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Siha dies, Iggy cries

OOC Date: February 22nd, 2019
Location: Harloff Street - Gearhead District, Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Black Sun, Ryo Odessa, Iggy Odessa, Siha Archer

GEARHEAD DISTRICT. It's just as stinky as the rest of Nar Shaddaa. But for different reasons. This is the stinkyness of INDUSTRY.

Posted up against the wall of some unknown, barely-recognizable factory-shaped building is Ryo Odessa, trading in his silks and capes for what essentially amounts to a lightly-armored leather bodysuit. The collar is flared and you know that jacket is unzipped far enough to show off Ryo's many medallions and tuft of chest hair.

The man's arms are crossed over his chest and he checks his chronometer, groaning some barely coherant string of Ryl expletives.

And here comes Iggy making his best effort to be light on his toes while stays tight against the wall his brother is leaning on for this discreet rendevoux. Unfortunately, he's still wheezy from an ammonia-laced hookah from the other night so he doesn't get far before he has to pause, and drive heave for a second. Eventually, he pulls out an inhaler looking device, which steadies his breath and then walks up to tap Ryo on the shoulder.

"Okay, sorry about that. The weapons shop didn't have a refersher so I had to pop into a convenience store," Iggy admits, not knowing his fly is still wide open. "And then when I was there I stopped to pickup some Brightgum. You want?" He offers the bright colored package of candy to his brother before noting, "It could help you quit smoking."

Siha Archer is about as delicate as a Rancor in heat when it comes to being quiet or moving swiftly. Where Ryo is slick and stylish, Siha is in her usual black and gold Mandalorian armor, including the helmet, old blood spatters from the day before coating parts of her armor adding a slightly neat flair to things. Around her neck is a leather necklace with old dried out fingers of various races on them. And like Iggy she's meeting Ryo at the spot, riding in on an old busted speeder bike which backfires every so often loudly, the duo, unless they're deaf, able to hear her from MILES away. By the time she gets to the spot the bike is put-put-putting, dying in a slow way until she's just rolling along and kicking the bike forwards with one boot and one Genosian foot, "Hey losers." Grunted from within the t-visored helmet, woman slinging a leg off the bike and letting it fall without bothering to take the key chip out. IT'S DEAD. It clatters to the side, woman strutting towards both men and their candy, sword bouncing on her right hip, blaster on her right, "Why am I here." A glance down to Iggys' crotch, eyebrow raising in her helm as her chin drops forwards, "That's unfortunate ...that run in the family?" Rood.

Looking over at Iggy, Ryo furrows his brow and says, "No thanks. I'm trying to quit gum."

Lighting a green-papered tabacc stick, Ryo pushes off of the wall and walks to meet Siha half-way, beckoning for Iggy to follow-suit.

Taking a puff and looking all conspiratorial, Ryo says, "Alright. There's some financial data here that some people I know really want. Deposit records, ash from burnt books, that kinda thing, eh? So we're gonna get it. Cool?"

Iggy Odessa opens his mouth to say something further to Ryo, but the sounds of an old, mechanical beast of burden screaming for pain in its last few seconds of life seem to crowd too much of the volume for him to get a word in. And its only when Siha shows up, does he attempt to say anything at all. "Oh hi Siha-" His eyes follow hers down to his crotch before he flushes a bright red and frantically zips up after himself. "I-I'm sorry, no I'm not usually like this..." The bumbling makes everything even more awkward. Attempting to dodge the smoke from Ryo's t'bac he implores as he takes another drag of the inhaler, "Ryo please. My sinuses are a little sensitive right now. Ash from burnt books? I don't know what that means ..." Could someone please hold the hand of this baby?

"You aren't?" Asked from within the helmet with clear disbelief, a snort following as Siha leans in on her Genosian leg to listen in to the plan, "I can't believe you brought your little brother ..." Exasperated sigh as Iggy goes on about his delicate sinuses, a sideways glance slanted to the man which results in a small turn of her helmet towards him, "Just ..follow us and ..try not to get in the way. You can be our pack bantha for anything we need carried." See, she makes sure there are jobs for everyone to make them feel included.

"It means evidence that they've been fudging the numbers. My friends think they're probably laundering credits through this place. So, we're gonna peek around, see what we can find out," Ryo explains, taking a long drag from his smoke and flipping the still-smoldering butt of the cigarette around his fingers before he lifts his hand and flicks it toward Siha's head. It banks off the side of it and off into the street.

"C'mon," the man says, moving to walk further down the sidewalk and dipping around a corner into an alleyway that runs behind the factory. It's gray, brown, and empty aside from the occassional trash-eating rodent that can be seen scurrying about. BUT LO, THE FIRST CHALLENGE. There's a door. Well, a gate. One of those rolley-uppey ones. But it's locked.

