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BHG: Outgunned and Outnumbered

OOC Date: August 9, 2019
Location: Tatooine
Participants: Veck, Chir'da, Grom, Oozlevort, Sion, Kaelyn, Narsai Ordo, Sajin, Sumi Kora


It's Tatooine. Big rekking desert, with nasty animals that want to end your life. This particular area of desert is around a large complex with many circular facilities that stick out of the dunes. It's nearing dusk, with a binary sunset.

Everyone is aboard the personnel shuttle fashioned by the Bounty Hunters' Guild. It's a decommissioned U-Wing that's missing its mounted turrets. Skids are placed outside each open doorway, and the wind is whipping through. It's nearing dusk and the binary suns are low, filling the sky with a golden amber color with purple streaming clouds and a hint of star specks peeking through the blue. At the center of the personnel hold, where everyone is, is a large central cargo netting that hangs from the ceiling. It's intended for everyone to hold onto while the ship is flying.

Sumi Kora, the Hunter in charge of this deployment, is seated near the front where the small passageway to the pilots are. She's in a blue plated set of Mandalorian armor with a helmet that has a silver washed reflective T-Visor. She's marked for the Guild by a silver sash that has the guild emblem painted upon it in blood red, which hangs from her hip. She motions to her helm. <<"Comm check. Everyone check in.">> Her voice is rasp, crisp, and gruff. Accented from a war torn part of the galaxy.

Veck is standing there his mask glinting in the sun as he looks out there taking it in, bright yellow with a blood red writting on it reading simply.<Call your Mother.> The words are streaming over his mouth, and his brown eyes deep cold pools of indiffrence as he waits now, his hand is gripping his blaster at his hilt, as he chuckles softly. He looks around the hold now as he looks at all the faces he does not know, and then he speaks into his com softly, the voice is deep and filled with bass.<Veck reporting in, comm Check.>

The Falleen hunter, Chir'da Cor'coran, is wearing a simple headset that has been added to the light ensemble of armor that he sports. His heavily modified E-11 at slung at his back, he holds onto the netting above him as he receives the comm check. With a slight nod he toggles his headset and responds. <<Cor'coran checking in.>> he says, curtly, and with no nonsense.

It has been a long, long time since the days when engagements such as these were old hat. The merc's eyes narrow to slits as memory plays in his mind. This ... is going to be fun.

Grom has spent the flight in having an animated conversation with his weapons. Apparently the battered, notched, and heavily abused vibro-axe wins the discussion as this is the weapon the hulking Houk in his heavy powered armor schoose to begin with in his three-fingered hand. Even when he crouched, the spread of over-sized fangs bolted onto his helmet in a macabre crest threatened to become tangled in the cargo netting, so the Houk has opted to sit on the deck, until it is time to (literally) roll out. When prompted, he bellows loud enough to be heard in the cockpit, despite having activated the comm, <<GROM IS HERE.>>

Oozlevort is just wearing his robes, but bandages can be seen underneath that cover parts of his abdominal exoskeleton. He taps the small comm unit that has been attached to his sealed breathing apparatus. "Does it work? Can you hear Oozlevort? Hello?" He taps it a few more times. "Testing, testing. One, two. Sibilance, siblance." The Gand checks the charge on his blaster pistol. 11 shots left, but he is trying to save money, so he doesn't bother reloading just yet.

In the back of the U-Wing, Sion checks her blaster's charge one more time, then slides it into the holster. <Sion standing by. You're coming in good and loud, Sumi.>

<< Ooh Mine wooorks!>> Kae calls out cheerfully while holding her helmet so that she can talk into it.... She then pauses, and puts her helmet on.. << There! Mic Check!>> Yup! Kae is Kae, even when she's about to go into a fight... At least she's pretty good about getting down to business when she has to...

Contrary to her goofy standing, Kae is checking through her gear while well being a little silly. She's reloading her carbine, before collapsing the stock. She's replaced the fixed stock with a folding stock,then puts it in its holster horizontally at the small of her back..

Kae next draws her pistol and checks it, popping the power pack out, and sticking it back in, before holstering it and tying down the weapon...

<< Sooo what are we doing again?>>

Lacking the guild markings and colored in red and blacks that still showed marks of combat both old and new, Narsai's Beskar'gem was similar but distinct. The young Mandalore had left her helmet removed for much of the flight, but fair features were now hidden once more behind her T-visor as she moved out of the ship and checked over her pistols in turn.

