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Bacta and Fishsticks

Location: Thyferra
Participants: Ari, Ysille Vale, Zaena

The clank of Zaena's boots on the durasteel deck plating signals her arrival as she walks up the ramp. "Well," she says. "Chandrila's certainly an interesting place," she says. "Doesn't seem like all that much civilization, but damned if they don't import a lot," she says. "Prices are great too, and it's so close to other Core worlds," she says, thoughtfully.

"So here's the real question," she says. "What we need above all else is to get ourselves a load of bacta or spice," she says. "So how do we...create a registration that we're supposed to get a bit of legit supply?" she asks.

"A legit supply of bacta? That's easy, we just go to the planet it's made and load up! I think the trick would be getting in the supply queue so we're not waiting forever," Ysille says with a crafty smile and a wink. "That's where documentation comes in," she adds. "As for spice, that's more a side thing, isn't it? I'm surprised to see it openly traded on so many worlds, it's like prohibition is over, poor smugglers like me will have to move to sketchy things like weapons!"

"I wouldn't say a -legit- supply," Zaena says. "The supply of bacta has been totally restricted by both the First Order and the New Republic, apparently," she says. "All of it is considered essential war materiel," she says. "What Star Destroyers the New Republic controls have been dispatched to the Polith system. It's harder to get in and out of than a Hutt's bedroom," she says. "But /unlike/ spice, there are still...officially contracted shippers," she says. "We should see how we can become one of them, or at least create a fictitious cover as one," she says, with a grin. "Anyway, we get the bacta pumped aboard, and deliver it to Nar Shaddaa," she says. "Perfect. Kind of a one and done thing though," she says. "We'd probably need some really good slicing support on this one, to pull off planting the false registration in enough Republic databanks."

"The republic is always hiring tramp freighters for quick courier dispatches," Ysille says. "You don't have to get too deep, just have a landing code and some paperwork that checks out a cursory inspection. It's not like they dial in to coruscant for every little thing."

"Well, they can't." replies Zaena. "But most of those don't get contracted to haul bacta," she says. "Most of the bacta gets transported in escorted convoys and bulk cruisers," she says. "So we'd have to perhaps be resupplying a distant or faraway outpost, I think," says Zaena. "And they might, -might- mind you, bother checking those up on a Holonet link," she says.

"Luckily, distant outposts rarely warrant direct holonet connections," Ysille says with a happy smile. "Those hotlines are reserved for military and embassies. The rest have to rely on couriers for getting the message out. That, plus the need for small tramp freighters to make delivery cost-effective and we have a winning scenario here," the wroonian smiles and leans back, resting her head in her hands as she crosses her feet across the booth. "Now, how do we get a landing code. Know any muckymucks in the republic? Or have access to a republic ship's computer?"

"You're right. They don't," says Zaena. "But the distant outposts don't have the bacta to pick up," Zaena says. "And exactly. They're reserved for military and embassies. Just like all bacta, now."

She grins a moment. "I do think you're right though," she says. "And I do have some legal contacts I could perhaps draw upon," she says. "Ideally, we could administratively make the shipment disappear such that...nobody even notices it's missing, or that they should be looking for it," she says, with a grin. "I believe cruisers tank up from the platforms around Thyferra."

"Alright, let's give them a call," Ysille says, still lounging back, considering an episode of Xorgon Xerxes while Zaena takes care of the detail work. "See if there's a few boxes that can fall off a cargo skiff."

"Well, I don't know if boxes can fall off a cargo skiff," she says. "What I do know is that since the reappearance of the First Order, bacta is tightly controlled, from production to delivery," she says. "So what we need to do is create a false registration and have it be on the books, for a route from Thyferra to...somewhere unpatrolled," she says, with a grin. "But when we arrive there, we just jump somewhere else, I suppose," she says, with a grin. "There, that sounds pretty good, come to think of it," she says. "But we'd need Ari to help make it work, implanting the fake registrations that I design and you forge," she says.

Ysille scratches her head, "Implanting the fake registrations where? The Thyferra computer core?"

