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CDF Civic Outreach

Location: Ko Hentota: The Undercity
Participants: CDF: Corr Waldin, Sar Yavok; Hex, Kasia Ashkuri, Trillian Taim

The boys of CDF decide to take Hex along for some community service

Hex is here in the Blue Light, taking up space at a table. It must be some kind of impromptu office situation, because he's got the table covered in empty caf cups and datapads, smoking, frowning, potentially working. Or maybe just vexed because he can't read.

Sar Yavok wanders into the Blue Light, decked out in his new uniform that he's just decided is a thing. It's a suit of old Rebel Yell patrolman armor that's been redone in CDF colors. The Old Man moves to have a seat at the table with Hex, offering the Twi'lek a nod, but remaining quiet for the moment, as to not disturb him.

"Thought you might be here," Corr Waldin greets, walking in the front. He's wearing armor too, more civilian-looking, but it's done out in CDF colors as well. He's looking at Sar. "Heard you got back from some trading runs." The man glances at Hex, who he's met a time or two, as if realizing he might be interrupting. Lips purse, but no apology is forthcoming.

"Kassurra, Sar." Hex is apparently down to be interrupted because he sweeps all the datapads and empty mugs to one side in a careless jumble, looking up with a sigh that suggests whatever that work was, he's over it. "What's this, you've painted the armor from--?" Ah, and there's Corr, who he does know... sorta knows. "Have a seat," he invites. Sar Yavok looks down at the form-fitting armor and says, "Yeah, still fits. Guess I ain't got as fat as I thought." A look to Corr and he offers the man a nod, "Just got back in. How's it going, Chief? Got any jobs for us?"

Corr takes the seat as offered, which since it's a table and not a booth means he doesn't have to cozy up next to Sar to do it. "Well, there /is/ something, but I don't wanna drag you off if you just got here," he replies, glancing back over at Hex. "How's it goin'?"

Hex twitches his lekku in amusement at Sar. "My army shit doesn't fit anymore. Everything that didn't get given back... but the stuff I did give back, that wouldn't fit either." A glance follows to Corr, "You want some privacy? I can step out if you got business to discuss with Yavok that doesn't need an extra pair of ears."

"You're fine," Sar says to Hex. "He's good people," the Corellian explains to Corr.

"Alright, long as you're not one of Sar's shady business contacts," Corr remarks, in what might be a joke but is too dry to tell. "Sides, CDF is here for business owners like you, we're up-front about what we do." Pressin' the flesh. Turning his attention mostly to Sar, he elaborates. "Got a lead on those robbers that gave us the slip a few weeks back, or at least a handful of 'em. Looks like they split up, but a few stragglers stuck together a few layers down. Might be able to nab 'em if we're quick."

Hex raises his brows slightly and looks amused at the notion that he's a respectable business owner, but hey, he is, right?? And if not, he's gonna roll with it. "I am one of Sar's shady business contacts," the alien volunteers. "Robbers though, tcha, that's no good. What'd they take? I assume NSEC is predictably not on the case."

"NSec hardly exists, anymore outside of this District. And the one's that are alive are on Eebua's payroll, so 'no'. They couldn't care less about it," Sar explains leaning to rest his elbows on the table, scooting an empty caff cup out of his way.

"Knocked over a local establishment," Corr replies vaguely, "Little way's back now. We had a tail on 'em and they slipped away, broke up in the process, but I got a lead on a few still hooked up as a crew." The man scratches his cheek, glancing between them. "NSEC ain't doin' shit, that's what we're for. You in? We gotta roll if we're gonna get these guys."

"Sounds like you better get a move on, Sar," Hex advises. Then there's a pause, as he glances between the two of them. "You got more than just the pair of you that's rolling out with this, right? You're not going to go fight some gang with just two dudes?"

Sar Yavok stands up and looks over at Corr, saying, "Sounds good to me. Where they been spotted?" His hands move to rest on his gunbelt and his eyes rest on Hex, brows raised. "What do you mean?"

"Ko Hentota," Corr answers, getting up himself. He's got a rifle on his back, that wasn't immediately pointed out earlier, because it's unobtrusive and frankly that's not even something you really notice about people on Nar. "Couple levels down, like I said." He looks at Hex as well, expression similarly cloudy. "You got a problem with that?"

