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Bad First Impressions

OOC Date: February 5, 2016
Location: Rebel Yell Hangar
Participants: Sar Yavok, Yvie Gosse, Javi Malek, Stavros, Bar'duur, Fenwick Mare, Rebel Yell

It's a fairly slow day in the Rebel Yell hangar. Most of the people who needed medical attention after the First Order's attack have been taken care of and ushered out on their way. It's so quiet, in fact, that there's only a handful of people inside of the giant hangar. One of them being Commander Yavok.

Sar is near the entrance to the building, kneeling down in front of a large rack that a suit of armor is suspended from. The man is idly sanding away at the paint of the suit which looks to be an old set of Stormtrooper gear. He humming along quietly to the sound of some indistinguishable Corellian rock music playing throughout the room.

Near the private hangar the Rebel Yell calls its home base stands one Yvie Gosse. Despite her bright colored clothing, she is attempting to be sneaky. After learning that her brother has fallen in amongst a crew that may or may not be ruffians and nerf herders, the archaeologist has made it her duty to stake them out and see what it is Uli has gotten himself into. Parmac's is a busy place, even after the attack by the First Order, making it easy enough for her to blend in with a crowd. The people thin out as she moves further down the private hangars. As she approaches, she warily looks about while at the same time trying to not look suspicious - which naturally makes her look all the more suspicious.

As she nears the Corellian rock music that spills out of the hangar, she curiously glances inward in a quick motion before stepping back along side the edge of the large door meant to accommodate ships. It's a blur of color - as red and orange are not the most inconspicuous. Yvie takes a deep breath as she steadies herself and waits a few more moments before wishing to risk another peek.

"Can I help you ma'am?" asks a soldier clad in the normal peacekeeping gear of the Yellers. The man looks Yvie over with crossed arms, wondering what the woman is doing nozing around the hangar.

Sar can't hear anything over his dope beats, so he's content just to keep working away at his armor.

"Oh, hey Yvie!" Stavros is making his own way to the hangar without the slightest bit of sneaking about him, and recognizes Yvie from behind - she's wearing a skirt very similar to the one he complimented last time. Long rifle over his shoulder, he flashes a half-wave at the sentry, but keeps talking to Uli's sister. "Surprised to see you over here. You taking me up on that drink?" He seems unaware she's trying to be surreptitious.

Yvie lets out a bit of a gasp as her view is obstructed by the soldier clad in Rebel Yell attire. She was looking far more inside the hangar than what was right in front of her. Rookie mistake. Straightening, she coughs. "I'm meeting someone!" A lie. "But, I'm incredibly early. Didn't want to seem too eager."

Then, there's another - louder - yelp as Stavros surprises her from behind. Jumping a bit, she spins, eyes wide before she recognizes Stavros from the other evening. She glances between the guard and the Zeltron mercenary in front of her. "I, uh, no. I'm..." she shrugs a bit. "...looking for Uli?" Spying on Uli is more like it.

Bar'duur is over where the Deep Hunter is sitting. to be more precise, he's been sitting inside it. Noting commotion over by the big doors however the man rises up flipping the hatch open at the top to rest his arms along either side of it. He just observes for a moment, he lifts his hand to wave but doesnt expect anyone to really see him since they all appear so engrossed in conversation. Eventually Bar climbs up out of the top and closes the hatch behind him, strolling over with a comfortable little smile on his face.

Sar Yavok just continues to work quietly at his task. Seems he's in a strangely good mood. Probably looking forward to the party or something.

There is a figure sitting on top of a crate not far from the entrance to the Yell's hangar. She's been there for a while now, gnawing on the end of an unlit cigar that looks like it was salvaged out of the gutter. Javi's biding her time, scraping out beneath her fingernails with a bit of metal scrap, her gaze occasionally lifting towards the Yell before drifting elsewhere. As Yvie and Stavros get close, she nonchalantly reaches down and scratches two more tick marks into the crate she's perched on.

Stavros looks at Yvie more closely. "Well, he might be in there. Go on in. She's with me," he says to the sentry Yeller, shooing Yvie into the hangar. "Hey, Bar'duur," he greets the Zabrak, as he comes over. "Do you know if Uli's here?" He spots the man sanding the armor, and calls over loudly, "SAR! Is Uli here?" As if he hadn't just shouted, he turns back to Yvie, puts a hand at the small of her back, and gestures towards the Zabrak. "Yvie, this is Bar'duur. Bar'duur, Yvie Gosse."

"Oh, uh, no. That's--" As Stavros starts to push her into the hangar, the archaeologist looks quite flustered. This is not good. Uli will definitely hear about this now. Why did she have to say she was there for Uli! "Oh, please, no, no fuss." She gives the hangar a cursory glance, taking in the bored looking Javi and the smiling Bar'duur. It's a quick, cursory look. "I'm...oh look, it doesn't look like he's here. I'll just come back later! I'm sure I'll just see him at home." However, it seems the Stavros introduction train just keeps rolling on as the Zeltron steers her further and further into the hangar. As Bar'duur is introduced, she puts out a hand, unsure of protocol in these situations. It doesn't seem the time to be righteously indignant."H-hi. Nice to meet you."

