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Bringing down the terrorist: Starbucks VS Coffee Bean

OOC Date: 3/1/2018 (Optional)
Location: Corellia
Participants: First Order: Asiir Cuul, Grayson Oakfell, White Chick

Blue Sector - Coronet City.

The sun is on it's way down in the city of Coronet, hues of brilliant golds, browns, darkening reds and cerulean blue all co-mingling in the skies as darkness fights to claim the sky. The weather is calm, a gentle but cool breeze weaving in through the streets of the Blue Sector. The Blue Sector is a rougher part of Coronet city, not patrolled as well, a good place for people to hide and for hidden things to be found. A large bazaar is settled within the blue sector, thousands of people, vendors, businesses crowding narrow streets, walkways rising up to encompass second and third levels within the bazaar, the noise heavy, the smells intrusive, and smoke heady from local smoke shops and imbibers.

In the lobby of a vacant, soon to be demolished, apartment building, Commander Starbucks (PB Paul Rudd) has gathered his team of trusty Finalizer folk to help him sniff out a Corellian Terrorist known as 'Coffee Bean', "We've got word that Coffee Bean, that dastardly nerf herder of a leader of those shavit munching bombers of our power grids here, is somewhere in Treasure Ship Row." He sweeps a serious look to those assembled, one of which included Grayson because she's oh so helpful and thought this was a run to a local caf.

"Now, we've got these probe droids, four, and each of you will be directing one, and you're going to go out and keep an ear out for them as we sweep the bazaar. It's big, it's ugly, and I ain't gonna lie, it's not gonna be easy, because Coffee Bean is gonna see those droids if he's smart and lookin', which means he's gonna be runnin'. So, you guys are going to be, and I know, this is way too fun, looking out for him and capturing him. He's got a base we ain't been able to find, and we're gonna make him take us to it, and then we're gonna go in, kill everyone inside, and take it over. See if we can't draw more back to base and kill those too. So." He shoulders his rifle, he was holding one, honest, "Questions? Concerns? Ha, I'm joking, I don't care, lets go." A nudge of his head as he begins to head out of the apartment lounge, the lobby doors hanging on their hinges, one falling off and shattering to the ground as Captain Starbucks leaves. Out waiting in the street are a combination of four droids, hovering in the air as they wait to be directed.

Since arriving on the Finalizer a little earlier on the same day, Asiir had taken care of business and upon discovering that there was a special intel assignment being ran that same day, he had not wasted time in inviting himself along. As the briefing was held, the Cathar had leaned back against the apartment wall, the hood of his robes pulled up and casting a shadow across his feline features. Arms crossed, he had listened to the mission briefing with rapt attention. He said nothing, asked nothing, and when the rest of the troops made their way out and toward a droid, the Cathar walked along with them.

Each of the droids begins to move out, hovering as their midsections twirl around slowly, probing arms reaching out and skimming through the air, tasting things, testing things. A holo photo is provided by Commander Starbucks, the man flashing the image to the droids and the team, each big eye on the droids scanning the image, "The only known photograph of Coffee Bean, who's ..name isn't actually coffee bean, he's just got a face like one after we almost caught him a couple of months back. He ran through a building on /fire/, so, know that he doesn't care if his face is melting off. Jaycob Dryscanner is his name. Be careful, because he will fight tooth and nail, and he's a biter. He got me good. Take him down quickly, quietly, and don't kill him." The photo is tucked into the coat of his uniform, and assigns teams, with Asiir and Grayson put together, the others into another team, "Okay, move out!"

