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CDF: Misunderestimation

OOC Date: September 27, 2017
Location: CDF Office
Participants: CDF: Corr Waldin, Sar Yavok, Rato Darsi; Independent: Barquo Dentoo

The CDF Office is nothing if not versatile, even if the roof does tend to leak. Enough desks for everyone scatter the front area behind the reception desk, and further back are the weapons lockers. All the way in the back, back away even from the office spaces, are a few specialized detention areas and a pair of interrogation rooms.

In one of the interrogation rooms sits the ponytailed, goateed man arrested in Ko Hentota. It's the standard layout, a single chair at a table with two chairs on the other side, a big one-way mirror of transparisteel on the wall that allows an adjacent room to look in on him. In here, various terminals and equipment beep and whir, ready to help process any information gleaned through the interview and deduce both the veracity of said information as well as provide further leads for questioning. The team has met in this room to talk game plan.

"So," Director Waldin explains, wearing the usual understated uniform of blue, grey, and yellow. "He ain't said nothin' since we got him here," Corr sighs, his hands settling on his hips while he glares in through the mirror at the prisoner. "Rato, we'll take the first go at him today, see what we can learn. Sar, I'll let you do the talkin' to start with, and Rato can crunch the data." He passes out small earpieces to each of them so they can communicate without the guy hearing them. "Let's do it."

When he leads the way back in, the man looks up and gives them a smile, but that's it. What a smarmy creep. He's not got his fancy long coat on anymore, but he's still got a longsleeve shirt and a spacer's vest, with his hands cuffed behind him and the back of the chair.

"Talkin'? I don't even know why we brought this guy in," Sar says, arms crossing over his chest. "Remember? I took a vacation."

What's Rato doing? She's pinching office supplies between her new fingers to watch them squish. "Crunch data, Sar talk. If this man does not move his face hairs and answer fast enough...?" She shrugs. "I forget policy on torture. Is 'do it'... Yes?"

Corr steps back outside quickly for a conference with Sar. "Weapons dealing. Sawed the face off a guy. Military grade weapons importing through Ko Hentota. I talked to Hex, he'd heard of Frax Industries, the logo on the crates. New player on the scene. Leader is supposedly some kinda sadist, might be we got him sittin' in there." He pauses, getting ready to head back in. "You good, you up to speed? Just get him talkin', tell us who he works for, that sorta thing. We want details, figure out if he's really the top or just an enforcer."

"Well, didn't you just say that he works for Frax Industries?" Sar asks, looking over at Corr, hands moving to rest on his gunbelt.

"We picked him up in connection with the crate drop offs, yeah," Corr clarifies, realizing Sar really was on vacation there. "But Frax Industries is a mining company. It's some kinda front they got set up to cover the trafficking. Not sure what this guy's role is or if there's a whole organization behind it, just a couple guys, what. They got enough cash to stage that ambush, at least." The director touches his ear self-consciously. "Hey Rato, pull the file on Frax Industries in advance before he starts talkin', if we can get an identity maybe you can check it against their employee records." A glance back at Sar. "Ready?"

She's going to take that as a 'yes'. The Togruta stares at the earpiece a moment before fenangling the thing into her... Ear? She has them, somewhere. The montrals just make things difficult. Rato slinks to the fancy "Watch room" with her hand terminal. "I am doing it." Tap, tap, tap

"Sure," Sar says, shrugging. "Interrogation ain't normally my thing, but I'll try anything once." Sar reaches over to press down the button next to the door and it whisks open. The Old Man steps in and moves to have a seat in the chair. Age before beauty, right?

Sar Yavok also just looks across the table real mean-like.

In the back of the office, past a scattering of desks and weapons lockers and even office space, there's a pair of interrogation rooms next to the couple holding cells. It's here that Sar, Corr, and Rato are gathered around a prisoner with a ponytail and a goatee. The room is the standard format with a table and chairs on one side of a one-way mirror, with recording equipment and other computer terminals intended to assist data jockeys in determining things like truthfulness, finding additional info for follow-up questions, and that sort of thing.

Corr and Sar are in with the prisoner while Rato is manning the tech side. With Sar taking a seat and looking really really mean, Corr stays on his feet, striking a more reasonable tone. "So. Why don't you start with a name? Been three days, you must feel like talkin' by now. Gotta be sick of being in here."

The man with the ponytail just sits there, cuffed to his chair on the other side of the table, and slowly lifts his eyes from the floor where he's been staring until now. For a moment, nothing else happens, but then a slow, steady grin spreads across his face. No answer, though.

