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A simple escort mission that isn't actually simple

OOC Date: February 26, 2016
Location: Corellian Sector, Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Stavros as GM and himself, Sar Yavok, Javi Malek, Sabella Lockheart, Rebel Yell

THE JOB: Bait & Switch

Gahi Yuhoka, a data broker of minor renown, needs a datacube delivered to the Immelix Corporation. Immelix runs many labs in Nar Shaddaa beyond the eyes of its competitors in the New Republic.

Yuhoka has learned that the delivery of this data is going to be interdicted by parties unknown. To hit two birds with one stone, she has hired Rebel Yell to deliver the datacube and capture anyone attempting to prevent its delivery, thereby learning who it is who opposes her and Immelix's transaction.


The Escort Team (Sar Yavok, Lowkeyyy) guards the armored transport on its way to Immelix's corporate office and takes out anyone who gets in the way - preferably alive. Set blasters to STUN.

The Street Team (Javi Malek, Sabella Lockheart) picks up the -actual- datacube from a dead drop, gets to Immelix by hook or crook, and walks in dressed as business professionals.

The Overwatch: Stavros watches from his sniper perch near Immelix's office, providing fire support and up to date information.



The hazy day does nothing to block the light as Rebel Yell mercs park an armored speeder in front of the well-guarded office of Gahi Yuhoka in the Corellian Sector. Once the vehicle stops, a woman holding a small case hurries out of the building and into the awaiting vehicle. There are a few logical spots to be ambushed. This is one of them.


The dead drop is, allegedly, a wallet-sized box affixed to the underside of a bench in Nar Shaddaa's public park in a different area of the Corellian Sector. That bench is, at the moment, occupied by two middle-aged men engrossed by their data pads. The clock is ticking.

Sar Yavok sits quietly in the back of the armored transport, his stormtrooper armor being all-around uncomfortable. But, he seems to be managing, as he stares out the window, hand resting idly on the grip of his handgun. So far, so good.

As usual, Low is undecided on whether to use his Ryyk blade or his bowcaster, the wookiee is staring at the bowcaster in his lap, and then glancing sidelong to his right hip at his Ryyk blade as he sits back there with Sar in the armored transport. "They did say take them alive, right? I mean... I could just cut them a little..."

It's just a couple of business women on break from their tedious job, made more so obvious by the studious glasses perched on the end of Javi's nose as her arm links in Sabella's while they walk towards the appointed bench. They're gossiping, Javi laughing at something the other woman says while they draw up to the seat that's currently occupied, a briefcase swinging by her side. "Gentlemen." She addresses them, teeth pausing for a moment on her bottom lip. "You wouldn't mind moving down a bench, would you? This one is kind of our /thing/." She leans forward, stage whispering. "It's where we first met." And breath.

Sabella Lockheart is totally dressed up as the whole business women sort of look, her hair pulled back neatly, and wait did she wear makeup, just a bit thank you. She is indeed going on about something or another and knowing here it deals with a ship part, which is /sorta/ business like. She catches sight of the pair sitting on the bench in question and pulls the shoulder strap for her rather nice bag up a bit on her shoulder. A warm smile is sent to the pair of men while she leans a bit closer to Javi to go along with with the comments. "It is just a wee bit special to us if you don't mind." She can totally play the part!


The side door into the armored vehicle slams closed behind the bag-lady and her case. She looks a little nervous, and she might be right to. Sar Yavok notices a pedestrian in a formal coat and a square little hat touching his ear and saying something, not looking at the speeder as it kicks into motion.

It's possible the woman doesn't even know she's not carrying anything of value. Poor dear.

The long expressway before the speeder would be a great spot to ambush if coming by aircraft. But Stavros's voice comes over the radio, loud and clear into the ears of the escort team. "Nar Shaddaa traffic control reports nothing out of the ordinary in the skies over the freeway." He pauses. "Yuhoka says she's tracking comm signals. I'll let you know if she finds anything."

In front of the speeder, at the intersection where the high road merges back into everyday Corellian Sector traffic, there is a long transport blocking the road. The driver is arguing with a couple of other drivers. What do you do?


