Log:Clan Kora: Salvage in the Shallow Depths

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Salvage in the Shallow Depths

OOC Date: May 08, 2022
Location: Ealor
Participants: Valeska Kora (GM), Hadrix Kora, Zelo Parrai, Nix, Hahtavi Kora, Aubrei, Kin-Li Kel, Clan Kora

-- Valeska --

Ealor is well-known for being a rather unwelcoming planet. If the man-eating denizens don't get you, the werewolf-creatures likely will. But it's also an incredibly beautiful place mostly untouched by civilization. Remote but with a convenient satellite hovering in the system. Like a log cabin with a Seven-Eleven at the end of the long dirt road.

The Mandos have assembled at the shore of a massive lake where an old crash site has been discovered under the calm waters. The sun is high, the day is bright, and Valeska is dressed down to a red and black two-piece with a disengaged vibrodagger pressed against her hip by the tension of the elastic band.

"Just beyond there, yeah?" She points out across the blue waters to a spot where it darkens considerably. "There's a pretty deep divot: a crater formed when the freighter crashed. Guess over the decades, the lake grew, made the hole bigger, and swallowed everything." Valeska rolls her shoulder and starts to head into the water, water splashing up her bare legs as she pulls her diving mask over her nose and mouth. <"Let's go uncover it.">

-- Kin-Li --

Kin-Li Kel arrives at the chosen place and time in a VERY stripped down state. He clearly doesn't swim often, if his choice of swimwear is any indication. All he wears is a makeshift loincloth, fashioned from what looks like an old t-shirt. That and a vibrodagger complete his equipment loadout.

-- Aubrei --

It had been a fair bit of time for Aubrei. She had not seen Ealor but once or twice with Kora and this time? She is sans armor in that moment. It rests back on the Outrider as the young woman is standing with the others, dressed in a green on piece, shifting her hips as it rides up and she makes a face. "So uncomfortable," she says to no one but herself.

There is a belt around her waist, the dart gun and the darts to go with it snugged close to her to keep it from moving. The rig has been modified to hold it into place with straps angling in over her thighs.

"Going to do my best," she holds the apparatus for diving in her hands. She clears her throat and is pulling it on, her white blonde curls held back in a braid are pushed about and mussed so that she can finally get the thing in place around her eyes and nose. Finally she triumphs.

She looks to the others before beginning to wade out.

-- Zelo --

Zelo's ready for a day at the beach. Of course, for a Nautolan, that doesn't say that much. His armor has been carefully shed aboard his ship, leaving him in a form fitting set of trunks. He's fiddling with the comm receiver as he affixes it so he'll be able to hear and communicate with the others - nobody hear's likely to speak Nautolan. Cobalt skin beyond his face reveals that his torso and legs are patterned with the same whorls and midnight spirals that pattern his face and arms. He lingers for a moment as his hands run over his tendrils, starting to bind some of them with a leather thong before thinking better of it and slipping the binding into a small utility pouch at his waist.

He holds a spear in his hand - not fashionable, but simple. An effective tool somewhat taught in his childhood, with many utilities. "It looks like it's likely deep. I know the darker it gets, the more disorienting things can be. Just remember... If you're still... The way your body pulls you, not the current, is up." He looks around, compatriots... Friends... And new folk. "If you get turned around, say something." He has no need for a helmet, but he still tests the modified transmitter on his neck as he slips his head beneath the water after walking out.

<"First time using one of these. Contact clear?">

-- Hadrix --

Out of armor, feeling wrong for it without the weight there to counter against. Mask on and with several pieces of equipment strapped to him. Vibrodagger, beskad and his mits all he has besides a pair of close fitting trunks and skin with a few long claw and blade scars mixing with the occasional puckered crater of a bullet wound, heat scar from blaster fire or the myriad of physical evidence of the bionics holding him together in places.

One shoulder having receiver ports for taking readings of the artificial reinforcement of the joint. Tubes for muscle replacement in a leg pressing against skin, a form of subdermal joint brace on one knee and the various dips and lines at bone and muscle points that even force aided renewal couldn't full erase. Outside of his armor, if close enough before putting on the breathing rig one might hear the periodic hum and whir beneath the skin.

Zelo's comment on how to survive in the dark listened to before Hadrix asks <"What's supposed to be on this thing, anyway?"> then looking towards Nix - recently late of Mandalore and being dragged along for all the fun that Kora tends to be up to, motioning to her and then to the mask, flexing his jaw to have his chin tap at the comm switch before speaking to her, <"Tap out dadita if you need."> Mandalorian tap code.

-- Hahtavi --

Hahtavi has arrived on the beach and is watching the others. He is /not/ in a swim suit, nope. This Kora is still in his armor. Full kit, except that his rifles are stowed back on his ship on the assumption they probably won't work under water too well. He eyes up the others, helmet now removed. His scarred up face bared. Eyeing the others, his rumbles, "/How/ deep iz it?"

There's a look around for the new chick who was rescued from Mandalore and brought back with them. Just to keep an eye on her, feed her up, help Nix get her barings. The Chiss they dropped off at the medical building at the Reckoning post since he was in much worse shape.

