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"My family never misses their mark. I offer you a chance to recover your production on the front end instead of dealing with a fallout. In return, we kill those tied with this failing investment and settle a blood debt. Then we slip away from your purview. We have no interest in drawing lines in the sand with Black Sun. This is a matter of revenge, not war. The ruins of what we leave behind will be yours to claim and rebuild. Those who cross my Mando'ade will die, forced hand or not. I don't hold grudges, I'm a professional. Someone close to me does, though. Where she goes, I go, and I bring an army of Mandalorians with me."

The Kora'Alor had given a fair warning to Vigo Fordon Annata: salvage what they could from the Blackout holdings on Umbara because there will be nothing left with the Kora leave.

That day has come.

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A Matter of Revenge

OOC Date: August 02, 2022
Location: Umbara
Participants: Valeska Kora (GM), Sumi Kora, Hadrix Kora, Fae Renta, Zelo Parrai, Hapvarnna, Clan Kora

-- Valeska --

It has been a long time coming. The day when a blood debt is settled and a point is made on why one should not choose war with Mandalorians. Age-old wisdom that Lord Maxwell ?Maestro? Uvato, the head of the Black Sun splinter group Blackout, chose to ignore. Whether it be for ego or ignorance hardly matters now. The Kora rarely dallied much into intentions when it comes to erasing an enemy of the Clan.

One of the nine Vigos of Black Sun, Fordon Annata, had been given ample warning of this battle. A chance to salvage what he could from the Blackout operation before it would be left a hollow shell to be retaken by the ever-encroaching fauna. An olive-branch extended from one leader to another. One that he accepted on the grounds that the feud ended here. The Black Sun is not known to suffer a broken agreement.

Thus the Blackout compound has been left to defend itself without the promised aide of Umbara security enforcement or Black Sun retribution. But it is far from defenseless. All fortifications and manpower has been centered around the main building: a large, foreboding structure of dark towers where the heart of Blackout operates.

<<"He's in there,">> Valeska says over the internal comms from her secured post at the perimeter walls of the area, pointing to the near distance at the multi-story building. <<"If he didn't run away like a rekkin' coward. But those anti-aircraft cannons are gonna be a problem. Intel confirms they are shielded and guarded.">> Because of course they are. <<"We need to take them out so that our guys in the sky can crack down on the shield generators protecting the compound itself.">>

-- Sumi --

<<"No time like the present..">> Sumi says, turning from the group to adopt a jiggy-jog before taking to the air in a sudden combustion from her jetpack. The lone Mando emerges into view as a lone bullet heading straight for the objective, fearless and determined. Gods help whatever stands in the way of this retribution.

-- Hadrix --

Helmet pulled down as Sumi starts her li'l jog away from the mass, Hadrix's grin is audible when he he speaks on comms, <<"Going to be one of them days.">> cigarra stump having barely struck the ground before he is taking several backward steps - jets coughing and churning up dust.

Wookiee cannon swung down off his back on its hang strap, two fingers of his left hand ticking off the side of his helmet before he is cast into the air, <<"Chief en route. On your six, Alor.">> hurtling along on wings of fire trailing twin spirals of smoke.

-- Fae --

<<"Our -guys-, Valeska?">> Fae Renta groans into comms. Why would they send men to do what is so quite -clearly- a woman's job, anyway? <"I thought I raised her better than this,"> Fae laments, entirely to herself. She's seated in an elevated position outside the compound in one of the guard towers that had, until about twenty seconds ago, had an actual guard in it. Now? They sort of choke and sputter on the ground somewhere. They're already dead, mind you. It's just the last bit of air squeezing out from their constricting diaphragm.

Fae's got the shell of her A280 set out in front of her, but is in the process of adding a few last minute modifications here and there. A longer-range scope if affixed to the top. A longer barrel, not rifled like a slugthrower, but meant to concentrate the outgoing plasma into a tighter, faster-moving burst. She screws that barrel into place and slides the powercell beneath the weapon's grip. A flick of her thumb secures it, and a soft red glow begins to pour from the weapon's interior. With a girlish grunt, Fae hefts that rifle up onto the guard railing, tips her head, and peers down the sight.

