Log:Biggest Scam Since Cloud City

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Biggest Scam Since Cloud City

OOC Date: September 2, 2019
Location: Cloud City, Bespin
Participants: Karys, Sumi Kora

The Credit Pirate Casino - Cloud City, Bespin

The Credit Pirate casino is a vast, floating gaming floor, taking the form of a pirate raiding vessel that seems to soar on the clouds of Bespin. Staff are dressed as stereotypical pirates, as popularized by HoloNet movies, shows, and memes, and wear fake eyepatches, fancy hats, and scandalous clothing. Holo Screens all around the gaming floors broadcast images of merchant vessels being attacked, tractor-beamed, and boarded, with the occasional live-action event taking place on the floors themselves.

Browns, blues, and golds dominate the casino, and the hottest action takes place at the numerous Sabacc tables in the center floor. Surrounded by slot machines, vendors, and wandering serving girls, the Credit Pirate mellows as one approaches the edges, with Sabacc tables giving way to Pazaak, and Pazaak giving way to more casual gaming. The outermost ring, where one can best observe Bespin and the holo-battles taking place beyond, are secluded, white-noise shrouded booths, both for dining and dealing.

The casino on Cloud City wasn't a place that Sumi had often visited, but today was an exception. An auction had sprung up from the holonet surrounding the keynote item for sale; Alderaanian Toniray Wine. The antiquity was so rare that this could not be a coincidence. It'd been two days since the Kyber Heart made port; two days of waiting patiently for the festivity to begin so Sumi could inquire to the origins of this wine and exercise her right to claim it on behalf of the Bounty Hunter's Guild.

The auction was set to begin in a few minutes and Sumi Kora leaned against the bar watching with a neutral expression on her face. She had her helmet off, but there was no hiding the fact that the Mandalorian was loaded for bear. Idly, her fingers fidgeted while she watched the staff set up for the wine viewing. Patience suited her.

Just beside her on another seat is Karys, not really dressed for combat in that blue jacket and white blouse but those dual pistols are enough to get her a few looks - which goes on hardly noticing. She lets out a breath and reaches for her drink, downing some of it and watching the people that filter in. She really hates being in public but people watching she could do all day long. Especially with how they are dressed. "That looks, REALLY uncomfortable. Why is that even a thing?" she asks of some weird wrapping corset like top that looks all together restrictive and proves to be so when the female sits and has to remain straight backed.

Her nose wrinkles and she drinks again.

The nervous hives from being too long in a large group is starting to show, her hand lifting to scratch at her neck and shoulder.

"The things people do for style or class, or even attention confuse me. Why bother? Either you're pretty or you are not. There's no corset that would make a bantha appealing." Sumi turns slightly to regard Karys, her lips perked in a crooked smile. Sumi's drink arrived and she claimed it, sipping the chilled substance. A glance to her chrono earns a sigh. "They're late with beginning, something's wrong." Sumi's expression does not change, but her eyes begin looking around the room.

"Its just...ugh it makes me feel for her." Karys is rubbing at those hives, causing her pale skin to grow red from the continued passage of her nails. Though she's not really sure of the time she takes her cues from Sumi. "Oh? You want me to go ask while you keep an eye?" Already she is off her stool and adjusting her belt about her waist. She's heading for anyone official looking near the front, doing so without waiting for Sumi's say so.

"Excuse me," she says, her expression rather neutral. She's not sued to having to charm people with a glance. "I am wondering if you could tell me what is taking so long? I have a tight schedule to keep and this is going to push off my cargo delivery."

The person Karys stops is allegedly a staff person, but up close they don't look like someone who would set up an auction. In fact, the uniform they're wearing doesn't even look like it fits them. They straighten, lowering their hand to their hip. "Beat it, lady. You don't want to be around here...if you catch my meaning." If Karys looked, she'd see that he was holding the pistol grip to a blaster poised to draw as if to intimidate her. He's not alone though; three others have paused to watch the interaction.

Sumi straightens with this development, and she's picked up her helmet sliding it down over her head. If ever there was a cue to take from this, it was that Sumi recognized that the trooper was outnumbered.

The trooper knows how to read a situation, she's been in many tense close encounters. Karys simply lifts her brow, regards the uniform and how it does not fit. "This must be your first day on the job. Did not give you a uniform that fits. so sorry to see that," she admits and takes a step forward. Her hand reaches out and grabbing his hand and suddenly twisting it and going beneath to angle it up against his back. Her hand reaches down to pull his gun free and walk him forward into a position where he is her meat shield and she can fire around him. "So ...we need to end this the hard way or you going to answer me?" She hisses up at him from behind.

"Fire and he dies, by your hand. What is going on here? I get the sense that you are holding this auction hostage and taking things for yourself?"

The quick motions Karys made suggested she was far more than met the eye, and the man she held hostage realized his mistake. All this over some cargo? "Hey, hey, hey.." He says, trying to be smooth. His friends sneer and pull their weapons all at once. "Don't you say nothing, Vaskrr. We'll put holes all through you, we don't give a drek."

