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Bobenyung! Bobbenyung

OOC Date: January 8, 2016
Location: Hidden Location - Nar Shadddaa
Participants: Jictor_Gubyls, Maeve_Zavir, Ax, Rontu_Aru,A'isha_Adella, Galak_Varga, Qadira_Suuryet, Cujo, Waywards

Ax had been here before, and found a little something, enough to tell him that there was something more to the well-concealed room hidden off the Alley. He also knew it could be a rather treacherous place. Bringing the new guy, and Red along, Ax looks to them. "Watch your step, definitely tread lightly." Along with them were a pair of droids, told to keep back as best they can. The BB-series was small and could potentially fit in places too tight for the others. The Training droid was just for general purpose utility in case they needed it. "This place may mean nothing, it may mean something. Hell, I don't know. But, for shits and giggles, figured it would be a decent enough spot to look." <re>

To any of the Waywards who may have been keeping tabs on the newest recruit, they would likely have seen Galak enter the Wayward private hangar with a troubled expression on his face last night. Rather than entering the communal housing that he had been set up with, he had instead went and boarded his ship the Maiden's Folly and hadn't been seen until the following day when he was brought along on whatever excursion Ax had in mind. He walks along with the other two, his expression still distant as if he had much on his mind, but when Ax speaks toward him and A'isha, he nods stiffly, his eyes scanning the darkened alley and room.

The slender Lethan moves in Ax's wake like a carmine shadow. Her notrils flare, taking in the scent of destruction, fire. Gold eyes flick over the room, wary as a cat's. She pays close attention to where she is going, floor first then walls and ceiling. "It seems some one might have been cleaning up." Not a trace of irnoy in that soft, dark voice.....Her fingers taps lightly on the grip of her blaster....

The slender Lethan moves in Ax's wake like a carmine shadow. Her notrils flare, taking in the scent of destruction, fire. Gold eyes flick over the room, wary as a cat's. She pays close attention to where she is going, floor first then walls and ceiling. "It seems some one might have been cleaning up." Not a trace of irnoy in that soft, dark voice.....Red's fingers taps lightly on the grip of her blaster....

"Last time I was here, I found a wire that was running through the walls, seemed live, but honestly I was hesitant to go further for fear of crashing through the floor, so be careful," Ax says, looking around. He unslings a backpack from his shoulders and pulling out a section of rope from it. He secures that to whatever he can find that looks stable enough to hold a person's weight. "If you proceed in, do me a favor and hook this to your belt," he says to the rope.

Pausing a moment, he looks to Gal. "You look like someone pissed in your oatmeal. Everything alright?" he asks the new recruit.

There's a newly created hole in the floor, that disappears down into a darkened area where water can be heard dripping into what might be determined to be a underground lake. it smells of raw sewage.

Nodding his head, Galak gestures ahead toward the hole in the floor. "We can talk about it later, when we aren't having to worry about falling through the floor into the unknown. Is this a place we should have our weapons ready?" he says and asks. His eyes search the room with interest and he says, "Are we going down?"

As the her Captain speaks, Red's glance goes to the New guy. Her gaze is cool and evaluating, not hostile really. Just measuring, she has barely met the man...Then she is exmining the room, the floor....and that dank oubliette. THe word comes unbidden to her thoughts. Something SHE would know. "I don't wanna end up down there, lets check the floor out careful first, right?" Her accent is harsher than her Other's, tone still soft thought, almost a whisper. She looks at the profferred rope. "Good idea..."

Ax gives Gal a nod, then looks down, then back to Galak. "I don't think I want to go down, smells like ass. Probably goes straight into a sewage retention tunnel or something," he says. "I don't think there's a need for weapons as much as having your hands free," he adds before looking to A'isha. "My thoughts exactly. Last time I was here the floor was creaking, guess I wasn't the last one to come check things out. Maybe I should have paid a kid or some really light alien to come along." He smirks, glancing at the droids. "Guess they'll have to do. You two," he says, addressing the BB droid and the Hunter-Trainer, "See if you can get a good scan of the room and figure out the best way to proceed."

The droids explain that the wire is the only thing in the room that isn't burnt. That it was likely brought in after the fire and that the fire itself was a 'controlled burn' meaning nothing outside of this room was damaged.

Ax nods to the droids. "So, new wiring goes somewhere, and this place was torched with a purpose," he says. "So, there's no telling what or who we might find, if anything. But I'm the curious sort, and well, I'm all for seeing what we can see."

Galak considers this latest bit of news from the droids and begins to creep across the room, using his leading toe to test the floor before each step, gradually placing weight down and testing out the give before he moves completely forward. "So I guess the question is, why would someone put the wire here and burn this room? It would have been intentional, but why?" The direction of his creeping is taking him over toward the desk in the center of the room.

Red offers the new man a little smile, then turns her attention to the droids and thier scans. Full lips curve now in a frown. "Yeah, makes me wonder what other surprises they left. I mean the burn is great, looks accidental, but if you get past that...." She leaves the rest unsaid. "SO, how bad do you think the floor is? Like near the walls?"

Her Lekku switch like the tails of agnry cats. Very feline, Red is

The BB-droid recommends in binary, that everyone stay away from the center of the room and to not stand next to one another.

Kadi arrives, pausing at the entrance and staring. The petite engineer is in armour, and still has a million pockets in which to stuff her gizmos and gadgets. She has Lily and Fluffy with her, as per her usual travelling arrangements. "Hey," she says quietly. "What happened here?" Her gaze goes to the BB unit, and she adds, "Stay away from the center of the room and don't stand next to each other."

The droids both speak to one another and confirm that they believe the wire is an Activation Line, the kind use for control boards or switches. Like those used for most common blastdoors.

Ax shrugs, "I don't have a clue, but it would make sense to me that it's stronger near the walls. Looks like whoever came in here last found out the hard way." As Kadi arrives, Ax smiles. "Glad you got my message." Looking about, he shakes his head. "I don't have a clue what this place is, but I kind of found it on accident. There's a wire across the room that was installed after the interior of this place was torched, dunno why." He looks to the others. "Take hold of the rope, don't step too close to each other, and see if you can find anything. You too," he says to the droids as he handing out rope to those searching.

Galak stops abruptly as he hears Kadi's recommendation and creeps back the other way. His eyes are still cast toward the center of the room and that piece of paper. "Damn! I was wanting to get over to that desk. Did the droids say why to stay away from the center of the room?" He holds out a hand for the rope to be passed over to him, and when an end is, he hooks it to his belt.

The successful searchers locate that the wire does indeed go into a box that is hidden behind the old plasteel wall, a small panel on the wall can be opened and the box is located within it, the wire disappears inside the box which can be opened and tinkered with.

"BLastdoors, fun." Red takes the rope, ties it off as a safety line. Hands the rest to Galak, "Here, thwee hole is in the center, the edges likely have more support from the wall structures, I have fought in burned out buidling before. Its a bitch." Very matter-of-fact, that tone. She makes room at the door for the new arrivals, Kadi and Strand. She blinks slowly, searching for any signs of a safe path, looking for booby traps as well. SHe pots the wire's terminus. "If we could get over there, may be we can open it. if we want to that is...."

While everyone is busy, A'isha can spot a pair of red eyes peering up out of the sewage-stinking hole in the floorl.

Kadi takes the rope, hooking it to her belt, and she makes sure that Lily and Fluffy are also connected. Then she starts to look around, cautiously, keeping the warnings in mind. "They didn't exactly, at least not yet." She traces the wire, following it along to the wall carefully. Might work, since she's pretty small. And then the panel is identified. "The wire goes in here," she says. "And there's a panel." She cautiously checks over the panel, and glances back towards the other. "Looks like we can open the panel and see what's inside?"

Ax peers at the wires, "So, I have no clue where it may go, but... Maybe one of the droids can hotwire it?" he asks. "Granted, I'd like to get a tether on it before we turn it loose, though no clue how to tether a friggin rollie-pollie," he says, glancing to the BB-droid.

Glancing back toward the others, Galak shrugs and says, "Well what do we want to do, boss?" He looks to the wire and then back toward the desk. "I wonder if we could tether the rope to that wire and sort of... swing across to the desk? The wire looks like it is secure, right? Maybe if Kadi can make sure that it is not live, we can use it to swing across."

Red notes the eyes, without change of expression. She clears her throat, then quickly signs to her eyes then points to the gleaming ones below. All the while her other hand never strays far from the blaster at her hip. "Might want to keep even more clear of that hole...." This last is barely a whisper,,,,,

"I wouldn't recommend it, Galak," Ax says. "Though, we could probably tie the rope off at a couple of points and create sort of a bridge to get to the desk. May not be a bad idea. See if you can find some good points to attach to." Ax looks to Red and then down the hole. "Probably just rats, but who knows. I'm more worried about that smell than I am any creatures living in it." He shudders at the thought of swimming in sewage. Glancing to the engineer, Ax takes a breath. "Well babe, what do you think? Think we can trigger that panel to open whatever door is hidden or let one of the droids do it?"