<<Coms clear,>> she responds, <<Everyone ready?>>

Behind his helmet Sajin is watching intenly the intense converstaion that Grom is having with his weapons. There are gasps and thrills of suspense and drama that comes from the handsome Hapan King of Drik (day that three times fast) as he waits in anticipation for Grom to choose from the contestants. When he finally does, the Hapan claps together his gauntleted hands.

When Sumi's voice comes over his com unit he looks around the shuttle, <<"Ah... Present...">> In that deep tone raspy tone he has.

<<"Good copy on all of you.">> Sumi's head turns toward one of the open hatches to look over the passing dunes. <<"We're heading out to Prosperous Moisture Farm, a prominent farmer in this region who is /well/ connected with the Hutts. They've asked for help repelling and eliminating a migrant group of Sandpeople that keep raiding their facilities.-- We were going to hunt those down, but seems the Tusken Raiders have already begun their next attack triggering an urgent distress call. So we're landing in a hotzone. -- Pilot says were two minutes out. Check your weapons a final time and make sure you're ready. Drek is about to get real.">> Sumi brings her sleek, white and black Sonn-Blas F-11S Sniper rifle up, angling it to rest parallel and flush with her torso. She rises up and takes hold of the net then.

The U-Wing crests a dune mountain and angles down. The crew inside are brushed with a fresh wave of sandy wind as the desert gives way to a collection of large white facilities in the distance. It becomes clear as they get closer that this massive area is under attack. The craft comes in for a low landing, its VTOLs kicking in and spurring up dust.

In the surrounding area, a large circular facility is to their north, and rushing into view is some 12 Tusken Raiders. Some have their sticks, shaking them above their head and screaming at the crew, while others have slugthrowers and begin to take aim to open fire on the dismounting team. <<"GO GO GO!"> Sumi yells, and steps out as one of the first.

Veck watches it all going down as he is making his way down the ramp, his right hand pulling his blaster as he aims down the scope as he is fires at the first one missing it but he is down the ramp a tad closer now. His hand is pulling a shoot hitting it dead center watching the sand raider is hitting the ground, as he moves to find cover ducking behind it with a little chuckle.

Chir'da, near the front of the fray, marks the injured targets and fires shots in succession at first one ... then the other. << Mark one down >> he says into his headset, a slight hint of disappointment in his tone as the other ... is not quite dead yet.

Grom rolls out of the U-wing, hitting the sand and climbing to his feet as the first slugs and blaster bolts shriek past him. "AH, Grom sees that some among you are prepared to fight with sticks- TRULY THE MOST ANCIENT AND SOPHISTICATED FORM OF COMBAT. Grom approves!" the Houk bellows as he lifts his axe overhead and rumbles with.. rather shocking speed at the cluster of gaderffi stick wielding Sandpeople. His chosen foe avoids Grom's axe with the very sensible strategy of running away.


Sand particles ping off Oozlevort's multifaceted insectoid eyes as they land. The short Gand hustles awkwardly down the U-Wing's embarkation ramp, robes flapping in the hot wind stirred up by its engines. "There's too many of them!" He raises his pistol and fires one-handed at the Tuskens with slugthrowers, missing once, but killing another with an orange blaster bolt. Hopefully Grom can handle the ones charging into melee range - so Oozlevort stays behind the Houk.

"Sand People..." Sion's heard rumors of how these desert savages are when anything gets too close to wherever they are that day, but actually seeing them in the flesh (well, dusty raggedy robes, anyway)... that she hasn't done. Looks like she might get her chance. She's still going over this in her mind when the transport touches down. She's not close to the doorway, so she has to wait her turn to disembark.

That's not really a bad thing: She can use the doorjamb to steady her aim. She bumps it instead on her first shot, sending it high, but her next double-tap puts one of the howling nasties in the sand, rifle and all. She drops from the U-Wing's side hatch and joins the skirmish line. <Still got some shooters standing. Let's correct that!>

Narsai Ordo 's blasters come to life, her W-35's sending heavy bolts crossing the space. Two miss, but two before slam into one of the Raiders, blasting him clear off his feet.

Her face is hidden by her helmet, but her eyes follow Grom's charge for a moment before she pushes forward herself, weapons raised.

Sajin isn't far behind Grom, jumping out the U-wing with Bowcaster in hand. His boots kick up some dusts as they hit sand with a thud. "I got your back Grom!" He encourages his friend to continue his rampage of death and destruction. He seems one tries to slink up behind his large Houk buddy, takes Aim and lets off two shots. The first one kits the sucker, knocking his leg clean off. However, the momentum and power of the shot sends him flying towards the compound and helps him expertly dodge the second shot. "Ouchies... Sorry! Suicide is painless!"

