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BHG: Task Force Coronet

OOC Date: August 2, 2019
Location: Coronet City, Corellia
Participants: Kasia Ashkuri, Narsai Ordo, Iollan Canem, D4-K4, Sajin, Sumi Kora

Coronet City, Corellia

Coronet City is the beating heart of Corellia, and the center point city with a legacy of ship building few in the galaxy could compete. It is night time in this part of the planet, and our heroes look down upon the BHG Compound from a high rise roughly a klick away. Slow blinking red strobes mark the landing pad upon the roof of the guild headquarters. Around them, a city full of lights is teeming with life. Strong gusts of wind whistle by, carrying the sound of Corsec sirens and general city ambiance. Were it not for impending violence, this sight would be one in a million.

Our group stands atop the landing platform of an old tower with a view that was one in a million. It is not exactly easy to stand up here, but it is not dangerous either. The platform is comprised of duracrete and aligned with slow blinking red strobes. At one end, a massive steel cable is latched to the side of the building and extends to a point in the darkness that cannot be seen. One might suppose it takes a path down through the narrow gaps of smaller buildings, but without any light, there's no way to confirm this.

Sumi stands near the center of the landing platform ensuring that her Task Force is assembled and everyone is ready. She removes her Mandalorian helmet, stationing it casually beneath her arm. The wind immediately lifts her hair back, revealing her entire face and the nasty scar that's carved around her eye and down her neck. "Everyone listen up."

Her voice is distinct, with a sense of authority to it. "You may be wondering why we're up here and not kicking in the rekking front door. The answer is.. that's rekking stupid. If we're going to take something back from the scum below, they're going to remember that death came from above and /nothing/ could protect them from the reach of this Guild." Sumi turns slightly and points with her other hand. "In that direction, you'll find some rigging harnesses. I want each of you to stand by them and begin to pull them on. It's very simple, just ensure the cable Zip-Clip is in front. We will be taking that cable down from this building and gliding to the roof top. This is, of course, by design. The Guild has contingencies for every scenario, and taking back the compound from above is one of them."

Sumi looks back at them. "Secure your weapons to you first. When I clip you in, you will each line up along the edge of this building until I shove you off. The cable and your zip-clip will handle the rest. Orient yourself to face forward, and prepare to land on the ship platform for the guild. You will have to /SQUEEZE/ your harness control when you reach the guild roof top. Otherwise, you will flatten against the comm array on the roof, and I'm not cleaning up your remains. The landing will be rough. Once we've regrouped below, we'll devise a way into the compound from above and handle the rest from there. D4, you're taking point."

Kasia has with her a pair of weapons, one on each hip, along with a bag she almost always carries to things like this, containing... who knows what. Maybe ammo, maybe a medkit, maybe snacks. When Sumi points out the cables, she eyes them, glances down at herself, then looks back up again. "Well, this will be a new adventure," she remarks, moving over to the aforementioned cables to check out the rigging harness. "If I die by turning into a meaty smudge down there, tell Hex I looked really good doing it, yeah?" It's mostly a joke, she doesn't seem THAT concerned that she's about to die. Which is probably a sign that she's been doing crazy things like this for too long, but here we are.

And here are the heroes, such as they are. They're at least hero shaped, loosely. Helmet tucked under the bend of his arm, cig slotted to the corner of his mouth, Iollan looks the picture of wayward credit-hunting mercenary for the moment. Blonde hair whips about in the wind, smoke nearly put out by it, and as he listens a gloved hand comes to pluck the rollup from, ashing to the side.

Sounds simple enough. At least everyone here verges on competent, arguably. So Sumi gets a nod from him, better than chatter, and with the burnt out buttend flicked away, Iollan moves over to the harnesses as directed, picking one up to start strapping in.

"Sumi you're my sugar-fruit... I love you - as only a droid can love a squishy bag of meat and bone." it makes a 'chik-chik' sound and makes finger guns at her. It doesn't bother with a harness... it's a big damn war droid and can just lock it's fingers in place, which it does at the cable, ready to loosen or tighten as it needs.

"I hope I get an ugly one, I've been wanting to bag an ugly one." the droid scans from the edge of the building, looking to Kasia "You look good doing everything Miss Kasia."