Valeska's lack of clothing is appreciated, then Bre's one piece. Well, Hahtavi is male. There's a polite upnod for Zelo, "Vod."

Coming out from the path is a young blonde girl of maybe ten years of age. Iriin is in a one piece swim suit carrying a towel and has as knife strapped around one thigh. "I'm ready! Buir got me a rebreather!" She holds it up with a skinny little arm.

-- Nix --

Nix makes her way after Hadrix, not wearing shoes but wearing a very nice black one piece, with capped sleeves and short shorts. She walks up to the water and takes a deep breath. She pulls on the mask and taps the comms a few times. She glances around at Kin-Li and gives a little thumbs up to his loin cloth and then to Valeska she lightly pounds her own chest and then points her fist towards the other woman. Zelo gets a little nod and then to Aubrei she makes a few hand gestures. Nix knows what she's trying to say and that's the most important part.

She walks into the water and tenses and immediately steps out of the water. From head to toe she is covered in gooseflesh from the cold.

She checks the mask and then checks the suit a few times before trying again. She rushes into the water and belly flops into it. It takes her a short moment or two as she finally surfaces and doggy paddles towards where her feet touch the ground. She is straight up shivering now and she's trying her best to calm that. She taps the comms a few times and moves for the shore. She stops, steals herself and moves to get in the water again. She walks out of the water just shivering and then sits heavily on the sand. She does the watch sign, fingers to eyes and then pointing outward.

-- Valeska --

<"Good to know, Zelo. Also... damn. Didn't know how pretty you were under all that armour!"> A tease mixed with a compliment. That's Val's style. <"If we're lucky?"> Valeska then regards to Hadrix's question as she splishes and splashes further in until diving under the surface. <"Loot that's worth sellin'. If it's not all moldy and mossy and filled with fish eggs or something, yeah?">

As tranquil as the water is on the surface, beneath is a slightly different matter. The sheer size of the lake, shifts in temperature, and a rather large river to the west dumping water into the basin by the gallons a second, this water has a bit of a current to it. Nothing close to a dangerous riptide, but it does provide a bit of push back as the group swim their way towards the submerged sinkhole in the lake bed.

It is akin to trying to kick and sway through clear, slightly warm honey. A denseness to the shifting waters that make the long, long seaweed sway as if in a relaxing breeze. Underwater.

Valeska pushes through the water with maximum effort and minimum success. And by minimal... she's floundering. As gung-ho she is about this dive, the grievous injury to her right leg is still causing some major issues and she starts lagging fiercely behind.

-- Kin-Li --

Kin-Li Kel pulls his full face mask on, clearing the regulator with a quick exhalation. With a slightly apprehensive air, he asks, <This thing working? Check.> Seemingly satisfied, he wades out, and then flicks the light mounted on his helmet on. Then he pulls his fins on like a man with no idea what he is doing. His vibrodagger is held in hand.

Despite his complete inability to swim, the fins allow him to support himself, dexterity and strength taking the place of technique. Seeing Val struggling, he moves to her. <Steady yourself, we will be fine.>

-- Aubrei --

The scout catches the gestures made by Nix, a curious tilt of her head following before a friendly smile is offered - though the full effect is lost due to the gear upon her face.

Its not a pretty sight as Aubrei dives beneath the waves. Not really that pretty either - its sheer determination that wins her out not a true skill in swimming. The smaller figure among them besides Iirin she is able to cut through the water as she exhales through the diving gear to pull herself lower.

This not her element but she's trying to adapt. Trying and succeeding only the way she can. Awww yeah.

-- Zelo --

<"I have nothing on Hahtavi, vod."> Zelo, not being one for easy acceptance of compliments, flashes blue for a moment as it patterns along the spirals of his skin, diffused by the water and a deep breath. He offers Hahtavi a nod though, as he slips further into the water, tendrils spreading to follow in his wake and play in the current.

Every body of water is different. It has its own feeling, personality and character. This particular lake is new to the Nautolan and, as such, is likely to catch even the occasional Nautolan off-guard. In this case, a cross-current from that river has Zelo slipping a little lower into the water, where his ankle actually catches on some sparse but looping and sticky vegetation. Zelo doubles down to free his ankle, and then he's moving to keep with the group. Again, he has to buck some of that cross-current, but he does his best to keep up and in position with the black spear still held in his right hand. He looks to those dealing with trouble, but each time, someone is closer than he to lend aid. The Nautolan turns those black-pool eyes to the darker depression ahead, an eye out for predators.

-- Hadrix --

<<"Come on Nix - eight years in a cell underground. You could use the exercise.">> Hadrix rumbles over comms. Moving by sheer power of strength over any sort of swimming talent, moving to the young one while he goes to keep her from floundering, <<"If you relax, you'll do better. Don't try to swim.">> counter intuitive, maybe.

But when has the big man's pep talks ever been fully straight forward, at least for the most of them.

