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Black Squadron: Rolling Rolling Rolling

OOC Date: September 2, 2019
Location: CRV Yelsik's Valor, Deep Space
Participants: Elrych Cometburn, Karé Kun

Patrol is dull really save for the fact one does not have to do it alone. Resistance B-Ops uniform on and blaster pistol strapped at her side, Kare tugs out a small container of some fried crisp twist seasoned in some hot herb that gives it a bite. She takes one out and pops it in her mouth before offering the container up in her hand to her compatriot as the slow leisurely stroll moves the from the bridge towards the aft. "Nice work with the saber the other day," Kare offers in way of conversation. Her dark eyes are giving a glance into the rooms as they pass, slowing a bit more as they get near Medical.

"Is it all that heavy? I would suspect not though I have always been curious how the blade terminates and doesn't continue on until and lessen with distance," she expresses, another crisp plucked from the container for herself.

"It's kinda like magic, Kare-bear." Elrych says to his better in the squadron. He had called her that for a while now, a nice little nick name he thought was apt. He takes one of the offered crisps and pops it into his own mouth. He has his own Black-Ops flight suit on, except for the pistol. Instead, hanging from the belt, is that black and gold lightsaber of his. His Prescription Sunglasses remain in place. "It's not heavy, no... BUT the frequency vibrations from the fact that it terminates, and the power is cyclical, makes it extremely unwieldy for a non-force user who has not trained with it." He reaches into a flight suit pocket and pulls out a plastic wrapped candy bar. He offers it to her. "Xer and I made sure to get a whole pallet of Risi-bars. Because if I didn't have it, I might go a little crazy." He chuckles. Not to mention the few other pallets of Fizzy Glug he stored on board too.

"I am not sure its as simple as all that. Though I think Jess may understand you better than I will," Kare remarks, a brow arching as her smirks spreads further. Her white gold hair has grown longer, swept back currently by the water that remains after her refresher. She glances down at the cylindrical weapon, a brief curious flit of eyes before they glance out and down the main corridor they walk together. "I have to admit I have always been curious how it feels. Always makes me wonder how you wield it, if its light it should be weightless which means that the only weight is the hilt. That would feel rather strange," she admits and then lets out a huffed laugh at the candy bar. "Of course you did. Tion." She mumbles the callsign before reaching out to take it. "Thanks," she says with one cheek dimpling. She hands off the crisps, giving them a shake in his direction so she can open the covering on the sweet. "How did I not realize you had an obsession? You hide it well." The wrapper parts and she bites into the bar, lifting her right hand so slide the wrapper into pocket - it angles that injured arm enough to make her hiss.

Elrych chuckles, "Thanks to Lofty, I'm drinking way too much Fizzy Glug too. Stuff is too good really, it's the carbonation you know?" He takes a moment to take out his own Risi-bar, unwrap it, and start to chew it like he starving. "Mmmmhmmm... That's good." He takes a moment to chew and swallow before responding. "It might be more than that. I mean, it's a pretty dangerous weapon because of that. The awkward feel is something you have to get used to but, yeah the blade pretty much bends back in on it's self via the Cycling Field Energizers. So it's like... a recharge. The battery is super long lasting. Diatium powercell and all with lots of insulation." He pauses as she works at her arm, stepping over to lay a hand genlty on it. He attempts to call the force but it doesn't do anything. "I'm no Aryn, but you guys got messed up the other day. Percy has his hands full."

"A vice...several vices. I thought Jedi were supposed to not have them?" Kare arches a pale brow, drawing her sun kissed skin up with it only to let out a soft laugh. Amusement is clear even after in a rueful sort of sense. "You are going to soon become the most squishy of Jedi if you keep that up." She teases him. But the concept of the lightsaber is considered thoughtfully, that wrapper stowed in her suit as he speaks. Their progression stops when he touches her arm and she glances at it then up at him. "Can not feel my pinky and ring finger," she begins, pausing as she smiles softly. "You all have different strengths. We do not need tow Aryn's, Elrych." She clicks her tongue and reaches her hand across to touch the arm. "Just needs a little more attention is all. Thanks for trying. Tallie is the one that is going to need the help more than any."

"I'm not sure what my roll is." Elrych admits, "And no. Despite what the First Order and Legend may say, Jedi are not perfect. We've got gifts and a code we try to follow but even the best have strayed form time to time. We're simply mortals waiting our turn to become one with the force." He smirks with a chuckle at this thought. "Yeah, I'm sure that was Percy's first evaluation." He rubs her arm a bit in sympathy before he backs away so they can continue on. "You'll be okay, I think. Nerve damage, smerve damage."

