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You never know when someone might be listening in..

OOC Date: Oct. 16th, 2018
Location: Tatooine
Participants: Azur, Keomeash, Shiro, Tiahnn, Riduawa

< Mos Eisley Cantina - Mos Eisley Spaceport, Tatooine > 'A wretched Hive of scum and villainy'. the Mos Eisley Cantina is laden with shady characters at all hours of the day and night. A seemingly never-ending swarm of creatures from the every day to the amazing are arriving and leaving the cantina at all hours. The sounds of music resonate throughout the bar and the thick stench of alcohol permeates the air. Directly to the front of the bar stands a large stage, which proves to be the source of the booming music. A large circular bar is the centerpiece of the cantina; swarmed with inebriated creatures on every side, busy bar keeps run from patron to patron serving all manor of beverage. Filling the remainder of the room are groupings of tables, almost always filled to capacity with smugglers, cutthroats, thieves, thugs and the lot. If there's trouble to be had, the Cantina is usually the first place to look for it.

Riduawa nods a she smiles then as she giggles slightly. "Of course, ma'am!!" At that she seems to become a bit more serious. "Just let me know. The Captain hasn't sparred me in a while but my hand to hand and vibroweapon skills have increased since I was a child."

Shiro shifts a bit looking at the woman and nods. "So, you are skilled with a vibro weapon?" she taps her chin. "Those weapons are exceptional and have many uses .. such as... having a good use in torture." The Chiss Admiral states matter-of-factly.

A humanoid figure wearing tan and brown robes steps into the Cantina, nothing unusual about that. His robes are drawn up, the broad strips of cloth wrapped around his neck and head and he has a mask on, it's an oval shaped piece with goggled eyes and a breathing filter, painted black with two red stripes going down from top to bottom. Slowly that being takes in the Cantina before making his way toward the bar, they may recognize Keo, they probably would have seen the mask before.

Riduawa smiles a bit as she then smiles. "As I was told. I've been training with whips but...I can't find one either...." Sighing she just slowly lets her eyes glance to the door but says nothing for now. She just watches before looking back to Shiro. "And of course. My father thought they were fitting. I currently have a vibro-axe, vibroknife and a stun button...."

Shiro nods. "Good good, we will have proper equipment for all personnel once we get established." The woman nods with a hmm. "Tell me, what other skill sets do you have. You mentioned your mother." Shiro's eyes didn't miss Keo, but she doesn't watch him for long.

Riduawa smiles as she nods. "Well I was trained in diplomacy because that was the route she wanted for me. My father wanted me on the ground but as you can see...my mother won out with her argumentative skills." A smirk tugs at her lips and she nods. "I'm pretty decent at computer usage and bluffing my way....haggling....I'm working on disguises and the like..."

A drink is acquired, mainly so he doesn't look that out of place, and the robed man with the goggly-eyed mask looks around, slowly, he notes two familiar figures, at a table? And eventually he makes his way in that direction, lifting his mask to pull it off and tuck it into his robes, exposing his blue skin and red eyes. "Good day." He offers, no salutes, no titles of course. "Am I interrupting?"

Shiro looks at the the drifter and then to Riduawa. "Would you mind allowing him to settle in with us." The woman questions. Now it looks like the chiss is recruiting people for something. "Tell me.. Have you..found anything of note yet?" she questions Keo this time.

Riduawa sighs a bit and looks over to him. "No you are fine...." At that she shrugs a bit as she finally takes a seat then. She settles in as she just looks to the 'drifter' then as she lets him get ready and the like.

Keomeash shakes his head to Shiro. "Nothing that pertains to the larger mission, I've mostly been occupied with establishing our presence, and.. gaining a measure of control over the right people and groups to sustain ourselves here, and so we are prepared for our next move. I've learned quite a bit about the planet, those who are in charge of security, which seems to be various pirate and mercenary groups who play nice with the Hutts, there's some minor gangs as well." He says with a little shrug of his shoulders. Momentarily his gaze turns to Shiro, the faintest hint of a smile before his eyes return to Shiro. "But nothing involving the.. greater campaign." Not that he knows a whole lot about the details of that, he leaves that up to the admiral until she tells him differently.

Shiro shifts slowly while looking. "I will expect you to speak our language when I ask a Report.. Captain." The woman put the rank in there, "Our greater mission is to be kept between us all." the woman says softly. "As it's important to not let our enemy know we are aware of them." [Language: Cheunh]

Riduawa blinks then clears her throat as she just looks around. Nope. She didn't hear that at all. Clearing her throat she just looks around and then back over to them. For now....she's quiet.

