Log:Chiss Ascendancy: In search of Asset

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The Chiss Expeditionary team infiltrate a base in search of a lost Asset

OOC Date: November 2, 2018
Location: Tatooine
Participants: Shiro, Keomeash, Ewome, Riduawa, Azur, Sarna, Kari D'Aramis

The Ascendancy has found their target, or have they. The Raid is set the compound's entrances appear unguarded. A Lone building, snuggled in against shops and other business. It's dark exterior doesn't reveal if anyone is with in. Over head, another rare storm rolls in, hiding the approach of any of the Ascendency soldiers.

There's an actual storm coming, is it a sandstorm? Either way it's best to get into relative cover, fortunately this also hides the approach of the group of Chiss now moving toward the base, hence why they've taken the opportunity, considering they don't really know a whole lot about the base other than the obvious. Keo is moving along trying to keep his noise down, it helps wearing brown robes over your armor, muffles sounds like that at least, and his blaster is in-hand as they get closer and closer to an unguarded entrance.

Keomeash slides his sleek D.D.C. Defender out of its holster, bringing the weapon to bear!

Ewome is semi-crouched moving slowly behind Keomeash covering the flank. She keeps her movement steady without breaking while sweeping about for any pop-up threats .

Riduawa stays low as she keeps along. Her ax on her back she seems to be thinking. Pursing her lips she looks at the other but wait before she pulls it off her back. Taking a deep breath she stays low then to the ground. For now she waits to see what her orders are.

The whisper of the sand against the building as the wind can hide movement, each gust a little harder until a shutter in the compound comes loose and begins to bang. Azur freezes, blaster in her hand, into a low crouch at the first bang, head turned toward the source of the sound until she identifies it. A smile and a little shuddered breath at her own tenseness bring her back to the stillness that reigns over the compound despite the winds searching fingers.

As they approach the door it looks like your standard set up, a small mag lock and code base sit beside the mag lock, Allowing for entry if someone if they have the code.

Keome ends up near the door. "Get into cover." Says Keo in a low near-whisper. "Who's our slicer today?" He asks looking among those here.

Sarna moves along with the group seeing the lock and code pad she looks between them all and moves over looking at the code pad seeing how complicated it is, pulling out her datapad as she looks over then back and try to hack the pad so they can get in.

Keomeash ends up near the door. "Who's our slicer today?" He asks looking among those here. He's just wearing his robes with the cloth wrapped around his face though his mask could be found hanging on his belt as well. His crimson gaze turns to Sarna as she steps up offering a nod to her before he looks the door over. a little, holding his blaster pointed up to the sky.

Ewome blinks and lifts her hand making motion she could do it .. Trying to keep verbals to a minimum even with the storm and all that best to stay as quiet as possible though she does move towards the door and quickly pops open the lock to give access.

Riduawa sighs a bit as she nods then. Staying back she just seems to be waiting. Guns were not her thing. So....in the back she sticks for now.

Azur feels the presence of the others before they swim into view through the darkness. Still crouched, safety thumbed off, she waits for the go ahead signal, head swiveling back and forth to augment her night vision.

Sarna bites the corner of her mouth as she starts to read her datapad and her fingers start to flow over the pad clicking numbers on the pad after a few moments the lock pops open and she steps back looking at the group.

So the door is opened and inside.. is a tunnel, this is not the real base. The location seems to be a secondary entrance or a back way into the main base. The depths seems to lead north from the entrances location. And our lovely Chiss Adventures would take about an hour before reaching the next door this time however, there are guards at it.

Keomeash looks around, spotting Riduawa at the back he waves to her to get her back to the front of the line, since she's got a melee weapon, and they're about to enter tight quarters, it seems to make sense. As the door opens Keo is only momentarily surprised but he waves the others forward with his blaster and leads the way, moving cautiously.

Ewome frowns, she doesn't like a long long hallway.. so she keeps an eye at the roof and the ground looking for hidden sensors that might give them away.. or worse traps old school kind that most people tend to forget are still just as deadly .

Riduawa sighs then nods. Yes....put the giant ax of doom up front. Taking a deep breath she pulls it from her back then and moves up tot he front of the line. Glancing to her cousin she nods then as she takes a firm grip on her vibro-ax.

Riduawa hoists the bulky form of her Vibro-Ax up to bear!

Sarna moves to follow them all, she has a blaster but well she is not very well with it and has only just started learning to fight this should be fun right?

A whisper of sound perhaps gave them away. The guards alerted to their presence turn but the Admiral's force is quicker. Among the first to fire is the healer, bearing death to their enemies as she breaths, sights and presses the release that splashes death against the man. He staggers under the blast and falls to his knees.

Well Riduawa did what she was told and moved up front. Seeing those guards she purses her lips but one was already fired upon. Frowning she spins around with that ax and strikes the other and well....not much left after that. Licking her lips she huffs quietly as she looks over to the others then with a firm nod.

Keomeash steps to the side as Azur fires, taking down one guard, and then Ri takes the other just as he's aiming his Defender. Well, that's that, the Captain looks around, for anything out of the ordinary, before he nods to the others and wordlessly takes the lead once again to follow this tunnel to its end.

Ewome moves quickly she moves to secure the doorway and ensure nobody head or is going to reinforce once that's done she ensures that booth targets are indeed down before she gives the commander a nod .

