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A RolePlay Log by
The_Resistance & The First_Order


Attack On Hound Base


Sunday 04/Feb/2018

IC Date

Satunda 33/Kelona/1158


Docking Section, Hound Base - Nar Shaddaa


Rear Admiral Gren Delede
Sergeant Hazar Jast
Flight Officer 2nd David Ironside
1st Lt. Zetes
Knight Dreman Bryce
Flight Officer 2nd Kirit Xiptil
1st Lt. Dr. Maeve Zavir
Supreme Leader Kylo Ren
General Leia Organa Skywalker
Ally Rey
Private Devii
& members of The_Resistance
& the First_Order

The First Order has located the Resistance base on Nar Shaddaa and begins their assault...

          This is where ships land, it has an exterior balcony and an interior hangar bay. From the exterior balcony you can see out into the deep lower-levels of the Nar Shaddaa under-city. Its a dank view with very little natural light ever getting down here. There is generally water-run off from above, large distant flowing water pouring out of old busted pipe-work and disappearing down below toward exposed rock of some ancient mountain peak long sincv covered over by the skeletal foundations of the city ontop of it.
          The landing deck is covered in cargo crates and repair stations to work on the ships that landing here. The landing deck has strips of wight light that help shed some light on the deck. Yellowing landing lights activate in specific berths telling ships where to park when arriving.

          Gren is just about to sit down to a nice cup of soup at his makeshift desk just off of the tactical session, when General Greystorm's report that First Order troops are incoming hits the wire. The old pilot stands upright, and takes a deep breath, and bolts into the command center. "Piss. Piss. Piss." He's swearing loudly as he stomps across the room, ignoring the surprised junior officers that are already beginning to attend to their combat duties. He lifts a handset, and looks down at the console from which it was taken with a squint. Oh right. A button is punched with an extended forefinger. "All personnel. The Order has located us, and are incoming. All pilots, report to your ships. Fire teams find an officer, and hold the main corridor until given further orders. This is not a drill. We are pulling out."
          The handset is left to dangle, and klaxons are already beginning to blare throughout the base. He turns toward the nearest officer. "Start formatting that damned memory core, and then destroy it. We'll hold until then. Get the farewell gift prepped as well, Leftenant. Then get everyone to the Sacrifice." He draws his blaster, and jogs into the main corridor of Hound Base. A damn shame about the soup.

          "..I was just looking at the scanners, how weren't they on there?!" David Ironside calls out to nobody in particular when the alarm starts blaring after Gren's announcement. He zips up his flightsuit on the go, looking around for the doctor he'd been talking to earlier. As he runs past the army boys, he calls to his friend "Good luck, Hazar. Don't make me wait for you later!". Dave doesn't wait for an answer, keeping the pace to get to Spark 2.

          Zetes hadn't been back out since she'd buried her lost soldier. Which was odd for her. She'd been sitting with some of her squad, telling them some stories from the Battle of Jakku when the call came down. She was up on her feet within seconds. "You heard the Admiral. Everyone up and moving NOW! Zetes bellows to her squad and anyone else thats around. When the tall Chiss woman is screaming at you to get your ass moving you move! "Grab what you need. We don't have a lot of time. Don't go out of here half cocked, keep focused." she orders as she heads over to grab her rifle. The 1st Lieutenant isn't that far behind Hazar it would appear.

          It's not long after the klaxons begin to sound that Kirit is already on her way out of the crew quarters at a full run. As much as she wants to head for Flash 2, Greystorm had left her with a charge. The Sacrifice. ~Rant. Forget Flash. Get your butt moving to the Sacrifice if you don't want to be left behind. She clings a satchel to her side and a holds a blaster pistol in the other hand as she runs for the hangar.

          In the middle of one of those endless staff meetings, Dr. Zavir is almost (but not quite) asleep while listening to their ranking medical officer droning on about.. well she wasn't listening after the first twenty minutes anyway. The sudden blaring of alarms makes the surgeon almost fall out of her chair, saved only because she manages to push to her feet instead. "Alright people, we've drilled for this. You know what ships you're assigned to," is called to the group of physicians at large and they all scatter, grabbing what medical gear they can as they scatter. Maeve Zavir is one of the last out of the room, grateful that no wounded currently need to be evacuated, and she wrestles with her a large crate of field kits that she carts out into the flow of resistance personnel all running for their posts. "Where is -" is as far as she gets when she narrowly avoids colliding with Hazar and then Dave a few steps later. "Good luck, guys, I'll see you on the other side."

          "No worries, Dave, we got this," Hazar calls out to his friend, turning his head just long enough to flash a big smile. Maeve gets a quick upnod as Sergeant Jast slides into cover, "See you, Maeve. Stay safe."'

          A new sound begins to filter in through the noise of the klaxons, and every pilot will recognize the distinctive wail of TIE engines. An orb of blinding blue light comes rocketing through the entry, slamming into one of the X-Wings and explodes in a burst of fire. Another proton torpedo crashes into the hangar entrance itself, sending a hail of debris showering down and partially obscuring the way out. Scanners show the two fighters diverting up and around, swinging their flight paths in a wide circle to make another run on the hangar.