Sajin isn't so handsome today unless youre into that thing. Tonight the Drikish King was decked out in his power armor along with all his wookiee weapons. Bowcaster strapped to his chest in a quick response single point sling. Large ryyk blade actoss his back. He gives a simple thumbs up to the leader of yhe group. Dtik owed the mandos a lifetime of favors so here he was keeping up their end of the bargain. He looks yo kasia and nods. "I'll make sure he knows."

Sumi sets her helmet down and walks down the line to each person. She checks their rigging, tugging and pulling at odd angles, invading personal space to ensure safety and that it would hold. In turn, each zip-clip was fastened to the wire and everyone was aligned along the edge of the building.

Behind them, it is just open air and the sound of the city. Ahead, they only see the safety of the platform they'd just been on and the backdrop of twinkling city lights at night. Coronet is rekking beautiful.

D4's comment, along with the other dialogue, is absorbed by Sumi, but she's so set to ensuring things are done correctly that she doesn't respond beyond giving D4 a smile. Sumi at last walks down the line and unslings her sniper rifle, a sleek white and black F-11S model rifle with a custom scope and modified barrel. "D4.. take us in." A casual motion is made, and he's to latch to the cable and begin the descent. Meanwhile, Sumi sets her helmet back on and moves to the first person in the stack. Kasia may see the reflection of her face upon the visor of Sumi's helmet for the moment they stare each other down. Then, she's pushed off the side of the building. Like Kasia, they all experience feel a sudden weightlessness before the zip-clip snaps loudly and jerks them harshly to the left. A loud ZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP noise begins and they are /very quickly/ making their way straight for the side of a building!

The building sweeps from view as the cable has them weave between two tall structures, then angle past a lane of sky-traffic. The view around them is slowly going down, down, down, and further down until the view of the BHG is ahead. From overhead, a single red blaster bolt streaks by them, finding the lone shadow upon the roof who had come up to smoke. As his body hits the gravel roof, dead, D4 is just touching down, the others moments behind him.

Immediate surroundings are clear. It's a landing zone for Bounty Hunters, with a catwalk that leads into the compound itself. There's no cover to take here, but there's no immediate threat either.

D4's contact comes at a jog, calculated by its guidance systems, headed for the catwalk with it's left arm extended, left for the EE-3, right normally stun but for the moment it throws up a hand, signaling the group to take cover - pointing to itself to indicate where before it extends it's stun cannon.

The harness is secured, or at least Kasia hopes that it is, this is far from her area of expertise, but she trusts Sumi to know what she's doing here. There's a moment spent doublechecking that everything is as secured on her body as it can be, and when she looks up she finds Sumi there in front of her. She meets the gaze...sort of, she looks into the visor that's looking back at her, giving her a nervous smile. Then she feels the push, and the smile promptly vanishes into something far more surprised. She knew it was coming, but it's still a surprise to her. This is both amazing and terrifying, and she finds herself both trying not to have an unfortunate accident, and also marveling at the sensation. The landing is coming up fast, however, and she hasn't forgotten that, focusing in on that as she nears, and squeezing the controls as soon as she feels like she should. Thankfully they work, and she lands hard enough that she staggers forward with several heavy steps, but she manages to remain on her feet and also not turn into a meaty puddle for everyone else to land in. Hooray.

Helmet on, strapped and read,y Iollan follows along the zipline comfortable enough; maybe he's done this before. Either way, the zzzzzzip echoes around them before speeding air eats up the noise and he finds himself nearly holding his breath, fighting the urge to do so. Landing is more important and he waits, hand on the button, until her sees D4 and Kasia do so before him.

Click! No hero puddle today; contact to the roof is rough and he just manages to tip his downward momentum into a roll, impacting absorbing into the broad span of his shoulders. In a second he's back on his feet, pulling the blaster from it's holster as they get ready for the real show.

Sajin has done this a few times I n his day. He had just turned 33 and was likely in this profession fast on his way to being an old man. He is quiet through out the ride down. He lands on yhe catwalk with a heavy thud. Into a hunched position he raises his caster to safely scan, the tacking system in his helm comming on line to scan in night and thermal. He keeps his head and wrist light off for the time being.

Narsai had been here, but beyond a greeting of "Su'cuy vod," she'd been silent. She didn't wear ostentatious armor as her brother had, merely her own well-trusted Beskar'gem. The young woman looked like any other warrior. Zip-lines were certainly quieter than her jetpack, but it was still a new experience. Hopefully the landing was similar!