"Iggy, you know anything about uh...code breaking or...whatever?"

"No, no, I swear I'm much more decent," Iggy insists as he misses Siha's real point entirely. Simply, happy to just be included in his brother's adventures, the armorer does his best to hide his smile of excitement as Ryo further explains the task at hand. "Oh laundering, yeah that's no good," he says like a child repeating a life lesson that he only just learned as she follows the pair down the alleyway. When they come across the gates, Iggy happily replies, "Sure I do! Did you want me to open these gates? There should be a little key pad somewhere..." Not blessed in the vision department, Iggy squints around looking for the key pad, walking past it a couple times before - "Aha! Here we go. An old run down, place like this. I bet you its something simple like 4, 5, 6, 7..." A beep beep beep beep, when he tries out the numbers and the gate indeed rolls up and open.

Siha Archer is way too distracted by Iggy and his sudden competence to pay attention as she steps through the gate, staring hard at Iggy over her shoulder as she stomps past him, "Idiot savant ..amazing ..." And then with a swing of her head she looks around and sees ... "Wow. So exciting this is a real ..warehouse. So. So. ...dark." She sees nothing. NOTHING.

"That's right, Iggy. Laundering money is just no good at all," Ryo says, sliding his blaster from its holster as Iggy does his master codebreaking. Truly, a sight to behold!

"Oh, hey; he did it," Ryo says, looking over at Siha. "And watch it, Archer. He's a rube, but he's my brother."

Then he's walking in after her. A quick little once-over of the place and he's walking over to a fuze box. Reaching out, he throws the switch. Luckily, he swipes his hand away fast enough as to not get electrocuted to death by the shower of sparks and mean noises that happen afterwards.

THUNKING on one after another, the large overhead lights shine down on...well, Siha said it best. Nothing.

"Nah, this can't be right. Not /this/ obvious, eh?" Ryo asks, looking around at the inside of the building. Wall to wall empty shelves and a small office across the way from where they walked in. "They're laundering money through here for /sure/."

Blushing, Iggy shakes his head humbly and follows behind Siha into the factory, "Savant? I mean ... my mom says I've always been rather smart but I woudln't go so far as to call myself that ..." Because this pudgy boy seems to had a filter over his ears for only the pleasant bits about himself. An Odessa family trait. He shudders suddenly at the distinct buzz of live electricity and covers his eyes when the assaultive lights come on. And then ... a pause as his ears seem to twitch at the sound of foot steps headed their way. "Someone's coming," he announces but then does nothing but stand there because he doesn't know any better.

What IS Iggy. Siha is becoming obsessed with him right now, completely missing the sound of anything other than her own breathing in her helmet and her voice, "I find you oddly alluring, Iggy, and I don't know why." His pureness perhaps, but Siha is blunt and honest in her assessment, "Like ..this feeling of wanting to wrap my arms around you and draw you to my chest ..but not to kill you. It's weird. I'm a little uncomfortable."

"Archer," Ryo says, snapping his fingers at the woman. "Somebody's coming," he says, repeating Iggy's info to the woman who seems to be lost in his pudgy brother's eyes.

And, lo and behold, Iggy's 2 for 2. Walking into the now-opened gate is a trio of mercenaries, wearing armor adorned with markings placing them within one of the swoop gangs that's so popular with the kids around Gearhead.

"What're you shrivs doin' here?" remarks the bulky, scar-faced Besalisk leading the group. "These people kick up to us to watch their stuff, and I ain't never seen you three around." Blaster safeties are disengaged.

The blush only intensifies as Siha confesses her feelings to Iggy. The sweet, sweet man has never received such attentions before and quite frankly doesn't know what to do with it. "I mean, it sounds like you just want a hug ..." Then looking left and right, he considers his next move carefully. No girls has ever wanted to hug him before and like, he's not gunna say NO like a kriffing LOSER. So he opens arms, inching closer and closer to Siha (and likely to his death) until the swoop gang brothers show up to ruin the party. Frightened by their gruff appearance, Iggy stumbles over his words as he searches for a fake excuse.

"I ... we uh ... well if you ... ehhh ..." Pure word vom until Iggy collects himself, remembering his mother's words - honesty is always the best policy. And with that in mind, he offers a friendly smile and wave, "Hi uhm. I'm Iggy and uh - we also heard bad things were going on in here and we came to check it out ourselves as well. Nice to meet you!" Not a super lie, but not quite dripping with details as well.

