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BHG: War Song Shake Up

OOC Date: November 30, 2019
Location: Coronet City, Corellia
Participants: Kryll Red, Oozlevort, Sajin, Ca'tra Sinbri, Idan Jensa, Tharyn Corlas, Sumi Kora

The team had deployed to the rooftop of the very building presently occupied by holonet staff and their hostile presence. The only intelligence that Sumi could provide was a brief feed shot from within, where roughly a small contingent of thugs and gunment were holding the staff hostage until someone could produce the executive codes to air what they wanted to air.

--They-- are War Song, a mercenary organization based in major worlds looking to step up to the reputation of the BHG and handle the galaxy's need for a better hunter.



The sudden explosion within the highest floor of the tall building is coupled with the loud ringing noise of stun grenades. Those within the upper floor are temperarily stunned, stumbling into the open while a small group of hostages are lined up in the actual recording/filming set. 4 thugs hold their ears and eyes stumbling in the smoke.

The first through the breach is Sumi Kora, who hoists the black and white Sonn-Blas F-11D assault rifle to her shoulder and takes a stance. <"If they got blasters; kill em!"> Is all she issues to those who followed through.

Sajin thuds through the roof breach, his armor landing with a very loud an aparant thud. He happens to be right in front of one of the thugs. The armored terror King of Drik rises to gis full hight, servis wining. "Youre lucky day." He raises his bow caster and fires... the thug evaporates.

Counter-terrorism operations have become a thing that Tharyn has become eminently experienced with - as well as blowing entrances in unusual places to save hostages and counter those terrorists with extreme prejudice. After placing a stick's worth of detonite on a section of rooftop over the entry area, Tharyn walks back and keys the deonator unit on his armored gauntlet; while it took a bit longer than he'd had liked to get it applied, and there was a bit of trouble with the detonator linkage, the explosion that tore through the thermocrete ceiling was more than enough to do the job.

As the squad drops in through the breach, Tharyn moves to assault one of the mercenaries stumbling in the wake of the noise and shock - closing with the man, he moves to drive armored fists into the fellow's torso, only to find the man not quite as off as one might think. << Give up, >> he bellows as his blows make no purchase. << Get on the ground or I'll put you there! >>

Oozlevort has a loose association with the Nar Shaddaa Bounty Hunters' Guild. But the Gand needs money since business is slow and he is attempting to launch his Gandwine in the intergalactic market. So he came along to get PAID. He goes in behind Sumi Kora once the charge is blown, his delicate lungs protected by his breathing mask from smoke and debris. The Findsman fires wildly through the smoke with his blue-bolted pistol. ZOOT ZOOT. One thug dies to the high-pitched pistol.

Among those held under guard by the gunmen in the filming studio- amid the commonly dressed and functionally attired professionals- is a Neimoidian in rich and entirely impractical robes. Whatever he had been saying prior to the detonation of breaching charges is lost to a reflexive recoil away from the blast, long-fingered hands raised up to protect his eyes as Idan hunches to face away from the incoming rescuers, and the gory spray to which they reduce his captors. His only contribution to the sudden skirmish erupting is to inform the new arrivals as loudly as he can (without looking up), "I am a very important person, who is worth more alive!"

Debris and dust was just settling as the ringing discharge of blaster fire commences. Two fall in the initial assault, but two retaliate, despite one of those taking a solid shot to the chest from the rear most positioned member of the strike team, Sumi Kora.

Haze and smoke linger in the air, and lights have begun to spark in several places where the blast debris rendered them inoperable. Sumi moves beneath these, waving her hands to command the team. <"Kill the other two, then search the place. We need to see if the lifts still work."> Idan felt a strong hand on his collar. A feminine grunt tugged him to his feet and a neutralizing shock to his binders rendered them open. <"Important you say?"> There was a smile ebbed upon her voice.

"Rescue the VIP!" Oozlevort hisses through his ammonia breathing mask. He fires two more shots into a thug's chest. ZOOP ZOOP. The blue plasma ends the thug's life with a colorful sizzle.

