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Starbucks calls once again upon the group to kick some terrorist backside.

OOC Date: March 22, 2018
Location: Corellia - mountains outside of the city of Bela Vistal
Participants: First Order: Kylo Ren, Colin, Evie Leven, Arvis Locke, Lioria Thrace with Grayson Oakfell NPCing Starbucks

Bringing down the terrorist: PT. 2

The sun has just crested on the horizon in the mountains outside of the city of Bela Vistal. Snow dwindles lazily down in big fat fluffy twinkling flakes of white, the moon hidden behind thick clouds, the nighttime providing cover to the team that has been dispatched to act upon information gained through an earlier team weeks previous.

Commander Starbucks, a swarthy man with an easy grin leads this team which has ventured out on speeders to a spot a mile off. After a hike as the sun set the team would crest a hill which afforded a view of a small innocous cabin, a small puff of smoke wafting from the roof through a cheap tin chimney flue. The curtains are drawn and a soft glow ecks out from behind the curtains. It looks quaint. Quiet. Dull.

"This is our target." Commander Starbucks states as he crunches through the snow through his helmet comms, the man swarthed in white for this night time excursion in a snow town. He carries a rifle, "This house is a cover for the entrance leading into the underground terrorist cells headquarters, from what we've gathered from our people who have staked this place out they got some ol' lady guardin' it, but don't let her small frame trick you, she's a bag of vipers and I'm told she's the imfamous Carmexa, a damned hero in the resistance, with over twenty kills of high ranking folks in our ranks. So ..she gives you any guff, take her out. I'm going to keep cover for you guys out here. Go into the house, take out the old bag, figure out how the hell to get into the underground caverns, and take out whoever is down below as quietly as you can. We want, if possible, to take over this safe house to lure in others to take 'em out, too." Starbucks darts off through the snow, the forests quiet around the group, to go and duck in behind a large looming tree, "Keep on the comms. You run into any trouble I'll come and provide assistance if able."

There's a black hooded figure with a red helmet on underneath, sitting across from Starbucks and bringing up information on their datapad. The person doesn't really talk. They just nod along with what the Commander is saying. Their black and silver BB unit doots at something and they look at the information that is given, "I'll keep my eyes open, Commander." White Chick states, even if the voice is a a bit mechanical. Spies were weird.

One of the figures that dismounts a speeder is not clad in white, but the opposite, dark black garments standing out somewhat against the snowy terrain, even with the cover of night. His masked helmet glints dully in the light of the moon, the vacant black hole of his visor fixed on the cottage ahead. The voice that proceeds from him is understated in tone but amplified in volume, less than ideal for a stealth mission, but chilling in the cold night air. "Age does not grant absolution. If she resists, don't hesitate." Heavy boots crunch through the snow toward the hut, the Supreme Leader's ragged mantle snapping in the wind behind him.

This was his first mission? In the freezing cold with a flightsuit and a blaster?! Colin had known when he saw Kylo Ren he would be held to a higher standard, the dark flowing robes did stick out as someone you didn't want to mess with. Reluctantly, he places a hand on his blaster and grips the cold metal, waiting for others to move ahead of him and take point. Keeping silent, he tries not to draw any attention to himself as he slowly follows the group.

The ground has never been a place of true comfort for Evie, whether on or off duty. There's just something... different, about being forced to move on only an x and y axis without being able to freely move into the z if necessary. Beneath the helmet of her suit, Evie's nose is crinkled in distaste as she dismounts her speeder. "Acknolwedged, Commander." offers the pilot, before falling into line a couple steps behind the Supreme Leader, "Yes, sir." she offers simply. He was right - when it came to enemies of the peace they were trying to establish? Age wasn't innocence. Monsters came in all shapes and sizes, and she had a duty to do.

Stepping off of a speeder behind Kylo is Commander Arvis Locke, also dressed in blacks. The great coat that he wears is, for the first time in a long while, fastened up, concealing the clothes beneath. A single glove is worn on his hand. The fleshy one. The chromium-plated cybernetic one is left to be shown off. It'll probably strike fear into somebody later. Who knows?

The little old lady, Carmexa De Wyn is a small figure, about five foot four, her hair braided down to either side of her head in two long braids. The door to the house was opened, the old woman stooped, a thin and frail looking figure in a long dressing gown, a thick knitted sweater worn over her shoulders, glancing out into the darkness. Her venturing out is not due to, at least obviously, sensing anyone out in the darkness, but to let an old brown long earred mutt out into the snow, the pupper (for all dogs are puppers, no matter their age), hobbling out into the snow to go and take a piss.