          Delede moves up the hall, still dripping red liquid, and comes up behind Zetes' position. His heavy blaster is aimed toward the floor. "Hold it as long as you can, Leftenant. We need to clean out the computer core before we go." He doesn't seem to be running for the hangar, himself. Which is good, considering the way the whole base shakes, and the sound of explosions fills the air. "Piss. That didn't sound good, did it?" He lifts his commlink with his right hand. <<What the hell just happened on the flight deck?>>

          As Dave is moving to the hangars, he has to dive behind some crates to avoid debris and fiery explosions. <<Ironside here. They've bombed the hangar, taken out one X-Wing and I can't speak for the door itself at this time either.>> Dave peeks around the corner of the crate. <<Still no visuals otherwise. Zip, you went in there, are you ok?>> Dave reaches for his blaster. Fighters are a no-go for now. He gets up, determined to at least protect the non-combat personnel.

          Good thing Zetes isn't spooked by antiques! Or she'd have shot Gren. "Sir, yes, sir." she states with a nod of her head to the man. She then signals for her men to move into position and she stands with her rifle and aims it, ready to hold the line for the moment. "No, it didn't." she frowns. "We'll hold stuff here. I'll send the soldiers when it starts getting down to the wire." she states. There's a look down to Hazar, "How're you doing down there, Sergeant?" she asks him.

          There's a very familiar rocket sound incoming. As a bomber pilot, she knows the sound of torpedo well. That there is a blue glow reflected in her multifaceted eyes is an action movie still frame money shot. She dives behind a wall of crates even as the blast rocks the hangar. Her body is lifted from the ground and the crates are knocked over like so much puffplast. She lays there for a moment, antennae ringing, while her world stops spinning. She's alive. She's alive! She checks herself for her satchel then snatches her pistol from the deck as she rises to her feet. Sure, her comlink just chattered at her but the concussion has all but rendered her deaf as she closes the last few meters to board the Sacrifice. She runs right into the lift and begins hitting the button for the bridge frantically.

          The crate that Maeve Zavir is carrying is jarred from her grasp as the aftershock from the assault has her staggering against a wall and lifting one arm to shield her face, eyes squinted. For a moment she sees only the after image, reverse imprint, of the way that -was- clear toward the hangar. As she coughs, squinting, and the dust slowly begins to stir, she gets a good look at the rubble and debris that is now littering the entrance. "The ships," she breathes this in a shocked tone before wrestling the crate back into her arms, clears the dust out of her eyes with the swipe of her forearm against her face and turns toward the others who are caught in the same location, "Ok.. Plan B is?"

          The lifts down into the secret base beneath the abandoned droid factory have been out of commission for the last few minutes for reasons unknown, but now the indicator light next to the door flickers into life again. The lifts hum and whir, and when the doors open, a contingent of white-clad troopers immediately open fire, a few in the front crouching low to hurriedly rush to the nearest cover, these in turn providing suppressing fire for the others to exit. Once the lifts empty, they rise again to load another squad.

          The familiar city world appeared in the view screen as the ship exited Hyperdrive where Chewbacca sat at the helm to bring the engines back online once in real space. He sent out a growl to the others indicating they would be on world in a little under four minutes and set the course for the Corellian sector at full speed.
          As the ship crested orbit, however, Leia's personal communicator immediately started blinking tthat there was a message waiting and keyed it up to Ambrosia's warning that First Order troops were in route to hound base. Instantly she's up and running through the corridors towards the quadlaser hatch, "Rey! You receive that message?" She says into the intercoms as she swung onto the ladder and started straping herself into the heavy blaster canon, "First Order on sensors. Get ready for a fight, I don't think the Resistance has any fighters in the air.."
          <<Hey Admiral... I hear you've got yourself an infestation? Think we can lend a hand?>>

          Right behind the Millennium Falcon a second, smaller, ship appears from hyperspace. Silver Leader, once known as Rogue Leader... once known as Red 5.
          "I heard it." Rey's voice says back over the comms to Leia.
          "Artoo, bring the defenses online. Lets see how much fight this thing has left in it, shall we?"
          The little silver domed astromech behind the X-wing's cockpit beeps and chirps and the shields on the craft come up, covering its hull.
          "I'm right behind you, General." Rey says over the comms. She reaches a hand out and flips a switch, the X-wing's wings spread open into attack position. With a push of the throttle the starfighter's red engines flare to life and it rockets forward to help their friends!

