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Black Squadron: Crypts of Taris

OOC Date: September 6, 2019
Location: Taris
Participants: Jessika Pava, Karé Kun, Snap Wexley NPC, Ektor, Tallissan Lintra, Callax Dalso, Karas Darkwing, Elrych Cometburn, Poe Dameron, Agent Terex NPC


Snap Wexley had already pinpointed the drop point, and when Black Squadron reviewed the location, there was some relief in that it was away from civilization efforts. Taris was a shadow of its former self, yet no one alive could recount just what the world looked like before it was glassed. What they saw today was a world brought from the brink and revived, but its land was locked in a perpetual night cycle. Dark clouds swirled with pockets of lightning flashing so bright, the squadron could see it from orbit.

Despite the storms, and general interference of nature, the squadron had definitive coordinates and brought the Valor out of hyperspace. The large vessel appeared in a single flash and adopted a slow, easy-going orbit above the planet.

All at once, drop pods were brought to bear within the cargo hold, allowing enough space for one commando and their weapons. There were enough pods for everyone. Once inside, the lid closed and sealed, and all view of the outside was lost.

When it came time to drop from orbit, every pod was guided along a singular track that brought them to the exterior of the ship as it was aligned to pass over the specific coordinates Snap had indicated. Everyone in their respective pods had nothing to see. Just an enclosed space, cold air, and silence. Straps held them in place, and there were handles to hold onto.

<<"This is Commander Dameron, begin the deployment.">>-- Snap's voice is heard over the comms. <<"Roger that, Poe. Good luck everyone. I'll be back to get you in the Ghost..">> His comm clicked off and everyone felt a subtle shake as each pod was shot from the Valor's side to plummet into orbit.

It took entering atmosphere to feel the G's. They were hard, harsh, and everything began to rattle and shake. It got hot in the pods. From the surface, it appeared as if a comet was burning up in the atmosphere, splitting into multiple pieces. If sensors had been monitoring, the only anomaly they'd have picked up was the sudden exit of a corvette that jumped to hyperspace.

The pods continue down their pre programmed path, disappearing into the clouds once they pierced the atmosphere. Once they hit the safe distance, everyone felt a sudden shudder as the pod jerked up. Its descent brake was deployed. It may have been unnerving to feel it break off at the last second, but that was eclipsed by the sudden impact that shook /everyone/ to their very core. Terminals inside the pod revealed that they had landed, each within a few meters of the other. A light flashed ahead of everyone, the light indicating a manual override to jettison the front of their pod and open it to the environment ahead of them.

Poe Dameron coughed, but reached up to pull his handle down with a quick yank. Manual locks loudly unclamped, the pod depressurized safely, then the top opened slowly, lowering down. Poe's immediate surroundings were comprised of forest like trees and plants. The air was fresh, and the sound of nature was everywhere. He saw that everyone's pod was steaming and plugged upright into the dirt. After pulling his rifle around his torso, he moved to see how everyone else faired.

Impact against the ground is like feeling something hit her from all sides, inside and out, all at once. She's stunned for a brief moment, unable to do anything but realize that she still exists. Captain Jessika Pava releases her grip on the drop pod's handles to hit the release with a fist. Bolts fire off and the entry panel blows clear of the pod to reveal her arrival position. Jessika yanks her rifle from its stowage spot near her and forces herself forward out of the pod and onto the ground. She's not sure the world isn't shaking, but it looks like it isn't. Snapping her weapon's barrel up and pushing its stock against the pocket of her shoulder, Jessika sweeps her surroundings. Her nostrils flare with the world's scents. "I'm alive. I think."

Gritting her teeth, Kare's grind together as she's rumbled and jostled around in her pod. Its not exactly the most pleasant feeling in the world as the G's press in around that rapid descent. Down they go to the surface and there is no telling when they will land, it's merely a waiting game. Gripping hand holds to help try to ease the rocking, she tilts her head back to rest so that she might breathe easier.

The deceleration is obvious enough and Kare grunts when it hits, her legs for a moment feeling like jellow as her whole body shakes after. She gives a roll of each ankle to try to get the feeling fully back before leaning forward to pull upon the handle and release the front of her pod. She pulls the harness apart and as it clatters away from her to swing free she begins to pull herself out. The ground still feels like its shuddering beneath her booted feet. She slowly checks herself over, draws a deep breath of air before that rifle slides from her shoulder. "The most uncomfortable ride I have had in a while."

They had practiced in simulations, been desensitized to the buffeting, the noise, the heat. Nothing is quite like being shaken, rattled and rolled in an egg and then hatched into a forest. Tallie climbs out of the pod, unsnaps the holster holding the Theed S5 and rolls her shoulders as she looks around. Around her the sounds of the forest reawaken adjusting to the arrival of so many intruders.

The G's pressed Karas into his pod, his weapons were stowed in the pod and secured, and the ride down wasn't pleasant. Granted it wasn't meant to be pleasant. Once the Pod landed, it took Karas a few moments to get his wits about him. Though once he as alright, he opened the pod and began holstering his weapons, though with him is a DMR rifle that's scoped, he's not been seen using a rifle ever but now he is. He looks around for a moment and moves to join the others to make sure everyone is alright.

Ektor had been rambling on the voyage about liking Taris. Something about lightning and fine leather. Everyone was mercifully spared his chatter while being loaded into a drop pod and *fired at a planet*. Once he pops his own hatch open, Ektor's rattled laughter is punctuated by a loud, "Wooo! That was GREAT. Bombs know how to live, yeah?" Rolling one shoulder that got jostled in the landing, he draws his modified DH-17, tries awkwardly to twirl the bulky weapon around one finger and looks around. "Arright, let's do the thing."

