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Black Squad has a heated conversation with the Queen's chosen representative.

OOC Date: September 20, 2021
Location: Naboo
Participants: Black Squadron, Chani Tahn, Rune, Ulani Kalgaav, Shemar, Ektor, Rey, Bors Thul, Karé Kun, Poe Dameron NPCing Kare/GMing

Captain Kare'(Care-uh) Kun is at the controls of the VCX-100 'Ghost'. It's an ideal ship to get to places unseen /completely/. Among its superior aftermarket mods, it is home to over eighty sensor enhancements making it /literally/ a Ghost to detection equipment. Kare' controls the craft like she's flown it most of her life, slapping down control switches and casually flying with one hand. The ship begins to shake violently as they make their approach through the atmosphere of Naboo, following a flight trajectory to lake country, a beautiful stretch of green and blue.

Kare's voice cuts over the intercom, in particular the lounge where the rest of the crew is chilling. <"Making for atmosphere now, guys.. we'll be landing soon."> Things begin to rattle in the lounge, mainly the rack of alcohol Poe has collected from various worlds. Or it could be the gun cage on the bulkhead, with ammunition packs, rockets, knives, and sharpsticks. There's a pair of tables in the center of the lounge with bench seats bolted to the deck.

Ektor is leaned back against one bulkhead as the vessel rattles violently in passing through the atmosphere. He's snoring. Yes, somehow the idiot is still asleep.

Since the small birthday celebration at the observation lounge on the Pantheon, Ulani has been reading up what she can on Naboo. Most of what she finds is rather skewed towards the tourism part of it. Not much that speaks of the darkest history or internal politics. Maybe she just doesn't know what exactly to look for.

Dressed in her trooper armour, the young woman has one elbow on the table in front of her with her chin resting in her palm. "I mean, the vistas are rather nice," she comments to no one in particular then Kare's voice comes in over the intercom. Shutting her datapad down and tucking it away, Ulani glances around at the others in the lounge with her. Some familiar faces and a few new ones. She tilts her head curiously to resident Jedi, but hasn't really thought of anything to say to them yet. Surely they're here for a reason, though, so she offers a friendly smile should either look over.

This could be a civil visit, it could be a sneaky vi- No. Ektor and Bors are here. It could be a stabby explodey visit, that's for certain. The Alderaanian lord is settled in the lounge for now; dueling blade rested so that the oilcloth in hand can be used to clear away the remnants of the honing done to kill the time in transit.

Perhaps some would think this some intimidation or show of toughness. Some should really remember it's Bors and he's been humming some popular dance track to himself the whole time when not spouting off his usual banter wrapped up in overly educated prose and High Galactic.

"Such as seen I could describe for the ventures past on yonder hills and cliff-sides that have been for the pleasure of experience I might." like now. "The falls at Theed are but the narrowest scratch at surface I can assure, yet the congregation of trees closer yet to the great wetlands I would venture a sight akin to singular blaze in atmosphere that many still cast their hopes upon."

Someone's in a good mood.

In the midst of the lounge sits an unfamiliar face with wide eyes and an eager demeanor, hazel orbs shifting from person to person, a measure of excitement nearly vibrating his form. He'd been out with the Jedi many times before, the robes he wore delineating him as such, but this is the first time he'd been out with a new crew. Enraptured by Black Squadron after piloting the Falcon in the battle against the Sith, Rune had sought out General Dameron and requested to join the team. Poe invited him to tag along and now the former savage finds himself sitting among the crew and grinning like an idiot, a that wide smile and enthusiastic nod give to Ulani when she prompts with her friendly greeting.

Rune looks to Rey, on of the only familiar faces, as they descend in atmosphere, the rattling of the ship as it passes through the burn lifting an eyebrow as well as a few cautious glances to their environment. His fingers curl under the seat, firmly holding himself to it as if he trusts the bench to hold if the lounge comes apart. As excited as he is to fly, technology is still a novel thing and he's not quite capable of exuding ease with all the particulars of space travel.

Rey is seated at one of the secure chairs in the lounge. Her hood is laid back over her shoulders and she's wearing a black spacers jacket over her white clothing. Her eyes are down on a small leather book she'd brought with her but she looks up when their arrival is announced, then looks to the others nearby. "Naboo is a true oasis. I'd say it's one of the top contenders for where I'd settle down, if I ever do." She shows a quick smile then before standing up and holding on to the edge of the bulkhead.

Rey's eyes look to Bors and Ulani, both of them getting a quick smile before she notes Rune's discomfort. She leans back toward him where she stands and speaks quietly. "Steel yourself. The Force is ever with you, Rune. Let it melt your anxiety away." She pauses then and smiles openly. "We're fine. This ship is as sturdy as they come."

Shemar is seated, tipped back with his boots on the edge of the table and his hands up behind his head. He's wearing his Trooper armor with the helmet clipped to hang off of his belt, his rifle slung over the back of chair. He'd been mostly watching and listening to Bors and looking sleepy.

Now as they are entering atmo of Naboo, Shemar puts his boots back on the floor and starts getting ready to debark. Rifle gets clipped to his tactical rig, his helmet put on.