"Frax Industries." Rato chatters into the com as she delves deeper into the files like the predator that she is. "We already know is baka, like his haircut. Is so ugly." She waves her new hand at them, but no one can see this, it's purely for her own entertainment, so she flips them the bird (a new gesture she's learned!) instead. "I have shipping informations, shoddy covers... Ah, personnel. What you want?"

There is a slight knock on the door and the lithe figure of Barquo slides in. "Uh... hello? Corr sent me a message asking me to come here and help.." he looks down to his datapad as he pulls it out and returns it ".. I'm here to help Rato?" The young man is polite and is trying not to offend anyone.

"Already you are in my way." Rato tells Barquo without looking up. Don't even try with her, dude. "Is terminals all over, pick one and be of use. I need aliases, these names are sounding fake. And do not be breathing through the mouth."

"Now, my friend here didn't ask to see your pretty teeth, son. He asked for a name," Sar says, pulling a pack of cigarillos out of his jacket pocket. He lights it up and tucks the pack and lighter away. Taking a drag, he continues looking the man over.

Corr's lips purse together as he hears Rato's voice suddenly get very snippy and he puts two and two together. "...don't eat him," he mutters into his earpiece-commlink deal, not wanting to say more in front of the prisoner.

The prisoner, that lithe man with the goatee and the handcuffs, stretches his legs out in front of himself under the table, letting out a disinterested yawn that settles into that easy smile from before and giving Sar an impish glance. "...those things will kill you, you know," he remarks, chuckling as he stares at the cherry on the end of the lit cigarillo.

"Name," Corr repeats, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I don't know either of yours, might I point out," the man replies with that same amused tone. "Oh wait. Yes I do. Director Waldin of the Civil Defense Force, and the lately great Sar Yavok. I can't even keep track of what /your/ title is supposed to be."

The newcomer rolls his eyes a bit at Rato and glances at her screen before sitting down at a terminal with at least a body-width between the two of them. His fingers begin to fly across the screen. His eyes catch something of interest and he sends it Rato's way allowing her to communicate information to Corr and trying his best to stay out of her flipping way. The names that pop up on her screen are the known aliases for some small-time criminals on the Frax industries. They're tied to Criminal enforcers, drug traffickers, armed robbers, and those tied to armed assault.

"Teeth are not pretty. Most are fake." Rato advises Sar. "Central incisor, second molar, and first premolar on left top, canines on the bottom." Yeah, really giving them the stuff to get some hard-hitting black mail over here, Rat. God this guy is ugly. Corr's instruction earns a sigh and she grumbles unhappily before taking a deep breath and complying with a reluctant "no teeth." and rolling her gaze over to the new kid to flash him a smile as unsettling as the one Ponytail keeps giving. She's trying, Bark. "New Meat has aliases, hold on... Ah." She spins in her chair - it's a spinny one - and abandons her hand terminal for one of the harder hitting computers. "Why they make these so easy for Rato to hack? Psha. Viggun Traz, Corr. Try this. Is probably more fake names, but good start." To her companion, she sends the info. "This source, is... Sketch. What are you making of it?"

"You'll be long dead 'fore these things get the best of me," Sar says, exhaling the smoke from the side of his mouth. "And how 'bout we just settle for 'Sar'. Or 'Mr. Yavok'."

"That sounds just fine to me, 'Mr. Yavok,'" the man parrots back with an insouciant grin. His ponytail is looking a little on the greasy side with the length of time he's been stuck in holding, and he's got a ripe smell to him too, from not having showered. "I'm sure you're having about six different fantasies of all the ways you'd like to beat my head against this desk right now," he theorizes in his slick, annoyingly slick voice. He's sassy for a prisoner.

"Can it, Traz. Viggun Traz. We know who you are," Corr asserts, lifting his chin a little to stare down at the other man, who despite the cuffs seems remarkably at ease.

Rather than upsetting him, that just seems to amuse him further, though. "Oh yes, that's me, alright. You've got your man, Director. The infamous Viggun Traz, signed, sealed, delivered. Lock me up and throw away the key. Send me down to Shadowgate and lock me up for life."

"You workin' for Frax? Frax Industries? Who runs it?" Corr pushes, ignoring the prodding. He glances at Sar for the ol' Bad Cop routine. Do more scary stuff.