Bracing her legs for the touchdown, the Mandalorian woman in red and black gives a light grunt of effort at the landing and then unclips herself, drawing her blaster pistols from her right thigh holster and the small of her back. For now? Her E-11 rests at the other thigh ready for a little escalation. With her features hidden behind the T-visor of her helmet, Narsai moves up into formation.

The group encounters no resistance on the rooftop. In fact, not even the dead guy twitches! The cat-walk they make their way to is made of metal grating, so there's no masking footsteps. They initially climb down a staircase and cross under the roof into the main maintenance bay below. It is well lit inside. The maintenance bay is massive, at least 30m, and is packed with munitions to include a BHG Gambit Pursuer that's been secured to an engineering crane to undergo maintenance. The rest of the room is circular by design, with two exits. One exit is the rooftop, from which the group just came, and the other is down below them, through a set of large double sliding doors which were presently closed.

The group has to cross a long length of catwalk to reach the other side of the room where the remaining stairwell is. They accomplish this task with no issue, but upon reaching the ground level, they are confronted with the internal maze that is the bay. A series of cargo containers lay out in random order in front of them, and to their right is the Gambit ship.

An alarm sounds and the lights in the large bay go out briefly, switching to an overcast red. <<"WELL, WELL, WELL.. seems we got us some intruders boys! Motion detectors and surveillance are a real treat! REAL treat. Don't suppose you all belong to the guild?">> The female voice asks, laughing harshly before a bright light is directed to a nearby wall the group can see to the left. <<"They fought back and look what happened to them.">> Dismembered and strewn about casually are the bodies of several hunters. It's a sight of gore, utter violence. The female laughs. <<"I'd give you a chance to surrender, but we don't negotiate. BOYS, KILL EM!">>

At the OPPOSITE end of the bay, separated by randomly placed supply containers that can be used for cover, the double doors open and 12 crudely dressed heavily armed thugs rush out. It's time for battle!

Things are going too well to last, Kasia knows that, she's done this sort of thing enough to know that when it's quiet like this it's only because someone is waiting in the wings to attack, and sure enough. The alarm sounds and makes her start, eyes sweeping the area as the voice floods in. "You should hire better decorators," she suggests to the disembodied voice as she takes in the gore, nose crinkling. There's no time to be disgusted with the decor though, there's attacking to be done, and as those thugs make themselves known she swings up her weapon and fires off a couple of shots, only managing to hit with one of them, but it's enough to take his arm off, so that's not nothin!

It's always something you can't see, right? As the voice booms overhead, snapped and crackled with the commlink, Iollan immediately stiffens from the casual sneak they've been employing, helmeted head scanning the area for any immediate threats. Luckily, threats are soon revealed and in the space of a heartbeat his DL-718 lifts to flick off two quick shots, each hitting their targets. He takes a couple steps to the right as he shoots, spreading out so they're less of a cluster and also giving himself better view of the fight.

A blue bolt launches from the Droid's left arm, confusing it apparently. "Pe... wait... Bwomp!?" D4 shakes it's arm - a crimson bolt coming out next wining through the air harmlessly.

"I'm ok! I was apparently unable to initially override my wish to not kill every time! Weird huh!?" The droid begins emitting hysterical laughter, facing away from the enemy as it tromps forward, arm firing stil as it slaps its' thigh in amusement.

"OH... Man! That reminds me of the time that this pirate tried to vent me out an airlock! He didn't know my partner had sliced his systems and he vented the atmosphere everywhere but the airlock. He totally popped! It was crazy. Oh man, fun times." D4 emits a pleased sigh at the memory, looking back where it's shooting.

"OH! Hey! Get in front of my blaster bolts! Rude! These cost money! You're worth money! You're throwing off my cost effectiveness spreadsheet for this mission! I'm. Trying. To. Shoot. You." tromp tromp, chatter, chatter.

"Kasia! I'm recording you right now! I'll send you the copy of the holo-vid, the way the air is moving it your hair looks amazing!"

