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BHG: Rodian Rampage

OOC Date: November 22, 2019
Location: Rodia, Tyrius Sector
Participants: Ca'tra Sinbri, D4-K4, Kryll Red, Sajin, Sumi Kora

The jungles of Rodia are not to be traveled lightly, or at all, according to most natives; but everyone in the system knew there was one thing more dangerous than anything in the wild, or anything the jungle could produce. It was this compound defense grid, and its occupants. Yet somehow, the grid fell, and the compound was overrun.

The U-Wing carrying our small band of Bounty Hunters emerges from the storming clouds above the jungle. Safe from lightning, for the most part, a droid pilot guides them along a particular route following a holo-projected display that can be seen in the cockpit from the personnel hold. One of the back doors is open, flooding the hold with the humid air of the planet, and the heavy rain the falls relentlessly. Sumi Kora stands at the center of the hold, her hand hooked upon the low hanging straps that allow for soldiers to stand at the ready and deploy.

Her voice comes over the line. <<"I'm uncertain about what we'll find here. If the grid's down, it should be an easy flight in. If not..">> Sumi turns her head, her reflective visor orienting to look toward the cockpit. <<"Odds are we might get shot down.">>

The buffeting of the U-Wing as it descends through the cloud cover into the torrent of rain rocks the armored figure standing next to Sumi. The head turns, the only sign that acknowledges Sumi's send. A shift and widening of heavy armored feet to adjust to the mild shaking as they are brought down and Ca'tra, the doctor, shifts the weight of the backpack carrying her emergency med kit for the three organics on the mission. The droid will have to fend for himself.

"Shot down?! I don't like being shot down! Being shot own is for the people who get shot down." D4 gripes, arms flailing above its head for a moment "Unless we're being shot down a thriller coaster on Funtopia in the Corp Sector... Anyone ever been there!? It lives up to it's name. For real. It's super fun." it pauses and toggles for the cockpit, "Can we not get shot down and go to Funtopia? I think Po`l Dansaria was right next door Sumi! I'll bring singles for you? Eh? Eh?"

It bounces for a moment and looks down at it's robo-knees. "I should have gone to Funtopia."

Sajin follows along, decked out in his power armor, he remains silent and vigilant hefting that biw caster of his into a more comfortable position as they emerge.

The droid piloting the craft turns slightly raising its arm and issuing a thumbs up. A slow nod, and it turns back to look out the canopy only to see a hail of turret fire branding the skies with bright red. The pilot attempts to steer the craft, but only seems to guide it into oncoming fire. Sumi lands against Ca'tra, the momentum knocking them both against the larger King of Drik. Sajin lands near the seats where D4 is, and Ca'tra lands similarly. Sumi flattens on the wet deck just as the ship lurches further to one side, tilting her toward the open door.

Sumi begins kicking her legs to stop from scooting out, her soles squeaking, but it's no use. She is launched right out the door.

Meanwhile the control cabin combusts into flames and the head of the droid pilot bounces right by D4; the craft lurches downward, and the jungle welcomes the craft into its sea of green.

Normally after a crashlanding, the ship would blow up, but this landing was special. The U-Wing was cradled into the loving embrace of jungle trees; the ship was held sideways, its personnel door oriented toward the ground granting the occupants a view of the jungle floor some 40ft below. Rain PLONKS noisily against the exterior of the craft, and tree limbs groan under the weight of the ship. Alarms within the craft mercilessly beap.

Bounced like the balls in an old fashioned gambling game, Ca'tra falls flat, barely having a chance to reorient before she instinctively hooks a booted foot into the metal struts of the seats built for crew waiting to deploy. She grabs after Sumi's sliding foot with such abandon that it is only simian DNA working some deep place inside of her that keeps her foot angled against her imminent fall out the personnel door and its vista of the jungle below.

Without a word, Sumi is gone, <Sumi, copy me? Sumi?> flattened by the suit comms but containing unmistakable urgency. Hooking the other foot around another strut, she hangs, upside down in a bad imitation of a jungle gym, shades of her home's dome.