"I really hope the food down there is as good as I've heard." Shemar stretches and pops his back, the watches the Jedi with open curiousity writ upon his dark face.

While the New Republic special operations team begins to make violent planet fall high in the atmosphere, their contact awaits them on the ground. Seated in the soft grass making up the well-maintained lawn of the lakeside villa, Chani leans against one of the solid, tall walls forming its perimeter. The sun is beginning to set in the distance, turning the sky into a canvas of blues, purples, and oranges, and the lake itself shimmers with refracted light. She can see it through an opening leading out onto a terrace, and beyond that a great mountain range surrounded by a thick forest. Cross-legged, Chani balances a hallikset in her lap. Its stringed neck is angled upwards towards her left shoulder, while its rotund base sits against her right thigh.

Chani's left hand grasps the neck, allowing her fingers to pinch along the frets and isolate various strings with mashed tips. Her right braces the heel of her palm against the instrument's body, and the edges of her fingers alternate between downward strums, quick plucks, or sometimes even upward sweeps of her fingertips. It's a simplstic sort of song, comrpised of three-chord structures and repetitive riffs. Her lips move to form the lyrics, though the sound of her voice harmonizing is more audible than the words themselves. "... And I want you, from somewhere within. It feels like there's oceans between me and you once again. We hide our emotions under the surface and try to pretend.."

The golden hue of the Ghost's impulse engines glow brighter as its pilot initiates and afterburner thrust. Engines roar and the rattling subsides whilst Kare' takes the Ghost on a subtle course correction to begin piercing through the white fluffy clouds. "..we're in the pipe.. five by five.." She says to herself, still recalling her youth when she dreamed of being a pilot and comparing it to the now, where she was. An easy smile spreads over her face.

After hitting the heads-up display projection, the Ghost's cockpit goes dark and blue/yellow hued lights dominate the open air where projections flicker, detailing the flight path. Kare' follows it to the T, eventually bringing them down at a private villa deep in lake country. After flipping down a series of buttons and switches, the Ghost produced its landing struts and transitioned from repulsor lifts to landing. The bounce after was gravity taking over, and it was the smoothest landing Kare' could provide.

Captain Kun appeared in the door way of the lounge wearing a black G-suit, and was in the process of fastening her gunbelt around her hip. "Let's go, people. We have to meet this contact and figure out what the hell Naboo wants spec-ops for. I don't expect trouble, but we prep for the worst.-- Some body wake up, Xer." Kare's annoyed face at seeing the reformed pirate (?) knocked out was either comical, or it wasn't. Kare' Kun was not known for having much of a sense of humor; it died with her late husband, Snap Wexley.

The ramp slowly lowers down to reveal the landing pad beneath them. Traveling from the interior of the Ghost reveals beautiful surroundings. Beyond the hydraulic ticking noises coming from the ship, nature's song can be heard as a fresh-aired breeze sweeps from the glittering lake-side country in the east and makes the distant willowy tall grass bend to its whim. Distant birds shadow the sky above the lake as they take turns diving for fish, and lumbering fauna slowly munch on grass, making loud noises that are only muffled and subtle at this distance. The horizon is dominated by a mountainous view, and at their feet are the tall, massive oaks of Naboo's renown forests. The villa, which they've landed, is but a small (yet large) thing used to capture all these spectacular views. The main estate is further up on the hill, and their current surroundings give way to a large garden and patio with flowery vine decorated pergolas and places to sit. The first thing they pass is a fountain of marble, etched to the likeness of the Moon Goddess Shiraya. Kare's seems unfazed by the surroundings and walks toward the fountain to pass it by; the blonde is eager to be on with their mission. "Hello? Anyone here?" She calls out.

Ektor is nudged, kicked, or jostled awake at some point. "Hrh? I'm good, I'm awake. We get to the thing, yeah?" The bomber pilot lurches to his feet, stretches a stiff neck and limps out into the gorgeous scenery. "These people richer than Zim, no lie. Huh.. Who's the girl? Not you, Kare, I meant the rock. No- the statue." Belatedly, he double checks his blaster, to be sure no one pranked him in his sleep.

A smirk at Ektor as he jerks awake and Ulani rises with the rest of her squadmates. "Rise and shine, Tion." Though he may need a few more days of beauty rest. Picking up the rifle she had nested in the bulkhead for safekeeping, Ulani double checks to make sure the toggle is set to stun and she slings it over her shoulder by the strap. She's only fired it in practice and even then, it left her hands shaky. She prays to the Maker she won't have to test it on an actual person yet.

Down the ramp and into the majesty of Naboo, Ulani is very much fazed by what she sees. Drawing in an audible gasp, wide blue eyes are looking around trying to take it all in much akin to a tourist, for sure. "You were right," she says over to Bors. "A close second to new Alderaan." Ah, but they're not here to take in the sights. Not yet. Maybe not ever. Ulani follows along with the rest, though the marble fountain and it's beautiful craving catches her eye in awe.

Another benefit of their location is the distinct lack of those bipedal turd shaped creatures native to Naboo. Also that there is no teenagers trying to surf on them for some confounded reason. Kids. Bors is keeping his eyes moving, surveying the area to the best of his ability, one hand resting on the pommel of his re-sheathed blade and the other folded behind his back to rest just above his belt line.