Strand Korsen answers the call from Red and Ax at long last. He had been in the bowels of Nar Shaddaa and had his comlink switched off. He changes clothes and switches into his armor as fast as possible. And then arrives at the location. He moves slowly, carefully.. following the path of the others..

Kadi glances at Ax, and shrugs. "I can take the panel off, and see what's inside." She suits her actions to her words, and removes the panel. "There's a box inside, and the wire goes to it." She stops there, because this needs more care.

Galak nods to Ax and says, "Alright. Let's see where to tie this baby off to." His eyes lift upward, to the walls and ceiling instead of the floor, even reaching into his belt and pulling out his flashlight. Clicking it on, the beam of light traces left to right across the ceiling and then down the walls. Finding a burned out spot on each wall where studs can be scene intersecting with cross nailed supports. Galak points them out to all of those gathered. "Here and over there. If one of you guys will move to tie it to that spot /right there/, then I will climb across to the desk and grab that paper sitting on top." Taking his end of the rope, he heads to the other burned out hole in the wall and begins to loop his end around the stud.

Twi'leks see VERY well in the dark, she needs no flashlight, really. Red nods to Galak, she moves to the indicated spot, ties off her safelty line. As she does so she notes Strands arrival, flashing him a brief smile then returning her attention to the tie-off. Satisified, she turns her attention back the floor before her, all the while keeping an eye on the hole....and the eyes she spotted there earlier. She offers Strand a rope as well. "Floors unstable....sewage and something else is down there....stay close to the walls...." Her hand brushes his as she does, squeezes, one Lek brushes his shoulder as well.

Ax gives a nod to Strand. "Glad you could make it. This may be a wild goose chase, who knows. But I'd rather check it out just in case it's something important right up under our noses," the Echani tells the man. "Be careful, new guy." He says, looking to Galak, "we don't have workman's compensation, we have workman's conversation. If you fall, you're fired before you hit the ground and we sit back and make fun of you," he says in jest. There's a bit of a smile from the man. "Let's see if there's some kind of code or something on or in that desk before we start screwing with wiring. If not, see if we can put one of the droids on it to see if they can open it." He looks to Red and Strand, giving them a nod. "Don't stay too close to each other right now, don't let your hormones put you in the shit down there," he says, motioning towards the hole with a grin.

Strand Korsen slips on his S3 helmet and brings up the low light vision and targeting systems as he realizes what they are getting into. His hand touches Red's and he leans in a moment to feel her touch. After that, he settles back into a professional manner. A helmeted look back towards Ax. A nod. After their moment of affection, Strand is calm. And moves carefully towards the desk. "I will search the desk, Ax. Perhaps there is something hidden in it."

Kadi stays where she is, but pauses, instead taking another look around. "maybe there's something else to be seen," she murmurs, quietly. "Strand, wait - the floor's not stable, use the ropes." she calls out, sounding a bit alarmed. She's just watching at the moment, looking to see if there is anything else to be seen.

The floor beneath Strand starts to give way and the man's balance gives out as he starts to topple toward the hole.

Nodding his head, Galak looks toward the hole in the floor and then back toward Ax. "Yeah, you guys just don't let whatever that is down there come up and eat my ass while I'm out dangling on that rope." He glances across quickly as Strand begins heading for the desk and says, "Don't! The droids said not to walk into the center... That's why we have this rope!" Turning back to the rope, he cuts a bit off of the dead end of the knot and ties it in a loose knot around the rope and then his waist. Galak grabs it in his hands and swings up onto it. Taking a moment, he loops his right foot around the rope, entwining it around his foot as a safety. With that, he begins sliding hand over hand toward the desk.

Strands moves beofre noting the offerred rope. He starts to tumble, but Red is fast. Very fast indeed. a s, strong arm encircles him, hauling him back from the brink. "Far too close, love..." She whispers this in his ear as she ties the rope to his belt. "I do not wish to lose you......" Rope is tied. She touches his shoulder, brushing it with a Lek then moves down the side of the room, choosing her footing carefully, keeping the rpe caear of snags and sharp edges.

Ax was about to jump for Strand, but fortunately A'isha was fast enough. Breathing a sigh of relief, he shakes his head. "Safety ropes, brother," he tells the man. He looks back towards Galak. "Careful man. No telling what the previous tenant left behind." There was a bit of a pause, "Wonder if this place has anything to do with someone named Bobbenyung.." he mutters before glancing to Kadi, to make sure she was alright.

From down in the hole where the stink of sewage comes from a quiet voice suddenly speaks out, almost like a squeaky child's voice. "Bobbenyung!" and the sounds of splashes can be heard as something moves further away down there.

Strand Korsen starts to stumble as the floor gives way beneath his feet. He stumbles forwards, the careful man making a mistake for once. Hands flail outwards, grasping for the safety rope. He misses and falls... and.. And a had catches his belt. "Whew. Thank you, love.. That was stupid of me." He make sure to be tied into the safety rope. A look towards Ax. "My apologizes. That will not happen again." He waits for Gar to check out the desk while he holds to the rope. "Wait.. what's that?" As the voice registers on the sensors of his S3 combat helmet.

"Bobbenwhat?" Kadi asks, looking over at Ax. She shakes her head, distracted by the flashlight, and the near miss of Strand. A breath, as it seems he is safe, and she can relax a little bit. "There's a box here, with the wire going into it. Anyone find the other side?" she asks, curiously. She frowns as she tries to look closer at the box, seeing if it has anything on it like buttons or a lock or even a 'Caution - do not touch' label.

Lowering himself to his feet on the desk, Galak is slow moving, not wanting to send the thing falling into the sewage beneath it. He picks up the letter and reads aloud, "The store... has been moved.... Go away..." Looking up to Ax across the way, he says, "Are you kidding me? This whole place is burned to a crisp and all there is is a note saying that the damn store has moved and to go away?!" So flummoxed is he that he doesn't pay attention right away to the voice below and the sound of whatever it is scurrying away. After a brief moment the sound seems to register and he looks toward the hole. He doesn't dive in, anyways, and turns around and crouches and then begins trying to open the drawers on the desk.

Leaving Strand secured to the safety line, Red moves out along the wall, hugging it closely, careflly placing one foot at a time, testing the floor carefully. Her Lek writhe as she goes. golden eyes wide in the gloom. At the voice she bares her teeth, canines white and sharp in the twilight. "Rats, huh?" Is her only comment......

The noise below definitely gets Ax's attention, and the Echani is moving to get more rope. "Maybe we will see what's down there," he says. He then directs the BB-droid to see if it can open manage the wiring conundrum and see if the panel can be accessed to a hidden elevator or something while he prepares for some rapelling. Granted, he wasn't an experienced climber, so it might simply be falling with a bit of grace. "Careful everyone. Galak, see if there's anything else in that desk," he says. Then, a thought occurs to him, and he looks down into the hole, kneeling near the edge. "My name is Axilon Bjin'ax. I am looking for Bobbenyung. It regards a rare and strange antiquity which has fallen into our possession and needs to be safely moved away." Hell, it was worth a shot, right?

After Ax says these words down into the hole there's a bit more splashing and then silence... A moment later, from up in the burnt out store behind the wall with the control box on it there's the sound of metal crashing against metal... its muffled but stilla ble to be heard.

"That note is strange, Galak. Take it, anyway. There might be a hidden message on it. Otherwise, why leave the paper, here.. inside where no one will find it." Strand decides not to risk the floor and let Galak search the desk. "Perhaps I can find something on it." After saying that, he turns to watch Red and Ax as they explore more. He lets BB and Kadi explore the wiring. "Galak, pull the drawers out. See if there is a false bottom or something attached to the undersides." He offers to guide the search from his location. But falls quiet as Ax speaks to the darkness.

Kadi is looking so hard at the box, she fails to notice that the floor is crumbling away, bit by bit, by her feet. A bit falls, and then another bit. And then her left foot starts to slide, and that she notices. She yelps, hands going to the safety line at her waist as she scrambles, feet scrabbling against the floor, as more bits fall down. "No no no," she grumbles, before she finds a spot that will hold her, barely. She presses right against the wall, so is in a good spot to hear that metal crash on metal sound. "Uhm, I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but I think I'm going over that way now." She starts to make her way along the wall towards the exit. Very cautiously.

Galak is already a step ahead of Strand, pulling the drawers out one at a time and dumping their contents out on to the surface of the desk. "Candy! Just damn candy!" He picks it up, nonetheless and slips it into his pocket along with the note. Lowering his head over the desk he peers under it just in case and then lifts his hands to the rope. "Do you think there is an exit down there or something? Whatever it was was running from us, and then the noise went up the wall over there. Maybe there is something else down there."