"From what I can tell," Zaena says to Ysille, thinking herself. "We'd need to just...have a Holonet record spoofed," she says. "I suppose I'd have to see if that's reasonable," she says. "Really, I suppose we'd find out a company that's regularly contracted for such shipments, then slice both their databases, and then create a dummy transponder for our ship, that matches the sliced information on the company's database," she says. "Right? I mean these aren't all state owned cargo ships that make this transfer. So there has to be at least some contracting out. Because as you said, it's the light freighters that are cost effective for anything not being convoyed."

Ysille sours, "You seem obsessed with the holonet, Zaena," she shakes her head, "I think it's paralyzing you. Not everything needs to be so complicated," the wroonian says with a sigh. "All we need is some decent looking papers, and a plausible story. Maybe a couple official looking stickers on the hull and we're set!"

Zaena gives a little frown. "I know I'm a little obsessed with it," she says. "But can almost guarantee you that for something as important as bacta shipments right now, anything irregular is going to be checked up on the Holonet," she says. "I wonder if we can...create like an expert program that will be able to intercept it successfully," she says. "If Ari can program something like that. Or maybe even some sort of 'blocker'. Look, I just figure that they might check the papers, in this case, when bacta's involved," she says. "I think Ari can probably cook something up so that, even short term, when they check those papers they'll get...hehehe, a preplanned, false response," she says. "And then we do the rest of it your way. How about that?" she asks. "I'll be there to help...allay the concerns of the port master."

"So, we fly to Thyferra, Ari breaks into the computer core and edits their records, then we head up to the port master and get our cargo?" Ysille nods her head. "Sounds like a plan."

"Exactly," Zaena says. "What she'll do is sort of...slice a kind of intercept," she says. "When they check our registration, the inquiry will only be local. It won't actually do the checking," she says. "We can see if Ari can write up a program that will do that," she says, with a grin. "And that's..yes. Pretty much it, exactly."

"Okay, let's head to Thyferra!" Ysille says, getting up to head up to the cockpit. "Do we have a load of incoming cargo for the place?" she wonders as she stows a couple of things that might rattle about during liftoff.

Zaena gives a grin. "That's right! Thyferra Ho!" She laughs. "If you'd like to take us up and away, Captain," she says, with a grin. "Whew. Let's hope this works out!"

Ysille slips into the captains chair and starts punching up the flight plan. Switches are flipped and buttons are pushed before the Bad Habit lifts off and soars into the sky. "Next stop, bactaville!" she grins as they break into orbit and proceed off towards a navbuoy. After a few moments, the navicomputer kicks out a vector and she punches it to light speed.

Zaena lets out a big cheer as the vessel punches to lightspeed. "Yeah Ysille!" she says. "Thyferra, here we come! You'll be landing on the main platform, I suppose, but at the secondary terminal. Anyway, I’m going to go get ready, and get our gear in order." With that, she scampers off to the crew quarters.

Ysille smiles and nods her head, "Oh yeah, we'll be at the passenger and small time terminal for sure, not near those giant frigates that land sometimes. What's our incoming cargo?" she wonders as the ship drops out of hyperspace and she begins to fly casually towards the planet. "YT2400 BAD HABIT on approach, requesting clearance to land," she says professionally into the microphone, glancing over to the rest of the crew. "you all ready?"

Zaena clanks her way on out. "Dammit," she says, with a frown. "I wonder if I could have some way to change my cover. I'm pretty obvious if I'm face to face," she says, with a frown. "So that's why it's sort of important that this doesn't come to a fight," she says. "Ah hell," she says. "This might not be a good idea. It's so risky. But the payouff is huge." Seems like Zaena's talkin' herself out of it again! "I don't know. I hope Ari was able to cook something up." Nervousness before a gig - the second time. Maybe that's one of the things Zaena has trouble with.

"Risky? What's the risk?" Ysille wonders as they come in on approach as they're cleared to land. "Ari spikes the computer, the cargomaster gets a message that we're to be loaded with bacta, easy peasy jurri squeazy," she says as the ship banks in and the landing gear extends beneath the hull and the Bad Habit comes in to set down on their landing pad. With a please breath, she begins to simmer down the engines. "Okay, let's get unloaded, and Ari can go hit up the central computer while we look pretty moving boxes."