"The Naboo goddess of the Moon, though I dare say the musically inclined lady might be better apt to explain in better detail." spinning slowly as he walks to offer a small bow to Chani on the way around before walking normally again, head inclining to Ulani, "Aye, very close indeed."


Rey's remarks get a nod, wise words in a tense situation. Though the Force is truly with him, always, it's much easier to be felt and reassured by when the world around him isn't rattling at the seams. Regardless, a smile is forced to his face, the look coming a bit more easy once the ship sets down and the systems begin to wind to a stop.

Rune is up and out of his seat once the pilot appears in the doorway, her mention of being ready has his checking for the black cylinder clasped to his belt and his clothes arranged comfortably for travel. Down the ramp they go and the Ossus native is also impressed by the landscape, tilting his head toward Rey to state, "See... this is what I mean, we should visit these sort of planets more often. Less with the doom and gloom, more with the vibrant greens and pleasing foliage." The journey to the villa on the hill is pleasant, his head swiveling from left to right lest he feel he misses something beautiful in their walk. Once they arrive, his eyebrows knit, peering into the shadows to discover who they might be here meeting.

Rey affords Kare a soft smile before following along after her. She latches her jacket up the middle as they disembark the Ghost and stuffs her hands in to the side pockets of the jacket. Her eyes look around at the landscape as they walk toward their destination, the tabards of her clothing whipping in the Naboo winds at her legs. She stays mostly quiet for the time being though, observing and keeping her hands inside the pokcets of the garment. She observes the statue and other landscaping of the area they arrive at. "Sure beats some of the places I've been to lately..." Some part of her briefly thinks of that weird swirly train on Ylesia.... never again!

Boots come on down the ramp and onto the landing pad - nice silica enhanced duracrete here, not cheap tarmac. Fancy. Shemar looks around, sees everything so peaceful and pretty. "Real pleasant. Shame I didn't bring a hammock but at least the General kindly stocked the ship with booze for us." He grins to make it plain he's joking.

Jokes side, Shemar moves out a bit from the others and seeing their contact already here, he begins checking the peremeter alertly. There are some Jedi with them who might sense if there are any lurkers about to over hear this meet up but there's no excuse for him not to do his job and stay sharp.

Well before the Ghost arrives to its designated rendezvous coordinates, Chani Tahn notices it. The roar of its engines grows ever louder the closer it approaches and the young Naboo native abandons her quiet performance. Rising up from her position through the use of her feet and legs alone, Chani holds the hallikset by its neck while her other arm drops to her side. With the Corellian-engineered craft beginning its final approach, she has plenty of time to place the instrument inside and make it back out into the walled yard. The pathway from the landing pad leads into the landscaped grounds and it's only after passing through a trellis-framed arch covered in strong-scented millaflowers that the contact waiting is able to see those arriving.

Dressed in a dark brown feyd-cloth robe over cream garments, the only visible skin on Chani is that from her neck up. Dark hair is left down and unbound. The ink-black coloring of the thick tresses have a ghostly shimmer cast against, which is little more than evidence of their pale luster. Parted in the middle, the tresses tease against her cheeks when she bows at her hips into a forty-five degree angle forward with her torso. "Welcome to Naboo. I am Chani Tahn, liaison to the Royal House of Naboo at Her Royal Majesty's pleasure. She has provided this villa off the Solleu river to serve as your temporary base of operations. Please, let us go inside. Would you like some time to recover from your trip?"

Dark eyes adjust to a familiar face. Lord Thul is recognizable by sheer proximity to Princess Cortess, and he's talking of the statue. "The statue you saw on the way in is Shiraya, the Moon goddess. The Queen often wears a fanned headdress in homage to her, and many Naboo worship her." Despite her even demeanor so far, there's no hiding the shock of surprise that comes with first seeing Rune and then, of all people, Rey Skywalker. "Master Skywalker. I was not expecting you." A funny note, perhaps, given it is unlikely anyone from the arriving team expected their contact to be a quiet, polite Jedi initiate.

"That won't be necessary, Ms. Tahn." Kare' replies curtly, though politely. "We're all eager to know what her Majesty has asked of the New Republic. Commander Dameron thought it best he remain off world to avoid any unwanted attention." Considering his likeness was posted on wanted posters across the galaxy.

Their path takes them to the villa itself, a dominating mansion with large arching doorways and elegant interior. Despite the floor looking marble, it was warm to the touch, enhancing that comfortable feeling of home. They arrive at the den, a large room with tall ceilings and massive windows. The glittering lake can be seen from here, and the sunset's cast of orange as it paints the countryside in its throes before evening comes to reign. Rori, the planet's jade moon, can be seen through the clouds.

Upon entry of the villa, Kare went through the ritual of checking the place out. "Techie.. run a scan for bugs.-- Xer, don't touch anything."

Kare's glare for Xer was probably endearing. She turns from him to regard their contact. "Ms. Tahn, the floor is yours. Why are we here?"