<<"This is Lady. I'm in position. I can't see drek out here.">> Beat.

<<"Oh that mic was still hot wasn't it?">>

-- Zelo --

Zelo Parrai's beskar doesn't gleam in the Umbaran ever-twilight, instead turning to the deep blue of a permanent shadow as he lies as still as the scavenged components of another guard tower that make up his nest. The only movement is the minute shift of the barrel of his old and weathered SX-451 - a weapon almost as tall as he is - as black-pool eyes through modified H-visor watch the Blastech scope's cycle settings. A bipod helps hold the weapon's substantial weight.

<<"Overwatch, in position.">> All is still as a single exposed cobalt fingertip rests gently on the trigger.

-- Hapvarnna --

En route while the Lone Zakkeg's spirit speaks to those spirits who deny it access; the large guns. The missile-pods sit loaded, promising the birth of light and heat. On each is the symbol of Kora.

Hapvarnna rocks back and forth, twisting a tool against the flame-painted bowcaster. It hums. Angry. It's such that it causes the screen to his HUD to fizzle and fade before returning. Another crank of the tool, another angry hum such that can be heard over the comms. <"Kkkrrrr'ch. Wum.">

It's on the ground with the others that Ori'Hapvarnna will appear! Comm'ing to the Fa-Fa. <"T'ch't! HE, yes. I. I will be your eyes, girl. Haaaa! The Zakkeg, do you hear her? She is /angrrry/!"> The Razor Crest is glanced at, before Hapvarnna's T-visor clicks on, beginning to glow orange. Comms crackle.

"ENEMY TRACKING ENABLE. CONNECTION ESTABLISHED. DATA PACKETS INBOUND." There's another laugh from the Togruta, wielding the bowcaster with a manic kind of glee. More manic than normal, that is.

-- Valeska --

<<"Our /persons/ in the sky,">> Valeska corrects to Fae's admonishing. To be fair, no one raised her better. Her parents certainly tried, but there's only so much magic in the world and it certainly isn't in Valeska's bloodline. <<"Our persons who are waiting to blow up things, too, yeah?">> With Sumi leading the charge, Valeska follows suit though she doesn't take to the air. No, not yet. Mandalore has caused her to give jetpacking just a slight second thought.

The AA cannons remain transfixed in the air; programed to be on the lookout for the impending aerial assault that is promised just out of range. These cannons are, indeed, shielded both by an energy generator and a heavy gunner each. There are three of these buggers that need to be dealt with as well as a number of defensemen on the ground dead-set on being a bulwark.

Let the final push against Blackout begin.

-- Sumi --

<<"Understood. Engaging those defending the generators.">>

True to her word, Sumi draws out her heavy enforcer and fires two shots in close succession. One of the slugs hits her mark, and as Sumi lands, she lifts her other hand to release a torrent of laser fire that dismissively kills the defender without much a second thought from the century old soldier.

The body is cast from its defense spot, and Sumi adjusts the turret he was on to point at the shield generator, preparing to release its fire upon it and disable one of the shields.

<<"One target is down, working on the generator now.">>

-- Hadrix --

Cutting jets and even his gravity belt as the ground begins coming up to meet him, the weapons fire lit off by Sumi is all the indicator the big man needs to know which way he isn't, presently, needed.

<<"Coming in, moving on your nine, Sumi.">> the concussion of the rifle tucked against his shoulder pauldron shoves the big man back and upwards with enough force to gain him a meter altitude. Turned into a lazy backwards summersault that ends with Hadrix dropping into a kneel to absorb the landing impact and firing again.

Viridian fire detonates wide of the mark, sparking off of shields protecting guns and drawing the defense gunner to swing their weapon his way to see the second plasma sheathed durasteel spike for the split second it is airborne. Flesh and armor being spewed up in a geyser that leaves the weapon operator alive, but sliding down their seat, hand clutching at their blast vest and the other iron gripped to their firing grip.

