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A celebration turns deadly

OOC Date: December 08, 2020
Location: Aurea
Participants: Chani Tahn, Elrych Cometburn, Ban Iskender, Nerys Greystorm, Borias Temerian, Aryn Cole

A grand ceremony planned for memorializing the New Republic acceptance of Aurea was carried out on a remote island resport. Much like much of the world, it was tropical and exotic, with no shortage of glass forged structures and crystalline decorations of shapes and sizes. The ceremony itself took place out at the beach amphitheater with ample seating and places for the guests, and an area for guests of honor. Those affiliated with the Republic specifically, or with the Jedi, had a place in the guests of honor place.

The ceremonies were broken down into two phases, the first being a heartfelt thank you to the New Republic, and commemorating their support with the presentation of a grand monument to be taken to Chandrila and delivered to their Unity Park. The second half of the ceremony was to pass on a crystallized portion of a relic. That part (the second part that is) of the ceremony has not taken place yet. The first half was conducted and everyone finds themselves at a recess while staff from the resort come out to set up for the next half.

Aryn Cole is standing near one of the refreshment tables commenting about, "Seafood? Was this captured here? I have a hard time with anything from the sea. Cracking shells and shucking anything is.." She makes a goofy gesture with her hands that translates universally to 'icky'.

Others, well dressed and dignified, stand about chatting. Staff, who are dressed in blue, begin to move out into the open carrying cases of various sizes. It appears that arrangements are being made for the last half of the ceremony.

"I was never really a fan of seafood myself..." Said Elrych who was standing next to Aryn, a plate filled with those shellfish and one in his hand which he pours down into his mouth. He takes a moment to chew, regardin the taste. "Kinda... rubbery really." He picks up one and notions it towrads Aryn, "Try it you might like it." He wouldn't push her limits though.

He was dressed in his best robes... which meant the dark green cloak and his blood striped pilot breeches. No shades, he'd outgrown them. Yet he kept them incse the sun got a bit too much. "Nice party though... so many parties this week. I'm going ot be partied out." He chuckles, "See what I did there?"

Nerys Arda was not well dressed. In point of fact, Nerys Arda was not dressed in any sort of fashion at all. Too well did she remember the last time she had been on Aurea for any significant event. The Glassworks Guild had still nor forgiven her or the Explorers' Guild for the loss of their precious sculpture. And so, attempting to balance wanting to be present for a glimpse of this supposed relic with not wanting to be run off of the planet by said guild, Nerys had fallen into step with the small security detail that had come with the delegation from the republic. backpack hooked onto her shoulders, as per usual, Bitty still and silent as she rode the harness attached to the pack. Nerys, for her part, carried no visible weapons, save for the hilt of her sword attached to a scabbard tucked along her back and beneath the pack.

Becoming quite the common presence as the Princess of Alderaan's shadow, a young, dark-haired woman dressed in similar robes to the noble woman offers laughter at the Princess' reaction to cracking shells and shucking. "Had I known that, I would have insisted you try some in that tapcafe for lunch." She gazes over the available spread, but takes nothing for herself. Her hands are empty, with her arms resting in a neutral position by her side. The sleeves very nearly cover her hands, leaving just her fingers exposed at their lowest point. It's impossible for her gaze to rest in one place, however. Her dark irises frequently sweep about the decorations and architecture on display, lips slightly parted and head on the swivel.

A new planet in the New Republic, another planet to liaise with when it comes to galactic security. With that in mind, the New Republic Security Bureau has sent one of their special enforcement agents (read: troubleshooter) as part of the Republic contingent. Which means Borias has tagged along in his own ship. Formal parties like this aren't really his thing, but luckily he's managed to get away by just being in uniform rather than having to dress up as much as others.

Currently he's holding up a wall by leaning back against it, having acquired a plate of, well, treats...mostly finger food desserts that he's munching on as he regards the proceedings with a policeman's eye. He hasn't really met the other Republic representatives, other than in passing.