          Gren's commlink squawks again. <<What do you mean...there's no computer core?!>> He shouts at the person on the other end of the line, before ducking behind a bit of cover, narrowling avoiding a flurry of blaster fire directed his way. Stormtroopers! He shoves his DL-54 around the corner, and triggers a burst of fire at one of the lead bucketheads, sending two bolts into the ceiling over their heads. A glance at Zetes, and he nods. "Don't die." And then he starts to head back toward the command center, sticking to cover where he can.
          <<Understood, Ironside. Get in there, see if anything is bloody flyable.>>
          And then...! <<General! That's some damn good timing. We sure could use a hand. Our hangar bay was just bombed. Unclear if it's in any condition for flight ops. Get down here, give me a bird's eye view.>> He scuttles out of the way of a crowd of techs and their droids running toward the hangar bay, hoping against hope that their ride off the moon is still intact.

          "Doing great, ma'am. We're ready to kill some bucketheads," Hazar replies to Zetes, giving her a quick grin. "Remember, guys, I want to see rapid, accurate fire from all of you. Aim fast, hit fast. Nobody gets past us." The young NCO takes a deep breath to steady himself as he awaits the enemy onslaught. Already a veteran of numerous battles the young man knows exactly how tough First Order troopers can be so when the lift opens up he starts shooting while he yells out, "Light 'em up!"

          "Death's going to have to take another raincheck today, Admrial." Zetes tells Gren with a nod of her head. Then she's point her men to lin up, "Don't shoot like storm troopers." she states. Oh yes. She'd seen some shitty storm trooper shootying. Then she looks down the way at Hazar and the tall woman gives a nod to him. Then things start to happen. Blaster bolts start flying and she misses her target completely. Because she made fun of the storm troopers apparently.

          When Dave finds the doctor and her group, he pulls the crate she's carrying out of her hands. "Tell them to come with us. From what I saw the fighters are done for but we can still make a break for it on my ship. I'll need your expertise with computers. And a co-pilot." Dave gestures with his head for the group to follow him. As they're heading into the hangar, Dave calls back, "When we're on-board, strap in immediately. We'll have less room than we ought to with a ship that size." He heads up the ramp into the Screw Loose, not stopping to help anyone aboard. He puts the crate away in a convenient spot for Maeve or anyone else to see and heads into the cockpit where he starts to flip switches and mash buttons. Gotta get the freighter in the air!

          The lift had left the deposit of troopers behind, and returned above for the next wave. This one was different, however. When the light indicator warns that the lift is returning. There's a hiss of hydraulics and it comes to rest. The doors slide open to reveal Storm Commander Dreman Bryce. Clad in dark robes and a half-mask, his menacing appearance is made all the more worrisome by the white-clad Stormtroopers that pour out of the lift in front of him.
          Bryce wasn't afraid of moving with the unit, and the Troopers flow around him in a practiced kind of way. Immediately, the Stormtroopers begin to lay down cover fire. And, meanwhile, Bryce gets his bearings. Reflexively, a silver cyllinder is drawn from his beltline and brought to his hand.

          The lift. Is slow. Why they call them turbolifts, Kirit has no idea. But right now? It is taking forever to reach the bridge. Are they playing music? In a turbolift!? What manner of insanity is this!? No. Wait. That's just her hearing coming back. She looks down to her comlink. Right! "Kirit.. to.. anyone! I'm on the Sacrifice.." Ding! The turbolift door opens. "on my way to the bridge! Fighters are gone. Torpedo hit." If anyone's squawking back, she probably won't hear them. It still sounds like a bad jiz band is using her head for an instrument. Nevermind that she is running as fast as her spindly legs can carry her. Her pilot's helmet and satchel are bouncing off of her hips irritably. Which is to say they're irritating her.

          "Those.. those are troopers," Maeve Zavir stammers out this obvious statement to Dave when he takes the crate out of her hands and starts hurrying her along and the rest of the non-combatants taking shelter in the hallway toward his ship. "Can this thing fly?" she asks as she notes where he's stowed the crate of medical supplies, because 'convenient' and 'near at hand' may not be the same thing. "There were troopers in OUR lift," the doctor sounds offended by this data as she's dropping into a seat at one of the computer consoles in the cockpit and activating the screens with a series of buttons. "WHO Is that?" she demands with a gesture waved toward the fellow that the Troopers are running past. "Like he's a rock in the water. Only rocks don't typically carry weapons. Dave, does this thing have fuel and weapons?"

          The pair of TIEs howl as they circle back around on the base, scrambling to intercept the incoming Falcon and X-Wing. Three new blips appear on scanners: two more ordinary TIEs, and a Silencer. "The smuggler vessel has modified shielding, focus fire on the sensor array." The scarred face stares dispassionately through the red viewing ports, gloved hands resting on the controls. "The fighter is mine." His escort splits away to engage the Falcon while Kylo jams the stick ahead, sending his ship screaming to meet Rey's. The stormtroopers flooding into the secret base continue to fire, using a sort of group buddy system to move forward. A few fire while the others move to the next available cover. Those then provide suppressing fire for the troopers in the rear to move up in turn.