Red is picking her way along the wall, carefully. Then Ax speaks into the depths, and the wall sarts to vibrate. Not good. Especially on such an unstable surface. She hisses, her Lekku twitch and and she starts making her way back to the door. "All sound and fury. Signifying what?" Her voice echoes, carrying in the hollow of the hole before her.......

The metal wire box has a small latch on it, if opened the interior of the box would show off a series of metal levers that have all had their wires cut, except for one single lever that is pulled down into the label marked 'off' in Huttese.

Ax backs away. "Careful, Kadi," he says. "Everyone back up a bit." He looks to Galak, "Yeah, pal. I'm pretty sure there's someone or something else here with us, and if my hunch is right, they're coming up now, hence that scraping noise. Of course, I could be very very wrong, but everyone try to remain calm." He takes a deep breath, centering himself like he'd been practicing with JD. It may not be the same kind of meditation that he'd been informed he should learn, but it had helped him gain some amount of focusing. Echani traditional martial forms were not his specialty, though his heritage might suggest otherwise, still he was fortunate to have someone on his crew who did have such training.

The metal wire box has a small latch on it, if opened the interior of the box would show off a series of metal levers that have all had their wires cut, except for one single lever that is pulled down into the label marked 'off' in Huttese.

Strand Korsen checks the blaster on his hip, but does not draw it. He nods to Galax as te man begins a more thorough search. A nod over towards Ax as the man stays near the wall, waiting. A look over towards Kadi. He starts to speak but stops. She has the droid and surely her skills are better. He stays quiet, letting the others do their work without crowding them.

The BB unit coordinates with Kadi, and they open the box, looking in. "Huh," Kadi says. "Can't read the label. Looks like only one lever is in operation, but I can't tell you what it says." She shrugs, not touching the lever at the moment. "Not sure what it will do, if we pull the lever." She rubs the back of her neck and makes a face at the box. Then she turns a brief smile to Ax. "You be careful too."

Nodding in agreement with Ax, Galak lifts his hands to the rope and begins walking his way back across to the wall, not wanting to be in the middle if something goes down.

Red careflly makes her way back to the door and the rest of her team, taking care to keep the rope clear. SHe pauses Strands side, eys fixed on the far wall, fingers tapping on thegrip of her blaster. Evil_eyes one once called her. Were he to see her now, he would repeat the accusation.....

Ax looks to Kadi. "Come back over here, babe. Maybe I can read it. Stay close to the wall," he adds as he takes end of the lifeline she has tomake sure that if the floor gives way he'll have a hand on it. Once she's away, he crosses over, keeping his back to the wall and a rope tied around his waist as he moves to the box to see if he can read what the switch was labeled. "Off," he says. "The switch is off." Looking back to the others to see if they're a safe distance away. "Be alert," he says, then flips the switch.

When the switch is thrown there entire store suddenly vibrates and parts of the old burnt shelves and racks that line the walls break loose and fall to the ground, some drop into that open man-sized hole in the bowing floor.

The wall that the switch panel was embedded in starts to shudder and then down its middle the burnt up drywall tears apart and the wall starts to pull apart down its center. Down the center light pours into the burnt-out store, slowly creeping across everyone and everything in the old store until the wall is full open and the two halves just fall completely silent...

On the other side of the now open wall is another room, completely spotless and almost like a mirror-version of its burnt-out sibling that the Waywards stand within. Inside of this 'new and fresh version' are lots of shelves and desks and various items of all variety (mostly food)... as well as six sets of red eyed beings all looking back at the Waywards now. Each set of eyes belong to a small orange-skinned being, they look like tiny alien children... and they're all sitting behind different kinds of musical instruments. The strange alien kids look extraordinarily excited to see the Waywards, and suddenly they all start to slam on their instruments and begin playing a song!

"Bobbenyung, Bobbenyung! You've come to the Bobbenyung! Hold on to your buns, while at the Bobbenyung!" The Lead Singer of the orange-skinned alien children sings into his tiny microphone that blasts his tiny voice out of the little speaker-box attached to his hip.

Strand Korsen clutches to the safety rope as the room begins to shake. "Save me from switch... oh... Red, be careful..." He warns the Lethan,needlessly, most likely. But he still does. The room vibrates. His hand moves to his blaster, unsnapping the retenion snaps. Hand on the blaster but not drawing it yet. And then a series of.. unexpected events. Secret rooms are one thing. But singing, tiny aliens playing a song. He looks to Red and then over to Ax and Qadira and Galax. A questioning look behind the helmet...

Kadi nods to Ax, and makes her way back, carefully. Once there, she turns to watch Ax, as he makes his way over to the switch. Curiosity wars with worry for the man, but she doesn't say anything. Her breath catches as Ax pulls the switch, and she wraps her arms around herself, watching. Eyes widen and mouth drops open at what happens next. "Uhm, that was not what I was expecting," she says honestly, the stunned reaction obvious.

Galak has made his way mostly across the room by the time the walls shake violently and the wall begins to slide apart. He swings his feet up to wrap around the rope as it begins to shake wildly in his hands, hugging the rope tightly so as not to fall. When the tiny band begins to play and sing, his eyes widen and he stares at the children upside down for a moment, his mouth hanging open. Finally he comes to his senses and finishes crawling across the room and then lowers his feet to the floor and looks to Ax. "Is this what you were looking for?" by his tone it is apparent that Galak is expecting this to have been some elaborate recruiting prank played on the new guy.

Red needs no warning, she feels the floor benath her flex and give way, she swings on the safty rope, ogripping it one-handed, Long legs reaching back, finding purchas on a tiny bit of floor. So very cat-like in reaction, The the singing starts, and her lips part, her eyes wide as well in surprise. "Strand, what is this..." She breathes this last, soft, in a tone of wander and delight

Well, that was definitely not what Ax was expecting. He just stands there, slack-jawed and staring as the odd aliens sing their song. Immediately, he checks his wallet and keeps his hand over it for a moment. "Uhm... Alright," he says. Turning back to his companions, "We tell no one, got it? No one. I need to bring something very delicate here," he says before looking back to the other room, stepping inside and looking around. "I'm seeking the owner, there is something I must speak with Bobbenyung about. Involving a Sith Holocron and keeping it from a nightmarish person who's seeking such things out."

The ridiculous note after he went all Mission Impossible and crawled over to it, the old candy as a reward and then the little alien band. It kind of seems like a "prank the new guy" thing."

The various members of the Waywards may all be surprised to see the band of youthful young orange-skinned balded children playing their instruments, but the kids didn't seem to mind it at all! They finally had an audience... and by damn hell they were sure going to play their little hearts out! The music, wan't that great, none of the kids really seemed to know how to play any of their instruments either and the singer sounded like he was making the words up while he was singing them. "Yung yung gung, Bobben, Bobben, Bobben!" The singer shouted into his Mic as he danced across one of the desks in the 'new version' of the store-room toward Ax as he came into the store talking about Sith stuff... The Singer just kept singing his silly words while gyrating his hips.

The other kids all kept banging on their drum machines or hammering on the paino tables while rockin' out, ignoring anything the Waywards had to say as this was THEIR MOMENT, their time to SHINE as a band!

A moment later another voice was heard. "Stop the music!" And the door between the rows of shelves was flung open! A larger version of this odd alien species coming into view. "Stop the.... CURSED MUSIC!" He shouted as he stormed into the Clean Store and started to yank the drum sticks away from the children, and place his stubby arms on the keys of the piano table. The kids slowly started to cease their music playing, leaving the Singer alone to keep singing his song... to which the older alien now rushed over to and started hammering on the Singer's head with one of the taken drum sticks. "Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it!" he shouted with every smack to the kid's head with the drum stick. The Singer stopped and dropped his mic and dove behind the drum set where his brother was.

"All the time with this music! Every day you stinkin' kids here a sound in here you come in here and START PLAYING THE MUSIC!" The older one shouted at the children, before turning to look at Ax who was closest of the Waywards. "The store moved!" He shouted at Ax. "Moved thirty feet in this direction!" he added. "Go away!"

Strand Korsen has seen a lot of things in his life. Attack ships on fire out at the rim. Turbolasers glittering in the darkness. X-wings and Tie fighters locked in combat. The sharks of Malastare. Gammoreans reciting poetry. But orange children singing. Playing music. He is, beneath his helmet, flabbergasted. No other term for it. It takes him a moment to focus. And then a look to Ax. "So this is the Bobbenyung we needed to find?" Kadi just stares, unblinkingly, as she listens to the hyper kids perform their song. Even though they get made to stop, she claps anyway. "Great song," she calls lightly. She's still clueless, no idea where they are, or what they are searching for, honestly. But well. And well again. "Well, I liked it," she adds, looking at the older one as the kids get yelled at. Kadi might be tone deaf.

Watching as Ax steps into the room, even going so far as to slide his blaster rifle around his waist to bring it easier to bare if needed with their leader walking into a room full of unknown, if tiny aliens. His eyes widen as he mentions Sith and he begins walking around the room to get closer to the conversation, not wanting to miss anything.