Zaena gives a grin. "I don't know," she says. "I'm just imagining all the things that could go wrong!" She grins. "I mean, stealing a shipment of bacta from the Republic is..." She seems to be stressing out a little bit. "I mean, what if Ari gets caught trying to spike the computer system, and doesn't let us know? Or what if he doesn't buy my lies? Or what if..."

Ysille shrugs her shoulders, "Stealing from a gignatic faceless organization that doesn't help those who need it?" she reasons, waving off such moral quandries. "If they had an effective distribution method, we wouldn't need to steal it, would we? They'd be able to get it to the sick and dying but instead they hoard it and create a black market. It's our just reward to reap the benefits of bringing bacta to the people!" She gets up, "come on, I've been working on this new dataspike in my spare time," she says, walking towards her quarters where she gets the code cylendar. "This might just do the trick for us. If they haven't updated their system lately, I'll be able to access the shipping receiving manifests to match the documents we came up with enroute."

Zaena arches an eyebrow as she sees Ysille heading to get the code cylinder. "Oh!" she says. "Well!" She gives you a smile. "It's not really about the morality of the issue," she admits. "I'm afraid of getting caught. I feel like it's not worked out well enough," she says. "I mean, I suppose it probably is that easy. All right. We'll try to get access to a terminal that you can spike," she says. "I might have to distract someone while you do so, though," she says. "Makes me wonder if we could convince Ari to...even upload some sort of scrambler."

Zaena nods. "All right," she says. "Well, first up," she says. "Let's create our phony documents and phony approval," she says. "At the very least, we can likely fill out our copy of the work order," she says, with a grin. "And no, I'm fairly sure that we didn't," she says, with a grin.

"All right, Ysille. We've got to do this on the up and up," she says. "I suppose what we really need Ari for is after the fact: to create a fake delivery record for the bacta," she says.

"So. First off. We need to create the shipping orders and the documents. Now. Here's how I think that you do it. First, you need to create an expected manifest and an inventory. "Anyway, I think I have copies of official seals that you can try to fake too, and the like," she says, with a grin.

You test your Knowledge:republic law skill at a 100 difficulty.

 +SUCCESS+ (8).

Ysille Vale tests her Forgery skill at a 100 difficulty.

 +SUCCESS+ (45).

Ysille nods her head and gestures to the file folder on her desk. "Already done," she says with a grin, "There's not much else to do during the days in hyperspace on these long jaunts across the galaxy! Better to do it then than in port while the officials are breathing down our necks!"

Zaena grins as she arches an eyebrow. "Wow, that's fantastic," she says. "Let's make sure that we've got the right seals on the right documents," she says, checking first: the fake cargo loadout, then the fake delivery order to send a shipment to the Republic outpost at the Sanctuary Moon. "I mean, it's not like we can fill the entire ship," she says. "And I'm pretty sure that they're distributing as able, instead of as ordered now," she says. "So let's put down for a hundred twenty tons," she says, "and see where that'll get us," she says. "A hundred fifty is the absolute capacity of our vessel. It's too on the nose," she says. "No. We took this job because we -had- to, not because it was perfect, right, Ysille?" she asks. "Bringing those needed supplies to the poor ewoks?"

Ysille shrugs her shoulders, "I'd go 150, unless you want to add fishsticks to the manifest as well. It doesn't make sense for a freighter to fly with empty space in the holds." She gets her papers together, and her dataspike as well. "Okay, we're good to go, did you want to spike the computer? All you have to do is get the cylendar into one of the sockets and then browse through a few menus if it works."

Zaena arches an eyebrow. "Actually, yes. I do want to add fishsticks to the manifest," she says. "While it doesn't make sense for a freighter to fly with empty space," she says. "It also doesn't make sense for a work order to fit a specific freighter's cargo size to the absolute brim," she says.

"Me spike the computer?" she asks. "I mean, I'm not really good with that sort of thing. I'd probably foul it up," she says. "You...you're a computer whiz?" she asks, hopefully.