There are many things that Callax Dalso expected to experience for the first time when joining the Resistance; combat against automatons and First Order fighters, skimming the belly of the largest naval ship known to exist in history while dodging fire, sure. Being fired like a torpedo into a planet's atmosphere, of course, is not.

He knows the practice, of course. How they load you up and shoot you out, a metallic seed spat out of a child's peashooter. Only he's inside the seed, squeezed into the confines of the pod in his bulkier powersuit, and wondering if that was, in fact, his stomach that just teleported out of his body and off into space, or if it were only bone-crushing magic of gravity's ancient, stony hand. Asserting its dominion upon him, not a gentle constant touch in the fall but the fist of an angry god.

He doesn't scream the way down, not externally. But he keeps his eyes shut a lot of the way. When the pod hits the earth, he bites his tongue and feels he copper tang of blood in his mouth, the electric sear of pain. Shakes his head and pops the pod's hatch. << Well, >> he manages after a moment, voice slightly thick around the edges. << That...was an adventure. >>

Elrych Cometburn climbs his way out of his own pod, hair messy and sunglasses on crooked. "That was so not like yhe simulation." As he kind of slides himself off and onto the ground he pulls a comb from his jacket, attempting to run it through his hair and correct the issue. The shades though come off and one of the links that hold it onto his ear is broken. "Oh come on..." He sighs and puts them into his coat before searching around there more to produce his small black and gold lightsaber. He does not ignight it however.

Poe stands out in the open so that the others can see him. "Activate your IFFs, and if you have optics.. now's the time to use them. It can get rekking dark here." Poe brings up his datapad for a moment, keying up the recon map supplied by Snap during his flight over the area. Poe has to turn in place a moment to orient himself to the layout, but after that's done, he notes the direction they are going. The datapad is stored safely away then, and he chickenwings his rifle under an arm, and pulls his snooper goggles down, activating their NVG optics.

"I'm glad everyone made it. It's not the best method to reaching the planet, but it gets the job done. Go ahead and prime your weapons. According to Snap's recon, our objective is directly north of us. Snap seems to think the compound is built upon an old ruin of sorts, but he couldn't get a very good look at it. So we'll find out when we get there." Poe glances at his chrono then looks up, pointing with two fingers. "Lt Kun, Captain Pava.. lead us out. Everyone else; fall in behind the ladies."

Reaching up towards her shoulder, Jessika's finger slips across the side of a rectangular device and activates the IFF. Unseen to her, a pulsing light begins to blink, detectable on a frequency used by the Resistance. "IFF on." Bracing her hand against her weapon again, Jessika uses her thumb to switch the safety off the weapon and then briefly turns it, maintaining the barrel towards the ground, to see that it's ready and the power cell is charged and ready to go. She'd hate to fire and be out of shots. Leading the group forward, Jessika follows a pathway that provides them a safe way down to more level ground, where they don't have to worry about tripping and injuring themselves horribly in a rolling incident. There's still the danger of the cliff.

Jessika approaches it's edge and takes a knee a couple of meters back. She's still able to see over the edge and down towards the facility. The building itself is installed at the base of the cliff itself, neutralizing any effectiveness of their perimeter wall. Maybe. "We can repel down from here, Poe. Assuming they don't have some sort of defense system built into the cliff wall that will alert them to our presence. I don't know if they have pressure sensors in the rock or if there are any trip lasers that'll set off if we pass them. Any intel on that front, Major?"

Walking up to the edge with Jess, Kare looks down as well and turns her head at the others. "Long way down," she admits but there is a considering press ofher heel to the ground around them. Is the rock face going to give if they secure themselves to it. Her attention shifts to the plant life around them then, pulling on anything that they might anchor to.

"We also have to consider if too many lines are going to cause the cliffside to give. We could weaken the integrity." They are not all that few, quite a group. "I might suggest sending half down, the others to follow as we hold the ends to help guide them. Might be the best way to deal with this, it also does not put us all at risk if we need cover fire."

TUrning on his optics and checking the rest of his equipment, Karas starts working on his harness and tying things up and getting ready to head off with teh others. His hands move pretty quickly as he gets himself together and he will move off to help the others secure things before going over. His IFF is on as well, he checks his weapons over quickly making sure everything is secured and locked in place, "I'm ready." He says and he walks over to where Ektor and Tallie are standing with them.

Ektor descends along the path the Black Squadron veterans have blazed, up to the very edge of the cliff, which he precariously leans over to steal a glance down, with a crooked grin on his face. "Right, repelling. I repel people real good," he mutters, stealing sidelong glances at Karas and trying to imitate the better trained pilots as they tie their climbing ropes. "I got this. Yeah.." a few ineffective efforts to tie and adjust lead to the admission, "Okay, I don't got this. Kar: gimme a hand, yeah?" He nudges Captain Darkwing's arm. "Hey, Kar."

The harness jingles as Tallie slips her arms into it, she, too, walks to the edge of the cliff to peer over the edge. It is effectively a long way down, she kneels and wraps the repel line around her waist before taking several slow steps backwards, over she goes in the path of the others. With a muffled laugh, "Yep, Ektor you do repel people. So get on down here."

Now Callax isn't good with rappelling gear at the best of times; plated up in powered mail makes it nigh impossible. Instead, he manages to make himself up as the galaxy's most half-arsed rope bondage model, muttering to himself as he does.

<< Help, someone, >> Callax sighs, holding up his armored hands in mingled disgust and resignation. << Please. >>

Elrych Cometburn is trying to click his harness together. He tsks as he repeatedly fails. He really had been working on his climbing skills since tython but this way of climbing was newer to him Darm harness. "Can I get some help too."