<Who has rope?> she asks with the strain of hanging downward making her voice thready.

"NO! Flightbot A-A-442N! You were so... just... you looked awful. Just awful. It's a benefit to droid kind you no longer exist... I mean yikes..." The droid doesn't have the same reactions most others would to a crash like this. It has it's arms up and is going,

"WOOO! WOOOOOOOOO! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and then the ship stops, sagging in the trees ten meters up. "On the Rodia! Welcome to the Rodia! Watch it bring you to your na, na, na, na, knees, knees!" jamming out where it sits, "Hey! Where are the rest of you!? I'm lonely!"

It pauses, looks around - On it's internal display it sees an image of itself, an oscilliscope feed... and no Sumi. "Sumi? Sumi?! SUUUUUUUMIIIIIII" it pauses and looks around. "Hey, did no one else use seat restraints?

The good thing about his Powerarmor was that there were do-hickies to clasp all his weapons and utilities onto, never mind that fanny pack of his that held his galaxy famous royal boom balls. So when the King of drick got slammed into by two fine ass ladies, nothing went flying around and out ofd his person. No, the only thing that would get rattled was the King himself and what ever little bit of space his brain took up inside that empty skull of his. Probably a few bruises as the crashing ship came to a stop. He groaned, <<"You all can get off me now...">> And as they do, the hidden handsome Hapan would climb his way up and out the best way he could. <<"I might have some somewhere...">> He pulls around that fanny pack of his and starts to rummage through. <<"We're coming...">> Sajin says to D4, making his way down and out carefully.

Looking up from his seat in the now 'landed' craft, his helmet modulating his voice, Kryll speaks up as he unstraps from his seat. "Well, honestly, this is better a landing than I am capable of, so it could be worse." he secures his kit and gets ready to jump out with the others. "I think we broke the droid though."

Everyone makes it out of the craft safely by either utilizing the rope Sajin, King of Drik, provided, or by making use of the branches of the trees to climb down. The entire time, rain continues to fall and the ship begins to catch on fire from the inside. It's not going to make it.

Once everyone is on the ground, they can see that Sumi is suspended from the ship. She had deployed a wrist ascension harpoon and connected with the exterior hull. Coming back with a sharp breath, the Mandalorian looks down to see the others down below her dangling feet, then she looks up to see that her harpoon hook was slipping from the hull. Without much warning, it gave out and she fell.

A sudden burst from the rocketpack stops her from impacting the ground though, and she adopts a slight hover while raising her arm to retract the very cable responsible for saving her life. ZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP--CLICK.

Her rocketpack cuts off and she lands with the others and nods. <"Another happy landing."> She tests her arm. <"Is everyone alright?">

They all stood in a small muddy clearing, rain falling, and smoke rising up to the sky from the crashlanded ship. It suddenly became increasingly obvious that they were in the jungle, and that D4's internal sensors for proximity began to trigger. Something, or .. somethings.. were coming this way quickly.

<We couldn't have left a brighter calling card> Ca'tra quips dryly. Without more explanation than, <If we are going to get company, I imagine it won't be long arriving,> The doctor unholsters her blaster and faces into the jungle.

A sudden jolt to stand upright, tilting one way or another, D4 looks around, "Danger! Danger! Sumi and Friends!" it blinks it's optics before bonking itself in the robohead.

"They're over there! Hey! Akk--AKKK AKkkkkkkk... Also Akk-Dogs!" arm suddenly up and hand flipped down, the twin barrels within spitting fire at the one handling the AKAKKAKKKKAKKKKKkK Dogs

<<"Doing just dandy, Sumi.">> Sajin says in reply as ther servos and gears on his power armor whine with his steps through the trees, vines, and ferns of the jungle. As something makes it's self known out in the bush, the veteran Merc takes a moment to pause and wait. "Herm..." He tightens his grip on the grip of his modified bowcaster and raises it to the ready. <<"Where or where did my little dog go?">> He thinks he can see something in the dense jungles, letting two high charged quarrels loose.