Ektor chuckles aside to Rune, nudging the young Jedi in one shoulder, "Here's the thing, kid: if *we're* coming to a nice place? Somebody's looking to blow it up or rekk it up, yeah? So really.. you *oughta* be wishing we go to a real reeking drek-heap, more often. Yanno-, like Hutt Space. I mean, no lie: last time we was in Naboom, they kinda got.. a little bit occupied." That cheerful insight shared, Xer looks back to their host at the elegant greeting. He mutters aside to Rune, "They all talk like this, here. All.. fancy and drek, yeah? You get used to it." Time to recover? "Nah, we good." He moves into the villa with the others, an appraising eyes wandering over the rich interior. When Kare tells him not to touch anything, he *discreetly* puts the little statuette back down that he'd picked up to peer at curiously. He fumbles it slightly, making more noise than he'd intended.

Beyond the group, Ulani spies the villa in question and her expression widens a bit more. "Certainly an upgrade from the last base of operations we had." If you count several greasy tanks in a circle a 'base of operations.' A chuckle is offered to Shemar. "Maybe afterwards, mm?"

One more glance to the Moon goddess and they're continuing on to the villa. Inside, she doesn't have much time to take in the opulence and -- Maker, that view -- before orders are given. While Ektor is already halfway into disobeying his, Ulani is already halfway into complying. "Got it, No Joy." The first available table space she finds it occupied with a larger, sturdier datapad. Leaning over the screen with a serious, concenrating look, the redhead eventually gives the thumbs-up. "All clear!"

She catches the statuette still wobbling from where Ektor placed it and shakes her head. At least it isn't broken. Yet.

Ula busy, Ektor told to not be busy, Bors moves to find a place to stand out of the way. Mouth shut, eyes open and expression wall to wall grin - as though he were in on some wonderful, terrible, delightful secret. A wondrous secret that the knowledge of allows for only the most pure and sugary sweet joy.

Because they haven't gotten to the bad part yet.

Also because it's Bors, and should the man give an open mouth smile the sparkle of his teeth might blind those nearby and signal an air-strike for the blaze reaching orbit. Ooo! A sunset! The Alderaanian turns his head to observe, keeping his ears pointed towards the chit-chattery of the briefing to come.

The nudge rocks the Ysannan sideways a hair, his attention turning to the bomber pilot with a raised brow. "That is true, though I find trouble seems to follow where ever we go." Rune motions to the impeccable environment they had been strolling through. "At least here we get something pretty to look at while we are being assaulted." The shock is plain on Rune's face as well, the group apparently having travelled to Naboo to meet one of the Jedi's own. Nevertheless, a smile lights his features and a hand is raised in greeting. "Hello, Chani." The novice Force user shares a look between the other two of the Order and quickly suppresses a chuckle, though the mirth of their meeting is clearly present in his eyes.

Ektor's voice nearby prompts Rune to lean closer to listen, "I have noticed that in those that are born of a 'higher station'." he comments with a hand lifted toward Chani. "She and two others of our Order speak in like ways, I think all three nobility." Commands are given and the bomber shifts away leaving Rune to his own devices to examine the interior of their room. He idly regards the opulence, mouth pursed in a quiet whistle until the silence of the moment is broken by the thunk and subsequent wobble of a statue. That does elicit a chuckle, this one unable to be stiffled, and the young Jedi shifts to stand out of the way near the other two Force users.

First Shemar is checking around the building outside. He wants to be sure nobody's come up skulking around to easedrop or hiding in the manicured shrubbery to plan an ambush and take hostages or some weird drek like that. So while the others go inside he's taking his time to check things out and make sure everything is good all the way around. Shemar might even pause to water a bush himself before he completes his perimeter check.

When Shemar finds nothing amiss he heads on up to the entrance the others used and take up a position where he can keep an eye on things going on outside. It's not the only entrance so at least they won't get trapped if anything screwy errupts. After one last good look around the pilot slips in last of all to hear the briefing but Shemar will stay on watch, listening for anything going on outside.

"I thought he was a General.." Chani murmurs it more to herself than anyone else. There's little time left to wonder anything, however, given the brisk pace of the blonde woman who is determined to make it to the villa without stopping. Adopting the same brisk pace, Chani is more exasperated than out of breath by the time they arrive inside. The moment the woman addresses one of her entourage and tells her to run a scan for bugs, Chani actually frowns. "Excuse me, but that is very rude. The Naboo value privacy. There are no listening devices here." Her exasperation grows when a clattered noise of ceramic touching its pedastal leads to her gaze snapping towards the sound. "Please do not touch that!" She stops herself short of moving towards him.

There's no small amount of indignation in her tone, though. In the span of five minutes, what she believed to be some of the New Republic's most professional soldiers have not only insulted their hostess but also nearly broken something that could be, for all Chani knows, priceless. Her chin is likely to be on a swivel for the next few minutes, considering the redhead complying with orders has now invasively scanned the interior of the villa and shouts what Chani has already stated: that there are no listening devices. Her composure is getting away from her. One need only see the expressed clench of her jaw and the way her nostrils flare to know it. Against her better judgment, Chani sweeps her gaze around to find other offenses being committed and comes across the face of Lord Thul. Maybe it's the light or something else entirely, but the man's face looks contorted in painful rigor rather than delight of any kind and it unsettles Chani in a way she can't quite explain. Letting that uneasy feeling broadcast itself on her features, her dark gaze inevitably find the two Jedi among the group.