"Poe moves up to the front to see what their point ladies have spotted out. His gaze meets Jessika, then Kare, as they share their piece. He nods. "Kare's got a good point. I'll take the first group down. If we set something off, it'll be good to have an overwatch while we find cover and try to hold out." That's when Poe brings about his black back pack and sets it down. "Gather round, everyone." He motions, then reaches into the bag to pull out a large, flat looking sensor that's about the size of his palm. It's circular, like a disc, and has one button, even Ektor couldn't mess this up.

"Our mission is to place these sensors on as many of the key structures as we can. They are not explosives, but the same principles apply. They have magnetic strips underneath. Attach it to key things we come across. We'll have rockets coming down to smash the entire thing down for us. Our purpose in being here is to make sure we establish positive ID.. Are these the right pirates? If so, is Terex here?-- So everyone, come get some sensors, and get your harnesses on. Captains Pava, Darkwing, and Lt Apollyon.. you all are coming down first with me. Once we have the area secure, Captain Pava will call for the second. Make sure you're wearing gloves or protective hand gear. Rope can rekking burn the hell out of your hands."

Poe stands up and fastens his harness around him, making quick work of the knots. When Kare had looked around for anchor points, she found thick tree trunks that wound suffice. Poe is one of the first to line up, and at a nod, he made his descent by backing off the edge and kicking out. His brake hand opened and the rope moved, allowing him to slide down with a soft ziiiiiiip noise.

Selected as part of the first group, Jessika allows her weapon to hang on its harness and slips her own bag off her shoulders. She grabs quite a few of the sensors for herself and stows them into the bag. Slipping it back on, Jessika resorts to slipping on her harness. She's not in a rush, but she's not going slow. No mistakes, but not taking her sweet time getting things ready. Once her bag is secure, her harness is on, and she's got herself hooked up with the rope so that it's secured and controlled with her left hand, she takes a grip on her weapon's handle with her right. Stepping forward to the edge of the cliff, Jessika doesn't prepare to go down backwards. She leans out over the drop so that she's facing the facility itself. And then? She steps off.

Her boots plant against the surface of the cliff and with the superior control of her left hand, she allows the rope to pass through at a pace that matches each swift step. She descends with her rifle aimed towards the facility, ready to provide covering fire for the individuals attempting to repel down the cliff so that the second group doesn't both have to get ready and try to provide cover for them all at the same time.

As the first group readies to go, Kare steps up and puts herself in position to grab the line if something goes wrong. She glances down at Jess from her position and nods to her. Dark eyes sweep over the view before them. She narrows her gaze and then speaks over the comms. "You guys should have enough cover when you touch down. Probably intended for power generators. There then is a prefabricated building and beyond is the rest of the compound built on what looks like an old stone foundation. But it appears their comms-array is at the center of the compound." That said she glances to her other spotters, waiting her turn to hook up her harness to the line.

Ektor accepts the offered sensors, turning one over in his hand and inspecting the little rocket magnet with a dumb grin. "I like it. Nice and simple." He tucks away the blaster and the sensors to join the others of the first wave in their descent. He climbs down like someone who has never used a repelling apparatus before in his life, but does have the reflexes and bare minimal wit necessary to avoid either getting stuck, or falling off the cliff. He's the last of the first four to get boots on the ground, at which point he unclips from the line, and re-draws his blaster. No twirl, this time.

Once Poe give them their orders, he nods his head, Karas stretches a bit and slings his rifle behind him, "Copy that." He says. Karas repels down and he looks over to watch Jess as she goes down and looks up to check on his brother, as they begin going down, he watches his speed and he's pretty good at repelling. He moves down and lands next to where Poe is, and he unslings his rifle and drops to a knee to cover his squad.

After examining the sensors, Tallie stuff them into the sling pouch slung across her front. Then crouches down to scan the area around them while the first wave takes their turn repelling down the cliff. In the distance, a low flat area draws her attention. "Callax, is that a landing pad in the distance?" Without waiting for an immediate answer she gets down on her hands and knees she peers over the edge - their group has quite a variety of skill sets from excellent to Ektor.

Getting help with his harness, Callax keeps his vision turned toward the complex below - and then, after a moment, lets out a soft sigh. << Twas the night before Life Day, >> he murmurs over the commlink, << And all through the palace, not a courtier was stirring...except for the body of nasties congregating around the western end of the compound. Looks like an armory. >>

Elrych Cometburn keeps watch with Kare. Thankfully his glasses broke because he would probably be having way more trouble seeing than he currently is. Even so the blue eyes Corellian has to SQUINT really had and rub the water from his eyes as he focuses. "I ah... /think/ I see a maintenance shed and someone working in there. Its like a motorpool with a bunch of speeders and drek." He looks to Kare and gives her a sly smile and thumbs up.

As soon as Jessika lands, she clears the rope off of her harness and moves into a position of cover. The layout from the ground is a bit different from looking at it above, but she still has a good idea of her orientation. Spying the tall generators and the prefab, Jessika takes a few moments to discern what she would do if she was in charge. Poe motions for her to take that opportunity, and utilizing their communications network, she hands out orders to the few on the ground. <<"Teams of two. Poe and Karas, set up the sensors on the generators. Ektor and I are going to move to the prefab and check it out.">> Adjusting her rifle up into a combat ready position, she begins taking deliberate, expedient steps towards the building she wants to investigate. The other two are left to set up the generators for destruction.

<<Copy that.>> Karas says as he looks too Poe, "Come on." He grins to friend and he begins moving out towards the generators, <<May the Force be with all of us.>> he says into his comm. Karas tries to move quietly and use the surrounding darkness and terrain to help him move without being scene, he's moving where Poe can keep up with him.

"Our turn," Kare says to those who stood look out with her. She nods to El and then is stowing her pistol in favor of hooking her harness up to the line once Jess is free of it. Once secured into place along the line, Kare turns about and grasping the ends leans back so her feet are perpendicular and braced against the cliffside. She begins the push off and release to let gravity be her guide. She swings back into the cliff face and springboards again, falling faster and then continues. Its a quick descent and one there is little trouble with for the second team.