Heavy fists drill the into the healthy mercenary's torso as Tharyn assaults the man again - this time he has no problem meeting the mark, and though he wears armor Tharyn's own plated fists stagger him as though he were hit by a pneumatic hammer, the sound of durasteel on durasteel filling the room as beneath bones crack and shatter from the sheer force of his strikes. Down he goes, unconscious and bludgeoned half to death, as Tharyn moves up to assist as Sumi directs.

"Ah!" Idan exclaims as he is hauled back up to his feet, finding himself staring into the familiar T-visor of Sumi, "Ah, Madame Kora. Yes, quite important. I employ only the very finest of-" his intended flattery is cut off with a flinch as a blaster bolt from Oozlevort slays the last of the neearby mercenaries. "Ahem! Yes, my thanks for your enthusiasm, my good Gand. As I was saying-" Back to Sumi, "The lifts.. have been taken offline. The leadership of this.. rabble are holding the chief administrators of the installation three levels below us. Administrators who will be refunding my deposit in short order, I expect" the Neimoidian startes, sounding peeved.

Sajin looks over at idan, "Its Idan... i dont think he is that important."

The worst of the mayhem has been laid down by the advance team allowing the doctor to all intents and purposes stroll onto the scene with her med kit. Let this upstart group have the rep for wasting their hostages. The BHG brings their health care with them. The black visor glints as Ca'tra surveys the bloody aftermath. Stopping behind the pretentiously babbling trader, Jensa, she moves on.

Sumi chicken wings her rifle under one arm and straightens Idan's robes a bit; a means to dote over the persnickety tradesman and amuse herself. <"Three levels down. I suppose they've got hostages on each level too. It can never be simple.">

To her team, Sumi motions to the other hostages. <"Free these people quickly.-- Everyone, I need you to stay put here. Take you the weapons of your captors and defend this level. We're to the next level, and below that, and below that until this threat has been neutralized.">

<"Mr. Corlas, find the staircase. We're proceeding to the level below.">

Sumi steps aside for Ca'tra to pass then motions to Idan. <"To secure your investment, it may be best you came with us. If it looks like you orchestrated the rescue, investment saved.">

Sajin shrugs and follows along with Sumi. "We will just have to clear the while building then."

<< Aye, boss. >> With that said Tharyn moves through the rest of the floor, searching for the stairway as requested - watching always for the enemy, ready with fist or boots or blaster should someone be found, and reporting in should any other civilians be happened upon.

Oozlevort opens up his Findsman's robe and pulls out a datapad, then examines the skyscraper's building plans with his glittering insectoid eyes. "Do you think they boobytrapped the stairwells? Are these mercenaries smart?" He hustles along after Sumi and Tharyn, but if Idan Jensa comes along, he stays close to the VIP - since the VIP could potentially invest in his GANDWINE franchise (if he lives long enough).

Idan Jensa adjusts the angle of his oversized hat as Sumi speaks and assists with straightening his robes. "Thank you," he notes primly. When she suggests the possible profit in looking heroic, the Neimoidian looks skeptical. "I am.. unconvinced. However, given that I intend to remain with the most heavily armed protectors possible, until back on my ship, I suppose I shall.. accompany you." Reaching into his voluminous robes, the skinny alien draws out a rather expensive looking blaster pistol. When one of his fellow former hostages stares at him and asks whether he had that the entire time, Idan looks back. "Yes. ...What? Combat is beneath me. Besides, there were *four* of them!"

The black visor of her buff helmet hides Ca'tra's smile as she looms behind the frail Neimodian. <'I'll take care of you Mr. Jensa if you get nicked. Heavily armored and armed from the front and a med pac behind. Who could ask for more?"> The leer can be heard in her voice. Having ensured their route down was secured and now catching up with the pack of hunters Kryll arrives properly armored and armed, carrying his E-11 blastech rifle. His helmet is on and locked with his armor, it modulating his voice as he addresses the pack. <"Everything good to go."> he turns to Idan as he states that combat is beneath him. <"If you feel that combat is beneath you, why bother arming yourself and declaring yourself a combatant. If you are incapable, try not to shoot any of the rest of us."> he moves up and offers Sumi a nod, and loads a fresh ammo powercell into his blaster.

