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Bar'duur learns about a special Key

OOC Date: January 30, 2016 (Optional)
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Bar'duur, Kelnas

Bar'duur is sitting near an old Tie Advancedx1 that seems to have been sitting somewhere wet and dirty for quite a while. The front is stained green from sitting submerged, though it doesnt look overly damaged aside from the hole blasted in the window and a some benting of the solar collectors. At present the Zabrak seems to be cleaning some panels that were removed from inside the fighter, spraying them down with a hose attatched to a canister marked as electrical cleaner.

Kelnas was busy being Kelnas today. Slipping out of the Corvid, the 30-something Wroonian makes his way acros the hangar whistling idly to himself on his way towards the door. Catching sight of Bar, he adjusts his course towards the man, a friendly smile on his face.

Bar'duur has found a metal rack, it was meant for drying things when painting but it works great for this too. The Zabrak sets each computer panel on it after he sprays it down, most of the liquid evaporating rather quickly leaving behind a non-conductive film. Of course he doesnt have the foggiest idea on what any of it is for but he's figured out how to at least disconnect and remove parts. Hearing the approach of footsteps his attention turns to Kelnas and a friendly smile is offered in return. "Hello."

Watching the Zabrak for a moment, kelnas nods. "Hello." moving closer, he folds his hands behind his back and considers for a moment. "Having fun?"

Bar'duur emits a mild chuckle. "Well, I guess so. I dont know what any of this is but, I thought I would get started you know.. taking things apart. I dont know what works and what doesnt, but this way I could you know.. take it somewhere and have someone check it? I guess?"

Nodding quietly, kelnas strokes his chin as he looks over the parts. "i see you haven't gotten to the Frangible oscillation readout panel yet. Good thing. They made them tamper proof in these Ties. remove it without the key and it'll explode..."

Bar'duur is sitting near an old Tie Advancedx1 that seems to have been sitting somewhere wet and dirty for quite a while. The front is stained green from sitting submerged, though it doesnt look overly damaged aside from the hole blasted in the window and a some benting of the solar collectors. At present the Zabrak seems to be cleaning some panels that were removed from inside the fighter, spraying them down with a hose attatched to a canister marked as electrical cleaner. He places the components on a metal rack that has wheels, usually meant for painting things. A blink and the Zabrak goes a bit wide-eyed. "What?" Said before a glance back at the ship. "Like a trap? How.. where would I get a key?" Asks the non-computer savvy Zabrak.

Considering it for a moment, Kelnas looks into the cockpit of the Tie and looks around "Generally from an Imperial technician. turns out....I might know a guy if you're not busy."

"Oh." says Bar, reaching over to drape the flexable hose over the canister of cleaner he stands up and brushes himself off. "Well, I do not have anything to do right now." A little smile appears on his face. "The human woman named Quinn offered to help me fix it but I have not seen her. I assume she is busy doing work for the group."

Nodding at that, kelnas shrugs. "Yeah...she comes and goes. Apparently we're not allowed to chain people up in the hangar without permission and hanging a sock on the door anymore." turning towards the doors, he motions Bar to follow. "Let's go see if we can find this guy. Oh...you may have to be sneaky about this though. he's not just going to give you his key."

Bar'duur emits a bit of a chuckle at that. "What.. would the sock be for on a door?" Asked curiously before he grins a bit. "I can sneak, are we going to have to trick him?" A pause. "Will I have to keep the key or, can I give it back after? After the lock is changed, can the lock be changed?"

Shrugging slightly, Kelnas pauses. "Do what you want with the key after. mail it back to him if you like. and yeah...they key can likely be changed, or disabled once you can get at it." Opening the door, he waits for the Zabrak to follow. "Shouldn't be too hard though

Bar'duur steps up to follow Kelnas and he nods. "We will see, then, if he deserves to have it." Said with a little smile. "He lives here on Nar Shadda?"

Nodding at the question, kelnas shrugs. "He's a fence now. dropped out of the tech game...but he kept some of his toys." Leading bar off into the spaceport, he heads for the Taxi. "usually hangs out in the Gearhead district."

Bar'duur listens as Kelnas speaks, his gaze drifting only when it seems a ship might be getting too close or a stray droid. The Zabrak nods in understanding. "A fence, what is a fence? I thought those were things used for keeping animals from wandering away." He says this seriously as he climbs in to the taxi.