<<"Gunner wounded.">>

-- Fae --

Fae Renta keeps her hands steady as she slowly scans for a target. One of the shield generators seems an apt enough target. They did come here to destroy the guns, after all. When she lines her sights up, she inhales through her nose, and then exhales through her lips. The squeeze of her finger on the trigger looses a burst of red plasma to rip into its surface but... it just singes. Fae gives a little huff and glances over her shoulder to Hapvarrna. She scoots a little to the right to allow him extra space beside her to fire as well.

<"No sun here, I'm afraid. Only darkness and my poor marksmanship.">

She gives the side of her gun a swat, as if it's the weapon's fault she hit siding instead of electronics.

-- Zelo --

The stillness of the compound snaps with explosive violence and out of nothing comes battle. Zelo watches both through visor and scope as Kora's Alor and Al'verde make their presences known. Gunners fall, or fall near enough, and from the other guard tower a bolt of plasma lances toward one of the generators. The thermal scope shows more than the heat signatures of bodies, though; the Nautolan focuses on the undefended generator by Hadrix, the heat showing the moving, the friction, or the reactions that make energy. A hole in the right place will break the moving parts, or release the energy. Either will work.

<<"Al'verde, Overwatch. May want to give that generator some room.">> It stands so still, the shot can't miss. But picking the right place to open up a hole is not an exact science. Cobalt fingertip moves, the trigger depresses, and plasma flies through the space between origin and destination. A little too much to the left, and vitals are leaking, but not emptied. A sparking generator is better than a whole one, but not by much.

-- Hapvarnna --

He's running. Hapvarnna isn't real good at running anymore, given that whole mechanical leg bit. But the Togruta runs. Independent slots have the rockets turn on to propel him, only to sink back to the ground; these are the same motions seen performed by wild dogs. Or the scavengers on Tatooine. Mimicry. In the concentration of such, Hapvarnna raises that bowcaster - energized by his comrades firing upon these enemies the weapon is fired. A red bolt rips out of the weapon, and also sends Hapvarnna down to the ground...

<"AAaaaahahahahahahaaaa! SHE SPEAKS HIS NAME!"> He'd missed. Badly. But the bowcaster-bolt impact causes sparks and violence wherever it lands, and with his mania restored, the Togruta picks himself up to keep running forward. Figures highlighted in orange, data collected and those large 'horns' acting as antennae to transfer that data to the other suits with augmented-reality systems.

-- Valeska --

The perpetual darkness lights up in a fireshow of explosions and superheated lazers. The clash has truly begun. The targets are clear to the veteran soldiers: take down the gunners tasked with protecting the shield generators. In a brisk one-two-three punch -- with everything except literal fists -- all of the gunners are face-to-face with the legendary visors of the Mandalorians. Valeska runs into the fray, unloading a blast into a gunner herself and giving him something to think about.

All three gunners are targetted and Sumi's is rendered quite dead. The other two manage, somehow, to rally themselves to open fire but it is rather futile. A swansong in heavy gunner cadenza.

Happverna is preaching the glories of the Sun to the Shadow Planet while the snipers give the Blackout defense on the ground reason to duck and cover. Fae providing suppressive fire that renders several unable to get a line of sight to join their comrades in the volley. While Zelo nails one of the shield generators with a penetrating blast that nearly blows it in one go. The power shield around one of the AA cannons flickers in and out.

-- Sumi --

Sumi is at the turret, bolts from defenders and other gunners sparking off the surfaces around her, yet motivating her to move no faster than she already is. With one hand, Sumi sling-shots the charging handle on the turret, priming its power in the receiver, and twisted it in place to bear down on the very thing it was intended to defend.