Bar'duur strolls along and halts not too far along, intercepting the two. "Hello!" Offers the horned man with a big, friendly smile. He reaches his own calloused hand and clasps it with Yvie's. "It is nice to meet you Yvie. Welcome to the Rebel Yell hangar, you are a friend of Stavros and Uli?"

"Haven't seen him," Sar responds loudly to Stavros, the dirty Zeltron who managed to ruin his calm day. He whistles sharply and his R3 comes wheeling over to him. "Hey, Rexie. Sit over here and look scary, yeah? Make sure you keep people away from my armor. Don't want 'em ruining my hard work with their gross little hands." He tosses his sandpaper down and offers the astromech a pat on the head. She responds with a fairly authoritative affirmitive beep.

Sar stands and moves over to Stavros and his guest, looking the girl over for a moment. He didn't quite hear the introduction train so he gestures to the woman and asks, "Who's this?" Still poised outside in the Parmac, something Stavros shouts seems to get Javi's attention, now snapping up to focus a hard gaze on the Yell's hangar. Too far away to hear what else is said, she continues to stare in that direction as if willing something to occur. The clamp of cigar gets shifted to the other side of her mouth and she unfolds her limbs as if readying for some sort of action. Once Sar comes into view, she reaches back for the strap to her pack and slips off her perch.

"She's Uli's sister!" the Zeltron tells Bar'duur. "I guess he's not here," Stavros informs Yvie. He gives a little wave to the older man who just joined them. "But you can meet the guy in charge, too. Yvie, this is Sar Yavok. Sar, this is Yvie Gosse." He tilts his head slightly to one side, giving Sar a warning look. "Play nice."

Fenwick Mare enters. Technically, he had done so a time and a half beforehand but that was while noticing someone's blood staining his shirt; completely normal as far as his profession is concerned. Now he shows up in a different t-shirt and in the process of refastening his shoulder harness and blaster pistol. There's a passing wave to someone, and then someones, and then he keeps up walking. He's momentarily out of the hangar area. Then, he comes back. And although he walks into Sar's shadow, he doesn't immediately say anything. Instead, Fen changes the music to the next song via datapad. Same personal style, better Corellian band.

Yvie and Uli look nothing alike, though they do share last names. The woman in front of them looks around, a bit overwhelmed at the introductions and the sudden crowd of people. This is not what she was planning! As Stavros continues the introductions, her attention falls on Sar Yavok. So, this is the leader of the band that Uli has decided to join. Her nervousness starts to melt away. While Stavros tells Sar to play nice, perhaps it should have been Yvie he should have directed his order to. Not that she would have listened. Taking a deep breath, she raises a hand - pointing a finger right at Sar. "This one is Yvie Gosse. Uli's sister," she says, despite the fact Stavros has already stated that. "I--I am just here to see who it is my brother has fallen in with!" Her tone is almost accusatory. It's clear she doesn't approve.

Bar'duur offers a wave to Fenwick when he enters, his smile lingering, and he steps to the side a little bit so that he can better view those who are there speaking. "Oh, this is Uli's sister?" Asks Bar with a lift of his eyebrows. "He talks about you all the time, all good things, really admires you." Bar lies, but it's a lie for the best reasons.

"When don't I?" Sar asks of the Zeltron, offering Yvie a warm smile and a hand to shake, "Nice to meet you, Yvie. Uli's a good kid, so I have to imagine you're responsible for that." His hand moves back to rest on his hip. His head tips a bit as her tone turns accusatory. An eyebrow raises and he says, "Well, this is us." He gestures around. "Just a bunch of do-gooders. And Stavros."

He looks set to continue, but his music changes, Sar looks around for a moment before he finally spies Fenwick standing near him. He peers at The Kid and asks, "Did you just change it from my Hal Jarley and the C-Breeze playlist?"

Reconnaissance done, Javi gives one last glance to the Yell's and turns off in the opposite direction. "Found him." She tells no one in particular, ducking her head and pulling up her hood as she disappears into the crowd.

"Hey, I think you have us confused with someone else," Stavros tells Yvie gently. "Hutts are the big criminals, right? The overlords. We like making life difficult for them. Hitting the bottom line. Giving people reasons to turn their back on them, and when they do, sometimes we offer a place to go." His eyes flick to Bar'duur for a moment, but he doesn't call him out specifically as an example. "You know how I met Uli," the Zeltron says. "We had him a few days later. You know how gangs work around here. If it was one of them, you know what would have happened." He smiles slightly. "We're not a gang. I made a different call. People with potential, who can be so much more if they have a little help, a little backup, more regular work? We like those people. And Sar's willing to give them a chance." He shrugs slightly. "I think he's safer with us than he would be without us. We look after our own, Yvie."

