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Cache You Later (Resistance)

Location: Corporate Sector Authority, Pirate Base
Participants: Gren Delede David Ironside Hazar Jast The Resistance

The Last Call II hadn't been landed at D'qar for more than a few hours when Gren started collecting whatever available personnel he could find for a volunteer mission what appeared to be a crazy person's time table. It's been a few

hours, and the Sentinel is locked into a hyperspace jump that is just about to end. The heavily armoured shuttle is escorted by a pair of older model X-wings that were transferred from Hound, and not assigned to pilots on D'qar, yet. In

the large troop bay, a single squad of volunteer soldiers wait.

Major Delede is standing in the hatch to the cockpit, preparing to explain the mission on the fly. A comm line is open to the X-wings. "First, I'd like to thank you all for volunteering. I didn't have time to run this up the proper

channels. I was dispatched to the Corporate Sector to secure weapons for the Resistance almost a year ago, and in that time, I was somewhat successful. But, I'm afraid that a large pirate group was able to destroy my cruiser, and take

what I'd already purchased..." A pause, and he frowns at the recollection of losing his last command. "I joined up with them after the battle, claiming to be disgruntled old merc that hadn't been paid. And then I ditched them when I

could. I planted a listening device on my way out, though." A deep breath, and he points toward the cockpit. "My astromech had been monitoring it, and we just received an alert. The majority of their forces launched, and headed toward a

convoy on the Rim. So, we're going in, hitting what they left behind hard, and stealing what we can from their primary weapons cache. Thief Flight will provide high cover, and you lot..." He nods to the volunteer soldiers..."Will join

me inside the base, so that we can load this son of a bitch up with everything not nailed down. Keep your suits sealed, kids. Gravity is low, and there is -no- atmosphere on the surface of this shitty rock." There's a smile. "Any


Over the comm system, a voice chimes in. "This is Thief One, we read you loud and clear Major.", David says, referring to his R2 unit behind him. The shiny dome a stark contrast to the aging fighter the two are occupying as they escort

the Last Call II.

Looking around at his other volunteers, Hazar waits for one of them to offer a question or suggestion. He himself can't think of anything worth asking so he plays it cool and keeps quiet. Checking on his gear, making sure that

everything fits and functions properly, his weapon is loaded and on safe and that he hasn't forgotten anything, Jast prepares himself mentally for what's about to happen. Quickly scanning the other volunteers he makes sure that they all

have taken the same precautions and even goes so far as to help straighten out some gear on a soldier in front of himself.

From the other X-Wing, a voice perks up. More gruff than the first, it declares "Thief 2, no questions here Major." Thief 2 looks out the cockpit, giving the 'all clear' hand signal to Thief 1.

There's a quick glance around the hold, and then Gren turns and heads for Last Call's cockpit, and slides into the pilot's seat. He glances at his own Astromech who seems to be ready to do whatever needs doing, and eyes the countdown

clock. <<We'll be transitioning in a few minutes, folks. Be prepared.>> The Major's voice comes over the tacnet for the little strike group, loud and clear. <<Opposition should be light. Perhaps a few old Preybirds or Headhunters, and

squad or two of guards protecting itself. About five old auto-turrets, too. We'll have to blow the primary entry point, I suspect. It could cause a mess for the folks inside. Be prepared.>>

A few moments pass, and then the hyperspace ends, and they transition to real space. Delede plotted the course -close-, they're only a minute or so out from the asteroid. It fill Last Call's forward view. No sign of opposition yet.

<<Beginning approach. Keep your eyes peeled.>>

<<Alright, cut the chatter Thief 2. It's almost go time.>> Dave's voice comes over the tacnet. <<Target, dead ahead. Let's get the Major and his boys on the ground.>> <<Roger that, Thief 1.>> Both pilots flip a switch in their cockpits,

their wings separating into the signature X that lent the fighter its name.

As time passes and equipment checks finish up Hazar does his best to keep cool and composed before they hit the asteroid and do their thing. There's chatter going on around but he's remaining quiet, facing straight ahead and

concentrating on making sure he remembers everything he needs to from his training. Deep breaths in and out keep him looking calm as he does what he does to prepare for the engagement.