Well, they were ambushed, but it was kind of inevitable. Thankfully, when things go to hell? It's their side that starts shooting (or hysterically laughing) first. Narsai was no exception, her blaster pistols coming up as the Mandalorian woman makes to move and unload as much fire as her two 'handcannons' can manage at the gang. One bolt goes wide, but it's swiftly dialed in with two more heavy bolts before her fourth hits another thug in the chest and blows him off his feet. He's not dead, but he probably wishes he was.

The battle that follows is loud, and it's an all out SHOOT 'EM UP! For the most part, the majority of the fire comes from the direction of our heroes, but the swoop gang is no church group either. Several of them return fire, the ones left standing that is. They run undisciplined from one point of cover to another. One even holds his blaster over a waist high cargo container and fires blindly. It all seems rather dramatic. Several push up to the point they're bravely in the open making a statement.

The one that's furthest ahead is struck suddenly by a loud blast from above. The fresh burning smell of ozone fills the space as a bolt pierces their bravest thug, catching his left arm and spilling him backward. The shot came from the catwalk, it's Sumi! Her shot earns her the hate of several who fire back in anger. She stutter steps after taking a bolt to her leg, crying out in frustration and falling down the stairwell to join her companions.

There's Seven still healthy, one being pulled back and slapped back to focus, and 2 dying, coughing up blood.

Sajin rolls his eyes under his helmet and just raises his bowcaster, picks one out and fires. He notices his first shot took off a leg and winces as the death shot misses as the gang member hits the ground. "Sorry man!" He shouts ducking around a crate, a bolt slamming into his mid back. He yelps out in a pinch of pain. "Okay. Im. not sorry."

Kasia shrinks back a little as the thugs begin to return fire, trying to will herself to be small. She's not small, and no amount of willing is going to make it so, but she's not shot, so she's not going to complain. "Call out if you need help," she says to the group she's with, daring a glance around at those she can see before she focuses on one of the thugs in her line of sight. She narrows her eyes a moment, then squeezes the trigger, sending off a few blaster bolts that all hit in the same relative spot, burning a lethal hole in the man.

As return fire pops all around them, bolts going wide, Iollan does what he can to juke the incoming; he's a big guy, and often that's easier said then done. Still, this time a quick duck has him covered well enough as she takes another couple quick strides to the right, spreading out the line of fire. Blaster level to his eyeline now, two hands on the grip in a trained pose, he takes another couple shots with at least one solid connect. That'll do.

Taking a moment to gether himself and ignore the stinging burning pain of whatever of that bolt his armor didn't protect against, the King of Drik pops out from Cover and pushes Forward. Two quick shots, well placed and deadly with the help of his tracking system send two of the enemy into the great abyss of death. He slams his non injured side up against the next crate ahead of him, trying to keep up somewhat of an advance.

Blaster bolts plang off of D4 as it continues to plod forward. "OW! Stoppit" k-BWANM "OW!" zzzzu-PWOW!!! "STAAAAAHP!" thoroughly annoyed the droid pivots to aim again, firing into the crowd where other bolts are going, not paying attention to hits or misses at this point

"Zap! Bzow! PEW!" it laughs again, "OH! Space this is the best you guys, we should go out dancing or play Sho-to'kaso-Plinghko after this! I'll buy!"

More blaster fire through the air, Narsai fires her pistols once more, gritting her teeth at injured on their side while her own bolts find their mark. "Cover the wounded," she calls over the din. "Everyone still alive?"

Sumi crumbles at the foot of the stairs and shakes her head to rid her view of all the stars she sees. If she had a HUD, it would've been in utter static! Blaster discharges continue to ring out and from her perspective she can see that her companions are winning. She crawls over to a crate to spend some time getting her bearings. Her rifle is slung for now, and she tugs free the GLIE-44 hanging from her thigh holster. <"What's left?!" She calls out, not sure of the lay of the land any longer. Her sense of direction is coming back to her and she rises to her feet, back still propped to her cover.

The fight is not going well in the Swoop Gang's favor. In fact, there's a lot more dead than living, and a single brave soul left standing. He realizes how alone he is and turns back to the doors he had come. "SEND THE OTHERS! WE NEED HELP!" He screams, disappearing into the very corridor he had come from.