She touches down and begins to remove herself from the line. Once done out comes her pistol.

Ektor mutters under his breath, "Motor pool, yeah? Wonder if these Hutt-suckers put that dumbass stamp on their speeders, same as their birds." He hunkers low, blaster at the ready. When Jess gives the marching orders, he nods once and steps to move with Pava.

Tallie steps into the harness and snaps it together, moving the sensors in their pouch to a more comfortable position. After circling her waist with the rope and giving a test tug to it she takes a deep breath and moves to the edge. Rope taut in one gloved hand she stands at an angle to the cliff and jumps backward making her first descent. The rest of the way down is a hop and then a brace of her feet against the uneven side. At the bottom she quickly unhooks her gear and stows it into the empty backpack she carries for that purpose. Gun out she waits for orders.

Down the rope goes Callax, easily able to deal with the harness now that he's properly fitted; off the edge, the rope like glass in his armored fingers, he travels like a small, half-speed meteor before reaching the bottom.

<< Ready, >> he says over the coms, stripping off the gear and moving to stow it.

Elrych moves when Kare gives the go ahead and has no trouble climbing repelling down, hooking his lightsaber back onto his belt for the time being. He retrieves it once he gets to the ground and disengages the harness. Taking it off was easier than putting it on. He makes his way patiently towards where the rest of his group is and waits as well, quietly.

Poe Dameron is at the bottom when Jess gives the orders on what to do. Nodding his head, even if she couldn't see it, he pushes up from his kneel. A cursory glance is paid to Karas, before turning to the task. The first sensor is brought out, activated, and placed on a central generator, the magnetic strip clamping it down in place. Poe repeats this process until half the generator are marked up enough to tell their bomber to hit this location extra hard. In keeping with Captain Darkwing, Poe stations himself back where the others are expected to arrive, and he motions them forward with a silent pointing gesture.

Those who arrive in the second wave, see Poe first. He motions them toward the pre-fabrication building.

Meanwhile, Jess and Xer arrive at the pre-fab building and find that the door is closed, but a small panel is to the right of it. It's not an encrypted door by any means, and just requires a press of a button to open. Getting inside reveals a large, open room. This is the bunk house, and it's presently the sleep hour, which means the lights are off. An internal scan reveals there's one person asleep in a bunk. They're turned to their side, and facing the wall. Additionally, there's only one other way OUT of this building, and that's through the front door which is presently closed. However, the windows are open, and the sound of people by a barrel fire is heard. Further observation reveals seven people lingering OUTSIDE the FRONT of the pre-fab building. They are all wearing black armor with a white emblem on it. It's the SAME white emblem Ektor was on about.

The team from outside has about 30m to close through the small maze of generators AT THE BACK YARD of the prefab building. Once crossed, they will arrive at the door Captain Pava and Lt Apollyon have already arrived at. Present situation: Capt Pava and LT Apollyon are at/in the pre-fab, Maj Dameron and Capt Darkwing are at the back yard of the pre-fab awaiting the 2nd team that just arrived. This team consists of: Capt Lintra, LT Kun, FO Callax, and Elrych.

Drawing one of the sensors from her bag by reaching her left hand around behind her, Jessika plants it underneath one of the bunks in the corner of the frame. <<"Be advised, we've discovered the bunkhouse. Planting a sensor.">> Jessika whispers it into the communication device and then spots Ektor sneaking up on the sleeping individual. Her heart seizes in her throat and she has to bite her tongue to keep from hissing at him to back off. She doesn't even know if that would work. She watches, in horror, as the Lieutenant attempts to retrieve the sleeping individual's pack and wakes him up instead. Jessika's barrel snaps up on instinct, but her trigger remains outside of the guard. She can't fire. That would alert everyone. She's forced to watch and hope that Ektor can deal with it, and she's treated to the sight of the Tionese pilot knocking the man back into unconsciousness. <<"Break his neck. Cover him back up.">> They have no choice now. They can't leave him alive in case he regains consciousness and alerts his friends.

They touch down and with pistol out, Kare bends slightly, as if her shorter height could be made shorter still. Harder to see when you are not waving your hands in the air or just strolling along. Her feet are quick to strafe at times, helping her to keep an eye out around them as she stays low to the ground. She closes the distance to Poe rather rapidly with that pistol held down in both hands while she does. Dark eyes are giving a quick look about as she comes up near the Commander and gives a nod of her head to him. Words are not needed as she listens instead, her head tilting as she glances back at the others following.

Having watched over Poe as he planted the sensor, he nods his head as Poe finishes and gestures to the back of the pre-fab and they are moving. Karas is able to cover the distance without too much fuss. His rifle is lowered and he gestures for Poe and the oothers to move over to where he is, again Karas watches over the others to keep them and the door covered.

Ektor ducks into the open barracks door, looking toward Jess with a nod and crooked grin as the interior seems almost entirely abandoned. Only one occupant is asleep inside. A thumbs up is flashed to Jessika, as Ektor picks quietly through the vacant bunks. And then.. his eye catches on something. A pause, and a bit of mental calculus, and he goes for it. Alas, bad pirates sleep with a tight grip, and as Ektor fails to extract the prize parcel, and the sleeping pirate stirs, the Tionese smashes him twice in the face with the butt of his pistol, snatching the parcel, after. A rueful shrug toward Jess and his nods to her brutal instruction. "Shouldn't have been a bad pirate, yeah?" he whispers, carrying out the order.

Tallie sees the signal calling them forward. She motions to those left and points forward in the Majors direction. Gun in hand she sprints quietly between the generators towards the pre-fab building in time to see Jessika and Ektor open the door. Back up against the back of the building she gives a thumbs up to the Major, all the while watching the last two incoming.