Continuing to work his way along with Iriin kept close, like Hadrix was a great big, beat up, too pale pool float.

-- Hahtavi --

Iriin hops and skips into the water, the enthusiasm of a pre-adolsecent. She has her long pale blonde hair done up in twin braids and pinned around in a crown around her head. Pale grey eyes are a light with adventure. She has enough sense to put in her re-breather so she won't drown and flops into the water, trying to catch up to and grab a hold of Hadrix. Her voice is muffled as she checks her coms her buir insisted she wear, <<"Ba'vodu! Wait for me!">>

It's just as well because Hahtavi's not planning to swim. He eyes Nix, not sure if she's staying or going. Haht waits to see if anyone else is staying on the beach and if they are all going, he'll start wading in. Over their shared coms he grumbes, <<"You know I hate wa-ter and I can not swim for o-sik.">> If Nix knows Basic he uses it otherwise he speaks in Mando'a for her benefit so not to leave her out.

When the water goes on over his head and Hahtavi's closed off his filters and inner seals to go on oxygen, he walks along the bottom. Then it's getting darker. Inititally he'll just use his helmet's low light or night vision to see by. This Kora looks up often to keep tabs on the others who are swimming - in case any of them need help. Like his daughter.

Iriin is having trouble catching up to Hadrix. She flounders a lot and lags behind with Valeska, trying to do her best. She sees how Zelo lights up though and ooohs, <<"He is so pretty!">> Ah, Haddles waits for her and Iriin latches onto him with a small hand and a big smile, despite her breather.

Meanwhile, Hahtavi encounters underwater vegetation. Until he gets deep enough to move past it, he has to start pushing through it, trying not to stir up too much muck on the bottom.

-- Nix --

The recently freed woman might be cold but by gosh darn it exercise feels great. She sees Hahtavi and then Hadrix is going under and she taps something, comm on/off/on/off.. the signal akin to 'wait for me' but more with beeps than vocals. She kicks hard trying to get below the surface and she does. Not gracefully mind you but she gets there. She gets hit with a cross-current much like Zelo does but she starts shivering and trying to kick her way through it. She stops and gets spun downwards before being spat out a little ways away from the group.

Her eyes turn to glare at the water and she starts swimming towards the group. Her pale skin just a beacon in the water. At least she's easy to spot. Until those legs get caught in the vegetation and she turns and pulls at the vege as she moves over towards Hahtavi and just drapes her 'kill' around the neck of his armor. The vegetation just limp there. She swims past him and even if her face is mostly covered by the mask, her eyes show her happiness as she moves through the water. She does miss exercising.

-- Valeska --

The light dims considerably in the crater. One hundred yards across and just as deep in the center, the bowl of this indent is filled with all matter of thick foliage and shoals of fish. Beams of Ealor's sun do their best to pierce the darker depths, coming through like godrays before being dispersed by water molecules and scattering to a dull glow.

It's difficult to make out where the rock faces end and the sandy bed begins. There huge, multi-ton boulders scattered all about and everything is shrouded in vibrant, thick foliage. The seaweed in particular is ample and tall, tall, tall. Climbing towards the light and creating a jungle of broad-leafed columns obscuring view.

Nodding to Kin-Li and stealing a bit of help from the man, as well, by ways of grabbing onto his shoulder, Valeska manages to catch up to the group. Mainly because Zelo is such a tantalizing lure! So pretty. Once past the currents, the swimming comes a bit easier and she focuses on not getting tangled up in the seaweed; twisting, twining, and twirling around them lithe as you please.

-- Kin-Li --

Kin-Li Kel keeps his hand on Val only long enough to steady her. nce she is steadied, he releases her to, well, sink or swim. <Good. Good.>

As Val makes Kin-Li look a fool with her moves, he kicks down lower into the inky depths, vibrodagger in hand, light burning brightly in the inky depths. And that's when his fins get tangled in the watery vegetation. He tries to kick free, but that only manages to get his legs fully entwined.

The whine of the vibrodagger is loud and odd in the water. Cavitation causes a mass of bubbles to form....but the seaweed is cut, and he swims free.

-- Aubrei --

The group is having varying degrees of success as Aubrei watches the most natural of them ahead of her, staring at the colors and lights causes her to smile though the group at large becomes harder to make out as they deeper the go the more water foliage presents itself.

Aubrei tries to push her way through the thick weeds that suddenly become something of a problem, the young woman kicking as her leg becomes wrapped around. The more she turns and twists the worse it gets.

Bubbles rise quickly from her spot as she exerts herself. With the flailing doing nothing to help her she relaxes and reaches down to begin plucking at the slimy tendrils to release her. Soon enough they give way beneath her tugs and pulls. She ends up on the other side of the forest and watches as the others have trouble. She has nothing to help them with but swims closer. She makes motions to this or that, trying to get them to notice how to free themselves.

-- Zelo --

Zelo should have known from that first snag that this lake's flora was going to be as treacherous as whatever waited them ahead. But warning others of plants does not do much. Not until they wrap around ankles and catch wrists. The Nautolan is quick to bring about the metal spear, striking down and slicing quickly as his ankle finds yet another snag of its own. The blade is sharp and quick to cut through.