One of the 'gentlemen' seems to fit the role, and he rises, bowing elegantly towards the Javi and Sabella before heading off at a stately pace. The other stares at Javi for a moment, assessing her, before he acquiesces with a grunt, coming to his feet and loafing off in the opposite direction from the gentleman.

Sar Yavok scoots over to have a look at what's holding them up. "I'll go see what the issue is," he remarks, sliding back across the seat and opening the door. Sar steps out onto the street, one hand on his blaster and the other clutching his helmet. The Old Man swaggers his way towards the people arguing and says, "Hey! Y'all mind moving out of the way?" He squints at the involved parties, an eyebrow slowly creeping upwards as he awaits an answer.

As Sar steps out when they are stopped, Low glances to the 'poor dear' who looks nervous. The wookiee grabs up his bowcaster, making a decision to use it as the request was for stun, not dead. He slides to try and glance out of the back door of the speeder, ready to hop out and help Sar if the need were to arise, but he doesn't want to leave the lady alone.

There is an appreciative look on Javi's face to the men, full of eye-batting and coy giggle as she guides Sabella to the bench and eases down onto it, the briefcase settled at her high-heeled feet. If anyone back at base mentions her pencil skirt later, she might cut them. A lot. "I know this is a bit sudden," She says quietly to Sabella, just on the off chance that someone is watching, "But." A box is slipped out of the little pocket of her smartly cut jacket just as she swivels off the bench in front of Sabella to one knee. "Jolee Biscus. Will you do me the great honor of being my wife?" The proposal of course a front for trying to slip the 'package' out from underneath the bench.

Sabella Lockheart offrs a warm smile and even a slight wiggle of a wave after the two men that leave the bench. Well that wasn't so hard! She takes a seat on the bench and rather neatly crosses one leg over the other as there is a moment she glances into her bag. Though Javi gets her attention and she blinks while looking up curiously to the other. Wait... What? Talk about the look of surprize clearly seen across her face and she takes in a slight breath while lifting of a finger. The way she is sitting makes it a touch hard for someone to see at the other angle for the 'package' getting at least. "Really?..." She questions curiously and just eyes Javi a touch there, of all things that was asked? If she could laugh she totally would before smiling warmly and takes hold of Javi's hand. "Of course!" There, no one can say she doesn't play along.


The Twi'lek driver says something in Ryl before switching to Basic. "I don't have the parts. This is dead on the road. My brother, he'll be here in twenty minutes. As soon as it runs, I go, okay?" For the humans whose speeders are also blocked, that answer does _not_ seem to be 'okay,' but barring actually ramming the thing - and it's probably the second-heaviest thing on the road, after the armored speeder - there does not appear to be any way to displace it.

Unless someone is lying, of course.

From the front seat, the one in the passenger side says quietly over the comm, "Someone's scanning us. Orders?"


A few onlookers notice the bended knee and the appearance of nerves and the laughter that follows, and stop. Someone even pulls out a small, narrow device, holds it in front of his eyes for a few moment, then smiles, looking disarming. "Would you like me to send you the picture?"

"Ram 'em," Sar whispers into his comms, eyeing the Twi'lek real hard. After so long on the force, Sar is a hard man to lie to. The Old Man begins to back away, hand still on his blaster. He reaches up and grabs the door of the transport, moving to crawl back inside.

Lowkeyyy hears the call over the comm to ram the other speeder and Low moves one hand to put pressure on the roof to hold himself in his place, in his left he holds his bowcaster, so he can start shooting if crap hits the fan. Low looks over a shoulder at the driver and passenger up front. "you catch that?" He barks at them, the translator hooked up to his comm relaying what he says.

Javi launches off her bended knee to grasp Sabella in a one armed hug and trap her against a seal of lips to solidify the accepted proposal with a mash of their lips together. Her other hand is seemingly occupied with the ring, but really it's a pass off of the 'package' between their meshed together bodies. And then the kiss continues. And continues. She's totally just waiting for some sign, obviously.

Sabella Lockheart is a bit well busy when the guy with the picture is going about taking such things. Seeing how Javi is now kissing her? Oh boy, oh dear, someone is blushing rather hotly at the moment and even a faint muffledish sound perhaps caught as this is even more of a surprize. She isn't so focused on that /kiss/ that she doesn't catch on that said package is getting passed on to her and she takes it and has hold of is tightly within her hand. As for that kiss? It won't last a moment longer seeing how that there guy is asking about sending them a picture and she sends a faint glance over towards him. "Ah... Of course..." Don't mind her, nervous nelly and totes caught off guard which is how she is playing it right now. As for that package it is tucked into the pocket there of her business jacket, half hidden thanks to bodies and that shoulder bag even.