Grayson pulls forward the hood of the dark green cloak around her shoulders, a nod to Asiir given, "Knight of Ren." As the droids begin to head out Grayson keeps back, the bazaar greeting them a few yards away, dank, heavy and crowded, bright lights strewn across buildings shining down, with signs zipping past strapped to advert droids, music pounding, voices rising. Their two droids spread out, melting into the crowds, each responding back to their respective groups as faces are scanned. Coffee Bean, AKA Jaycob Dryscanner, is in an outdoor roving cafe, drinking caf, his head down low, lost in the sea of bodies that move around him. He watches the crowds, light green eyes narrowed, ever watchful, a mug of caf sipped at. Grayson's lips part in disdain as she looks through those she has to walk through, the smells acrid, melting together like the smells in an apartment hallway.

You paged Asiir Cuul with 'Your droid alerts you to a figure off about two hundred yards that looks like it may be Coffee Bean, transmitting the image to your datapad or wristunit, whatever you have, for confirmation.'

Looking toward Grayson, Asiir dips his head in a nod toward the Commander, offering her a simple, "Commander... who would have thought that our paths would cross again so soon?" As the groups begin to split up and move out with their respective droid, the Cathar moves along with Grayson, his eyes fixed on the readout of the probe droid he controls. The Cathar doesn't seem to have any sort of negative feelings for the people they wade through, the various species hardly bothering the Cathar because, well... he is an alien. The probe droid out in front of him begins to relay information back to him, and looking at his wrist unit, he looks toward Grayson and says, "Commander. I think we have found him already." Gesturing ahead, the Cathar begins to move in that direction.

You paged White Chick with 'Your droid, when you've caught up reading, has found the target, confirming with absolute certainty that it has found Coffee Bean, transmitting the location to you. He is located in a roving caf two yards off, though your droid reports that it has been spotted and the target is on the move.'

White Chick's here, really she has been. The woman is out of uniform and back in her usual traveling clothes though. The hooded cowl is drug up over her face though so she's not really sticking out with the hair. She keeps track of Asiir and the others with her eyes. Then there's a look to the Droid, "What's that Lassie?" she asks. Then she gives a look at the data that is given back, "Asiir, Commander. Target has been found. They are on the move though, so we might want to head him off." she states with a black lipped smile to them.

Given his watchful eye, Coffee Bean spots one of the probe droids, the man immediately up, his coffee ignored, his chair kicked back as he makes to run. "What's that?" Captain Starbucks asks over the comms in reponse to White Chick and Asiir, Grayons probe up to the second level, having completely missed out on finding the man. The droids coordinate, with the two droids who've spotted the terrorist triangulating out to the other droids, to coordinate a net to continue to keep track of the terrorist, "Ha ha, no way! Geeze, all right, I thought we'd be looking more." Captain Starbuck sounds a bit breathless, "I'm up on the third level, hustle after him, if he escapes again we're not gonna find him 'till he burns us out. White chick, and that's not racist, hurry up, you all need to run." Starbuck says over the comms to White Chick and the group.

"I thought this was a bloody trip out for rest and relaxation." Grayson admits to Asiir, her steps quickening as she makes to try and keep up with the droids, and the group she's with.

Coffee Bean slams into patrons of the bazaar, leaving a trail of knocked over people and carts, a path laid out for those following, the man heading deeper into the bazaar, looking to make it to one of the side streets.

Asiir is already on the move as White Chick speaks out to him and Grayson, his feet pumping quickly to begin propelling him through the crowd of pedestrians. The Cathar moves gracefully, weaving in and out of people as he runs. He doesn't draw a weapon to fire through the crowd, not yet at least, but it does not seem like it is far from his mind as he cranes his head, trying to keep a line of sight on the man rather than relying completely on the droid.

"Sorry to disappoint you with the short search, Captain." White Chick states as she follows the target with her eyes now that he's made himself known to everyone. "Come on Commander, this is a chance for a night out and fun just like any other one." the violet eyed woman states. She might be crazy. Write that down. Then she's off after the gracefully moving Cathar. Because she doesn't run as gracefully as Asiir. Not at all.