"You all can do whatever you like," Hex insists to these cloudy expressions, hands raised slightly. "All I'm saying is that /two dudes/ vs /whole lotta dudes/ is not great tactics, and don't look at me like I'm crazy, I reckon you both know that. If you need a hand, let me know. If you don't, I won't stop you."

"Well, c'mon, then. You can be honorary CDF for a day. Give you a break from...whatever you're doing," Sar says, gesturing to the table that's forty-five percent food garbage.

"I got no problem with that," Corr agrees, shrugging. "Long as you can handle yourself." The pile of food garbage is a little disconcerting, but Sar seems to think he's not going to get himself killed. "You need to grab anything from the office?" he asks the other man, while Hex gets a nod too. "We got a few minutes, get whatever you need. Reckon we can dig a blaster outta somewhere if you need one."

Hex doesn't have a pile of food garbage, you cheeseweasels, it's like a couple of caf cups and some datapads. "I'll be there. Got my own gear, not to worry."

Ko Hentota. It's a few levels down from the main landscape of Nar Shaddaa, where the usual grid is traversed, and it's a few rungs down the ladder of prosperity too. Two men and a Twi'lek (man) are here to show a small gang of robbers what happens when you rob an innocent establishment. If it sounds like vigilante justice, it kinda is, but there's scant other types of justice to be found on the Smuggler's Moon. The trio are armed, armored, and dangerous, set up outside the bandits' hideout. "Alright, we're goin' in hard and fast," Corr explains to the other two, nodding toward the small storefront (abandoned, boarded up for the most part) before them. "Stack up on the door, breach in, and clear room by room. Should only be a half dozen or so inside."

"Sure looks like the kinda shithole a bunch of small-timers would hole up in," Sar says, taking the time to tug the strap of his rifle around his body, leaving the weapon in a more attainable position.

Ko Hentota is a rough part of town. It's industrial, to the extent that many of the locals wear respirator equipment to protect themselves from the ever-present and somewhat noxious steam vents. There are cantinas and bazaars here, but a lot of shady business as well. And, of course, there's access to the undercity... where vigilante justice happens. It might take a lot to turn heads down here in the home of the strange, but an armored trio looking like they're geared up for something highly illegal... that might turn some heads, draw some curious eyes, if anyone's brave enough to follow the boys. Or mad enough that one of the boys didn't tell her about this yet (Kasia, lookin at you). Hex remarks to Sar as they get ready, "Tcha. You think everywhere's a shithole, and you think everyone's a smalltimer. Location has got nothin to do with it."

What kind of insane person would go down into this district apparently unarmed and largely unarmored? The Kasia kind. She's been trailing the armored small timers into the shithole from a distance, from wherever she spied them obviously doing something stupid. How does she know it's probably stupid? Hex and Sar are in the same place, that's how. Since getting into Ko Hentota the distance between where they are, and where she skulks is smaller, but she doesn't actively try to make herself known. NOT YET.

Trillian looks around nervously, trying to remember which switch was for the safety on the small blaster pistol in her hands. It seemed so much easier on the shooting range when she was practicing. Seemed much more difficult here... in this dark, dirty, dingy street. The shadows seemed much larger and Trillian could feel her heart pumping.&r&t"I shouldn't be here," she thought to herself in dismay.

"Well, it /does/ look like a shithole," Corr points out to Hex, pushing the back of his wrist across the bottom of his nose, itchy from the noxious fumes. His armor is kind of the same color scheme as Sar's, if not as tight-fitting, but who knows where the heck Hex got his getup from. It doesn't match theirs at all. Waving them forward, he trots across the street to the building, ducking low under a window even though it's boarded up, and steathily prowls around toward the side. It's a good bet Trillian and any other passers-by may have noticed him crossing the street, but he doesn't seem too concerned with that, much more concerned with people inside the building seeing him coming than anyone outside. He's moving for the side door, pulling up by the doorway and waiting for the other two.

"Well, you're not wrong, Kid," Sar offers to the Twi'lek. "Saw an old buddy of yours the other day. That small-timer in the mask that shaved about twenty pounds off of you. Thinks something's gonna go down soon on Mustafar." He scratches at the side of his nose and says, "Any idea what kinda equipment they got?"