Shaking his head, Kelnas rolls a cigarette as he explains. "Nope. Fences are people that deal in black market goods. thieves and Smugglers bring their goods to a fence a fence sells it for them. basically the middleman in most backroom deals."

Bar'duur's eyebrows lift a bit. "Oh, that is useful. When I first arrived on Nar Shadda I did not understand how to survive, at home if I needed money I could sell hides or horns, or meat. Here I had to steal from pockets to survive until I met Siya and she got me the job at Xanadu." His gaze drifts, watching the buildings that pass by. Nodding at that, kelnas hails down a Taxi. lighting the cigarette before climbing in, the Wroonian watches Bar for a moment. "Yeah, a lot of people come here and end up starving while trying to pick pockets. there's an art to it. Uli is good at it. probably better than i am...And i'm pretty good.

Bar'duur's eyebrows lift. "Who is Uli? I am not sure I met them." He smiles. "I did not get caught, but it is not my preffered thing to do, just something I picked up when I was younger. My brothers would often challenge eachother to do stupid things. I am better at hunting, and, existing in the wilderness, on Iridonia at least. But I learn quickly." He smiles a little as he converses with Kelnas, an easy-going sort of expression.

Nodding, Kelnas motions out the window tot he City around them. "This is my wilderness. Different kind of survival, but survival nonetheless." It was a fast trip to the gearhead district. the taxi coming to a stop at the stand, the Wroonian holds the door for Bar once more.

Bar'duur nods. "I have come to realize that." Said about the wilderness comparison. He steps out as the door is held for him nodding to Kelnas as though in thanks. "I have only been to here, and to Dxun, which I actually am quite fond of, dispite the dangerous creatures that live there. No acid pits, like on Iridonia though, that I saw."

Grinning a tthe mention of Acid pits, Kelnas nods. "Yeah...good times on iridonia...I really don't miss that planet." As if in afterthought, he adds. "Oh..and Uli is a member of the organization. He's a thief. Decent guy." Leading the Zabrak down the street, kelnas begins rolling another cigarette.

Bar'duur nods a bit and his smile grows a little. "I look forward to meeting him, and all the rest, is the group large?" His gaze travels as the walk taking in their surroundings, keeping an eye out for any sign of trouble, something he's picked up out of habit, and similar but not the same as he'd do back home.

Shrugging slightly as he finishes rolling the cigarette, Kelnas pauses as he looks at something in his hand. making a face, he hands a flint and steel that looks exactly like the one in Bar's pocket to the Zabrak. "What the kack is this thing? and why don't you carry a lighter?"

Bar'duur turns his attention back to Kelnas and then down to the flit and steel, which is one unit on a hinge and spring so you can use it one-handed. "What? Hey!" He takes it back though there's a faint, suspicious smile on his face for a moment. "A lighter? I do not smoke. This is my fire starter." He presses it together a few times causing sparks to shoot out from the front of the little thing. It is soon tucked back in to the pocket from which Kelnas had plucked it. "Why do you smoke?"

Watching Bar work the thing for a moment, Kelnas shrugs. "I used to be into the clean living thing. It got boring. I traded in my temple for an amusement park." fishing for his own lighter, he adds. "We've got a small army now. pilots, fighters, thieves, spies." Dragging on his cigarette once more, the Wroonian motions towards a small shop with no sign on the front. "The key you're after is in there. It's in a metal lock box about a foot square."

Bar'duur hms quietly, brow knitting. "Well, I have visited the bar a few times in town, more than a few, but I do not drink usually unless it is a special occassion, like the new moon celebration." He is silent listening and finally his attention turns to the shop without a sign. He is silent for a moment, considering. "He must keep it with his own things, not something he would have for sale, I wonder if he is inside." He starts moving gradually closer, but turns his attention away, to look around, and back again. Reaching out he opens the door and moves inside, his steps becoming a bit less heavy as he does so.