Kae hops off the transport, the oddball Sephi looking around curiously as folks start to shoot. She's not really just randomly firing quite yet..

Casually she slips to the side, and kneels, raising her carbine. She takes a breath, andthen fires a quick trio of blasts, two blasts quickly dealing with one of the charging tuskens, this leaving them dead and dismembered. Kae quickly shifts aim, sighting in on another target, but doesn't steady and misses wide...

Kae huffs, which can easily be heard over the coms. "Shoulda slowed down." She mutters, this too is audible as she lowers the business end of her carbine some and looks around, waiting for either more targets or a need to shift again.

The initial chaos is just that, chaos. Our heroes are surrounded by a gale of sand and dirt as tracers from the slugthrowers spark off their transport and THUNK loudly against the sand. The overwhelming response from the BHG team far outweighs what the rushing Sandpeople had expected and it shows because the majority of them are laid out. Of those hit after dropping in is Sumi, who takes a slug to the left arm and cries out in annoyance, favoring that side. Thankfully, the round did not penetrate her armor, but she's feeling it.

The U-Wing takes off now, its engines transitioning with a loud locking noise before moving further into the sky to circle high above. It has nearly crested the structure up ahead when a rocket from a nearby clifftop cuts across the sky and smashes into the side of the BHG ride.

The vessel spits out a massive cloud of black smoke and orange fire before diving back down. It smashes into the structure up ahead, appending the rooftop in a brilliant display of physics and deafening boom before impacting the ground to the west. Clouds of dust swirl around everyone, and it's mixed with smoke.

One thing is clear, that rocket was not the work of a Tusken Raider. More raiders rush to aid the current squad of 1 Running, 1 Injured, and 3 Healthy, bringing the numbers to 1 Running, 1 injured, and 8 Healthy. They close the distance, intending for close combat.

Veck is aiming but that sand and the dust all of it getting into his mask, with a cough of air as he opens fire at them both shoot going very wide, with a mutter of not pleasant words under his breath. He then tries to move to a better aiming spot behind his cover, and then he starts to clean off his mask slowly using a cloth from inside of his pocket.

So, this is not going badly - not badly indeed. The squad is picking them off left and right, as it were, and the sandpeople's numbers are diminishing with aplomb. Of course, it has to be short-lived, and teh U-wing goes down in a blaze of embarrassment that bespeaks of worse to come. Worse, that is, than the already growing assortment of reinforcements that are closing to melee range. Distracted, perhaps, by all this, and the fact that Sumi, the group leader, had taken a hit (and not knowing how bad it is, at that), Chir'da fires at the advancing sandfolk. And fires wide. Twice. Showing an uncharacteristic moment of emotion, the Falleen swears audibly, jostlin his rifle as though it will readjust the sight which *must* be to blame for that display.

Grom roars aloud (mercifully forgetting to activate his comm), "Grom hears you, Little King! Grom would have no fear of puny Tuskless raiders attacking from my MIGHTY AND MAJESTIC BACKSIDE. If, of course, Grom could feel fear. WHICH GROM OF COURSE DOES NOT." All of this is shouted while the dumb Houk charges after the first fleeing enemy, juuuust barely clipping the humanoid's torso with the edge of his axe. This grazing hit still inflicts hideous damage, but driven by toughness and adrenaline, the Tusken doesn't fall.

Oozlevort moves forward with Grom in front of him. "There are more coming! How did Tusken Raiders get a missile launcher?!" The new tuskens rushing at them from the side cause Oozle to turn, firing three orange shots from the hip. WHANG WHANG WHANG go the blaster shots, lighting up the filthy air with red halos as blaster gas is discharged. One raider bites the sand.

Savages against professionals... Sion almost feels sorry for the Sand People, what with their line nearly being wiped out in the first few seconds. This might be an easy job after all! And then a rocket comes out of nowhere and hits their U-Wing as it starts to climb out, sending it into a death dive and a messy landing. <We've got a problem...> she says over the com. <Anybody see someone with a rocket launcher? I'm no expert, but last I looked, Sand People weren't into rockets!>

Knowing this doesn't improve the mess they're in, though. Sion puts her optical sight to good use, but the dust kicked up by the takeoff is making it tough to see. She only hits one, though he seems to be content to stand there and gasp. But that still leaves 9 capable of fighting. <We need some hard cover, something to reduce that numbers advantage. Anybody see anything?>

Sajin kid of pauses to watch the U-Wing get shot down. "Well... that's not good. Hell." Then turning back towards the fight as Grom responds over the comm unit. It is unfortunate that in the melee he can not hear Grom's return comment but he felt it when that poor fellow he was chasing gets cut open with his mighty Ax. "There's something far more intelligent behind that attack." The sand starts to interfere with his targeting computer inside the HUD of his helmet and his two shots go wide, likely adding to the visual debris as the supercharged bolts slam into a wall or dune somewhere. "Stang! This dust is a pain!"