Carmexa leans in the doorway, whistling out for the dog to go further away from the house, "Go, you idiot dog, stop putting your shavit on the doorstep everytime." Her voice is affectionate and carries out over the snow easily in the cold air, her slippered feet taking her out onto the mat outside the door, soon crunching into the snow as she shoos the dog further.

Opportunity is thus afforded then to take the old woman out, capture her, or any other number of options.

White Chick's attention is distracted when the Supreme Leader appears and then there's Commander Locke. This would be interesting. She'd never seen Kylo Ren and she wasn't sure if it was going to be any less scary in any other circumstances. She pulls her hood up over her red helmet and starts after the others, keeping her eyes open as her boots crunch through the snow. "As a heads up everyone, she's armed. A blaster that she keeps on her hip just under her sweater. Don't let her get to it." she states over the comms.

When the old woman emerges, Kylo pauses slightly in his walk towards the shack before continuing further, his mask turning slightly as he appears to be looking at something near the house itself, and his gloved hand lifts in a quick grasping motion, moving slightly in the air as if clearing invisible cobwebs away. "She's trapped the house. Two are clear but there will be more. Stay alert." His gaze follows the path of the woman's dog briefly, but he makes no movement against it.

Shivering in his uniform, the cold and adrenaline seems to get to him as he shifts uncomfortably behind the others. Though Colin keeps his eyes forward, all he can think about is the warmth of his bunk as his senses dull. Perhaps a warm meal when he gets back to his station. Yeah that would hit the spot.... Though effective, now was not the time to be blocking out the here and now, but he could get away with it for the time being. As the comms light up with chatter, he unclasps his blaster and now has it at the ready. "No more daydreaming..." He quietly says to himself as he finally draws his weapon upon Kylo's directive.

"Roger that." comes the voice of the female pilot among the group, hand instinctively starting to draw closer to her own blaster, stationed for ready access - much like their quarry of the moment. There's a nod towards Ren at his words. Traps. She'll walk a bit more carefully given that. "Should we spread out and try to flank her?" asks the Kuati of her superiors. "She might give up without a fight if blasters are pointed at her from several angles, instead of a cluster to make an easy grenade target." Surrounding would've been even better, but that would require being /in/ the house and... not very possible just yet (nor smart, given the noted presense of traps).

"They're in a perimeter. Two yards around the house in either direction," Arvis says, lowering his binoculaurs and looking over at the Supreme Leader. He takes a moment to stow the binoculaurs away and moves to slide his SE-44c from its spot on his hip. This isn't his operation. This isn't even his division. So he'll just wait for orders.

The dog mid-squat pauses in its business, nose shifting as it rocks it's head up and down, sniffing deeply of the air. Backside lifting up he lets his deuce drop, beginning to sniff in around the snow, big paws sinking into the snow, the dog venturing out a few more feet, tail wagging gently. Carmexa will look out into the darkness, noting the sniffing of her dog, something out there, though she's not sure about it being prey, or predators. But, thankfully for the group she IS old as balls, well ..okay, let's be fair, in her 70's, but her eyesight is not what it used to be. SO. It's when she pulls up her glasses which are hanging on a fancy chain around her neck and secures them onto her nose that she spots something, someone. A shadow. It's enough to have her snap out to grab her blaster, levelling it as she begins to retreat back into the house in a backwards shuffle, "I SEE YOU, WHOEVER YOU ARE. I'VE GOT A RIGHT TO PROTECT MY HOME." Jusssst in case it's hikers. She can play crazy batty hermit lady if it wards off innocents.

"Holy shavit, she's an ugly bird. You know, they used to say that back in the day she was like a regular super hot chick. She did not age well." As Carmexa begins to move, "Shavit, guys, I TOLD YOU. She's a slinky binky, quick as a whip, hurry, take her out, get her down, go go go." Starbucks runs flank to the group, heading off to secure the back of the house.

"We've been made." White Chick states over the comms. The voice a bit crackly, but hey, it's her. Her black and silver BB unit goes zipping off over the snow and the black and red hooded figure starts running when Starbucks does. Along the way she draws her vibroblade, squeezing the hilt as she races towards the old woman and swings at her. There's nothing said. It's almost eerie really how she attacks. Two swings and White Chick brings the sword up to guard.