No one is shrieking for help, so Kasia doesn't do another check on the group she came in with. Instead she's focused on the guys who wanted to make them an addition to the gory decor. They might be injured, but she's not letting that slow her down, and after spending a moment narrowing her eyes on one of ht injured men, again she fires. There's an attempted second shot, but... nothing happens. Bad time to run out of ammo, but the lone shot does it's work. Rather than switch out the power pack, she shoves the weapon back into its holster and yanks out something larger. "Sounds like they're bringing in more, this is probably a bad thing."

There seems to be, on the whole, less screaming from their side than the other one so for the time being Iollan keeps his attention hooked forward. That rangy stride takes him over to a few scattered crates in the area, ducking behind him as some more errant fire flares overhead. A clam, steady break recenters the PI as he listens to the ebb of combat, choosing his moment to twist around, left knee on the ground, and rocket off two more shots over the crates, each of them hitting home.

Sajin lets his bowcaster drop to it's resting station against his chest, secured to the single point sling. He reaches around and pulls around his fanny pack, unzipping it in the process. He reaches a gauntleted hand deep into that small sack of his, searching and searching. If it wasn't for his helmet they'd see his tongue sticking out. Then he pulls a frag grenade from the pouch. "I'mma chuck some of my balls down that stupid hallways then... that should clear 'em out." He gives a reassuring nod.

"Just stay behind me Miss Kasia. I'll make sure you stay pretty, ok?" D4 calls out, checking its blaster charge and it stops when she pulls out the bigger gun. "Jeeze... I wish I was Hex..." it pauses, tilts, cassually putting a blaster bolt into a downed ganger's face. "Wait..." it takes a moment to think.

"No I don't want to be fat and stupid. I don't want to be Hex." it bobs as if to nod and then looks in the direction that reinforcements are expected arm back up and waiting with a little tune in its vocoder, seeing Sajin

"I love you also pretty man."

There's a distinct YOWL-YOWLLL sound as the sudden appearance of a tawny furred Nexu pounces atop a container and sinks its claws into the metal. Several eyes looks over the room as its owner steps out, flanked by two of her gang. This lady is Aresa Gal, a wanted fugitive in 14 systems, and a famed gunslinger from Corellia. She carries herself in that tone too. "Go, Sweets. HUnt them down and rip them to shreds. We'll shoot the ones that run, baby!" She draws a Caelli-Merced Sentinel IV, the famed blaster carried by the Black Bha'lir. It's drawn and made active, its glowing purple exterior exotic and sleek by design. She kisses the muzzle and slinks to cover.

Her two goons move ahead, both of them carrying blaster rifles, and the Nexu waves its pronged tail before leaping to the next crate, looking for an angle to pounce!

<"Ah, rekking hell. I kriffing hate Nexu's!"> Sumi groans and tries to find an angle on it.

"I appreciate that," Kasia remarks to D4 at the offer to be her shield, chuckling quietly as he slowly determines that he doesn't in fact want to be Hex. "Hey, he's not all bad. I understand though, most people don't get us." She's ripped from these thoughts by the yowl of a terrifying beast. "Uuhh, great," she sounds less than thrilled by this outcome, but then spots the woman moving to cover. She narrows her eyes and raises the small cannon in her hand, and after a few moments she squeezes off a single, brutal shot. She glances over at Sajin after she fires. "He is awfully pretty, he gets a lot of love for that."

Oh. They have a nexu. There's a curse, private and violent, as Iollan catches sight of the alarmingly fast beast leaping into the fray. Instinctively he ducks back behind his cover, blaster held tight as another rattled exhale carries some awful obscenities to life. If gives him the space to process, decide, and then twist around again to take another couple shots -- except now the nexu has leap where he wasn't expecting and a desperate could bolts go far wide of their target.

A nexu! A kriffing nexu! D4 lurches back theatrically, one leg up, knee to its abdomen, arms crossed before it and its vocoder issuing a high pitched shriek!

It stops almost as soon as it starts though, "Kidding! HA! I'm the best." it remains in its bizzare posture as it opens up, firing wildly at the nexu.

"OH! Oh! It's horrible! OH it's icky!" bouncing around as it continues to fire.

Sajin slides to a stop as people come out of the doorway before he is in acceptable range. His eye looks to the Nexu and then to the Master. He really doesn't care about the two goons. But he knows that Nexu is probably the bigger threat here than anyone else in this room. In the heat of the moment, he just tosses the grenade towards the thing before reaching for his large for a human ryyk blade and pulling it Free. "Come here lil' Nexu." The grenade sailed way far off, the Nexu likely being way too fast. Where it landed, noone will know... you know until it explodes.