Red's life is not so long as, asy, Strands. But in that brief time she has seen beauty, elgance, horror and burtality. But never, ever has she, or any of her selves, seen anything to match this. So she stands, or rather, dangles. Supported by the ropeand one foot, in pose not unlike an aerilist's, lips parted in a half-smile, tarnished=gold eyes wide. "That was....." then her voice fades as she swings slowly, just brushing the man at her side. She looks up to him, her expression one to indicate-did we really just see this?

Ax just stares for a moment, forming words in his mind, but the man was honestly speechless for the second. He opens his mouth, but nothing comes out. So, he just moves the direction that the shopkeep said the store had moved. A nod is given to Strand, but his attention goes back on the man who'd silenced the children. He had no clue how to proceed and instead just fumbles for his comlink, raising it to his mouth to try to get ahold of Gibbles. "Uhm.. Jictor, do you copy?" he asks, over the pre-arranged frequency. "There's an alley near the auction house, come down it and bring the red box." He tries to figure out where exactly the shop moved to, and where the entrance may be so if he's forced to leave, he can figure out the proper entrance to use, but hoping that just moving into the room in the general direction will suffice while awaiting Jictor to respond and head their direction, hopefully with the artifact. "Uhm, sorry for using the wrong entrance?" he stutters.

"I copy. I know exactly where you are... I'll be there shortly." Jictor's voice responds through Ax's comms.

The kids seem all a bit distraught over having to stop their music playing, the Singer had leapt behind the silver metal drum-set and when he heard someone speak positively about their music his little orange head shot up and he peered out with his big black eyes toward Qadira! He looked over at his brother beside him, the Drummer. "See! We make band and the ladies love us!" They both high-foured each other. (only four fingers on each hand).

"These aren't groupies!" Their father shouted back at his children. "Look at them! They're street tuffs! They're probably here to rob us! Go inside! Tell your mother to finish making dinner or she's gonna have to answer to me!" The elder of the orange Bobbenyungs shouted at the members of the not-so-talented Band. The children all seemed displeased as they started to move, with shoulders slumped, hopping down off of their instruments and walking toward that back entryway. "Yung, yung, yung!" The Singer shouted, causing the Elder to turn around and whip one of the drum sticks through the air sending it tumbling toward the kid's back, slapping him in the back of the head! "Ow!" The singer said, then ran through the door to disappear into the rest of the building.

The Elder spun around to look at Galak, Ax and the others who were further away. "Store is gone! There is no 'right entrance'. Gone, gone I say! Too many street tuffs! Tuffs tuffs tuffs!" The elder Bobbenyung shouted. "Give me guns, Bobbenyung!' 'Give me flaaaaaaaame throwers, Bobbenyung!'" The Elder said. "NO! No more! Store is gone! Street tuffs go find large holes and... JUMP IN THEM!" He was standing ontop of an exact replica of the desk that Galak had taken the candy out of earlier, but this desk was in flawless condition.

Strand Korsen watches the actions of the Yungs moving back and forth. Smacking at each other. the toss of the drumstick. The kids running inside. He makes a decision and resnaps the clasp on his blaster. A reassuring touch towards A'isha on the shoulder and at the Lekku. A soft little thing. He then reaches up to unfasten and remove his helmet. A look at the shop. A look towards Ax. Strand hands his helmet towards A'isha. And holds out his hands, palms forwards. "Bobbenyung, we do not come for weapons." A careful step, holding onto the safety rope. His rate, tone, pitch and volume are all low, slow and even. "We do not want weapons. No guns. No flamethrowers. We are trying to stop evil, Bobbenyung. " Watching as the Elder Bobbenyung begins to get more and more carried away as the talk continues, Galak steps forward, joining Ax. He gestures back toward Strand and nods his head, "Just hear us out, that's all we ask. We aren't here looking for weapons, we aren't here looking to take advantage of you, or to hurt you /or/ your family. We are the Waywards, maybe you have heard of us? We're the good guys. We came here looking for your help, and maybe we can help you too. Just listen to what we have to say for a moment, and if you still think we are here to rob you, you can feel free to kick us out. How about it?"

To Red, street tough is not an entirely inappropiate apellation, Slim, strong and fell-eyed over her weapons and armor. She pulls herself up with the rope and stands close by Strand, not much room on the remaining floor really. But the eyes that now face the Elder One, are not entirely...Red. Something of the Courtesan lives there now too. And Ai, Lorana's Sister is there as well. All regarding this...spectacle. Pain and anger, Knowledge and Comfort...with innocence long lost.

"We're not street tuffs and we're not here for guns. I have no interest in buying guns," Ax says. "A Jedi, Luminara Unduli sent me to find you, or the ghost in her holocron did," he adds, looking to the man. "Please, this has nothing to do with hoodrats or street tuffs. This is about holocrons, and the hope that you can put one into protective custody. A red one, sith in design. I have a friend bringing it to us as we speak. He's on his way." It's not that Ax wasn't interested in weapons, but it was definitely far from the purpose of his visit. "I'll sum it up quick. We stole a ship from a guy wielding a red lightsaber, who could stop blaster bolts mid-air, could wave his hands and send people flying. We tracked him down after he made an appearance on Nar Shaddaa and said he was searching for relics. Anyway, locked aboard this ship was a holocron, a journal basically. It talked to me, tried seducing me I guess is the best way of explaining it. Anyway, we need to store it in a safe place, and well your name came up."

Jictor stepped through the door into a room he'd entered many times before... and was greeted with a totally new sight. He paused in the entryway and glanced around at the Waywards gathered there, then spent a fair bit longer staring at the little orange man. Picking his way across the burned room VERY carefully, he eventually reached Bobbenyung's desk and tilted his head curiously. "I haven't seen you in... oh... 25 years, I'd say."

"Fight EVIL?!" The Bobbenyung responded to Strand at first. "How do you plan to do that, child?!" He shouted. "Fight the person who dressed you like this! Thats what you should be fighting!" The orange skinned alien man who was standing on the desk was still shorter than the rest of the Waywards, but he was trying to seem un-phased by this... he'd been around a long time and was used to taller-folks. He seemed to calm down some when Galak spoke, he eyed Galak closely, his dark pupils studying the man. "You smell like you took my Fuzzlepop candies!" He said grumpily at Galak, poking a pudgey orange finger at the man. "Keep them, they might make you less stupid!" He laughed softly then and paced along his desk, eyeing Qadira and then Red. "They pretty, they can stay, the rest of you g--"

The Bobbenyung stopped when Ax said that Jedi's name. He had his back to Ax but slowly turned and looked over his shoulder at the Wayward. "Its not a ghost. Its a program. Lady Luminara's light went out long before any of you were alive. Her ghost is not locked in a box... its all around us." He said, now his voice quite a bit lower in pitch and volume.

Jictor's arrival. The Bobbenyung looked at him, folded his arms across his little barrel-chest beneath his brown robes. "Twenty five years and you've spent every single one of them finding a way to get uglier, I see!" He says back to Jictor in a gruff voice.

Strand Korsen's eyes narrow slightly as Bobbenyung addresses him as a child. A very small thing as his control is back. He glances around at the others and then back at the orange alien speaking. He does not respond, letting the others talk without him interfering. Interesting. Ax's words have an effect. Strand listens. Learns. The strange alien seems to know much. To be what Ax was looking for. The only slight sign of anxiety is a quick touch to the base of A'isha's nearest Lekku . A little, small thing. But affirming their presence together. And he glances back. Jictor. A nod. Forwards. Watching the alien. He stays quiet, not wanting to further confuse things with his words.

Kadi stares for a long moment. She stays quiet, just soaking this all up. The kids get a grin though at their high-four. Kids will be kids, after all. She listens to Ax, eyes narrowing at the seducing bit, her hands finding her hips, as she glares at - nothing. "Shoulda got Kael to stun that thing," she mutters, even though it doubtless would have been a useless manouever. She tilts her head as the Bobbenyung says she and Red can stay, and then she shakes her head. "Nice to know it's not really a ghost," she says. "I like program better. And when these gentlemen go, we're going with them. Sorry." Her gaze goes to Jictor briefly, quietly.

Galak nods his head in gratitude to the alien and pats his pocket. "I did take the candy from the desk, but only before we realized there was someone here. If I had known they were yours I wouldn't have, but it is appreciated none the less." That is all he says as he falls back a step, listening with interest as Ax talks of a Jedi ghost and then is corrected by the alien.

Red tilts her head as the ELder addresses them, But Ax's words draw her attention most now, and then Jictor, one she knows. What these things they speak of. Something stirs in her minds, a memory of...cold. That. More pieces to the puzzle that she has found herself in. She leans against Strand, "What...are these things of which you speak, I would know them...." Voice soft, dark, like velvet smoke. Honeyed smoke. But with a childs innocence for all that....