Ysille Vale tests her Computer Use skill at a 100 difficulty.

 +SUCCESS+ (25).

"Okay, I can go do the slicing, no problem," Ysille says, chipper with the task at hand. "I'm sure you can handle the offload of our cargo, everything's legit coming in," she promises. "I'll slink into the warehouse and find a computer to get into. By the time the droids have off loaded our cargo, we'll be ready to reload."

"All right, all right," says Zaena with a smile. "You're right," she admits. "I think that's a good idea, really I do," she confesses. "If you're able to control that spike remotely, from a datapad or something, I can install it," she says. "All right. Let's head down and meet the port authority first. We'll ask where we should unload, and where we need to proceed to fill out our work order from the Republic," she says, with a grin, pointing to the fake work order that Ysille had made and that she'd checked over for legal errors. "All right," she says. "You ready? Time to get rid of this densiplast."

"Sure!" the wroonian smuggler says as she steps down the entry ramp of the bad habit, smiling as she greets the ground crew that will be servicing the ship, pumping out the refresher, and restocking supplies, all standard stuff included with docking fees. "We've got a load of densiplast," she says, handing over thier manifest so they can get their droids working on moving heavy boxes, work Ysille's not cut out for. "There any good stunball games coming up?" she makes small talk with the lead hand for a few moments, all nice and casual, business as usual before she leaves to head off into the starport. "Come on, let's explore a bit, I wonder if their cantina's any good?"

Zaena heads to follow you out. "Well," she says. "I don't know. I think it might be good to take one in," she says. "We're coming off a long trip, and so...we've got to take it easy. Most people relax a bit after a flight before loading up," she says, thoughtfully. "So, let's see if we can get into a little fun while we wait."

Zaena grins. "Anyway. I can offload the denisplast myself," she says. "Why don't you look up a cantina and see if you can find us a table?" she asks. "Comm me when you've found a good spot. It'll also be a great place to look for some inside info - we can see if we spot any Cartel signs or something."

You test your Knowledge:organized crime skill at a 100 difficulty.

 -Failed- (-24).

Ysille Vale tests her Hide skill at a 100 difficulty.

 +SUCCESS+ (10).

Ysille nods her head and heads in to the starport, keeping her eyes peeled for any starport security. It seems pretty normal, all told, the cruisers in orbit would handle anything from outside, and the locals are content with employing their own. Spotting an office with a computer terminal, the wroonian takes a glance around and slips into it while the worker is off using the little alien's room. She quickly slips her code cylindar into the socket and smiles as the system seems to be the standard issue v452.110 Sorrosub Cargonet software which her spike is taylored to. It takes all of a minute for her program to add the Bad Habit onto the approved ship list, as well as an contract for 120 tons of bacta and 30 tons of fishsticks to be shipped to Endor. Those poor ewoks are still suffering from radiation sickness and they need to import food and medicine in order to keep existing.

With that all taken care of, the Wroonian ejects her dataspike and peeks out the door, making sure the coast is clear before joining in with the crowd, filtering towards the starport cantina.

Catching up a little later on, Zaena gives you a broad smile as she walks her way on into the cantina. "So," she says. "Do you want me to...you know. Take care of the thing?" she asks. "Oh, where is it?" she asks. "More importantly, did you see if we can locate the fishsticks?" she asks. "I'm not sure how profitable those are. Probably even steven," she says, with a smirk.

"So, this is a pretty nice place," she says, as the pair head through the double doors into the starport's cantina.

It's as cantina-like as you'd want it to be. There's Bith playing on the horns, there's a number of ornery fellows, and a few of the local toughs who look like they'd just as soon blast you as smile at you. Zaena catches a few looks, as a purple twi'lek, and you catch a few more, as blue is indeed very popular, but making a direct beeling to pick up some drinks and using some elbows clears a little bit of bar space.

"Ahhh," says Zaena with a smile, as her lum cocktail is presented. "Finally. I don't know. I actually like hanging out on the ship, to be honest, but it's certainly nice to get out."

