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Bacta Woes Solved?

OOC Date: Feb 8, 2016
Location: Maz Kanata's Castle
Participants: Leia_Organa, Maz_Kanata, Ax, Jax_Greystorm

The Waywards had landed on Takodana the previous night, having arrived early. Ax wanted to make sure that there was nothing out of place before a meeting of any specific magnitude, and providing it didn't go well this was as good a place as any to get a potential lineup on the much needed Bacta for Nar Shaddaa. The inside of the castle was a great place for holding such a meeting, enough people talking at tables to make any such discussions almost invisible. That was generally a good thing, along with the fact it was neutral grounds for damn near everyone, thanks to the castles owner, Maz Kanata, would hopefully ease at least a few minds. Currently, Ax was sitting at a table, a pitcher of water before him. Perched upon his shoulder was a winged reptile who's scales were a dark charcoal grey, the creature dozing in its place. A long leather cord ran from the tailring's torso down to where it was tied to Ax's wrist. It seemed the Echani leader of the Waywards was waiting patiently for the meeting that his colleague had arranged.

Jax had arrived with the Waywards and dressed as one. Though this was to help maintain to the galaxy at large that was who he ws nothng mre and nothing less. He'd also been helping to maintain there was no trap for his other boss. The one that they awaited at the moment. Jax set at the table to Ax's right the position would put him between both parties. He set sipping a tumbler of good corellian whiskey, not top shelf but good stuff. He looks over at Addar. "You know I ocassionally miss that pest. Did you ever find the last of that Sabback deck?"

As if knowing he was being talked about, the tailring lifts his head up and looks to Jax before lowering it back down, inciting a chuckle from Ax. "Yeah, but I'm pretty sure you don't want it back, and I'll leave it at that," the Echani says. "And Kadi is missing an earring, that I'm pretty sure he swiped and hid somewhere on the Soul. May never find it," he says with a shake of the head. He adjusts the vest on his scout gear. Unlike the set Jax was wearing, this set wasn't tailored to fit him as well, as his previous set had been all but destroyed between Phasma's blaster shot to his gut and the doc cutting the rest off of him in her clinic, but at least it wasn't as offensive as the armor he'd actually been wearing before changing for the meeting. "So, think your contact will show? I mean, I know this is a bit out of the way and all, but the cause is important."

Jax takes a drink of his whiskey and laughs, "Oh I know I don't want it back. You better keep him away from that ring your planning on to give to Kadi. Seriously ask her for real before you ask her parents." Then he takes another drink. "My contact will show. I have no doubt."

"I know her answer, the asking her parents thing is more for traditional purposes," Ax says. "Though, we've discussed the possibility in depth before, and while it's probably crazy considering everything that's going on, it just feels like the right thing to do. What can I say? I love her man. Just like you and Sesti, we click." He motions a passing server over and orders a bottle of their finest Corellian whiskey for the table, placing a stack of credits on the tray. After the serve leaves, Ax looks back to Jax. "So, how is life on the other side? Seems like you still get a good bit of freedom, and it must feel good kicking those bucketheads asses."

Jax takes a drink. "Yeah but that girl has always wanted to rebel a little. I don't think she want to do what is traditional. " He then shrugs, " Well I am doing things to further my goals and help my cause. It's good most days. It's not being a Wayward but it's good honest work. It fits Sesti too. She misses her lab but I think she enjoys putting her skills to use."

"Well, we miss having the three of you around," Ax says. "As for Kadi, I think being on Nar Shaddaa, working with us, and dating a non-Corellian is rebellion enough," he says with a chuckle. "The funny thing is, that we're fighting the same fight, just on different fronts, man. And, like always, I'll feed you anything we find out, though I'd love that to be a two-way hyperlane, but I understand why it isn't. Maybe with this meeting, some of those gaps may be shortened. Of course, it may go south and the gaps only get bigger. Won't stop us from doing what we're doing."