Narsai Ordo 's fire was breif and brutal, knocking down another target. One pistol returns to its holster and she curses under her breath at the appearance of the rocket. "Son of a-" she begins before clicking on her coms. "I'm going to go high, try to spot or bait them...hopefully they can't lock a jump pack!"

Sumi's shot splashes against the structure ineffective ahead of them. This swirling dust and smoke was making it terribly difficult to fight. Now the Sandpeople were right on them, and she couldn't use the sniper rifle up close unless she bludgeoned them with it! Nearly fearless, her ears ring with comms as she moves into the cloud of chaos to find something to kill. <<"Definitely not Tusken Raiders. This may have been orchestrated to draw us in. Let's clear these Raiders. Mandalore, let us know what you see!">>

The fight is still very much real on the ground, but the sand has begun to settle leaving only the black smoke from the wreckage wafting between them all. Visibility is much better than before. Around the team, either meleeing, or shooting: 4 Injured, 5 healthy.

Veck aims for them now as the sand is gone aiming down for the moment as he waits firing perfectly into the injured as the head is now well to be blunt burned badly, the man no longer moving as he starts to move towards the debris now as he is moving down low with a wicked chuckle, as he is firing on the way this bolt going wide this time.

The Falleen hunter makes a mental mark of this targets, and fires at one of the injured Tusken, taking it down now fully. It flops into a heap on the sand. Chir'da fires a second time, tagging another forcefully with a hot blast of plasma. That raider, however, is not taken out. On the contrary; the Tusken becomes enraged, wounded though it is, and begins to run right at Chir'da, even as the Falleen moves toward cover.

Grom bellows back at Oozlevort, "What missile launcher?" Belatedly turning to notice the smoke rising from their stricken ride. "...Oh. Grom thought planet was cheering for us." Hurm. More foes wade into the fight, and Grom booms at Sion, "GROM IS THE HARDEST OF COVER. Chaaaaaaaaaaarge!" And, with that, he eschews cover and charges, axe swinging with enthusiasm. The big idiot is certainly a large distraction.

Oozlevort is slogging through the uncertain ground, heading out of the cloud of dust and toward the cover of the newly-created debris field. He fires randomly with his nearly-depleted pistol and hits one Tusken in the chest. Grom the Houk is useful as a battering ram, so the Gand follows him forward.

Ducking a slugthrower shot, Sion dashes for cover, finding a spot behind a large chunk of debris; she's quietly grateful for Grom's distraction, as more fire might have come her way if he wasn't out there.

She pops up and nails one of the injured stick-brandishers. Unfortunately, her other shots go wide. The adrenalin is making her hands shake by now. < Sajin? Sumi? You both okay? We're going to have to take these guys down before I can do any treating! >

Kae is again shooting. One thing is for certain, goof as she is outside of combat,s he's pretty businesslike inside... Kae notes a non-engage Sand person, and quickly brings her carbine to bear... She takes a breath, and then exhails slowly, firing three measured shots off.

The first misses, and Kae grumbles... Next one however hits the sand person just above the knee, collapsing him, before the third neatly blows a hole in his torso... <<Okie, another down,t his was one of the non injured ones! Just a few mooore, then probably whoever set this up.>>

With a rush of her rocket pack, Narsai is thrown skywards. Twisting with practiced ease, her eyes narrow as her gaze behind her visor falls on what she sought. "A second crew, professional. About twenty of them. They have snipers, launchers and bikes." She pauses for a moment ad she sweeps through the air, not wanting to be an easy target for a sniper. "And a craft of their own that might just be our new ride home."

