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Between fighting, politics and murders, there's a much needed downtime for some of the people of the New Republic. And because this had already been planned, there is no reason to waste food, resources and a bunch of talents that were eagerly awaiting to get some good spotlight in. And there are a lot of artisans on Chandrila. Art fairs were a regular thing on the planet prior to the First Order moving in.

Tonight there is beautiful weather, there are various vendor tents, people giving demonstrations of things they are trying to sell or projects that they are wanting to get further with.

And there is a ton of food. Catering has been done mainly by Riso's steak house and there are a few vendors out on their own with drinks, sweets and other things.

Septima is dressed in her Chandrilan attire, a hunter green silk dress that has tiny white flowers embroidered at the hem and down the sleeves. Her hair is braided back and hangs down her back and there is a very plain looking messenger bag that she is carrying with her. Mekil is dressed in his usual comfortable clothing and standing with her. Faithful bodyguard that he is. He's following along as she talks to people that have come to attend the fair.

       Underdressed, compared to some... okay, compared to many, that's the best way to describe Dawn. She's in coveralls, clearly a 'work' outfit -- but it's clean, at least! This doesn't stop her from, when she spots Septima, heading over towards the senator, lifting a hand in greeting. "Hi, Senator!", she calls out to the woman to whom she was, not long ago, introduced.

Eriu is a bit stiff as she strides into the park ready to view some fancy things like ART. "Gonna be hard to tell whats art and not. Dang Chandrila....perspective and all that." She winces some, cringing a ltitle as she tries to pull at her jacket and regrets it. There is a slight bulge beneath her shirt in her lower left stomach area. "Not sure how long I will last but I want to buy something ridiculously expensive and strange to put in the middle of the cargo bay that he can stare at for hours and question life. So help me find that." This is said to the balosaur beside her, B'haav getting an EJ Smile (TM). Meaning dimpled and wry with a dash of mischief. She lets out a long breath and winces again as she rolls her shoulders.

Nerys, of course, who had somehow managed not to get herself mostly killed at any point in the last few days, lacked any excuse not to attend the art festival. And for once, she would have been sorely disappointed if she had. There was something to be said for studying art that was old and storied, but just as much to see art through the eyes of today, and in that art the reflection of the world as it was, not as it might have been. And so, she'd made certain to make time for this. And now, along with her trusty sidekick, she wandered into the park and made a beeline for the nearest cache of culinary treasures.

What in stanging shab is he doing at an art show!? Hadrix's helmet is off and his face is... Well it's unmarked. Yes his still has the black sclera'd bionic with gold iris and glowing pupil... But he has two eyebrows and no scars. He's even starting to grow a beard of all things.

But he's recognizable. Heavy armor, shades of purple, a small army worth of equipment.What in stanging shab is he doing at an art show!? Hadrix's helmet is off and his face is... Well it's unmarked. Yes his still has the black sclera'd bionic with gold iris and glowing pupil... But he has two eyebrows and no scars. He's even starting to grow a beard of all things.

But he's recognizable. Heavy armor, shades of purple, a small army worth of equipment. Definitely Hadrix of Kora, looming his way along, fur mantled cape blowing out behind him... and a loth cat walking between his feet. Periodically weaving between to rub up against the Massive Mandalorian's ankles... or at one point hop to bite the poleyn of one boot and hang on, tail flicking back and forth rapidly.

       Merek of course would be about, he comes to watch the fair, walking with assistance from the cane. The man looks to be like he's been back into a fight, taking the time to find a nice bench to begin settling in. The man wears a basic nice white-black attire.

Gorgeous aromas are emanating from Riso's long tables servicing hungry mouths under two tents. Juicy slabs of meat have been smoking since early this morning while some smaller cuts are more recently fielded through the portable grills to then sit and wait in their warming bins. Bone-in, tender filets, minced meats baked into small pies, vats of soups, tubs of mixed veggies, vats of mashed kajaka root, stuffed tubers, crusty breads drizzled with seasoned butter of fatty goodness....

You get the idea.

Riso's catering set up has created two buffets of equivalent offerings to more expeditiously feed the masses. Standing in line with two other employees behind one of them is the copper-haired Kijimi girl, Yari, standing as tall and motionless as some of the exhibitions on display over yonder. She's dressed smartly in the third outfit she owns - a Riso's uniform. The usual accessory of baby-in-sling is missing from her ensemble, however. With a pair of tongs in one hand and a dull expression upon her face, she's readied to be a good drudge and robot through the task of serving up somebody else's food. Food she's been smelling and eyeing and silently judging the entire afternoon without a lick of authority to join in the cooking. It's like....torture.

Yari blows the same fly off her nose for the third time in under a minute and takes an idle swig from a water bottle. Furtive glances are continuously paid to the employee on her left and her right, then the fair visitors ahead. Watching, waiting for a cue to leap into action.

       The evening is just starting, but Jessika Pava feels a surreal serenity decsending on her as she steps into Fountain Park and glimpses the unfolding events. The music is calming, the weather is wonderful, and the scents of food are delightful. There's too many places to look at once. Performers and artists alike seek to provide the most aesthetically pleasing of sights to all those attending the fair. It's enough for Jessika to feel justified in the amount of time she spent getting ready. Straightened, dark hair waterfalls around her shoulders and frames her face, and the subtle peel of her mouth parting to reveal hints of white as a backdrop against the vibrant red of her lipstick precedes a slow inhale. She halts an individual offering drinks.
       Matching her lips, the nails capping her slender fingers are vibrant red, too, and show off with the delicate curl of her grip around the fluted glass filled with a bubbly alcoholic beverage. Junipera, she thinks. A local Chandrilan drink. She sips from it to confirm it, and leaves a smudged imprint of her lips against the rim in the process. Left hand holding a white clutch, Jessika carries her drink in the right and begins walking the booths, surveying the displays with dark eyes made all the more depthful by thick lashes, the dark backdrop of shadow, and eloquent liner. She feels absolutely alien in this environment and looking this way, but this is the price of trying new things. Whether or not the price is worth it is yet to be seen.

Meep is certainly the smallest of attendees. The resident rodent has found a spot underneath one of the chairs, certainly safer than out wandering amongst the crowd.. he could get trampled! Meep just waits patiently, sniffing about, trying to see where the food table is really.

        B'haav Adasta looks around with wide eyes, having never set foot anywhere beyond Balosar and Nar Shaddaa; the square is a sort of sensory overload with the normal landscape - trees, flowers, fountains - even before the art. He looks at some of it, fairly certain that the point of art is not in how much one 'gets' it, but what it gets out of you. Grateful for the Hapan's having brought this event to his attention and his recent sobriety getting him here in one piece, he looks to Eriu Jynx with a nod. "He, meaning our illustrious leader? I'll keep an eye out." His black suit with white hat - carefully draped over his lean frame - would feel underdressed if he were alone in this square, but in the presence of some clearly from upper echelons, he feels like serviceman. "Although, I can't say that I'm much acquainted with that which most piques his interest, so you may hear me simply pointing out the grandest displays... Perhaps I'd be more useful fetching you beverages or foods while you take in the displays?" A smile slightly cracks the corners of his mouth.
       Yuun is out and about today, his body aching a little bit mainly to him being out of shape. He decided to come out here to relax and didn't know that there was some sort of festival here tonight. Hey maybe this will help calm him a bit, especially after the mission to Cardia. Right now the dark-skinned human has just wanted to relax and possibly will call it a early night, but for now he will try to enjoy himself.

When you host a massive event in a public park, especially one expected to draw dignitaries and social elites, you can expect there to be some sort of security. Wahl and her inorganic companion are among the various police personnel present. They're not here for the art, so they do their best to stay out of everyone's way.

"Can you look a little less threatening?" Wahl asks her metal partner. The woman glances up to the towering figure. "Like, drop the muzzle to the ground or something." She orders the LE-VO as the two snake through the public gathering. "You're going to cause someone to have a heart attack." Her hand reaches out, pointing down to their feet.

With a series of groans, creeks, and hisses, the droid angles its stun rifle to the ground.

"I know you haven't been out much, but these are sensitive people. Bad." The agent corrects. "Some of them are veterans from the war. Be a little more mindful of the folk around you." She coaches at a low volume.

First, was the funnel cake, because no festival was a festival without funnel cake, and then, Nerys and Co. made a beeline towards where Riso's had set up their wares. Today was a good day, and she offered a greeting to those she knew and those she did not, because it was an easy thing to be friendly. And then she came up behind a familiar figure, helmet and no scars or no, "So, if I punch you in the arm, by way of saying 'hey, glad you're still alive.', am I risking getting a headbutt in greeting?" was Nerys' cheerful call to the massive Mandalorian, "I don't know all of the rituals." She did glance down to the feline twining itself around Hadrix ankles, "You left before I regained consciousness. I had to ask a friend who asked a friend if you actually made it." And thus made almost dying worthwhile. Clearly, Nerys appreciated almost dying for a good cause.