Bar'duur's attempts to be charming is met with a confused look. "Really?" she asks, skeptical. It's not due to his delivery, but because she doesn't think the overprotective brother would speak of her to criminals. Frowning, Yvie takes in Sar. As the hand is stuck out to shake, she does so tentatively. "He is. Which is why I don't want him to fall into bad company." And, as of now, she believes Rebel Yell to be that bad company. Fenwick's change of music is met with a glance, but her attention is focused on Sar and Stavros. "Do you steal?" she asks him. "Do you kill?" It's a clear distinction in her mind. "Being the lesser of two evils does not make one good. I look after my own as well."

Bar'duur tests his Bluff skill at a 100 difficulty.
 -Failed- (-2).

Bar'duur's green eyes are brought briefly toward the exit of the hangar but return to those with whome he converses. His eyes turn to Sar, back to Stavros and he nods along with what the man says. "I used to work in a casino owned by a Hutt, until Rebel yell took me in." He's telling the truth there. "I have never killed anyone here." This with a little shrug.

Fen is fairly good about just hanging out and watching and, or, witnessing things. He looks from one to the other in no particular order or rush to pipe up. He's a fly on the wall. It works up until Sar pays him some attention and the question posed in his direction only gets a helpless shrug of the shoulders. "Hyperdrive's album this year is just better, both by sales and artistically speaking. So I upgraded your playlist." It's a mild comment altogether, thanks to not wanting to detract from the Gosse Conversation.

You test your Sense Motive skill at a 100 difficulty.
 +SUCCESS+ (45).

"Only people we kill are pirates, murderers, thieves, and the like. And only if they're not the talking sort," Sar responds with a shrug. "I was a cop around here for 17 years and I came across quite a few criminals who would rather put me down than have a reasonable conversation. Does that make me evil? Or does having a badge number somehow change your mind and put me in the 'good' column?" He waits for a moment, arms crossing over his chest, "Because I can tell you that I haven't changed a lick since I left the force. I just have more equipment and friends to help me try and do right by people."

Having said that, the Commander is waved down by a RY soldier, so he offers a quiet, "Excuse me," before stepping away to talk to the man.

"Hyperdrive's terrible," he offers off-handedly to Fen as he moves on.

"Tell you what," Stavros says, raising his eyebrows. "Come by the party tonight on the _Guardian_. There'll be Rebel Yell people there. Talk, ask around. You might have a little fun despite yourself, and you might have your mind set at ease. Find me, I'll get you a drink." He looks at his bracer computer. "Speaking of the party, I've got to go make sure preparations are coming along." He pats Yvie on the small of her back and, with a wave to the others, he heads off towards the Skipray Blastboat against the far wall.

Yvie watches both Bar'duur and the others. Her arms do not cross in front of her, but she is skeptical. This is not exactly what she was planning when she came down to the hangar in an attempt to spy a bit on the people Uli has decided to throw in his lot. There's talk of Hutts and Hyperdrive and then Sar's very serious speech. To her credit, she listens attentively to what Sar has to say. His question is met with a pause as she gathers her thoughts and then answers, "A badge doesn't make anyone a good guy. I met a fair share of cops willing to look the other way for the right amount of credits." While this conversation is about Sar in a very real sense, it's more importantly - to Yvie - about her brother. Her hostility, at least as ebbed and her shoulders relax into something straight postured, but no longer defensive. "That's all well and good, Mr. Yavok," she tells him evenly. "But, I don't know who you are." Turning to Stavros, she raises an eyebrow. "A party?" Frowning, she shrugs her shoulders. "Maybe. You are rather keen on that drink." As Stavros moves off to take care of his own business, she backs away, glancing over her shoulder at the hangar a few more times as she does so.

"And there's plenty of Galactic Civil War veterans who were serving on the wrong side of history," Sar says, head turning to regard the young woman. His entire body turns and he begins walking towards her, "But I ain't one of them, either. I'm Sar Yavok." Cue triumphant music. "Formerly a corporal with the 112th. Served on Endor all the way through Jakku, and you can believe me when I tell you that I'm not out to get your brother hurt. I didn't stand up to those First Order folks the other day when they were trying to haul that nice Wookiee lady away because I wanted to get your brother hurt. I didn't eradicate a group of mercenaries attempting to profit through the destabilization of the Rodian government because I wanted to get your brother hurt. No," he says flatly, "I did those things because they were the right thing to do. You brother's a hardheaded kid and even he can see that. Can you?" Kasia Ciph has boarded Skyclaw.

Yvie thought the conversation over. She was willing to leave, however Sar turns and heads back toward her. His words about the Galactic Civil War seem to hit a particular sort of nerve in the woman. Whirling about, she does not approach him - he's doing that all on his own. Instead, she narrows her eyes and studies him, letting him say his peace. "Perhaps you're not attempting to get my brother killed, but you are putting him in danger's way. You sound like a man of conviction, Mr. Yavok, but I am a student of history. I know that words only go so far. People can say many things to convince others they're in the right. Only time can tell if it's true." Eyeing him, she adds, "My brother...he is a good man with a good heart who will do what he thinks he must. He may see things as right, but that doesn't make it so." Shaking her head, she turns with a sigh. "I didn't mean to invade on you guys. I'm just worried." Without waiting for a response, she moves back toward Parmac's proper Spaceport.