"I am not nobility." It comes off more harsh than she means it to, nerves frayed as they are by this unorthodox meeting with unorthodox people. She could see why anyone would make the mistake, though, when comparing her deportment against some of the others present. A flicked glance at Rey still comes to pass, before Chani finds the remaining individual amongst the group in the man with the smooth-shaven head coming in far after the others. "Were you.." She starts, but stops. This is not a battle to fight right now. Slowly unclenching fingers she never realized had curled taught and easing her shoulders down from a tensed up position, Chani exhales through her parted lips and tries to center herself.

"The Queen of Naboo has invited you here. Please show her the respect she is due as a sovereign leader of a member world of the New Republic. If the accomodations are unsuitable, I will request something new from Her Majesty." Perhaps openly disrespecting the Queen by questioning her hospitality infront of her liaison was not the best approach. "You are here because the New Republic has answered a request from the Queen regarding heavy, organized pirate activity around craters created in the porous crust of Naboo. The Royal Security Forces do not have the resources to engage them, because every attempted scouting mission is met with an ambush. These craters were caused by the battle over Naboo nearly three years ago. Capital ship debris and remnants of the Acolyte cannon entered the atmosphere and destroyed hundreds of acres of forest and fell into water channels. Due to the hollow nature of the crust, the latter pieces could have wound up anywhere if affected by the current."

Reaching into her robe to her belt, Chani withdraws a datapad. "On this datapad are coordinates for search zones. One is for the forest around the Gallo mountains. The other is the location of Lake Paonga. We can utilize it to begin searching underwater tributaries. Most bodies of water on this planet are connected." She offers the datapad over to the blonde woman clearly in charge of the group.

"Forgive us, Ms. Tahn. Most of us are soldiers, not diplomats. We trust the Queen, and her hospitality, but we must operate with fact. Special Forces operates under a cloak of secrecy, what we do is classified. It's important to /know/ the room is clear of bugs," Kare' gestures to Ulani, " and that the grounds have no unwanted visitors.." She gestures to Shemar, who arrived later than the others. Kare', quite frankly, didn't care if the team's methods offended Chani. Kare' never assumed anything about their surroundings until she knew it for fact.

When the briefing finally began, Kare' listened intently and accepted the datapad. It's casually tossed to Ulani. "Bring those map images up and project them for us to look at, Techie.-- Xer, what do you know about the Chommell sector pirates and organized crime in the area?-- Lord Thul, there was mention of ambushes against the Royal Security Forces.. do you have any court connections in Theed or the surrounding hamlets of Naboo? It sounds like a mole."

When the images are cast up and projected for the team to see, Kare' adopts a military-like stance with her hands locked at her lower back. Her dark eyes survey the images quietly. "Thoughts on where we should begin?" This is asked of the team as a whole, Chani included.

"It ain't just nobles here," Ektor mutters to Rune. "No lie, every body talks all fancy and drek." Chani confirms this, and Ektor gives a 'see how right I just was?' look. But once the Jedi elaborates on the nature of their summons, Ektor grimaces and itches at his neck. "We flew some with the Royal Hatpin corp. They know their work.. so when she says 'every scout gets ambushed' that ain't cause they wasn't looking, yeah?" he notes in assent with Kare's deduction. When she asks after pirates and criminals in the sector, he lets out a long, noisy breath as he organizes his answer. "Drek.. Well, there's a few gangs run through this sector. More than one of them with ties to one Cartel or another, yeah? This kinda aggressive salvage drek sounds like Hutt-suckers, not a lot of independent gangs will risk tangling with real soldiers on their own rock, yeah? I'd wanna see what kinda guns or birds they hit your people with-" that to Chani, before he returns to Kare. "To be sure.. But I'd say Black Star Dragons, or maybe the Death Spiral would have the teeth and the guts to chase a prize like this. Plus.. there's still that rekking station out past sensor range, yeah?"

"Rude?" There's a look of genuine surprise followed by dismay. "Oh, dear. Oh, I'm so sorry. I was just---" Cornflower blue eyes dart over to Kare in a bit of a panic, her face blanching more than a little bit. Apparently she /does/ care a little if they've offended the Queen's representative. The art of not giving a drek hasn't come up in training yet.

Thankfully, that burden doesn't fall onto her and she can focus herself on her assignment. Catching the datapad, Ulani nudges hers aside to make space and deftly brings the maps up to a larger projection into the room. Remaining in her seat in front of both datapads now, she looks up at the translucent maps, ready to zero in on any specific locations as the conversation requires.