Clearly, the boss-woman was a more canny foe, Narsai's bolts come through the air but only one of them finds the armored woman and hits hard against her armor. Still standing though! Hissing a little to herself, the Mandalorian woman tightens her grip and continues firing. Hopefully the others could manage the Nexu!

Sumi watches and steps with care with her blaster pistol aimed up high. She fires off three shots, only one sinking into the Nexu as it preps to pounce. <"Damnit. Look out IO-- Oh no.!"> The Nexu had pounced the Private Investigator and had hold of his arm, chomping upon it! The Mandalorian takes a balanced stance then and raises her pistol to fire, her chin dipping slightly to take aim.

"YOU HUTTSUCKERS! QUIT BLOWING HOLES IN MY ARMOR!" Aresa cries out, cresting her cover and taking a shot at Sajin. The iconic Sentinel blaster produces an exotic purple bolt that stands out in stark contract the the red hued room. Sadly, it's a miss, and it sparks off a box near Kasia. Aresa's goons rush forward firing blindly!

Kasia's weapon is heavy, and a bit harder to aim than the other one she had, but she's trying. It's raised and she's taking aim when someone else gets the same idea and shoots her instead. Her armor isn't exactly the type that protects her well from baster fire, so it hits, and hurts, burning a hole through the armor and leaving a nasty wound on her abdomen. She staggers back, and then hits the ground, already on the ground when the blast hits. Which is good, because that means she doesn't fall twice. She's getting older, falls hurt more, ok. "Kriff," she hisses, a hand lifting to hover around her injury, but not do anything about it. Not yet. Instead she grits her teeth and slowly gets to her feet again.

There's barely a moment between taking shoots and the sudden, furry blur of hell right in front of him. Iollan barely has the space to snap out a <<"KRI--">> before his shout is snatched up into the sudden pain of massive, locking jaws over his right arm. As predators are wont to do, the Nexu starts shaking it's head, the considerable size of the PI being dragged along like a rag doll as it does. Blaster still in his left mitt, the two shots he tires to aim directly into it's skull arc wide.

"You shot her! She provides me a power port to charge at like it's beer! I like that power port! Ergo I like her!" D4 begins berating Aresa, changing it's angle, momentarily, looking to Iollan

"Iollan! You've got a nexu glove! Poke it in the cloaca! That'll stun it." the explosion going off around it seems to be ignored, but then it's a droid. It has internal gyro systems.

There are physics measurement alogrythm and local geometry positioning sub-routines built into him. D4 is an amalgum of four of it's destroyed... siblings. What do you have grenade!? NOTHING! YOU'RE A PUNK GRENADE! YOU BLEW YOUR MOMENT AND IT WAS LOST ON US! YOU'RE JUST LIKE YOUR FATHER GRE-ok... Ok. Take a breath.

D4's arm makes the pewdie-pew sounds and the red bolty blast things go all FWHOOOOOOOM. At the Nexu.

Because Iollan is apparently the best shot... at killing air molecules.

Slayer of oxygen.

Suck it air. You... big... open. Yeah. Kriff you air.

D4 is pretty garbage too at the moment. But it -is- shaking like its' laughing.

Sajin drags the large Ryyk blade on the ground as Aresa shoots towards him, one blaster bolt sipping past his helmet not too far from its mark but still a miss. The other is pretty far off. Either way, the Kind doesn't blink. The black orinate blade sparks as the edge moves across the ground. As her two goons rush forwards, Sajin lets out a loud Yell though his Vocord and hefts the blade up, letting it come down violently on one of the gurads, knocking his gun out of the way, perhaps breaking bone, but otherwise incopasitating him. With the swift action of a well trained martial artist, the Hapan Drikish King then swipes sideways to hit the lower section of the other guard, knocking him the the ground. He Stands there in his dark Armor, sword in one hand at low guard, daring them to continue.

There was screaming, there was blaster fire, there was someone being mauled. Damn. Hopefully someone could kill that cat, but Narsai was going to try and keep the attention of the other shooters off the others while they did. If things got any worse? Well...they were going to have to escalate a little. Stepping out of the cover offered, Narsai begins to rush forwards, blasters raised and firing.