Gyah - what ..what is he doing. Unable to stop herself she'll curl her upper lip, exposing those pearly chompers, face crumpling into one of horror and confusion, "What is he doing ..Ryo ..why is he - what? Who? Oh." Her hand snaps out, fingers splayed, splutting towards the Iggy's chest awkwardly, "..no." Quick shake of her head. Dude. No public displays of affection. Let her love you in secret. Cold, dark, embarrassed secret.A twist around with her hand still up and Siha will turn to look over her shoulder at the trio who come in, and she'll ...affect her best seductive smile which is more of a snarl, caught off guard and really not seductive at all, "Unless you ~want~ bad things to happen ..." Her tone, meant to be sugary, is closer to a gravelly way too low drop in tone, like she's trying to talk like a man. Mmmphh. Lookit her. She'll even kick out her Genosian leg to the left, toes curling as she gives her hips a slight thrusting to the side. She so hawt, she so fiinnnne.

"I like you, little fellah," the Besalisk says, his wattle vibrating as he leans down to regard the man with a big, toothy smile. "But just cause I like ya, don't mean I'm gonna let ya leave this place alive." Imagon B. Smooshin's big maw pulls itself into a frown and he says, "Get 'em, boys."

CLANK. BANG. "AH SHRAK!" shouts Ryo from where he was sneaking off into the shadows but had the unfortunate luck to bump into a shelf while he was checking over his shoulder. This, of course, led to a disastrous set of circumstances unforeseen by any of our intrepid crew. The shelf fell in on itself. The legs that the shelf was supporting collapsed, themselves. Then the towering rack inched itself ever more and more close to toppling over entirely.

Luckily for our intrepid group of brigands (and Iggy), the colossal storage shelf comes crashing down, right on top of Inc On'sequential, the Sullustan with a moustache who was headed to volunteer at the local soup kitchen right after this. The sharp metal edges of the shelves insure that the poor swoop ganger is diced into a plethora of pieces, squirting blood and offal all over everyone within ten feet.

"INC!" shouts Imagon, whipping one of his four big, meaty arms toward the dancing Mandalorian.

"Wait, what do you mean alive?" The dough-faced Iggy looks purely confused at the dialogue happening right now. And before he can react to anything, the mammoth shelf comes and crushes poor Inc right before the armorer. His Sullustan blood and guts splatters Iggy, who looks wide-eyed with shock to the point where tears start to well up at the sight. "Oh no!" he gasps, running forward to pull the shelf off the swoop ganger, crying all the while. Not expecting to take on gunfire, Iggy hears a red plasma shot ZING past his head and he ducks for cover behind the very piece furniture he was trying to move.

Siha Archer is at a bad angle, with her left hand resting, naturally, on the hilt of her sword, the right still raised towards Iggy. The Besalisk is rushing towards her and she'll crack a wide smile, which goes unseen beneath her helmet, "Time to get sexy. Watch me, Iggy." SHE'S SHOWING OFF FOR HIM NOW. The tumbling of the shelf distracts her momentarily, head turning to take in the dude that gets taken out, just in time for CRACK. Ooof, right into her left boob, cracking ribs which puncture into her cybernetic left lung, for the time being rendering it inoperable, her other cybernetic lung cycling to try and take up the slack. A second after she's connected with her sword had come up lamely, winging and missing, a hoarse cough dribbling past lips as she then attacks with more intention with a second swing, aiming to take off one of his arms, hopefully the one that tit-punched her. Right arm is up pressed into the painful wound, fist digging in to try and stem some of the blood flow, "Y-y-you single, Igster?" Breathed out as she drops back into a defensive stance, breathing ragged, sword at the ready. Gosh. He's like a puppy. But not a cool puppy. Like one with teeth. But still so cute.

"Iggy!" Ryo shouts as a blaster bolt zooms past his brother. "Get out of there!" he commands, moving to sprint back toward the group, stepping over the occassional twisted metal support beam as he does so. His blaster is lifted and he pops off a duo of shots toward the be-tattooed Twi'lek Nahmliss. One of them connects, burning a searing yellow-hot chunk out of the man's arm.

Bolstered by the loss of their good friend and pillar of the community, Nahmliss and Imagon fight on.

From behind the bookshelf, Iggy does indeed watch Siha in all her psychotic grace as she gets into gear. There is a deep, sympathetic wince when the big haired lady takes a hit to the chest. "Am I ... what?" He's so confused by this question right now that he just goes on answering it in the same word vomit format as earlier. "Single? No ... wait, I mean ... uh yes. I mean ... there was this Twi'lek girl that I worked with once but I don't think she was really into me. But she was really nice and I ..." His face is beet red whilst there are still residual tears in his eyes. But catching himself, takes a second to breath and in the midst of all that is going on attempts (in VERY poor Mandalorian) to say to Siha, "Are you okay?"