Jax chuckles and sips. "Glad you guys miss us. We miss you guys too. Never figured it would work out like that. You fighting those idiots. I kind of ran off to hope Kadi and you wouldn't have to do it. Along with Kael. That and maybe me and Sesti can settle down somewhere safe some place." He frowns, "I don't know anything. I'm pretty low level."

Ax and Jax were sitting at one of the tables, having just ordered a bottle of the finest Corellian whiskey that was stocked here. Both are dressed in their Waywards scout gear, and chatting. Perched upon Ax's shoulder was his pet tailring, tethered to the man's wrist to keep the creature from flying off, though he has gotten a bit calmer in larger settings like this since the last time Ax had brought him.

Another arrival into the 'Castle', but one that seems purposefully intending not to draw attention. Simple jacket, spacer's pants and a hood pulled up to cover her features as she wades into the hive of scum and villainy that's probably not half as bad as some of the other places she's travelled in her life. Leia walks, today doing her best not to be noticed as the last Princess of Alderaan or as a general, but just another visitor.

Maz Kanata is no where to be seen, probably because she is short in stature. It's like a where's Waldo. She's mixed in with the low lifes, vagabounds and misfits; playing cards, drinking or elsewhat. However, Cookee the beast in the kitchen eyes Ax' tailring, he'd make a mighty roast. It's good to see him leashed this time.

Ax nods to Jax as the two talk. "Yeah, I understand man, and I don't want to see you get yourself in trouble with the higher ups so I wouldn't ever ask you for anything." As he speaks, the bottle of booze arrives with a few glasses. Ax fills one for himself and holds it up for the tailring on his shoulder to sip from before he himself takes a sip. "Keeps him calm, he's gotten better with crowds, but I don't want him freaking out if someone decides to try and pet him."

Jax looks up after a moment and towards the door. He catches sight of the hooded invidual. THen peering left or right. He looks back at Ax, "I'm not competely sure but I think our contact is here." He shakes his head, "Still not got him pettable? I figured Kadi and Red would have handled that."

She's alone...or at least seems to be. The contact makes her way towards the table with purpose, if nothing else it pays for Jax to be working from both sides. He's recognizable! Moving in to sit herself down she folds her hands, nodding first to the familier face and then on to the new man. Leia's hood stays up of course, but this close? Odds are the pair can see her features. "I hear you've been cut off?" she opens, deliberately vague.

Maz Kanata is about. No where to be seen, probably winning a hand of hands against a greasy gun dealer. Cookee is barking orders in the back kitchen at one of the poor bus boys. He scratches his back with a spatula and goes back to flipping Dewback burgers. Best hideout and greasy spoon of all Takodana.

"He's alright with people he knows, or most people he knows. He tried biting Sar last time," Ax says as his silver eyes move towards where Jax was looking. "I had to warn him he shouldn't bite things that might make him sick." He chuckles a bit. "So, I guess bowing would be out of the question, huh? How does one greet a princess anyway?" Ax asks in a rather hushed tone.

As Leia arrives, Ax contemplates standing and almost does, but sits back down. "Almost cut in half is more accurate," he says in soft tones. "I do thank you for the meeting though." As he speaks, he pulls out a datachip and slides it over. "I don't know how much help this will be, but it's detailed scans of some new TIE's and the Finalizer from our little endeavor at Serenno. Also, pictures attained from security cameras on Nar from the latest encounter with the enemy there. We're on the same side, ma'am. May not be at the same fields of battle, but we have a common enemy. I'm just trying to protect those on Nar Shaddaa. Those who control bacta aren't selling, and for good reasons. You sell to Nar, it probably ends up in Hutt hands, but there are a couple of clinics there who desperately need it, and I'm not trying to turn a profit like most. Money is something I can make in a million other ways."

Jax picks up the bottle pours himself a refill and takes a sip. Then an extra glass and pours Leia a couple of fingers of Corellian whiskey and slides it in front of her. "If I ever met one besides Starnd swearing Kadi's a princess I'll you know." He nods to Leia, "Drink?" He says not quite sure how to adress Leia at the moment.