While White Chick moves forward at a run, Kylo hangs back, still glancing around the shack itself, apparently unconcerned with the old woman's presence. He's busy feeling for more danger outside, remembering Starbucks' admonition that this is a slinky binky. To an onlooker, the figure in black appears to be wandering slowly towards the cabin, but he's plucking the strands of the Force tentatively with his mind, questing for hints of danger. "They know we're coming," the vocoded voice announces finally, unsilenced at the realization. "Move quickly." He's already striding towards the house more rapidly now, thumping up on to the porch past the elderly woman being cut down over there.

As the fun starts, Colin raises his gun to take a few calculated shots at the old woman. Click. Click. The gun gets a weird look from Colin as he checks to see if his pistol is working properly. "Well shit... I guess I should of tested this thing out before bringing it with me..." Playing with the settings, he attempts one more shot as he takes a test squeeze of the trigger, this time aiming at the dog. Not even a yelp is heard as the dog gets blasted to oblivion. "You've dropped your last deuce, you Resistance dog."

There's thoughts that race through Evie's head. Give chase? Good excuse to get shot. Try to act like she's lost and looking for directions? Well. It might work if she was a better liar, or not dressed head to toe in what the briefing would suggest the woman would consider enemy armor. When White Chick springs into action, it pretty much makes the decision for the pilot. A weapon like that isn't going to leave much room for talking after the fact -- and now her peers were potentially in danger -- so instinct takes over and she fires off a shot. It seems that the pilot can shoot even without a targeting computer, as the bolt flies true through the air and into the old woman, finishing the job White Chick and Colin started and putting an end to the primary threat. "Tango down." she reports over comms, voice somber. Colin's actions get a brief look, before she shakes her head and continues forward. "I'll check the body for anything useful." she adds -- you never know if there's a key, a map of trap locations, or anything else to be found. Remember. This woman killed several of yours, Evie. This was an apt punishment.

Arvis Locke stands quietly as the soldiers begin to pepper the abode and its human and canine inhabitants with blaster fire and sword swings. The older man's mouth curls into a frown as he watches Colin kill the dog. Not cool, Colin.

"Move forward. Sweep the building. Watch for traps." He moves forward, stepping over a trip-wire on his way toward the house.

Unfortunately White Chick attacked from the front of the house instead of attacking from either flank, the trip wires to either side having been destroyed by Kylo. The one White Chick hit didn't need much in the way of coaxing to trip, and no bombs or explosions go off when she trips it. Instead, as Kylo alerts the group to, it lets those in the underground cave system/bunker know they've got guests. However, there was a failsafe installed in the house, and it could be accessed to signal a false alarm, for people such as hikers, those who are lost in snow storms, etc, accidently setting things off.

"WHAT THE HELL MAN." Starbucks comes over the comms, having "Who the hell killed the dog? That was a /good/ dog, oh man. Geeze. You know, this is why we're painted as evil a-holes, you guys. Man, I was gonna adopt that little guy, what the--" A series of further expletives, "Got the dang back of the house secured, ain't no one coming out or in." Disappointment is there, "Hurry up."

Evie finds a keycode that can be entered into a keypad that is immediately to the left when the group steps into the house, and that key code lets the group down below know to stand down, false alarm.

The inside of the house is a quaint little cabin setting, a huge carpet on the floor, a fire crackling merrily, and a small nook with a couch, a coffee table, a wood stove and a bed at the top of a ladder that leads to a tiny area in the roof.

White Chick steps into the house and she starts to look over things, her bright violet eyes squinting behind the black visor of her helmet. After a few moments, she heads for the fireplace, her BB unit on her heels. She reaches out with her gloved hands to start running over the bricks to see if there's a switch she can find. "Something's off about this." she states. But she's not finding anything. Except a dead cockroach, which she tosses over her shoulder.

Kylo strides into the room, his tall, black-clad figure dominating the cozy space as he stands there, the chrome lines on his mask glinting in the firelight as he glances around expectantly, briefly following the path of that cockroach corpse as it falls to the floor. "Our enemies certainly have first-class accommodations. Find the way down."

Colin pays no mind to the protest of the dog slaying. As far as he was concerned, it was fate that killed the dog, not him. A smile curls beneath the helmet as he follows the rest of them into the house. He finally breaks his silence, "I am a terrible shot, this night will weigh heavily on my conscience.." At least his gun works now, and perhaps there was more animals down there that needed forever homes like that old hag. The thought of Starbucks adopting Carmexa made him grin underneath his helmet once more, so much that he wasn't paying attention to where he was going, just following those who were.