Across the field goes Callax, his armor doing apparently nothing to slow him down - nor does he judder along like some beast of burden, thanks be to the spirits of war. Once he reaches the prefab structure, he nods once to the rest, and takes up his position with gun in hand.

Elrych has been running for a very long time. Since he was small; away from Cops, addicts, criminals... what ever. Running from a lot conditions you to certain things. It was almost automatic for him as his feet push off the ground, his running shoes and their purpose now very apparant. He keeps pace with Kare. It wasn't because she had a shorter stride. He did it purposefully. He gets to the prefab and stacks at the door with the rest of the team. He breaths a bit heavier than he would have otherwise but he's not out of breath nor overly winded. Lightsaber at the ready to ignight just incase.

Poe crosses the open expanse, bringing up the rear of the squadron and taking the furthest down stacked position. He collapses his buttstock and eases his weapon into a practiced hold intended for close-quarters; albeit he silently prays they don't have to engage up close. Glancing down the line, he motions for Lt. Kun to lead them in after Capt Pava and Lt. Apollyon.

The front door hisses open and in steps FIVE pirates, all armed. "HEY WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE!" One man reaches for the light switch!

For those inside, utilizing optics, Spot at 50 to see the motion and anticipate the lights coming on by lifting your optics. Those who fail, cannot attack this turn!

Armed enemies enter the bunk room and Jessika realizes the jig is up. The leader yells out and Jessika curses under her breath. She's going to have a talk with Ektor after this is over, because this could have been avoided. What could be is not what is, though, and Jessika doesn't hesitate to train her blaster rifle center mass on the target's chest. He reaches for the light, but she uses her left hand to quickly adjust her optics up. There's still enough time to squeeze the trigger and punch a bolt hole almost clean through the pirate from the rifle she's carrying. The sound of the shot goes out, but Jessika nonetheless says over the communication network: <<"Engaging.">> The rest of the team should know that she's the one taking the opening shot.

Taking point for the rear group of six, Kare holds her blaster up now when she hears the exclamation. "Contacts." she hisses back at those nearest her and hurries in, making to strafe in and give herself some ability to aim without being shot at. Jess' first shot takes down a body and it also shows Kare where the group exactly is without having to take too much time. Her pistol is squeezed off, three rounds hit and one drops, leaving the other smoking as she narrows her gaze over the length of her barrel. She continues to move and lowers to a knee to make room for those behind.

Karas is quick to move in once the others make up to him and Poe, going in through the back and seeing the group of pirates about to attack, Karas brings up his DMR and quickly sights down the scope and fires. A searing red bolt of energy fires from his rifle taking one of the pirates through the chest. The bolt sears through their armor dropping the pirate in one shot, Karas quickly sights down another pirate after ducking inside and getting behind whatever cover he can fine.

Ektor ducks low, as the door opens and more if Terex's goons come in, hollering about what's going on. "Ehh, rekk off," he slurs the words, likely in some half cocked bid to sound the sleeping pirate. It was pointless, as the newcomers were already reaching for the lights. "Drek," he mutters, opening erratic fire on the front door with a pirate in a bunk for cover.

Things get active as more pile in for the party. Pava's notice on coms alerts Tallie that she should be picking a target as they move into the room. The room sizzles with the zing of blasters as she moves in at crouch. Sweeping her pistol up at the man going for his gun she fires sending him into a spin that trips him over a body already on the floor.

Augh! Lights! Callax narrows his eyes as the lights come up suddenly - and though his discipline is high, the first shot goes wide. The second, however, drills the man full center, green light boring a smoking hole through plastoid and flesh. He goes down gurgling like a load of bricks.

<< Well, someone's going to have heard that, >> he says. << Shall we prepare defense here, or is it running gunfight time? >>

If El had gotten there earlier, perhaps he could have 'suggested' to Xer not to try what he did. He wasn't and he'd just have to accept it as a will of the Force. Death was part of life and life was the will of te Force. So on and so forth. He also was not aware of the approaching patrol. The blaster fire happened to fast for him to distract the guards, attempt to shuffle them away with the power of suggestion. This showed in a slight frown on the Jedi's face. However, he was no stranger to combat and what needed to be done in it. He doesn't even have time to ignight his saber before the killing is finished... "They'll be coming..." He says.

The blaster fire is vastly onesided. Five men came in, only one came out, and he landed on his back with a smoking hole in his chest, alerting the other two outside (aside from the obvious sounds of blaster fire) that there was an attack. They both scramble back from the barracks and run screaming. "ATTTTTACKKK.. WE'RE UNDER ATTACK! THE BARRACKS! TO ARMS!"

Poe is the last to step inside and he smells the burned ozone in the close proximity. "Looks like this is our defense spot. Jess, jam that door and get it sealed from the inside. Rest of you, by the windows and bust them out. We're going to defend this location until we can get out and safely mark this place up." Poe adjusts his rifle optics, and motions. "Someone kill the lights." Poe motioned toward the light switch. Having lights on would give away when they were shooting from the windows. They didn't need to do that. "Let's go!" Poe remains standing at the center, content to direct their response to a camp mobilizing.

Outside, people from the armory spill out, the motorpool as well. Even the dock workers at from the northern landing pad. It was the camp vs Black squadron, 17 foes in total.

As soon as Poe gives the order, Jessika slings her weapon around her torso and shrugs her bag off her shoulders. She grabs her toolkit from her bag and moves quick to the door. Yanking the front covering off of the door panel, her multitool is pulled from her belt after her toolkit is set down, and she goes to work. Within a few quick seconds of cutting wires and tying them off, the panel is no longer operable and the entrance can't be opened from the outside. Even if it could, Jessika is about to make sure that it's physically impossible. The torch from her kit is lit once her goggles are on, and she sets to work ensuring that it's taken care of by fusing the metal from the door to the metal of the frame. She kills the lights a minute later. "Set, Poe." She begins cleaning her tools up and gets ready to join the fray.