Rey Skywalker says, "It ain't just nobles here," Ektor mutters to Rune. "No lie, every body talks all fancy and drek." Chani confirms this, and Ektor gives a 'see how right I just was?' look. But once the Jedi elaborates on the nature of their summons, Ektor grimaces and itches at his neck. "We flew some with the Royal Hatpin corp. They know their work.. so when she says 'every scout gets ambushed' that ain't cause they wasn't looking, yeah?" he notes in assent with Kare's deduction. When she asks after pirates and criminals in the sector, he lets out a long, noisy breath as he organizes his answer. "Drek.. Well, there's a few gangs run through this sector. More than one of them with ties to one Cartel or another, yeah? This kinda aggressive salvage drek sounds like Hutt-suckers, not a lot of independent gangs will risk tangling with real soldiers on their own rock, yeah? I'd wanna see what kinda guns or birds they hit your people with-" that to Chani, before he returns to Kare. "To be sure.. But I'd say Black Star Dragons, or maybe the Death Spiral would have the teeth and the guts to chase a prize like this. Plus.. there's still that rekking station out past sensor range, yeah?""

"There are some of whom in both that the House of Thul oft speak. I shall make myself reacquainted and see what is shaken free when the trunk is shaken." a pause to think, monocle removed to be cleaned out of habit and tucked back before his eye, "We might suddenly have need to acquire more for the purpose of our works. May yet there be some transport craft suddenly laden with goods most easily re-sellable on even gray markets that should be tantalizing, thus."

Bors looks between Poe and Chani as he offers his small bit to the conversation, brows lofted but still smiling as if there was nothing less that could be done with his face but look pleasant.

Apparently Rune needs to ask more questions of his fellow Jedi than just assuming things based on social situations. After a nod to Ektor he bows his head toward their host muttering a, "My mistake." before stepping back to rest against a pillar. The withdrawn datapads gather a measure of interest after Chani's explanation of why they're here has been given, hazel eyes following them through the air as they're lofted to Ulani.

Once the projections are displayed Rune pushes away from his place of respite to examine them curiously, his head tilting slightly to the side as he mulls over the maps. "As to where we start, I would think that should be on land." He offers, "The forest would be less difficult to search though in pursuit of what we seek than having to navigate water ways for clues. Perchance what we find within the crater in the forest would give us a better idea to what we seek in the underwater channels."

Rey's eyes are wandering the interior of this fancy place as the conversation unfolds and develops toward the briefing. She glances back to Rune and then to Chani as she engages in the rundown of what they came here for...

The talk of the Acolyte Cannon and its ultimate fate in the form of harming the planet has Rey glancing down and shuffling her feet. She considers herself to blame for that, the cannon was used because of an idea she had, all that time ago... But, she looks back up and purses her lips, her hands come out of her jacket pockets to interlace her fingers together in front of her lap.

Her brown eyes go to the display as they bring up images of what and where they may be going to offer assistance with this situation. She draws in a breath through her small nose and just quietly listens, processing what she's seeing and hearing...

AFter Rune speaks, Rey chimes up softly. "Whatever is in most peril. I'd suggest starting there."

When Chani briefly started to address him, Shemar looks her in the eye and says softly, "Perimeter check, ma'am." They /are/ special forces operatives after all. He gives her a perfectly disarming smile and settles in to listen to the briefing. Now why in a Bantha's birthday is she getting all distraught and over what? Clearly he missed something before he came in. A discrete look about doesn't reveal what.

Ah, then Kare's explaining and his understanding becomes clear. A faint nod. The rest of Shemar's attention is focused on the briefing details about the planet's crust, craters, pirates, ambushes and the like absorbing it like a spounge. He doesn't start taking notes, instead the pilot works on committing the details to memory. Kare is on top of it and showing her no-nonesense professionalism.

To Chani at Kare's prompting, Shemar asks quietly, "Ma'am, any chance we can get details, AAR's, or any footage- even after the fact, on the ambushes that have taken place? Were any bodies of these pirates recovered? Can we also get a detailed list of what precisely was taken?" It may be of little use to them, but on the other hand they won't know until they can examine the data.

"You want facts? Here's one. You are direspecting Her Majesty and setting the same kind of precedent the New Republic did by treating her like an enemy." Chani doesn't quite spit the words, but they're delivered at a quick, sharp cadence that she's unable to stop before it's done. "I am here as a liaison for the Queen, a citizen of the New Republic, and a member of the Jedi Order. This also happens to be my homeworld, and you have done nothing but bark at me like I am a housekeeper you are calling on to serve your tea. Is this Xer from Naboo? Has he grown up here his entire life, seeing various pirate activities specific to this sector? Is Lord Thul not Alderaanian? Does he have intricate knowledge of the political and civil service system all children raised here go through? Did he attend school with the leaders of today?"

She's losing her cool before the paragon of the Jedi Order, but the more she talks, the less she can find the ability to stop. "I'll tell you where to begin. Start acting like you're standing in a safe location granted to you by an ally asking for your help and talking with someone from the planet who might just know more about it than your non-native team. If that's too much to ask, I can retrieve the datapad she's shared in good faith, which reveals a whole species' most sacred location, and I can return to Her Majesty and inform her that the New Republic cannot grant her request, as they have so frequently be unable to since reforming. I'll tell her we just have to deal with whatever toxic chemicals have infested our tributaries and destroyed kilometers of our swamps and fend for ourselves. So, no, you are not forgiven. I have met soldiers and some of them are the most honorable people I have had the fortune of crossing paths with. This is not the case here, and I cannot, in good conscience, allow this to continue if this is how you are going to conduct this operation."