"YEEEEEEOOOWWWWWWWW!" Comes the voice of Sajin, obviously in pain as he stamps a foot against the dunes and sand, making it look like he's doing some sort of funny dance. Meanwhile zipps of projectiles zip around him and explosions likely happen. He waddles around, having dropped his bowcaster to let it hang from it's quick responce strap in favor of gripping his right arm that's now streaming blood through cracked armor. "I Kriffin' forgot getting shot by projectiles was WORSE than a blaster! GAH!" Shattered bone, bullets still inside, and laceration broken shards of armor. He's trying his best to walk it off but now he's just uncomfortable and grumpy. Grumpy Sajin is not fun Sajin. The King of drik lets his injured right arm fall limp and the reaches for his DL-44, drawing it and releasing his pent up frustration, coldly murdering two of the injured Sandpeople mercilessly. Three shots in rapid and well placed succession erupt from the famous and heavily modified hand cannon. While two hit their mark dead on, ending life. The third one veers off wild as a bit of pain waves its way though his body. Either way, the poor fool he didn't kill dies from his previously inflicted wounds. He ambles toward the compound, mumbling curses. He finds a bit of debris to hide behind and take a breather... <<"Great... a siege... Just what I wanted to do today. Anybody got a stim pack?">>

Sumi is managing poorly, and instead of smashing a Raider's face in with the butt of her rifle, she's shoved off to one side. The Mando lands on the ground clattering a bit, and scambling back up. <<"I could use something for the pain in my arm.">>

Narsai's scouting proved valuable to them. They had twenty mounted cavalry intending to ride them down AND two snipers. Blessed STARS. <"GET TO COVER, WE HAVE COMPANY. KILL THESE REKKING RAIDERS AND PREPARE TO DEFEND OUR POSITION!"> Two sniper shots cross above their heads clearly intended for Mandalore who has taken to the sky. Sumi collapses her weapon and draws out her assault rifle. Drek was getting thick. They were outnumbered and outgunned. Planting her back to cover, she takes a breath. Today was as good as any to die!

Veck leans forward as he leans over the cover the first shoot going wide as the cover shift under him and then he snarls out into the world. As he aims for a moment as he aims for the other target firing directly into his head, with a little chuckle as he dives back under the cover as he waits now for the mounted trouble coming there way.

As the Falleen moves toward cover - and by the force does the group, all, need cover now what with 20 mounted thugs bearing down upon them - Chir'da spins around to his right and blasts the Tusken Raider, already wounded, that has gone beserk in closing the distance between them. Chir then blasts the lone remaining raider. Now taking cover, the Falleen glances in all directions, assessing the plight of himself and his comrades. Things are about to get really crowded here. And really dangerous.

Grom continues to run around the ambush site until there are no more foes within reach. "STOP IGNORING GROM," the Houk demands, sounding a bit hurt by the lack of violence inflicted upon himself. <<GOOD,>> he bellows onto the comms. <<Twenty gives better odds of finding a WORTHY FOE among them. Where are these new foes, so that Grom can attack them?>> He still hasn't mastered the nuances of cover, preferring to roar at the oncoming raiders, "COME TO GROM, little engine riders! The Mighty Grom will smash your machines and then USE your smashed machines to SMASH MORE MACHINES- oh, you're already here-"

Oozlevort pops up over a piece of debris, aiming down the sights of his blaster pistol at the approaching biker gang. He fires off three well-aimed shots and two hit. "Oozlevort got him!" But there is a click, and his blaster has run dry.

Kae calls out. "All those shooty folks! Grab cover!" She says and well deoes what she says she's going to do, getting behind a denser bit of debris, and a chunk of rock..

Kae checks her ammo and pops out, resting her weapon on the debris long enough to fire three shots off, two go at one of the bikers, the third is hastily fired at another... The first however ends up taking a hit in the shoulder, causing him to loose control and crash into another bit of debris, thus becoming a part of the scenery..

"Oooh... Those guys are moving rapidly, ya might can knock out their bikes, may be an easier shot!"

A momentary lull in the fighting means Sion is free to try and patch up some of the wounded. She dashes over to Sajin's position first. "Hold still," she says tersely, pulling out her medpac. She can't do much for the broken bone here, but she can patch the wound with foam, and quickly stress-wrap the leg with a steel rod from her kit to keep it straight. She passes over a painkilling med and hurries off to assist Sumi.

"Hello again... pity it's such a bad time to meet," she says, moving to get a look at that wound. "Real healing'll have to wait for later," she says, and quickly injects some Bruise-B-Gone (tm) to address the pain and the swelling. "At least I can do this..."