It's jarring, that much is clear when Terex comes into view along wit the rest as Jess preps the doors. She takes a breath and does her best to focus on the majority rather than go for the leader. "We need to lower their numbers," she says to those around her. Kare lifts her gun, aiming down the length of it to pop off two shots that manage to hit and the other goes high but not by far. It could be nerves. It could be seeing Terex that shakes her further. She grits her teeth as her eyes narrow and she starts to see red. "You blistering bantha blight," she curses at him, doing her best to stay steady for the group and not rush head long into trouble.

Karas helped with the lights as well as knocking out the windows, he moves to the back corner and remembering some training he had once with an much older friend set himself up to have the angle he needed for shooting.He still wasn't great with rifles, but he was better with them than pistols. He lines up a shot though once he sees his target one of the enemy possible leaders or someone in charge, he fires, though the shot goes WIDE! A breath escapes him as he adjust his sight pictures and steadies himself for another shot.

Ektor winces as the alarm is raised. "Okay, I might've rekked that up, a bit," he mutters. No time to dwell on it, though; a fight is coming. Ektor checks the charge on his pistol, posts himself at a window facing the motor pool, and opens fire on the rank and file. A pair of the oncoming horse drop, leaving Ektor to wonder aloud, "Did Joy seriously just cuss? For real?"

The tinkle of glass can be heard as Tallie and the others break windows preparing for incoming . The only light in the room is the arc and bright sparks flying from Pava's welding. Tallie places herself below the window, pops up and fires taking one in the torso. "Hang around you long enough and the holiest of holy will be cursing."

"Yeah..." Elrych says, "I kinda like it." The Jedi chances a glance out the window, his icy blue eyes moving too and fro as the enemies approach and his fellow squadron members returns fire. There is shift in the force, something evil yet nothing as close to the Maki Maki or Kylo Ren himself, but the natural endge of darkness did flow through him. "Mmmmhmmm. I taste one bad dude out there. Can you feel that shiver?" He shakes it off before extending a hand. One of the pirates is lifted on the ground and then violently thrown into the building beside Terex. Perhaps Elrych was... swinging his you know what around for the Big Bad.

Callax's pistol roars thrice as he fires across the assembled formation - keeping low, tracking each pirate through the thermal visor. Blasting away, only one shot lands, but the green lance converts the man's head into a burning canoe, like a horrible Viking funeral in miniature.

The fire fight begins, and Black Squadron has shattered the glass of the prefab windows to take up defensive positions inside. Jess has successfully sealed the door, and things are looking up until a distinctive voice sounds over the battlefield.

"GET THOSE MEN IN LINE! TAKE COVER YOU IDIOTS! YOU'RE UP AGAINST PROFESSIONALS!" Agent Terex was a tall man, broad shouldered, and had a smooth bald head. Beneath the lights, he appeared as a man who wore a dark black duster, with dark clothing and tall boots. The details of his face couldn't be seen, but he was a handsome man with intense eyes, and an expression of iron rekking will. His mustache was thin, neatly trimmed, and gently rubbed by two fingers from his off-hand as he stood out in the open directing his pirates. He did not fear anything or anyone and it showed. The reason why revealed itself when he casually adjusted his shoulder in the slightest manner to allow Captain Darkwing's blue laser bolt by, finding no purchase.

Still grooming his mustache, he drew his exotic weapon from its holster, the powering on sequence making it glow a brilliant purple hue, and he shot back in the blink of an eye.

Those in the pre-fab saw Karas take the shot in the chest! "NICE TRY, SCUM! TOUGHER MEN HAVE TRIED TO KILL ME! PUSH UP, BOYS! I WANT THEIR HEADS!" Terex lights a smoke.

The pirates respond, having more confidence in their chances and open fire. They find little purchase against the entrenched squad though.

Rather than have her ire provoked out of her by the grating sound of Terex's voice, Jessika internalizes the cold rage burning through her and turns it into determination. They've got the position of advantage. The interior of the barracks is lit up by fied blaster bolts, but none of them catch her attention like the purple one racing in and smashing into Karas. "Six is down!" She calls it out to those around her and that's when she takes a position at a window. Rather than expose her barrel outside it, she takes aim from within the building through the rifle's optics. A squeeze of the trigger, a bark of the rifle, and it smashes into the pirate's torso to leave him much like his friend: with a smoking hole in his chest. "I hate pirates." Knowing that she's exposed her position from the inside, Jessika shifts it immediately after so that the enemies can't just shoot at the light flash.

"Darkwing!" Kare cries out as she steps up and over him to help cover the downed Captain from further harm. "You piece of kriffing excrement!" Kare is doing her best, she manages to keep her cool and not gun down Terex but instead focuses on the pirates at large. Her pistol held in one hand, cupped in the other moves. PEW. Hit. PEW! Down. PEW! Down. Two fall fast and she is narrowing her gaze as she starts to swing to the next as she shifts her weight around to keep herself as a shield for Karas. "Hang in there!" He may not be in a direct position to be hit but if others need to move him she's got them covered.

Ektor snickers, keeping up fire on the encroaching horde. He half turns to holler back at Tallie, "Hey, this is only *mostly* my fault-" a bizarre ricochet sends an incoming blaster bolt at an unrepeatable angle, raising an incredulous howl of pain from Ektor, who states angrily, "Which of you Hutt-suckers shot me in the ass??!" His anger and indignity are swallowed in shock at the purple cannon that obliterates Karas' firing position. "Oh, drek." Another burst of blaster fire and he guns down another, wounding a second attacker.