          "You heard the Admiral, Chewie." Leia says into her headset, swiveling the big gun around to take aim at the incoming group of fighters form into an attack pattern on intercept. The quad lasers bark out but end up passing harmlessly between the agile TIEs while the heavy engines of the Falcon send off trails as it goes into a corckscrew dive to get a better angle for the General, growling into the comms, "I see them... three more on sensors..."

          Rey didn't need technological scanning hardware to know who was inside of that TIE Silencer, she was quite well aware of the presence seeping into her mind. He was there, she could almost see his dispassionately scarred face inside the darkness of the First Order TIE.
          Rey listened to Leia's voice over the comms, but she didn't immediately respond to it. Her X-wing zipped down through the cityscape of Nar Shaddaa and she learned the controls hard to the right to try and separate herself from the group... to take Kylo away from her friends.
          "Come and get me." Rey muttered with annoyance on her voice.

          Gren continues to fall back, walking backward slowly, and ducking behind cover when a particularly close shot buzzes past him. He's in the process of answering a commlink call, trying to stay abreast of the situation, when a blaster bolt hits him in the chest. It pitches him backward, knocking him on his ass. The bolt happened to catch a piece of light plating on his flightsuit, and as such, he didn't die. But it's a nasty wound. He struggles up, and levels his blaster down the corridor. A single pull of the trigger has two blaster bolts slamming into a buckethead NCO's helmet. Bye bye helmet. Bye bye face.
          <<Ugh. Everyone fall back. We're done here. Get to your people to a ship.>> Delede's voice crackles over the tactical net, and he struggles to his feet, aided by a passing junior officer. They start back toward the hangar at a quick pace.

          As blaster bolts fill the air around him Sergeant Jast maintains his cool and calmly returns fire, calling out, "Nice shooting, guys! Keep it up!" His weapon goes off then, taking one of the Stormtroopers in the torso and sending them spinning to the ground, alive but in pain. It might not be enough to turn the tide by itself but it's something, at least. That's when a bolt takes Hazar, striking him in the right breast. With a roar of pain Sergeant Jast goes down to one knee, continuing to bellow as he tries to force himself into position to return fire, "Argh! Start falling back! Keep up the fire and stay with your buddy. Keep your cool!" With a deep breath and a loud moan he makes it the rest of the way to his feet and begins to back away down the hall, keeping his weapon trained on the enemy.

          The Screw Loose makes it off the ground, slowly out of the hangar. The ramp is still down as of now, allowing any retreating soldiers to climb aboard. Looking above him, Dave makes sure not to knock off the sensor dish. <<This is Ironside in the Screw Loose. Ramp's down, get aboard if you need to. I'm carrying most of the medics here.>> He calls to Maeve. "Strap in, doc, we're outta here." When the wide freighter clears the rubble and the hangar, he flips a switch to close the ramp, making sure no limbs are caught between it and the hull, then increases the speed as the freighter tilts up and away. <<General, where do you want me?>> he calls over the comms to Leia, whose voice he would recognize anywhere. And the other fighter, whoever that is.

          Zetes sees Gren and Hazar both get shot and they are taking heavy fire from the troopers and the Chiss woman growls through her teeth at the incoming wave. As if that might stop it. All of the concentrated hate of one Chiss on the First Order. "Sergeant Jast, head after the Admiral. We'll cover your squad on the way out." she shouts as she takes her next shot on the Stormtrooper Sergeant. Then she's moving and pointing her men to move out with her. To cover the wounded.

          It would be a stretch to say that Bryce had cared that the Stormtroopers were getting shot--That's what medics were for in the first place. It was, however, slowing his progress towards securing the facility. As another blaster bolt slams into one of the Stormtroopers, Bryce makes a dramatic leap forward to take the lead. If the Resistance didn't have enough of a reason to be on their heels, the sight of Bryce's crimson lightsaber blade snapping into existence might help them.
          Bryce's trained hands immediately begin guiding the Lightsaber to safely deflect the blaster bolts away--All while giving freedom to fire with impunity to the Stormtroopers behind him.

          Kirit reaches the bridge and takes a moment to catch her breath, bending double. Her eyes look around at the various crew who are busying themselves powering up ship systems. That's something anyway. What she sees, though, is a distinct lack of officers. ~Sithspit~ She straightens and heads for the command chair. "Officer on the bridge." She declares, tossing her helmet at a passing Rodian. "Status report. Engineering, have the sublights ready to go full power on my command. No, I don't care if we melt the walls. That's the point. Repulsorlifts ready for maximum lift." She seats herself in the chair and straps herself down. <<Bridge to all crew. If you're not strapped in, find a chair. We're leaving in a hurry people and internal gravity may not compensate. This is your warning. All gunners to your stations.>> She cues the external comms. <<<If you're coming aboard, now is the time people!>>>

          Calling up all the useful screens that she can identify so far, Maeve Zavir has one hand cupping the com link curved over her right ear as she listens to the com chatter. <<"Anyone NOT on the Screw Loose get onto the Sacrifice! NO one gets left behind!">> the doctor's words are urgent if not downright bossy. "How many made it in before lift off?" she asks of Dave as the freighter makes it off the ground and clears the rubble before the ramp starts to close. She's eyeing the lightsaber wielding man on the ground and, ever so calmly suggests: "Lets drop the ship on him and see how he deflects that."