"I heard it," says the driver dourly. "Everyone hold on." He waits for Sar to swing back in before shoving the throttle forward. The drivers arguing with the twi'lek dive out of the way, but the Twi'lek shifts, barely off to the side. The impact is jarring, splitting the transport trailer almost two-thirds of the way in two pieces.

The driver reverses for a moment and then guns the accelerator again, cleaving the trailer entirely. There is now no chance of being inconspicuous. Pedestrians are pointing, speeders and groundcars are trying to get out of the way, but they're not sure where it's going, so their attempts are a mixed bag. "I know a garage that can get us a few blocks over," the driver calls. "Lose any pursuit."

The woman is clearly frightened, but holds on when instructed. The other Rebel Yell merc in the front of the vehicle says, "Or we could just go to lightspeed, you know? Get it done."


The cameraman, seeing how flustered Sabella is, just steps away and walks on down the path. The other passers-by go on, as well.

You have hidden the package. Now, how are you going to get it to Immelix? Taxis fly by at the park's edge. One taxi pulls down to wait just at the edge of the park, at the previously-empty taxi stand.

You could also take public transportation, or take a third option.

"Get to the garage. If anyone follows us there we can hold out on the roof," Sar says, as calm as if he were ordering a drink. A look over to Lowkeyyy and he jerks his head towards the panicking woman, "She doing alright, Big Guy?"

Oh right... comforting women when they might be scared. Low pauses, sets his bowcaster in his lap and turns to the woman, two shaggy arms reach out and grasp her shoulders. "You are not dead, so dont be worried." If she wasn't scared before, having a 300+ pound 7 foot tall wookiee barking in her face and grasping her surely did the remainder of the trick. "She should be good now." Low says, giving a toothy smile back at the woman, releasing her and looking back to Sar. He tries to get any glimpses out windows to see if they are being tracked. "We should get bigger transports, this thing is tight."

Javi leans back from Sabella aka 'Jolee' with a little smile and a quick pet to the cheek. "We have some time left on our lunch break. Why don't we go celebrate?" She gives an emphatic sort of nod to get the other woman to agree, the slips to her feet with a hand offered to help the other woman to her feet. "Short little cab ride.." Another nod signifying let's blow this pop stand.

Sabella Lockheart would have to say that was the first time a woman kissed her, though no she isn't going to comment on it right now mind you. She clears her throat a touch, and offers a sheepish smile to Javi after that there little pet to her cheek. A nod is seen. "I think that is a grand idea. Sha'll we then?" She takes the offered hand and is up following javi away from that there bench, still blushing it seems.

ESCORT TEAM: The driver brakes abruptly, turning left across oncoming traffic into an alley that barely contains the armored speeder. About a hundred meters on, he pulls into that garage. "If they wanted us to take the main drag, they're going to be disappointed," the driver says with a grin. Indeed, after no sign of pursuit, going up to another level of the garage, and then across a bridge over the road, there is still no sign of pursuit. He takes the next exit, heading towards the Immelix building from about a ninety-degree different angle than would have been the case before.

OVERWATCH: A bit of static in street team's earpieces and Stavros cuts in, "Heyyy, ladies. Use the word //unusual// if something goes awry, okay? We're listening, just- the other group's a little- busy-"

Then Stavros's voice breaks in on the escort team's comm. "Somebody just kicked the nest. There's two guys popped up a few roofs over hoofing it with - with a missile launcher?" the Zeltron says incredulously. "And a few vehicles on the street are moving, some shady pedestrians heading to a different road - what did you //do?// You guys okay? Um. They thought you were coming straight here, now it looks like they expect you from - northwest? Is that right?"

STREET TEAM: The cab that is parked hasn't gotten any business yet. The Gran owner-operator waves, rolling down the window. "Hey! Three eyes safer than two, you know. Fast and safe, if staying in Corellian Sector." The street has other traffic, even a few taxis pass occasionally. There is also a bus stop two blocks away.