And yet, Iggy heeds the cries of his brother and something of a survival instinct kicks in. He crawls away from the cross fire, keeping low enough to sneak behind an empty crate further away from the action. Sorry Siha. He's scarrreeddd.

Siha Archer is dead. She just doesn't know it. Another sweep of a meaty fist buckles Siha right in the other boob, completely crushing her chest and all accompanying bones. Both lungs are malfunctioning though still somehow dragging scant wisps of air in through forced drawing of air in her throat.

She just blew it. This is embarrassing.

It takes a long few moments for Siha to realize she's on her back, chest a blooded red mess with stark white jagged spears of white etching through as bone is exposed, blood foamily dripping from her lips and nostrils as she struggles to breath, hoarse whispering sounds erupting from her amid gurgling. Blankly her grey eyes stare up at nothing, and who knows what she sees as shadows close in on her vision. The last words are a horrifying insult delivered by Iggy and his lack of mastery of the Mandalorian language. Somewhere, from deep inside, she lifts up her right hand and flips Iggy off. The hand immediately falls as her body goes limp, head rolling to the side with a dead stare forwards. She's dead.

She just don't know it.

"Stop!" Ryo shouts over the chaos of everything. Imagon, crouched over Siha's nearly-lifeless corpse and ready to deliver the killing blow jerks his head toward the Festian gambler. "Just.../stop/ okay," he says, voice more level, now that things like blaster bolts and battle screams have subsided. Blaster still levelled at the mountanous alien, Ryo's hand lifts non-combatively and tugs at the collar of his jacket. Peeling it back, he reveals something. A brand on his chest. "You recognize that, big guy? We're just the recon team. That means there's a army of shriv-kickers out there ready to mow you down. You got that? Let her go. Grab what's left of you friend and get out of here."

Nahmliss has already sprinted off upon seeing whatever it is that Ryo's just showed them. Imagon sneers and bellows loudly at the gambler before breathing a guttural sigh of acknowledgement. Letting go of the downed-Mando's collar, he allows her to slump back down to the ground and he stands up straight. "Fine," he conceits, before reaching down to grab the biggest chunk of Inc left. "But you just made an enemy of the Lower Gearhead District Soup Kitchen and Home for Rehabilitation. We never forgive, and we /never/ forget."

With that, the big alien turns and begins to stomp his way out of the door.

Like all death, Siha's demise is neither a pretty nor glorious sight. The punch lands and Iggy simply closes his eyes, unable to look even though he can well hear the gritty impact of the fist. By the time, he opens his eyes again she's been degraded to a pile of flesh and electronics and it takes everything in his power not to cry even more. And then a sweet voice rings over all the choas. The armorer glances up from his hiding spot to watch his brother intervene. The flash of a brand - the sharp spikes of a sun's rays stands in flesh colored contrast against Ryo's dark hairy chest. Iggy catches a sight of it and is completely unsure of what it means. And when Nahmliss leaves the building with the threat still ringing in their ears, the pudgy man asks his brother. "I-is she alive? We gotta ... we gotta bring her to the hospital or something."

With that all sorted, and an on-going plot now firmly in-swing, Ryo slides his pistol into its holster and clips it into place. "Iggy, go see what's on that computer in the office. Copy it onto this," he says, pulling a data disk from his belt and tossing it over to his brother.

Then he's looking down to Siha with a sigh. "C'mon, dummy," he says, kneeling down to loop his arms under her. It's by no means easy, but Ryo manages to haul the downed woman up off the floor. "I don't know. If she isn't, she won't last to Tatooine, but I can get her to Wayside. Meet me there," he instructs, before moving toward the door with his brother's new girlfriend. "Don't let me down, kid!"

As she's lifted, organic matter slip out and splatters onto the floor from Siha. She's dead weight. Literally. HAHA. Some of the stuff that leaks out looks important.

There's a bit of a fumble but Iggy manages to catch the disk in his short stubby hands. "You're not gunna wait for me?" he asks Ryo in a bit of a panic and there it goes again. The waterworks. Memories flood back of being on a cold cold ship. Hiding for hours among cargo. Tired, hungry, waiting for his brother to meet him. The wave of dispair when he realized he isn't coming. "You're ... not gunna leave me again, are you?" Too late for an answer. The gambler is already heading out the building.

Refusing to let the past repeat itself, Iggy hops to it in double time, running for the office and letting his fat fingers fly across the keys to extract the data he needs. Two words - endless spreadsheets. You think they'd have something better than Excel in this universe. The second it's downloaded, he makes a run for it. "Wait for me!!" he calls to perhaps no one, tripping real bad once, but getting up to chase after Ryo once more.