Back to the Chiss native tongue, his voice is still quiet. "My apologies, ma'am." Keomeash offers in low volume, with a little bow of his head in respect to her. [Language: Cheunh]

Shiro nods to the man. "Accepted. It's important to keep our intel to ourselves, and those who look to be listening to hard are.. fine targets for later operation." one such person stands up suddenly and leaves. "Captain, would you mind following that one." [Language: Cheunh]

Keomeash casually turns, not too quickly, to spot the one that just got up to leave and he nods. "Very well." He replies, moving to stand and to follow the one who was.. listening to them, perhaps. [Language: Cheunh]

(Main Street - Mos Eisley Spaceport, Tatooine) During the daylight hours of this desolate world the binary stars shine down on the sandy pathways with relentless heat. This particular road inside the merchant town of Mos Eisley is occupied by a large public junk pile, a place where needed repair parts can sometimes be found at no cost. Most of the cluttered tangle of odds and ends is indeed useless junk, but on occasion someone will toss a component or sheet of armor plating into the pile that is just what someone else needs.

Most of the junk in the heap has been placed there by the local Jawa Traders, a company that manufactures and sells droids. The main road leads out of here on a northern route that will lead one towards the star port, with only a few smaller pathways branching off in other directions. The masses of citizens here is surprisingly large, as is the traffic of speeders, aliens of all races, riding beasts.... even rolling or floating droids. The noise level is large as there's always some kind of machine buzzing through here or nearby.

Amongst the various comings and goings near the Mos Eisley Cantina, steps a robed man, just a little taller than average but certainly not towering. His robes are made up of multiple pieces of light cloth, different shades of tan, almost like camo. They are wrapped all the way up to his neck and around his head, but on his face there is a oval-shaped, black and red mask, black with two red lines going down the front, googled eye pieces and a breathing filter. That robed man looks to the right, then the left, before he starts moving at a casual pace, after another fellow. This other one is just another man trying to look non-descript, his clothing is a bit more ratty and dirty than the masked mans. This second man is moving somewhat more quickly, as if he's in a hurry..

Undeniably, her captain is on alert. She has now spent enough time with him to read his posture despite the mask that hides his feature. They all have adopted the clothing of Tatooine; a sign of the intelligence and suppleness of their command. Azur's face is deeply shaded by her hood, her black hair caught back from her face in a thick plait that she hides under the robe. Sand colored, plain, the robe falls to her feet over lace up hiking boots that despite the heat are better in the terrain of this sandy world. Ruby red eyes study him a moment before she steps from the shaded area, "Sir?"

Keomeash hears the voice, in basic, a simple 'sir' is heard by the robed man, she'd know this by the turn of his head, brief, not completely looking at her, then back forward again, but a bit lower she'd note his forearm lift his hand makes a gesture, invitational, a nonverbal gesture that says she should follow. He starts moving a bit more briskly, the man in the ragged robes is getting further ahead so he quickens his pace to catch up lest he disappear down an alley or something. When Azur has caught up, that is if she has taken the hint, he'll speak. "Short being, dark robes, near-human." He mutters in a low tone, basic, so that their natural language does not stick out amongst the other languages around them. Up ahead, that being is at a lopsided run now reaching out for the corner of a building to move around it. "Az, that alley, run." The captain points to a different alley, coming up on their right, the one just before the alley that being went down.

Light footed despite the boots, she gathers the robe up a bit to take off down the indicated alley without hindrance. The alley is in near darkness as the buildings lean together over head, it takes but a moment for her eyes to adjust. Crates are stacked along one side, crates that are lived in from the debris that is scattered around them. She slows, eyes sweeping from left to right and even over head where clothes hang between two windows. The scuffle of running can be heard and she increases her speed following the dusty path between discarded boxes, a derelict speeder and trash.

Keomeash is meanwhile running toward the corner where that ratty clothed figure had gone around, reaching out to take hold of it on his way by, down the alley he goes, though not quite as fast as he'd like with those robes he's wearing. At first it seems like their quarry had given them the slip, but he too picks up the sounds of running, and keeps up his pace.. to anyone else they might have just seen two tan robed figures run down 2 different alleys, after another figure wearing slightly more dirty looking clothes. Azur, when she starts running faster, will catch up enough that she'd see the other being to one side of her, down an alley that connects the two, if she hurries she can make the next one first, but who knows what state it will be in..

Tiahnn is returning from a supply run. That is, he went down to the cantina for something he thinks may have been meat-like and a drink, and is coming back when he sees two familiar looking figures go running down the alley. A raise of the brows, and he starts running after, curious what's happening.