"Aw, don't become a shutin," Ysille teases, giving Zaena a little elbow, "You gotta get out and about," she grins, sipping her corellian ale, standard issue drink of choice for freighter captains the galaxy over, the perfect drink to blend in if your skin is blue and there are no duros in sight. "Don't worry about it, it's all sorted out," she says with a wink, in case anyone's overhearing them. "We've got our contract here, all we have to do is wait for our cargo to be loaded up."

Zaena gives a grin. "Well, we have the contract, but we actually have to go to get it filled out," she says. "This is phase one of waiting: first we wait for it to be unloaded, first," she says, taking a few sips of her drink, giving a grin at Ysille.

She grins, and then tosses back her drink the rest of the way. "I don't know," she says. "So what do you think of the rumors? That the Empire is back, or whatever they're calling themselves now?" she asks.

"Pffft, empire," Ysille scoffs at the thought. "Those fools thought they could control the whole galaxy, but there's one thing they didn't count on, a galaxy of people who don't want to be controlled! Tell me, with all of your history lessons at university, has there ever been a single cohesive united government for the galaxy that actually, you know, controlled everything? Nope, even the Republic which lasted for thousands of years barely kept things under wraps. There are always sectors splintering away doing their own thing. If a couple little side sectors want to try it now, let them! Who are we to tell people how they should live?"

"You've certainly got it right there," says Zaena, with a little smile. "Not much is known about but there was a whole civil war a few thousand years ago that split the galaxy right in two," she says, with a grin. "If people want to hold rallies and march in duckstep, who are we to argue? Exactly so," she replies, with a laugh. "Let me see if I can send Ari a message via comm. If she'd been able to write up that program,

"You've certainly got it right there," says Zaena, with a little smile. "Not much is known about but there was a whole civil war a few thousand years ago that split the galaxy right in two," she says, with a grin. "If people want to hold rallies and march in duckstep, who are we to argue? Exactly so," she replies, with a laugh. "Let me see if I can send Ari a message via comm. If she'd been able to write up that program, it'll mean we can really push to get that shipment loaded up."

Ysille smiles and tips her drink back, enjoying the cold refreshing ale. "Already taken of," the wroonian says. "She should get out and about though, I don't think I've seen her outside the ship in some time." She glances back and sees the holovid, "Oh look, they have a shockball game on!" she grins, trying to gauge if the local talent is any good as the Thyferra Thunderfish take on the Coronet Wildcats.

Zaena grins at Ysille. "You're right, you're right," she says, shaking her head, figuring that her friend has the loading under control now. "I figure we'll still have to meet up with the officer in charge of the loading itself to present our work order, though," she says. "And then Ari can take care of removing any history of it later, in due course," she says.

"All right," she says. "Shall we get a little action on? Head to a betting terminal and toss in a couple hundred?" she suggests. "Or just have another drink instead? I'm for the Thunderfish, all the way. It sounds dirty."

"Thunderfish?!" Ysille grins at Zaena's bet. "You're on, these backwater-HA!- little fish won't stand up to the famed Coronet Wildcats!" she chuckles, and earns a few dirty looks from some of the local spacers in the cantina as they shift thier seating to watch the game. "Two hundred credits," she grins, checking her wrist chrono. "The game should be over by the time we have to head out.."

It has been a rather interesting day here at THYFERRA, with the port taken over and highly militarized in the new reality of BACTA RESTRICTION. Since the recent Republic restrictions on the bacta supply, it has been directly managed by the REPUBLIC MILITARY, whose operations have taken over the disbursemeent of bacta, much of it being rationed now, and no longer freely marketable.

Into this arrangement, ZAENA and CAPTAIN YSILLE VALE have produced a set of forged orders for the BAD HABIT hundred and twenty tons of BACTA and thirty tons of FISH STICKS, as a supply contract for Wazzyreef Shipping.

ARI has been asked to intercept locally any Holonet transmissions, and with a terminal aboard ship, has the opportunity to do a little SLICING from the ship's terminal, while Zaena and Ysille have repaired a terminal, to DRINK ALE and watch a STUNBALL GAME.

Presently, the Bad Habit is being loaded with fish sticks and bacta thanks to the successful order implanted by virtue of Ysille's hidden approach to spike a terminal, before heading to the CANTINA.