The sound of engines reminds her that there are more problems coming their way. She drops into cover close to Sumi, taking a quick bead with her blaster. The biker drops from his saddle, felled by green energy to the chest. <Just how many of these guys did they bring? That had to be an awfully bit shuttle!>

Now? Narsai understood why her brother had carried thermal detonators along with his pistols. It would make the counter attack easier! Hoping the others can hold back the riders, Narsai kicks her thrusters into full and races towards the snipers, weaving between the shots headed her way. Range was their shield, but she was getting rid if it rapidly.

<<"Grom...">> Says Sajin over the comms and he pulls his Fanny Pack around and to the front of him. He places his blaster pistol back in it's holster before digging inside the small sack. <<"You're going to have to find me some more Boom Balls... because I'm about to use the Biggest Ball of Them All..." He pulls out a Thermal Detonator and eyes it through his helmet. Then he activates it and the tops sides pop open, the lights start flashing. <<"Keep an eye out there man... don't want to explode you too bad...">> He knew Grom could take it though if it happened. He stands then, leaning up against the debris to get a look. Then at the right time, or the time he thinks is right... He chucks the Thermal Detonator towards the oncomming riders. Though, this happens just as Sion comes to treat him. He is startled by her terse words! His throw veers off away and close but probably not hitting a single bad guy like he intended. "Hey!" He exlaims before falling back behind cover in following her terse commands. "What... oh..." As she manipulates his arm and does what she can. "Just ah... stay here a bit. I just threw a Thermal Detonator... bet they didn't know I hat that. Haha, fools." But that's as the Raiders are now rounding thier position. "This is it..." He says flatly and goes for his pistol once again, only having one arm to work with. He's able to avoid their fire, fearing cover useless he moves into the open to get back at the would be attackers.

The dusky evening is setting, and a cloud of dust signifies that a fleet of mounted infantry are closing in. The trade off is very one sided, favoring the for that outnumbers the BHG team. As dust quickly invades the area around them and bikes roar by, red bolts from blasters are literally going in every direction, and Narsai from above can no longer see how the team below is fairing. A few explosions rock the surface, but nothing compares to the thermal detonator that suddenly marks the field as a place of battle that can PROBABLY be seen from low orbit.

One moment, everyone can hear the chaos of battle all around them, the next moment that ability is replaced by the sudden ringing of ears as a rekking /MASSIVE/ explosion rocks the field with a concussive blast so POWERFUL, it sweeps the dust wide before climbing skyward into a mini mushroom cloud. For the observant ones, the blast did kill something. An unfortunate Womp Rat trying to evade traffic. Bits of rock, dirt, and debris begin raining down everywhere.

16 Mounted circle in unison, and 2 snipers begin to sweat as they see a Mandalorian loaded for bear coming right for them.

Veck is taking a decent hit as he stumbles back as they are flying past him, as he turns around for a moment right into the chest as he is gritting his teeth under the mask. There is a grunt of pain as he rises his blaster into the air and then he is aiming for two diffrent one, as he pulls the trigger now with a wicked chuckle. AFter the solid hit of the blast his arm is off with the off balance from the wrecked chest plate, and but he adjust quickly enough to aim for the second one with a wicked chuckle. The blast going into his chest as he watches the man staying on his bike with a shout of rage under that bright yellow mask.

No detonators. No medpacs. Just a Falleen and his trusty, heavily modified E-11. Knowing full well how dire the situation is, knowing full well that many now among his comrades are in mortal peril, he fires at the mounted mercs, two shots in succession, and blasts one from his bike. The bike and rider come to a crashing halt, the rider already dead for moments, into the side of a sand dune. The normally emotionless hunter grins slightly, almost imperceptibly. Whittle them down as best we can.

A quartet of speeder bikes swarm around Grom, firing pistols at him to little effect, but managing to keep the Houk turning around and swinging ineffectually. He hears someone suggest the bikes to be easier targets, and roars, "Yes- DEATH TO THE STUPID DROID HORSES-" his ranting is briefly derailed by Sajin's report. <<Little King's boom balls are spent? Is this some cyclical mammal shedding of->> EXPLOSION. Even Grom is forced to brace against the shockwave of the thermal detonator, to keep his feet. <<...OH, Grom understands, now.>> Blinking his yellow eyes, and thudding a hand against the side of his helmet above the ear holes, the Houk mumbles, "Now where are the flying mammals?" They are still surrounding you in literally every direction, Grom.

Oozlevort is enveloped in a blastwave of sand and dust which his eyes cannot hide from, as he lacks eyelids. He fires at a speeder as it passes and manages to hit the fellow in the fleshy part of the thigh. Now to kill him! "Who is throwing thermal detonators?!" the Gand whines into the comm channel, mildly disoriented. The Gand only signed up to shoot Tusken Raiders.