"What?" Hex asks Sar, and his startled expression is one of 'are you saying what I think you're saying.' He's frozen for a moment before his synapses start firing again, then he shakes his head. "Not the time or the place for that talk," he says quietly, then looks over his shoulder to spot, a ways away, Kasia and Trillian. "Ryma'at. We got two civilians up in -- oh. Oh. Shit, one of them's Kasia." It might be better for him if he gets shot by the enemy, but he does look at the door they're storming, then back at Kasia, and waves towards her in a way that suggests 'hi baby, I can explain.'

Kasia is busy watching the men, busy enough that she doesn't notice poor Trillian until she bumps into her. That startles her for a moment, eyes angling down at the smaller woman. "Sorry about that, I didn't see you there," obviously, and probably way more polite than someone who usually frequents this part of town. Or most parts of Nar Shaddaa. Her gaze lifts and finds Hex in time for him to notice her, both brows raising in a 'I know what you've been up to' sort of way, but she doesn't make any moves to get any closer to where the armored dudes are creepin' around.

As she nervously makes her way down the street, Trillian notices a large shadow move across the road, and as her eyes accustom to the dim street, she notices some other shapes. "Finally! People! Maybe they can tell me how to get out of here," she thought to herself. Carefully putting the pistol in an inner pocket, she starts walking towards the shadow, still nervously glancing over her shoulder. It's only when she's almost made her way to the lounging figure in the doorway that a little voice in her head (that sounds suspiciously like her mother's voice) suggests that maybe these people might not have her best interest at heart. Trillian did not see Kasia at all. So bumping into her, she lets out a startled yelp and holds her chest. Tears well in her eyes as she hyperventilates while staring at the statuesque woman in front of her. "Ohmystars... I'm so sorry... I didn't see.... I mean... I didn't know you were there and..." she trails off, mumbling with downcast eyes. She apologizes again and half-bows while backing up.

People are yelping, Kasia is apologizing, Sar is stalling, and Hex is freezing. This is great, it's totally fine. Corr stands there against the doorframe, rifle in hand, waiting for the other two to /stack up/ like he talked about earlier, and glancing between the two women who appear to be having some sort of intervention on the road and his compatriots, he waves them over hurriedly to join him. "Come on, before this goes to hell too."

"Yeah, looked to be hirin' some alien fellah to grab something for him," Sar says, shrugging as Hex attempts to change the subject. He stacks up against the door and hefts his rifle up in his hands. "You gonna kick down the door or you just gonna look mad all the time, Waldin?"

Hex looks over as he hears yelping and observes Kasia colliding with Trillian over there. "Some of us are in the wrong place at the wrong time," he observes, then amends, "....All of us are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ayyy nonna keep your new friend out of the blaster fire!" he addresses Kasia, as quietly as he can while still being heard, then yeah yeah, stacking up, he stacks up. The conversation about the man in the mask, it seems, will have to wait.

Kasia's brows creep upward at the reaction from Trillian, and then at the warning from Hex, she reaches out to try and gently guide the woman away from the danger. Or, you know, the danger that she knows about. "Sounds like some shooting is about to start, might be best to move over here a bit." Back behind-ish a wall, or whatever cover there is that might prevent them from being murdered by stray blaster fire.

Trillian looks at the woman, and then across at the large Twi'lek moving across the street to where the others were eyeing the door. She turns back to the woman with a puzzled look on her face. "Um... I'm wondering... I think I took a wrong turn a couple of streets back... I'm new to this place and I'm just wondering... are... are..." she trails off, her eyes going back to the three at the door. "... Are you all like ... law enforcement or something?"

"Just get ready to shoot," Corr instructs Sar, the chatty Cathy of the group, and once the other two are stacked up on either side of the door, he steps in front of it and slams a boot into it, hard. The door is harder. "Shit," he breaths, falling back against the wall to wait and see if they've aroused suspicion from within. A long few moments pass, but... nothing. "Alright, looks like they didn't hear that."

"Fine," Sar responds to the younger human. He swings around and lines up square with the door. "Breaching," he informs, before planting a kick to the center of the entrance. It doesn't give. "Well, shit," he remarks, giving it another kick. There we go.

Are they law enforcement? Hex did hear that, and casts a broad, pointy-toothed grin at the girl who piped up with it. "We are totally legitimate authorities, ai'jou. Not to worry. Kasia, tell her we're good guys, ok ka," he instructs, but it's not a very reassuring message given that they're breaking and entering. If poor Trillian wanted to flee down a different side street away from these hooligans, who could blame her?