"Yeah, you hear that lady; we take what we want."

<"Would that include a bolt from this blaster?"> Asks the female Mandalorian that joins Karys, her DL-44 drawn and held in position. It's a stand off and people that had been around them in the Casino, including the stylish woman now struggling, were all trying to get out of the way. Security was not armed for an instance like this.

<"What's it gonna be?">

Backup. Karys knew she had it - somehow. They have not really worked together before. This is their first time confronting something as the others are informing their now meat shield of an associate they do not care about him. "Very well, I will shoot you instead." A none vital area is focused on and Karys squeezes the trigger.

The bolt seers the one on the right in his leg, downing him as he screams and she looks stone faced. This is her business expression. She has things to take care of and there is a deadly focus that has her blinking far less than a normal living person.

Karys fired, and the other two react drawing their weapons as quickly as they can. Sumi sets her body in motion, tumbling forward and staying low when she transitions back to a kneeling stance. Her T-visor designed helmet tips down slightly after her pistol was brought up, aimed, and she fires a bright red bolt into their chest. The other that had moved is caught twice by the Mandalorian, who blasts him in a hammered pair fashion that shatters his chest piece with the first shot. The second shot caught him in the forehead, and his head jerked back with an audible snap of his neck; a pink mist exits the back of his head. Both men clatter to the ground dead, and Sumi stands up.

The one Karys shot was holding their leg screaming! Sumi kicks her weapon out of her grasp. <"Stop screaming; that's not even a vital shot.-- The lady had a question. Bloody answer her, vod.">

Karys holds onto her meatshield as Sumi moves like a viper. This is something the trooper can appreciate. Efficiency. She moves her captured figure forward, step after step and then stops him as they get near enough and she lifts his arm with a jerk against his back just a little further. He lifts onto his toes and cries out. "Come on now. Why were you so very rude?"she asks and without waiting she lets go of her shield, pushing him forward and fires a shot into his back so he pitches just in front of the woman screaming. Its just another statement being made as her pistol lifts and she stalks forward as the other is now drawn. Dual wielding. "So..I can give a bolt for each eye so they sizzle in your head or...you can talk and hobble your kriffing ass out of her." There is no emotion to her tone as stark blue yes stare down the injured 'guard'.

Karys malice causes Sumi to smirk, but it goes unseen beneath the sanctity of her helmet. She raises her blaster back, casually keeping the muzzle pointed to the ceiling. <"Go about your routine, people. Bounty Hunter Guild business.">

It's not enough for everyone, but there's some relief to be found that the pair were not a part of a gang fighting another gang.

"Look, we're just muscle, okay. We're to make it look like the auction was setting up, and get people to bid. Then we take their money and keep the wine, yeah? Get rich quick." The one holding their leg groans, and Sumi steps on their wound making them scream more. <"Where's that bottle now?">

"It's on our ship. We put it in the locker after we found it, and tried to figure out what it was. I mean I had--" Sumi steps harder on their leg.

<"Where's your rekking ship?">

"AHhhhhhH! COME ON!.." They yell, breathing /hard/. "It's on the bloody starport... BESH! It's a Helix Interceptor.. Skipping Slag!"

Its a deadly focused intent. Karys us nothing but a First Order weapon and now she's given some freedom without orders and it thrills her. It does not break her even cool however as the guns are held out before her at ready, ready to end the figure that Sumi is clearly torturing.

"I see, so then we need to head back." She glances over her shoulder and towards the direction of the exit. Stepping up before the woman she aims down the barrel of one pistol, ready to end her with a single shot. "Do we have need of her anymore?" It is asked in that cool even tone. No emotion is present. She might as well be wearing a helmet as the doll faced cold blooded killer looks ready to mete out her own sense of justice.

<"We do."> Sumi says, holstering her blaster and hoisting the hurting schemer up. They limp and lean on her, but Sumi headbutts them with her helmet. <"I don't have time to help you limp."> She justifies, and shoulder's them with a groan. It's to the starport they are headed. In passing the bar, Sumi flips a credit chit to the owner. <"For the trouble.">

"She looks like a literal burden," Karys says dispassionately. She falls into step with Sumi, a sigh leaving her lips as she keeps her guns in hand - never bolstering them. Unwise choice really. Karys plays cover for Sumi as they head for where the ship is waiting, the one with the wine they is not theirs and they are extorting people with. The walk there is the trooper scanning the area, ready for trouble as she stalks beside her companion. "Lets get this wine and get off this corrupt planet. Another place that I think needs a helping hand."

<"A temporary one."> Said in response to the trooper stepping up to flank along side her. The pair are permitted to leave, partly because Karys intimidates the guards, and partly because it seems like the Bounty Hunter is carrying their mark away. The trip to the spaceport is a long one, full of passersby watching the pair as they walk. Sumi does not seem to mind, much less care, what's said as they pass. Much of it surrounds the presence of 'bounty hunters' as being 'unnecessary.'