Grayson Oakfell isn't used to running. At all. Graceful, ungracefully. She definitely needs to train as Kylo suggested to her. Grayson falls behind the others, not as forceful in pushing people out of the way, in fact she gets pushed back, ensuring the falls behind enough to lose sight of those giving chase. With a frustrated growl she whips out her datapad, tracking where her droid has gone, moving to follow it in the crowd.

The crazy White Chick gets a laugh from Starbucks, the man trailing from the second level now above, the Commander hitting a balcony, spotting the path of White Chick and Asiir with a keen eye, "I live to be disappointed, beautiful, if it's that kinda disappointment. You guys head to your 9 o'clock, he's hitting the alleyway. Don't let him lose you all! This place is a fah-reakin' maze." Hopping over the balcony Stabucks drops atop a kabob vendor, crashing it down and topping onto the ground, his body pushing up as he scrambles to his feet, darting to join White Chick and Asiir.

Coffee bean punches a woman in the face as she gets in his way, the woman falling to the ground as her child screams, Coffee Bean jumping a cart and darting into that alleyway. A door is burst into, and the man disappears within. The droids pinpoint that he's in the alley, but not which door he may have disappeared into, the droids continuing on through the alley, scanning people.

You paged White Chick with 'The door that the terrorist burst through is four doors in on the left, and you can tell he went through that way because it's still moving, slightly, from the impact of the mans shoulder, and holds a vague dent in it from his impact. As well, a scared woman who was across the alley with her ugly cat glances in that direction before looking away from you terrified, not wanting to get involved. The cat seems nonplussed and disinterested.'

You paged Asiir Cuul with 'You can detect that the life force of Coffee Bean is located to the left in the alley way, within the storage room of the business, four doors down. He is not force sensitive.'

Asiir keeps running, not bothering to participate in the banter going on with Commander Starbucks. Growling as he pushes himself harder, his leather boots connect with the duracrete lightly, one after the other until he makes the alley. His eyes flit across the many doors, and then he reaches out with the force, trying to let it guide him toward the person he seeks. He begins moving toward a particular door, that of a business, and upon barging in he immediately turns for a closed closet door. Staring at it, he looks back for Starbucks and then juts with his chin toward the door. His hand pulls aside the cloak worn around his shoulders, then comes away with the hilt of his unlit lightsaber in hand.

White Chick just chuckles at the 'beautiful' comment from Starbucks. Just earlier she was getting dogged about her heritage by one of the higher ups, so she wasn't really taking anyones nice comments with more than a grain of salt. She heads into the alley with her sword in hand. Her eyes scanning once. She looks to a few places and then moves to the door that she sees is still swinging. The old woman across from it making it a bit more worth her interest. She gives a look to Asiir as well. Then to the unlit lightsaber in his hand. Oh happy day.

Starbucks reaches the door about thirty seconds after White Chick and Asiir do, having directed the other group around to the front of the building, "Four door, fourth door." He breathes into his comms, breathing heavily from excitement at having the bastard Coffee Bean, the man shunting his shoulder in against the masonry of the building, excitement on his face, "Gosh, you guys are really good at this. You should probably be leading this." Breathed out as he grins at White Chick, eyebrows lifting up, "Well, come on. Let's bust in and take this poodoo for brains down." He'll take the lead, because even though he told White Chick she should lead, he's actually the leader and should probably go on. So he squares with the door and kicks it open, the door smashing open with a loud clatter. Probably why they lost the guy last night. All kick, no quiet. In he dashes, a firefight already breaking out as Starbucks shoots at the Coffee Bean. The Coffee bean is trying to pry a grate off the ground, getting it off just as the group bursts in, Starbucks firing off shots that go wide, mainly because he gets hit by the swingback of the door, though it stops with his body, allowing White Chick and Asiir to get through unharmed. Coffee bean growls as he throws the grate at the group, reaching for his weapon at his hip. SCHWING. Time to fight.

Grayson ..is still making her way to the group. She's like, way off, and down a different alley.