A nod at Jax, if only for the fact that not ordering would draw more attention, Leia looks back to Ax. Every word is spoken quietly thanks to the risk of eavesdropping, but none of the weight in the tones of the Senator are lost. "The hutt are nothing if not territorial. While they war with each other as much as anyone else, the more the need for Bacta increases, the tighter they will clench their grasp on the supply. Those selling aren't mistaken to worry with the recent attacks..." the older woman pauses, folding her hands on the table as she glances to the 'dual aligned' party that is Jax before continuing. "But I agree people need that Bacta. This intelligence will help us, help our pilots and technicians, but we don't have the resources to fight the Hutt Cartel and the First Order at the same time." A further pause and the Princess takes her drink, but sharp enough eyes would notice it's a fake sip she's taking. "Tell me what you need from us. If we're truely allies? I promise you we will do what we can to help those people."

Maz Kanata is sitting at a far end of a large table, playing against the big boys, literally. Two Talz, and a wookiee. She's idly playing cards with her opponents. However, her hand comes up and dials her goggles causally to watch Ax. A particulat intrest with the tailring and the rest of the party he is meeting. She keeps a sharp eye and ear on the lot of them. However, keeps her neutral distance with her card game.

Ax's eyes scan the room as he listens, watching for potential eavesdroppers. He does notice the castle's owner, but he' not the type to wave when he's trying to keep a lower profile. His attention shifts back to Leia. "I can get the liquid to the clinics that need it," Ax says. "The problem is getting the liquid from those that have it, at least without stealing it from someone else who likely needs it, and I'd rather not compromise anyone else." The tailring perched upon the man's shoulder just lays there, if it weren't for the occassional sip that Ax gave him of his whiskey, one might think it was just decoration and not a pet. "I'm not asking for something for nothing, ma'am," Ax says, unsure of what to call Leia, especially given the setting. "We've discovered what their masked sorcerer is after. We stole a ship from him that had artifacts of the Sith aboard. I don't know much about such things, but we found a holocron that belonged to some lethan twi'lek dark jedi or sith or whatever they were called." He takes a deep breath. "So far, we've kept it out of their sorcerer's hands, though not without some danger."

Jax takes a drink. Ax had the bottle delivered and that was the known nature of the echani. He takes another drink and he shrugs. He had asked her of this when he joined. He listens carefully as words go back and forth. "It would be for Wayside Clinic and Dcctor Zavir. She isn't in any of the hutts pockets and does chairity work." He adds. "And yeah, I changed my allegiances to keep them safe and they picked a fight with 'em." He shakes his head.

"I imagine with your talk of funds, you already tried the approach of bribery?" Leia muses, listening to Ax's words. "If you were to transport it, even if they agreed to part with it, you will be making yourselves a large target for many people, especially near Nar Shaddaa." She looks like she'd say more, but the motive they offer for the attack, that's enough to make the Skywalker sibling sit upright. Some unknown nerve had clearly been touched there. "The darkside of the force can be very strong in people, places, even objects. A Sith Holocron would be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands."

Maz Kanata hunkers back down in her seat and sips her drink from her wooden cup. She dials her goggles a bit lower, watching Ax, Jax and Leia from across the room. She swears the Echani already spotted her. She quietly listens and pretends to be paying attention to the people at her card game.

"Yeah, I can't even go near it without it calling out to me," Ax says. "Fortunately, I have a good group of people who aren't afraid of putting a stunbolt in my ass if such a thing happens." Ax, Jax, and Leia are sitting at one of the tables in the place, the Princess wearing a hood and typical spacer's garb. Ax and Jax wearing their Wayward scout gear. Adder is perched upon Ax's shoulder as he speaks. "It's in safe hands for now, though I'm not sure how long it will be before the man in the mask comes for it. I think that's why that chrome-clad stormtrooper and her bucketheads came to Nar Shaddaa, to track it down. I'm fairly certain they know who has it, and I'm sure that by now I already have a target on my back." He sips at his drink, and glances towards the table where Maz was playing cards, before looking back to Leia. "Ma'am, I know the risks I'm facing, or at least as much as a guy who's just had his world turned upside down can know. I understand it's dangerous, which is all the more reason that Nar Shaddaa needs a supply of bacta. If I'm not the one delivering it, I know a few others who can do it. Thyferra is extremely particular on who they sell to, but I gotta assume that you know the right people to get it from, given your connections."