Let it never be said that the young women of Naboo have no spine. Pacifists they may be, but they also have strong beliefs.

Also, the man that almost knocked over the statue hit the nail pretty dead on the head, but Chani's not about to wreck her own thunder to admit that.

Kare' shifts slightly, annoyance surfacing on her face the moment Chani speaks up. Rather than address the girl emotionally, though, she waits for her to finish and motions to Techie to cut the feed of the maps. "Very well, Ms. Tahn. I'll go against my better judgment and assume you've been trained in advanced tactics and unit deployment."

She motions for Ulani to give the datapad back to Chani. "Brief us over the deployment formations and materiel used in the ambushes against her Majesty's Royal Starfighter Corps. Additionally, we'll need to know every politician with access and authority to weigh in on the Queen's council of security affairs."

"While you're at it, I'd like a permit for crypto scans, essentially things that help us monitor incoming and outgoing transmissions that can focused on a particular region, or spread to space; but you knew that already, what with your advanced communications background and crypto training in debugging encrypted communications from various communications network."

"Lastly, please advise our team of the tactical deployment parameters. We need to know size, activity, specific locations and ambush points, the types of units they were using, the time of the ambush, and any special equipment recovered by scouting reports."

Staring at her blankly, Kare's hip shifts slightly. "Don't worry, we'll wait."

"My dear Lady Tahn of Naboo." Bors approaches where Chani sets and slips into a genteel bow that flows into a genuflection where his knee comes within centimeters of the floor, held there for the length of three beats with his neck bent to keep his eyes below the level of Chani's before he raises. Chin still lowered, the blade worn at his side is drawn and his wrist turns to bring the flat to balance upon his palms with the flat side of the single edged blade turned towards the native Naboo.

"I shan't contradict thine statement to the egregious nature of loose hands, darting eyes and the slanderous idea of a felines scanning of the room for potential threat. Therin lay the concern that whilst Her Royal Highness of Naboo stands in stead most anointed in good faith; the risk to she and hers is a foremost concern, but has been handled most indelicately." head still down, arms out - a statue waiting to be knocked over by Xer if he were so inclined.

"Lady Tahn - your stance in representation, your place within your Order, all things that are tended to in the thoughts of Black Squadron and be it known that thou are not being taken with happenstance interest. Pray thee see that the concerns of thy people, thy queen and thyself are held in our esteem." a breath taken to let that be considered, stock still until his head bobs from speaking again.

"Thine concerns shall be acted on, I shall attend Court myself and further these concerns in private council with mine the House of Thul to have our resources bent towards the security of thy people. My Lady Tahn, as I am the Arm of Her Most Royal Highness, My Princess, My Queen, Lady Aryn Cortess; for the length of this threat to Naboo I would offer my sword to be at thou, and be extension Her Highness, the Queen of Naboo's call, aegis and champion."

Still his head is down, the blade raised ever so slightly at the culmination of his offer, and potential political bandage.

What does Ektor add on the heels of such a pronouncement? He mutters to Rune, "What language was that?" He doesn't try to interject or add noise to the standoff between Chani and Kare, just yet.

His perfectly reasonable questions were utterly ignored and a tirade had ensued. Shemar ... simply closes his mouth and looks to Kare - who judging by his briefly befuddled and then clearing look is now his hero. He's just going to stay out of this and act like the statue Ektor had been fondling.

Awkward. Very, very awkward. Frozen in her seat, Ulani's shoulders have tensed to the point that every chiropractor in the galaxy can feel the disturbance. Now there's a two-pronged front aimed at Chani and, quite frankly, Ulani is just going to do her best to keep her eyes forward.

"Sir." A quick confirmation to Kare and the datapad is quickly gathered up and walked over to Chani, held out for her to take at her leisure. To Ektor... well. She /wants/ to answer but there's an uncomfortable tightness in her throat. So she just stands there, one of three people in Chani's personal space now.

One offering a datapad. One offering his sword. The third offering to wait.

At Bors' speech, Rune turns to Ektor with raised brows, his regard finding the man already mentioning the question that was on his mind. However the tense situation in the room has just ramped up tenfold and one needn't be sensitive in the Force to feel the crackling of electricity that has been charged in this conversation. The Ysannan just wishes to be helpful and, at this moment in time, not saying a single word is the most helpful he can be.

"Most of the information you just asked for is on the datapad and you would have known it had you taken the time to read it rather than throwing it at a subordinate." Lord Thul is beginning one of his eloquent tangents. Her brief time around the noble has made her familiar with them, but its her turn to disrespect, and a sharp snap of her chin to the side leads to a very quick, "Not now!" Gaze and chin both flick back to the woman who has yet to introduce herself. "I'd address you by title, but you have yet to so much as introduce yourself. Since I have nothing to go off of, you'll forgive me for not saying anything by rank." Ulani is just on time. Chani takes the datapad from hand. She's had more than enough time to pour over it.