Spotting wall, Eriu is nodding at B'haav, her hand lifting as if to hold him off a moment. "Oh I know her, look at her moving up in life!" Jynx lifts her hand to wave at Wahl and jerks it back dwon quickly, wincing as she wrinkles her nose. "Kriffing blaster wound," she murmurs and then turns fully to the balosar. "So then," she murmurs. "I smell food, we should find it first. I am sure Yan would approve that we are consuming and having librations instead of art first. I figure looking at art should not be done on an empty stomach for it defeats the whole purpose. I must be able to evaluate its worth without my stomach making comments during the process. Yes? Yes!" She does not breathe through all of that but does heave a breath after and motions for him to move with her.

"Slowly please, if you do not mind. I am sorry I am the gimp today but.." she sniffs the air and looks towards Yari curiously and where she is with out the displayed goodness. "Oen can not go wrong. with food."

Septima hears someone shouting Senator and it makes her look up, there is probably a few here, but, it helps to be vigilant. She sees Dawn and there is a wave accompanied by a smile, "Hello Miss." she greets her. "I hope that you are having a good time." she adds. Her eyes a distracted by the twitch of a cat tail and her gaze focuses on the cat that is accompanying a familiar Mandalorian. HE HAS A CAT?! There is a moment taken to start to head that way to greet him and the cat. Seeing Nerys there is a nod to her as well, "I hope I am not interrupting. How are you faring, Mister Kora?" she asks him. There is a nod to those that she knows but for the moment she's happy to be not in a political talking situation.

Standing in front of booth of an artisan crafting jewelery as a demonstration is Jax Greystorm. He held one of the hand held sugary treats that came from one of the non steak house vendors. We are not discussing the fact the jedi has his face painted.
Standing right in front of Jax was well a mini version of Jax with blonde hair. We will discuss the boy's face paint that matches his uncles. It was that of a jax cat. The little boy wasn't wearing jedi robes, but looked liked a mini smuggler with a red tunic and brown pants. The little boy was holding his own sweet treat. He was just as enthralled with the work going on for the moment. Then he the boy says, "Are you really going to buy that?"

       Dawn nods her head, all smiles. "I'm doing great, actually. I'm living here on Chandrila, now, after taking Callax's job offer, actually. I even applied for citizenship, too!", she says in reply to the senator's question. Of course, Septima, as tonight's host, is probably going to be really busy, so Dawn lifts a hand to waggle her fingers in parting. "I'm gonna to check out the food, then look at stuff. Bye for now!", she says, as she heads for the tail of the nearest line at the buffet tables -- the line that'll take her past Yari.
       Scanning the passersby, Jessika sees mostly strange faces. She recognizes one, she thinks, walking with a droid who seems eager to level his weapon's muzzle at chest height in front of him until the woman convinces him to adjust it. She assumes that's what's going on, at least, given the gestures she makes towards the ground. Jessika sips at the glass again, refreshing the smudge of her lips against the previously crystal clear rim and making the imprint all the more difficult to discern in the process. The white dress she wears constricts her movements from being too quick, which is why her pace is one of leisure and marked by the feminine tap of each heel against the duracrete pathway that twines through the park.
       She notices a Twi'lek greeting a woman she addresses as Senator, and Jessika levels her gaze at the woman in hunter green. She's not sure if it's someone she's seen before. She's bad at keeping up with the news. Finally, however, she spots a face she can put a name too, and what strikes her as a miniature version of him. Gently lifting her brows, Jessika wanders slowly towards the pair holding treats with their faces painted. Erring on the side of caution, Jessika is nonetheless pretty sure when she speaks. "Jax?" There's a subtle hint of surprise in her voice at seeing her fellow pilot like this. Then again, Jessika's never dressed up as far as anyone else can remember, either, so the feeling might be mutual.

Art shows seemed to be a play torn from the Nubian playbook. Half of Theed was entrenched in art displays or academies dedicated to arts. An entire district was home to minstrels, bards, painters and dancers each decorated in the fashions of Naboo! Chandrila's display was both different and the same in many respects, but the atmosphere helped a quiet Nubian find some comfort.

Lady Naome seemed in her element, wearing a combination of orange, yellow, and red in a slim dress that favored her natural shape. Her hood was drawn up hiding the naturally wavy chestnut brown hair from view, but the colors of the gown accentuated the attractive paleness of her skin and the lighter coloring of her lips. Light brown eyes often caught the light just right as she looked over the art on display and walked unescorted along the path. Naome's arms were covered, her sleeves long and stylishly droopy, and a sash wraps her mid-section where it's fed into a silver crescent to represent her worship of Naboo's Moon Goddess, Shiraya. Stepping lightly in expensive sandals, Naome seemed to glide along the path to each exhibit, though after one particular display, she stopped to observe children nearby running toward a few of the fountains and laughing.

       Lahni has recently arrived on the planet - and isn't it just her good fortune to arrive in time for such an event? A perfect opportunity to get to know some of the local artisans and begin cultivating relationships with them. The wearable-arts were of particular interest, of course - it was always good practice to model the creations of local artisans while she works. The blue-skinned, delicately framed woman weaves her way through the crowd, pivoting gracefully when someone brushes too close - and moving towards a booth that seemed to display handwoven garments.

INDEED. You cannot go wrong with food. Unless of course the cook has 'gone wrong' in which case you'll be up till sunrise with splattery regrets, but Riso's is a tested, tried, and true establishment! Been in the family seven generations...or so their sign said. Imagine Yari's surprise when she went in seeking work and learned that there was not actually any 'Risos' on site. A different business model than her own family's tavern, but it's been successful, so...

Yari adjusts her slumping nametag again, jousting with the pin until she gets it right and a couple new pricks to her fingers for the effort. She almost drops the tongs /after/ this endeavor when her gaze faces forward again to realize that OH. She has a customer! Her obligatory smile comes to life and she bumbles her way toward interpreting what the woman wants from this section. Meat pie? No. Stuffed t--no. Mashed--Yes. More. More. More. And...veggies.


The smile wastes not a single millisecond when it's safe to vanish it away and she tosses another spiteful sip of bland H2O down her hatch.

"A punch in the arm is find, a handshake as well. But for those I've fought and bled with I'm often a hugger... If you headbutt me I'd think you were trying to hit on me, Nerys." The loth cat mews happily from where she hangs, chewing and blinks up at the red headed woman as Hadrix holds a hand out to shake, but it could also be a one armed hug offer too.

"It's good you're still alive." offering a wink with his right eye before Septima approaches and he bows his head again,

"Senator Carnine, I see you." that gets his cat off his leg and Sprite begins maowing and bouncing on her reptilian feet - as if claiming his ankles for her own. "With no bombs, city center shoot outs, or raids on islands I am beginning to think my luck on Chandrila is thinning."

       Dawn waits her turn in line, picking up a plate, napkin, and eating utensils at the beginning before going through. She mostly asks for meaty things, but she does get some veggies served for her, too -- clearly, she has her favorite type of foodstuffs. She takes her time, asking questions about the dishes laid out on the tables, too.
       When the twi'lek gets to the part of the buffet line that's in front of Yari, she points at what's in front of the woman and asks, "... what's -this-?", in a voice that speaks of that she's never really seen it before. Still, it looks like it has meat in it, so she's also holding out her plate for some... it's as if she's never eaten at Riso's before; she doesn't seem to recognize any of those famous dishes!

Meep is so staring at Yari! He's detected the possibility that she can be a source of food, and so he sets off. The little Teek darts from under the chair... zipping in a blur of grey to one of the tables, dashing between a couple of patrons and zooming about in a zig-zag pattern until he's at the foody place!

        He waits patiently, kneading his fingers, waiting for Yari to finish with her customer.
        B'haav looks to Eriu Jynx with concern, noting the woman to whom she waved but more intent on his companion's . "Are you certain you're up to this? I'm not exactly experienced with blaster wounds, but it seems the sort of thing meriting treatment and convalescence. Do you like art that much, or do you just never stop moving? My observations would suggest the latter..." He takes his time helping make their way towards the food, not only for her injury but also the sparse breathing; B'haav excuses the way through the crowd so she doesn't have to jostle. "I don't mind a slower pace, but being the one to hold people back is sort of my... Thing. I'm uncomfortable with you closing in on my territory, Eriu Jynx."
        Arriving at the buffet, he takes up a plate and takes in the spread with a feeling of drowning in decisions. To say he has little experience with such foods would be an understatement; such a buffet had never been seen in the Basin back on Balosar. He looks to the Hapan to make sure she's navigating and then looks across the boundless feast to Yari. "I'm... Not great at choices. Could I ask for whatever you'd recommend?" He wishes that he had some alcohol in his system, not for the first time that day, or even the first dozen; alcohol helped his decisiveness.
       The Tap-tapping of a cane can likely be heard by those near the 'art'. Lord Bodega, primed already with a glass (probably his third or so) of Alderaanian wine, perused the selection shown off at tonights little event. He had a half crooked grin even as he took a sip from his tumbler. He was wearing his usual attire, nothing overly fancy except for his cane, the sword at his hip, and his cape in his families colors. Old eyes glanced around, happy to see others enjoying themselves and the nice weather Chandrila brought.
       "Oh!" Lahni pivots once more as an unfamiliar, furred being of small stature dashes by, and she turns to watch the being's retreating form with a curious expression. She considers herself well traveled - so seeing an utterly unrecognized species didn't happen too often anymore. "Curious," she remarks - as Meep quickly disappears into the crowd. Perhaps she'll have another chance to encounter them?