Casting black-pool eyes about, he looks to the others and sees others struggling. He swims over, working through the struggling and waving weeds to snare and slash the next oversized seagrass. There's a nod to Nix and he makes for the other side.

-- Hadrix --

He moves with far more grace than a figure of his size, weaving through seaweed and turning to get around the thickest bits and turning underwater to keep sight of Iriin and physically tear the deceptively strong and translucent plant life that reaches out to grasp and hold, <<"This reminds me of... I can't remember the planet, but from the old days. Aech-Kay op, though it was hanging vines in a woodlands op.">> quieting a moment when he has to consider extending the blade of the forearm bracer he pulled from his suit to wear for this op - but finds he can get the grip he needs to tear the young lady loose,

<<"The vines were like the Garrote-Ivy you see on Dxun, but instead of trying to hang you and sink roots into the body, this stuff tried to envelope and use thorns like teeth to exsanguinate... Five-Five-Eight went that way. Went right for the gaps in plates and chewed through his body glove.">> pleasant.

<<"Think this stuff does similar? Or just happens to be a pain in the shebs?">> pulling the girl along still while trying to get sight of the others - besides Zelo who likely would kill them all if he was some sort of deep sea angler Ichthyoid. <<"Sound off everyone... Or click-tap.">>

-- Hahtavi --

There is surprise when a circle of lake weed falls through the water to land about his neck softly like a decorative lei. Hahtavi tips is helmet back to look and sees Nix of all people /swimming/ past him overhead. She can't see the expression upon his face now he's got his helmet back on but it would be of surprise that she knows how to swim. Maybe she'd swum in cisterns under ground, or maybe she'd been off of Mandalore before. He doesn't ask, but files the thought away to ask sometime. If he remembers. Short term memory loss is a bitch.

Lakeweed is no problem but as they get deeper and deeper, and closer to the wreck, Hahtavi turns on his helmet's light. 5000 lumens of bright light suddenly floods his location, pointing in a cone out ahead of him. He uses his armoured gauntlets to make his way through the thick weed, using strength to keep himself from getting bound up in it. Many times he looks to check on the others, especially Iriin.

He need not worry. Iriin does have problems but she is wiggly and dextrous enough. With Hadrix's help she gets through. She also has a knife but there's no need for it yet. Her eyes in her mask are huge at all the strangeness. This is as alien to the Mandalore born desert dweller as any environment can possibly be! Like traveling to another planet! Oh wait, it is another planet! And bubbles! They are all making bubbles!

Hahtavi was trying to keep an eye on everyone and make sure they are safe. But even with his helmet light like a spotlight, for the moment all he can see is way too much green stuff. Until he gets through it.

-- Nix --

It's all fun and games until she gets tangled in longer seaweed. Her leg being wrapped up and then reaching to release her leg, her arms get tangled. She lifts her free leg up and tries to kick it between her hands trying to free them. She's not panicking by any means but she's just rotating in the same spot as she works at trying to free herself but getting worse off.

Then Zelo is there and she's just free floating. She nods her head to him and tap tap tap on the comm. 'Thanks'. She watches Hahtavi brut force himself through the weeds and then Hadrix just chatting along. Her eyes glance around catching Aubrei and Valeska and Kin-Li. She moves after Zelo cause he appears to know how to swim better and if she gets too tired... well there is ways walking like Hahtavi.

-- Valeska --

<"That's... eh..."> Valeska looks warily to the seaweed she was just moments ago weaving around almost playfully and paddles away more cautiously. <"Thanks for that, ori'vod, for reminding me of man-eating plants on Dxun.">

Together they make it through the jungle of seaweed that seems to intentionally snag and snare into a clearing of sorts. A place where the mess of plant life gives way to something unnatural.

There is it. The quarry. The prize. Strangled by lake vines and corroding slowly with time. A YV-929 armed freighter, Burden Slag, lays in this sunken grave. Once the main carrier for a crew of Gand pirates and delvers over seventy years ago, now it is a husk of its former glory.

And potentially filled with loot still salvageable.

There is a huge hole ripped into the portside bulkhead; blasted inwards by whomever managed to fell this massive vessel. The opening is crusted with rock-like growth and swaying blades of lakegrass partially obscuring the way in. <"Val checking in,"> she answers Hadrix as she overs a short distance from their find. <"I think we found her, yeah?">

-- Kin-Li --

Kin-Li Kel swims free of the seaweed. Though he doesn't seem panicked, he does look pissed off. He points the tip of his now-deactivated vibrodagger at the weeds, shaking the tip angrily as if.....threatening it? Castigating it? <Be happy I can't make fire.>

The discovery of the goal brings him back to the job at hand. He turns his head, allowing the beam of the light hardmounted to his helmet to sweep left and right. He seems....confused. <The fish...they do not venture out of the protection of the weeds. Be wary and ready.> He falls towards the freighter, his vibrodagger readied for any attack.