The Chiss woman nearly trips and turns the fall into a hop skip when something black hops from one of the boxes in the alley. It hisses at her from behind but she is moving too fast now to stop and deal with it. One look over her shoulder; it is gone and she increases her stride: someone just ran around the corner in front of her.

Tiahnn would have to be coming from that other Cantina, as Keo had actually exited the Mos eisly cantina in chase of this particular being. After all Shiro had told him to. But Tiahnn would find it easy enough to follow, in fact he can see where Azur jumps, if she stumbles, all that stuff and change his steps accordingly.

Azur's alley is getting more difficult to traverse, but she still manages it well enough. Soon she'll find herself coming out of a wider street, this one a bit.. less public, the people are just a bit more dark and unfriendly, but there's that robed fellow, he's still running, his hood has fallen back, looks like some form of human with a frantic yet determined look on her face. The moment she spots Azur she starts running. Meanwhile, Keomeash is just about to catch up when his foot snags in a wooden carton of some sort. This happens to be a tray, with tiny little packages of sweet treats in them. This would be a minor inconvenience if his boot-clad toe hadn't jammed into one of the handles, causing him to trip, and those boxes not only are stepped on but go flying everywhere! The Ithorian who had set the tray down to pet some sort of black rat-like creature, loses.. his.. poodoo.

Unfortunately Tiahnn doesn't quite make the turn thanks to the black thing running underfoot and causing him to try and jump over it. Instead, he skids in some poodu and slams into the wall, bouncing off with a grunt, then trying to regain the lost ground as he sees Azur round the corner.

Instinct tells her to slow down on a public street, the looks she receives as she slows to a trot are not friendly. The hood still hides her features but the chase itself is enough to gather double looks. A child darts out in front of her, hand outstretched pretending to ask for alms while another urchin comes from her side and squirts her robe with some sort of red sauce. "Ah, noooo you don't," she warns them severely in Basic. She knows that con from training and will not let them pat her down while pretending to wipe off the sauce. Dripping she skirts a hooded woman and a speeder parked nearly in the middle of the road.

Now Azur is the only one in a reasonable distance to catch that runner, he's not stopping so she'd better hurry, he doesn't seem about to slow down even if he's in a public street, and it nearly ends with his death as a large animal towing a tiny(by contrast) cart, rears up and releases a bellow, nearly stomping on their quarry. Both Tiahnn and Keomeash will have to hurry, if they want to catch up. That Ithorian is grumbling and snorking at the Captain, who completely ignores it in the process of kicking that tray away. He starts running again, lifting his hand to pull his robes over his skin again but it's not so easy running with that mask on, it's not really meant for this sort of activity. Still he pops out into the same main street as Shiro and the 'running woman' they are chasing, if still somewhat behind.

Putting on a burst of speed and narrowing dodging the would-be pickpockets, Tiahnn accelerates again, pumping his arms as he tries to catch up with Azur. A part of his mind is a bit admiring...she's FAST. He didn't quite realize she was that athletic, but he approves!

Anger helps immensely, her ruby eyes glow with it as she decides to ignore the attention she is receiving and puts on a burst of speed. Up ahead a large black animal bellows its choler at being pulled back and their assailant manages to avoid the black talons as it falls back to earth. The little cart twists and falls over on its side setting up a very effective road block. Judging the distances as she runs, the doctor decides and leaps, feet in front of her like a hurdle jumper she lands in a puff of dust as she slides in the dust on the other side.

Tiahnn has had a good time running at this point, there's not much in his way really until Keom almost bumps into him! He came out of a side alley, out of /nowhere/, what the heck. "Lieutenant." Says the the robed Chiss, he's still wearing that mask, so his voice is a little muffled and he's panting for breath as he's already running. There's not much room for talk now as they run down the streets.

Azur misjudged that jump, she didn't quite put enough *oomph* into it, but she manages to get one foot forward, and as she's about to fall on her face she manages to catch herself and push off with that leg instead, which, hurts a bit, she might be sore after, but it works, she's catching up with that guy in the robes, and they are getting to the end of this stretch of the street, where it meets the more hospitable main, and right there, at the end of it stands Riduawa, without any clue whatsoever(yet) of what's going on, though she does know Keom was supposed to follow someone.

"Captain!" Tiahnn notes, the tall Chiss maintaining a ground eating pace, without much panting being done quite yet. He may be older, but there's certainly nothing wrong with his physical fitness. "Why are we running after the good doctor?" he asks.