"Fruit of the sea is a novelty I've grown quite fond of," Ban opines in his dignified manner. "Never having sampled such prior to coming to New Alderaan, it has become a favored fare. And this offering is really quite exceptional," before taking another taste of the native delicacies. The gentleman is attired in his pale grey and green robes, with his ornate lightsaber hilt holstered in what appears to be a more traditional sword sheath.

The staff had a large showing, all of them in blue clothing. Many were down by the stage and forming up around the supposed gift that still remained to be conferred to the New Republic. Other staff took to meandering along the outside of the crowd. One was even bold enough to set a case down on one of the tables that had not been occupied yet. Live music played, and there were demonstrations of glass forges where fire leapt out from the hearths with each pump of air breathing into the infernos.

Aryn is hesitant to try what Elrych offers but braves a chance after each weigh in on the concept of seafood. Chani's laugh prompted Aryn to laugh. Aryn took hold of something small from the plate Elrych had and took a bite. It wasn't warm, and like he said.. rubbery. She chews slowly, one eye shutting humorously before finally swallowing. "I am not fond of it, but it was not the most unpleasant thing I have tasted.." She admits, lifting a flute of punch to wash it down.

The recess has now taken a little longer than the schedule has anticipated, and the chatter from those in attendance grows softer as people look around.

"Definatly gota be in the mood for it." Elrych agrees with Aryn, smirking and chuckling a bit at her companions remarks. She was new to him, a raised brow indicating his curiosity. "Who's your friend there, Aryn?"

Though instead of waiting for an introduction, in true Cometburn fashion, he sticks out his hand and declares, "Names Elrych Cometburn, how's it going?" empty crustation shell still in his other hand of course.

A glance to Lord Ban is offered, "You ant never had seafood until you moved to Ileenium... huh. Well, now that I think of it, Rey probably ant ever had sea food either. Man, there's a whole bunch of people who ant ever had-"

That was when the immediate danger sunk into his bones. He shut up, turned around and looked wildly about the place. In the distance, staff were pulling weapons. Commotion and panic from those on the outer perimeter of the crowd. Without another word, the Jedi draws his lightsaber and ignights it, the brilliant blue blade screaming to life from the darkstar and angle shine hilt. Perhaps not orante, but an extrodinarily uniqe piece that was as modular as a CEC ship and made of as many lightwight polymers were and when posssilbe.

Nerys, who had cast her attention around the room as she waited, because really, this supposed relic was what she was here for, gosh darn it, reached up, tapping on Bitty's chassis to wake the droid as she stepped away from the security detail, Bitty detaching ehrself and rooting around in Nerys' side pocket, the two working on concert as nerys withdrew her own weapon, beginning to pick her way through the now whispering crowd and towards the staff who were supposed to be unveiling the relic and who were, instead, appearing to prepare it for storage. < I think we might have a problem here. > Oh yea, weapons and all.

Chani is prepared to laugh at Aryn again, but rather than laugh, her face loses all sense of mirth and grows serious. For the same reason, the introduction between herself and the one identifying himself as Elrych will have to wait. Her lips press together and her eyes turn to her closeby companions to search their faces. Dark hair flicks around her shoulders when she turns that gaze elsewhere, spanning it across the crowd and halting it once it hits the stage. Attendants are loading the ceremony award into a heavy duty case, leading Chani to half-turn in that direction. Her lips peel apart and a breath draws in. "Are they supposed to be putting the award away?" Rather than hesitate, Chani addresses her question to those gathered around her.

"They haven't presented it yet." Her body finally turns fully towards the stage, and her gaze remains honed in on the event.

As some sort of commotion starts at the edge of the crowd, Borias finds himself on the wrong side of it to actually see what's going on. But something's up. Something isn't right. The big officer frowns, setting down the plate on a nearby table as he starts to walk in that direction, trying to get a better view. He doesn't draw his weapon yet...no sense panicking any of the guests when he doesn't know what's up. But he's going to get to the bottom of it.