Something blows through the room like a rocket launcher turning the room purple. Tallie hears the impact of Karas' body hit the floor. Pop up and fire and a look to see if someone has gone for him. She catches a glimpse of Kare standing over him as she pops up again winging one in the arm. It's terrible to see a comrade down but she keeps firing. Ektor's howl draws her attention as she crouches again, "What? Noooo. How did they know to do that? I ask you?"

"What were you doing? Mooning him?"

The sound of Ektor howling in pain, and the brilliance of the pirate agent's purple beam throws strange patterns in his enhanced vision - especially when the Captain is thrown back and downd with the power of the shot. HE flinches, but he does not fail; there is only disciplined pistol fire, every shot from the hand-cannon boring holes through every man upon whose torso they find purchase. Two more drop, smoking and dead, and he reaches for a powercell anticipating imminent reload.

Elrych looks towards Karas as he gets gunned down by the exotic weapons. His eyes narrow and his lips purce. He glances out side, seeing that Terex hasn't even taken an interst in one of his men being lifted up and flung into the building beside him. "Huh... maybe he needs some more convincing." The Jedi then does pretty much the same thing to another pirate. He picks him up, holds him in the air for a second, and then launches him towards Terex. Not hitting the man but causing the soldier to smash into the wall of what ever building or structure was beyond. Likely leaving a dent.

The pirates push, Black Squadron holds their ground, firing into them with renewed fervor. The sight annoys Terex to no end, and he begins to back track. Another blaster bolt comes for him, this time he ducks his head down and laughs. "POE! POE DAMERON! IS THAT YOU IN THERE?! HAHAHAHA! SON, I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE!" Terex is witness to one of his pirates running away from the fight. With one hand, he draws the smoke from his lips and sighs out, and his other presents his exotic blaster. A single shot takes the Pirate's leg out from under them and they fall into a pile of supplies and don't rise back up. "WE'LL BE SEEING YOU, DAMERON! I WONDER HOW MANY OF YOU I CAN KILL THIS TIME!"-- The Pirate lord turns and begins walking away, and he slides his weapon back beneath his coat.

SUDDENLY, red strobes come on all around the complex and a computerized voice sounds. "Self destruct sequence initiated. 3 minutes until self destruct."

"COME BACK HERE YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Poe yells back at Terex, mantling through the window to land carelessly outside the pre-fab and dangerously in the lines of sight of the remaining pirates. "WE'RE NOT THROUGH YET!"

"POE!" Jessika yells out for Major Dameron when he vaults through the window. She's frustrated, and there's no hiding it in her tone. This is the second time he's thrown caution and logic to the wind and jumped out into danger. Jessika snaps her rifle towards one of the remaining targets to put the pirate down. She knows Terex is the type to bait them into a trap, and if there's another thing she knows, his soldiers are waiting for that opportunity. The weapon barks and drops the unlucky enemy with a solid punch of a blaster bolt to the chest. It flattens him out on the ground. No sooner has she punched his ticket than the base starts alerting that it's going to self-destruct. "POE, WE NEED TO GO." She yells after the Major, hoping he'll see reason.

That bolt lands squarely on her chest and Kare is forced back a step, grunting as she winces and breathes in. Armor helps with most of it but her chest is aching. The burning sensation is real as she steps forward upon seeing Poe jump out the window. "Hutt sucking," she begins below her breath. "POE!" She grits her teeth and listens as the self destruct is going off. "We need to evacuate!" She extends her pistol in one hand to get range and begins to unload at Terex, missing by miles as she holsters er weapon and starts back for Karas. "Someone help me!" She strains to be heard over the alarms.

Ducking into cover as a pair of blaster bolts fly into his window from outside. He pops back up ready to fire, in time to see Poe vault outside. "Hey, *I'm* the stupid one, remember? he hollers after Dameron, hopping out to chase after Poe and sending a trio of blaster bolts ineffectively after Terex.

The volcano erupts- Tallie's mouth drops open as Poe answers Terex's challenge and charges him. More are hit in the room, she see Kare stagger under a shot and misses both of hers. Leaving her window she runs to the woman and realizes that she is recovering from the blow. Then others re piling out after Poe adding their shots to the melee.

The light of the blasters flash over the glossy violet plates of his armor as Callax continues to fire into the remaining pirates; his concept of suppressive fire is, in reality, suppressive to each man's life as they spin smoking to the earth beneath the blaster fire. << DRY, >> he calls out, ducking back to eject the power cell and preparing to slam another home. And then there's Poe, running out like a madman, and he shakes his head. << I suppose we all need our dramatic moments, >> Callax mutters. << But honestly... >>

Elrych is about to lunge after Poe, "Noooooo!" He's to late to catch the dashing hero. He's going through the window himself at that point, trying to run after him. He watches Callax and the others face off with the rest, missing Terex. "You won't take a hint and I won't let you run away... THEN I WILL MAKE YOU FACE US!" Something really wicked comes out in Elrych and he starts to feel the pull of the dark. It's not necessarily evil, but more of a natural state. He reaches out with a hand and pulls with the force, sending Terek into a face plant, grabbing at his goin, and DRAGGING him across the darkened and bloodied battle field. He smacks into a few crates on his way back violently. "You will FACE us..." He turns his lightsaber on, the brilliant blue illuminating the immediate area, his face filled with determination but those blue eyes filled with... anger? No... it was something dangerous though. Resolve.

Poe lands outside and trails after Terex, even as the pirates stand up to engage him, Dameron pays them no mind. Well aimed bolts put them down in quick order as Leia's most daring pilot chases after Terex. The two square off out in the open, near the northern landing pad where a small craft has landed for Terex. -- Terex had no intentions of fighting Poe, or anyone for that matter as bolts of all colors splash harmlessly around him. It wasn't until something literally claimed him and smashed him into the cargo crates nearby that he realized just how dangerous Black Squadron was.