Asiir allows Starbucks to enter into the room in front of him, and as the sound of blaster fire is heard the Cathar steps forward to enter before White Chick. His eyes narrow as he finds the man they are looking for, and then sees that grate flying through the air toward them. The Cathar ducks and dodges out of the way of the heavy piece of metal, and straightens as the man is lifting his gun up to bear. He does not leap forward to press the attack on the man, his lightsaber still unlit for now as he reaches an empty hand toward the weapon and clenches it into a sudden fist. His face is a mask of anger, sharp teeth bared as the weapon itself ignites into flames. "Enough!" he barks.

White Chick manages to duck the metal grate as it goes flying as well and she brings the vibro sword up as she watches the man. Asiir doesn't jump to press an attack, so neither does she. She looks over when the Cathar sets the gun on fire and then back to the man they were tracking, "Don't do anything rash." she states in a calm tone. Maybe she didn't want Asiir and herself to have to go back empty handed. Or maybe she was wanting to not run him through. Who knew?!

Coffee beans hand reaches his weapon and he brings it up into the air with a near look of triumph, his half-melted face, born with deep dark scars, staring back at the trio. Starbuck is righting himself almost immediately, jumping up from being knocked into by the door, his weapon up again. Coffee bean raises the weapon towards the white haired woman, snarling at her words, "Waddya kno' 'bou' SHAVIT!" His hand snaps, the blaster pistol flicked away as it suddenly grows red hot, the gun glowing with the force power Asiir decided to use. His now burned hand is clutched to his chest with his good hand, fingers flexing as he snarls back at Asiir, "Enou' is when I skin all yer bodehs." The blaster pistol was knocked into a crate about three feet away, clattering to the cement floor, still glowing hotly. With the burned hand he grabs for a knife on his belt now, grimacing but fighting through the pain, fist curling around the handle as he brandishes it. A step is taken to the grate hole, an escape route for the man.

"Hey, hey. Hey buddy. I know what you're thinking. But there ain't no where to go, it's us, or death." Starbucks says, levelling his rifle at the terrorist, "I got people in the sewers, I got people watching toilets, they're at your moms house treating her right, you got nothing."

Coffee bean will give another glance to the grate, making a break for it, trying to jump into it, or slide into it, "GET HIM!" Starbuck calls to Asiir and White Chick. Don't let him go into that hole! Starbucks was soooo bluffing.

Asiir watches the man, studying the anger and possibly desperation in his face as he speaks, then as he brandishes the knife. "Just stop running. We will catch you," he says tiredly. "You have no where that you can go that the First Order will not find you." As the man makes his dive for the grate, Asiir's thumb toggles the switch on the lightsaber in his hand, an angry red beam of energy springing to life with a snap and hiss of unreleased fury that surely matches the Cathar's expression now lit with that ruby glow.

White Chick doesn't have a lightsaber. So there's some envy there. Damn it. But when she sees that their target is about to get down the hole she grips the handle of the vibroblade tighter and swings it up in an arc at the man, trying to get him to go away from the open grate. She wasn't letting him get away that easily. She hadn't been in a sword fight in awhile. And the last person she had 'shot' was Dreman. So she's out of practice.

White Chick's attack doesn't phase the terrorist Coffee Bean, but the sudden red glow of the light saber of Asiir has the man stopping mid-leg through the grate, his body freezing nearly instantly, "Shavit, y'ain't .." Supposed to be real. The storage space of the business glows red with the light of the lightsaber, the mans skin illuminated in a sickly red-black, fear clear in those eyes of his. His eyes are on Asiir, and behind the gated door that he had tried to escape through before, terrified gasps erupt from one of the owners and a patron.