"The lady had a code on her," announces Evie over the comms, "Might unlock the basement for us." Of course, there's also the possibility that it causes the cabin to explode. There's about three, maybe four seconds of pause to allow anyone who outranks her to object... and if the objection isn't given? Well, she's going to enter the code and hope for the best.

Worst case scenario? If she's going to die, it might as well be in a glorious explosion.

With that either done (or halted by a superior) , the pilot takes a further look around... and much like White Chick, moves towards the fireplace. "Hey, there's something... " she trails off and turns gloved hands to work on a crooked picture frame. Maybe she's the obsessive-compulsive type? Either way, there's a slight squeak - yes, squeak - of surprise as the frame comes loose to reveal... "...romance novels?" she offers quietly, blinking blue eyes under her helmet. There's a moment to look for any obvious traps involved there, before she reaches to withdraw the books. Just like the corpse before, you really never know what you can find.

Due to his superior big eyeballs, Arvis manages to figure out that the fire, itself, is hiding the gateway to the underground. His creepy murder robot arm easily pulls the stone back.

The stone platform upon which the fireplace rests actually rolls forwards as an entire piece, the fire still burning merrily as just that is done.

Once the fireplace bottom is rolled forwards it reveals a huge hole that leads downwards via a wooden ladder that drops down.

Everyone can get down the ladder easily, and a 'ding ding' sounds softly to alert that someone is coming down. At the bottom of the passageway the system opens up into a largish cave, some chairs sorted around, a long cavernous hallway leading off to a few doors. Voices can be heard, "Hey Carmexa, you bring that good tea down??" Echoing down the hallway.

It's a small operation, but those tend to be the most hard hitting as there are fewer resources, more wily planning and bigger chances taken.

Two rooms are thusly carved out naturally in the stone, water trickling in the distance further down the hallway, a natural spring running with hot water. In the room to the right there are two people, one male one female, sitting in the planning area where a big table rests, a small holo-tv, and maps spread out along the walls of Imperial Held places, including the mountain city of Bela Vistal and government houses. The two people play cards, one leaned back in his chair having yelled for Carmexa and that tea.

In the other room there are bunks and beds, this place able to hold up to about twenty field agents, and chairs for relaxing. In that room is a highly skilled assassin, the woman currently laid out in a bed, reading one of the series of romance novels Evie found, two other folks there, one female half-asleep, the other braiding his hair to bed down for the night.

"You guys in yet? Hurry up, nice and quiet like I said, I don't know if they got alarm systems or nothing down there, or radios so ..quick and fast if you can." Starbucks calls over the comms, getting ansty up above, the dog thing still really bugging him. Man. He's scaled a tree and waits, rifle aimed on the cabin, waiting, "You joining me, Commander Arvis? I'll shift, you take the front." So says Starbucks, the man keeping up in his tree, hugging it with his legs as he slowly scoots around to alter his line of sight.

"Thank you, Commander Locke." White Chick states. "R0. Stay up here and help with keeping an eye on things." she states as she makes her way down the ladder. Once down, she greets a private with a missed swing but the second swing slices his chest open.

When the way down is revealed, the dark figure heads wordlessly that way, skipping the ladder to drop to the floor below, landing in a low crouch as the lightsaber on his belt comes free and ignites with sudden fury, the blade coming snarling forth and crossguards spitting out after. His mask is lit by the baleful red light, and the Supreme Leader storms directly past the room to the right, heading for a sensed threat in the bunkroom. He comes through the door and the skilled assassin snaps to her feat, grabbing a weapon to do battle, but before she has a chance to do much of anything like that, he's on her, the ragged blade growling fiercely as it splits both her weapon and body in twain, a strangled gasp and a rush of air escaping from the woman's mouth as the air fills with the stench of burnt ozone and seared flesh.

Coming in from behind, the rush of a raid overtakes Colin as he dips into the room of the card players. Before the man could react, he takes aim and puts a blaster bolt through the man's hand. "Get on the ground before you get dealt a worse hand." He keeps his blaster leveled towards the sergeant, ready to pull the trigger once more as the horrific vision of Kylo Ren's assault takes his attention away for a split second.

Well, this time around there's multiple targets, and the answer at the moment is clear... especially as White Chick and Kylo on the attack right from the moment of entry. Evie tries to guess who each is attacking from their movements, and levels her weapon at one of the others, squeezing the trigger and letting off a shot. Unfortunately, it seems she should've stuck to trying to follow up White Chick's attacks again, as without the extra care forced by trying /not/ to hit the woman with the vibroblade? The shot goes wide.

"...That was a warning shot!" she backpedals verbally, "Surrender now, or face immediate justice!"