<"They've never had a penchant for traps in the past, Oozlevort, I doubt they will now. It'd be too easy for someone to set them off, especially with the lifts offline."> Anyone who was familiar with surveillance and security protocol knew when the silent alarm was triggered, or any sort of panic, the first thing to shut down was the lifts.

The group proceeds down to the next level using the stairs. It's a rather quick descent, and when they arrive at the door, the demolitions fail. For whatever reason, the detcord would not carry the charge it needed to.. uh.. science.

Thus? BOOM.. BASH.. BOOM! The doors cave inward and slide off their hinges to clange noisily in the office floor suite. Blaster fire follows immediately for those who breach into the open. Some ten men are arranged behind flipped desks and tables with their sights trained on the staircase.

Sajin dodges back out of the way and behind the breached door as the blaster fire rackets through. He sticks his biwcaster around the corner and fires once, not sure if it hit anything. "I got supressive fire, so meone lob a grenade." He says over the loud blaster fire.

The detcord was old, because that's what happens when you're a poor mercenary - and so yes, it doesn't conduct, and that makes Tharyn look stupid. Tharyn doesn't /like/ looking stupid, and despite his emaciated build, Tharyn possessed of curious powers, like /tearing the door off the track and throwing it into the room.

With the initial salvo avoiding them all, Tharyn pulls a fist-sized cylinder off his armor's harness, thumbing its activating plunger. << GLOP OUT, >> he calls, hurling the grenade inside - blind, just as a shower of blaster fire keeps him from being able to duck inside, which unfortunately sends the grenade skittering off a hideous piece of overwrought office decor and away from the attackers (and the hostages) before exploding in a shower of instant-dry foam. << Damn it, >> he mutters, << Fine. Guess I'm going to have to do it the hard way. >>

Oozlevort discusses the healing properties of GANDWINE with potential investor Idan Jensa as they descend the stairs. "It is made by a secretive sect of Gand Findsmen on the planet Gand, and has many healthful properties, with a small investment you can get in on the GROUND FLOOR of Oozlevort's profitable venture..." Then the detcord fails and Tharyn goes Houk on the door and a glop grenade goes off. "Cover Oozlevort!" He surges through the hole in the door firing wildly with his Glie-44. Z-WOOP, Z-WOOOOP, Z-WOOOOP. The deafening sound of his blaster echoes off the skyscraper's walls. The Gand is fired upon and takes a glancing blow to his shoulder. "Cover!"

Idan Jensa nods once to Ca'tra, his elaborate hat wobbling with the motion. "Very good," he agrees with the doctor. As Kryll offers his terse opinion, the Neimoidian considers. "Hmm. A fair point." With that, he returns the expensive pistol to its holster beneath his robes, and descends elegantly among the others, head held high. When the door is forced open, he is careful to stay out of the line of fire while the assault team does its work. Idly, he calls after the charging Oozlevort, "How small an investment?"

Were she less busy, Ca'tra would spare an elaborate eye roll for the trader even if no one can see it. A matter of personal comfort. Those wide doors hanging from their hinges provide a lovely shot in to room and great shooting from the vantage point of cover that the targets have. Ca'tra puts the med bag behind her back, checks the Glie-44 for ammo, toggles the safety off and pops around the corner to say hello.

"Hello." One down and two shots wild which doesn't leave her wildly happy either but only leaves nine to deal with.