Watching bar go, Kelnas leans on a wall and continues to smoke his cigarette, presumably being a lookout for the Zabrak. Inside the building turns out to be a jumbled mess of a hoarder's dream. Electronics and brikabrak cover most of the sufaces inside. Thought what any of it might be at this point is completely lost on Bar'duur

Bar'duur has no idea what anything techy is, though right now, for a moment, he wishes he did, so he could keep an eye out on things he needs for that ship he has. But one thing at a time! Bar scans the room for any sign of life, keeping a bit low and behind tables or whatever else, just in case someone should walk in unexpectedly. He begins to creep along toward the back, to get a better look..

Apparently a change of scenery has halped the Zabrak. Further investigation into the shop reveals a back room, half obscured by junk. through the door can be seen a short human male, hunched over a small work table. the box in question sitting beside the man on the table. At the moment, then man seems completely engrossed in his task.

Bar'duur swallows, pondering the situation for a moment, guaging the status of the working fellow, the Zabrak's green orbs turn between the human and the box a few times, that would take quite the stealthy bit of expertise to snatch it right beside the man, and Bar isnt sure if he can pull it off. He draws a slow, deep breath, and releases it just as slowly, standing still and trying to calm his nerves, before he moves further, testing his way along, trying to be as silent as possible, maybee he can reach it..

As Bar makes his way across the floor, the man in the room pauses and looks up. Not turning away from the work desk, the Human speaks quietly. "did you bring me those Servos Chitnek? i've been waiting for over an hour." Still not looking towards the Zabrak, the man holds out a hand towards him.

Bar'duur freezes a moment, holding completely still, not making a sound, his eyes are big and somewhat alarmed. He avoids the hand reaching for the case still. His other hand moves toward a shelf, or something, seeking out anything small and.. well.. he has no idea what a servo is so he just sets some random thing in the guy's hand, and makes ready to book it.

Taking the piece from Bar, the man goes back to work for a moment. Going to slot the piece in place, he looks up againas something thumps lightly against the back door. turning to look away from bar, and incidentally the box. the man calls out. "Who's there!?"

Bar'duur reaches for something random to grab and throw to the far side of the room, and then he wrenches forward for that damned box, grabbing it, and moving to boogie his way right out the door as fast as he can!

As Bar grabs the box and runs, the man turns, yelling after the man. "Hey! Stop!" about the same time as the Zabrak is heading out the door, a blaster bolt shatters the front window absolutely nowhere near him. Outside, Kelnas rounds the corner from the back of the shop grinning. "Well...that was fun. We should keep running though."

Bar'duur jumps as the window shatters, and he doesnt even slow down when he gets outside to Kelnas. "Run run run run!" Says the Zabrak as he hauls ass down the street at top speed, the box held tightly under one arm. He ducks behind an alleyway and finally turns to make sure Kelnas is keeping up. Bar is in good shape and he could easily keep going but he pauses here, breathing heavily now his twin hearts beating away.

keeping pace with Bar, Kelnas can't help but giggle the whole time. Once they're away and around the corner, the Wroonian keeps moving, slowing to a walk now as he moves towards the taxi stand. "Yup. you can run alright. Nice work." And once more a cigarette is lit.

Bar'duur smiles a little bit at Kelnas. "Well, it did not go quite as planned but.." he shrugs a bit. "I didnt want to have to hurt someone I dont even know." He looks down at the box, checking for locks, a pause to look around before he unlatches it and opens it. "I wonder what else is in here."

Opening the box reveals it to be a set of computerized calibration tools. Looking inside himself, Kelnas grins and nods. "Not bad though. there really was no plan. just wanted to see how you'd handle the situation." Hailing a cab, he winks. "You did well."

Bar'duur looks over the contents of the box for a moment, eyebrows lifting as he looks back up to Kalnas. "Which one is the key..?" Asked for a moment of confusion before he seems to pick up on the meaning. "There was never a key?" And there's that similar look to when his pocket was picked, it's a sort of mixed expression, but there's still that little smile before he erupts in a deep booming laugh. "Ha ha ha ha ha! Very funny Kelnas." A hand reaches out and gives his back a firm whap! Grinning he steps over to the cab and opens the door for him. "They should be useful, when I figure out how they work."

Grinning even wider, Kelnas slips into the cab with a shrug. "you might say they're All the key. As for exploding panels? Kecked if I know. I was bored. i knew he had the tools you needed, and I still have to do business with the guy. so it all worked out in the end."