The two in the card room are greeted by White Chick and Colin, the shots catching them by surprise, enough that both get wounded and call out the alarm, "SHAVIT, S'NOT CARMEXA." The one that Colin attacks yells out as she tumbles off his chair with the shot, finding cover under the table as she shoots at Colin, "NOT A CHANCE." The blaster is levelled at Colin and a shot is taken.

White Chick's guy is sliced good down along his chest but he's still up despite blooms of blood escaping from his chest, the man coughing hard as he too tries to take a shot at the one who attacked him, levelling his blaster at White Chick and shooting as he falls down to one knee.

The elite woman is eviscerated, which allows the room to come alive with screaming, the two left in that room scrambling for their weapons. Evie shoots at one, a warning shot which does nothing but freak out the dude with the braid into shooting right back at her, but not intending to miss, "JUSTICE?! JUSTICE MY ASS. EAT A BAG OF WEINERS." PEW!

The other one has not yet been attacked and she jumps off her bed, adrenaline kicking in as she takes aim at Kylo, "IT'S HIM, IT'S HIM!" Screamed out, the base in disarray now, as small at it is, the screaming and shouting echoing throughout, a shot taken.

White Chick uses a vibro blade, so that means she goes in for close range. This means she's general shot a lot of the time. The woman doesn't seem to really care about this when the bolt flares between the Resistance private and herself. When they go down to one knee, White Chick grips the hilt of the sword tightly and then thrusts it through the private's heart before kicking the corpse off of her blade. She doesn't complain about the hole in her. She just tugs her coat a bit tighter around her body.

When the girl jumps off her bed, screaming 'IT'S HIM', Kylo barely reacts, the shot from the girl going predictably wide as it zips past his head. A gloved hand punches out into the air almost lazily and sends the girl flying, her body slamming against the nearest wall, hard. For a second it knocks the blaster out of her hand, leaving her to scramble on the floor while the man in black looks around the room to confirm there's not any other threats to be neutralized in the immediate vicinity he's not sensing.

"Have it your way then..." Another blast goes off from Colin's pistol, but the crafty maneuver from the sergeant had now put the skill gap between trained combatant to pilot, to light. "Tch." He moves to find a better cover since his sneak attack was able to transition to something he wasn't ready for. Slamming himself against the wall around the corner, he checks his pistol. "Hang in there pilot, you still have to read those romance novels you stuffed inside your suit."

Good advice, Evie thought. But it was good advice that just wasn't taken, and maybe her lack of ground combat skills just proved her attempt to cover her miss completely invalid. The result? That blaster comes searing back to slam into her arm.

Unfortunately for the man who shot her, it wasn't the arm attached to the hand holding the blaster. Letting out a scream that was a mixture of pain and rage, the little pilot's finger starts squeezing the trigger. "YOU!" Again. "SHOT!" And again. "ME!" And again. Maybe the pain focused her. Maybe it was karma, but the hail of blaster fire strikes the target again and again, turning what was an able-bodied, if sleepy foe into nothing but a lifeless corpse.

A lifeless corpse which, if Evie weren't wearing the helmet, she'd pretty clearly look like she wanted to shoot again. "This /isn't/ how I die!" she responds to Colin, voice still louder than her normal tone from the pain.

As she's knocked back hard into the wall and her gun lost, the woman scrambles in a dazed manner, feeling out for the gun, but the man that Colin was attacking suddenly calls out, having recognized Kylo from the screaming woman who was knocked back out against the wall, "SHAVIT, SHAVIT. I SURRENDER, I SURRENDER." He drops his gun, hands raising over his head shakily, having seen that man in black from across the wall just SMASH Valeen hard with just a flick of his hand, "Come on, please. Valeen, VALEEN. Stay /down/, you know- you know what he's gonna do." His voice is hoarse as he calls out, Valeen not in any state to go against the mans wishes. And with the rest of his group having been culled, the man is done. Just done. He wants to be able to go home to his kids. Or have that chance. One day.

Valeen is stunned, her head swimming, the air knocked out of her lungs from the impact, the woman inhaling air as if through a straw, sucking in hard and gasping, her blaster still reached for as she lays on her stomach, outstretched arm wiggling fingers to try and get a grip on the blaster handle-doo, her nose bleeding and blood curling out of her mouth from a bitten down tongue, "Mrango .." Burbled through blood. Her knees scrape in against rough rock, "VALEEN. STAY DOWN."