          In the pilot's seat of the TIE Silencer, Kylo reaches out with his mind to the person in the same seat in that familiar X-Wing. If he can reach her, he'll speak. If he can't, maybe he's just talking to himself, but either way, he shuts off his comms. "It's not personal. You can still leave all this. The bounty can go away. Help me remake the galaxy. Let's stop this fighting. You can't win." His words are sincere, mouth drawn into a hard line as he rips the fighter into a whirling maneuver, unleashing a hail of turbolaser fire that manages to dance all around the X-Wing without actually hitting it.
          Meanwhile, the other TIEs continue to swirl around the Resistance craft, firing madly whenever the shot opens up, and down in the base, stormtroopers continue to pour out of the lifts, more than enough to replace those shot down by the Resistance fighters.

          "I am well aware that you're a better shot, but you're flying!" Leia has never been particularly good in a turret, little known fact. She always found an excuse not to be in one. Through out the rebellion it was always; I need to wash my hair this fight everytime Han got them into a jam that required some fancy firing. I'll let the boys handle this. Chewie growled a demand to switch places, "That doesn't make any sense..."
          Another growl and the General is climbing out of the turret UNDER-FIRE to rush forward towards the cockpit like she hasn't got the good sense the Force gave a screwdriver. "Get out of my way you big carpet..." Shoving past the wookie shoving past her as he amble like the huge animal that he is towards the hatch from which SHE just LEFT.
          A new headset slids into place and she grabs for the control stick of the Falcon like this is any better. <<-Screw Loose.. I've got five TIEs on me.. get some of the pressure off while Chewie gets straped into the gun..>> To which he growls a derisive assurance that he's fine...
          It took her a little longer than Rey, but Leia feels the familiar presence of her Ben in the air with them, she just happens to be in a big enough pickle that she's unable to engage at the moment, <<Rey... calm your mind. Don't let him guide your emotions... This is what we've trained for.>> The TIEs blast all over the exterior shields of the Old Freighter despite the juvenile attempts made by the pilot to dance out of their way.
          Chewbacca, at least, can still shoot. He's not afraid to tell her exactly how good he's doing despite her juvenile attempts either. She will not rise to his challenge though. Bigger game is afoot.

          Rey's helmeted head turned from right to left as she pilots the X-wing through the city canyons of Nar Shaddaa, making sure to keep away from the spaces where public and civilian traffic is heaviest.
          Flashes of green energy zips past the cockpit of her fighter and she sees the brief bursts of firey orange from whatever they were slamming into throughout the sides of the city canyon!
          When his voice speaks out to her, she clenches her jaw and looks ahead... Her X-wing dips down into the depths of the gorge, down beneath city walkways and then back UP with a gut-punching amount of GForce.
          "Your mother and I are only growing stronger by the day." She says back to him. "Luke's legacy lives on. Others will join us. I gave you a chance to come back from this..."
          She could hear Leia's voice over the comms, she was wanting to bank her fighter and veer back to help the Falcon!

          Devii rushes in after having to gather a few things like her rifle and anything else. She arrives just in time for the retreat order to come through. However, instead of just running to a ship, she hefts her large DC-15 in her green hands and moves towards Hazar and the troopers helping to cover the retreat. She doesn't notice until then that he's injured. Though, there isn't much she can do other than help him get on board a ship and to a bacta patch. When the crimson blade ignites there is a pause as it reflects in the Mirialan's orange gaze. After a moment she grinds her teeth and continues to provide suppressive fire while tactically retreating with her unit.

          More Resistance types have boarded the Sacrifice, and now they've begun running up the ramp into the as-of yet empty Last Call II. Gren Delede is one of those, helped aboard by a junior officer. His R4 already has the Sentinel-class powered up, and toots from the cockpit, warbling that it's REALLY TIME TO GO.

          <<I'm calling it. Sacrifice, get out of here. Last Call will pick up the stragglers.>> The CR90 is too important, and full of Bacta to be lost, here. He makes his way into the cockpit, but doesn't sit behind the pilot's yoke. Instead, he drops into a gunnery station, and flicks a switch, and takes hold of a joystick.
          Two blaster cannons drop down on either side of the ramp, and start to swivel, pouring red blaster bolts at the incoming stormtrooper formation, though they seem to focus on the red-bladed lightsaber wielding leader. It's a lot of suppressive fire for straggling evacuees, if nothing else.