As Nerys only had one arm free, the other balancing a plate of funnel cake rather precariously, the one armed hug it was, "I //am// glad you made it. Made a promise to bring you back." She grinned, giving Hadrix a squeeze before she slipped away again, leaving him to catch up with Septima, "But lacking a stool, I think a head slam to your solar plexus is the best I could do at the moment." She flashed them both a smile, "Senator. Good to see you, as always." And then she was headed off towards Jax and Mini-Jax, likely the final destination for the confection.

A wray brow arches on Eriu's face and she smirks at B'haav. "You will only need to get used to it for this event, trust me. You are not wrong, staying still is boring unless its a nice beach that allows for a drink in my hand," she intones as she takes the Balosar's arm and sets that slow pace. Here they come food. Watch out. Ready or not!

Her eyes sweep the crowd. "I know the big guy over there, lots of armor. And the woman with red hair next to him seems..familiar. I admit I don't tread into this area of space and so...lots of faces that I do not know but given the population of the galaxy at large, unsurprising," she intones.

As they near the food she hears the tapping of a cane and appreciates the use of it. "Mmmm hello," she says to Tyrius. "I should have had one of those for myself but instead I have a trusty arm to lean on in case I take a spill." She winks at Bodega before they reach Yari and she waits as she scans the food to order her own. "One plate will do, we can always come back for seconds right?"

Kare Kun arrives from A Commercial Street.

Septima gives a nod of her head to Hadrix, "Apparently things are coming in spurts. I don't think we'll have any more shoot outs, but, we had law officers murdered recently." she frowns at that. "You'd have to see one of the officers about more on that though." she tells him. There is a look down to the Loth cat and she looks back to Hadrix, "Is she friendly?" she asks him. There's a bit of a wriggle in the bag that she has criss crossed over her body and then a fluffy head pokes out and a sniff is given in Sprite's direction. There is a smile to Nerys, "Have a good evening." she tells her. Then she's looking back to the crowds and there is a bit of a wave to Tyrius, greeting the Drik Rep.

Yari sees Dawn's inbound progression along the buffet line and slips her bottle back into an apron pocket, sprays her hands with the supplied antiseptic, and wields her tongs anew! There's a point and a question - this much she understands from her newest customer. Lacking the ability to speak in text format at the moment, she glances aside to the left - nope, coworker's busy - to the right - same - and then offers D'awn a small shrug, pointedly aloft index finger, and unceremoniously cleaves the personal pie in two. One hand balances a half on a spatula while the other angles the second up so she might see for herself the contents.

She's become a clog in the flow, it'd seem, this moment of service taking more than the average 4.6 seconds of her comrades upstream. Shavit and drek it to a frosty hell. B'haav is offered a humblly downward ducking of her eyes and apologetic smile, also that same 'one moment please' finger before she fixes a questioning /stare/ on D'awn. The spatula and tongs work in tandem, slooooooowly inching the bisected meat pie toward the Twi'lek's plate whilst a single, pale brow goes ever so higher toward the sky.

       Dawn doesn't seem to mind not being told what all the food it -- it looks, and smells, great, anyway! After accepting the food to her plate, and the lack explanation that came with it, Dawn starts to move on... but spots Meep in line behind her. "Oh! You're adorable!", she says to him. "... do you want a hand up to see what there is?", she then asks of the teek, even as she's setting down her plate to free her hands to help Meep take a look -- her intent being to pick him up like one would lift a toddler, to give him view of the food on the table in front of him.
       Looks like Yari's current 'customer' is holding up the line even more... oops.
At hearing his name, Jax looks up and lets out a whistle, "Looking good, Major." He says with an easy smile, "YOu out enjoying some R&R?" The little boy had turns to look at Jess a bit curiously. "Major, this is my nephew Senin. I'm a member of Rogue Squadron with her." The little boy cat face and all is looking at Jess with the deadly seriousness only hers or the boys Infamous Grandmother. He searches Jess' face. Then extends a hand, "I am Kortan Senin Greystorm. YOU need face paint. Like a hawk."

"BA-HD. Hold still." Wahl orders to her droid. The woman draws out her datapad after coming to a halt. The two are actively blocking a portion of the duracrete path, but most of the fairgoers are able to adapt by slithering around them. "Connect to my datapad and display your settings." She instructs, hoping that there is an easy fix to the droid's default blaster position. "I need to see anything related to your behavior with weapons."

The agent's head swivels around, keeping an eye on their surroundings as she waits for the LE-VO to connect itself to the device. "I know I can ask you to set it verbally, but, pal, I need to see it with my own eyes." The woman adds.

       "Herm?" Asks Lord Bodega with a curious grumble, his head turning and aged eyes finding the young and beautiful hapan. Target sighted... engage. A charming smile find its self seated upon his lips, flashing his white teeth. "Why thank you... my my. Who might you be?" He narrows his eyes a bit as he asks that, a sign of interest and likely trying to remember if he had ever actually seen EJ before. He looks to her partner as they make their way towards the food, the Drikish Representative following. "You mean your date here? Is this your man?" He asks. "I am Lord Tyrius Bodega, Representative from Drik. At your service." He gives a slight bow.

Meep is scooped up by Dawn! He's a little alarmed, squirming a little until he gets settled. "rhaefer!" he chirps. Now that he can see the buffet spread, he hones in on the fruit! He points, chittering excitedly, his feet wiggling as he's trying to propell himself closer to the fruit platters. Anything fruit or vegetable-based is gonna be a win for the Meepster.

Beep ( 9042) repeats after Meep, "Oot!"

It was.. an interesting event to be sure. One Dusky-skinned woman actually decides to make an entrance. She very rarely ever made her way to these events, it was nice to get out however. The Ace Pilot was wearing something alot more suited for this type of event - opting for a white sleeveless camisole shirt with light black pants and boots. It was something much more relaxed for what she was used to. However, her hands still clasped behind her in a semi-military style. The woman slowly made her way into the forray of the fair, her eyes dancing over the various pieces of art and those dancing and singing. Her eyes only staying a few moments as she searched for something that would definitively interest her. (Kare)

       Dawn laughs a little at the teek's excitement. "I think he wants that", she says, pointing at the dishes that seem to have Meep's attention. "I'm gonna put you down, now, so the nice lady can serve you your food, okay?", she says to the furry little man she's holding -- before starting to set him back down so she can recover her own plate and move along. She has the foods she was looking for, after all.

"Stay alive, Nerys." said as she moves off towards Jax, attention fully on Septima once again, "As friendly as Loth cats get." he looks down to his companion, which bounces up and down and rowls at Septima and then the fuzzy head.

Sprite hunkers down some and bounces again before trying to climb up Septima's dress, warbling and rarbling the whole way up.

"Guess you're going to find out eh?" Hadrix grins as he draws a cigarra from a belt mount humidor and... of all things lifts the plasma caster from his hip and lights it with a few puffs while watching his pet's attempt to ascend and casually put her giant tooth filled mouth on the side of Septima's head... to gently nom on her head in greeting.

       "Trying new things," Jessika replies in deflection to the question regarding rest and relaxation. "I'm not sure it qualifies as rest or relaxation. That's what this is for." A slight angling of the glass in hand is meant to draw attention to it as being the object she's mentioning. The moment the young boy turns his attention to her and glances up at her, Jessika in turn glances down at him. "Hello," She greets, voice softening and filling with genuine friendliness. "It's nice to meet you, Kortan Senin Greystorm. I'm Jessika Pava." She takes his hand with utmost gentleness, knees bending slightly and dress tightening around her form as she lowers just a little to be not at-level, but more in the boy's atmosphere than out of it. "I'm already wearing some," Jessika says, laughing all the while. Her eyes close, showing off the full breadth of shadow dusting her lids. Already, her cheeks have a subtle hint of blush that is put on rather than real, and her lips are still as vibrant as before. "See?" Her eyes open again, and after giving Senin's hand a gentle shake, she's ready to release it. "Hawks are beautiful, though. I really like your face paint, too."