Jictor's arrival is accompanied by something entirely undesireable. He'd been training, trying to boost his will so that such senses of emotion didn't overwhelm him, but the impact of what Jictor was carrying was still hard on the Echani. Moving to the other side of the room, away from the man, he just shakes his head. "Please, you gotta help us," Ax says, looking to Bobbenyung. "That sorcerer in the First Order is looking for relics of the Sith and Jedi. I don't know why, but I can assure you it is not good. Our plans are to seek them out and try to get to them before he does. We've got to keep these things out of his hands, and to be honest," Ax says, hesitantly. "What Jictor has, I need to keep out of my hands. I'm not ready to face anything like that. It..." He just lets his voice trail off, closing his eyes and taking a long deep breath, doing his best to clear his mind.

"25 years is a long time... at least for humans. Perhaps not for you." Jictor responds in an even tone, folding his own arms across his chest. He seems unfazed by Bobbenyung's zinger. Ax's reaction to his entrance was expected, and Jictor glances over at the other man as he speaks. "He knows the holocron is here. And I am quite sure he will be coming for it," Jictor adds to Ax's plea. The former guildmaster is less committed to this course of action than the others, but... he was willing to go along.

The Bobbenyung pointed at Galak. "They candy is yours to enjoy, Street tuff." He said to the man before eyeing the others suspiciously, each one at a time... staring into their eyes without any waver in his stare. Finally he ended on Jictor. "The man you speak of doesn't wish to use the item that you're speaking of... for personal gain." He tells the one he remembered working with the most, giving a glance toward Ax... then looking back to Jictor. "I remember you well enough to know that you do not wish to relinquish the item for any permanent amounts of time. However, if you would let me see it." He said, hand out, palm up.

Strand Korsen continues to maintain silence, falling back and reclaiming his helmet from Red. He does not put it on, however. He merely holds it in his right hand. And lets the others work out this business with artifacts and holocrons. He distractedly attaches the helmet to his gunbelt. And then touches Red lightly at her response. Eyes glance down to her belt, looking for a small object.

Kadi's hand actually goes to the blaster at her side, not that she ever uses it. She swallows, her gaze on Ax now, watching him cautiously. She only fired the thing once since Ax gave it to her, but right now, she's obviously uncomfortable and watching Ax like he's about to grow another head, horns and have a pitchfork materialize. She meets the Bobbenyung's gaze with the sturdy forthrightness of the reasonably young and innocent, when it's her turn, but otherwise, her attention is mostly on Ax.

Galak takes a step back, listening to the conversation around him. He leans against one of the clean walls inside the secret room and slips his hand inside his pocket. Pulling out one of the dusty pieces of candy, he glances it over curiously for a moment before shrugging and peeling the wrapper off. He lifts it in hand and sniffs at it curiously for a moment and then tosses it into his mouth.

Red relinquishes the helmet, leans into the touch a bit. Her motlen gaze is fixed on the discussion, meeting the Elder's gaze with the lucidity and intentness of a cat. She watches Ax then as he retreats nearby. Her glance flicks to Strands, one finely tattooed brow raised. She moves to place her left side behind the man. She is scarecly breathing now, awaiting the sight of whatever it is that elicits such reactions......

Ax keeps his distance, as best he can and staying in the area. "Well, in the case of that particular holocron, it's not technically his to decide the fate of." Ax iterates. "He just happens to be the current custodian because... well, I don't need it around me, and we have some common interests. Primarily, stopping that freak in the mask from gaining more such things." It's apparent that whatever it is that Jictor has in his possession has a bit of an effect on the Echani. At least he's keeping his calm enough so that nobody has to shoot him with a stun bolt this time.

Jictor raises an eyebrow at BY, staring back at him. "I believe that depends on how you define personal gain. I think he very much wants to use it for personal gain. Someone to teach him new... tricks. Among other things..." Despite the use of the word 'trick', it seems clear Jictor knows they are far more than that. Taking a deep breath, he reaches underneath his cloak and pulls out a small, red cube.
Jictor looks over at Ax when the man speaks. His mouth opens a little as though he plans to reply, but instead he purses his lips for a few seconds. Finally he decides to simply say, "He is correct."

The Bobbenyung glances over toward Strand, then to Red and then to Kadi. He seems interested in the three of them, how they're not quite as talkative as those who'd come to the forefront. He notes when Galak takes the candy and tosses it into his mouth. "You there." He points to Kadi, then points with his poudgey orange finger toward a metal chair near the wall in the 'Clean Store' half of the open building. "Get that man a chair to sit in, he's about to fall over." He tells Qadira. When Jictor brandishes the red cube, The Bobbenyung lifts his orange hand up and scoops it up out of Jictor's. "You are wrong." He tells Jictor. "The man you speak of us is not looking to gain power from these." He said, lowering a pair of goggles down over his eyes that he'd had on his forehead the whole time. He eyes the cube and paces back and forth on his desk. "He does not respect the teachings of this cube, nor those on the opposing side similar to this one."

The Bobbenyung said while examining. "He wants to destroy it. He wants to destroy all of them, so that no one else... may learn their secrets." He then pauses pacing and looks up across the room toward Red. "This belonged to a woman who looked almost identical to that one." He said, pointing toward her. "Fascinating... how that works. It, surfacing, after all these years... next to a near replica of its creator." This made the Bobbenyung laugh with inner amusement. He looked up toward Jictor then. "Why do you bring his to me?" He then asked Ax. "What do you want me to do with it that you cannot do yourselves?"

Strand Korsen, on the job is normally professional. Detached and focused. Which is why he has been quiet. He has nothing to ask and little knowledge to add to the conversation. So he stays quiet. Waiting. Listening. Until Bobbenyung speaks about Red. Something in the way the alien talks of her, in reference to the holocron unsettles the man. Normally controlled, the man cannot stop an instinctive reaction. He moves back and wraps an arm around Red. Pulling her against him and keeping the lightsaber hidden behind him. Protective. A fierce look upon his face. Not angry. Just.. edgy.

Kadi's eyes widen, as she glances over at Galak, her attention pulled for a bit away from Ax. She moves over towards Galak though, watching Galak thoughtfully. "Hey, Galak? You okay?" she asks. "Maybe sitting down is a good idea?" She's not sure, but well, seems it might be a good thing to do. She's still worried, mind you, and her gaze keeps going to Ax. So she's not paying all the attention she should to Galak. Or Ax.

As the candy enters his mouth and rests on his tongue, dissolving, a number of sensations begin to assault Galak. A fuzzy feeling begins to creep over him as those around him continue talking. He blinks rapidly, trying to pay attention as the red cube is revealed and the funny alien walks back and forth on his desk. Galak laughs at the alien as he directs Kadi to get him a chair. "Whosh falling where?" he asks stupidly as his head suddenly gets heavy and he begins to sort of fall and stumble forward. His booted feet thump overly loud on the floor as his feet suddenly seem /SO/ heavy, like pulling them out of thick mud. He makes two or three horse like steps until Kadi stepping in front of him stops him and his forehead bumps against hers. At the contact he reacts dramatically, "Ouchhen, my headed you bonked, Kadididi." And he is stumbling back the other direction toward the wall. When the Elder speaks again, Red turns her gaze back to him. And that cube, her pupils dilate, back filling the gold. Such a little thing. She watches it intently then the man is addressing her. Or rather speaking of her, ANd one who...made the thing. The thing which terrified AX as even that which she possesses does not. WHen Strand pulls her into his embrace, she does not resist, rather she leans into it. One Lekku twines about his arm, the other, it switches back and forth, like a cat's tail...

"Luminara Unduli's memories," Ax says. "Said, that the best keeper for such a thing, to keep it safe, and possibly provide some answers, was a Jedi. Since, all the Jedi are either dead or in hiding, you were number two on her list." Ax takes a deep breath, keeping his distance. Part of him really wanted to open that holocron like he had Luminara's. To hear what the memory inside had to say, had to teach. He also knew that it would not end well. While he'd led a rather morally grey life when it came to standard laws, he was not necessarily a bad person and everything inside of him said that it would be a wonderful, yet dark road, and he didn't want to go down that if he could help it. Ax looks to A'isha for a moment, then back to BY and Jictor.

"I just want this out of his hands. If there is a jedi out there still, I'd gladly take it to him or her. In fact, I hope that we can find such a person, but the galaxy is quite vast, and we could spend ever day searching a new world and still not live long enough to land on the right one. This brings me to my next question. Maps or coordinates to planets that had significance to the Jedi or Sith. If the man in the mask is searching these out to destroy them, and they could be useful for the Jedi to fight against him, then, we still need to find them before he does. Right now, I know of a moon of Bogden and a planet named Ilum, neither of which do I truly know how to get to. I'm sure there are more, and I hope that you could help with that. I understand that everything of course, has a price."