          "Roger ma'am, moving!" Sergeant Hazar Jast calls out to Lieutenant Zetes, reaching up to clutch at his wounded chest as he looks over his men. "Peel off, guys. Get to a ship." And then he begins to move more quickly, heading for the ships, making sure his men are ahead of him. It's at the moment he sees Admiral Delede boarding a ship that Hazar takes a round from behind and falls forward onto his face, screaming in pain. With blood trailing down his torso on both sides and the air knocked out of him Hazar pushes himself up, moaning as he strives to move himself forward. Now hobbling, the young man is making his way as quickly as he can, face red with exertion when Devii arrives to help him out. "Go with the Admiral," He says as loudly as he can to his troops while he himself goes for the closest vessel with a ramp down. It just so happens to be the Screw Loose, grabbing onto the ramp while it's still down and rolling himself aboard with a loud "Argh!" of pain. "Reva, climb up to the top turret." He ends up crawling towards the ladder down into one of the turrets.

          Ramp closed, turrets manned, Dave calls back <<Copy that, General. On your six in a moment.>> The craft speeds ever upwards, alongside a building that doesn't seem to end at all. Finally, the craft explodes into the upper regions of Nar Shaddaa where the unwieldy freighter can move around without smashing into literally everything. "Doc, where's the fight at?" Awaiting the answer, the Screw Loose speeds off in the indicated direction immediately. Dave flicks a switch to turn the shields on, reading the displays as he pilots the craft. "Thank the Force the previous owner valued maintenance, huh?" he asks of nobody in particular as the artificial gravity kicks in to keep everyone in place.

          The crimson lightsaber arcs in fluid motions, tending to stay along Bryce's upper half in a fast-paced form. Though the blaster bolts coming his way slowed almost immediately as soon as the lightsaber came out, he was still kept busy. Until he felt something else coming. Suddenly, Bryce turns dramatically and the crimson lightsaber cuts through the air to block the blaster fire coming from Gren's 'Last Call'. The repeating cannons quickly provide an overwhelming amount of blaster fire and although it seems at first Bryce is able to shake them off, they break through and a chain of small blaster shots erupt around his feet.
          Even as the blaster-fire singes Bryce's robes, causing thick tendrils of wispy smoke to rise from the man's body, he remains undeterred. Bryce's eyes well with an orange glow--Though only one eye was visible. The half mask did almost well to conceal his sudden flare of emotion. But not quite. Bryce's right, saber-bearing hand droops, as his left rises. A bit of focus wells from within him and he reaches out with his senses to pluck the still-smoldering wreckage of a bombed X-Wing to cascade the chunks towards the Last Call's delicate engines.

          "You heard the Admiral. Seal the hold. Full power to sublights. Emergency lift as soon as we clear the hangar." This was going to be tight and flying an oversized bus is not what Kirit calls fun. To those outside in the hangar the only hint one would have of the coming blast from the massed ion engines is the lower bay doors sealing the hull against atmosphere. Then there is a sudden whine and hum and a flash of blinding heat and a fury of fire from the rear of the Sacrifice. Durasteel supports melt in moments, walls blast into the innards of Nar Shaddaa. Anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast... really doesn't have much to worry about. Well. Unless they hadn't made peace with whatever god they believed in before hand. The Sacrifice lunges forward and Kirit grips her chair with a clutching of her claws. "Shields up!"

          "Where's the fight at?" Maeve Zavir's voice isn't quite incredulous but she sounds pretty close to that setting as she is scanning the traffic that is scattering like so many birds before a storm. "Here," she calls out, sending the data to Dave with a quick series of taps on the screen. "Shields. Excellent idea," she adds in a more calm tone of voice. "So, landing the ship on the lightsaber wielding guy was a no-go? I'm just saying.. it might have worked."

          The TIE follows after Rey's X-Wing, mimicking her maneuvers with almost mirrorlike accuracy. "We'll see about that," Kylo speaks to the other pilot one last time before severing their mental connection and tugging back on the stick. The craft soars upward, looping quickly back towards the hangar, and one hand reaches over to turn back on his comms. <<Regroup on me. Recenter all fire on the YT-1300. I want that ship grounded.>>

          Once she's behind the controls properly, Leia focus' on the task at hand, One target. Her attention remains loose at the buzzing TIEs outside her view with her head moving across as one of the eyeball shaped fighters zips past close enough that she has to dive forward out of collision.
          This isn't getting her anywhere... She cannot outfly the TIE fighters and lacks the natural skill of her husband. Chewie is barking into her headset that he hasn't got a shot and every turn of the control yolk takes her directly into the fire of another Eyeball lining up like she's not even trying.
          My father had it
          Leia grimaces as the whole Falcon shudders beneath the oppressive onslaught, lights flashing indicating shields are nearly depleted on the rear facing. The General clinches her jaw trying to keep the junker of a ship twisting in the air.
          I have it
          Leia gains a bit of momentum as she banks around sharply, the Engines flare violently as it leaps forward with the forward shift remaining power to the sublights which already look to be strained.
          My 'sister' has it
          Leia closes her eyes and gives herself over to the Force. Her hand loosens on the control stick when she feels the sudden danger that her Admiral and his ship are in inside the hangar. What was once a stuttering attempt to get out of the targeting recticle has become a ship moving before there's ever a target recticle on her. The freighter, or more accurately, the pilot is prodicting without failure exactly where the TIE pilots are going to shoot... and then not being there.
          As the Sacrifice smashes OUT of the Hangar, the Falcon corkscrews down INTO IT...
          It hits the hanger floor in a quarter second yank of the stick that brings the nose up into a sparking slide across the durasteel that leaves one of the nose pointed towards the invasion force...
          The ramp begins to lower steadily and in the dark recesses a figure is slowly lit by the emergence of an emerald green glow from an extended lightsaber blade.