As they wait for food the man with his glorious cane approach them. "Ohhh a representative. Goodness rubbing shoulders with the elite up in here, B'hhhhhhhhaav." She smiles at the Balosar and then arches a brow, glancing aside at him. "No my unwitting partner is about to get a rather large art purchase delivered to the cargo hold to possibly inspire a brain aneurysm. Or you know confound him for hours trying to figure out what it is. Something modern and ...tasteful." She says tasteful if she is uncertain that is what she needs.

"Beaming up at him she smiles and winks at Tyrius, motioning him to join them, "Come get into line and have something to eat with us. We are of course waiting in line." She peers at Meep and D'awn curiously. "It smells good so rule is it should be good. I am Eriu Jynx and this is B'hhhhhhhaav Adasta." Extra emphasis on the H.

       Yuun hasn't done anything to make himself seen, though when he sees Jax, he walks over to him. "Hey Jax." he says to the fellow Inititate. "How're you doing?" he asks as he looks around. He watches as everyone seem to be enjoying themselves, he still looks a bit malnurished and tired, but Yuun is in better spirits a little.

-(OOC)- Eriu Jynx says, "I have run out of noms...I swear I had enough for this scene"

Meep beams up at Dawn, trying not to let himself get distracted from where he thought he saw the fruit plate. He can't exactly see it anymore so, the Teek trundles to the suspect table, camping out beneath the fruit plate. He sort of just reaches up with both little arms, looking over his shoulder with a forlorn chittering sound, heeeelp!

       Lahni reaches her planned destination, and spends some time inspecting and remarking on the wares on the display - the fine details worked into the weft and warp, the clever use of iridescent threads to highlight the design, and the soft, supple feel of the resulting fabric. After an exchange of cards, a little haggling, and the handing over of some credits, Lahni walks away with a thin scarf of green which goes well with her blue skintone and purple downy feathers - which she tucks into the neckline of her otherwise black attire. There we are - a little more color to set things off properly.

Yari nods her understanding at Dawn, doing her best to supress a small smile at the weirdly adorable little alien. Shuffling down a few paces, she loads up a plate with fruit and some fancily scalloped tubers with a flower for garnish then leeeeeeeeeeeeans to offer it down to the Teek. Meanwhile, her attention and her free hand are at B'haav and EJ's service best they can be, which is to say she's making eye contact. Her arms are long, but...there are limits.

       Dawn moves on, all smiles, to get herself a drink at the end of the table... just a cup of whatever fruity 'punch' they're serving as part of the service. Food and drink in hand, she starts wandering to find herself a park bench to sit on to eat, while peoplewatching and such. That she held up the buffet line some doesn't seem to impact her one bit.

Mekil's eyes go wide when the cat's mouth opens and it starts chewing on Septima's head gently, "Umm...Senator...Sep..." he stutters to that. Then he reaches out and takes Omen off of the womans bag, just in case Sprite got 'hungry'. The Spukamas kitten goes limp in the bodyguards arms, boneless kitten dramatics. Septime gives a laugh, "I'm not good eating, I'm old and gamey." she tells the cat as she reaches up to pat her, "How are things going on other planets for you? Any exciting things that you and your clan are involved in?" she asks.

        B'haav watches the delay in front of his place in line; not having seen a Teek before, he watches with amusement and a genuine smile breaks on his face. Said face lights up a brilliant red as Eriu Jynx once again pushes that button of his while talking to the gentleman following them in line. "It's just B'haav... It's a pleasure, sir." He's flustered, so he looks back to the woman across the table doing the serving, clearly being overtaxed for attention. He tries to calm his blushing cheeks by considering what kind of art would elicit an aneurysm; this line of thought quickly returns control and a calm demeanor as he just nods politely to Yari.
        "Anything you recommend is perfect, miss." He inhales again, unsure how to parse the myriad fantastic smells as they mix into an olfactory work of art.
Jax and Senin were standing in front of a booth where an artisan was making jewelery. At the momnet they were talking to Major Jess Pava. Jax and Senin both had matching face paint of a jax cat. They both have fair food in there hand. Yuun had just joined them. Nerys was on her way.
Jax chuckles, "Its a good thing, R&R. I hope you enjoy it, Major." Jax nods to Yuun shows up, "Hey man, how's your day going? YOu know the Major and you remember nephew?"
Senin looks at Jess, "Nice to met you Major Jess. You're fancy like Callax." Then he nods, "Hawks are the best! I like Hawks!" Then he looks at Yuun and wrinkles his nose before making a funny face at Yuun. "Yuun-Yuun!"

Meep beams up to Yari, nodding energetically as he lowers and offers him the plate. Both hands take the plate securely, still bowing to Yari as he teeters backwards and rotates in-place. Food plate in hand, the Teek navigates over towards Dawn, parking right next to her ankle until she can find a spot to eat because... well all Meep sees is a forest of legs.

The Ace pilot continued her walk, stopping at what appeared to be some form of cosplay of ancient Chandrila tradition. Men and women in various garb of attire meant to remind them of the roots they came from. Her hands staying where they are as she seems to have some small interest here. Though she does happen to see one Jessika - who appears to be in a conversation all her own. She pushes off with her foot and slowly begins to make her way towards the person she is aware, though she also notes Jax who is there as well. This was a regular Whose who of Chandrila for the moment. The woman doesn't move quickly though, Kare honestly just enjoying taking her time, its a fun and relaxed atmosphere afterall.

       Tyrius gives a nod to B'haav, "Sure thing B'haaaaaavvvv..." Of course that bit ends with a chuckle and a well timed wink towards EJ. If you invite Tyrius Bodega somewhere, especially if you're space sexy because of genetic breeding like EJ was... well... it went double. "Well let's see what they have to munch on. I'm sure you can find plenty of abstract or surrealist works here to sink your critical thinking skills into." If he winked anymore, his eyeball mgiht fall out.
       Dawn... actually doesn't notice she's being followed by Meep as she makes her way through the crowd, and finally finds a bench that's free. She sits down... and, only then as she's turning around, notices she's been followed. "Oh! Hello, again!", she says to the teek, still smiling. She sets her drink down next to herself. "Plenty of bench, if you want to sit and eat", she adds, as she uses a fork to being a bit of meaty goodness to her mouth.

"I like it with more 'h', makes it a bit more exotic," EJ tells the balosar as she gives his arm back so he can take the plate and she winces wth the motion it causes her arm to have. She quickly clears her throat and side steps with Tyrius and will take his arm if she can. "So tell me, you of course know the King of Drik, he is a personal friend of mine," she explains. "Good man, Hapan just like me."

"How would you say that the Republic is doing? I tend to stay out of politics and big government, not really my forte. I would love to hear about it as we all get a long gander at the art." Aneurysm inspiring art most of all.

Smiling at Yari, she lifts her hand slightly to wave at the young woman helping them out with that shared plate. "It all smells delicious."

Meep wheezes as he lifts the heavy plate of fruit up, sliding it onto the bench. He has to haul himself up, with much leg-kicking and heavy-breathing. Once he's tumbled atop the bench, he takes a few minutes to catch his breath. He pushes himself up to a sort of sitting position, doubled over like a little tub as he reaches over to pick up a piece of fruit, giving it a careful sniff before taking a bite.

"Oh, the usual, Septima. Stuck in a droid filled city for a few days, storming signal repeaters, fighting on Carida. Run of the mill... I should have brought Kar - but this might even be too many people for the little guy." puffing his 'garra while taking in the sights around him. Noting the Hapan woman who is still alive, somehow. Impressive. Pointing to EJ with his chin, Hadrix notes,

"Saw that one almost get gunned down." looking back to Septima who Sprite has begun mouthing the shoulder of, purring happily. "I think I'd run mad here."

       Bubbling laughter punctuates the young boy's statement that she's fancy like another colleague of theirs. "Something like that, yes." Once his attention wanes, Jessika is content to move on, too. Rising to her full height again, Jessika turns her head towards Yuun and offers him a polite nod of acknowledgment. Though she's been on backwater planets and in the thick of combat with the Jedi, she doesn't know much about him beyond his name. "Yuun. Good to see you." Her head is on the swivel moments later, allowing Jessika to note a few more faces she's familiar with. The armored Hadrix, for one. Another individual she knows only by name and situations of combat. The Nubian Senator, Lady Naome. Her fellow pilot and long time friend, Kare Kun. The park is populating. "Enjoy your evening, Jax." This parting farewell is given with a smile before Jessika wanders away, towards the woman in the oranges and the yellows that she seems to keep running into. "Lady Naome." It's mingling time, after all.

"Room for a little more, Senin?" Nerys held out the plate of fried dough, liberally powdered with sugar towards the young boy, "You're both looking fierce. I like the beards." She grinned towards Jax, and then to Jessika, "Good to see you, Major." Yuun, whom she had only met was it once? Twice? He got a smile as well, "Nice to see you again."