-- Aubrei --

Everyone seems to be okay thus far and Aubrei turns her attention back towards the crash. But Kin Li's words fall on deaf ears...for the moment. She is drawing closer but not right up to the large opening that will allow them access to the interior. There is just a tilt of her head as she makes a motion in the direction of the opening, hanging back like a smart person shoot. She suddenly realizes she has come without light and the dark that is within is deeper than thse would like, causing her to shiver and hover back. She points at her eyes and then makes an X towards the rest of them.

Can not see.

She mimes this a few times before she struggles a little closer. But the water down here, the weeds, the depths of the crash begin to urge fear down her spine and freezes her motions. She is not about to go swimming inside.

-- Zelo --

Zelo reconnects with the rest, the weeds behind and - thankfully - unlike those Hadrix had mentioned. <"I didn't see any clouds coming up from those of us grabbed. I think the plantlife's just... Stubborn, here."> The Nautolan's voice is a little odd on the comms. No air to carry it, the sensor reads the intended vibrations of his voice direct from the source. The ship is bigger than he may have expected, but it's hard to tell all as the light of the surface lowers.

<"I'm going to check what's below... Make sure it's truly settled."> He half-swims, half pulls himself down the hull, where he finds the bottom of the crater and still more ship likely buried in the silt and sediment settled around the aquatically-buried intruder. <"Can't even reach the bottom. Everything's been settling around it. I think it's likely not shifted in some time, and it should be safe to go in."> He looks upwards to the others, slowly starting to ascend along the hull, eyes falling on Aubrei as he draws closer to that hole in the hull. <"Did someone bring lamps?"> Not all eyes were as keen as his this far down.

-- Hadrix --

Felinoid eye-shine in one pupil and glowing red in the other behind Hadrix's rebreather gives away sight of his form in the dim. Modified, upgraded, repaired and put back together, some of it had it's benefits. Though the upgrades to his bionic eye and the inner workings of his organic had their foundations laid years and years back.

<<"Something moved inside the hull.">> grumbling and extending the blade from his bracer and slowly pulling himself towards it. <<"On alert...">> which apparently means swimming towards potential danger for the big man. Because you can't get much more alert that swimming up in a fashion demanding that whatever dare make swimmy motions in the dark stand fast on the field of honor.

-- Hahtavi --

Once clear of the lake weeds, Hahtavi's very bright helmet beam cuts through the water. He's a little behind the others because walking on the bottom isn't as fast and as fluid as swimming. His steps are also slow in and attempt not to stir up a lot of sediment to cloud their view. Or his, anyway.

Iriin keeps a hand on Hadrix in some fashion, or whatever he's told her to hang onto so she doesn't impare the Kora's movements. She could have attached herself to her father but she sees /him/ more often than she gets to see the others. Iriin's eyes are big, her very young face in awe at everything all around them. She draws her knife when the others get wary and checks in, <<"Iriin here. I'm fine. I'm sticking close to ba'vodu, Hadrix.">>

Behind them, Hahtavi draws his own combat knife and slowly walks to catch up with the rest of them. <<"Let me know where you need li-ght, Ze-lo.">> The beam coming from his helmet mount he tries not to shine in their eyes anymore than Hahtavi can help it. Instead, he directs it towards the hull and tries to look for ways in.

-- Nix --

Nix swims out and stops treading water. Her eyes focus on the bones and now she's on high alert. Her eyes looking around and she reaches to her hip where it's just a hip. She doesn't have a weapon. She looks to the bones and tries gauge if that's a trap. She swims near the ground opening but doesn't pass in front of it. She grabs the canine lower mandible and a bone that's more straight and a little longer, for stabbing. At the alert, she taps her com a few times in acknowledgement and she pushes off the ground quickly trying to swim more towards the group but now armed with a jaw and a pointy bone. She stays away from the light so Hahtavi can illuminate the darkness but also far enough away from the ship to avoid any grabs at her. She floats unmoving staring into darkness.

-- Valeska --

From deep within the cavernous freighter something shifts. For a moment, the water currents buck and reverse course: a suction that pulls them all slightly towards the craft as something inside displaces the water.

It bursts from its home, disturbed by the intruders and incredibly hungry. What they see first is a maw full of teeth; open wide to showcase the long, vast darkness of it's gullet. It snaps closed; a bubble of trapped air pushing outwards and hitting the gathered group.

A swish of a massive finned tail, the entire beast excretes itself from the freighter foot by foot... by foot........ by foot...

Snake-like with a gigantic head and piercing yellow eyes, a Tempest Eel unravels from its den inside the freighter and is immediately on the attack. It snaps wildly, missing Nix, Hadrix, and Zelo who all got near to the ship. But now it's out. And it's mad.

Valeska pulls her vibrodagger from the band of her bikini bottoms and swims towards the danger.

-- Kin-Li --

Kin-Li Kel simply reacts. There is no heroic speech, no finesse, no flurry of acrobatic skill. Instead, the loincloth-clad man tears into the massive eel's flanks, stabbing with the cavitating vibroblade. Blood fills the water.