Kasia looks up from Trillian to flash a grin at Hex. "We're definitely the good guys," she agrees, while the sounds of a door being kicked in ring out in the background. Totally the good guys. "You're lost? If you go back that way," she turns and gestures back the way she came. "Keep to your right, you'll find the way out. Go quick though, if you're going to go, because once the shooting starts you won't want to be out in the open."

Trilian lets herself be drawn away, still peeping over the taller woman's arm at the men, now taking turns at kicking a door. "What passes for entertainment in Nar Shadda is certainly... different..." she thinks to herself. Thanking the woman profusely for directions, Trillian starts off down the street in the direction that she had been pointed in. Turning around once more, she waves a cheery wave and then half jumps at another shadow before scurrying down a side street.

The door finally breaks inward, and that /does/ get attention from inside. There's a salvo of shots that come raining out, but none connect (luckily for Sar, the one in the most compromising position). "Don't suppose anyone brought a detonator?" Corr wonders to the other two, clinging tight to the door.

"Explosives were never really my thing," Sar says, advancing into the building with his carbine tight against his shoulder. He sends a bolt screaming towards one of the baddies, sidling his way towards cover.

Hex poses quickly to move forward because slow. He's firing like he's done this a time or two before, shooting at the same one Sar did in order to finish the job and make sure that guy's not taking any retaliatory measures in the near future.

And then there's Corr, bringing up the rear and missing his target with aplomb. One of them is dead, but the other two are behind cover and returning fire. The three caballeros here just have the doorway, and they have to duck into it to shoot until they get through. Sar leads the way, shooting as he enters, while Hex and Corr provide covering fire from the door. "You're next," the grizzled man with the gun instructs, nodding into the room. "I'll cover you." And he does. And he gets hit right in the chest in the process. Damn these bandits.

"Ashkuri, get Waldin to cover!" Sar barks, popping up from behind his crate that's being battered with blaster bolts. He lets one fly and catches another merc center mass.

Hex goes at this the same way as before, adding a second hit to whomever Sar started the business on, but then... there's a nasty shot, and it's gone straight into their fearless leader. "Ryma'at! Shit," he hisses, and then forgoes more fire for getting Corr to as much cover as Corr will allow. "KASIA!" Hollered toward the outside. "If you got a medpac, nonna, gonna need it when the shooting stops..."

"Don't get her pulled into this yet," Corr hisses to Hex as he stumbles in, propping himself up behind a box to keep returning fire. It's hardly his first hit in a firefight, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt like hell, and his teeth grind together audibly, or at least it would be if there wasn't blasterfire going off. His shot hits the last thug still standing in this room square in the face, and the perp goes down. "I did kinda want to arrest them," he mutters, maybe a little bit regretful. "If the rest aren't here they're either holing up or heading out."

"Well, that's normally something you say up-front, Waldin," Sar says, popping out of cover to loose another shoot towards the group of malcontents.

"Arrest them. Why in the stars would you arrest them?" Hex asks Corr, totally confused about courses of action that involve turning criminals over to appropriate authorities. Said up front or not, he's not understanding the point. "You need medical attention in a significant way, but if you want the rest of this house cleared, say it. You're in charge, ka."

They came in the side door; there's likely a front and a back too, and who knows what other precautions a gang of bandits might have come up with in an event like this. By now, they may have all fled the building. WHO KNOWS?! Corr, though, is a bit out of things as far as clearing houses goes. "Up to you two. Dangerous work, and they know we're here, if they didn't get out already." It doesn't get much more dangerous than clearing rooms. Exhibit A. "I can hold this room down, or we can secure the perimeter and regroup later."

"Alright, let's bail for now. I'll get eyes on the building, but they hit a lot harder than I thought they would," Sar says, inching out of cover with his gun still levelled at the room. "Hex, pull that bolt-magnet to the door and let's get out of here."

Hex secures his weapon and twitches his lekku. "Tcha, Sar! Bolt magnet. Like you've never shown up in a U-wing with a hole through you." He's grinning as he says it though, and hefts Corr up, helping him out in a way that seems practiced with this sort of thing... perhaps both as the assisting soldier and the patient. "Good thing you're tough, ka," he observes to his new friend, and then off they go. Into the sunset.