Recommend? Righto. Yari thumbs aside to the salad that's been DROWNED in dressing and wrinkles up one nostril, jerking her head with a subtle yet hasty 'Uh uh'. Instead, she bops her tongs like a magic wand: the straight-to-your-hips bread, the stuffed tubers, meat pie, aaaand. A gesture to what's up the line - the actual STEAKS. Girl likes her carbs and her meat, mkay?

A fancy twirl of tongs in hand ends with a meaningful clack, then small wave at EJ. The tongs angle down and slooooowly drift from recommendation to recommendation then, unblinking stare fixed on B'haav and his mouth, waiting for signs of confirmation.

       Shaking his head, "I don't know the Major, except for the mission we did a day ago. I think this is my first time." he says as he looks to Jess. "Hello Major." he says to her. He looks to Senin, "Hello Senin." he smiles as he looks ot the little boy. Rubbing the back of his head as he hears the name he's called, he laughs. "That was a nick name of mine." he laughs, "But it was a girl who called me that." he says.

There's an art fair! Culture is to be had, and while she's alone in the trip, Kasia isn't going to miss a chance to come have a look. She's adorned in her usual fancy attire, drapey dress and jewlery to match, hair pinned up in fancy plaits. The only thing that isn't very well put together and fancy is a bag that she carries with her, dangling from one shoulder with a hand resting atop the bag itself.

       Dawn keeps looking out over the teeming mass of people in the park from the bench she's sat herself at, to eat the catered goodness on her plate. Eventually, she turns to the teek on the bench near her.
       "I don't know what this is", the orange twi'lek says, looking over at Meep as she speaks. "... but it's -really- good! It's definitely meat... and... and some kind of bread, I think, but it tastes so different than I could've expected!"

"I am glad that you were not stuck there permanently, Hadrix. That would have been a sad affair." Septima admits as she reaches up to pat the Loth cat who is chewing on her lightly, she was fine with this. "Kar? Is that your son?" she asks him. She'd never heard about a little one, so, she wasn't sure. "We have plenty of activities for little ones and I will absolutely look after a little one if needed." she chuckles. "I feel like there are a lot of people here that have been nearly gunned down." she tells him quietly. And she was probably right. "I think there would be a lot of quiet down time for you and that doesn't seem like your kind of environment. No offense." she tells the Mando.

Meep is busy gobbling down the bit of fruit when he sees Dawn looking at him. He lowers his eyes a little to look at what she's eating, just nodding. He's not much of a meat eater so, he just focuses on this delicious fruity thing! He isn't even sure where it's from but.. it's bright in color and juicy in flavor! And contrary to the other folks around, the Teek has no table manners.... fruit juices oozing down all over his chest. Messy eater indeed.

       Wandering down along a few more booths, Lahni stops to study some intricate jewelry made from bead weaving and bead embroidery using miniscule glass beads. "This... must have taken //dozens// of hours," she remarks, sounding impressed. "May I?" After a nod of confirmation, she picks up a piece that forms a heavy, draping collar - stone cabochans trapped by glass beads, and sewn onto a fabric backing, adorned with well placed sparkling crystals. "Incredible."
        For some reason that he couldn't quite put into words if he tried, B'haav riles when Tyrius Bodega says his name that way. Much different than a blush, his cold and analytical eyes impart what his mouth - thankfully - does not. He has no reason to be irritated. None. Still, he wishes he were nearly anywhere else. He hates being sober, and he hates being around people. He looks longingly at the drinks, but his eyes are pulled quickly back by the efficient direction of Yari's tongs, eyes following the dance across the buffet. He gulps and nods with a smile that he hopes looks as sincere as he wants it to be, even if it doesn't quite reach his eyes. He watches the plate fill with an amazing spread, and tries not to think about alcohol. He knows the first week feels like the hardest. But then, every week feels like the hardest too, according to his studies. "Thank you, miss." He makes his way slowly down the line, staying near Eriu Jynx should she need him but waging a war within for his sobriety.

Sesti's face was already painted long ago, so she hasn't added to it. However, she does have a plate piled high with different kinds of meat on a stick, meat in fried strips, meat on the bone, anything that can be eaten with her fingers and is made of animal protein, it's on her plate. She sidesteps a gaggle of youngsters running by, and the pale green tunic flutters against her belly, showing the growing pregnancy. As she licks the sauce from her fingers and drops a bone in the trash bin she's passing, she glances around, and notes her jax painted men. Smiling, she turns her steps towards them, and comes up next to them. "I think that fried dough is bigger than Senin," she grins to Nerys. "Yuun, Major," she nods to each, then leans down to brush noses with Senin, then straightens to offer a quick kiss to her husband. "You two look suitably ferocious."

       Tyrius almost flinches at the mention of the King but he's able to let it slide into his usual cheesy ramblings, "Oh yes... fine fellow indeed..." He was quick to latch onto the new subject, the one about the status of the republic. "YES!" He blurted out, surprised at himself. He moves a hand to his lips. "Excuse me. Yes, I think the New New Republic is doing just fine. The Senate allows for healthy debate of important topics. It also makes sure we don't expand or grow beyond our current capabilities. It'll be a slow and careful process. I'm glad I can be apart of it." Though his brows raise at the mention of her ethnicity.... "Hapan? Oh! See. I thought you were far too beautiful to be completely human... My my." He gives her a smile after looking stunned.
       Poor B'haav... Tyrius just keeps on going. Also, it's why he was 3 tumblers in. He salutes B'haav with his tumbler before downing the rest of the wine. "Looks like I need a refill."

The Ace Pilot's head tilts to the right and back, a bit of an adventurous spirit there as she watches Jessika. She smirks and seems to Analyze her long time friend. She considers a moment before noting someone else. The woman with hair of feathers. She pushes herself off with one foot and begins to make her way towards her. When she is within range, her torso tilts back a moment as if considering her a second and she speaks, "...Hey." She offers slowly to Lahni, "I'm sorry, this may come off rude - but were you the one here a while ago.." A brief pause as she points towards one of the artists booths, "A singer, right?" She straightens up, "I thought you were absolutely wonderful on stage. You have a magnificent Voice.."

A familiar voice stirs Naome from her focus, turning her gaze from the laughing children to take in the beautiful ace pilot. For a moment, Naome looks surprised, but that expression transforms into a beautiful smile. "Goddess above, you look stunning, Ms. Pava." The Senator in orange and yellow turns to face Jessika entirely, her arms/hands coming up to lightly touch the pilot's arm. "Your hair is wonderful.. and the color of your lips." Naome could barely contain her smile. "Forgive me." She bids, drawing her hands back to clasp them together. "Art shows like these inspire a bit more enthusiasm in my greetings. It reminds me of home."

A pause on the edge of the park before Liren engulfs herself in the crowds. A waft of tantalizing food tells her that she'll be enjoying food soon. Green hood covering her dark hair, she hesitates another moment then lets herself be pulled into a group moving from booth to booth. Jewelry winks in the sunlight, music lilts over the sound of a thousand voices admiring the cultural offerings of the New Republic.

Jax calls out, "Bye, Major!" Then he turns back to Nerys, "Hey Neyrs." This is quickly interrupted by Senin, "NO Nerys! She tickles!" Senin yells. This draws a look from Jax, "That's not what we say to our family and friends. They're alwyas welcome." The boy says in a small voice. "Sorry." Then the boy looks up, "Yuun-Yuun is a good name." Jax is about ot comment then Sesti shows up. Jax gives her a smile and mouths, 'I may have gave him too much sugar.' Then he leans over to kiss Sesti on the cheek. "Hello my love." Then he turns back to Yuun and mouths, 'I'm sorry.'

       Lahni's attention is dragged from her study of the necklace she holds towards the pilot instead - a polite smile on her features as she greets Kare. "That is so kind of you to say." She returns the necklace to its place in order to offer one hand towards Kare - fingers long and slender. "I couldn't resist the opportunity when there was an opening in the schedule. I'm Lahni," she introduces herself simply.
       On the way to the Nubian Senator, Jessika does half-turn and lift her hand in a farewell bid to Nerys as well, catching her greeting just as she's starting to leave. Her attention returns full to the other woman before she arrives. "I pale in comparison to you, Senator." Jessika laughs, eyes flicking towards the extended arm that reaches out to brush a hand against the sleeve of her dress. There's a subtle growth to the redness in her cheeks, but given the alcoholic drink in her hand, one would be pressed to discern whether it was from that or some other thing entirely. It's something she sips from a moment later while bombarded with compliments, and she's all too keen on advancing the subject quickly. "No apology necessary. The fair does have that kind of atmosphere. I think everyone can feel it. I recall the Naboo enjoy art extensively. I can't say I've ever done much viewing, myself."

"You're good, bad." Wahl congratulates after adjusting her droid companion's settings. The woman closes out the program on her datapad before stowing the device on her belt. She reaches up at the lumbering being to pat its metallic shoulder. "Maybe you won't have to think about keeping the blaster down as much." A smirk runs across the womans face.