Then a grenade goes off...and her aim isn't quite perfect, but at least two of them hit. "COME ON!" she yells, hissing and firing her weapon hard.

The explosion shakes the entire place up, peppering shrapnel everywhere and hitting everyone with a gust of concussion. Iollan was in the path to be hit by the explosive shrapnel, but his new brave companion 'Sweets' took shrapnel along its side, ticking it off even further. Adjusting from biting his arm, the Nexu powers into him and takes his entire body into its mouth chomping once and spitting him out! Its attention shifts to the others!

Pinned down by Narsai, Aresa has to get cheeky and tosses herself sideways to slide across the floor. She fires a single violet blast that catches Sumi in the right arm, sparking a plate off her armor and spilling her aside into a stumble. She groans in pain then adjusts to attack the Nexu again. This isn't looking good for them!

Getting to her feet huuuuurts, but Kasia grits her teeth and manages to get upright again. "You tell her," she asides to D4, trying to get her bearings again. "Kriff," she repeats the curse as she spots Iollan and his nexu friend having a little wrestle, which looks like it hurts even more than the throbby wound on her stomach. "Hang in there," she tells him helpfully, and even more helpfully, she fires a shot at the Nexu, striking one of the creatures legs. "We'll get you!" she assures him, not at all sure they'll actually be able to stop the thing before it finishes off its new favorite snack.

It was all going so well, right? But now he's gritting teeth, trying in absolute vain to wrestle some sort of control into the situation just as the grenade goes off. Another chomp, lacerating inot his torso, before Iollan's whole body is flung to the side, hitting the floor with a meaty thwak and rolling once, giving him just enough time to stare up at he ceiling and attempt one wet breath before darkness swims over. It was going so well.

"Man this thing just... Wow." D4 keeps firing at the Nexu, surprised to see anything connect. "I'm going to make armor plates out of you! Like... ASAP. Because you seem to be made out of some post-reality super material immune to our death bolts and stuff!"

The droid turns at the waist, yelling at Aresa, "Where did you get this! This thing is crazy! I mean we keep shooting it, but it's still kicking! Is it a Durasteel Nexu!?"

The explosion rocks Sajin having him stumble forward and accidently run his giant Ryyk blade through one of the poor bastards, killing him. "Ahhh... Oh... um, drik." He turns to look towards the other one who looks on in horror at the Monsterous Armored man and his Giant wookie blade that looks like something right out of some nightmare he might have had recently. "Hey..." He pulls the blade swinging it towards the retreating butt of the guard. "Get back here... Ah..." He waves his free hand, "Nevermind... go.. crawl in a hole ya drek licker." Then he looks over towards where the Nexu handling boss is. "Huh... I wonder what happens to your pat if I cut off your kriffin' head." He starts his way towards Aresa, dragging his blade along.

It's the final moments of Aresa's life, and her Corellian pride will not see her die on her knees. She takes a stand, facing off with Narsai and raising her exotic weapon of a 1000 battles up to take aim. It would've been a glorious trade off, but her aim was off in that deciding moment and it cost her when two bolts sank home in quick succession. Unable to breath, choking even, Aresa stumbles backward several steps until her back hits the wall. A confused expression crosses her face as she looks to the Mandalorian that had shot her. Then, she slides down the wall, leaving a trail of fresh blood. When she's seated on the ground, Aresa slumps to her side and slowly raises her pistol hand, dragging her weapon, but she dies after a moment of struggle and is left staring at the exotic purple glow of her weapon, a smirk on her face.

The Nexu is BLASTED from the right, not just by Kasia, but by D4 too. It backs away, dragging a bum leg, YOWL-YOWLING at them with a whimper only to be shot again by the Mandalorian Sumi Kora, who is leaning against a storage crate for support. The Nexu begins to realize it is outnumbered, and turns to target the only one it can see alone. Sajin. It leaps, and misses the beautiful man! Sparks ignite from the friction of the Nexu's claws on the decking as it slides to one side, facing off with the remainder of the Task Force! "YOWL-YOOOOOOOWL!"