-(OOC)- Ysille Vale says, "Thunderfish:" - Ysille Vale rolls 4 6-Sided dice; 2 3 5 1, and the total is: 11

-(OOC)- Ysille Vale says, "Wildcats:"

- Ysille Vale rolls 4 6-Sided dice; 3 3 4 3, and the total is: 13

Ysille watches the game intently, the two teams are very even through the first half of the match, with several players getting stunballed by stunballs. There are some ooohs and ahhhs, and after the third quarter, the cantina is nearly riotous with a tie game after the exchange of goals has popcorn flying and more and more drinks being served, each play bringing a deafening roar of excitement as the locals defend their honour on their home turf from those damned corellians who seem to be everywhere in the galaxy.

Unfortunately, they run out of steam in the fourth, and the Coronet Wildcats' captain gets a hat trick after recovering from an early stunning in the first quarter. "Yeah! Wildcats for the win!" Ysille cheers, not too loudly, as some of the locals seem a bit sour after such a close match, where their small town team put up such a great game against the professionals from the core. "That was a good game!" she grins, "I think I might become a stunball fan after this."

Zaena gives a grin. "I think you're right. Even though you win," she says, with a big grin, paying up. She chuckles as she sees a lot of dejected local fans leaving the cantina, and then nods to Ysille. "All right," she says. "Let's go meet the port officer, and then I think we can be on her way," she says.

Ysille merrily takes the credits and leaves a healthy tip for the waitstaff, heading out to the landing pads, she has a hop in her step after having a grande time in the cantina. "Okay, let's see," she says, unwinding the string around her documents folder. "I think everything's all set here." As they head along, she spots the Bad Habit with the droids loading their cargo, and she smiles politely to the deck officer.

Zaena gives a grin to Ysille, nodding to the officer in Republic uniform, with a couple of blaster-wield guards, as Ysille steps up.

"Papers, please," he says in a Corellian drawl, but he's all hardcore hang 'em high Republic gung-ho, and he takes a hard look over the pair that approach.

Zaena looks a little bit nervous, but just the right amount for the situation. "Here you go, sir. Bad Habit taking a hundred twenty tons of bacta and thirty tons of fishsticks out to Sanctu..."

"Hold it right there," he says. "You'll take what we give up. Bacta's being rationed out," he says. "Don't worry. We've got extra fishsticks to make it up."

Zaena straightens up. "Anyway. We are here to fulfill this contract from Wazzyreef here, to deliver the bacta and fishsticks to Sanctuary," she says, most formally. "I'll need your signature, sir, on the orders, then, to confirm that you're adjusting our shipping contract in accordance with Republic law."

She figures that she'd be expected to make this move, and it would look too suspicious otherwise.

You test your Bluff skill at a 100 difficulty.

 -Failed- (-13).

The officer's eyes narrow. "I'm not putting my signature on whatever you say," he says. "I've never heard of this...Wazzyreef," he says. "Show me those papers again," he says. "Gentlemen?" he asks, to his guards. "We may have a problem here. Stand ready."

Ysille hands over the folder for the customs officer to inspect, and seems about to start speaking when Zaena starts going on and on. She gives her a look and ahems, "Please?" she asks as the twi'lek motormouths their way into the hole of an otherwise smooth sail. "Wazzyreef's a smaller outfit," she explains, "They do charity work out of Mon Cala," she says, gesturing to the insignia on the form.

Ysille Vale tests her Bluff skill at a 100 difficulty.

 +SUCCESS+ (3).

Ari tests her Computer Use skill at a 100 difficulty.

 +SUCCESS+ (61).

Ari sits at the computer station in the Bad Habit's cockpit, leaning back lazily as she idly listens to what Zaena is hearing over comms. Most of her time tonight has been spent idly punching away at that terminal, doing her best to grease the wheels with her skills as a slicer. And so far, it has been going pretty smoothly, not requiring her to exert much effort with her skills. Until now.