"Javi, what's your status?" Sar calls over his comms, maybe even with a hint of worry to his voice. Sar plucks his helmet up, looking it over and wiping a bit of grime off of the logo spray-painted on it. A look is given to Lowkeyyy and he says, "The low profile of the thing comes in handy. Makes us a harder target. They just need to make smaller Wookiees." A grin is cracked.

"If wookiee's were smaller our gender specifici anatomy would..." He then breaks off and looks at the woman in the speeder with them and smiles at her, in an 'oh hey, there's a lady here' sort of way. Low would blush if he wasn't covered in hair. Low looks at his bowcaster when the talk of a missile launcher is brought up. "So are we still going for stun here?"

Javi shuffles Sabella away from the park toward the taxi stand, eyeing the open window suspiciously. "You know, last good lookin' fellow I met like you tried to kill me." Javi gives the man a stiff smile and then gestures with her chin that they'll pass, instead, she's moving her, the package, and her teammate towards one of the other taxis, waving a hand to flag one down. Over the comms, Javi answers Sar. "Good news is, we're getting married and expecting a package already. I move fast. On the way to the honeymoon.."

Sabella Lockheart half points to Javi and offers the fella in the taxi a slight smile. "Sorry, I'm with her." Is offered before she is moving off with Javi, a faint glance is sent over the area though while they move on to wait for another taxi. At the words from Javi she sputters a bit nearly coughing and sends her a slight 'oh yeah' glance, though she is amused.


"No one's following us," the driver says. "How do they know where we're coming from?" The passenger adds, "Eight minutes till we have visual on the destination." He checks his blaster carbine one last time.


Another taxi does drop down from above, settling to a hover next to Javi and Sabella. "Where to?" he asks, sounding like he's already bored with them. The gran's taxi doesn't pull away until the second one stops and opens its doors.


"Yeah, they're expecting you," Stavros confirms. "Yuhoka's got those signals cracked, guys. I'm looking at- a transponder signal of your position. And - Javi, Sabella, I'm looking at an image of you two making out on a park bench. So, your cover is blown, guys. They know what you look like. At least when your lips are locked."

"Sar, I've still got eyes on the missile crew. Request to start the party a little early, sir." Stavros raises the G8 rifle to a position just below the edge of his rooftop.

"Yeah, go ahead," Sar remarks into his bracer, looking over to Lowkeyyy, "If you've got anything that needs doing, probably oughta get to it." He clears his throat and slips his helmet on, giving it a slap as he reaches over to pick up his F-11D.

"Well I've yet to get a pretty girlfriend, but I dont think I can get that done in the next few minutes, so..." Low puts on his helmet and then grasps his bowcaster in both hands. "Lets blow shit up."

The Zeltron cuts in again briefly, "Copy, Sar. And- these are two different signals, Yuhoka says," Stavros's voice continues. "It's possible- um. It's possible you're both being tracked by different parties." The mutter that follows, "Isn't that just swell." Then the start of a blaster shot before he cuts the comm off.

"Copy." Javi reaches behind her head, tugging out the elastic that secures her braid and combs her fingers through it. A wad of credits gets shoved through the to the taxi driver and the woman mutters to Sabella. "You jump out at the next stop. Divide." She nods again, indicating it's a great idea and then she's pounding on the taxi's roof to stop and let Sabella out.

The taxi stops, "Are you crazy? I mean-" He sees the credits, and lowers the vehicle to the ground. "You're the boss."

Sabella Lockheart glances to Javi a moment and is soon nodding seeing how they are to divide up so to speak. "Alright." She tightens the strap of her bag a bit so it doesn't get all flopped about, and when the cab stops she's pushing the door open and is out. A half glance is sent back toward Javi and the cab before she is moving off away from said cab.


"One down, and they dropped the launcher!" crows Stavros. "Oh, shit-" Some of the people on Team Rocket don't like that their crew got shot, and blaster shots, mostly pistols, too far away to be accurate, still cause dents and red marks on the metal surrounding him. More to the point, he's not the only one with a rifle, up here. "I have their attention," he says, ducking below the safety wall atop his building. "A grand entrance would be great, team."