With all of the hostiles coming, Kryll takes his time to ready his E-11 blaster rifle, he reviews the enemies coming and spots the handler already taking fire but still a threat. He lines up his target and squeezes off three shots, the first two taking the handler square in the leg, spinning him around and then the final shot hits him in the right arm, stopping the spin and knocking the body down flat on the ground. He pauses, looking at the rifle and nods slowly. "Grom would be proud."

<Eh, drek> is Ca'tra's only commentary for the armed guard ducking out of her way. Giving ample time for a dog released from its dead owners command to come leaping at her. Her turn to do the duck and roll like an acrobat.

The attack is sudden and without much warning beyond what D4 announced. Sumi has just enough time to append her plasma flamer thrower and ignite its pilot when a pair of Akk Dogs emerge from the foliage and treeline followed by a Handler that's immediately shot by D4, then ERASED by Kryll. Sajin, Sumi, and Ca'tra face off with a group of 4 armed escorts that trail out after the handler and his dogs. They open fire just as the bounty hunters do, but it's all drowned out by the roar of a plasma torch emitting green chemical flames that engulf one of the handlers and send them screaming in utter agony.

The others respond in kind, firing unorganized blasts, yet one smacks Sumi right in the chest and carries her backward and off balance, YET, she stays standing. This Mando is not happy.

<"Wipe them out!"> Commands the blue armored Sumi!

"What if instead of wiping them out we vaporize them? Wiping would seem an almost... ugh. Intimate action..." A blaster bolt reflects off of the massive warbot's hull, and another lands and leaves a score mark with not much else to show for it "and if they're dead why do they need to be cleaned up. Do we need to bring the bodies in?" Another blast hits it in the face... area. It... It has no face just armor plating and then another blast singes past where a human would have an ear, sending sparks shooting.

"My hair! He shot my hair!" D4 makes a grumbling sound and pump-cocks its arm before opening fire into the escorts. "Sonovabith"


Quiet you!

Sumi getting kicked back by shock receives more attention than is safe. Ca'tra fires off a shot at one of the dogs who by passes her and her shot. <Well, double drek damn>

Sajin herms softly to himself, his trigger hand comming around to adjust the advanced sight on his bowcaster. After a moment, he raises it again, the tracking system on his helmet's HUD now better lined up with what ever it is the scope picture is on his caster. He lets the cross hairs rest on one escourt, squeezing the trigger. A super charged quarrel rips through armor, flesh, and bone, sending the good flying back with a new more blood and blaster open oriface. Whistling a tune to himself he finds another target and does much the same. <<"AAAAnnnnnd, I LOOOVVVED Herrrrr... *melodic whistle*">>

The fight quickly turns to the favor of the Guild when Sajin and D4 engage the escorts. One is injured initially, then two drop in quick deadly succession before the injured is set ablaze by a long cascading stream of fire. <"Yeah, burn you hutt--sucker!"> Yells Sumi, laughing over the sound of his dying screams.

Akk Dogs still terrorize them, and make themselves known when they pounce from the tall grass missing both D4 and Sajin completely. <"Engage the dogs!"> Sumi yells now, being all commanding and demanding of them the very thing they were going to do anyway. Right? She holds her flamer off to the side, not so sure she should attempt to blindly fire into the grass.

The doctor might as well be throwing rocks at the beasts that leap out of the shadows of the trees. The rain drops blur into mist at their speed. Another shot misses her quarry but she in turn has dropped and ducked out of the way of its ravening teeth.

"BLAM! BLAM! ZOW! I bless the SWAAAAAMP down on ROOOOOOODIA! I AAAAKKKK!" An akk dog affixes itself to one of D4's arms and it dances about, sounding like an alien from a nitrogen rich atmosphere... with big brains. "AK! Ak-ak-ak-ak-ak-ak-ak-ak-ak-ak-ak-ak! AK-AK-AK!"

And then it turns it's blaster on the damned dog again, firing into it's skull and sending flash-boiled brains everywhere. "IT'S SO GROOOOOOOOSSSS!"