White Chick's grip is still tight on the hilt of the vibro blade and the shrouded woman brings the sword up when people start surrendering. She didn't attack people that were surrendering. With a twirl of the blade she flicks the blood from it and the resheathes the sword. There was intel around here to grab. Where the heck was Asiir when they needed him?!

As Valeen struggles to compose herself and regain her weapon, the man in black lowers himself into a crouch in front of her fallen figure, the masked helmet cocking to the right with interest. A small device is produced from somewhere on his person, and a black-gloved hand reaches out towards her head, the air around him growing tense with worrisome energy. She coughs, swallows, clearing her throat, getting the blood out of her mouth.

"Status report, Private Kodna, clearance number 8937. Nothing significant to report. Outpost remains a safe location for operatives with too much-" The girl's eyes falter momentarily, dropping to the floor for a beat before the tension in the air vibrates again, and she winces, swallowing, to finish, "...with too much heat to lay low. Report complete, over." The hand drops and so does her head, gasping, coughing, taking a deep, shuddering breath.

"We have what we need," the processed voice announces as Kylo straightens up.

Raising an brow, Colin moves to the the sergeant who surrendered at the sight of Kylo. "Oh, you wouldn't stop for me but for him, you'd drop your panties in a heartbeat..." He squats down to the cowering sergeant, "You seem to forget that I made you a promise. I told you you'd be dealt a worse hand." Taking his blaster, he aims for the private's head and blows a hole clean through the skull as the private lays helplessly with a hole in his head. "Let your goons know what happens when you don't surrender when asked."

The battle's won, the mission successful. Evie's not putting the blaster down, though. She's keeping it trained -- she's not willing to take the chance that one of these people wouldn't be willing to fake surrender in order to finish her off, and as stated? This is /not/ where she dies, not how her story ends. She's determined of that. She's getting ready to continue her modus operandi of searching after each room's been cleared... when Colin decides they're not taking prisoners. The thought immediately goes through her head: Who /is/ this guy!?

So instead, she takes a couple steps backwards, blaster still up -- aimed for the remaining Resistance member for appearances, but prepared to change if she needs to. Kylo's command gives her the perfect excuse. "Of course, Supreme Leader. Moving out." she responds. That wounded arm is being held close to her, and her pistol remains out for any further threats that appear.

"Yessssss, Okay, guys. Good job. Supreme Leader, never happier to have you along." Starbucks says over the comms, "It's all quiet out here. Search the place for data cores and spikes and all that crap, this was their /main base/ from what our intel stated, so they got some heavy shavit in there. Try to get it all. I got people coming in to take over on the safehouse, you're gonna see a little old lady upstairs when you guys come out. DO NOT SHOOT HER. That's Sinesis and she's gonna assume Carmexa's cover here. AGAIN. DO NOT SHOOT HER. SHE IS NOT TO BE SHOT." Said very sternly over the comms, like Starbucks is talking to the poor dog COLIN SHOT. Yeah, Starbucks is gonna be sore about that for some time to come.

"You guys got prisoners? Bring 'em up, hurry up. We got a speeder waiting for you all. Don't worry about clean up, my people are on it, already working on the upstairs. Do. Not. Shoot. Anyone. Up. Stairs. No one. You see a bird, you leave that damn bird /alone/." Starbucks mutters, switching channels to his other team, "You guys, I forgot, they shot the damn dog, poor Tinkles. We gotta get another, get one from the local pound."

As for the team they will have the opporunity to search the place and will find two very important USB like drives with information on local operatives and businesses that are assisting the group on Corellia, one USB also noting a few famous figures, public figures, an actress, a war photographer and a spokesperson for a coca cola product popular on Coruscant as also being operatives and sympathizers.

Upstairs a crew of three is cleaning up and rolling out the bodies, the little old lady prepping and taking care to dress up similar to the culled Carmexa who's body is stuffed into a crate.

Not too far off a speeder is waiting, and takes the group back to the rendevoux point where they are shuttled off back to Nar Shaddaa. The infiltration and rooting out was a success, and thanks to everyone, the cabin is now fully equipped to lure in other resistance agents who would find safety in this place normally, that status report he forced out of Valeen drawing in individuals like flies to honey.

White Chick's face can't be seen behind the visor, but Colin killing the surrendered person was not something that sat well with her. She pulls her hood up over the red helmet and then turns to help search for data cores and spikes quietly. Above them, R0 doots quietly down to them while they finish up. But soon enough the woman is returning to where they came so they can get the hell home. And she can crawl into some bacta. Which was becoming a regular place for her these days.