Switching the safe off, Sumi straddles the protective barrier and squeezes the trigger, releasing a massive volley of automatic laser fire that obliterates her generator and deactivates a shield of one turret nearby. Sumi abandons the turret, taking it off its mount and dropping it casually to the grated walkway with some ceremony. <<"One generator is down, and an Ay-Ay unshielded. Moving to the next.">> Sumi says this as casually as one takes the trash out, her heavy footfalls announced on the walkway as she closes the distance to the next, her cape taking slight flight behind her.

-- Hadrix --

<<"Copy, Overwatch, clearing.">> standing into a step to one side as the anti-materiel blast surges past, warming his armor on one side. Return fire from the enemy surging all around. Instincts taking control, the barrel of his cannon lowers with the drop of one arm as he twists and bends backwards out of the way, then snaps forward into a roll beneath more. It's sloppy, landing odd on his left shoulder and when he comes back to his feet it's in a stutter step with his toes barely maintaining ground contact when the wookiee cannon goes off in response.

The defensive position shows a nigh comical hole bored through it for a moment and the gunner has been cut in half by the grace of being braced against their seat instead of being able to be carried along for the worst road-trip on Umbara, <<"Maestro...">> Hadrix's voice suddenly on open calms, walking forward to make up distance lost to the recoil of his cannon, <<"Did you run after I sent you back you lieutenants?">> Two life-support cubes. Not much bigger needed, everything is far smaller when it's deconstructed. <<"I almost hope you did. Tracking you would be the best part...">> the voice filled with liquid growl. <<"You ordered my family dead.">> Not malice, <<"You managed to hurt some of them.">> Neither jeering, nor teasing or toying. <<"Please, tell me he ran.">>

Rage. Righteous fury is filling his lungs and fueling his voice.

He's casual in his turn that becomes a forced spin that clears him of the next stream of plasma fire incoming. Forcing the head of the wounded gunner down, their movement tilting the barrel up and sending the torrent harmlessly towards the eternally night sky.

-- Fae --

<"Ahahaha, oohhhhh, look at that,"> Fae laughs to herself. Her vantage point allows for optimal viewing of Alor Kora turning one of the gun's... guns... against its own shield generator. Ourobouros. <"I really do love that woman."> Her rifle remains level and, after that brief distraction, Fae flicks her eyes back towards the scope, inhales and squeezes the trigger. Softened up by Zelo's first shot, the generator is an easy target. Fae Renta's second shot strikes true and.


Scorching plasma causes a chain reaction within, and soon red hot gas combusts, explodes, and lights up the pitch black of Umbara. At least, this small chunk of it.

<<"Heyyyy, would you look at that! Suuuuuun!">> Fae giggles. <<"Second generator down. One to go.">>

Fae's about to drop a few more sing-songed sounds of self-satisfaction over hot comms when she catches Hadrix monologuing. Angry monologuing. Her mouth shuts within her helmet and she decides to keep the quips to herself.


-- Zelo --

Despite the subtleties and the camouflage that a well-made sniper's nest can provide, a sizeable bolt of plasma striking the generator shielding one of your greatest defenses can still provoke a concerted response. The defenders know Zelo's location, or... Near enough. The shots flaring from below are wide and pocking the guard tower itself but not actually pressing the Mandalorian in the slightest. Fae sees to capitalizing on the maw of a hole in the first generator, and Zelo moves on - thermal scope blooming in the death of the generator near Sumi - to aim for the final generator.

<<"Overwatch, taking out the last generator.">> The trigger depresses once again. But... Just before the moment in which the shot is loosed, a THUUMing sound is heard, and then a flap as an Umbaran Swoophawk lances down toward an unsuspecting rodent paralyzed in the open by the cacophony of the battle. The hawk's eye is paraleel with the Nautolan's visor for only one moment and in it, they see each other. The sniper flinches, though, knowing the trigger is already past the point of checking itself. Plasma lances out... Through air, striking the ground near the generator and digging a sizeable hole into that fated point. Somehow, Zelo had managed to spare the hawk. But at the cost of an untouched generator. <<"Generator still stands. Overwatch had... Outside engagement.">> The rodent's already stopped its squealing sound as the Swoophawk flies rapidly away from the chaos, meal in tow.