There is a brief moment of silence and calm as they approach before Gren calls out "EM signatures on the surface." That's all the warning they get. Laser cannons open up on the approaching vessels from the surface. The turrets

show up as hot spots on the cold rock. There appear to be five in total, just as Delede believed. The sensors on all ships also light up as a trio of starfighters are picked up on sensors, though they are not yet in visual range. Type


Last Call's pilot is old, but he isn't slow. The Sentinel goes evasive, and he turns the landing ship onto it's starboard side to neatly evade the targeted fire coming his way. <<Weapons free. Let's ice these turrets before our friends

get here, kids.>> He reaches out to flip a switch on his console, arming the ship's concussion missile launchers. <<Hold on back there, troopers. This is going to get dicey.>> Another half-roll, and he brings the nose of his ship

around to target the nearest turret. And then *whoomp* out flickers the first warhead. A moment later, and the second is streaking toward it's own target. <<Missiles away.>> Needless to say, both are on target. <<Scratch two.>>

Bleeping sounds fill Thief 1's cockpit as a single shot from one of the suddenly firing turrets grazes the lower left wing on the fighter. Yanking the control stick, Dave rolls the X-wing on its axis and returns fire, a single squeeze

of the trigger firing four blasts back at the turret. It explodes into space dust as soon as the bolts connect. <<Scratch one.>> The shooting coming from the ship he's riding has Hazar Jast paying close attention. He's not really in a place where he can make out what's going on, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a vested interest in knowing what's happening

outside. Gulping deep in his throat, he takes a deep breath.

Thief Two manages to avoid the incoming fire as well, and the pilot also manages to put a burst into one of the turrets. That just leave one left to fire, and it targets the incoming shuttle. The three starfighters are visible, and they

appear to be a pair of old Z-95 Headhunters, and a tougher Skipray Blastboat that's apparently been left behind for some reason. They are clearly on an intercept course for the trio of Resistance ships.

<<Scratch the AAA>> Grens states calmly from the cockpit, glancing at his scanners for a brief moment, before sighing. <<I've got to get these grunts on the ground, Thief flight. Cover our arses.>> In the same breath, he's cutting

throttle, and dropping the heavy assault shuttle like a stone onto the nearby surface of the asteroid. It is a mere few seconds before he hits the repulsors and the ship 'slams' into the ground. It bounces on the repulsors once, and

then settles down. <<Prepare for depressurization in 3, 2, 1.>> He really didn't give them much warning, did he? He pulls a lever, and the rear ramp slides out, a big armoured plank that allows the Resistance troopers to disgorge onto

the rock. In front of them, a large tunnel door cut into a ridge is sealed shut. That'll need to get exploded open. A pair of blaster cannons drop down to provide covering fire if needed, on either side of the ramp.

A blast from Thief 1 rocks the Headhunter it struck, causing sparks to fly into space followed by a trail of smoke. Dave pulls back on the stick. <<Circling around for another run, target is still in the air.>> <<Roger that, Thief 1.>>

Thief 2 lets off a series of blasts, though manage to evade contact with the second small Z-95.

As the ramp comes down Hazar and the other volunteers rush out, immediately fanning out to the sides to makes sure that they can cover all the angles. Hazar, like the others, takes a knee and points his weapon to cover his sector. Other

soldiers scoot forward toward the tunnel door to prepare a demolitions charge to breach it. After planting the charge they move back to take cover, warning the other soldiers to do the same. Moments later they detonate the explosive and

the tunnel fills with smoke and debris!

The Headhunters are focused on the X-wings, turning and twisting in an attempt to get a lock. The damaged one slowed, but still in the fight. Their own laser cannons pump out fire, trying to track Thief Flight. The Skipray stays the

course, and is clearly on an attack run against Last Call II. That's not ideal. It's laser cannons and ion turret open fire, and the Sentinel's heavy shields start to spark and flicker, even at a relatively long range.

The explosion is silent on the surface of the asteroid, and debris, and other materials not bolted down are sucked out as the structure depressurizes before emergency forcefields snap into place, and the like. A few unarmoured pirates

pass the soldiers, as well. They must have been screaming before they couldn't do so any longer. The opening itself leads into a huge room, full of heavy crates and shelving that, for the most part, does seem to be secured against

decompression. From within, figures in closed suits can be glimpsed, and scattered blaster bolts are directed toward the breached entrance, unaimed as of yet.

