Log:Career Unfair

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Yvie and Uli discuss Uli's new job. Surprisingly no shouting.

OOC Date: Feb 8, 2016 (Optional)
Location: Gosse Apartment, Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Uli Gosse, Yvie Gosse

The Gosse's apartment is nothing special. It's cramped and in a bad part of town. However, it's been lovingly taken care of by Yvie. Everything has its proper place, there are cheap pieces of artwork hanging on the walls to give it a little life. Currently, the elder sister is in the kitchen, making some tea. There's a large mostly gone glass of water on the tiny table. Yvie is sitting with her head on the cool metal, face pressed against it in hopes to bring her headache some relief.

This is going to be bad. Uli knows it's going to be bad. He stands outside the door and takes a deep breath before using the swipe card and pushing the door open. He's...well, she knows how he normally moves, and he's not moving like that. He's favoring his left side and is limping a little. He doesn't say anything after he enters, just makes sure the heavy security door seals after. Then, he braces himself.

There's a moment, a bit of a breath before Yvie picks her head up off the cool table. Normally, she would already be standing by now. However, the change in his movement is certainly noted. Looking up, she has her brow furrowed, just about to launch into a tirade when she notes his state. "Are you okay?! What happened?!" Ignoring the cottony feeling in her head, she pushes herself to standing and moves toward him. "Where were you? Answer the first question, then the others."

Uli sighs and leans against the door. "I'm fine. I got patched up at Rebel Yell. Still a bit stiff, but nothing a little time and some meds won't heal. I had a run-in with some thugs who didn't want to pay their bill." He pushes off the door and moves in further. He's avoiding eye contact.

The mention of the Rebel Yell certainly darkens Yvie's expression. They've already started the discussion on how she feels about this new crew he's become involved with and there is certainly more to say on that subject. "Some thugs? I didn't realize there were thugs at the party you were going to be at. From what you told me, it was supposed to be a fancy sort of gala."

"Yes, a fancy gala you went to," says Uli as he moves towards the kitchen. He pulls down a cup and fills it with water. "To check up on me, I'm guessing? Since you find them so questionable." He sighs. "Look, I needed to finish this job. They would have come after me. The fact that I went to them only made the beating happen sooner."

Yvie moves to Uli, unable to stop from fretting. She's patched him up enough times to try and find flaws in how the Rebel Yell has done it. Annoyingly, it's been well done. "To figure out more about these people you're so keen to join." His approach only brings the worry factor up all the more. "You shouldn't be doing things that are going to require you to get beatings, Uli."

"If I wasn't forced to deal with disreputible fences, then my risk of beatings goes down substantially. Same if I have someone, say, a giant Wookiee watching my back. Then I'd get in far less fights." Uli can't help but grin wryly at that, chin lifting in a defiant way. "Yvie, I can't stop being a criminal any more than you can stop being an academic. At least let me do this in a less risky way?"

"Getting in with more criminals isn't the answer," Yvie replies. His last statement is met with quite a frown of disappointment and disapproval. "You can. You're smart and talented...you could do so many other things than work for some criminal organization that's just going to get you into more trouble. I can help find you a better job."

"Yvie!" Uli tosses up a hand, then gingerly sinks on to an overstuffed chair that has seen better days. "I've been a thief and a criminal since I was eight years old. I'm not going to change. Please accept that. And let me do this more safely. These guys will watch my back. It pays well."

"Uli!" Yvie returns, shaking her head. "I can't accept that you won't even think about doing anything else. You're not eight years old any more." She moves to sit on the arm of the chair next to him. "I can't stop you from what you're doing, but I'm never going to approve of it." Shaking her head, she crosses her arms. "I'm never going to stop worrying about you and wanting you to do something less dangerous."

"I could be a zero-g mechanic. I could be a cop. I could be part of a freighter crew that runs through an area with pirates. Would you approve of me doing those things? Or is it just because I'm breaking the law?" Uli looks pointedly at his sister, eyebrows arched high. "You know this planet. Even our parents broke the law. This isn't a place where justice reigns supreme. Maybe on Coruscant or some other rich place, but not here. Not for people like us. We have to make our own justice."

"You could a lot of things, yes, but in those jobs people aren't waiting to double cross you for your credits. Or be so quick to violence when they haven't fulfilled their end of a contract." Yvie replies, looking just as pointedly back. "This is different from selling a few goods on the black market to pay for food, Uli. You're talking about making a career of it, of living on that opposite side of the line." Frowning, she sighs and shaking her head. "Now you're sounding like that Yavok."

Uli reaches out to take Yvie's hand. His knuckles are red. He rubs her hand and then sandwiches it with his other. "Y, listen to me. This is the first time in my life anyone has given a damn about me who isn't you. These people barely know me and they're ready to have my back against guys who cheated me. I think this is a rare thing. And I don't know if I can walk away from it."

As Uli takes Yvie's hand, she looks back. No matter if they're fighting or not, she doesn't interrupt him yet. Instead, she just sighs and puts her hand on top of his. Careful of his sore hands, she gives them a gentle squeeze. It's clear she still has her misgivings. "I know." She doesn't agree or disagree with him any more. Instead, she slips off the side of the chair. "I'll get you a warm cloth for your hands." It should help with the soreness.

"Don't think we won't talk about you lying to me later when my head feels better," Yvie adds.