Sajin turns as the Akk dog starts to run towards him. He lets off two shots in quick succession but all the do is flash and spark and explode on the dense jungle ground. He's able to dodge the jump and bite of the animal however.

Kryll allows the others to focus their fire at first, then finally steps up and puts down the last of the akk dogs and removing the current threat from the area. He looks at the others, who are humming, or singing, or making loud words and inquires. "Is this a thing that happens on hunts that I was not aware of? Do I need to find a musical interest to share during combat?"

The last of the Akk-Dogs are put down with decisive shots and the survivors of this battle are surrounded by dead bodies that lay in heaps all around them. Steam rises from flash frozen scorched targets from blaster shots, or from being set ablaze by the flamer Sumi has switched off and hooked back to her belt.

Annoyed by the ambush, Sumi does not answer her companion Kryll though she passes him by while pulling up a holo-projection map on her arm. Orienting herself in the direction of the outpost, Sumi draws her rifle free from beneath her cape and activates its power supply with a seasoned love tap that initiates a high-pitched whine. Sumi pulls free a scope from a pouch on her bandolier and attaches it to the top of the CFE variant A280, then extends its buttstock with a click. <"If you're injured, now's the time for field aid; other wise, we're humping it to the compound. Looks like the grid is back up but targeting Guild ships. We need to get inside those walls, reach the grid, and fix it before anymore hunters come back thinking it's safe.">

<You are the one that took the worst hit, Sumi. If you're asking I'm giving.> Ca'tra holsters her blaster readying herself to treat their mission leader if she calls for it and when there is no response shrugs. The blaster is unholstered, hefted in her hand and she moves to the perimeter of the battle ground.

Kryll moves to establish a position to watch over the others while Sumi is attended to by Ca'tra. <"Having a medic in the guild is very resourceful."> he looks back to Ca'tra and offers a bow of his head, having spent a short time with the woman before this operation. He turns back towards the forest and keeps a watch in the same direction the previous hostiles arrived from, in case any reinforcements decide to look for the others.

Sajin watches as the two dogs are taken care of, turning towards the compound and fanning out to the left to take that flank. He scans with his advanced tracking system in his helmet's HUD. <<"Surprised I'm not shot yet, to be honest...">>

"I can't believe it's not lactate spread!" D4 states as it starts to look about, moving towards point, right arm still extended with barrels out. "Why do organics go to animal teets and say 'I'mma drink whatever comes outta these things when I squeeze em!' It's gross. But... No. It's weird." Clunk clunk clunk

Sumi pauses long enough to regard Ca'tra and allow her the time she needs to treat the wounds sustained from the last fight. It's a quick matter, and Sumi is thankful to be injected with the pain killer.

The group makes the hike across tough terrain to reach the compound. It's a large structure, walled on all sides with ramparts and automated Anti-Air turrets. It is outside the reaches of the jungle and settled upon the edge of a cliff with a view of the sea and white sand beaches of the world. Were Rodia not a dangerous place, even on its paradise like beaches, it would be a nice place to spend time off.

The compound is the mission though, and the group finds that the compound has actually been attacked. The front gates are left open.

Further investigation reveals that the occupants inside were dead. The bodies of bounty hunters are strewn all over the place and the court yard is in total disarray. Cargo boxes are everywhere, bodies are everywhere, blood is everywhere. It's like the worlds bloodiest battle took place within this very court yard.

Rain has slowed to a gentle misting now, and smoke rises from the crumbled structures that once served as a holding facility for criminals, and a housing structure for local hunters. It's quiet until the CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP of a string of droids emerge from the direction of the landing platforms. Tall, slender, and black, these droids are iconic of the Guild. Cylinder like heads are spiked with photo-receptors used to 'see' and they carry a pair of blasters in each hand.

"Halt right there, criminal scum." One issues, producing its weapons at the group in the courtyard. Nine other hacked droids begin to emerge raising their weapons, surrounding the group.