Jictor looks over to where BY points, frowning slightly at Galak. Then the cube is snatched from his hand and he whips back around to BY. "So his purpose is to limit anyone else's ability to challenge him?" He waves a hand towards the orange creature. "Then he does, in fact, seek this for personal gain." Nearly everything everyone does is for that in some way -- at least in Jictor's head. He falls silent as Ax speaks, crossing his arms again. When the Waywards leader finally finishes, Jictor moistens his lips and remarks off-handedly, "I know how to get to Bogden."

The Bobbenyung moves across his desk to watch Kadi attempt to get a chair for Galak, this makes him laugh quite heartily at the display of it. "The big Street Tuff can't handle a Dapipook candy... some gang ya have here." He says, shaking his head softly from side to side as he goes back toward Jictor and Ax. "Bogden... Booogden. Kooohlma. Kohlma." He said in a slightly-distracted sounding voice as he eyed the red cube some more. "Much to tell us about that, don't you little block." He said, tapping the thing with his pointer finger softly, but he had no intentions of activating it. He hands it back to Jictor then. "Keep it if you wish, though it may be the end of your life." He said without any shred of care as to whether or not that turns out to be true for Jictor nr not.

"Ilum is the source of Jedi crystals used in the creation of a Jedi's lightsaber. I do not think it likely a place that this angry man will go to attempt to destroy every last crystal, as it would be a somewhat futile effort." He grinned softly then. "Unless he has another Death Star up his sleeve." This made him laugh softly again and then he exhaled. "You do not seek Bogden. You seek Kohlma." He said, looking to Jictor. "And if you go there, I assure you you will not come back in good form. It is inhabited by a cult. They warship a leader who is trained in the Force. A leader who is, herself, hiding... though not very well. But then again, she never really was good at much." He grinned again. "I strongly suggest you do not go there either."

Strand Korsen holds onto A'isha, feeling her lek on him. And also awaire of the other one twitching. He looks towards Galak and Kadi. A quick analysis. The man does not appear to be going into terminal shock. He can be taken o the clinic if it is a hallucinogen. The importat thing to do is listen to BY. And the worlds mentioned. Bogden. Ilum. Komlma. Names memorized. He holds onto them. But he is also unsettled. These are things beyond his ken...

Kadi kind of does have to pay more attention to Galak as he's bonking her head with his. She fights to not giggle at his interesting syllables added to various words. "C'mon, Jalak, the chair's right here." She's not the strongest, but at least she's trying, and there is a calm patience about her as she does. "Take it slow, so I don't bonk your head again, hmm? You can do it." And poor 5'3" Kadi, trying to help the over 6" tall Galak. Yup, this is an image no doubt. No doubt at all. Rotten Bobbenyung has a vicious sense of humour he does. "Strand, Red? Could you help maybe?"

"Ilum! ILUM!" Galak yells these words to any who are listening. He cranes around Kadi, looking under her arm as she backs him into the chair. "I've been there, Aaaaaxxxx," he continues, drawing out the end of Ax's name like a snake while his very wide eyes search for Ax's. "They didn't want me to know where I was. Thought they were sooo smart!" He giggles at this like a little child, "But I figured it out. It's so cold there," as if back on the planet without near enough clothing, Galak lifts his hands across his chest and rubs his arms to warm himself. He nods suddenly in agreement with the Bobbenyung, "Crystals there! I saw them! We cut one... he took it for a lightsaber. It was broke but now he'll fix it."

All this, so much to take in. Lightsabers, cults, the Force. Red remembers the Ren tossing them around like blown leaves. That firey blade. SO like...no, do not even THIONK of that here...The Kadi is aking for help, The slim Lethan slips from Strands grasp, with a gentle squeeze of her Lek and moves carefully to help. She locks her holster, in case the man is...reckless. All her other weapons are locked. Or hidden. "Kadi, let me take his other arm....." Then he raving about That. Lightsabers, she struggles not to react but her expression does betray...something.....

Ax shakes his head. "Alright, so Kohlma isn't a dead end, but not a good place to go. I had... a vision? a waking dream, I guess? Of some kind of cult ritual there. I believe a lightsaber I touched was once owned by some lady with white hair there, leading some kind of dark ritual. It's difficult for me to process all this, without some kind of direction. It's like getting a multitude of clues and every one of them leads you in the wrong direction." Ax turns his attention to Kadi and Galak as she calls for assistance, then Galak's blurting out his spiel on Ilum. "I do hope that's not the drugs talking," he says, hopefully. Granted, from the sound of things, Ilum might be a dead end as well, but it seemed definitely worth a look. "We'll talk later, Galak. I promise." The Echani looks to Bobbenyung. "So, if a jedi were to go into hiding, according to Ms. Unduli, it would be a place that had little to no civilization or was little known or unknown to the bulk of the galaxy. This still leaves us in need of places to look. Planets that may have been known before the fall of the old republic but were eliminated from the charts under Palpatine's reign, or hidden from the archives or charts by the Jedi of the Old Republic. Is that something you can help us with? Ms. Unduli said that a Jedi could utilize that holocron to learn of the enemy without.. without becoming like them." He seemed almost appalled that the man was telling Jictor he could just keep the Sith Holocron, but truly he didn't blame the man. That piece of crystal was basically a death sentence for whoever held onto it. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to destroy it.

Jictor accepts the cube when it is handed back to him, although with a glance over to Ax -- wondering what the man will do if BY does not accept it. "Yes, I am aware of the cult on Kohlma, although I thought they were gone. Until recently, that is. And you have apparently just confirmed they are, in fact, still there." Jictor's brow furrows in thought. This information just makes him want to go to Kohlma even more.     He had been completely ignoring the situation transpiring with Galak, until he hears the man say he'd been to Ilum. "What?" Jictor exclaims suddenly, his head spinning to look at Galak. "Who took a crystal?" Then he remembers -- Rax Vaelus said he was searching for Ilum. "Did Rax Vaelus acquire a crystal from Ilum?"         And then Ax speaks again. After listening to what Ax has to say, Jictor looks between Ax and BY, pondering if he wants to add anything of his own. Finally he simply questions, "Do you know where Skywalker has gone?"
Jictor accepts the cube when it is handed back to him, although with a glance over to Ax -- wondering what the man will do if BY does not accept it. "Yes, I am aware of the cult on Kohlma, although I thought they were gone. Until recently, that is. And you have apparently just confirmed they are, in fact, still there." Jictor's brow furrows in thought. This information just makes him want to go to Kohlma even more. 

He had been completely ignoring the situation transpiring with Galak, until he hears the man say he'd been to Ilum. "What?" Jictor exclaims suddenly, his head spinning to look at Galak. "Who took a crystal?" Then he remembers -- Rax Vaelus said he was searching for Ilum. "Did Rax Vaelus acquire a crystal from Ilum?" And then Ax speaks again. After listening to what Ax has to say, Jictor looks between Ax and BY, pondering if he wants to add anything of his own. Finally he simply questions, "Do you know where Skywalker has gone?"

After Jictor takes the cube, The Bobbenyung places his hands behind his back and holds onto them there, puffing his chest out. He looks over toward where Kadi and Galak were, amused by Galak's story about Ilum... but he has no comments on such things... if someone goes to Ilum it is none of his concern. "Skywalker is exactly where Skywalker wants to be." He says on the matter, and nothing more on the subject. He then looks to Ax.

"I have a contact, a man you might wish to speak to. He resides here on Nar Shaddaa and he can help you with the Force, as well as with matters regarding the location of Jedi and Sith locations. He knows a fair deal about Kohlma as well, but I say again... if you go there... you will regret it." He cleared his throat. "If you wish to speak to my contact, leave your information on a datapad here on the desk. As for now, intruders... you have interrupted my dinner. I shall be leaving. As shall you, back the way you came now." He shoo'd at them with both of his hands.

Ax puts his information on the datapad, how to contact him from where he resides as well as a seperate comm frequency that he'd be monitoring. He then looks to the rest of his group, before looking to Jictor. "We'll figure out what to do with that," he says, motioning towards the cube. "Since he's refusing it, I may take it to Maz. It's you she hates, not me." He then motions for everyone to leave. "You heard the man, let's leave him to his dinner," he says, ushering everyone out. Looking back to BY, he bows a head, "Thank you. And I apologize for interrupting your meal." As everyone leaves, scurrying around the burned out room, skirting the walls, he flips the switch back to the off position and closes the panel.

Rontu Aru walks in with Maeve Zavir. For some reason Aru looks a bit green as he holds his belly and takes smaller steps along side the Doctor.

Wearing an expression that conveys a measure of worry, Maeve is keeping pace with Rontu as he makes his way slowly into the common room. "I don't think watching pit fighting agrees with you," she murmurs to the green looking mechanic.