The young mans head cants to the side as he sees the information that Rato sends him. He takes a look at it and then starts to try to cross reference the information through pilots licenses, law enforcement databases. He looks at the room as 'Viggun' reacts. "It doesn't seem right... someone who doesn't give their name wouldn't be as pleased as he is to be called out by name as he seems to be." He looks back to his screen and says "I'm not finding anything new but let me try some other avenues with it."

Rato Darsi groans. Ugh, knew it was too easy to be 'Viggun', who names a kid Viggun? "Nah baka." The Togruta sighs and nods. "Is good plan, unt minute..." There is a pause as she widens Bark's previous search to include a few less obvious planets... Like Mon Cal? "Corr? 80% matching on Vannyn Kratt. Tell him his nose e' ugly."

Sar Yavok slides the sawed-off EE-3 from his holster and rests it in his lap, saying, "Don't know if you noticed, but I beat the hell out of you and your men just fine the other day. Kinda took it out of me, you know? Probably be easier to just...put holes in you where it ain't likely to kill you too quick." He sniffs and pulls the cigarillo from his mouth with the other hand. "Or maybe if you turn out to be useless, I'll just run over to my ship to grab my disruptor. They say there's few things in this life more painful than the feeling of your atoms rippin' apart one-by-one. I wouldn't personally know, but I'd be interested to know /your/ thoughts."

"The game's up, Vannyn," Corr puts in on top of Sar's threats, uncrossing his arms to rest his hands on the tabletop, leaning meaningfully over it to loom above the prisoner. "Tell us what you know. Tell us who you work for."

Still he smiles. "I'm happy to cooperate, officers, if you want to call yourselves that. But you're not, are you? Threatening a poor boy like me with the most illegal weaponry the galaxy has to offer. Not that I'd know anything about that sort of thing, oh, of course not. I'm just Vannyn Kratt." His ponytail waves from side to side as he talks, a few wavy flyaways sticking out from the crown of his head. It's hard to fix your ponytail when you're handcuffed. "I need to get back to Mon Calamari gentlemen, my wife will be worrying over me." It's almost a tease.

The young man nods his head as Rato claims victory on the hunt that he had started "Nice, was smart thinking about adding the less trafficked worlds." his eys narrow and says "I wonder who made that false identity for him." He pulls up the original 'Viggun' identity and starts pulling it apart digitally.

The sourcecode bounces him from planet to planet until it lands on Mon Cal once again "Oh look another shell company, and another, until..." he grins and says "I think Viggun will be very happy to know that his boss Vorunn Frax speaks highly of him." he looks over his shoulder at Rato. "Don't you?" he sends her the information.

What does this guy have a brother or something? Rato snarls at her terminal screen - actually growls at it like some creepy, rabid animal. Bark's interjection comes at a good time, she might have started slobbering; "yes, I am thinking so. Corr, you hear this?" She wipes the corner of her mouth like a civilized Togruta. "So many 'V' names."

Sar Yavok breathes a sigh and slides the weapon away, nodding and saying, "You know, you're right. We're not 'technically' lew enforcement agents. You got us." He stands up slowly and slides his jacket off, taking a moment to neatly drape it over the back of the chair. "While it has its drawbacks in terms of being cut off from any sort of government funding, and having to source your own private healthcare plans, it does have some perks." Sar walks around to the man's side of the table, putting his cigarillo out on the durasteel surface. "Namely, the fact that we're contracted through the Hutts. You know what that means, don't you? That means that we can do whatever we want to you, unless some big ol' slug tells us to stop." With that, Sar rears back and sends his fist across the man's jaw.

The punch spins the man in the chair's face sideways, a glob of bloody spit flying from his lip to splat against the wall. That one takes him a moment to recover from, and he spits another mouthful of blood onto the floor. Luckily, it's duracrete and it'll spray right off. There's a handy drain in the floor under the table.

The number of V names and the similarity of sounds that Rato's pointed out trouble Corr as well, and he mulls it over before just deciding to go with "Well, I s'pose it's an honor to have Vorunn Frax right here in front me," the director decides, pulling back from the table to cross his arms on his chest again.

And the smile comes creeping back. The ponytailed man looks from Corr to the mirror and back to Sar, giving him a wide, red-toothed grin. "We have a /winner./"

At that moment, all the power and lights go out.

"Sithspit" the sound of Barquo's blaster on his holster is heard in the small room. He pulls a fresh power pack out and slides it into his weapon. "Of course this madman somehow managaes to have a killswitch on power for the building." he looks over at Rata "I hope you're just as good with a blaster as you are with a computer."