-- Aubrei --

Aubrei was most definitely NOT wrong when it came to being cautious around dark holes and this just proves to her again that she was correct in many ways to steer clear when the creature comes rushing free of his hiding place. ITS? HERS? It does not matter as the very water around her stirs with its movements and she pulls free the dartgun.

She trains upon the target and only when its cleare of Kin-Li does she squeeze off a shot. The water slows and slogs the dart, causing her to realize just how much she is going to have to compensate for that. She makes noises and begins to turn, twisting out of the way of its path just in case.

Her eyes dart to the others, making certain in the gloomy almost dark for - for her - that they are well enough.

-- Zelo --

<"On that!"> Zelo's reply to Hahtavi is quick and a little guttural as the blast of water and body shoots him backwards, scattering away from the hole. The thing is big. He's seen eels before - even large ones on Glee Anselm - but not to this degree. The Nautolan considers, lifting his spear and debating a strike. A glance to the spear reminds him of the bright yellow bands on his arm. Quickly, he slides both down, turning the strip into a pair of flowing, yellow loops hanging off of his wrists.

<"Actually, on me!"> Zelo dives backward, spinning about and waving in alternating circles with the loops, flicking them in the scattered light to suggest the darting of a school of fish, some wounded. He swings his arms for what he can as he moves in tight, controlled circles. Baiting the thing to charge him. As he had been trained to do, once.

-- Hadrix --

<<"Kriff.">> a massive eel monster what was that little flash was. <"Rekk."> one hand going back to put Iriin even more to his back where she can grip shoulders, or even some of the bits of bionic that extrude from his body. <<"Stang...">> why can't they ever find a box of loth kittens.

Sprite needs a companion, besides his son.

Or the ithorian.

Or the twi'lek.

Or Mir.

<<"Kark."> how many variations of that word does Hadrix know, anyway? <"Krong."> moving in and utilizing the distractions presented by Aubrei's concussive fire, Zelo's color and Kin-Li's attacks to get in close and sink his blade in, the vibro-function churning the water with bubbles and blood with the first slash that the big man aims to get his fingers into before the next stroke, and the third that currents and movement move astray, <"Snark...">

Seriously, Hadrix, how many variations of that word do you farkling know?

-- Hahtavi --

No one is surprised when Hahtavi's young daughter shows no outward fear of the giant eel that can snap her up in a single gulp! She's sticking close to Hadrix and when he closes with the beast that emerges out of the watery darkeness and into Hahtavi's light, she brandishes her knife.

Fiercely enough that the young girl stabs it into the enormous eel who's mere presance can suck and push the water around them with it's incredible mass. Maybe if she had more sense she'd try to swim away, but she's a child of Mandalore!

Hahtavi on the other hand has to lumber up closer in the water. In his heavy armor, his movements are slower, much slower than swimmers. Knife also in hand, he tries to slash at the vast creature, maybe going for a bright yellow disc of an eye when it moves past. But he is too slow, missing... <<"Osik!">> Funny how he suddenly has no trouble spitting /that/ word out!

-- Nix --

Nix feels the water suck her back in towards the ship. She kicks hard and turns just to see the eel come out and snap at her. She slowly turns in the water and gives it a 'excuse you' look. She watches each of the other attacks and she swims closer to the eels face, ill advised and lifts the mandible up and brings it down against the snoot of the eel. No greater insult than getting smacked in the face with the bones of something you already ate. She kicks away from the eel before she gets bitten and brandishes her spiked bone and mandible weapons. She kicks herself upwards and moves over the top of the eels head. Eel's don't look up right? The tiny woman has a plan.

-- Valeska --

There's a karking good reason the fish with the collective brain the size of a wamprat have learned to keep themselves away fom this place. If the countless little fishy bones aren't the small clue. But not just little fish bones. There are biggest bones, too. Femurs, the errant ribcage... a crushed skull. This Tempest Eel is a messy eater, to say the least.

Spurts of blood colour the beautiful blue waters around them as attack after attack only serves to enrage the territorial carnivore. It lashes out with frightening speed, maw snapping at the tasty morsels and whipping it's wide, thick tail. The water shifts and bucks, causing an almost whirlpool affect that the group must fight against to stay oriented.

Hadrix and Kin-Li both get hit by the tail, leaving painful thin spikes embedded in their skin with barbed ends. Fortunately this particular eel is a female and lacks the paralyzing poison that would be oh-so-useful otherwise. But ouch. The yellow glint of her eyes catch the dazzling display of Zelo's bioluminescence and she darts after him with a snap of her teeth.

Valeska is swimming after it like mad, driving her blade into its underbelly with rapid, brutal movements. Neverminding the blood now fogging her view, she's got a feel for the prey now and a trio of stabs takes its toll.

-- Kin-Li --

Kin-Li Kel is tossed about as the massive sea monster smashes its tail into the loincloth-bearing combatant's ass. The sound of it carries, and the grunt of pain is heard over the comm channel. Red blood mixes with eel ichor in the water.