Riduawa stands there at the end of the street, her hood pulled up as she looks around for a moment. Blinking she seems to just be looking around then as she hums a bit. "Huh....I don't know....." But something causes her to just turn around. Her brown robes spin about her as the 'young' Chiss woman seems to go from 'laidback' to 'on duty'. Frowning slightly in the shadows of her hood, her red eyes look at the person running in her direction. Her hands already couldn't be seen in the robes but they divisible for sure now. Right now...they were busy under there as she squints then speaks into her comms. "....so the person running at me Captain....is this who you were to follow?"

The good doctor nearly twists her ankle and release an explosive word in cheunh. Staggering she rights herself and slows though she was nearly on top of the their runner. She pants at the pain but picks up her pace despite the driver of the cart yelling at her as though she had caused the animal to rear. Up ahead dust obscures the man she is chasing.

Keomeash isn't unfit by any means, but it's no surprise that Tiahnn of all people wouldn't be so bothered by all this running. He releases a huff and actually slows down reaching for his comm. "Don't kill her." He answers into it and it doesn't take long for their prey to slow, just for a moment, debating if she can take Riduawa, from the look on her face, and the more aggressive expression that forms makes it apparent and she reaches into her own, dirtier robes, to draw forth a small blaster pistol, aiming it to fire at Riduawa, getting off a shot on her, unless she managed to realize what was about to happen and avoided it. Azur, by this time would reach their target, just after the shot goes off, with Teahnn coming up behind her, and finally Keomeash who had slowed down at first but is running again to catch up.

Tiahnn mutters under his breath. "Oh, that'll be easy, considering I don't have a kriffing gun yet..." Still he doesn't want to leave Azur alone to face a hostile by herself, and he's perfectly willing to try and use improvised weapons as needed if this person really needs to get captures...and then he hears the blaster fire ahead and redoubles his efforts to catch up.

Shots ahead of them, limping Azur increases her pace. The dust lowers enough for her to see a scuffle up ahead but everyone is robed and it is impossible to know who is doing what. Weaponless, armor less, she has her boots and a terrible anger at the heat and dust.

Straight for the attacker, she runs in low going for his knees. She hits with an involuntary gasp from her and the two of them roll in a tangle of robes, the attacker kicking at her as she grapples to get on top of him. They roll like two lovers and she does end on top of him. A quick hard bash of her fist, is followed by her grabbing his head and smashing it on the street.

Straight for the attacker, Azur runs in low going for his knees. She hits with an involuntary gasp from her and the two of them roll in a tangle of robes, the attacker kicking at her as she grapples to get on top of him. They roll like two lovers and she does end on top of him. A quick hard bash of her fist, is followed by her grabbing his head and smashing it on the street.

Hearing the shot go off makes Keom run all the faster reaching into his robes he draws his blaster but Azur and the Spy-who-shot-Ri are now a tumble of robes and dust being stirred up, so his blaster won't be so useful. Still he isn't close enough to help with his hands so he has the blaster pointed at the formerly running woman. Keom can't help but to look for Riduawa, though, a brief distraction, got to keep your mind on the job at hand, he's experienced enough to know that, and the cousins have served together in the past. "Put that away and you may yet live!" Shouts the Captain. The near-human woman who had just shot one Chiss is about to actually start running again, she doesn't want to fight these people she wants to get away, but it's too late for that as Azur had a chance to catch up. A groan turns to a shriek that ends in a yelping sound as the offender is dragged down to the dirt, kicking and hitting, trying to get her blaster pointed at Azur, but there's something in the Chiss Captain's voice that makes her hesitates..

With a last burst of speed, Tianhnn reaches the wrestling match that's broken out between the two women and halts, trying to grab hold of the struggling target, but at the last moment having to pull up short as Azur rolls with her and his hand almost ends up somewhere else entirely as he jerks it back, then circles, looking for an opening!

It's a mess, a scuffle, it goes on that way until Keameash gets an opening, and he fires his blaster hitting the near-human's arm, causing her to howl in pain drop the blaster and after that, she's not that difficult for Tiahnn especially to detain. He'll put the captive in /your/ custody to bring to the hotel for questioning. "Gag her, cover her in robes, whatever." He says before he goes to look after Ri and make sure she's ok.

Azur's sand colored robes have splashes of red sauce that look like blood and are smeared with gutter refuse. Her hair is coming out of its braid and she pants, hands on her knees, gasping for breath. "Get her out of here, I can treat her wounds when we get out of here." She looks from the captain to the lieutenant, "Shall we?"

Tiahnn raises a brow. "Yes...I think you have a need to visit the refresher back at the rooms..." he says dryly. "But I must say..that was impressive running there." He tilts his head, breathing deeper but not as out of breath...then again, he didn't run as long. "Take your time...we should get you some water too."