Log:Blue Lights, Rose-tinted Glasses

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Bar'duur and Stavros meet Therous, discuss changing the world - and the bar.

OOC Date: February 10, 2016
Location: Blue Light
Participants: Stavros, Therous Caavuna, Bar'duur, Rebel Yell

It's never too early to drink in a city that never sleeps. Stavros has moved to claim a stool at the bar that runs along the back of the room, and is chatting with the current bartender. He has something orange, slushing and yet fizzy, in a wide-stemmed glass that opens up into the shape of a bowl - a margarita glass, in other words. The Zeltron is chatting with the bartender, who is wiping glasses clean. It's not a peak time, but there are still customers scattered about. Stavros isn't the only lush. He occasionally glances back towards the entrance.

with a grin on his lips, Therous, a tall corellian man in his late twenties, cooly strides into the bar, and takes a seat, gazing around, and noticing the other patron within, giving them a wave and a smile.

Bar'duur makes his way into the establishment slowing to a halt once he has passed through the doors to survey the room. The Zabrak looks over those gathered slowly, taing in each patron here and even when he spots the familiar Stavros, his gaze continues to get a good idea of the bar's condition before he continues along, now toward the bar where the blue skinned fellow sits. "This is a popular place." Says the horned man while sliding atop a stool.

"Hey there," Stavros says when he eventually notices Therous enter, on one of his turns back towards the door. He beckons the man over. "Come on, there's not enough people to need the tables. Come introduce yourself; get to know people."

By then Bar'duur has arrived as well, and the Zeltron gives him a wave. "Yeah. It's a cool joint. It can get ridiculously crowded, but that's the price of being the best, eh? Beats watching out for angry security guards in the Hutt District." He gives Bar'duur an apologetic look. "I know there are good guys over there, but it seems like for every one, ten are just looking for a reason to grab a gang and stomp you."

Bar'duur emits a good-natured laugh at Stavros' comment. "There were all sorts working for the Hutts, those who worked for the casino directly were like me and Siya, we did not hurt anybody, but I met the ones who were less trustworthy too." He gives the Zeltron a little nudge. "The only reason some work for the Hutts is they have no choice, that is how they are surviving Nar Shaddaa. I was lucky to get away from that life, in no small part to the weapon I found, so by some standards I have a leg up, but I need more experience and practice surviving in the galaxy at large." Finally the Zabrak turns to the 'tender. "I will have a Corellian sunrise."

Stavros nods. "I know. I've lined up in gang wars before. Most of them didn't have good prospects. The professionals were thin on the ground."

"That's something I want to talk to Sar about, actually," Stavros says. "Hitting a Hutt's bottom line is one thing - people will die, maybe people who didn't have much choice about being there or not." He takes a generous swallow from his glass. "But I wonder if we can do more to provide an alternative or a way out. Not everyone has a skill set we need, and we can't hire everyone, but if we start hitting Hutts hard, their people need a way out." He looks down into his slushy glass. "Am I crazy to think Nar Shaddaa could change?"

Bar'duur listens to Stav's words with a gradually growing look of consideration, thoughtfully looking away he reaches for his newly arrived glass and lifts it for a sip. "No, you are not crazy to think that." Said with a shrug and a little smile. "But the problem here seems to be, there is no community of people supporting eachother. The hutts are the organization right? But they are not a healthy community, they are a big buisness, that is not the same thing. People need to have a way to find a better life, they need to have the choice available to them. You cant hire everybody or anything but while hitting the hutts with one hand you could use your other hand to find ways to help options, help organizations that might offer a way out for the average person living in poverty. It has to be done right, and we cant sacrifice our own safety in the process. Hiring openly invites the possability of spies. We cant be blind to that reality."

"True. Spies are a risk in any growing company that is at odds with the traditional leaders." Stavros shrugs. "Not much we can do other than be careful. If we watch too closely we'll become paranoid, and that can hurt just as much in the long run."

The Zeltron scratches the side of his head, taking another sip. "What would you do, Bar'duur? If you had the resources. How would you help?"

Bar'duur nods a little, considering in silence. "Well, if you want this group to operate like a group that helps Nar Shaddaa that is one thing.. you know?" His brow knits. "I only know what I have learned in the short time I have been here, but, it seems like on Nar Shaddaa the powerful are powerful because they can afford to hire the strongest to help them. You can counter this by protecting those people but it drains our aid and teaches those we are protecting only how to be protected. We could get some people of our organization together, a good size of them, and offer places to train in the poor neighborhoods, free training, we form good relationships with people, we get to know their communities and train them to protect themselves.. this is called a militia yes?"