-- Hapvarnna --

The Ay-Ay Gunz are defenseless...the Togruta is a carnivore. Much like any, the moment the mama bird leaves a nest unprotected, those eggs are at risk; in this case, it's the giant gun at risk from that flame-painted Togruta.

The comms crackle. <"Hehehehehehheeeee...">

Because he can hear Fae. He can hear Sumi. See the work of Zelo and Hadrix. But Ori'Hapvarnna squats on all fours, slinging the bowcaster over his back and at odd intervals begins to leap-rocket like some demented lizard. Closer. Closer still. CLOSER...

Once beside the AA Gun, Ori'Hapvarnna runs a gauntlet over the weapon in respect. Appreciation. Coo'ing to it. <"Yoooou will, yes, serve new ways. Hmm? Yes. Yeeees, yes, he knows."> A cryo-ban is drawn out of the bandolier, the cap twisted so it clicks and -- starts ticking. This is set under the gun. <"He will say your names to Su'un. Yeeeees, yes. You serrrrved well; but chose bad masterrrs, yeees?"> Another grenade - fragmentation - is drawn out and settled a few feet from the cryoban. Then another. Then another. <"He is not sorrrry for your deeeaath, Shi."> The gun patted, before the Togruta Mandalorian starts to huff away -- fifteen feet out he's struck in the chest by a rogue bolt. The data-link shows him go down. Then the magic of SCIENCE occurs: Cryobans pop off at once, creating a sub-zero (-150ishF) orb only a second before the fragmentation causes super-heated explosions.

There is a /violence/! One that has Hapvarnna on the ground shot, head ringing, enough that the Togruta has to stay down a moment.

-- Valeska --

Climbing into the now-dead gunner's spot, Sumi takes the opportunity for destruction and with a simutaneous explosion in perfect choreography with Fae's, the generators go up in a wonderful display. A pairing that goes well with Hapvarnna doing what he does best: lighting one of the anti-air cannons up like a Life Day tree.

It is disaster on the front lawn of the Blackout headquarters now. Valeska puts the last gunner to sleep and spins around to send her second shot into the nearest defensive gun. Then pauses to look over at the compound in the near distance. <<"If he ran, we'll find him.">>

<<"I am still here.">> The voice is smooth and accented. Unhurried with a posh slickness to it. <<"It would be rude to abandon invited guests.">> There is silence across the comms. A stillness that lasts only a heartbeat but is long enough to pick up weight. <<"You know what to do.">>

The Blackout defense on the ground -- surpression fire be damned -- all pop up and open fire in all directions. Valeska takes a hit to the left arm before she can even process what is going on. But still plenty of time to offer a biting remark. <<"You should have left me alone, Maestro. Uvato. Whatever the hell your name is.">>

Soft, lazy laughter breaks across the comms. <<"My dear. I leave nothing unfinished.">>

-- Sumi --

Sumi's approach is stuttered once when a bolt impacts her arm, throwing her backward a step. The impact rang like a bell, the telltale of beskar'gam. Re-adjusting herself, she arrived at the gunner's station, taking command of the turret and turning it in place to bear its muzzle toward the very thing it was intended to defend.

Squeezing the trigger, the automatic laser fire destroys the remaining shield generator, and Sumi detaches the turret, casting it to the grated walkway with a casual toss, and dust-off of her hands. <<"Another generator down. What's next?">>

-- Hadrix --

Someone is upset, or several someones are frightened.

The ground around Hadrix is becoming a series of frozen glass sculptures memorializing rainfall over water. Shards of flash formed obsidian clattering off of plates and spraying purple-black splinters like ablative armor. One shot slams into the central heart-guard of his armor, forcing a lean back onto his back foot and a hard turn forward to regain his momentum. The short chuffing sound, like a lupine gruffing out its own animal laughter hot-mics his comms.