There doesn't seem to be any surprise that comes off the 'gruta as Sar takes a swing. "Is good hook." She comments... Before the lights go off. Those montrals are good for something, and the pupiles in those wide predatory eyes grow larger. "Buzzsaw coming through wall." She's on the move, pushing out of their little watch room and whipping her blaster free of its holster. "Coming in." She announces, shouldering into the interrogation room now. "If we are under attack, I am taking fingers." In the dark, her outline looks like some weird demon creature, Rato is sure. "I've lost many, is no big deal." Priorities: bad guys coming through the walls? Let's bite some digits off. Does she have a goal with this, or is she just insane? She's just insane.

"Of course," Sar says with a grumble. "A scumbag on Nar Shaddaa's working for a Hutt. Imagine that." He fumbles around, but he can at least see well enough to get over to where he left his rifle and plucks the thing up, hefting the A280 up and waiting for whatever's about to go down.

From the chair, Vorunn Frax is laughing in the darkness. "There will be anywhere from eight to a dozen men coming through that wall," he comments like it's a punchline. "You have maybe three options, not all of them good. The first and best option is, you give me up and maybe I don't have you all killed. Less good, but still alright with me, they just break in here and kill you all. Maybe you kill me first, maybe you don't, but none of you will survive to care." He shrugs easily, wiping his bloody mouth on the shoulder of his shirt. "I guess that's only two options. Better decide soon."

"Shut up," Corr barks, shoving the chair across the room with his foot. "She's right. This ain't good. Without light we can't see 'em and they'll have gear. I don't got my gun in here." Barquo's not even in their room, he's still in the tech half behind the mirror. "Barquo, keep your head down," he advises over the comm. "Rat, see if you can get outside somehow, try and get the power back on. Don't get shot. Stay low, move fast, they might not be through the wall yet." The buzzsaw sound is still going, he might be right.

The human slicer shrugs as Rato leaves the room without answering him and as he hears Corr over the comms he frowns. He may be a fighter but he doesn't back down from a fight. "I walked by some weapons lockers on my way in here... you got any grenades in those lockers?" he goes to the door and starts looking down the hallway toward the lockers as he stays low. "That big steel table that he's handcuffed to would be good cover I think."

With one hand reaching for their prisoner, Rato freezes and hisses. "You keep your fingers, scum." She snarls in his ear and like a silent, slinky, animalistic shadow, she races back out of the interrogation room. This she can do - the sounds, the buzzsaw, the rank scent of spice and sweat... She goes the opposite way. The doors are covered, but the vents are not; Rato is now in the vent. They'll hear her in the interrogation room as she patters overhead and to freedom - don't worry, guys, power will be back shortly! If only she had finished the flash bomb - the one she safely keeps in her desk while it's constructed. Sorry, Bark, she tried.

Sar Yavok grunts as he starts a mental checklist. He primes his anti-vehicle rifle for combat, nodding to himself as he hears it humming to life. He then puts the butt of it across the man's face, hopefully knocking the loud-mouth out. Once that's (hopefully) finished, he grabs the table and flips it over, hunkering down behind it. "Here, Waldin," he says, sliding his EE-3 from his holster and handing it grip-first out to the Director.

The heavy frown on Corr's face speaks to the level of frustration he's feeling right now, with a raid being conducted on his own office. This certainly wasn't part of the plan, and has raised serious questions in his mind about the feasibility of this locale as a defensible setting. "Barquo. Don't know you well, if you got a gun, and it comes to shootin', just don't shoot us and I'll give you a bonus. Thought this would just be slicer work."

"You're running out of time," Frax prods, chuckling to himself right up until the moment that Sar's weapon smacks him across the face, knocking him (apparently) unconscious.

"Not gonna lie, I thought about doin' that myself," Corr observes, taking the EE-3 and powering it up. "First priority, gettin' outta here. Second, takin' him with us. Third, killin' them. Bein' honest here, Sar, this might be one-a those 'pick one' situations." Outside, the buzzsaw sound stops and a loud clang signals that the new 'door' into the office is now open. "Back door's closest. Rato went in the vent, they must have 'em covered. Lookin' at shooting our way out no matter what."

The thin slicer tucks himself behind the door to the interigation room. "I was taught to use my skills before I got in a fight." he smiles to himself gripping his blaster. "Course I was told never to back down from that fight if it happens." he thinks about the hallways he came through "I'll cover you if any of these goons try to come in behind you. If they don't I'll add fire from the door."