Kae winces, groaning a bit as her shoulder's hit, the left one... She frowns and lets her carbine hang from her shoulder for now, then draws her pistol. Kae rolls over and fires first one shot, before quickly re-adjusting and firing off two shots in quick succession, neatly, and rather expertly removing one of the riders from his bike...

Kae frowns and rolls back over, hunkering into a place in the cover that gives her better cover from most sides now, muttering about crazy bad duedes on swoops...

Sajin falls to the ground when the massive explosion comes, having drawn his pistol it sticks up as he covers his head. Once the disorientation is gone, he stands and sees an injured ridere. He aims, a shoots, killing him before Oozle can. Then, he stumbles around, as if drunk, randomly shooting one handed towards anything that zips past him on a speeder bike.

Sion's little point of cover shakes under the explosion of Sajin's misthrown detonator. <Ouch...> she mutters, not realizing her comlink mic is on. < I hope we don't have any more of those.> And here come the mounted mercs! Two seem to have singled her out. Sion sidesteps one, but the other swings a wicked-looking mace her way! She drops to her knees and ducks, covering her head. The weapon whistles overhead, missing skin, but the spikes rip the seat out of her armored pants, leaving her pale blue underpants showing.

"Hey! You jerks!" Sion yowls, furious, and jumps to her feet, firing shots after the formation of bikers. Amazingly, even to herself, she nails three of them, one tumbling off his bike and leaving it to crash, riderless, into a piece of wreckage. "That'll teach you!"

Sumi has her rifle propped up on her cover, using her scope for careful aim despite all the chaos. What with the swarming dust, debris, the constant revving of engines and passing blurs, it's hard to make out anything through the chaos around her. When a chance shot presents itself, she takes it, lancing the rider through his arm and blowing it clean off. The bike crashes nearby, the explosion encouraging Sumi to take a dive to the ground and cover her head with her arm. <"REKKING HELL, THIS IS AWESOME! KEEP GIVING THEM HELL!">

The snipers are obliterated by Mandalore who lands and immediately blasts them before they have a chance to rise and fight her hand to hand. With the landing zone on the cliff clear, Mandalore sees the shuttle up ahead and moves to secure it for her comrades still fighting the good fight down below. The chaos from that battle can be heard from up on the cliffside.

9 Mounted riders remain! Can our heroes hold out?!

Veck stays down low as his arm and his chest have been very damaged, his eyes closed as he springs out the ammo with his left hand using it for a moment, as he coughs out in pain. The other one is badly damaged as he starts to force in a new round, he is going to wait for the pain to stop before he launches himself back into the fray.

Two swoopers bear down upon him in a sweeping arc, and the Falleen hunter takes shots at them, one after the other, wounding the vagabonds each in turn. Both of them continue by, and in a moment, increase their speed as they attempt to flee the battlefield. The proverbial tables may, in fact, be beginning to turn. Chir'da holds his position, eyeing for the next reasonable targets with murder in his grey eyes. They will, all of them, come out of this yet.

Grom finally times the fly-by of a speeder bike correctly (or he finally just happened to be swinging and someone flew into it), and a pass of the battered battle-axe takes one rider under the arm, clearing off arm, head, and shoulder as the speeder bike and its dismembered rider room off into the distance. Grom vends down to pick up the severed chunk and brandishes is at the racing speeder, shouting angrily, "Come back and finish fighting Grom, or I will KEEP YOUR UPPER TORSO."

They're holding out... but how long can they keep this up? Sion doesn't know, and she's worried for Narsai. The Mandalore can take care of herself, sure, but aside from the snipers they've seen, she might encounter a shuttle crew if she decides to board the ship. The riders are coming around again. Sion takes a deep breath and opens fire, closely missing twice and catching one of them in the leg. At least she hit! Maybe it's the anger of losing the seat of her pants that's making her hands tremble now. Trouble is, those wounded bikers are pulling back, and there's only one place for them to go. <Narsai! You're about to have company! I count three wounded riders!> she coms, keeping to the small amount of cover she's got.

Blaster bolts zip close around him, but Sajin avoids them in a stumbling sort of fashion through the sand here on Tattooine. "Ah Drek..." He raises his DL-44 and attempts to track one. Pulling the trigger, it hits, sending his arm off and them tumbling to the ground. Then to a second, but his bolt goes wide... and finally a third who he routs with the king's blaster bolt to his chest. "Hey!... HEY! Get back 'ere and fight like a man, ya drekin' turd!"

