Log:As Good As The Original

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Zhu Yan gets his replacement left arm.

OOC Date: 18th July 2018
Location: Birena Tai
Participants: Zhu Yan, Sesti Greystorm

Sesti sits up straighter from her work bench and twists her neck to crack it before she looks down at her work. She gives a satisfied nod, then she sets her tools aside and stands, going over to her mini fridge and takes out a sandwich. She glances at her chrono on her wrist, and then glances to the door. She sent a message to Yan for what should be his final fitting/installment of his new arm if all has healed well enough.

Speaking of Yan, here he was now! One armed, no jacket, but looking far healther than he had when he was on the operating table after the whole mishap. Looked like he'd gotten a load off his mind about something recently as well, 'cause there was a spring in his step. Knockedy-knock-knock! "Hey doc!" he called into the medbay, without even bothering to wait for her to answer the open door. "I got your message. Is my arm ready?" Oh he was keen as a Corellian jumping bean.

At the sound of Yan's voice, Sesti moves over to the wall of drawers, punches a code into one of them, and it slides open. Lighted from the inside, it shows the limb laying there on a sterile padding, streamlined and colored the metal that Yan requested. Since she's already answered his question as he speaks it, she merely nods as she stands aside to let him inspect it.

Zhu Yan strode on in like he owned the place. Yeah he was way too eager for his new arm. And who wouldn't be? Do you know how hard it is to open a bottle one-handed? "Awesome," he said, and just straight up dropped into the operating chair. "Oh wait!" He reached for his neck and pulled his shirt over his head, then wriggled furiously to get the damn thing off of himself. It took a bit, but VICTORY. Witness his dadbod! The scar tissue around the crater was minimal now, perfect for mounting a prosthetic arm. "Oh man, that looks sexy. I'm gonna use that to prove to Narsai I'm hardcore." It's never worked before.

Sesti watches with a placid as the Corellian makes himself at home in her clinic and waits for him to stop thrashing before she puts on her gloves and goes over to set up her hover tray of necessary tools. Then she delicately lifts the arm from its nest, and also lays it on the tray. Guiding everything over to him, she gives a little snort. "Narsai Ordo? Good luck on that one."

"Oh I need it. Two years and nada. Ignored all the time!" Yan waved his free arm in the air in an expression of exasperation. "I really need to stop pursuing unpursuable women." He paused. "Is unpursuable a word? Eh. Is now!" Rambling again. Maybe he was just a little bit nervous about having a new arm strapped to him. Excited, but nervous. Hell, he hated needles! He looked at the arm closer, black with metal trim, almost but not quite a perfect replica of a human arm. Exactly what he'd asked for. "Doc I dunno if I've told you that you do good work but sithspit you do good work."

As Yan rambles, Sesti takes a hypo and sterilizes the skin where the arm will be joined to his body. "I know," she replies to his comment, a slight smug tone to her voice. "And... I would say that is the perfect word to describe Ordo." She takes the anaesthatic injector, local aneasthetic, and he'll feel the small stabs around the perimeter of the socket, followed by the flood of cool sensation that begins to numb the area.

It wasn't until the first needle went in that Zhu Yan noticed it, he was too busy waxing philosophical about unattainable women and good work. "Hey what the..." was the grunt from him before he felt the cool tingly numb sensation. "Did you just give me a needle?" He looked around in fear, then noticed that in the time he was fretting he'd gotten a whole lot more of them. "Oh hey that's cool I can't feel a thing!"

"Good," Sesti replies, her eyes on her work as he twists around to try and watch her. She takes the collar from the arm, and fits it to the crater, the metal and skin coming together with clasps and a bacta skin graft. The ball of the arm that fits into the socket has the rod that goes in and attaches to the bone that's now so close to the surface of the crater. She works quickly, from years of practice, and fits the arm into the socket for him.

Zhu Yan should be grossed out. He really should. But he was rapt. "Dude that's my bone!" he exclaimed, far too excited for his own good. Not being able to feel what was going on was a magnificent benefit. Plus he was getting another arm. Excitement overrode fear. "So how much rehab am I going to be doing once it's all plugged in and turned on?"

"It is," Sesti agrees, a somewhat bemused quirk at one corner of her lips. After she fits into place, and moves it in the socket, she continues on down the arm to move each of the joints, testing the range of motion. Once she reaches the end, she nods with satisfaction, and then reaches up to the shoulder to flick a switch. A jolt suddenly throbs in his shoulder, with a pain similar to the phantom pain, as the wires and sensors in the collar that fit into his cuff interface with his nerves.

"Whoa!" cried out Yan as he could suddenly feel! The pain started in his shoulder joint, where the connection was, but oddly enough it was on the other side of the skin. Tingling stretched down into his new arm reaching all the way to his new fingertips, and he felt them twitch. And move. He started laughing as he saw the hand move via his own input. He had an arm! "I have an arm!"

"Yes, you do," Sesti replies with a smirk, and starts collecting her supplies. The area around his shoulder where she numbed him still has that feeling of being too big and doesn't notice any pressure or pain on it, but the rest of he arm is in working condition. Speaking of, "the arm does not have muscles, so to speak, so there is nothing to condition with rehab. It is more that you do not try to treat it like a bionic arm that can do bigger things or pick up speeders, or you will tear it out of your body. You are capable of doing the same things of before, not much more."

Yan raised his right arm, and his new left. He looked at both, scrutinizing them, comparing them, moving both, turning them from back to palm and over, clenching fists, unclenching, all the while with an expression of wonder. Then he put them together, palm to palm, finger to finger, and marvelled at two things. One, "I can feel both hands!" and two, "And they're spot on the same size! Sithspit, Doc, you're a damn queen!" Up from the chair he hopped, grabbing his shirt and pulling it on with far more efficiency than he had before. He was over the fracking moon.