Sar Yavok sucks his teeth and sits behind the over-turned table, grunting as he pulls his pack of cigarillos back out and lights a new one. "Figure I'll give 'em somethin' to aim at if the lights don't come back on," he says, taking a short drag and exhaling the harsh-smelling smoke. "You ready, Waldin?"

"Barquo, we're makin' a run for it," Corr announces over the commlink, just as somewhere, somehow, Rato comes through and the lights come surging back on. The director blinks in the light, squinting over the top of the table. "Let's do it. Barquo, on three, we open the doors and lay down covering fire. Sar'll take a good shot, then we all head for the back. We're gonna prob'ly have to shoot through that too." He glances regretfully back at their unconscious prisoner. "Hate to leave him but we know the son of a bitch's name now. We found him once, we'll find him again." So saying, he reaches up and pounds the door entry button and sticks the EE-3 up over the table to open fire, and the bad guys fire back.

Blaster shots start to ring out and Barquo peeks out the door of the research office. He sees a merc down the hall and squeezes off a quick shot before ducking back into the doorway "Yeah I'm all for running at this point."

"And you're sure we shouldn't kill this nerf-humper?" Sar asks, popping up for a second to fire a round towards the incoming attackers. It goes wide and takes a chunk of duracrete out of the wall.

Corr takes a long moment to look back and think about that idea, and while he's thinking, he gets tagged in the shoulder by a really nasty shot. The director isn't wearing armor, and it knocks him off balance even low behind the table. "Aach, hell. /No./ Ain't how we do things. Kill the ones ain't in restraints, though, yeah. We gotta /move./" Trying to stay low, favoring his injury, and shoot back at the same time, Corr lets off another shot almost without aiming as he takes off down the hallway towards the back door, blaster fire coming in hot around him. Hopefully Barquo and Sar figure out that this is the time to run.

"Screw this." Barquo ducks out of the door and fires his blaster in front of him hitting a merc in front of him as he starts to book it for the door "Lets get the hell outta here."

"I guess," Sar says in response to Corr's objections to killing an unarmed unconcious crime lord. He rolls his eyes a little and pops up over the table to fire a duo of bolts at the assailants. Now, the thing about an A280 is that it is widely remembered for being able to punch dents into the sides of heavily armored vehicles. Unfortunately for them, the attackers are not heavily armored vehicles.

The first attacker's head is completely vaporized, leaving his body to slump onto the floor. The second catches a bolt to the stomach, sending the upper half of his body to sail across the room as he legs wander aimlessly for a few steps.

Sar begins scurrying backward towards the door. "C'mon, now, gimp."

A lot has happened in the last maybe thirty minutes. They learned they've got a crime lord on their hands, the lights went out, the lights came back on, Corr got shot, and Sar is blowing people's heads off, literally. It's a lot to process, and by the time the three of them hang up just inside the back door, their vision is swimming, ears are ringing, one of them is smoking, and it sounds like more hired guns are coming their way from the front. "I'll open the door," Corr announces, looking between the other two. "Sar, swing out and shoot anything that moves, Barquo, cover his shoulder. With any luck, nothin's out there. Stack up." He takes the handle side of the door, so that Sar and Bark can use it for cover when it swings open, and shoves it wide.

Outside are two more mercs, but it looks like they aren't expecting trouble, and the heroes will have the first shot.

The slicer is running out behind Sar's right shoulder He looks to the right and sees a mercenary out in the open. He fires off two shots in quick successsion. The first takes the Merc in the hip and the second catches the merc in the gut. The force from the blows doubles over hard enough that he face plants into the durocrete. "Lets get out of here."

"We're gonna have to find a new office, Waldin!" Sar shouts, firing a heavy bolt towards the remaining soldier. It goes wide. Sar slams his back against a nearby wall and the merc's bolt barely misses him, leaving a scorch mark on his jacket. Grunting and straightening back up, Sar hoists his rifle and fires again. This one hits its mark. Pieces of mercenary are scattered across the office. "Let's go," he says, walking towards the front door.

"We can't afford it!" Corr hisses back, taking his own shot in between Sar's that scorches harmlessly past the mercenary's head before the other man dispatches him. Barquo took the first one down, and the back looks clear now. "We'll have to come back and clear the building. I doubt they'll stay but you never know what kinda presents they'll leave for us." Rato will enjoy that. "Office is off-limits until then. Head for the hangar." So saying, he leads the way, doing his best to cradle his injured shoulder while still keeping a cautious eye out for trouble. Paranoia is setting in for sure, but no one bothers them on their way out of the area. The office will have to wait for another day.