A stationary target is an easy target, and Gren is not pleased to find himself under attack by the Skipray. <<Thief. We need cover!>> The experienced pilot drops into the primary gunner's chair, and sighs. His fingers fly cross the

console, and he's got access to the Sentinel's not unimpressive weapons' array. The turreted Quad battery spins into motion, and starts to track the attacking Blastboat. The first burst of fire sparks off of the heavy attack ship's

shields, and the second tears a big chunk out of its stubby little wings. It's build tough, though. <<Troopers, clear us a path. I'll be out to ID the good when I can!>>

<<Thief 2, keep those fighters off me, I'm taking down that Skipray.>> David locks the skipray on his targeting computer, his subsequent blasts breaking off the rear wing, crashing it down into the main body of the blastboat. It slowly

tilts up and away from the Last Call II when it goes down in flames. <<Scratch the blastboat,>> Thief 2 as instructed turns into the path of the damaged Z-95. A quick squeeze of the trigger leaves behind a fiery explosion which

dissipates after Thief 2 passes through it.

Now that they can get inside the asteroid to do some damage the Resistance soldiers charge ahead, Hazar taking one of the lead positions, rifle shouldered and raised. As they move into the crate filled room the soldiers move through the

enemy's blaster bolt barrage and behind some of the crates, leaning around them or firing over the top. Once he's behind good cover Hazar takes aim at one of the more dangerous looking villains and fires at him. While the man goes down

under Hazar's weapon fire he's not dead yet, but with a wound like he just sustained it's only a matter of time before he perishes.

There's just the one Headhunter flying, now. Space superiority isn't exactly secured, but the odds are certainly in the Resistance pilots' favor. The Z-95 twists and turns, attempting to get a lock on Thief One. It's laser cannons

continue to spit fire.

Within the asteroid warehouse, the defending pirates number perhaps a dozen, but they are laying down a very nice volume of fire, despite having lost one of their leaders. Klaxons ring through the facility.

<<Nice shooting, Thief flight. I'm headed in.>> Gren slips out of his turret, trusting the X-wings to provide cover, so that he can head in, and help find the proper crates for the taking. The pilot secures his armor's helmet, and

charges down the ramp. His sawn-off EE-3 is out, but and he takes fire as he heads in. He slips neatly into cover, and peeks out at the room. <<Walk in the park, isn't it?>>

<<Thief 2, I've got the last one on my tail. Trying to shake him.>> Dave sends Thief 1 into an admittedly impressive downward spiral, followed by the Z-95, downward but not spiraling. <<Any second now, Thief 2!>> Dave calls over the

comms. Dave pulls the yoke back, coming out of the spiral to see two bolts strike the Headhunter behind him, his own craft lighting up red for two moments. <<Nice shot, Thief 2!>> The Headhunter is sparking now, a small fire on the

circuits is quickly extinguished for lack of oxygen, but the shot was enough to get it off Dave's tail.

While they pour fire onto the enemy the Resistance soldiers stand and fight bravely. It's not long, however, before one of them takes a hit in the torso and collapses backwards. Immediately, one of his battle buddies stops shooting to

tend to the wounded soldier, reducing the overall amount of blaster bolts heading downrange. The rest of the unit makes up for it with greater precision. Hazar leans around the side of the crate he's taken cover behind and unleashes

another shot into the enemy ranks. This shot is textbook perfect, the red blaster bolt lancing through the man's head and causing his body to collapse like a marrionette with it's strings cut.

The last Headhunter, despite taking damage, continues to try and defend the base. It's hyperdrive must be damaged. Pirates aren't known for their heroic loyalty. It's tracking Thief Two, right now.