Kryll nods to Idan as he puts the blaster away, no need to pretend to be a soldier if you're not going to use it. Keep the blaster in a display case at home. He steps past Idan and posts up on the corner, raising his blaster to fire at the thugs in cover down the hall, and to hopefully draw some of the attention off the charging hunters. His first blast catches a thug in the leg, taking it off while the dead thug drops to the floor in a heap, the second shot scores a solid chest hit and knocks that target back into cover but not out, the third scores a hit against the cover itself, not finding the hostile flesh behind it. Watching the others take solid hits, he states to the rest <"Press them now, do not let them converge on the speartip.">

Sumi is behind Oozlevort, following the brave findsman into the hail of gunfire. Neither come away from that unscathed though, and Sumi catches two bolts. One smashes her durasteel plate protecting her chest, while another takes to her left arm, spinning her side ways and into a partition to land on a desk, flip over it, and land firmly on the floor looking up. <"Ugh..">

Is all she managed, her rifle negligently discharging beside her to aid the team with nothing in particular. Sumi sighs through the pain, rolls over, and appends her handcannon to hold it in hand. <"Findsman! You okay?"> She calls to Oozlevort.

Meanwhile, eight thugs remain dug in, firing bravely at the breach. One of the eight is injured, and trying to conduct field aid on themselves.

Sajin straitens up as sumi charges. "Krif it... damn glory hounds." He oushes off the wall letting his bow caster fall to his chest and pulls out his dl44. He raises it as he rounds the corner and fires three shots into the mound of thugs, putting down one. His free hand goes to a stray bilt that soarks against his toros plate. "Uhhg..."

Oozlevort is angered as he is shot and blasts two of the mercenaries. Brutal blue executions. His blocky pistol hisses and then makes a CLICK sound as the ammunition is depleted. "Oozlevort is wounded!" he complains to Sumi Kora. Idan Jensa doesn't get a response to his query because guns and grenades are loud.

Idan Jensa winces as his protectors go charging through the breach and into a hail of blaster fire. "This is *so* inefficient," he mutters, before eyes widen, staring at the medic. "Wait.. it is!" Rausing jus voice and striking an authoritative tone, the Neimoidian calls, "This assault is entirely inefficient, Commander! Blaster bolts cost money- if they do not surrender immediately, release the poison gas!"

Glop and bluff, interesting alternatives to blaster pistol and rifle fire. Their targets are frozen from both indecision or glop.

"Not bad, Mr. Jensa. Efficiency has its place, it'd seem. You'll have to excuse me." Crouching low, the doctor runs into the room sliding to a full stop on her side next to Sumi. Perhaps someday a game would be invented that could use a slide like that. Helmet to helmet, she asks off the general coms. "Where Sumi? Which is worse?"

Kryll steps out from his firing position and starts calmly walking down the hallway firing at the thugs as they struggle to get ungloped. His blaster's red bolts illuminating his armor as he moves. He spots one trying to pull a leg free, and fires once, solving the problem for him as the leg is separated from the hip and the man goes flailing backwards in a heap, another target is hit square in the chest but is only injured. Kryll moves all the way up to stand in front of Sumi and Oozlevort, to ensure they are not targeted by any additional fire.

Sajin waltses forward and just blows three bolts are nto the stuck thugs with no mercy or remose. He glances over to the others before holatering his dl44 after twirling it around his gauntleted trigger finger.

Charging forward into the breach, dear friends, requires that Tharyn put himself in front of enemy guns - which he does, quickly and without question, and for his valor takes a pair of blaster bolts to the leg and torso. Oddly enough, neither shot seems to slow him down, at least not at first. With a far defter hand, he takes another glop grenade from his harness and tosses it into the enemy formation, and this time teaches them why infantry shouldn't group together if they can help it: an explosion of gray-white foam fills the space between and around them, encasing several of the men in the flash-hardening stuff while entangling others. Then he slows, but he does not stop, charging ahead all the same.

Until Sajin drills the survivors and leaves them dead on the ground, of course. Then he's able to take a deep breath, still standing on a leg that probably should have buckled.

Oozlevort hisses in pain as he has to manipulate his shoulder, lowering his blocky pistol and ejecting one power pack. He takes a full pack from his bandolier and slaps it into the chunky front ammunition receiver near the Glie-44's barrel. "Are the hostages safe? Can Oozlevort get a discount on GANDWINE promotional spots? Or a prime time special interest story about the health benefits of GANDWINE?"