The two resume their snaking path through the crowds. "It's not a that I don't appreciate the enthusiasm." The agent says to her partner. "It's that your role is way different here." Her head bobbles under the weight of her helmet. "Most of the people on Chandrila...and in the Republic aren't innately dangerous. They don't tote weapons around as their daily carry...and even if they did, the local police would confiscate them." The woman's pace slows as she continues her private speech. "You can't have that rifle at chest level because we're not enemies here. You've got to shoot for a more personal touch."

Nerys laughed, as she turned to catch Sesti coming up to the booth, "If what I know of young people is correct," she wouldn't call him a child to his face, even if he was one, "The more they eat, the bigger they get. An experiment I'm more than fine with dabbling in." Because she was clearly the terrible aunt who fed kids sugar then ran away laughing, leaving their parents to deal with the fallout. Senin's protest drew a shake of her head, "It's quite alright, Jax. I was about to go and wander anyway." Rather than staying near the younger Greystorm, Nerys turned to set the confection down on a table not far from where the family was now standing, and offered a wave before she'd wander off again.

"Awww aren't you sweet!" Eriu says right back, charmed and being charming in turn. She glances aside at B'haav. "I will see about getting us some drinks, find somewhere that you don't get trampled. Its getting crowded arond here," she says to the Balosar before she leans over and gives a quick peck to his cheeks. "I owe you for sticking this out with me." She smiles at him and then turns to Tyrius. "Representative, what do you say to finding a couple of drinks. I need to bring one back and wine sounds delightful."

She glances over at Hadrix and smiles at the big mandalorian. "Heard you were there the other night," she calls out before turning back to companion. "So go on then...do tell me more." She will follow Tyrius around to go score some alcohol because nothing helps blaster wounds like intoxicating libations.

"You'd be surprised, Septima." making a clicking sound that draws Sprite's attention. SHe stops chewing, hunches, butt shakes and sleaps with a 'ROWL!' to land on the shoulder of Hadrix, purring and bomking her head against the side of his with a purr.

"Kar is my boy, yes. He's not quite five months... can handle a crowd - but I don't know he would handle this much..." looking around again, slowly, "I do like the greenery..." a sniff, "I was just around twenty the first I ever saw green. Then he is called out to and attention turns to... The Hapan woman... Hapans. She and Sajin. Jeeze. Whats with Hapans. Pretty.

"Yes, I saw you. Did you get the mugs alright?" -those- mugs... Wait till he has bone china made.

There are a wide variety of familiar faces here, but after a moment, Kasia turns to slowly make her way in the direction of Eriu Jynx, offering her a smile as she gets nearer. Possibly because she's heading in the direction of the alcohol, and she's feelin' the need for a drink.

Yari musters a little smile that's possibly as sincere for the Balosar when he moves along beyond her station and she breathes a little sigh with a long look to bodies coming down the line. A glance to her chronometer says she's only been here three hours. UGH.

Certain things under this uniform have become uncomfortable and she's in need of an adjustment. Also...

A slice of that overly buttered bread disappears into a rolled/belled three-quarter sleeve when she leans to rearrange remaining wheels of meat pies and slips down into apron pocket when she straightens out. A twist around pretends to rifle through a bin behind her, counting foils of stuffed tubers while a few fingers tug here and yank there, alleviating the girls.

       Tyrius gives a nod to the large Manalorian but his focus is clearly on the Hapan he's traveling to find drinks with. "Well... before I do tell you more, I must ask. How well do you know the Queen Mother's court and is there any way you might get us an audiance with her..." Tyrius like fast woman and Fast Cars but the advancment of the Republic and Drik always came before fun. At least he could drink and do buisness.

"Mugs? Oh mugs!.." she blinks at Hadrix as she moves with Tyrius. "Yes, we got them. They were..thoughtful and are definitely on display at Port Headquarters. You have quite the taste in glassware, Hadrix," she says to him, giving him a big grin. "Almost makes getting shot worth it." Eriu chuckles and as she turns her head takes in Kasia and lifts her head, "Kasia Ashkuri, I never expect to see you out of the Bluelight."

The question about the Queen Mother brings Eriu's head back around and she slows. "Well enough..." possibly meaning too well. "What do you need?" Business talk.

"I don't think you should ever resist with a voice like that." The Pilot retorts and dips her head. There's the briefest of pauses at the introduction of the name and she brings out her hand, "Kare." The pilot pauses a moment as if debating something and then turns to look out at the crowd, though still talking with Lahni specifically, "So.." She motions, "It would seem that Chandrila is prospering." A soft inhale as she considers, "You would hardly know the times that we live in, huh?" A slight grin as she looks back to the Omwate and then the crowd, "So are you an Artist by trade or is it just a gift you keep to yourself until the fair is in town?" (Kare)

Lady Naome's cheeks find a bit of color and her eyes dip a bit. When her smile blossoms wider, she raises an arm as if to invite Jessika closer so they might walk side by side. "You are too kind, Jessika, but.. thank you." Her attention turns ahead. "Yes, yes.. just so; Naboo has all manner of arts and crafts. I have often lost track of time listening to the bards and watching the dancers. My favorite spot is by the twin waterfalls. You can hear the rush of the water, but it is not overbearing. When it is accompanied by the music of a talented musician, and paired with a glass of wine...the concept of time fades away." Naome laughs softly. After a moment, Naome glances toward Jess. "It is so delightful to see a familiar face. Art is much more enjoyable in the company of friends."

"I can be found just about anywhere," Kasia assures Eriu with a laugh, stepping nearer the table to grab a glass of wine. "But Hex and I have a home here too, and in having a home here we left something here on our last stay that we needed. So I made the trip here to pick it up, and discovered the art show. I couldn't resist stopping by."

"I do so enjoy jumping from place to place," Eriu remarks to Kasia but is growing further away. "If you see something somewhat unbearable or would give Yan an aneurysm or make him go crosse eyed? Let me know. I want to put it in the middle of the cargo bay and will pay a finders fee fo ranyone that produces the most ...inspired art." She grins and wiggles fingers at the Ashkuri as she steps away with the representative, speaking softly about the Queen Mother and Hapes.

The food line is mid-way down the first concourse. Liren makes way for someone pushing a food cart which pushes her back in time to see a young uniformed woman secreting food into the pockets of her apron. It's not her watch or her food and she wonders at who she'll be feeding later with her provender and why she feels the need to steal. Back in line, she glances curiously from time to time at the young woman.

       "A pleasure, Kare. And no, not on a day like this..." Lahni agrees. "And we need days like this. It lifts the spirit - lightens the soul," she remarks easily.
       "I am a performer," she agrees. "But I only recently arrived here on Chandrila, and I'm looking to make a name for myself, hopefully. I've been traveling up until now, but the notion of... laying down some roots for a while appeals to me." Besides - she no longer has access to a ship.
       "Are you an artist as well?"
       At Kasia's name, Tyrius turns his head to look upon the woman. He's already smiling charmingly per usual. "Ah. Mrs Ashkuri. Good to see you again." They had met once or twice before, in a park, much like this once. He turns back to EJ though, returning to their previous conversation. "Well perhaps we can set up a summit. Battle Dragons would do wonders in the fleet..."
       Yuun shakes his head, "It's all good, no worries." he says. Though when Jess doesn't say anything to him, Yuun shrugs his shoulders. "Hello Sesti." he says to Jax wife. Looking to Senin, "Thanks, I appreciate that." he chuckles a little. Yuun looks around and he sees the Senator but doesn't approach, he looks a bit out of the water here.

"I might already have some art that Yan would find offensive," Kasia replies with a laugh. "But Hex might get upset with me if I gave away the art he purchased." She waves to the departing woman, and smiles at the at the Senator before he to heads out. She turns and begins to wander with her glass of wine in hand, slowly drifting in the direction of Naome.

Why not check out and see what the commotion is about? Vhe is ahead of Elrych by a bit, perhaps drawn by the excitement of the art and crowds. Wild hair is kept in a thick french braid down her back and the simple robe in rich greens and embroidered sleeves allows for comfort and functionality. "Oh ...how did we not know this was happening?" She waits then for Elrych to catch up and smiles, her lips pulling up as she tilts her head and lifts on her toes to try to search the crowd. "I smell food." She remarks to him.

She chuckles a moment and falls into step beside him, pausing as they pass some of the displays to study them.

Having left her gift behind, Nerys and Belate wandered off into the night, intent on seeing and perhaps purchasing more than they strictly needed. But that was the point of buying art, wasn't it? To buy things you wanted, rather than needed and supporting artists who were often the least financially solvent. "Yes, we can pick something out for Exine too. And something for your room," she offered the droid as they wandered off into the stalls.