"Royal Security Forces intelligence points out that all ambushes are conducted two to three kilometers out from crash sites. Each time they attempt to survey the area, they are met with overwhelming force compared to their own. The lack of uniformity displayed by either ground forces or air forces suggests pirate activity at an unprecedented scale of organization. They engage with a mixed range of starfighter craft and medium-sized freighters. Everything from Headhunters to a Corellian Engineering Corporation why-tee twenty-four hundred. They have intimate knowledge of Royal Starfighter Corps Flight combat maneuvers. Here's another line you were looking for: it is suspected that there may be an internal source feeding the pirate organization information."

Chani thumbs down on the datapad. "This is suspected because the forces encountered seemed overall disorganized and utilized no formal tactics, but had advantage in force of numbers and surprise. Also listed in this datapad is every position on the Royal Adivsory Council and the official filling that seat. They are responsible for counseling Her Majesty on all foreign and domestic matters and are all present during briefs of import. Also present in these meetings are the Captain of the Royal Security Forces, two of his assigned duty troopers, and the Queen's own Handmaidens." She begins cycling down through the rest of the text towards an entirely different section and past the list of coordinates indicating all known engagement points and Starfighter Corps data feeds. "Here's my favorite part, aside from the answers you're looking for. Her Majesty extends her full cooperation to the New Republic's task force and has provided direct line communication through her liaison to whatever resources required from the Royal House of Naboo. Your permit? I can get you that. You just had to ask for it." Chani shoves the datapad towards Kare and gives it a little flick up at the corner. "You ready to work with me, and not just assume you have to reinvent the hyperdrive?"

"Yep." Kare' says curtly, accepting the datapad for the second time. "Nothing's changed from a few minutes ago. You may call me Captain Kare' Kun. Captain is sufficient. I appreciate your help in navigating this scenario, as I'm certain my team is up to the task. That's why we came here. Would you please get us the necessary permits so we can get started?"

Kare steps closer to the Jedi and looks her in the eyes. "And never presume to tell me how to do my job again; I think we got it from here, Ms. Tahn." She steps away from Chani in that instant and makes for the door. "Black Squad, we're heading out. We have what we need. Thank Ms. Tahn for her Majesty's hospitality." Kare doesn't say goodbye, she's out the door they came to make her way back to the Ghost. It's hard to tell if she's mad or just eager to get back into her work.

Ektor audibly groans at the mention of a YT-2400, and let's his head roll back to stare at the roof for a moment. "*These* Hutt-suckers, again," he mutters. Bringing his good eye back onto the host a d his superior officer, the reformed (?) pirate itches again at the back of his neck. As Kare gives those parting orders, he regards Chani again, with a crooked grin. "Uh. Nice place. Thanks, yeah?"

Hands now empty, Ulani puts some distance between her and Chani with a few quick steps back. Is this how things usually go? Unsure, the woman looks to each of the others present one after the other to guage their expressions, but likely not gaining much in the ways of understanding from them. Most of them have really good Sabacc faces. And Ektor's just always looks like that.

Ulani is quick to gather her own datapad and shove it into her satchel before turning to the Jedi and offering a soft "Thank you, Ms Tahn," with a courteous, crisp bow. It helps to remember practiced propriety from one's youth. She hangs back to wait for the others to start leaving, as well. Not wishing to scurry away and leave someone behind.

Head lifted and blade slipped back into its sheath. Left brow raised before Bors simply turns, hands folded behind his back and strides for the door with the others without a single additional word given. Fine to simply make his way back to the ship to return to the Pantheon for whatever further brief awaits.

With the heated exchange done and on its way to being diffused, Rune looks to the departing members of the team and begins to follow them out. In farewell, he lifts a hand to Ms. Tahn and offers her a bright but waning smile adding, "Bye Chani, see you soon." before the Jedi Initiate is out the door with the rest of the squad. His walk back is a quiet one, for him at least, reflecting on the meeting, the mission, and the general feeling of dissipating electricity as the Captain and crew return to the ship. At least the scenery is nice...

Rey's eyes are on the exchange throughout it up to Kare taking the lead on finishing up. She darts her eyes around then before hearing Ektor's discouraged exclaim about the YT. Her eyes go back then to Chani and she nods once toward her, before offering a quick and faint smile. But when the others prepare to leave, Rey turns to do the same, her arm brushing in to an elaborate display on the edge of a table, causing the whole thing to shatter and fall apart in to tiny wooden pieces upon the table. "Oh...." Rey says looking horrified. "I'll uh... I'll fix it." She quickly leans down and starts to futz with the pieces, having no idea which one goes where... "Like this. I think..." The young woman says, creating something nothing like what was there before...

"I'll catch up." Rey says after the others on their way out before going back to frantically trying to rebuild the ... was it a piece of art? Look. She's not an art expert....

The Lieutenant JG waits quietly where he stands by the corridor wall as the others prepare to debark the building. Shemar's gaze follows Kare, glances at Chani Tahn, and he keeps his mouth shut, his thoughts to himself. He waits while others begin to file out and then turns his back on the diplomat or whatever she is and heads back to the ship with his Squadron.

There's a crash behind him as Rey knocks over something or another and it goes clattering to the floor in pieces. Shemar winces and hesitates to see if the young Jedi needs a hand but nope, Rey looks like she's ... got ... whatever it was.

That's his cue to keep walking! Don't smirk, Sabaac face man. Sabaac face.