He struggles to rise up to his feet, his visual optics all screwed up. A spark flies from the component attached to his head. He casts one side of his duster open. Both he and Poe draw at the same time and move opposite of each other. Terex is so off his aim, his first shot misses while Poe's first and second find him, and make him stumble. He fires a second and third shot going down, one finding Poe in the same leg Terex had been shot.

"HUTTSUCKIN!" Poe calls out, stumbling off to one side holding his leg, just as Terex gets up to his knee, laughing. "I TOLD YOU, DAMERON! LET ME BE!"-- Two men rush up to Terex's aid, pulling him to his ship. Two others open fire on Poe to keep him pinned down! Terex has a double take of the Jedi Knight that's made his presence known, and has come to Dameron's aid. "They have a bleeding Jedi! They have a Jedi!" Terex is calling out, trying to fight his men to take a shot at him, but can't! Terex seethes, as the door shuts and his craft takes off.

Meanwhile, the base has counted down, 1 minute remains. Snap's voice comes over the encrypted comms. <<"Poe? Jess? Kare? Can you read me?">> Terex's craft takes off, just as the Ghost swoops down overhead. <<"What do you want me to do?">> Snap has a choice, he can engage Terex, or he can get his friends out of harms way.

<<"We need to get out of here, Snap! Poe went after Terex! The base is set for self destruct in three minutes and Six is down!">> She's already moving to Karas after informing Snap of the situation. Dropping her weapon on her sling, Jessika nods at Kare and sets herself up at the downed Captain's feet to help her blonde friend heft Karas up to get him out of these barracks. "We need to hurry. We don't have time for this." Hefting the Captain's feet, Jessika tries for Poe. <<"If you die, Lead, I'm going to kill you.">> If there's anyone capable of carrying that threat out, it's Jessika for sure.

Looking up at Tallie as she gets near, Kare nods her head to ascertain for the other pilot that all is well. She reaches down to grab beneath Karas' arms and when she counts she grunts, her chest killing her as her body flexes to make sure that Darkwing is off the ground. "To the window. I will go out first and then you." that said she starts to side step her way and then with her back to the window, lifts him higher and steps back and out. Its a snug fit for her legs and the Captain, wincing as her shorter frame makes climbing out even more difficult.

She grunts, strains and then waits patiently for Jess to get him out. <"We got a man down, Snap. We are going to need a quick lift."> She can see Terex now and the urge to fire on him is eating at her. Desperation sets in and she looks down at the Captain. Her decision made.

Ektor hurry-hobbles after Poe, giving Black Leader a hand up if the Dameron temper is cool enough to accept it. Following Poe's lead in ignoring the more immediate threat of the lesser pirates and their blasters, he aims past the Major to fire after the receding Terex. A rare moment spared to aim, and ruby red energy screams after the cybernetic corsair, a pair of shots striking the infamous Terex, with one particularly well placed shot chancing to strike the back of the cyborg's bald head. "And your mustache was stupid, too!" he shouts, as Ektor joins the parade of haste toward the extraction point.

Missed shots seem to be the theme of the day as Tallie lays down cover as she bails from the window. Jessika's yelled threat earns a grim smile from her as she runs firing. Midway she looks back at the other two women struggling to get Karas out, in front of her Poe limps and fires inexorably at the remaining targets. Ektor yells insults. Elrych plays with the Force. Pure mayhem, pure Black Squadron and the minutes tick away.

Slapping the cell home and thumbing the charging stud, Callax mantles the windowsill and takes up the rear, being the best armored and most mobile at the moment - daring anything to rear its head, considering the carnage arrayed on the field in the squadron's wake.

Elrych clenches his teeth as the doors close and Terex is scouped up. He turns his blade off when the repulsor lifts start to wine, the vessel begining its accent. The lightsaber clips to his belt and both hands reach forward. The Jedi starts to tremble, trying to reach out for the ship and pull it back to the ground, even if it's as violently as possible. His eyes close, veins pop. Sweat pours, and skin flushes red. Not even a slight rumble as he fails to grab hold of the vessel. The Jedi collapses to his knees and shakes his head, exhauseted. "Damn it. I kriffed it all up." He falls back onto his back, hand resting on his chest. Baby is guna need a nap. He'l get up if he needs to though.

<<"Oh man, you guys are in the middle of it. Hang on, alright!">> Snap's calm deep voice has some sense of urgency to it as the Ghost turns, and engages its repulsorlift thrusters. Snap chose his team over Terex. The skids to the Ghost come out, and the ramp lowers before the vessel has even set down on the pad. The team making a run for it have to climb a small set of stairs, then it's just the ramp of the Ghost and home free.

Poe is helped up by Ektor, their hands clasping over each others' forearms. As Poe comes up to a steady stance, both he and Ektor had opened fire together. The two pirates, their immediate threat, are quickly killed by a hammered pair of blasts from Poe's handcannon. "Get to the Ghost, Xer. I'll catch up!"

Poe is seen limping out, holstering his weapon and motioning the squad to the ship. <<"I'm not dead yet, Jess.">> Poe's voice is low, but not emotional. He realizes he let his brash nature get the better of him again. "Let's go! Move!" The last person Poe accounts for is Elrych. He offers the Corellian Jedi a hand up; then, it's to the Ghost they go.

As the Ghost begins to lift off, the base beneath them begins to combust and morph into flames. "Oh, rekk me.." Snap says from the cockpit as he angles the Ghost away from the concussion, but he's only managed to save the ship from the majority of the blast. It rocks violently. BB-8 warbles something from the co-pilot chair and Snap laughs. "..it /is/ a good thing you had the shields." Snap's big hand shoves the engine lever forward, and the Ghost's gold engines glow brighter; taking them into the dark clouds, their shields shimmering.