Therous Caavuna then sidles up to the bar, and joins the two men, not having heard what they said, but not listening in out of respect. he gives the two a nod as he joins them.

Stavros strokes his chin. "I like the militia idea. We don't have the resources to protect even a fraction of the neighborhoods here, so-" He waves at Therous Caavuna. "Hello there. We're discussing a more perfect world. I'm Stavros Niarkos." He sets down his drink and offers his hand. "This is Bar'duur."

Therous Caavuna accepts the hand presented to him, "The names, Caavuna. Therous caavuna. tis a pleasure." He says to stavros, turning and accnoledging the other in kind.

Bar'duur nods. "And once you form a group like that you can put members of the population in charge, commanders, and send them out to set up new places to organize." Says the Zabrak. "That way Rebel Yell has to do less but we can still step in if we need to.. really the quieter the better, until the people are strong enough to look after themselves.. then you have the problem of money, still, you will have to find some way of getting the money back to normal people who can hire people.. if that makes sense.. right now the hutts have money, they pay their people, that is where the money comes from, just have to find a way to do that, but for people who are not working for Hutts." He turns and offers a friendly smile to the unfamiliar face. "Nice to meet you Caavuna, Therous Caavuuna." Says the man with the Zabrak accent.

Therous Caavuna then chuckles at bar'duur, "oh mate, therous is fine. And, its a pleasure to meet ya." He says listening in just a bit at the conversation. "seems interesting at what you both are talking about." He says, leaning his elbos on the bar as he speaks.

"I'll definitely bring that up." Stavros finishes his drink. "I like this place a lot. And it has even more potential. Can you imagine another level with a dance floor, or maybe in another room beyond the bar? A community hangout _and_ a dance hall. Not many of those outside the Hutt Sector, I don't think."

The Zeltron gets up and starts to walk over to next to the bar, to see if there's space back there. The bartender calls over, "Employees only, man, sorry," and Stavros backs back up, holding his hands up.

Bar'duur nods to Therous and he smiles. "Alright. Bar'duur is my name, family name Valos." Then the Zeltron speaks, and starts wandering off and he seems a bit curious a moment. "Bring it up to who?" he says a little curiously before emitting a good-natured chuckle. "Well there are the gambling tables up stairs." And with that he points off to the right of the room. "A third floor with a dancing place maybee.. it looks like doing that would mean a redesign of the whole place, they could just move some chairs.."

Therous Caavuna then extends his hand to Bar'duur, "Pleasure!" he says, smiling at the two talking. "Well gentleman if i be interrupting something, i can leave you both too it." He says as he scoots a bit away, giving the two space.

"It's fine," Stavros assures Therous. "Though I might be heading out." He grins at Bar'duur, "To Sar and Gren, of course. The buck stops there, right? But I think they might be up for it. Sar was a cop here, after all. If anyone's sick of how things work, surely he is. Unless he's just accepted it." He shrugs. "And he's gotta too be too ornery at his age to accept anything, right?" His smile broadens. "I do like this place," he murmurs again. Walking back by the bar, he says, "I think you're right about a new level being too much. I just wouldn't want to mess up the nice tavern feel this floor has."

Therous Caavuna then stands up, and starts to head out, "well, it was nice meeting you both, but i think i'm gonna go back to my ship for a bit. if any of you need me, you can find me at the parmax starport usually if i'm not exploring." He says, standing up and striding towards the door.

Bar'duur nods a bit at Stavros' words. "Alright, i did not know if there was anyone else involved yet, have you talked to the people who run security on Nar Shaddaa? I had always thought they served the Hutts, in the very end of it all." He smiles a little to heros. "Nice to meet you too, and back to Stavros. "Have work to do?"

Stavros gives a little wave to Therous as he departs. "I'm pretty sure they'd have to serve the Hutts or they'd have been gotten rid of," he says dryly. "Makes things challenging. All right, Bar'duur, I'll see you later. I do need to take a ship for test-fly, find the Nostri brothers, look into who owns this place, see if Sar and Gren are back..." He splays his hands out to his sides. "There's always something, right? Next time we're by the hangar, you need to show me how the TIE's coming along." He claps the Zabrak on the shoulder. "Take it easy, Bar'duur." Then he's off for the door.