A couple hours after the group left the burned out 'shop' Ax had called for a gathering in the hangar, inviting Jictor as well. Drinks were laid out on the bar. It wasn't Whyren's but it was at least decent stuff. Ax had run out of Whyrens weeks ago, much to the Echani's dismay. The leader of the Waywards, was sitting on the bar itself, a lit cigarette smoldering between his lips. He didn't smoke often, but when stressed or anxious, it was becoming a more common occurence. Glancing over to the arriving Maeve and Rontu, he raises an eyebrow. "The kid alright?" he asks, waiting for everyone to get there. "Might need you to check on our new guy, too, Maeve. I think he ate some kind of spice candy, had him tripping his ass off I think."

Galak waves off Maeve and says gruffly, "I'm fine now." He is sitting in the Wayward common room on one of the couches near the bar. His arms are crossed over his chest and he clutches a glass of whiskey in one hand. He takes a few draws on the amber liquid and growls at the burn. "Sorry for losing my head back there guys. That damn candy was pretty great though. I'm glad I have a pocketful."

The Lethan glides in at Strands side, moving with ghostly silence. Her expression is thoughtful, the feral gaze inward. Stlll one gains the impression she is very aware for all that. She moves to the bar, snagging a couple of drinks. She turns and regards Ax. "Care to tell me what that was? ANd who it is I am near-mathc for?" red takes another sip.

Maeve aims a nod at ax as more of the group is wandering in, "Yeah. He just had an unfortunately close up look at some pit fighting and it's not just bloody but, well, you know what a pit fight is like," she answers before glancing over to Galak and shares a brief gleam of a wry smile. "Of course. Though, spice candy and booze will make for one whopper of a headache, when all is said and done." This said she snags a drink from the assortment at the bar before offering a general nod to all who are in and wandering in. Rontu Aru breaths out slowly and turns Ax, "Sorry Captain. I saw my first Pit fight. Blaster bursts don't splatter blood everywhere like these guys did." That thought about upchucks him again, but he catches it and moves to the table for something to drink. "Wont let it happen again, I swear." This really must have upset him, but his self control seems to be holding up as he grabs the first thing closest to him to drink.

"Yeah... about that. It would be great if you could maybe share," Ax says, letting his words draw out, smiling the whole time. "Seemed like it was a good time, and I'm glad you're feeling better."

       Looking to A'isha, Ax gives her a nod. "A fair question, and one I don't have a real answer for. I never opened that holocron, nor do I plan on it. If Jictor brings it with him, I'd prefer that you all make sure I don't try to do such. I do know that it belonged to a Sith, apparently one who was Lethan like you. I do not believe I know her name. My interaction was brief, and should have been briefer. Fortunately, Kael shot me with a stun bolt before I got too involved into it." He takes a deep breath and drains most of a glass of whiskey before looking back to Maeve and Rontu. "You're fine, kid. It's ok if you don't have the stomach for such things, hell I commend it. Glad at least one of us has some sense of morality. Just go easy on the booze, you wretch on the bar, you're cleaning it up, not the droids," he says with a wink.

Kadi wide eyes, and shakes her head. She's settled on the couch, curled up, feet under her, shoes on the floor beneath her. And she's got a drink of whiskey. "I don't think I'll go watch the pit fighting," she says softly. Quietly. Mind you, she is a gentle sort of person, mostly. She watches Ax, though her gaze flickers to each person as they talk. Listening. Absorbing. "This is still most unscientific," she comments.

Jictor did not, in fact, bring the Sith holocron with him. As much as he would like a look inside, he wasn't interested in antagonizing or otherwise messing with Ax at the moment. So he politely stopped by his hangar to safely lock it away before heading across the starport to the Waywards area. After stepping off the turbolift, holocron free, he took a moment to survey the room, then moved towards Ax at the bar.

You paged Rax Vaelus with 'actually, last time we did and it didn't end so well'

Rontu Aru's eye's widen in fear as the cup is brought to his face and then he learns it's booze. He lowers the cup back to the table and looks for what might be water close by. Clear liquid with no smell. He leans over the table, smelling things that might be water. He doesn't want to clean up his vomet, he left that back at the Pit and it wasn't pretty.

Strand Korsen moves in smoothly with Red. He settles down against the bar near the Lethan, taking the offered drink. He smiles softly and listens. A shake of his head. "These are all myths and legends and stories to me. But they are also real. As real as light swords and death. I am in this. To help. And to protect those I care about."At the latter, he reaches out for A'isha's hand.

Nodding, Galak says, "Something like that could be arranged, I'm sure." He winks to Ax and then to Maeve he says, "I am taking it easy tonight. The booze won't get me, this is a /casual/ drink." He chuckles and then waits for the others to come in. As Jictor enters, Galak lifts a hand to the other Bounty Hunter.

I...see." It is clear that Red does not quite see, but the fact they had to stum him impresses her. Then she sueezes Strands hand. He can tell she is...distracted. I may ask Jictor then." At what cost, the Courtesan still owes him... SHe looks up at Strand's words. "So am I, family, crew..." She raises her glass in salute.

Curling one hand around the bottle she's selected, Maeve settles into a chair and spends a good deal of the next few moments reacquainting herself with the booze and listening to the conversation that is shifting from one person to the next around the room. "There are no casual drinks, Galak, only casual drinkers." A curious glance is levied upon A'isha and Strand, back around to Ax and Kadi before she agrees, in a quiet aside, with Kadi: "I don't particularly enjoy blood sports either. As a physician, I see the end result of the fighting more often than not, it's only interesting from a purely scientific point of view to see the injuries inflicted. I've no interest in trying my hand at the sport, personally."

"We're scheduled for a formal meeting tomorrow night," Ax says, sipping at his drink, still sitting on the bar. He looks to those gathered. "But, I guess some of you deserve answers after our little endeavors in Nar Shaddaa's underbelly seeking out Bobbenyung. So, if you have questions, I'm here to answer what I can. But understand, I doubt I'll have many more answers than you do, if any at all."

Kadi sips her drink, flashing a smile at Maeve. "Don't blame you at all. It's kind of - nasty, I think." That's her own non-medical opinion at the least. "And besides, I don't know how to fight." She shouldn't admit that, most likely, but her words are quiet, and it's not exactly a secret. Or at least it is something that just about anyone here probably already knows. Though she does glance at Ax. "Formal meeting? Did I miss a memo somewhere?"

Jictor offers a curt nod to Galak as he moves through the room, eventually sliding into a seat one down from Ax at the bar. "I know we were cautioned away from Kohlma... but I think it's a place worth investigating. Cautiously." He speaks quietly to the Waywards leader, not intending his words to carry throughout the room.

Galak turns to look at Maeve and offers her an honest smile. "I am a casual drinker tonight then, one... adventure was enough for me tonight," he says to the doctor. Turning toward Jictor and Ax as they speak, Galak says, "If Jictor is planning to venture to Kohlma, I would volunteer to go along with him. I'll watch that holocron with him as well, if no one would object... I have been into one of the Jedi places and it did not effect me for good or ill."

Speak of the Devil...Jictor arrives. Red nods in greeting. The information broker may note a difference in her carriage, her expression, even her tone. Such are keen observers, always. "A meeting?" Voice soft, tone mild. Then Galak speaks, She makes a decision. "I would see what it has to offer as well." Something cold moves thorugh her as she speaks, memories of That, and more. Her Lekku wrap about Strand's arm...

"Death and pain comes so easily that I do not see the point inblood sports, either. But others enjoy them." Strand says this, holding fingers with Red. A slight lean to the lethan. A tender little touch of heads. And then a look at Rontu. "It is nothing to be ashamed of. You are probably a better person that it did bther you. Rontu, I am older than you. And I have done many things. But, A'isha is the only thing in my life that I am not envious of you, for. Save for her, I wish I were you. " The man gives a serious look. And turns, toasingwith Red to family, friends and crew. He swallows his drink and waits for Ax to explain further.

"I don't either, not enough to do much good," Maeve replies in a quiet voice to Kadi. "Oh, I've enough common sense about it, certainly, but I'll leave the fist fights and shoving contests to those with something to prove. Or a tree line to pee," she adds with a quiet chuckle before she takes another drink from the bottle she's holding. She lifts that bottle in a subtle salute to Galak, falling silent once again, that curious expression settling in place once again.

Rontu Aru finds something that has no smell to it and gets a cup of it. He turns to find a seat and sits next to Maeve. He looks at those present and gives a polite nod in greeting to everyone. He takes a sip from his cup and listens in silence.