Ax looks to Jax now, shaking his head. "Yeah, you're completely wrong there, pal. I got a half-dozen men that witnessed Fuckstick stop a blaster-bolt mid-air then turn and snap some young woman's neck before dropping her off the side of a building. With a wave of the hand, he sent an entire team flying through the air. The same team that shot and hacked their way through a couple dozen stormtroopers. I've talked to the memories of Luminara Unduli, a Jedi during the Clone Wars, it ain't hokey religions and make believe. I wish like hell it was." He downs the rest of his drink and begins refilling it, obviously the memories of the event still has him a bit shaken.

"I believe in it, and I believe you." she says lightly, "but you know that they will keep coming for that Holocron as long as they believe it is there. It will be at risk. I will help you with speaking to those on Thyferra, and with transportation where we can. But you may need to move that holocron off-world and fast." The mention of talking to the Jedi holcron? That's enough to have her raising an eyebrow and leaning forwards.

Maz Kanata excuses herself from her card game with the wookiee and two Talz, good idea to just let the wookiee win. She tosses her credits on the table and disappears under foot, heading back to the bar. She moves vary fast for over thousand years old and having short stubby legs.

Ax looks to Leia. "Well, you got a good place we can stash it? I'd love to put as much distance as I can between it and myself. I'm like a damned bloodhound with anything force related, apparently more sensitive to it than others. The sith holocron talks to me, in my head. It's in the hands of an ally of mine right now, a competent soldier. I try to avoid it if possible, but until we find someone who can keep it safer, it's the best option right now. If you want it, I'll set it up if you feel you can keep it locked away from anyone who'd use it for ill means."

Jax nods, "Sounds like we got some common goals then. I'll help with the transport if you like." He not addressing in all the believing and not believing. Though he's getting a bit closer. Just too many people he trusts believing or saying their force sensitive.

A look from the older woman and she exhales in thought. "In a perfect galaxy? I'd know where to send it, who to give it too. For now however I could offer to hide it away with my friends, or launch it into a star, but I cannot promise anything beyond my belief that it is not safe where it rests currently." All Ax's talk of sensitivity makes her smile a thing line. Thoughts cross her mind, but none today that need be spoken. Instead she looks to Jax, nodding her head. "Organise the meeting. If required I'll come along myself. If we can spare them, take another pilot from one of the squads to ensure an escort so we can make sure it gets where it needs to be. I will get this info to our technicians."

Ax nods to Leia. "I appreciate it," Ax says. "And I assure you, I don't feel it's safe where it's at either, but it's safer there than it is in the hands of the masked freak with the First Order," Ax says in hushed tones. "The bacta, however, will be put to good use. There are a lot of people in need on Nar Shaddaa. It's a hub for refugees fleeing the First Order's actions in the far rim." There's a bit of a pause as the Echani reaches up to stroke the neck of the winged reptile on his shoulder. "And, ma'am, or whatever it is you wish to be called, if there's anything we can do for you, Jax knows how to get ahold of me. I'm not looking to enlist, but we share a common enemy. I've never been one for a government telling me what I can and can't do, but I can't sit by and let another Empire rise without at least trying to put some bumps in the road for them. We're not a mercenary company or anything, but I've got a great crew of people, none of which who like the First Order. We're well armed and well equipped. Not a military force, but we've got a lot of old, yet high-end Imperial hardware that we don't mind using against the Order where we can. We've also got a few traders and smugglers who are adept at flying under the radar and feeding intel back. Anything I get, I'll send through Jax, just like I did with Serenno." He stands up, looks to Jax, giving the man a nod, then back to Leia. "I hope we'll meet again," he says. "It was truly an honor, ma'am."

Jax nods, "I'll set it up." He takes a drink finishing his glass. "I'll return home as quickly as I can." He says rising to head out.