The manual bolt is drawn, chambering a durasteel rod from the drum magazine hanging from the bottom of the long gun and the stock is pressed to the holding groove in his shoulder armor. Another shot burst against his cuirass, blackening the dyed metal plates. <<"That looks expensive 'Maestro'.">> superheated durasteel smashes past armor plates, spraying sparks and fire.

Body twisted by the blast, boots digging trenches, Hadrix presses forward and fires another bolts in the wake of ratcheting of feeding mechanism and screeching of pressurizers indicate he'd best do lest his weapon detonate in his arms. <<"It did at least.">> something gives within the housing of the AA weapon and seams between plates begin bleeding flames in a moment before the explosion of power cells twist and rip it apart.

<<"Gun emplacement down, Chief.">> reporting on clan lines.

-- Fae --

<<"Hey, wait a minute...">>

See, Fae Renta can't stay off comms for -that- long. She's responding, of course, to a new, unfamiliar, somewhat posh (but in an annoying way) voice that she doesn't recognize on their closed channel. Fae swivels the barrel of her rifle towards the last Anti-Air gun and squeezes the trigger. Though its shields are gone, that plasma just blonks harmlessly off of its side plating and Fae gives a little sigh.

<"Well, I don't know what I expected.">

Oh right, she's got to be a --bitch--. Finally, her true calling.

<<"I don't remember inviting a member of the working class to this secure channel, do you, darlings? Ah, well, while you're here, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like a bottle of wine. Killing your boys has been terribly boring and I think I'd like to get a nice buzz working.">>

-- Zelo --

Return fire redoubles as the defenses begin to fall, and one red plasma bolt actually manages to find a perfect angle, punch through the nest and strike Zelo. Of course, it finds the upper left corner of his chest, where Mandalorian Beskar deflects the red bolt back and down, to hiss harmlessly into inert ground. The Nautolan still hisses from the PLINK of it all. When the black pool eyes focus on the scope again, it's to see the Kora Alor mounting the turret and destroying Zelo's recently-spared generator target. This, leaving the AA cannon undefended, presents a new target, through the fire on all sides. The blue Mandalorian takes a deep breath.

<<"Overwatch,">> he starts, trigger depressing and opening a hole deep into the internals of the remaining Anti-air cannon. <<"Last cannon is hurting.">>

-- Valeska --

<<"Clever.">> Lord Maxwell "Maestro" Uvato is most certainly watching. Most certainly listening. Perhaps even amused. There is a languidity to his tone: whoever this man is. Perhaps resigned to his fate or overly confidence in the defenses he has yet remaining. A man of power so unused to being challenged that facing his end spurs a bit of excitement.

With the efforts of Hadrix, Zelo, and Valeska, that last two anti-air cannons go up in sparks and fireballs. Umbara may not know daylight, but they are seeing the sun tonight. With those defenses down, it opens a window in the airspace around the compound for the Kora above waiting for the command to target the headquarters' own generator. Thus opening the structure up to orbital bombardment. That will be considered Plan B.

Plan A is to march up to the front door and make themselves at home. Maestro seems to know this.

<<"I leave nothing unfinished.">>

The Blackout gunmen take that as some kind of cue, opening a barrage of fire onto the Kora Clan with a heavy concentration centered on the crimson-painted Mandalorian cause in the throws of exploding a cannon. What beskar she has manages to deflect some of those attacks, but the rest hit their respective marks one after another after another. Effectively taking her down and completely out of the fight to come.

-- Sumi --

Sumi took to the sky, moving down toward the ground to engage with the defense. She fired twice with her revolver, each time having to pull the hammer back. She wings one man, and when he stumbles back, she lands in front of him. Her other arm comes up, presenting the laser vambrace which she activates and fires into his torso for a second time. The blast is so powerful, it blows out a portion of his torso and gives Sumi a small porthole view of what's beyond her foe. He falls, and Sumi clicks back the hammer on her revolver, its compensator and muzzle molten and steaming. <"Who else is ready to die?"> A stroll forward leads to her laughter as the chaos ensues.