        B'haav watches as his Hapan friend disappears into the crowd, in the company of Lord Tyrius Bodegawful, and he realises that he's likely going to be stuck here in this sea of people looking at art he doesn't understand, eating unfamiliar food and wanting nothing more than to drink til everyone is his friend. He takes the plate, inhaling deeply of the delicious simplicity of the well-prepared foods, and moves to the drink station where he stands for minutes, staring at the selection of alcohol and the much more boring selection of boring beverages. He finally mutters something inappropriate under his breath and takes a cooled tea which, while well-spiced, is dumb and not alcoholic and dumb. He looks for a place to sit, spotting a magically empty bench and taking the opportunity as best he can to not have to deal with people, while surrounded by them. Grey eyes lock on the feast of a plate in his hand; this is way more food than he can actually eat.

There is a bit of a mirthful laugh that comes from Kare. It bubbles up from with in her at the question asked by her newest friend. Her hand coming up to her mouth to cover it and a shake of her head, "I'm sorry.. No. I think if any had heard you say that, they would find a bit of humor in it." Another shake of her head and reiteration, "No, I am not an artist. I'm a soldier." Her voice gets a bit softer and dip of her head," Captain Kare Kun of the Star Fighter Squadron - Rogue 6, at your service." She does a slight bow.

A hand comes up to go through the hair of wheat color, "So you're a singer - do you play?"

A soft exhale, "And Laying down roots? What does that look like for you? What roots do you wish to sew?"

Another stepping into the mix in Chandrila! This art gallery wasn't exactly the normal 'scene' for Narsai, a mercenary bar, a guild hall or even a violent firefight...it had been a long time since the Ordo Alor and leader of the Revivers had been to a 'formal affair'. At least she still had the dress from last time!

Armor plating and an impressive array of weapons had been left aside, indeed those that only knew her by the T-Visor and plating of her Beskar'gam might not even recognize the short woman who moved into the crowd. The gown was red, backless but only tastefully so similarly slit up the leg to the same restraint. Her hair was down, no attempt at the usual pinning made and indeed those deep red locks her dress had been matched to spilled down to her back with the occasional rogue bang dropping in front of her deep emerald eyes to be brushed aside.
Art gallery...Narsai had put the effort in not to scare the high-society types. She might even be unarmed! Although that wasn't exactly likely...

There is little that Yari's eyes miss in a crowd, so rapidly do they flit here and there from face to hands to face - it's a wonder she doesn't go cross-eyed. Liren's face is one she's seen before and so her nomadic glances halt and take a beat to recall. Was there a name? Her chin uplifts a half notch and she wipes off her tongs in preparation to dish up whatever the lady might request on this end.

       Seeing the invitation for what it is, Jessika begins to walk beside Lady Naome down the path. Her steps are short. Both the constrictions of the dress she wears and the lack of a sense of urgency ensure her pace is measured rather than rushed. "Not at all," Jessika rushes to say, quick to dismiss the idea that she's too kind. She lapses into silence once Naome begins elaborating on the interests of the Naboo and her own personal enjoyment of it. She tries to picture all the elements together, but having experienced them individually, she finds it impossible to combine them. "I was beginning to think I was going to walk around just looking at everything in silence all night." The laugh shares the Senator's sentiment, expressing her own delight at meeting people she's at least familiar with. "Have you looked at many of the displays already?" She shifts her glance between the Senator and the path they're on, and becomes aware of another woman drifting in their direction.
       "You were busy making your Lightsaber, I didnt want to bother you!" Elrych offers to Vhe as he hurries after her, his dark green jedi cloak billowing as he moves. "Wait up!"
       It's not long before his blue eyes fall upon the art work that's on display. "Woah... that's..." His brows narrow confused, "Wait what the hell actually is that?" He's been taken in by one of the diplays, contemplating it's entire existance. "This is way more existential then meditating in the temple..." He turns his head to see Vhe continuing on and mentioning food. "You just made dinner though!" She had a bottomless Stomach.

Sesti pauses, smirks to Jax about the sugar, but then she gives a look to Senin. "Friend Nerys brought you a treat, is that any way to thank her for bringing you something nice, instead of tickling you?" she asks her tone clearly implying that it was not alright to treat her like that. She gives him a raised eyeridge, before she turns her attention completely to Yuun and Jax. "Apparently we should not allow sugar to a certain someone any more," she considers, but then gives Yuun a smile. "How are you, Yuun? Are you enjoying the art and performances? I needed a break, so I came for some food... someone was hungry."

       Lahni's left hand lifts to her chest - fingers cupping inwards as she gently presses her hand to herself. "Then I must thank you for your service to the Galaxy. I should buy you a drink," she offers, her expression one of warmth and gratitude. "And - there is nothing to prevent a soldier from also being an artist. I dare say you must see a lot of pain - and some deeply visceral and important art has been inspired that way. Do not limit yourself," she says encouragingly.
       "I do play - but I prefer to sing. I can play the electroharp and pharynx flute passably well. As for roots..." A hint of sadness crosses her features. "It's been a while... since I stayed in one place for long. So I will have to see what develops. Perhaps I will start with simply making a few good friends."

"Nothing wrong with trying the local cuisine. Its how my taste buds evolve and you get different choices for dinner. Stop complaining," She muses. Vhe glances up and over at what Elrych is looking at and steps closer, as equally puzzled. "I think its called art...never question, just nod," she offers to him as her fingers curl around his arm and she gives him a tug. "I wonder," she begins with a smile. "I wonder if they have some new cloth we can pick up." She remarks and tilts her head, dragging him along gently as they sift into the flow of people.

"I will try again later. I did not lik ehow it was turning out." She admits with a glance to her companion as she lifts her hand and points. "I see Jax with Senin!"

"What do you recommend? I'm not vegetarian. The meat smells great." Liren smiles at the young woman that she has seen on occasion around the port and in the city but has no name to put with the face. In a low friendly voice, "I'm Liren Iskender, I work at the New Aldaraan embassy. You have a baby, don't you?"

Actually leaning his head into the affections of Sprite, Hadrix - who is fully decked out in plate and weapons, halts as he turns his gaze to spot the woman in crimson slipping among the patrons. He knew her face as well as her armor - even if she didn't wear it now. Jaw dropping enough for the cigarra to droop enough to drift ash onto his boots.

"Ka'ra..." it's only with a moment to spare that his jaw turns to keep Sprite from knocking the 'gar out of his mouth.

"Pardon me... Senator..." the big man bows slightly at the waist and despite decent manner in speech... He's lumbering through the crowd - sometimes remembering to excuse himself if he thumps into someone like the prototype from which all mobile brick silos were crafted after. Once close enough to the Ordo'Alor, managing to get out a somewhat awed sounding, if dopey, voiced, "Gar mesh'la, cyar'ika..."

       "Mmmm, I do loe your cooking." The Corellian offers his Ysanna companion. Then, As if following instructions, Elrych nods in responce to the art work before he's tugged away by his better half. He staggers a bit before falling into step with her. "THey might... looks like it's more than just Art. I mean food is ARt. So is Fashion." Elrych probably had horrible fashion sense, but he liked it. All that green white, and blue with the yellow blood stripes. Yikes. He nods to her, "It's best to take a break and get some fresh air. Especially with a process like that. Gota be in the right frame of mind." He turns his head at the mention of Jax and Senin. "Oh?" It's easy enough for him to spot them. "I wonder if the others are here too..."

When Lahni reaches up to her chest, this causes a pause with the Captain. She raises an eyebrow and seems to observe the woman a moment. Those who know Kare might say that this is her being surprised. Though why this action would cause any kind of reaction isn't immediately noteworthy. There's a slow shake of her head and a brief grin, "You'll forgive me if I disagree with you. I must insist on being the one to buy the drinks. I don't think it's legal to allow a person with such a beautiful voice to spend money." There's a pause, "Atleast that's what my Commander would say." There's a deep inhale as she considers the last statement and then motions with her hand, "Come with me, my new friend. I shall now introduce you to the delights of Chandrila Sugar." A brief pause, "But be weary, for the world I am going to show you is one of the absolute wonderous.." a slight deeper voice, "and grotesque.." This is ofcourse done in a pretty upbeat tone as she begins to take a step hoping she will be followed.

She is, ofcourse, taking the artist to a nearby station that servces milkshakes of every stripe.. Especially pink ones. Who doesn't like Pink Sugar?!?

Septima gives a smile to Hadrix and a dip of her head, "Be well, Hadrix." she tells the man. Then she is looking to Mekil who is holding Omen and she grins at her bodyguard, "Come, lets get something to eat and take a little break from the crowd." she states quietly as she reaches for the Spukamas kitten in his arms and cradles it to her chest as she moves.

       "I'm doing alright." he says to Sesti. Looking to Vhe and Elrych as they make thier way in, he watches them for a moment. "Im sorry, I was being rude." he says to Nerys, "Hello again." he says to her.

Lets be honest, they both have bad fashion sense. Robes. Robes all the time. What is fashion anyways? Vhe smiles and waves again at the Greystorms before she considers his question, "Could likely be, Yuun is often on Chandrila." But she spots LIren first near Yari and she nudges him, "Look, Liren is here, so likely yes the rest might be."