"Shebs, team 2, we got witnesses, cut them off at the door, wipe out everyone inside." Starbucks talks over the comms to the other team, and immediately, or near immediately, terrified screams and muffled voices can be heard within the storage room, along with the sounds of blaster fire. Starbucks looks to White Chick, "You tried, gorgeous, don't be too hard on yourself later. C'mon, go grab him, get him up, and let's let be big guy with the shiny killing stick question him." Starbucks job was to capture and interrogate, but when you have someone as terrifying as Asiir at hand, why not put him to good use, "C'mon." Coffee bean doesn't move, his injured hand now curled in up against his chest, unable to wipe the fear off his face. To Asiir, "You are -horrifying-, it's great. I almost pissed /my/ pants." Says Starbucks, since ..coffee bean is too scared to speak any further.

Asiir watches as the wind seems to fade from Coffee Bean's sails, the Cathar's eyes narrow at the target that lays and to the voices heard beneath the floor. He paces slowly toward the man that lightsaber still glowing as he brings the tip around in an arc and slows a fraction of an inch from Coffee Bean's left thigh. He stares into the man's eyes as Starbuck informs him that Asiir will be questioning him, and then he allows the tip of his lightsaber to drift just a touch, the heat of the blade burning a hole through his pants moments before the searing pain of the energy weapon burning flesh beneath. It is only seconds that the blade is left there, a painful warning to the man on the floor before the blade is extinguished with a protesting squeal. The lightsaber is returned to hang from Asiir's hip and he turns to say to Starbuck, "Collect him and bring him along." Brushing past the man, Asiir will then walk from the room and back toward the shuttle that will carry them back to the Finalizer.

White Chick gives a look to Starbucks and there's a frown on her black lips, "I wouldn't be hard on myself, Captain, but thank you." she tells him. Though she'd be expecting to get a disappointed look from someone. She then heads over to Coffe Bean and grabs him by the back of the shirt, "Up, or I'll make sure you trip on a lightsaber by the end of the night." she tells him. With that said she points him towards Asiir and lets the higher ranked ones take it from there. Then she looks around, "I wonder where Commander Oakfell wandered off to..." she murmurs as she follows Asiir out. Apparently she wasn't terrified of what the Knight had just done.

Asiir Cuul presses the small red button on his lightsaber, causing the bright red energy beam to slide back into the hilt with an electric squeal.

FINALLY. Oakfell will appear at the door, a droid crowding in behind her, it's arms whirring as it points out exactly where the group is. She is winded, and perspiring lightly, though it looks to be more of a glow on her features, "Oh, here you all are. I apologize. I was lost, and this man tried stealing my cloak, so I had to go and chase him down and ...oh. Is that him?" A glance into the storage room, Grayson looking quite impressed with the group.

"Doctor Oakfell." Starbucks begins, his rifle lowered as he steps in to the woman, a hand reaching out to gently touch the shoulder pad of her cloak, "You were as useless as a tentacle on the face of a Miralukan. But. You're gorgeous, so. Feel good about that." Patpat. Grayson blinks, not sure whether to be incredibly insulted or pleased, so she'll settle for looking slightly disgruntled, her shoulder rolling to avoid the touch of the Commander Starbucks.

The prisoner is easily lifted up, liquid streaming down his pantleg as he's righted, unable to break his gaze from Asiirs. White Chick will easily feel the now prisoner is trembling, and when that blade breaks through the fabric of his moist pants he lets out a screeching howl, the retreat of the blade causing the man to catch his breath in terror.

Starbuck laughs as Coffee Bean blubbers to White Chick, trying to beg her to help him, to let him go, he has treasures untold, "Yah, yah, don't worry. We're gonna find your hidey hole and get it all." A wide grin is flashed to White Chick, "This was fun, right?" He looks pleased as punch, walking out with the prisoner in hand, following Asiir. Grayson will fall in to follow as well, wondering silently what she missed, but not feeling like she missed out. Truth is she stopped for a drink. It was great. A wonderful vintage red. So she got what she wanted, and so did the group! Win win! Back they'll all go, off to the pickup point and the finalizer.