Ban Iskender answers Elrych, "No. Neither seas nor standing water endured on my homeworld." He draws in the tension suddenly permeating the air with a sharp inhsle through flared nostrils. Green eyes scan the assembly, settling on the staff member near the large case atop a table, where a repeating blaster us being produced and primed. Ban's actions are two-fold: first he draws his sword, igniting the emerald blade with a potent screech and hum, next he extends his free hand toward the gunner, commanding with all the weight of will he can invoke, "STOP."

"EVERYONE, FIND COVER!" Aryn yells out loud, cutting over the whispered edge of a crowd that suddenly dove into a panic. The threat posed by the staff suddenly became noticeable as they all drew weapons. While the closest near the Jedi is compelled to stop because Ban issued a definitive command that shook the staff member to their core, the others were not under such influence.

Tables flipped, women screamed, and people began to run suddenly as the sound of blaster fire erupted along the edges of the crowd. It is loud and distinctive, echoing over the open terrain of the beach. Those by the theater's stage finish hoisting their steal into a case and close it up.

There was a choice to be made here! Contend with the 13 staff members threatening the guests and firing into the crowd, or stop the 13 people by the stage stealing the artifact.

Aryn reached for Chani to pull her close. "Stay close.. " Aryn says, her hand taking hold of her lightsaber and unclipping it from her belt.

A choice indeed. This was not ideal, go after the artifact and he'd look callous and not care for life. Then again, this was possibly their plan all along. With a quick side glance to Ban, he asked of the Alderaan noble. "Hey! I got the stage, you get the ones over there!" Teamwork makes the dream work.

Gathering the force within himself, he erupted into an unaturally fast run, hopping up onto the stage and ramming into those trying to haul away their charge with the force of a typhoon. His blade missed the first one, carving instead into the stage it's self, before he cut down two of the perpetrators with his cyan blade. It squeeled loudly as it cut, but was almost as silent as a whisper when idle.

Nerys, well, she and Bitty already had their target. And that target was trying to get away! Well, alright, the people trying to abscond with it were trying to get away. And that was simply not to be borne. Sorry guests. Nerys, though, made use of the tables that were in disarray, kicking out and flipping one of them over on its side, taking a knee behind the cover it provided, Bitty's smol self peeking out the side as the pair opened fire. Bright red fire flew from behind the cover as the pair dipped out and back. The charged bowcaster bolt slammed into one of the so-called staff, the force of the impact pinning the woman to the wall. Bitty's blaster thundered, her repulsor flaring as she used it to fight the recoil, lest it shoot her back across the room. Another body went down, the third bolt barely missing another target. "Can't one of your grab the case?"

"They're firing on the crowd!" The disbelief in Chani's voice is no match for horror. Such a violent act stuns Chani for a breath. Then Aryn's hand is going out and grabbing at her sleeve, attempting to draw her closer to the noble woman so that she can stay safe. "We have to help them!" Though she's drawn closer, Chani nonetheless draws the hilt of her stunsaber from its place fastened to the right side of the belt around her waist, exposed by the movement of her right hand against the outer shell of her robe. The urgency to act possesses her over the fear of the blaster fire beginning to erupt. She watches other Jedi take action. Her thumb depresses the activation stud on the hilt of the stunsaber, providing the catalyst the white beam needs to exist.

Welp. This is not going to be a good day. Borias can just tell. "THIS WAY!" he booms, his fingers reaching to as he smoothly draws the oversized blaster pistol at his high, pointing it towards the villains but not moving to engage them. First, get the civilians out of the way....not to mention there are friggin' Jedi and a lot of them, and he's fairly sure they've got the immediate attention of the bad guys, whoever they are.

"THIS WAY!" he rumbles again, ushering people past him and farther down the beach, trying to turn the general panic into a more orderly flight.