          When their connection was severed, Rey's eyes blinked beneath the orange visor of her unpainted X-Wing helmet. She 'felt' the TIE fighter he was flying separate from behind her and she looked back over her shoulder to watch it soar up over the edge of the skyscrapers.
          Rey yanked on the controls of her X-wing and decelerated speed to boost turning degree rate... it was a tremendous amount of pressure put onto a pilot, even R2-D2 whirls out audible warnings!
          Rey's eyes close throughout the movement, she centers herself just as Leia had told her, just as Luke had told her... as Maz had told her.
          Her eyes shoot open again, she jams the throttle forward and the X-wing's engines flare to life! Now she's chasing after HIM, she attempts to open fire on hits distant TIE Silencer, hoping to scar his hull (like his face!) if nothing else!

          Devii helps Hazar any way she can as they make their way onto the Screw Loose. "You think this hunk of junk will make it out of Atmo with those TIEs?" She aks, refering to the old YT-1300. "I need a medic down here!" She says into what she can only figure is the intercom on the ship. Though as Hazar is moving down to the bottom turret and orders her to the top she blinks, confused. "Turrett... but I don't know how to..." She looks up the ladder and shakes her head, leaning her rifle against the hull before climbing up to man the upper gun. "Well I guess today I get to learn..." She attempts to get comfortable in the seat, putting on the headset and turning the targeting computer on. Learning on the job was always fun.

          Gren throws himself into the pilot's seat, tossing a look to Zetes. "Strap in!". The wounded old Admiral throws the throttle forward, and attempts to get out of the way of Dreman's telekenetic flying X-wing bits. He does not succeed. There is a definite shudder in the heavily armored ship as an engine is hit, and the already slugging vessel is going to be slowed even further. "Late! Transmit the code!" The R4 tootles a low blooping affirmative. And then? Here comes the Falcon, landing in the vacated bay like a bat into hell. "No! Wa..." But it's too late. The code begins detonating charges placed within the Hound Base structure and in critical areas....an attempt to destroy possible sources of Intel, war material, and simply kill would-be invaders. Explosions ripple throughout the base. Structural integrity is going to give out. Real fast.
          <<"I swear...General....if you are still alive....">> Delede sounds more than a little upset over comms, right now. He manuevers the damaged assault shuttle, following the other fleeing Resistance ships, taking a moment to loose a pair of concussion missiles at one of the TIE fighters that were with Kylo, as he goes. <<"All ships. Enter hyperspace as soon as possible. Make for fall back point aurek.">>

          "She'll fly. Just shoot any First Order ships before they can shoot us," the sergeant tells Devii. Somehow, Hazar forces himself to get down into the turret and put on the headset, <<"Jast here, I'm on the gun.">> Moving hurts. Sitting hurts. It's getting hard to breathe. Hard to focus. <<As soon as we're clear I'm climbing up to you and passing out.>> The turret swivels around as Hazar scans for enemies to shoot, ready to protect the ship he's aboard. He breathes deeply, struggling to maintain his focus in the face of overwhelming pain. That's when he gets eyes on one of the TIEs. Swiveling around, the guns of the Screw Loose line up on the target and Jast opens up on the enemy, putting laser bolts into the smaller vessel.

          <<"That's a hit, Hazar!">> David calls over the comms. Why.. why is the Falcon doubling back to base? "I.. guess we're heading back to base?" <<"Get those TIEs, people. And hold on to something.">> David pulls the control stick, turning the ship sideways as it dives back into the streets of Nar Shaddaa, TIE fighters close behind. Thank goodness for artificial gravity. Pushing down and up when the ship needs left and right feels foreign at first, but soon David gets used to it. As the craft flies over the base, David uses the new position of the cockpit window to look down. "Green lightsaber? Maeve. Look at that, do you think..?" David doesn't finish the thought. "Guess we're done protecting the Falcon." Pulling up, the ship exits the street levels again, leveling off as soon as it's possible. "Did any of those TIEs follow us all the way?"

          "Don't have to tell me twice, Admiral." Zetes states as she straps into the seat and slides her rifle against the wall next to her. "We'll take care of you once we're out of here." she tells him. Then she also sees what is going on, "What is General Skywalker doing?" she asks almost to herself. Maybe the wall. Maybe a ghost? "The Force is with them, Admiral. She'll be fine." she states. Or she was really, /REALLY/ hoping that they would be. Because hope was all they had left right now.