The doctor lowers herself to one knee as she passes the guard she fired on and feels for his pulse. Nothing pushes against her sensitive fingertips. She rises and brings her gun up alert to the passage in front of them. Careful of making noise she walks on, sweeping from left to right as they reach another door. This one lies open and she breaches it with a quick intake of breath and presses herself to the wall on the right once inside.

Sarna moves along silently letting those who fight do their work, she keeps her eyes open watching everything around them. When she walks past the guards that were taken down she looks on the wrists to see if their are marks of some kind on them.

These are indeed the chiss you are looking for, they each have a bird on the wrist. Inside the door is a hanger, with in are.. Shuttles, claw fighters, weapons lockers. This was the main point of combat in the region, seems they have pulled out.

Keomeash moves to one side of the door, glancing over to Ewome, nodding to her once she gives her wordless report, then his eyes turn to the Doctor and she's moving through the open door, and the Captain follows suit, moving in quickly behind Azur to take up a position not too far from her. Finally, he gets a good look here and blinks in surprise, not what he expected, not something this well organized or professional. He starts moving again. "Fan out be careful they could have set traps." he looks to Sarna. "Check the computers see if you can salvage anything good." As he keeps going he spots the clawcraft, which looks ok, the dismantled shuttles and then a familiar figure amongst some parts and he makes his way toward her quickly. "Hey." He says as he gets closer to her, tentatively nudging her with his boot.

Ewome frowns at the sight of the very well put together chop shop.. her eye's quickly scan the roof for cameras and scanners.. she's also doing a very quick check for those other things people tend to miss DROIDS .. she's checking for those little time bombs.

A durasteel shelving unit sits against one wall of the room, stacked with an arrangement of blaster parts and ammunition. Beside it, a bin of discarded power packs and prismatic crystal housings, and heaped on the floor is what appears to be a girl. Silvery blue skin and dark, short hair that looks hacked off somewhat roughly. She's covered in dried blood, and somewhat indecently exposed by her t-shirt cut open down the front. Dead? Maybe; she certainly doesn't look conscious.

Kari does not respond to being nudged at, either. She does, however, stare creepily at Keomeash when he taps her with his boot.

Riduawa purses her lips as she makes her way in now. Frowning a bit she looks around but keeps that ax at the ready. Taking a deep breath she looks around quietly say the other look to Kari.

Death is written on the woman's face though once again Azur kneels to confirm it and is surprised to feel a faint trickle of life. She rises in time to catch the little exchange between Kari and the captain; it earns barely a shrug from her. With hand signs she points to the woman and indicates that she is alive then waves them forward.

Sarna shakes her head as her eyes roam around and then fall onto kari, "No, no, no." she says to herself moving in that direction, "Don't." he looks to Keomeash in a protective tone. She kneels down her fingers caressing over the omans cheek, "Oh Irala." she whispers, "Its okay I am here, stay with us." she whispers in the woman's ear.

So, Kari found and she is in bad shape and the Ascendency Soldier's are now flanked. A squad of fully armored troopers show up with weapons ready. None of them wait to talk they just open fire, thankfully the first volly from the attackers are a miss.

Hearing the troops arriving, Keomeash takes command. "Ri up there." He points, and tries to get everyone in a good position but it's not long before soldiers are busting in and the Captain is aiming his pistol, but he's mostly looking for opportunities.

Kari doesn't, of course, respond to Sarna's voice. She looks to have been shot up like someone was using her for target practice, and there's some sort of heavy bolt screwed into her body, just below her right collarbone.

Ewome grabs what looks like a hooked up blaster it was going to shoot poor Kari.. but she manages to get their in time using a some gymnastics and running with a bit of a flip.. she can't pull the weapon off but she manages to grab it twist it as she lands gritting her teeth as it fires .. But instead of unloading on them the gun fires several deadly bolts towards their would-be attackers clearing an small area of fire for the surrounded group.

Riduawa looks to Keo as he makes those orders but it's too late. That small army was upon them then and it was the to act. Rolling her shoulders she just smirks to herself as she gets to moving and with a swing she takes out one of the assailants. With a flourish she moves and heads to her next target.

The woman on the floor is forgotten in the rush troops. The first soldier through the door rushes past her, she aims at the trooper following him but someone collides into her from behind and she misses her target completely.

Sarna watches as things start to get crazy, she moves to grab kari and move to a place of Safety if there is a computer council she will lay Kari their and start hacking into the system to see if she can find a way to help them get through this. in the rush /of/ troops.

An unexpected failure of a trap and half the troops fall to the trap that had been set up on the droid. But it is instead used on them. A surprise attack from a melee combatant pulls the fire from the Dark Skies soldiers away from the rest for a moment.

Ri seemed to be on the warpath now as she moves with that ax. Continues motion....gotta keep it moving. It was almost like a dance as the young woman is just clearing a way through these men. You know....except in a goo like manner. That normally 'quiet' woman seems to just be in a rage as she moves through the crowd with her large ax.

Ewome rolls to the side still using that Killing machine but wow it kicks like hell.. Takes her a little bit she's not that strong after all .. but with a bit of bracing she's able to either hit em with their auto gun or drive them to duck down or move into Ri's line of sight!

Sarna starts to hack into their system the woman is good at what she does her fingers gliding over the buttons, her nose wrinkles and she lets out a hiss as she does so, "They have deleted a huge amount of data, whoa their is huge chunks gone." she calls out to them. Keomeash

The next shot does not miss the target. Azur takes him full in the face, cutting short his scream and dropping him like a sack of Tatooine sand. Another comes behind him and she wings him, making him drop his blaster.