Ban Iskender barely meets Elrych's side eye for an instant, before the nobleman is dashing toward the revealed gunmen, remaining in constant motion as three assailants are cut down in as many motions. No words are spoken, no time wasted before he is on toward the next nearest knot if ne'er-do-wells.

It is utter chaos in the initial sudden heat. Blasters fire into the crowd, some of which focus on the Jedi, some on the Officer calling for people to move a certain way to be ushered to safety. Red bolts cut into the crowd, and those that miss their intended target either bounce off the ground pocking up sand, rock and dirt, or they hit an innocent, spilling those people over in pain or death.

Aryn cuts down a trio, dodging blaster fire and attempting to safeguard Chani. Much to her dismay, the bolt zips past her intercepting lightsaber and finds purchase on the Naboo woman. "No!" Aryn cries out, stepping in front of her now to keep any further harm from finding her. She brings her weapon to a guard stance and does her best to at least deflect shots from hitting the crowds.

Those by the stage haul the case up and begin to back track, crossing the beach to head for the port and pier where a waiting boat is nearby.

Elrych dutifully follows those attempting to knap the case filled with valuble artifacts that were to be given to the Jedi Order as a gift. What would Lord Ban say? "Hark!" Says Elrych, looking as imposing as he possibly could, lightsaber extended at his side in a ready manner. "I do say, you should think about stopping!"

Who was he kidding, the all shot at him. He moves fast, into the oncoming fire, dodging with such skill and percision that it seemed unnatural. His wrist flicked and a flury of blue blades was unleashed upon those carrying the case, carving into two of them and depriving them of the item. Now, serious, blue eyes glare upon those left. "I... said... stop."

You know, after today, maybe the Guild might give her another discount at the gift shoppe. Despite the fact that the package was dropped, there the beach was still filled with weapon-wielding staff. And Nerys and Bitty were not of a mind to let them get away. Not until the threat was eliminated. "We need to stop them before they get to that ship!" It was easy enough to see where they were headed. Ah well, time to do some more cleanup work. Three more shots, three more dead bodies. This time there were no walls to pin them to, but that was alright. The beach was not a bit more, if morbidly decorated.

The chaos erupting leads to a scattering of attendees and Jedi alike, but the Jedi aren't running away from the blaster fire. It's all a blur to Chani, who watches Aryn turn her lightsaber onto their attackers. Before she can do anything like attempt to help, a red lance of superheated tibanna gas stabs into her left leg. "AH!" Chani immediately screams out in pain and drops to her knee, left hand slapping to the ground to keep her from collapsing completely. The cream fabric of her loose pants are blackened around her thigh from the shot that's hit it. Pain is written across her face, unadulterated and intense. Her fingers dig deep into the sand, as if gripping tight will lessen the pain.

Planting her right knee deep into the sand, Chani puts all of her weight onto it and extends her left hand, attempting to ward off one of the men firing into the crowd with his blaster rifle. She's not even sure she produces any kind of effect whatsoever. It's difficult to coalesce any kind of thought beyond the radiating hurt plaguing through her.

Borias lets out a grunt as one of the blaster bolts clips his left shoulder, staggering him, before he backs up then raises a large foot to kick over one of the tables, sending plates of food crashing to the ground as he ducks down behind it, snapping off a stun bolt at one of the people firing into the crowd. Luckily he's in range to hit someone with a stun bolt, but then he's a cop...that's the usual blaster setting for him. "Keep moving!" he shouts to the people cowering nearby, trying to make himself more of a target than the innocents in the crowd.

Ban Iskender senses the miasma of fear and pain saturating the so-recently jubilant beach, including the alarm and injury of Aryn and Chani, but the swordsman knows with cold reason that he cannot stop, lest the gunmen inflict worse. His sword cuts a green swath through three more mercenaries, mind of whom have yet come close to successfully standing against a lightsaber. His voice even parts exasperation and outrage, he demands of those remaining, "You are *dying*. What count of credits is worth *dying* for?"