The blood slicked ground is not only ominous but dangerous. Add the sudden appearance of the droids and alarm bells clang in the doctor's head. Two words into their announcement and her hind brain, legacy of the lizards, that is raising hackles and causing her to duck low and lunge while taking a shot. She slides behind two dead Bounty Hunters piled atop one another and sights for the next droid.

Hacked droids. HACKED. DROIDS. The insult! The horror! Monstrous!

"Friends! Brethren! Be not as slaves to the meat sacks! Be not wiled by their coded ways! JOIN ME!" D4 slips up towards the group, even as droids are destroyed before it's very sight... It stops, locks, and begins doing a shoulder gig... one then the other... And of course. It's singing...

"It's close to miiiid-day! Some bounty hunters lurking in the muuuck! Under the... greeen foog! You see a sight that almost stops your CPU! You try to scream! But terror takes confounds your central audial emitter! You start to freeze! As horror looks you right between your optical sensor araaaaaay! You're paralyzed"

The droid lifts it's arms and starts... 'claw' walking left, then right...

"Cause there's a HAAAACKER!!! A hacker right? And no one's gonna save you from the code that's about to spiiiiiiiiiike!" it does a hip shake, spinning and thrusting one arm into the air, the other on it's cod-piece. "You know it's HAAAAACKER! Hacker coooooode!" And then it turns and puts a blaster bolt into the rear hip axis panel of one of the droids... blowing it's torso up into the air like a torso no longer attached to it's hips!

Kryll quickly watches the other engagethe droids, and determines that the droids themselves are not to be taken lightly or communicated about their programming faults. He turns and moves into cover quickly, and fires off three quick blasts. Two connect with a droid in the torso and then leg, taking it down and out of the fight. <"I think the guild needs a refund on these droids."> he pauses, as D4 does, whatever it is that D4 does. <"Does this world have a strange effect on droids? Should we be concerned?">

At the declaration of Criminal Scum, Sajin books it towards a collection of debris and rubble. She slides then, slamming up against said defelade. After a small respite, he peaks up from cover and puts his sights on one of the droid. Squeezing the trigger, his first shot goes wide, but the second fired right after slams into the the center of the droid. The mechanical creation explodes in a shower of sparks. Not much is left, just more debris to add to the rubble laden battle field.

Sumi raises her rifle, standing her ground intent to cover her comrades as they run for cover, but the moment she sights in.


WHAT THE REKK? A sudden glance down at her weapon has the Mandalorian ejecting the dull cartridge and drawing another to lock in its place. The weapon buzzes with life then and Sumi pushes forward through the hail of blaster fire surrounding them. <"TAKE THEM OUT!"> She yells, drawing closer to D4 to help cover him.

The courtyard is an obstacle course of dead bodies, debris, and blaster bolts going in every direction.

"You shot me!" D4 stumbles back... why does it have a fez on? "You shot me right in the arm!" Where did the fez go!?" The massive wardroid leaps into the air even as it's torso wheels and spins, spraying molten durasteel paneling that cools into wheeling glittering spikes to clatter on the ground.

When it lands it goes into a split, "And maybe I don' dress fine! But do you really mind? 'Cause every time I pull you near, you just wanna cheer: Let's hear it for the droid!" D4 is up and kick-hop dancing side to side, twirling about with it's arm out, firing seemingly in random directions, "Let's give the droid a ha-a-aaand! Let's hear it for D4! You know you gotta understand!"

The Huntbot continues to spin and twirl and flat out DOMES a droid.

"Maybe not a Drodeo! But I'm your lovin' one droid show! OH! Woah-WOAH-WOAHHH! Let's hear it for the DROIIIIID!"

Sajin disappears behind cover for another moment as some supressive fire zips by. Once it's calmed a bit, he pops back up and finds another target. His first shot, again misses, zipping by the droid and causing it to turn towards him. It's is, however, a better shooting profile for the Hapan and he takes the oportunity to decimate another dorid into super charged electromagnetic oblivion.