The Skipping Slag is an unimpressive vessel that's large enough to hold small cargo shipments, but armed enough to be a concern for security. <"Notice how she said they were meant to be the muscle. She made no mention of their boss.">

Sumi sets the unconscious female down and lifts her limp arm up to place her hand on the bioscanner. The hatch unlocks and ramp lowers. A voice is heard inside, younger. A small hover chair comes down the ramp, revealing a sickly teen with paralyzed legs. "What is the meaning of this?!" Cried the teen just as Sumi draws her weapon and points it at the disabled spacer. <"The wine? Where is it?">

"Good." Karys says and follows after her, giving a look - really thats all she needs when she has a mandalorian at her side and pistols in hand. The trooper is silent as they cross the distance towards the spaceport. It doesn't really bother her but on occasion she glances a Sumi to be sure she does not need help with her cargo. "I can take over when you need." Is offered.

"Curious that, maybe their boss is not one world. Maybe they were meant to merely do the work and get a cut." She shrugs her shoulder and turns her back to the ramp so she can keep an eye on the spaceport at large. That is until the hiss of the ramp brings her about. Could have more 'friends' inside.

Save when that friend comes down the ramp and Karys stares. "Tell her." She reinforces simply but there is an unsettled movement from foot to foot. A memory resurfacing.

Their hands go up in surrender and real terror shows on their face. "It's...it's on board. In the locker.. c-code Aura Besh Two Three." Sumi moves up the ramp into the ship. She finds the locker the kid was talking about and punches in the code. The lock doesn't budge. From outside, the kid laughs. The realization dawns and Sumi turns.

A blinding white light flashes from inside the cabin. Sumi has fallen backward disoriented from the sudden flash. <"Rekkin' huttsuckin'.."> Sumi is heard screaming as she falls over furniture inside.

The kid stands up suddenly from the hoverchair and produces a pistol to shoot at Karys.

Karys is dealing with some personal issues going on in her thoughts when Sumi goes on board. The trooper is keep guard outside but has yet to lift her pistol at the girl in the hoverchair. Girl. She blinks a few times and tries to gather her nerves when she hears the trouble inside. It causes her to focus and up come both her guns. Its shoot or be shot and its not what she wants but its what she does.

Both pistols go off, straight aiming for her center not very far away. They are modified Order issued pistols meaning they pack a pretty heavy punch and have been the end of more than a few dark warriors for the sith.

She growls a bit, her hands shaking as she keeps herself trained on her target though the stray shot sent off by the other pistol slams across her shoulder, cutting right through the jacket and smoking.

Sumi manages to get her sight back, but she isn't witness to the deception of the kid outside. They were gunned down by Karys, and presently begin to choke up blood from the ground. They curl up into a ball, clutching their chest where two steaming marks indicate they've been shot.

Sumi gets back to her feet, then rips the door from the locker in a fit of rage. The door is flung toward the ramp, and it clatters there, sparking. The wine bottle is inside, and it even has the gift card around it. Sumi takes the bottle and opens the card to read it.

"Dear Kasia,

You are my (my is crossed out) THE best wife. Only have 1 wife. But if there were more, you would be the best one. There aren't more, I'm just saying.

Like this wine, there is only 1 of you and you are expensive and good.

I think there might be more wines tho.

Happy Anniversary I love u, Hex"

<"I've got it,"> Sumi says from inside, stumbling out a moment later.

That is not a sight she likes seeing. Even an armed child is a child. Karys feels her heart racing, can only hear the blood pounding in her ears even if the outer shell of her being is cold and unreadable. She stands there where she had stopped to wait for Sumi. She does not blink, just watches the blood pool across the ground as the life drains from the young woman. The blaster she once wielded is on the ground and the Trooper slowly lowers her guns to point at the ground.

Her own shoulder is wounded but she pays it no mind - its the artificial one and its made some motions a little more difficult. Eyes flit up and she looks towards Sumi's arrival. "She had a gun...and she could stand." Is all she says. Smoke still wafts up from her burning jacket that is starting to smolder out.

Sumi chuckles as she comes down the ramp. <"That piece of drek ain't standing now."> The tone in Sumi's voice seems both amused and impressed. She slides her blaster back in its holster and comes to stand beside the gunslinger. <"Hey..come on. It's done. Let's go. They aren't our problem anymore."> The washed out silver visor reflects an image of Karys' face back at her, indicative of the fact that the Mandalorian was looking right at her. <"We'll have Fae look that shoulder over too.. come on."> Sumi doesn't even look back.

"That would be correct," Karys says in reply. She lowers her guns, sliding them away as her blue eyes lift to look at that mirrored visor. A simple nod is made and she follows. She's used to working in a group, given orders and the like. The gunslinger is shoved away for now, stowed in a deep recess now that the threat is gone and the objective achieved.

She does not even register her shoulder wound. It's like it doesn't hurt - but it does. She merely moves along as if nothing is wrong.