As the driver guns the repulsorlift engines, the armored speeder soars down the road, dodging groundcars and other speeders. "Where do you want out? The front porch?" He refers to the fancy multi-tiered entrance to the Immelix building. It rises a bit higher than the rest of the street. There are, also, mercs guarding the building: Immelix's private security, who have yet to join in the fight. They are ushering the nearest people wearing Immelix security tags back into the building.

There's a lot of gunfire towards the roof of the building two down from Immelix - clearly Stavros's position. Some of it's from the rooftops, some are from behind a hastily-erected blockade. Low but sturdy posts and walls. And some of the shooting, at least from the ones on the ground, is coming at the armored car.


Sabella is on the street, alone. Relatively alone: this is not an empty street, though it isn't as busy as near the park. Pedestrian and groundcar traffic continues. She can see a speeder that rushes past her - it's catching up with Javi's taxi quickly.

What do each of you do?

"Pull over," Sar commands the driver. "Low, come with me." He gestures to the two other Yellers and says, "You two, pull back, barricade up in an alleyway and wait for my all clear."

Once the craft has come to a stop, Sar slips out of the door and hefts his rifle up, flicking the switch to toggle the 'STUN' setting. He squints beneath his helmet and squeezes the trigger, sending a blue bolt into an enemy merc's head. Two more pulls of the trigger see another mercenary rendered disoriented. "Push forward," he remarks, chopping his hand towards the barricade and moving slowly.

Sliding out of the speeder and hopping to his feet, Low pulls up his bowcaster to his shoulder, he already had it on the stun setting, so he wouldn't forget in the hectic mayhem of combat. Low is behind and to the left of Sar, covering about 90 degrees of the view that Sar doesn't have of those behind the blockade. Low shoots one, giving him a fairly decent buzz, but his second shot, the guy drops as if the bowcaster weren't on stun, completely putting him out for a while. "One down, one feeling like a human punched him in the nose."

There is a reassuring nod to Sabella as Javi reaches out to shut the door behind her. The possibility of where the package could be has now been divided. With her hair loose, Javi is shrugging out of her jacket and shimming out of her skirt in the back seat of the taxi, unrolling pants from beneath where the hem lie covered. A hat is flicked out of her briefcase as well as the roll of a backpack which becomes the vessel her briefcase is tucked into. "Next corner, please." Is all she says the driver, and from there she'll be on foot for the rendezvous point.

Sabella Lockheart is mkaing her way down the street, a faint glance here and there as she goes to try and pick up anything, or perhaps one that could be coming a bit to close for her comfort. The speeder is caught and she blinks asshe watches it get closer to the Taxi. "Javi... There is a speeder rushing up on the taxi." Let's face it, she is not sniper, and even with her blaster she isn't good enough to try and do anything. Then of course there is te possiblity that it could be nothing. For the moment she is heading forward, attempting to keep a slight eye on that speeder, but also get to the point where she is to meet up so to speak.


The hostile mercs have their attention split, and that proves to be very bad for them. Their barricade is being avoided by the armored speeder. They have little choice but to rush out after it - that's where the objective is, right? The others provide cover fire, but about half the welcoming committee is pursuing the armored speeder. This makes them much easier to hit. However, having enemies at two angles will make it more difficult to dodge their shots.


Stavros keeps his head down for a moment. "Yuhoka, will you tell the folks at Immelix that we are on their side, and they should shoot the guys shooting at //us?//" Then he pops up, taking aim at the other snipers. He wings one, and two others fall, never to rise again. "I'm out of stun range," he grunts as he drops back down behind cover. "So unless it gets bad, I'm leaving the groundpounders to you- and Immelix, if they ever get their thumbs out of their asses-"


Sabella is scot-free, for now. They know where Javi is, they think, but as the taxi lowers to let her exit, it is not the same woman they have seen in the picture who is walking away, as the taxi rises and takes a left turn. Nar Shaddaa taxi drivers know when things are going down. Ones as old as that guy also know when to run away. And he does, with that gray speeder in pursuit. Who knows how that race will go?

So, Sabella and Javi are approaching the sudden war zone from a safe direction, several blocks apart. Javi is closer by a decent taxi ride, so has the best view when armored Immelix security guards emerge to support their people at the front door, putting the people behind the barricade between a rock and a hard place.