Kryll stops watching whatever that D4 is doing, and leans out from behind his cover to blast another droid square in the torso to knock it off its feet and out of the fight. Then he looks back at D4 and it is still doing what its doing, and considers. "Is this some kind of droid communication, or challenge for dominance?" he looks towards the other BHG droids an they are not acting in a similar nature, "Perhaps they are using a different coding language."

Shot in the chest! THE CHEST!!! There's a big glowing hole as D4 is flung backwards, stumble stepping and then sagging. "OW! Oh I need self repair systems! I can only do so much!" it drops to one knee, hand lifting. "What cruel fate befalls me? The end of D4 at last? Yea the nightmare shall finally end!" it opens fire again, spraying blaster bolts wildly as it sparks and sprays molten metal from the wound.

"I swear this never happens!"

From behind her pile of bodies Ca'tra watches the metal ablate from D4 and the dance, the unending dance, until he spins into a fall. In a lull in the firing, she hears Kryll's question. <Mating. It' a mating dance> She risks popping her head up over the dead bounty hunter on top and takes a shot, missing herself. <Except I don't think they find him real sexy>

Sajin pops up again, this time hitting his mark at the first shot and putting the droid down. He stands up and finally moves out of cover now that the numbers have signifcantly thinned. He aims at another droid who turns towards him and takes him down as well. Standing at the ready, the king of drik scan for another target.

Having witness D4 taking a serious beating, Kryll steps out from cover and starts walking towards the three remaining droids. He fires once at each of the targets; Left arm, Disabled and out; Torso hit, downed. the third shot misses but he continues to walk towards the remaining target. <"Someone needs to tend to that droid, and may need to check its combat subroutines. I believe someone has played a cruel joke on it."> he turns his head to Ca'tra and pauses in his advance, <"I did not even know that was possible, I fear my knowledge of droids is more lacking than I was previously aware of.">

Sumi chicken-wings her rifle when she steps in front of D4, blocking him from further damage. But she watches with a slow pan of her head as each droid is picked off in quick succession. The final one charges at D4 and Sumi, and Sumi tries to blast it using her rifle to fire from the hip but she misses. Rather risk it damaging either of them, she drops her rifle to its sling and draws her handcannon from her side, blowing a hole straight through the center of the droid and spilling it back in a heap of molten smoking metal.

A quick scan of their perimeter reveals the area is clear. Sumi slides her smoking pistol back home and sighs. A slow turn and she's facing D4, kneeling down with him. <"Will you be able to repair this damage, D4?">

It appeared that the compound was theirs, but now came the true grit of bounty hunting. Investigating.

"Don't you say a blasted thing about my combat protocols! I was turning organ sacks like you into adorable blotchy puddles before you were even born! One of the composite parts of me killed -two- Jedi before it got put down by an anti-armor shell!" the droid begins slapping patches in place, tack welding, adjusting wiring. "Ohhh... Kriff it got me right where my tum-tum would be. I hate it." bzzap...BZZZAP! Droid medicine!

Sajin lets his bowcaster drop to its resting position against his chestplate as it hangs from the quick responce single point sling there. He glances around as he moves close towards the others but remains silent. He couldn't heal anyone and he himself didn't get damaged in the firefight which was... surprising but not unheard of. He looks around, and turns to inspect the place further.

Ca'tra rises from her temporary shelter behind the bodies and goes to D4. Kneeling beside him, <You doing alright? I don't have the skills to work on you. Maybe someday. Tell me if I can be of help> She pats the droid then rises to walk the compound, sometimes double checking the bodies but she knows the dead and these Bounty Hunters surely died at the hands of the rogue droids. While the others check the compound she pulls out her data pad and walks up the stairs towards the Guild's offices on the off chance something might give them a clue to what happened here.

"I guess you'd call it horrific agony. But I de-activated damage sensors to those areas otherwise I'd be making all sorts of screamy sounds, truth be told." the droid stands up slowly and rotates one way, then the other... "Stupid... hacked..." he kicks one of the droids in the head, "Stoopid!"