The numbers are quickly tilting in favor of the Resistance, as pirates begin to fall. Their fire is still dangerous though, as a trooper might be about to find out. From somewhere else in the base, a large armoured form has arrived. It

appears to be a battle droid of some sort, and it is heavily armed and armoured. It rolls into place, and begins to lay down fire on the main entrance, which just happens to be where Gren Delede had been sheltering. He rolls out of

cover, and heads for a new position, slamming into a large crate with tooth rattling impact. He leans out, and opens fire with his EE-3, dropping a pair of pirate grunts, but missing the nasty droid. <<Move up. We've got to finish this


The Headhunter, closing in on Thief 2, lets off a shot. It strikes the X-wing in the rear, between the four exhausts. <<I've been hit, shield is holding. Time to return the favor, Thief 1.>> <<I'm on it, I have a lock.>> Indeed, the

targeting computer on Thief 1 beeps rapidly until it's one single tone indicating a hard lock. Gently squeezing the trigger, Dave destroys the final Headhunter as a huge fireball engulfs it from behind. The wings fall off, crashing at

high speed into the spaceship. <<Major Delede, this is Thief 1. All hostile aircraft have been dealt with.>>

As a blaster bolt skims his shoulder Hazar hisses into his microphone and nearly drops his rifle, barely holding onto it. It takes him no time to recover, however, as things have now gotten more dangerous for the young man and he can't

afford to waste any time. As his rifle swings up and is brought to bear on the droid Hazar pops off a round and immediately begins to move towards his next piece of cover, following the major's order. The round he fires finds it way

into the attack droid and blows a hunk of metal off of it, not quite destroying it. The other soldiers use the opportunity to press forward, still laying down heavy fire.

The pirates are just about done at this point, it would seem. Their battle droid is crippled, though it's remaining blaster cannon isn't exactly silent. A bright red burst of fire tears through Hazar's cover. Gren's armour is burnt and

melted where a blast hits him on the plate over his left thigh. He'd left it hanging a bit far out. A hiss of pain, and the Major's steps out of cover, and moves forward, barking fire. Three dead pirates later, and the defensive fire

continues to lessen. It's mostly just the droid, at this point. All around the warehouse, the few surviving pirates begin to shout their surrender. The robotic foe does not. <<Nice shooting, Thief. We'll be out shortly.>> Delede's voice

sounds strained over the comms.

Grinning at the compliment, David replies. <<Providing cover for your exit, Major. I'm not picking up any more hostiles on my scanners. Form up, Thief 2.>> The two X-wings circle around the base entrance in formation, slowing their

thrusters to a crawl. Beeping from behind him, the R2 unit informs David of slight damage to the wing, sending the specifics to the on-board display. "Oh good, something to work on back on base.."

The droid turns it attention towards the man that just shot it, firing it's powerful weapon into and through cover so that another round strikes Hazar, nearly knocking the young man off of his feet! Despite the wound he's able to keep

his balance. More importantly, he's able to keep on shooting. Pressing his body against what's left of his cover and straining to shoot through one of the holes in it he attempts to end the threat of the droid once and for all. Hazar's

shot is once again perfect. The blaster bolt smashes through the droid's processor and renders it completely inoperable. Mostly to himself the young soldier lets out a happy sounding, <<YES! Got him!>> Eventually, however, the fact that

he's in an immense amount of pain sets it and he slumps against his cover again so that he can check out his injuries.

Gren stands, as Resistance troopers collect blasters from pirates, and begin to round them up as prisoners. <<Nice working, everyone. I'm going to begin marking crates. Put these assholes to work loading them up, and then we'll leave

them here.>> He starts into the warehouse, glancing down at his armour plate, as he limps his way through the stacks, finding the crates he'd marked as stolen from his holds during the past mission. And some he'd also marked as

interesting during his time here. "Of course, these assholes had to go and shoot me..." He mutters to himself without hitting the talk button.

It isn't long before they'd packed up the weapons and patched up the wounded. Last Call II is heading away from the asteroid. The pirates are left behind in the warehouse. <<Put a torpedo in that base, Thief One. I'd hate to leave it


<<As soon as you're clear, Major. Coming in hot.>> Locking onto the base entrance, Dave flips open the covered button on top of the control stick. When the beeps turn into one singular beep, he hits the button and pulls back on the

control stick. Upside-down, he rejoins the Last Call II and Thief 2 as behind him the torpedo hits a surface.. any surface really.. and the base explodes. Fire shoots out to the protective barrier, containing the explosion until that

system, just like all the others, fails. <<Mission accomplished, Major. Calculating hyperspace coordinates now.>> A minute later, all three ships make the jump to lightspeed, having formed up with the X-wings on either side of the Last

Call II.