-- Hadrix --

<<"Copy you, Overwatch. Keep up the work, targets of opportunity once primary is clear.">> no fire or flash belches from the barrel of the wookiee rifle. Even with the ignited tibanna super heating the bolt, its magnetics that hurls the shooting star into the abdomen of a defender hurling them in a heap across the ground that finds them managing to get to their hands and knees, wheezing and breath becoming a sob,

<<"Sumi... Think we could get into their vents? Have a little fun?">> his legs straighten after the recoil forced him into a partial crouch. Bouncing up to his feet and marching forward, <<"I have enough det-tape to make a few doors.">>

Another green blast catches the back of a fleeing gunner, bending them in half when the spine is severed and the white-hot steel bursts through, ending its flight in the ribs of the original target, blowing them in a wild cartwheel to their right.

<<"Space, I love that.">>

-- Fae --

Fae Renta takes one more shot at one of the defenders that's staggered into open sight. The hit knocks them down onto their backside, but it isn't enough to kill. Good enough for government work, though. Fae unclips the bit of climbing gear from her belt and uses it to swoooosh down onto the ground below. That A280 is slung, barrel down, over her shoulder and she briefly pulls off her helmet to get a hit of that cool night air.

Can't see a rekking thing though. She pulls in a breath through her nose and takes several steps towards where explosions and blaster fire serve as a beacon to those night-blind Hapan eyes. A moment or two later, she clips that helmet back in, it hisses, and that it seals itself again. Let there be light.

<<"This feels entirely too easy. Do you want us to come in, darling?">> Fae chimes. Waiting a moment or two. <<"And I'm still waiting on my wine.">>

-- Zelo --

Overwatch provides ample view of the tactical targets in a battlefield. The enemy's pawns. The allies. And through the flying red plasma, a figure of red itself being struck down by multiple blows. Cannons gone, and only the pawns left - beyond that smug voice interloping on their frequencies - a light begins to make the Nautolan slightly more noticeable. Not external from lamp or blaster fire, but at the seams of his armor, red glow begins to pulse. No call-out needed, every Kora must know what just happened. Had to. No comms from the Nautolan.

Pressure, building within, moves through that exposed cobalt-hued fingertip and a plasma bolt just misses one of the defenders, burying itself deep into the wall just behind them, showering them from the back with bits of duracrete and steel and wiring from within. The Mandalorian rises now, bipod snapping against the barrel in the same motion that swings the rifle up onto sling and onto his back. With a step, he leaps over the railing, pulling forward the E-11 from the other sling to cradle in his grip before his feet touch the ground on grav-belt slowed descent. They aren't still for long as the Nautolan immediately bolts for the downed Kora, skidding to a knee near the figure.

<"This isn't the time for lying-"> The number of wounds wasn't what he'd expected. Two marks on the Beskar, but... <<"Val's down. I'm not a medic. Do we have support coming?">> Still, the red light pulses within that Skyripper armor. <"Hold on.">

-- Valeska --

What remains on the ground quickly retreat into the building, firing shots behind them as they go. What remains is several bodies of the fallen, one of which is Valeska Kora herself. To her credit, she is not unconscious. No, Umbara cannot compare to the absolute crucible of Mandalore. But she has taken to a knee with her head bowed. <<"Rekkin'... hutt-sucker...">>

<<"He said you were a stubborn one.">>

<<"Who..?">> She staggers to her feet with a growl that picks up on the mic.

No answer beyond that. And poor Fae: seems like she'll never get her wine. So not only is this man a murderous bastard, but he's also rude. Very rude! And we all know what happens to the murderous /and/ the rude. And the murdery-rude.

Their target is inside holed up with what remains of his defenses. An army of Mandalorians both on the ground and in the sky are prepared to rip the building in half to get to him.

Now all that is left is to go knock on the door.