Finally, Narsai's blaster pistol in her right hand lowers as Aresa falls and lays still, the Mandalore's own expression hidden behind that emotionless T-Visor. There was no real time to ponder the duel that almost was in their little contest of trading fire; hostile targets remained. Her next two blasts from her off-hand miss her mark, but Sajin was practically beside her attacking...and then the Nexu was among them. Finally, she turns her weapons toward the wild feline.

Maybe she'll have a bit of luck hitting the damn thing!

The real threat here now feels like the nexu, because they always feel like a threat, those things are scary. Kasia tries to aim at it, but it's on the move, and moves just enough to avoid the blaster bolt that goes sizzling past. Woosh. The bolt does an absolute number on whatever wall it slams into though. "We need to kill it, because I'm really not in the mood to be dinner for that thing."

Following the Nexu, D4 remembers to uncurl itself from shriek posture and tries to follow. "Hey! Stop! That's daddy's little moneymaker! I need him shakin' it for cred-slips stuffed in his undies! Stupid cat! Down! Down!"

Yes... that's the plan. Get the club, put in a pole, Sajin... Profit.

"Don't worry you sexy bag of muscle fiber, blood, fluid, and dense calcium deposit! I'm coming!!

Sajin kind of dives out of the way of the oncoming Nexu after looking on in disapointment when Narsai kills its master. He turns to face the Creature and lashes out with his blade, landing a solding cutting hit that likely draws blood and leaves a deep gash. The other swing just barely misses, likely cutting hairs on the beast before it moves. He looks over to D4-K4, "How long has if been sience you got a wipe, you sound like my droid Buckets half the time. Wait, you don't have any rights to my holos!"

"Don't give me that wipe drok! I'm a free droid! I have papers and everything..." D4 quips irritably, one hand on it's hip, the other pointing at the nexu, firing away while the droid 'mom' glares at Sajin for suggesting such a thing. To think. Horrible. It could be dead. It could be alive. But D4's still shooting. Just... thunking bolts into the body.

The Nexu is trapped in the middle of the team, surrounded, and before it can truly attack, they're all blasting it from every side. It tries to move and spills over, YOWL-YOWLING even more. Its final moments come when Sumi fires a hammered pair into the animal, the last shot spilling it over. It doesn't die immediately, but it kicks in place and cries. After a few moments, its cries lower to whimpers, and finally.. it passes and its body relaxes, smoking holes all over it.

Sumi half swaggers and limps toward the Nexu, lowering her blaster and laughing. <"Good rekkin' gun fight; gods /damn!/"> And she falls onto the Nexu's side and uses it as a chair. She audibly groans, her wounds extensive but not as bad as Iollan. <"Has someone checked on our boy over there? The pretty blond one."> She holsters her weapon and reclines against the dead feline, content to just sit there for now.

Whoever was left from the Swoop gang bounced. This team had just wiped out their boss, her Nexu, and the entire gang. The Compound was secured.

When she's reasonably assured she's not about to be dinner, Kasia turns to look down at the injured man on the floor. "Ouch," she mutters more to herself than anyone else, though loud enough for others to hear. "You still with us, man?" She's hurt, but she's not so hurt as Iollan, so she trudges her backside over to him and carefully kneels down. "Can someone help me to bind up his wounds so he doesn't bleed out before we can get him to a clinic?" she asks, producing a medpac from her bag, which she promptly opens to reveal all the medical goodies inside.

Sajin looks to Sumi, "What? There's?" The dumb Hapan looks towards Iollan, "Oh... Oh my.. that's... Disturbing." He puts away his Ryyk blade and kind of hazards his way in that direction. "I'm really dorry about my boom balls guys. I didn't think it'd be that fast." He crouches down over the blond and pokes him. "Hey... hey, you alive man?" He just keeps poking him before looking over his shoulder. "I Think he dead, guys?! Like... maybe we should get him to Wayside? Doc Hotness can bring him back to life and stuff." He looks to Kasia, "I can help move him if you need." He looks over to Narsai, "Narsai..." He knew her name, "Come help."

Come help? She was being talked to. Narsai blinks behind her mask before holstering her blasters and turning back towards Iollan. Man, the thing had done a number on him. "Right, right." Kasia was already treating the wounds a little, so the redhead doesn't go for her kit, instead she moves up to help support Sajin and gestures for the man to move upwards. "Get some of the armor off. Someone carry that. We'll carry him..." A glance to the 'King'. "You get the heavy end, I'll take his legs."