Barely able to keep himself in the fight as water swirls him about, he stabstabstabs.....and hits!

-- Aubrei --

Aubrei is swirled around in the current at first but with a harsh kick she breaks free of the torrent that is catching most of them up. She is starting to feel weary as she pushes herself through the mire of the dark waters, pushing away at some of the weeds she was nearly swept into. Making a sound of frustration she notes the damage done...on the one closest to her. The water had whipped her around nearer to Hadrix.

She kicks and shoots forward, closing the short distance. Her left hand braces her against his torso, legs bumping his as she tries to keep close so that her right hand can take hold of the spine that is embedded in his flesh.

She gives a sudden -YANK- as it comes free, blood spotting the water and soon lost as she lets it go. Then she starts to give him room.

-- Zelo --

Flashes of yellow, a school spiraling and darting from the large predator. It's not enough for the eel's entire attention, as there are closer morsels and prey worth investigating - or likely in their minds - but Zelo is able to draw /some/ of its attention as is clips through their group. The sight of blood in the water draws anger from the Nautolan and along those midnight whorls and spirals, red light slowly pulses and runs along those patterns on cobalt blue skin. One hand stays moving, but the other grips tightly to that spear as he spins out of the way of the rushing eel's bite.

<"Eyes!"> It's not much, but it's what the Nautolan can get out as he drives forth with the spear. The blow is glancing, mistimed as the titan swoops passed, and turning off leathery skin instead of finding purchase. <"Eyes almost never toughen, and something this big doesn't need to be crafty!"> Again... Such is it on Glee Anselm. But every body of water is different. He keeps spinning that other band of yellow around, still trying to hold the eel's attention away from those with less lengthy experience with underwater evasion.

-- Hadrix --

Water may slow movement for some creatures, for others they move like land species in open air. The whip of the massive eels body jars Hadrix's grip from the first wound he made and spins him to the perfect position to be struck and carried along by the length of the beasts body that is battering him. Leaving spines in his body that trail red in his wake, like smoke streamers from a festival float.

Halted in his movements by the Zelosian getting the spines out, getting the barbs clear so he can move without his body screaming in protest - there's a nod for Aubrei, while the searing starts to fade and something clicks.


The sight of the child fighting, daring, in all of this. Organic pupil dilating and his mouth opening within the breath mask with a rumbling sound escaping for those in proximity - that his mic thankfully doesn't pick up when one hand shoots out, catching the hinge of the beasts jaw and he is dragged along.

Grip so tight that pressure wounds begin to form in the slick skin, the blade mounted to his arm comes in again, and again, and again as he hacks with a noted lack of precision and entirely with an animals tenacious fury that opens a gaping hole that the blade widens, sinks into. His arm. His shoulder. Practically dragging himself within the beast to hack and tear while it writhes and spasms with blood clouding from injury and mouth as the berserker disappears within.

-- Valeska --

Inside is a cavernous freighter with crates -- all of them destroyed -- strewn about. And eel eggs. Lots and lots of eel eggs. The momma is dead, the nest likely won't survive. No huge loss, perhaps. Plenty of eels in the lake. In the far back is a pair of blast doors partially cracked open and inside, more crates. These ones are all in tact. And carry potentially the loot they seek. Or vast disappointment.

-- Hahtavi --

Iriin stays close to Hadrix and behind him, using the Al'verde's mass as a shield to duck behind. But there is no need as the eel doesn't focus attacks on /her/ thankfully. She peers over Hadrix's shoulders as the Kora hacks and slashes up the eel. <<"Wow! I wonder if it tastes good?!">> Daughter like father. Wants to try eating everything they kill. Must be a Mandalore thing.

Hahtavi himself wades slowly past the dying beast as Hadrix finishes it off. He carefully starts into the freighter's insides and begins to look around. So far he's finding busted up debris and lots of eel eggs. <<"Eggz mi-ght be saf-er to eat.">> Maybe, maybe not.

-- Nix --

The tiny woman sees the eel snap at the people in the water and while those spikes look painful those teeth look worse. She swims right towards those teeth and spins in the current which seems to help where she wants to go. A few hard kicks and she watches crew work together to finish it off. She turns in the water and then looks down to the eel and then kicks her way into the ship swimming in and glancing around at all the eggs. She keeps moving and makes it to the blast doors. She quickly scans the room finding a pipe and swims to the door. She gets it wedged and she pushes with her legs but she doesn't have the strength to really get it done on her own. Her legs shaking as her feet dig in and try to really pull at the pipe.

-- Valeska --

What's in the main cargo hold is useless. Nothing more than scrap and tinder used to make generations of eel nests. If there is anything worthwhile from this expedition aside from mountains of eel meat, it will be beyond those damnable blast doors. Even with the leverage and the collective might of many Mandalorian warriors, the rusted doors refuse -- outright deny them their treasure.

Except they manage to get it pried open juuuust enough for the smallest of their crew to sneak and snake her way inside. Mandalorians of all sizes! With Aubrei's help to hold that leverage open, Iriin swims about on the other side with the light from her father's helmet to guide her. Moving things out of the way the best she can and then...