Ax sighs, "Guess the memo didn't get out like it was supposed to." There's a bit of a pause, "Yeah, a formal meeting of the guild tomorrow night. Gonna discuss some changes in positions and such, as well as the direction of the guild, and I'd love your input. I understand that some of you have prior obligations and won't be able to attend. I'll get with those people individually at some point." He then pours himself another glass of whiskey and hops off the bar, taking a drag from his hand-rolled cigarette before stubbing it out in an ashtray. "For those who haven't put it together, apparently I am sensitive to the force. I'm no jedi, no sith, just someone who can feel and apparently touch some mystical... hell even I don't know how to explain it. I'm a damned bloodhound when it comes to objects related to the Jedi or Sith is what it seems like. It all has an effect on me." Ax pauses for a moment, sipping at his fresh glass of whiskey and moves to sit next to Kadi. "The First Order has a sorcerer of some crazy ability on their side. He's hunting things related to the Jedi and Sith. What he plans to do with them is up in the air, it doesn't matter other than he really doesn't need to get them, because the more he attains the harder he will be to defeat." Looking to Jictor, Ax shakes his head. "If you insist on going, Jictor, I won't stop you. But count me out, at least for now. Let me gain a little more understanding in things, and learn to resist certain things a bit better and I may change my mind, but for now, I have to say no."

Jictor leans back and crosses his arms, nodding slightly to Ax. "Very well. I thought perhaps you would want to spend some time speaking to... whoever it is he was referring to here on Nar Shaddaa... before doing anything further." He looks around the room at the others, watching their reactions to Ax's comments, but adds nothing to the overall conversation.

Rontu Aru gets a little excited at this speech. "The Force?" He looks at Maeve in disbelief, then back to Ax. "But that's all fairy tails." Then looking around at everyone, "Isn't it?" His excitement has a touch of fear in his eye's. "Isn't it?"

"It is not a tale for children, Rontu." Red glances to the man. "i was there, he knocked us all flying like elave in the breeze with only a gesture. He stopped blaster fire in mid-flight. And held it there.....It is true. All of it..." It seems she would say more, but a quick glance round and she subsides, siping her drink and glancing to Ax, then Jictor and finally, Strand. One Lek brushes him, the other writhes.

Kadi leans gently against Ax, just a teeny bit. And she watches and listens. "It sounds like there aren't very many good places to go - they all have their dangers." She takes a breath, and then says, "Wait, Galak, did you say you've been somewhere? And it wasn't just the candy speaking?" Hey, someone's got to ask, right? Right. She sighs though and nods at Red's input. "Sadly true, Rontu, much as I wish otherwise."

Nodding his head, Galak stands as well and reaches unclips one of the straps holding the chest plate of his wayward armor to his chest. Removing it, he tosses it to the couch where he had been sitting previously, and then pulls the zipper of the suit he wears down. Reaching into the opening and into an inner pocket he pulls something out. Holding out his hand, he allows it to fall from his hand to dangle at the end of a chain for all to see. It is a smallish green crystal that he has fastened to a chain with a bit of wire. "I swiped this from Ilum yesterday. I responded to a call from Rax looking for a capable pilot and went along with him and Kirk Novastar and Oriana. Kirk flew separately and knew where he was going, while Oriana and I were completely in the dark. Rax set us on course for the planet and told us that he wouldn't be telling us where we were going. When we came out of hyperdrive he had me go to the cockpit to land the ship. After I landed it, and he went to go put on his winter clothes, I searched through the nav computer and memorized the data for the planet. When we were going through the cave, I found a stone and pocketed it, rather than give it to him."

Ax nods to Jictor. "Yeah, that's the plan," he says to the man. "Maybe I can get some direction." Then looking to Rontu, he shakes his head. "I thought to, but anyone who was at Sereno with us knows that it's not all fairy tales. I'm sure there are a lot of fairy tales involved, but there is at least some grain of truth to it." He then looks about the room. "I'd prefer that none of this conversation leave this room, by the way. Please don't tell anyone about any of this if they aren't amongst our inner circle. Jictor is involved in this because fate kind of threw us together." He sips at his drink and leans against Kadi before whistling. A few moments later, his pet tailring, Adder flies into the room and perches upon his shoulder. The black sand-dragon nuzzling against his cheek for a moment before skirting around his shoulder to nuzzle Kadi as well, offering the man some bit of comfort as only a beloved pet can. "Look, we're going to be venturing into some dangerous territory. Then, looking to Galak, he watches the man, looking at the crystal. "So, I guess it was Rax who went there. I'd love to hear what you found. And if you know how to get back, then that will be useful as well," he says. "I don't know this Kirk or Oriana, I don't believe." Glancing to Jictor, "Maybe we should go check it out, before that pirate goes back and destroys something that might prove valuable to us. I don't think he really has much of a clue or care as to what's really at stake." He takes a deep breath, and drains the rest of his glass. "I hate to cut all this short, but I just suddenly feel drained, all of this hitting me pretty hard. I thinkI'm going to head to bed. Jictor is a font of knowledge, and if you're nice or good at bartering, maybe you can get some information out of him."

Strand Korsen is quiet and holding A'isha. After a moment, he moves closer to the twi'lek. The talk of Jedi and the Force and the battle with this mysterious man.. unsettles him. Strand. The man who normally seems unflappable. But he cannot flirt or lie or cheat mystical things like this. So he holds on to A'isha for comfort. A look at the others. Rontu and Maeve. Then he listens to Ax. "I know this Oriana. She seems agreeable. Should I go speak withher?"

Kadi grins at Adder, reaching a hand to pet the tailring as he shares his snuzzles. "Sweetie," she tells him. And then at Ax's comment, she actually slips her shoes back on, getting to her feet and holding a hand out. "C'mon, I'm sure I could walk you up," she offers quietly.

The looks of slightly cynical skepticism on Maeve's face is a quiet reflection on the topic at hand, quiet enough that she keeps it to herself and silently glances from face to face. To Rontu she shakes her head subtly at his question, letting her skeptical expression speak for itself.

Rontu Aru's excitement has clearly turned to fear. He slips a hand into Maeve's and grips it tightly. His eye's full of fear, he remains silent and tries to follow what needs to be done and what is going to be done. He leans closer to the woman beside him.

Ax stands and takes Kadi's hand. He looks to Strand, "If you wish, sure. Just don't let her know anything she shouldn't. I trust your judgement, brother." He then looks to the others. "If, after tomorrows meeting, you don't want to get involved, I will not hold it against you. I will not ask anyone here to do anything I wouldn't do myself, and I will not force anyone into a dangerous situation." With that said, he heads to the turbolift to head to bed. Galak Considers this for a moment before sliding the chain with the crystal over his neck, Galak looks to Strand and says, "If you do go to speak to Oriana, I would be careful of what you say. She seems to be quite... into Rex. I think she will take things back to him. She seemed to be quite interested in him."

A glance sent sideways to Rontu has a fleeting look of protectiveness drift across her face as she takes his hand in hers, sharing the hand clasp for comfort. "Be well, both of you," she calls to Ax and Kadi, her voice solemn. "And know that, what ever it is that you all are up to, I'll help however I can. I happen to have just made the acquaintance of a cybernetic specialist, too." She exhales a little breath that is almost a laugh as she eyes Galak, "Really? Why ever would anyone.." before she shakes her head and settles back, "a bit over arrogant and full of himself and laboring under the burden of such ego. Poor man," humor again.

Rontu Aru pulls a deep breath and determination furrows his brow. He looks up and says, "This is the first family I've had since I lost mine. I'm in Captain. You can count on me to do what ever you need me to do." He takes another breath, a bit shakey this time. His hand in Maeve's shake as well.

Chuckling, Galak shrugs his shoulders and says, "If I understood what went on in the female mind I would understand why they are not all throwing themselves at me. I have not yet been able to get to the bottom of that mystery, and I damn sure haven't gotten to the bottom of what allure Rax has either." He grins at Maeve and then picks his breastplate back up off of the couch and throws himself down upon it, angling his head to where he can look over to the doctor and Rontu.

Strand Korsen grunts to Galak at the mention of Rax and Oriana. A pause. He squeezes Red by the hand. "I will be careful, of course. And if she is... that is because she is looking for someone to love." A frown. "I thank you for the warning. And I should warn her, too. Rax will betray her like he betrays everyone..." He looks over at Rontu and Maeve. A little smile upon his face. A bit wistful. He leans against A'isha, watching Rontu and Maeve. The more he watches them, the closer he leans on the Lethan. A laugh at Galak again. And then a little nip to A'isha. "Shall we go to bed, love?" You paged Rax Vaelus with 'it took 5 of us and 2 droids, but we found what was hidden there. Lots of clues there, and supposedly scattered all over the grid.'

Maeve covers Rontu's hands with both of her own now, concerned now as she hears the shaking in his voice to accompany the shaking of his hand, "Families lean on each other and protect each other, they build something together. If you believe in any sort of god or gods, then believe that friends are god's apology for the necessity of family. We don't get to decide who or what we come from, Rontu, but we get to decide who we're going to take with us. These are good people, and only a fool is unafraid when things become dangerous or have the potential to be so. Fear keeps you alive. Courage is what it takes to do what you're afraid of, and wisely so." She shares another half curve of a smile with Rontu before she glances up at Galak and laughs quietly. "Well, it could be that breastplate," she offers with a wink before nodding to Strand and A'isha, "Sleep well you two."