The team pours fire into the War Song terrorists, Sajin the deadliest among them leaving Ca'tra a window of opportunity to use the bio-foam on Sumi's arm and stomach. Muttering to herself like an old mother Bantha. <"Well, nothing like a little slap on the tail and a fare thee well. I'll have you up dancing and firing when we get back to the Compound, Sumi.> The hiss of the bio-foam can accompanies her grumbling. <"Right. Just in time.">

Idan Jensa peeeers slowly into the open doorway several seconds after the shooting stops. Finding the room gruesome but subdued, the Neimoidian clears his throat, steadies his hat, and walks in through the broken door. He repeats aside to Oozlevort, "*How* small an investment?" before directing the newly freed hostages out of the room and back toward the secured sections of the building. "Orderly, steady pace, single file, do not slip in the gore..".

Kryll keeps his rifle raised and ready, scanning for any additional threats while the medics tend to the wounded. <"No additional threats detected at this time, someone get the hostages back upstairs to the secure position."> his head turns slightly towards Sumi but his focus is still forward. <"Still alive?">

Oozlevort shrugs his wounded shoulder as Ca'tra Sinbri administers aid. "Oh just a small investment fee! Oozlevort can get you a prospectus regarding the investment and public offering, as well as the Form 10-K filed with the Muunilist InterGalactic Banking Clan," he replies to Idan Jensa. "Flurgberry Farms is a sure bet."

With the last of the hostages ushered up to the top level, and to the rooftop where a Predator awaits, the floor is left empty. Our heroes progress down the stairs to the next location, a floor down. Tharyn sets the charge, the team stacks, and..


The hatch blows open, clouding the area with dust, debris, and the white cloud of stun grenades. 6 Armed thugs await our heroes, stumbling about holding their eyes, some holding their ears. Hostages are arranged to the right, seated upon another studio stage, all huddled and hiding.

Our heroes have the advantage! Through the smoke of the breeched door moves Sajin, the King of Drik in his grey durasteel poweramor. It's likely a terrifying sight for anyone who wasn't used to seeing that. His bowcaster already raised, tracking system handling targeting for him. He places a super charged quarrel through one of the thugs, it burrowing a hole right through him as big as a fist, and continuing on into the wall with a violent thwack and sparks.

Though wounded, Ca'tra's ministrations have done much to replenish his capacity for mayhem - and so, when the charge goes off, Tharyn takes advantage of the shock and smoke to deliver a devastating diving punch into the mercenary's head. His head snaps back from the punch, teeth shattering and muscles tearing from the force of the blow, forcing back and with torn skin streaming blood down the side of his face.

Oozlevort's left shoulder doesn't feel much better but he doesn't want to tell Ca'tra Sinbri that she SUCKS as a doctor. Maybe she failed the Gand Physiology chapter in her pathology course. While stacked up he checks his Glie-44, then bursts through the door, shooting wildly. Two shots hit! Z-WOOP Z-WOOOOP Z-WOOOOP goes the blaster as two 'mercenaries' are shot, one dying terribly, the other lingering.

Idan Jensa positions himself safely out of the blast zone, noting primly to Oozlevort, "I will... review your prospectus." Letting out an even breath, he notes to the team, "I have.. every confidence in your abilities." As the storming takes place, he notes to himself, "There is much less fire being returned this time. That seems.. Good?"

It is a scene as old as warfare: someone moving over the field of battle tending to the wounded during a lull in the battle. Ca'tra begins with Sumi. Each in their turn come under her ministrations, Oozlevort's wounds are stubborn, Sajin awaits her patiently. Tharyn is last but the genetically modified profile of his and Sumi's body's respond well to field treatment allowing them to return to the fight.

The dust barely settled after Thayrn's detonation, Ca'tra walks in firing, wounding none, making at least one or two of them flinch with the fire she lays down.

Kryll follows the pack through the breach, firing his red blaster bolts into the enemy as he slowly matches forward into the enemy. Spotting the remaining two wounded targets, he fires one blast a piece into each of them and finishing them off. <"Clear."> stated simply to the rest of the group.