"Well I can tell you what your role is here, flying true and being one of us. You will find what is out there for you one day, I am sure." Kare offers in kind as she listens, a soft smile curling her lips. "That is rather morbid, El...really," she offers up at his mention of becoming one o with the force. A long breath drawn she briefly winces at the rub but its not discomfort that lasts. Intead she takes up the pace with him once more, lifting a hand - the left thankfully to tame back falling strands of hair. A side eye is given to him at his word 'smerve'. "Oh yes, I am sure that is some medical book somewhere...on some planet. Smerve damage. Completely technical," she jests as she has to quicken her step to keep up with his longer stride.

"I mean... I guess it is kind of Morbid but, like... there is no Death, there is only the Force so. You ant really dead." Elrych fixes his shades as he walks along the long corridors. "Oh I know who I am here. I imagine it'll just take some time at the other Job, like you say." He doesn't want to rush her so slows down to match his pace, he knows he's taller than some of the others. "I like your hair longer by the way, it looks good. I mean, you got the best hair out of all of us anyays."

"I mean..the idea that you would leave this life. Whether you lived forever in the Force or not. I mean I don't expect to have that option...right?" Kare is really unsure how it all works just heard stories, been told things by Leia. Its not like she doesn't know that something is up - its just applicable to her. Eyes watch their steady march forward, it really is a lazy patrol. At the moment really. Thankful that her shorter legs are no longer taxed she gives him a grateful smile and then huffs out a laugh again. "Really? The best hair? Is that what I am going to be no for when I go? Kare 'No Joy' Kun - the best hair of us all. I am sure that will inspire generations to come."

"It's a mind set. In order to do the best we can, to remain unattached, we have to remember that the Force has a plan and we are all part of it. If we realize that it's that which we serve then we have no fear which leads us to the path of the Dark Side." Elyrch over here sounds all philisophical and drek. "It's complicated. Yeah you want to try to live, especially if you're trying to save others but sometimes, you have to make the sacrifice. Like we do every time we get in the cockpit, you know?" He gives a shrug, pausing the chuckle and watch Kare a moment. "Well then, you got the best hair and can shoot down every TIE you come across. I'd say that's pretty hot, right?" He gives a sly corellian smirk.

Philosophical shades over here! Kare listens but she seems to be impressed with that he has to say as she shrugs and nods her head. "I mean I get it, but part of life is those connections. The force binds us all and yet..you have to distance yourself from hat makes each of us unique. Our feelings and passions, it seems to be a somewhat restricted life. I consider the Force to encompass all things. Life and death means it covers all in between but what do I know. I am no Jedi," she offers with her hands spreading out before her. "Yes, we sacrifice even in small ways. No family outside this family, restricted to service likely until death. Every day we breathe the Resistance to life is a day we give up part of ourselves to be something far more focused and less self serving. I would hope anyways." She laughs at the last bit, smirking at his grin as she slows and turns, coming to face him as they need to branch briefly to get a look in the docking rings. "I guess, if that is your thing it is hot. I mean I can't really say its not," she says and side steps and suddenly goes down.

There is a whirring beep as a BB unit can't seem to stop and just took her out at the legs. "Stop the unit!" Comes an engineers cry as the man races after it. "STOP IT! I think its controls shorted and its going to just keep rolling!"

Kare just ate durasteel floor as she is pushing herself up with a groan. "MMMph, Elrych, get that droid please?" Not that the engineer yelling for help is not prompting enough.

Elrych listens to Kare carefuly... Carefully to Kare? Either way he's paying attention to the smaller woman he's with as she describes her own input on the matter. "You're right. There are things like that which is what I mean by complication. I had a Fiance for a while. I had attachments, I still do I guess. It's just, we have these powers and I think that's the major difference. We need to consider what these powers can do and how they affect other people and I think that's why the code came to be." The Corellian smirks just a bit, "Yeah... that is hot. Being a top Ace and having the best hair..." He runs his hand through his own product heavy brown locks. The suddendly a malfunctioning droid! Kare is taken out and his concern is more for her than the run away droid. He attempts to reach out with the force but only raises the rolling droid off the floor a moment before kneeling before Kare. "You okay? We gota go get 'em."

"I am not sure how I did not know that," Kare admits about a fiancée. Her lips part and she is about to say more when he continues, quieting quickly as she gives him a faint nod. "Perhaps but to keep you from some of the more vital experiences in one's life? I understand the focus but perhaps not the reason," she admits and then watches his hand go through his hair. "I see, are you trying to say you are second best hair and we are both hot because we are ace pilots?" She is mid laugh when she hits the deck. Oh that hurt. Her arm is aching something fierce.

