy) | 21:58:47 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Adhar's lips flatten into a line as he looks at Valeska. "Then, as we are attempting to do business, please wait until after we're finished to ask your employer for those details." He turns back to Alexis and the holographic images, eyes narrowing faintly as he regards each as they manifest. "I'll need to reach out to some people for this, as there's an archaeological dimension to it as you know. We've yet to form a team for it, given our desire to ensure combat readiness."


[ Alexis Khel (Alex) | 22:02:17 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

"Valeska," Alexis says. Her tone is a bit more terse now. She says no more to the woman behind her, but there's plenty of words left unsaid in the silence between them. She exhales, and then smiles in Adhar's direction again. Pink painted lips are flush and full once more, and that warmth to her expression has returned.

"Of course, Mr. Gann. We have time before our negotiations precede. Until then, the Array is welcome within Hutt Space. That is all I have for today in the way of updates, and we've proven that we are not shy about Question and Answer time," she says, and straightens up.

"Open floor," she says.


[ Valeska Kora (Val) | 22:07:11 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Between Alexis' tone and Gann's statement, Valeska is in contemplation. Which is new for her, truth be told. The Mando is more statue than person for a spell as she is locked in this back and forth in her head. Then, like a droid powering back up, Valeska gives a kurt nod to the legal represenation and returns to her 'post' of leaning against the post. Arms cross over her chest once more and the Mandalorian goes blissfully silent.


[ Jundani Meru (Jundani) | 22:09:21 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

If the snippy tone of the hired help in the form of a Mandalorian was intended to cow the Specialist, there was no sign of it in Jundani's expression. In point of fact, she did not look at the mandalorian at all, even through the length of her comment, focusing her attention, instead, on Alexis and Adhar. "Thank you for work in this matter, Ms. Khel." because it was the polite thing to do and right to thank the woman for her work.


[ Adhar Gann (Addy) | 22:10:45 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

"Yes," Adhar says, nodding once to Alexis. "Thank you. So just so I'm clear -- the only members of the Consortium who remain banned are myself and Zerna?"


[ Alexis Khel (Alex) | 22:12:53 ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

A smile is given to Jundani Meru when the woman addresses her, and she nods in turn. "Of course, Miss Meru," she says. She straightens up and crosses her arms over her chest. Her attention turns to Adhar when the man speaks. "Yes. You and Zerna remain persona non grata. Should you return to Hutt Space, you would do so as wanted criminals. I am working to restore your access, but that will take time. As Miss Meru astutely pointed out, this is not simply a matter of business, but of ego. It will take some... delicacy to smooth out, I suspect," she says.