That is when she finally spots Yuun. The Ysanna offers a warm smile to the other Jedi and mouths 'how are you?' from across the way as they start to pick their way along slowly.

"My thought was I could do a Ysanna ritual the next time I try to create it, perhaps then it will seem right." Speaking of creation most like.

"For you, that personal touch..." Wahl starts, giving BA-HD a curious look. "...is likely just staying quiet and keeping the dialogue to a minimum." The woman focuses back onto the path ahead. "Not that you can't talk. It's just that you shouldn't do that whole 'halt' thing when someone parks their speeder in front of the shuttle, you know?" Her steps grind to a halt. "Turns out that you're just a bit too intimidating to do that sort of thing." The agent tries to tap the droid on the top of the head as it stops alongside her. "You're just too tall. Works great on Nar Shaddaa. Maybe even out on the hyperlanes...not great here."

       Looking back to the artist whose wares she had been studying, Lahni gives them a friendly and almost apologetic smile. "I hope we can have a conversation soon. Your work is simply stunning." She claims a small business card - tucking it safely away. "Goodluck with your sales - you deserve each and every one," she says sincerely - before following Kare - having to hurry the first few steps to catch up.
       "And what is this Chandrila Sugar?" she asks. Whens he's shown the milkshakes she studies them curiously. "This is a local delicacy? she asks. "Which do you recommend?"

Nerys, who was passing back along the aisle as she browsed, came close enough to catch Yuun's return greeting, "Not at all. This is a busy time, and there is always time to say hello. I'm glad to see you." Belate, who had found something for his droid friend, zoomed off, chirping for Nerys, so she could track him by sound.

Crash Tommaz arrives from A Commercial Street.

"Perish the thought, Jessika, I may be able to do enough talking for the both of us." Another soft laugh and Naome is looking ahead too. "No, I was distracted for a bit by the fountains and the laughing kids. The sights and sounds..." She trails off a bit, her expression thoughtful. "..reminded me of something from long ago. A pleasant memory, I suppose." Naome smiles.

Kasia is spotted through the crowd. Naome's gaze settles on her a moment, and a brief recollection of her prompts Naome to break the silence and greet her. "Well, good evening madam. Forgive my saying so, but I believe I have seen you somewhere before but have not the pleasure of your name. I am Naome, and this lovely lady with me is Ms. Jessika Pava." Naome smiles with practiced ease.

For all the finery that Narsai had gone for, she was still far from accustomed to this particular attire. This she'd opted for rather modest heels, leaving her to remain completely dwarfed by the other Mandalorian who approached her. A laugh from her lips, she gestures to his armor and then to herself. "Well, glad at least one of us dressed properly...I look kind of ridiculous, huh?"
Sweeping her gaze over the gathering of artwork and faces both familier and new about her, Narsai folds her arms at her chest. "How goes the party?"

Jax scoops up the little boy and leans him agaist his shoulder. "No Yuun, YOu weren't rude. It was Senin." The boy was moving into full sugar crash mood. Jax mouths to Nerys, 'I'm sorry.' As Jax shifts so that Vhe and Elrych can Catch sight of him, Jax's face is painted up like a feline. He looks to Sesti. The little boy on his shoulder is looking at his Aunt Sesti for a moment. Then he looks over to Nerys, "Sorry Auntie Nerys." Jax gives Sesti a look and mouths, 'Is it time to go home?'

       It is called pursuit. Have you ever seen a fighter pilot in hot pursuit of his own Astromech droid? Maybe you have. But have you ever seen that pilot looking a little bit red in the face... not from exertion, but from some sort of semi-explosive prank pulled by said droid? Said.. explosives-addicted droid?
       And that droid has extended its comm antenna upwards, and is apparently waving a flag. A flag that looks suspiciously like boxer shorts....
       Then there's Crash in his flight suit, stumbling after the warbling, bleeping... and in binary, maniacally giggling R2-C4 through the park.

Recommend? Vegetarian but thinks the meat is great. Pinching her brows a tad inward, Yari suspects she's misread a few words. When in doubt, wield a harmless smile. It's a tactic that's coasted the refugee this far through unfamiliar turf. She's blindly lumping some mashed kajaka root onto Liren's plate - as 'neutral' as food can get - while watching what her customer continues to say. Presumably a name - her own lips mouth it silently back to self, imagining letters - and 'New Alderaan'. That name she /does/ know. A little bit of the fake happy fades from her unpainted lips and she grips a meatpie a touch too firmly with the tongs, causing a split up its center. It's ferried to Liren's plate anyway, deliciousness steaming out the top.

A single bob of her head confirms that yes, she has a baby and a quicky glance down to her chest reassures her own self that motherhood isn't apparent for the wrong reasons. Her left hand operates independently of task for a sec, seizing a lighter from under table and reigniting a sputtered out flame under one of the warming bins while her right ditches tongs for spoon and fluffs the salad before offering, brows raised. Want? Asks the dip of her chin.

       "Liren? Lady Iskender? Ban's cute yet totally different than him sister? Where?" Elrych says with a bit of faux-surprise or astonishment. He gives a chuckle afterwords, that smooth Corellian grin sliding onto his lips. He gives a wave you Yuun and a wink, still smiling. Though, his eyes do likely catch sigt of Ban's sister, giving a wave in greeting to her as well. There's blink of surprise from the Jedi once Jax's face is revealed... "Is he a cat?" He looks to Vhe, "I think he's a cat."

Kasia meets the gaze of the Senator, eyes studying Naome's face for a few moments as though she's familiar and cannot place why. "Good evening to you too. I was just thinking the same thing, but I suspect we have moved around one another here on Chandrila and just not had a chance to speak?" She steps closer and holds out a hand to Naome. "I am Kasia Ashkuri." She smiles, it a warm and welcoming sort of smile, causing the corners of her eyes to crinkle just a touch. Jessika is afforded the same, and the offer of a handshake as well. "Ms. Pava, a pleasure."

"I think your is more appropriate to the venue - but don't worry, if someone slaps leather and the bolts start flying, I'll toss you my sword and watch you go." Hadrix winks at Narsai offering her his arm in a gesture that is -far- outside the norm one might expect from a monolith carved in glorification of ultra-violence.

"It's been well, I'd been visiting with the Senator for a bit. She met Sprite." the loth cat riding on Hadrix's shoulder yarping at Narsai and bapping her club of a tail against the side of the big man's head,

"I saved her... Twice now I think."

Nope, Vhe is not squeeing over cat faced Jax. "Ohmygoodnessisthatnothtemostadorablethingever?!" She pauses, looks at Elrych and frames his face with her fingers, peering through it with one eye closed. "Oh! Look at you. I bet you would look great with a cat face. We should most definitely get you one." Nope. Not a joke. Maybe? Vhe maybe starting to grin, bites it back but starts to lose the battle. She sucks in a breath and laughs brightly.

"Lets go ask him where he they got it done. I love it. If I get it done, will you get it done?" She starts the group's way.

       "If we all could be plagued with pleasant memories," Jessika's reply sounds as thoughtful as Naome's admission. There's something wistful in it, and, at the same time, something decidedly lacking in understanding. The empathy is there, but the experience..? Maybe not. "I'd rather build many of those than many of any other. I suppose that's why I'm here." Jessika seems to find this particularly funny, if the wider grin and the subtle exhale that's not quite a laugh has anything to say about it. Her attention turns with the Senator's to the woman she spotted before. As Lady Naome greets her, Jessika inclines her head in polite acknowledgment. As the introductions are made, she takes another quick sip from her glass, leaving a refreshed smudge of lipstick on the rim.
       "A pleasure to meet you," Jessika offers in return, though her gaze turns a little more discerning. "We've never met, but I have heard of you." Still, her hand lifts, and a delicate handshake is offered in turn. Something simple, soft, and light on the grip. She's not trying to crush anyone's hand. "We share a mutual friend. A certain pilot who considers himself far too dashing."

And, of course, the young woman is deaf and possibly mute. Liren smiles reassuringly, aware of the young woman's discomfort at being noticed though she could hardly be less public than serving food at a huge cultural event. With a meaningful glance at the steak, she holds her plate out. A hooded figure passes between two people, the young initiate turns to track one of the other of her group through the crowd. She waves with her free hand at Elrych, adding Vhe and Yuun to the wave as she catches sight of them, careful not to tip the plate laden with food.

       There is a lot of people here and honestly Yuun is starting to get a little overwhelmed. He misses if Sesti or Jax spoke to him, he catches sight of Vhe and he looks a bit on edge. "I'm alright I think." he says as he looks around. He normally didn't mind crowds but maybe coming to this wasn't a good idea. "Umm...Im going to go get something to eat." he says as he looks at Jax and Sesti and Nerys and quickly moves off to grab something to eat and drink.