Sumi has a moment of clarity, where she crests her cover and props her rifle up to sight in a fleeing target. Sumi's eyes narrow, and she fires off a red lanced bolt that strikes the back of their head, forcing the target's head forward with a sudden gust of pink mist. The bike slows and the rider falls out of it. Dead.

The riders have taken severe losses against a superior professional force of warriors. Now, only three remain and they are not willing to risk it any longer. They turn their bikes back to their origin point and begin to ride away, leaving our battered heroes a final opportunity to fire off shots in anger. Dust continues to swirl, bodies are EVERYWHERE, fire is EVERYWHERE, and debris is still raining down.

They. Are. Relentless.

But, the BHG squad is relentless-er. As the swoops come around for another pass, Chir'da fires at the nearest two, killing them both with well-place shots.

Sion hits the ground flat this time as the few remaining riders *WHOOSH* overhead, missing her. She rolls onto her side and triggers her weapon once more, taking down the last of the bunch that's still in range once her friends have taken care of two more. <Thank goodness that's over. Narsai, are you okay up there? Do you have our ride secured?>

Grom grumbles and glowers as the enemies flee. Yellow eyes narrowing on the trio of surviving bikers, Grom growls low into a rising shout of exertion and he spins in place once to gather momentum and hurls the severed upper torso at the cluster of bikes as the race along the cliff edge. It is a throw of superhuman might, and the last of three riders is struck, falling off in fright to his death. Grom pauses a moment before bringing his axe up to eye level and lecturing it with one blunt finger, "See? Even dead body did as well as you! Grom is very disappointed. Grom should have chosen GUN." He lowers the axe, to make it look sad, before resuming, "Don't pout! It is not kingly. Just.. next time do better."

Veck is lying there with his damaged right arm and his chest plate is caved in as he moans in pain, as he is knocked out from the damage. His right arm is gripping the blaster tightly, as he is trying to still fight it seems. But his mind is far off as there is another moan of pain coming out of him throat, and then he is silent there in the desert.

Sajin watches the last of the bikers get killed or speed away. So what does the king of Drik do? He flops onto his power armored butt and sighs content. "Finally..." He then reaches into the fanny pack and pulls out a box. On it is a little note attached. With his one good hand he pulls the note out and opens it. There is a moment of strugle before the simpleton starts to read aloud. "Haaa... Haaaaveee... ah... guuud... daaaay... Killing... Drek-holes... Love, Orrrrriiiana." He holds the note to his chest and then opens the box all the way. It's a full packed lunch, "Oh goodie!" He then takes off his helmet, revealing that pretty yet sweaty face of his, letting it drop so he can dig in to the best roast nerf sandwich he's probably ever had. Right there in the middle of a smoldering desert filled with corpses and radioactive debries, the mushroom cloud still rising into the atmosphere.

A final shot is made on the last rider cresting the cliffside. Sumi had to switch to her sniper rifle, and she wrapped the sling around her arm to create a firm stockweld against her cheek. Turning to the side, she leveled her aim, angled ahead slightly, and fired when her instinct indicated it was the /right/ moment. A blue lance crosses the open expanse, emerging from the cloud of dust that is the settling field of battle to smack into the Rider's arm and sink deep into their torso. The bike slows, then careens over the edge of the cliff, exploding upon impact.

Sumi lowers her rifle and just starts laughing, stumble stepping a bit. <"Good REKKING.. gunfight, GODS.../DAMN/!"> She slings her weapon and slowly moves toward Kaelyn, one of theirs that was downed. <"Medic! Got one down over here."> Sumi kneels down beside the Skyripper armored Sephi and pulls the girl's helmet off to lightly pat her cheek. <"Hey honey, come back to us. It's over."> A glance over to the right reveals the corpse of a rider, and an emblem upon his helmet that tells her what she needs to see. <<"These Huttsuckers were from War Song.">> Sumi announces as the shuttle from the cliffside rises up and begins to fly their way. <<"War Song is a free company of mercs trying to soak up the Guild's contracts. I didn't think they'd have the fortitude for open conflict.. but this confirms it. Looks like we have competition..">> Sumi picks Kaelyn up after hooking the girl's helmet to her belt. <<"Load up our wounded and let's get the rekk out of here.">

Sajin yells over the comms with his mouth full, "CANF I FHINISH EATING FFFIRST?"