"Low, bring these blitzers down. Protect the asset," Sar says, just barely avoiding catch a blaster bolt to the chest. He slips behind a parked repulsorcar and pops up, sending more shots downrange. Two more bad guys hit the ground, convulsing until they pass out.

Many do not know that Wookiee's come from the Matrix, it's as if the wookiee seen the bolt coming and with a swift sidestep, and a spin to head off those pursuing the vehicle, low fires twice, two of the pursuers drop quite suddenly and hard. Low gives a sadistic toothy grin. "Boda bing and bodda boom."

"Don't worry baby, they got us." Javi assures Sabella over the comms, placing her trust in the other teams as she drags her hair to curtain her face as she scoots along the street. Only bait. She repeats to herself. Only bait. As she reaches up to clip a security ID card for Immelix to her collar.

Sabella Lockheart continues her treck towards the building in question, she pulls the band from her hair giving is a slight shake, as for that package she pulls it from her pocket of her jacket and moves it to a pocket in her shirt so it is a bit closer so to speak. "Just becareful." She is hearding a lot things going down the closer she gets after all. There is a moment where she pauses and peeks around the corner slightly to see what she can see, and doing so catches sight of a bit of a mess further down near the Immelix building in question. Well then, so this is where the party is happening.


The people who come out from behind the barricade get stunned by the fusillade of fire from Sar and Lowkeyyy. The people who stayed behind the barricade? They're getting stunned from behind by Immelix's security. They rapidly decide discretion is the better part of valor and surrender. The snipers are either dead or fleeing. The firing stops, and Immelix's security forms a perimeter. Their sergeant waits in the middle of the circle.


Within a few minutes, it's business as usual at the front desk of the Immelix building; anyone with a security badge could walk right in.


Stavros waits a few minutes. He doesn't really have a lot of faith in sudden peace and quiet, and he knows some snipers are still alive. So he scoots his way into the building. Soon enough, he's emerging from a turbolift in the Immelix lobby, helmet tied to his waist, gun held pointed upward in one hand. He waves with a smile to the front desk.

Sar Yavok slings his rifle back over his shoulder and looks to the Wookiee, giving the tall beast a nod before he raises his bracer and says, "All clear. Bring in the package." His hands move to his gunbelt and he approaches the Sergeant, offering the man a half-salute as the repulsorcraft begins whirring out of the alleyway and beginning its final approach.

Standing there with a rather odd look on his face behind the cover of his helmet, did they really just surrender? Low looks a bit bummed and a bit surprised, perhaps he's just use to running the table and having no surrenders whilst working with RY. The wookiee shrugs, glances at Sar and removes his helmet, apparently there is a sort of hook on the back side of the bandoleer he wears across his chest and so his helmet hangs on his back, he still holds his bowcaster and steps up alongside Sar. "Nice shootin."

A wavy haired individual in slightly travel-wrinkled slacks arrives at the Immelix building with a relieved sort of smirk. Javi stands just outside the security entrance, sparking up a cigarillo and focusing her gaze at a seemingly blank slice of space. A grin emerges as she exhales a cloud of smoke towards the sky. Objective complete. She turns towards the building and slips inside, a butt crushed beneath her heel.

Sabella Lockheart catches sight of Javi, and there she is heading into the building. The card is pulled from her pocket and she is tuckingin place while she starts to mov forward, and this towards that thereb buliding It'l take a moment for her to get over to the Immelix building, but once there she ismoving insie it as well.

The armored speeder makes its approach, and the Immelix people part to allow it through to the front. The Rebel Yell passenger gets out, opens the back door for the woman with the 'package', and escorts her into the building, playing the deception through to its end."

A short, blonde-haired man comes from a private turbolift to stand next to the front desk, awaiting recept of the package. The woman from the speeder provides it, obviously glad to be done with this. Then the man sets the case aside on the counter, takes the smaller case from Sabella with a smile and a short bow. With both cases in his hand, he walks back to his private turbolift. His serene expression can't quite mask his eagerness as the doors close behind him.

Stavros arrives outside with the other fighters are congregating. Into his earbud comm, he asks, "So who's hungry?"

Objective Completed. Objective Completed.

Mission Accomplished.