She sits up straight again and leans in toward her console, eyes lighting up. Ari's voice whispers in over Zaena and Ysille's earpieces. "Hold on. Let me see if I can give your story a little cover." There's a brief silence, though it might seem all too long for the girls on the ground. "Their future allotment schedule is locked up tight, but . . . " Another pause, though this time, there's a hopeful air in her tone. "Bingo. They don't really secure their past shipment history nearly as well. I'm adding past shipment records. You make monthly withdrawls to serve the needs of citizens recovering from the reactor detonation on Gath Prime in the Mero System. That actually happened; don't be afraid to push that story. You've made six in the last six months, on the 15th of every month. This is the best I can give you. Make good use of it."

Zaena gives a grin to the man. "Look, you might not have heard of them, sir, but she is indeed correct," she adds cheerily. "If you check right now in your systems, then you'll see the shipment records of the monthly withdrawls to recover from the reactor detonation on Gath Prime in the Mero system," she explains. "On the fifteenth of every month, for the last six months," she says, with utter conviction.

You test your Diplomacy skill at a 100 difficulty.

 -Failed- (-20).

"Shut up," replies the man to Zaena, and the twi'lek steps back a bit, heart pounding as he turns over to the nearby terminal.

"It checks out," he says, after a few moments, almost angry. "You've got a big mouth. I'd be really happy if I didn't see you again," he says to a very chastened Zaena. "Take your bacta and your fishsticks and get the hell off my planet."

Ysille quirks a brow at the hostility exhibited by the shipper. "Aye aye," she says blithely as he gets unreasonably angry. She collects Zaena before she says anything else to the man and guides her to the ship. "Bet he lost money on the game. I doubt he's even corellian, he's probably faking the accent to seem like a big shot," she says quietly as the step up the ramp, giving Zaena a little elbow and a smirk. She checks the manifest computer and sees that everythign's loaded up and secure. "Okay, lets warm up the engines and get out of here," she says, "this humidity's killing my hair!"

Once aboard ship, having retreated from the mean old officer, Zaena smiles wanly back to Ysille, and shakes her head. "Whew," she says. "Let's indeed geat out of here," she says. "Looks like we've got a bit of hyperspace time in front of us," she says, wiping her forehead a bit.

"Ari," she says. "That was amazing. And you two, Ysille! Whew. You really pulled my nervous purple rear out off the hot plate." She smirks. "Though, that was indeed hilarious."

"I know, right!" Ari replies to Ysille, swiveling in her chair toward her and Zaena as they again walk past her to fill the pilot and copilot's chairs. "I have that exact problem myself." She's joking, of course, but wasn't she the one bitching about lekku burn the last time they stopped at a desert world? Her voice gets a little more serious as she continues, though. "My heart nearly stopped when that guy stopped you, honestly." She leans forward to playfully flick one of Zaena's lekku. "What happened to your silver tongue? I thought you were some bigshot lawyer?" Bigshot might be a bit of an exaggeration. Even normalshot might be a bit much, really.

Her head turns, and her eyes drift down the corridor behind them. "Did we get enough to make this trip worth it?" She pauses. "I suppose any amount of bacta will cover our expenses, these days, but the risk on a job like this isn't trivial. Bacta is serious business, these days."

Ysille waits for their flight plan to be cleared and then fires up the turbines, lifting the Bad Habit up off the landing pad to roar through the skies, scattering skywings this way and that. "That was fun!" she grins, gently guiding the ship into orbit, following the system controls until they get to the nav buoy where light speed jumps are allowed. Punching it, she leans back as they enter hyperspace. "We've got to get you to do those runs a few more times, work your nerves out," she says. "You don't have to talk so much, it sounds like you're trying to cover something up," she explains, "Short, to the point answers work best with the po-po."

"We'd be in some serious trouble if we were caught," says Zaena. "But notice that I didn't say anything other than that if he checked records, that is what he'd see," she says. "In any case," she says. "I..." She grins. "Yeah, I suppose you're right, in some cases like that," she says, to the experienced smuggler.

"Well, I hope we made enough. I suppose we'll see. The tanks were supplied by them and they don't have any readout and I'm not sure about complicated ways to measure them on board ship. I suppose we'll find out back at the Smuggler's Moon," she says, with a grin.