"I will be fine, yeah. Bruised, embarrassed but we gotta go, like you said." It takes her a moment to get up and she shoots him a look. "Go on, hero. Right be hind you." She gives him a cheeky grin. "Catch that droid. Then you can fuss."

"Yes, Kare-bear we're so kriffin' hot." Elrych says with a wink and smirk, "But you're still number one in my book." Yes, he is flirting but it's relativly harmless as is his nature as a standard egotistical Corellian male. "I thought you knew about Nia, Oh well. Time past and gone now. Though... talking about vital experiances... well you know you can show me anytime really." He laughs at that before nodding to her. "I'll never not fuss so... I better go get that droid so I can keep fussing." He gives her hand a squeeze and then stands up to go find the rabid malfunctioning droid.

"You are a knave, go on," Kare says, giving him a faint squeeze back. OOF her knee hurts too and so she's short legged, injured and hobbling forward after him. "Go on hot one number two!" She wants him to keep moving even as she is trekking forward as best she can. Her voice lifts and its surprising big for how small she is. "MOVE OUT OF THE CORRIDOR!" No more collisions. The engineer even passes her and Kare makes a face as she's left in the dust and finally shakes off the ache in her knee to try to hot foot it forward.

She won't catch them but she's trying.

The BB unit after running into Kare started to veer right until it was lofted off the ground. It beeps and screees in worry as further down the hall it hits the wall, skids across it and begins to ping and angle the other way like some wayward pin ball rolling down its track. Someone coming out of medical jumps back just in time, falling backwards to do so.

Elych smirks a bit at Kare calling him a knave, "Yeah but you like it." He gives a sort of wink to her on his way down the corridor. "Hey don't ecert yourself too much, Kare-bear... chill, just chill. I got this." He moves into the room where the BB-unit is ping ponging around. He turns his head to follow the wild thing, attempting to reach out with the force and grab it. He does but it just gets faster, the bouncing and the wrecking. "Ahhh Kriff."

Kare still has not caught him and she is definitely not slowing down. No way! She can be heard straining behind him so ways back and when he tries to lift that BB suddenly slams into a shelving unit, items shuddering and a few falling off to shatter on the floor. Thats not good. It scrapes along the wall and heads right for a corner, making panicked sounds. In that moment it slams into place, nearly wedging itself but now its somewhat caught, slowed down. The door it is slightly against opens, suddenly giving it a new path as it careens forward. Shrieks go up all around them as people are diving out of the way. The chow hall is going to be a problem.

Elrych watches as the droid's misfortune sparks and flashes through his shades, reflecting the damage it is doing. One last time the Jedi reached out with the force, this time from a moment of concentration. His hand extends and he slowly causes the BB unit to float up and towards him. He keeps it hovering there, unable to move. "Might want to call the Chief, yeah? or Jess..."

Before it can get any further and cause mayhem in the cafeteria it rises up, floating in the air as its lower ball continues to spin rather rapidly. The BB unit turns its head, looking about as its no longer going anywhere and the sound is something of relief. The engineer slips in with them too and says, "Hold him a sec.." she goes over and with restraining bolt in hand she adjusts the settings and attackers it to the little domed head. Immediately the droid powers down and there is a sigh of relief from the enlisted. "Thank you...thank you so much," is remarked. "Set 'er down and I will get a hovercart here to load the poor droid."

Kare is leaning into a support rail, catching her breath and easing the stressed look on her face. "Third times a charm, eh, El?" She grins at him, amusement in her gaze as she pushes up slowly and starts his way. The hobble not as bad as it had been.

Elrych does as asked and makes sure to hold the dorid in place until the engineer can pick it up. "Yeah no problem." He says to her before turning and looking to Kare. He purces his lips and steps over to help her. "You need to go to the Medical Bay and I will finish up the rotation okay?" The whole crew was wounded except him and Callax. Maybe Poe. It was a mess down there on that Ice World. Whether she protests or not, the Jedi scoops her up in order to help her walk. "Don't you be making fun of me because I missed a few times." He smirks with a chuckle.

Kare most definitely protests, a surprised expression crossing her face before it becomes more indignant. "El.." she says in a low rumble as she casts a quick look around. Having herself seen like this is not exactly her shining moment and Kun lifts a finger into his face. "I get to make fun of you because you are carrying me. I never have been carried!" She protests in a low hiss and those dark eyes meet his shades, her vision reflected back at her. That finger taps his chin once and then she grumps a bit more. "Put me down, I will lean on you but nothing more than this. And you did well...not sure I could have done anything save for jump it." She admits, though she's eager to get to her own feet, smoothing her uniform and then taking his shoulder if he allows. "Rotation is nearly over. If you do not want to file the paperwork with the security office, I will do it." Pause. "Thanks Hot One Number 2."