WHOOMP! The doors give and one sinks into the bulkhead to allow the more adult-sized fighters through. Now with access to the inventory inside, the group salvage the most valuables they can find to take with them and fetch a good price! SCORE!

-- Kin-Li --

Kin-Li Kel assists the rest of the crew in their raiding of the eel's nest. Though he is unable to budge the door before Iirin can enter, he does help once she is through. The vibrodagger is DEFINITELY not put away. Where there is one eel, there is another, bigger or smaller. Still.. He doesn't move quickly, exactly. Blood pours from the hole in one butt cheek, and he is clearly in a lot of pain. Over the comms, he mutters, <In my ass. Unbelievable.>

-- Aubrei --

Aubrei gives the entire wreck a long look and finally decides to approach the lights that Hahtavi provides - not to mention Zelo with his amazing colors. Swimming over she pushes close near to Iirin, bracing her feet against the hull, giving a hefty pull and push, straining as the thing creaks and she glances to Iirin, her body shaking.

Her teeth clenching leaves her grinding them beneath her mask. The strain is clear upon the line of her body as finally they are able to get it open far enough for more of them to fit, watching as the door gives way and she hesitates in entering after - waiting for the lights to go in so she can follow...that is how she finds it. Her treasure. Whether its from the wreck of the ocean is unclear but she grasps at it, the think scattering the light around when it is struck. It dazzles like imprinted stars upon the interior of the hull. Holding it close to her chest it seems that Aubrei is content...and likely wanting to leave.

-- Zelo --

As the behemoth stills and begins it's natural descent, life ebbed from its form, Zelo makes his way to the submerged freighter. With the assistance of all, and a young Mandalorian's small frame, the door is opened and the other hold is revealed. Within, crates of all shapes and sizes. The Nautolan begins to swim slowly through, catching enough detail from the reflected light in the room. Crates of smeared artwork, books disintegrated, some seals still intact...

It's one such sealed crate that draws his attention, and he slowly wipes away some of the settled grit to more clearly read the label on the outside of the case. Slowly, he pulls it free from the spot where it had been wedged and it begins to float. Air... Still within. Not crushed then. Something in him stirs as a hand reaches out to pull the mid-sized case close to him. He looks about, seeing other such treasures being found. The stars seeming to come from Aubrei's hand... The Nautolan smiles and pulls his case tighter to his chest. He doesn't dare open it until they're above the surface. A pod of seed samples, meant to preserve and document... It wouldn't do at all to get them wet.

-- Hahtavi --

Iriin is bubbly with excitement! She swims awkwardly from place to place, slowly getting the hang of moving under the water. Good Gods, she'll be begging to come back here or visit ocean worlds here on out, you just wait. Poor Hahtavi, who /hates/ water.

Give a man credit though, Haht did come along. Even if he kept his armor on and didn't swim. He assists Iriin with collecting things she's ooing and awing over but mostly he keeps a watchful eye out while people are dragging things out.

<<"Shoul-d bring a sub-mers-able down. Load it up. Brin-g back as much meat and eggz as we can. Ssto-ck up the freez-er. I thin-k we are al-mosst out of ran-cor meat." From the trip to Felucia. It'll take a while to bring everything up but the important part is none of them got seriously hurt.

And hey, Nix clubbed the thing with a jawbone! This Kora is pleased and especially proud of his young daughter.

-- Hadrix --

A small crystal carved like some galaxy found mammal tucked into the pocket of his trunks and a giant eel monster being lashed to him with lakeweed. That's all Hadrix needs for the day. Trinkets and trophies while he battens down the thing in the basement that managed to get out at the last minute.

'You enjoyed that.' 'No.' 'You can't lie to yourself, we enjoyed it.' 'Stop.' 'For now... we'll be back. In due time.'

Voices in his head, all his own - silencing the big man on his way back to the fortress with his prize.

-- Nix --

Nix pulls and pulls and then the door slides and she swims into the ship. She finds the first shiny thing and puts it in her arms. It's probably a piece of steel of some kind but she turns and kicks off. She easily swims away and glances back at the group. Yes, her bones and her steal. The tiny woman doesn't care about eel meat but she's going to squirrel these bones away in someone's ship for safe keeping later. Never know who needs to be hit in the face with a jaw bone.

-- Valeska --

Valeska slips her knife back against her hip and lingers outside of the ship to keep an eye out, as well. Feminine form just floating about on the now calmer waters, she looks up towards the sun-dappled surface of the lake far above. Places like this really do feel like a different world. More different than just going from planet to planet.

What is salvageable is removed from the ship with the sun still high. It isn't much but it is valuable, to say the least. At the end of the day, they are rich in credits and all the unagi they could possibly want. They all make it back to shore to enjoy a sunset around a bonfire, drying off and cooking some of the meat and other small fish caught along the way. A bit of bonding over the treacherous adventures Ealor throws at them.

Then they all scatter to the corners of the galaxy sure to meet up again soon enough.