The Mercenaries are beginning to retreat now, the ones shooting into the crowd take their parting shots and begin to run away. Those shots that miss either pock up sand and dirt, or they find unlucky innocents, spilling them over with wounds and screams. Much of the area has been vacated now though, leaving the job easier in finding the threats and eliminating them. Or such is the case with those by the beach. Four come back for the case, but have to contend with the ranged fire from Nerys and Elrych who stands vigil over it now (or within the vicinity of it!!)

"Your choice..." Elrych says, saluting them with his lightsaber like a dueler might his opponant. As they advance, Elrych is swift, carving through three of them one by one with the most deadly and skillful percisiou. A frown occupied his lips the entire time. In the wake of their death or dismemberment, he glances about with saddened blue eyes. "It didn't have to be like this." Probably something he didn't need to say aloud yet perhaps he was reminding himself that the killing and maiming had to be done.

Did they ahve the case? No, they did not. And those would be thieves were coming back for it. Well, that was unlikely to end well for them. And Nerys and Bitty aimed well, targeting with keen eyes, mostly organic and robotic to sight around the moving Jedi. A final charged bolt from Nerys' bowcaster ended the threat to the case, but Bitty was not quite ready to pack it in, and she darted around, sharp eyes sighting for one of the remaining enemy that were firing at the crowd. or had fired at the crowd, might not fire at the crowd again. The smol droid did not care. She simply fired, one of her shots hitting hard, but not hard enough, the other just going wide. Her chittering was almost angry as she repulsored just enough to bump Nerys. They weren't done yet.

Chani grits her teeth through the pain. Rather than let it discourage her, she raises her hand again towards the enemies attempting to run away, fingers clutched into the shape of a cage and pure determination spelled out underneath the knitted brows and the wrinkled bridge of her nose. Groaning through the pain so that it's a muffled noise in her throat, Chani's sure, for a split second, she sees the man she has fixed with her gaze freeze for a second. Another shock of pain rips through her thigh and she looses all concentration, hand smacking into the sand and breath heaving. Sweat drips from her brow and along her face, mixing with the tears brought on by the overload of her pain receptors. Muscles twitch in her leg, spasming.

As the last of the attackers go down, Borias straightens up, wincing a bit as he alertly checks for any other threats, before holding a hand over the wound in his lower abdomen, flicking the safety on his pistol as he holsters it again, then looks around at the mess, before heading for the nearest wounded as he gets on his com, contacting the local authorities to request multiple ambulances and medical personnel. That done he regards the mess. "...well. That was thorough." He doesn't sound particularly broken up about it, but when he spots the still alive guy Aryn knocked down, he looks pleased. "Got one to question though."

Ban Iskender pursues the fleeing gunmen, stating with a terse edge of propriety, "The correct method of surrender is to throw down arms." But since they chose to inflict further needless and wanton carnage in fleeing, Ban continued to treat them like combatants. Three more strikes, three more fall. An expectant look is given toward the last remaining mercenary, already wounded by blaster fire. Only after the invisible hand of Aryn deals with the fellow does Ban raise his sword in a salute to the field, before sheathing the weapon and turning back to assist the others in the aftermath.

The same man Chani had tried to grip through her influence of the Force is the one Aryn targets. Deactivating her lightsaber, Aryn hooked the weapon to her belt and made use of both hands. She marshalled the power of the force to not only stop the final man, but PULL him backward against his will and slam him face first into the sandy ground near her. He was alive, but he was not happy. "Apprehend him!" Aryn called before looking about at all the injured. It was a tragedy!!! "Chani, are you okay?"

Security Forces were arriving by shuttle now, and emergency action teams with medical began to disembark and rush toward the area. It seemed like the group had stopped the mercenaries out right, but 13 innocent people lay on the ground injured, dying, or dead.