This floor is handled smoothly, quickly, and with the efficiency befitting a team of professionals. <"Your words inspire me, Mr. Jensa."> Is all Sumi offers as she's the last to breach. Her three shots put an end to the terrorist threat on this floor and spill the last two thugs back in a heap. Ushering these folks from this floor to the top floor is done in a similar manner, and the crew need not wait this time for Ca'tra to tend their wounded.

At the door, they stack, and like two floors ago, the detcord doesn't last. Sumi motions for Tharyn to go with plan B, which is bashing the goddamn thing down; this was why she specifically hired a breacher.

On the other side of the door, three heavily armored thugs turn to face the door. Behind them, the executives of the holonet have been beaten bloody and nearly left for dead along the floors. "I have the code," one says. "Deal with these idiots while I upload the message and broadcast." One of the three leave, walking toward the lifts to begin reactivating them again. The other two warriors bring up really big rekking guns and train them at the bashed in door way. "Let's go guild rats.. YOU WANNA LIVE FOREVER?! HAHAHA!"

Once again the Hapan King of Drik drops his bowcaster, letting it hang from the quick response strap it's attached to at his chest. He reaches over his back and pulls the large ebony Ryyk blade from it's sheath. Then, as soon as the breech comes, he rushes forward. A blaster bolt zips past him, far away as he charges towards one of the Elite Thugs. He swings the large wookiee blade with its intricate design, with great skill and precision. It's sharp and carves deep into the thug. Sajin pulls the blade from flesh and bone, raising it over his head. With a loud shout, he brings the curved edge down violently sending the thug into a crumpled up heap on the ground. The Hapan then lets out a cry of victory, a battle cry... because there's some damn adrenaline pumping through those sexy veins of his.

One, two three, breach! Tharyn, though still wounded, decides that splintering the door isn't enough, and he's still got things to make up for - thus he bursts through behind Sajin, whipping the monster Senty-Four from his drop holster and firing an enormous red bolt from the weapon's business end amid a thunderous roar. Alas, the pain in his guts and the damage to his leg put him off balance, and he was ever a better unarmed combatant than a pistoleer. The shot goes wide, blasting a sizable hole in the wall amongst a shower of splinters, and he moves to strike again.

Oozlevort is wounded but he still is game for a rush through enemy fire. The first two hunters surge through, so the short Gand takes the opportunity to use them as cover, and goes in third with blaster blazing. One blue-green bolt hits the target but the Elite Thug continues firing. Oozle dives behind copier machine that makes flimsiplast copies, because everyone needs copiers. He lands on his shoulder and howls in pain. "OHHHH-UNNGGGGGGG."

Idan Jensa is feeling especially brave: he peeked in the breach for an instant BEFORE the fight is over. Only for an instant, but long enough to spot the mercenary Leader trying to make off with his ill gotten codes in a turbo lift. Ducking promptly back into safety, he draws a datapad out and- after closing whatever Gandwine bloatware has been inflicted upon him- he accesses the lift emergency protocols, entering in the proper administration codes, of course, to freeze the movement of all lifts. A smug little laugh sets his hat to wobbling slightly.

Idan goes brave, the doctor goes blind. The first shot drops one the mercs like a sack of rocks, the second doesn't do much more than make a deafening kazoom of blaster fire. Ca'tra steps back under cover momentarily while others continue fire.

Kryll follows the pack forward, his steady march keeps a good pace with the others. While the doctor is blasting away the thugs, he spots the man at the lift attempting to get away and input some codes. Codes require hands. He opens fire, the first hitting the thug square in the torso while the second removes the man's arm at the shoulder. <"There shall be no sending of codes today."> Kryll states as the mans corpse spins and falls to the ground. He scans the area again, moving right up to the corpse. <"Clear.">

The last of the War Song thugs are gunned down in efficient order once again proving the resourcefulness of the Guild, and its allies. The executives are alive, unhappy, but alive and injured. With all hostages evacuated, the threat is officially over. Sumi takes to planting herself against a wall, craving a smoke. <"Good rekking gunfight.">