          The explosions ringing around them are almost enough to distract him from the fact the Falcon was headed back towards them. Bryce's eyes glance upwards towards it, confused, as he reaches out to sense the best way out of the tomb that was enflamed around them. "Get out of here. No sense dying today," Bryce orders the retreat. The Rebels were on their heels and, well, the whole place was going up around them. Still--Why was the Falcon back?

          The Sacrifice is doing things within the canyons of Nar Shaddaa that no capital ship really ought to. It's aft engines are a blaze of fire within the atmosphere and nearby plasteel windows are blowing out as it passes like a gigantic rocket until finally it clears civilization and is in the upper atmosphere. There is a reason this craft is called a Blockade Runner. It is half engine. It's probably the only reason Kirit is having any fun. She's yet to be able to sit upright in her gravchair as the whole ship shakes from the violent thrust.

          "Wait, wait," Maeve Zavir's voice is urgent as she's tracking the position of the rebel ships fleeing from the remains of the base. "There's Gren," she's marked his ship on the sensor display to keep an eye on it. "And the Sacrifice," that one was marked accordingly. "Rey," she'd marked Rey's fighter with another digital 'sticker' along with one for the Falcon. The non-TIE traffic is all marked to help avoid it, and the TIE's have little digital stickers that the doctor has set to empty skull images. "Dave, wait," as he guides the Screw Loose in a complicated series of twists and turns that are designed to make the surgeon a little dizzy. "Why did the Falcon.." she get this far, confused, twisting to look at Dave, "I don't understand. The base is swarming with Troopers and the guy that I suggested we drop the ship on like an anvil. We can't just leave her there." This said even as she hears Zetes and Hazar moving through the ship to get into the gunner turrets. "Dave?" her voice is quiet as the Admiral's command to enter hyperspace and make for the fall back point Aurek comes over the comm.

          When the base explodes, Kylo senses it, and the distraction almost overrides the next incoming danger from showing through. Rey's strafing blasts sing all around the Silencer, a few blooming blue as they hit the small fighter's shields before he careens around a building, engines shrieking. Like a corkscrew, the nimble TIE twists around the skyscraper, spiraling ever higher, until he runs out of structure and can view the scene below, such as it is, from higher up in the atmosphere. The Falcon is in the hangar, and the hangar is in the process of collapsing. Over the secure comm line, he broadcasts orders: <<Any ships still in the hangar, affix tracking beacons if you can. If not, blow them to pieces and fall back. That hangar is going to go. A few of the terrorists have already escaped, and they'll need to regroup. I want to know where.>> With that, the starfighter surges forward, screaming away from Hound Base.

          The bombs were an unexpected addition to an already bad situation. This whole return was not meant to go like this, she wasn't here to fight anyone, much less die in the remains of Hound Base, but that's the hand fate seems to have played for the underwhelmingly poor foresighted General.
          Something tingles along her spine and Leia extends her hand out towards one of the detonation points meer seconds before it errupts... a blue shield errects over it containing the blast enough that it doesn't blow the Falcon apart. Instead the force hoists it on two landing struts and slides it forcefully across the tarmac while Leia inside stumbles hether and too trying to keep her footing.
          Chewbacca, like everyone, doesn't quite grasp the concept of why they're INSIDE during a series of explosions and is already trying to get the Falcon airborne. His hairy fist is slamming down on the controls of the loading ramp repeatedly like this will make them work faster and Leia furiously claws her way out of the corridor when the freighters slams back down on all three struts. "Yeah..." She'll eat that insult, this was a universally poor decision. "Just get us out of here while I've got a little dignity left."
          With pleasure Madam President. Chewie is better at flying than her and, with a great deal of disdain for the NEED to do anything of the sort, starts flying them back OUT of this explosive, firey, nightmare.
          There are talks of firing her. He's not happy. Falcon replacement parts are hard to come by these days.

          Rey's X-wing's cannon blasts successfully splash across Kylo's TIE Fighter's shields and she smirks when she sees the man inside the craft break off and head for orbit...
          "Run. Monster." She says to him before Artoo's words cause her gaze to shift and look starboard out the X-wing's canopy glass.
          The Millennium Falcon bursts from the burning wreckage of the Resistance's last base in the galaxy! "We just got that thing put back together again." She mutters, seeing sparks and debris (hopefully debris) flying off the back of the aged veteran smuggler ship.
          "I'm on your tail." Rey says over the comms after sending her X-wing in a long loop that ended with her coming up behind-and-to-the-side-of the YT-1300's starboard edge.
          "Where are we going now?" She had to ask, eager to know where Finn was, where the others were... hoping for the best through all that carnage.

          Devii attempts a few volleys at passing ties as they decide to eithe retreat or follow. Though it's a lot harder than it looks even with the help from the targeting computer. She turns to look back at Haz as he shoots a ties down, shaking her head of focusing back on her own turret. "How the stang am I less of a shot that a guy who's half dead?" Though that's more to herself than anything. She's stay in her position until they made it to Hyperspace.