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A new sister joins the family.

OOC Date: June 26, 2020
Location: Lost Haven, Ealor
Participants: Clan Kora, Hadrix Kora, Evie Leven, Kirioth Kora, Rathe Versiano, Karys, Zee'Roh Kora mentioned, Sumi Kora

The great hall of this fortress was a large affair. Complete with gas-powered braziers, and an actual large fire place, it could be foreboding for those who were easily intimidated by the poise of Mando architecture. To Mandos though, this was home. There were many seats available here, all of which were oriented to face the central dais where Sumi's former Alor's cloak was draped. Sumi was but a shadow of Sana Ryder, but she honored the warrior that came before her with a reverence bordering religion.

This explained why Sumi walked in and thoughtfully ran a gloved hand over the old tattered cloak before rounding the throne. <"Mandos."> She said, a certain command in her voice. <"Gather round and hear the words of the evening. We've many stories to tell, I hope, and a vote to cast."> Her hands go to her hips, propping her arms out like small wings while her cape fell back, revealing a small arsenal of weaponry.

Roth had gotten out of the tank last night and just decided to stay on Ealor given they had things going on tonight. The alabaster armored Arkanian wanders in and gives a respectful nod of greeting to Sumi. Then she quietly makes her way to a seat and settles in to hear what things have been going on and what is going down for the evening.

Karys is there with all the others, still one armed and not quite whole but all together there still in nany case. She has found herself a seat just before Sumi's voice fills the room. Adjusting the helmet with care, she removes it with a soft click and sets it down to the side. The double t visor catching the firelight to reflect it back. Straightening up, she turns the bottle blonde head with its dark roots longer now to gaze at the others. A nod is given to Sumi as she finds the most comfortable position to sit in.

With the arrival of Sumi, Hadrix's head comes up at the tone of order being given. Looming to his feet and making his way to his own position at the bottom of the dais where her throne rested. Nothing spoken, but at one of the braziers at the bottom of the small steps he takes a moment to adjust the settings to raise the heat to such that thermographic systems have to compensate.

Letting himself, then, come to a rested posture with his feet parted and hands crossed before his waist one hand resting on the control bracer on the other gauntlet. Looking to the others through the T-visor of his helm while waiting for Sumi's announcement.

Rathe Versiano ranges in after Karys, quietly enough given his newer heavier armor. A quick look left, right, even up and down before taking a seat someplace appropriate for Blood to be.

Evie's definitely present and accounted for, seated in one of the chairs that face the dais; her hands are occupied with a part that looks to have come out of a hyperdrive and a couple of tools being balanced back and forth. Her form? Clad in that familiar blue armor, helmet on the floor beside her -- attention only drawn when Sumi speaks. She doesn't - respectfully keeping her mouth shut, but her lips spread into a wide, cheerful smile. It's definitely good to be around family again.

<"I'll begin by saying our Ruus'alor is not present. Zee is still in a coma brought on by the Star Weird we encountered while helping Lord Kuolo around Ilum. Karys says she's made progress in returning Zee to her proper self, but anything concerning Zee's design is complex and requires the perfect touch. So, when you return to your travels, keep Zee in your thoughts. She is a warrior, but she is our sister, and is still in need of our help; more than ever.">

Sumi pulls her helmet free, shaking her hair so that it falls past her shoulders. It's dark, like her eyes, and straight (if not a little disheveled). What had once made Sumi's face unsightly was gone, and she stepped beneath the light to show that the scarring on her face was mended. Exotic, beautiful, Sumi looked like the proper Morellian youth she claimed to be, and for the first time since any had seen her, she /smiled/.

She passes her helmet off to Hadrix casually, thanking him with a nod. "I have finally moved beneath the surgical knife and fixed what has haunted me for thirty years. While I am not whole (a reference to her missing daughter), I am /me/ again. I hope this is pleasing.. at least." She gently tucks her hair back, showing off her face which she'd often hid in the past.

"Do we have any updates from the clan?"

At the question of updates, Karys nods in regards to more information. "We must find a certain Doctor that Zee has referred to in order to continue on down the path of her recovery. We are currently working on finding contact information. As for my arm. We performed a successful mission to be granted the appendage and now it merely needs to be attached so that I might fight as I should beside you all." She glances to each in turn and then turns her attention up towards Sumi, giving a crisp nod to say that is all she has.

Taking the helmet as it is handed to him, Hadrix's visor follows Sumi - nodding at something now that her scar is cleared away. His own helm remains on while Sumi's is clipped to his belt and he adds, <"I've begun working with Clan Ordo with plans to present to Kora - for a possible Crusade; for the re-gathering of the Mandalore Sector into the hands of the Culture. War in our own space, but not the madness of the Homeworld. A rebeginning for our ways, for the old followers and the new." looking between the others, <"A war for our own and not for others using us as a club when we could be the scalpel.">

Roth still has her helmet on, because she's a dope. She gives a look up to Sumi as she speaks and there is a nod to the womans words, but, the woman herself is being a bit quiet tonight and waiting to see what they were going to speak on. She gives a look to Hadrix as he speaks as well and there's a nod of approval on that. Then she remembers something, <<There has been a 'pretender mandalore' that we've been hunting down. I think that we might be ready to question the new person that we detained about it.>> she states.

There's a moment of silence for Zee; the smile being tempered into something more sober by the news. She still feels at the very least partially responsible for what happened, and it shows. "Here's hoping that she has a very speedy recovery." Evie replies, brushing a hand back through her dark hair. "I'll keep an eye out for people who /might/ be qualified to work on restoring her properly. My brand of engineers usually frequent the same places as hers." she adds, tucking the tools away and letting her hands rest on the hyperdrive part. "That being said, I'm still working on securiing the necessary funding and personnel to start /properly/ equipping our clan in the void." A slight wrinkle of her nose, "Fighting economic battles makes me /really/ miss fighting them from my cockpit."

...but it'll all be worthwhile. She'll be able to show the entire galaxy what true elegance looks like in the black. She's like to think Raithe would be proud, if a bit miffed that she's not doing it under his umbrella. After a pause, a cheery grin is added; "It shows, you're lookin' good, Sumi, not that you hadn't, but... smiling suits you."

"So many updates." Sumi comments, her smile still present (having grown wider with Evie's kind words!) "Thank you." She says, patting Evie's shoulder. "When you all have time, see how we can help each other with our current obstacles. If someone needs killing, say the word. Something needs doing; let's get it done. While I admit to not being overly ambitious, I believe there's purpose in maintaining... coasting. We've got nothing to prove to anyone, and I like it that way."

Sumi makes it back to her spot near Hadrix and her smile fades. "Though, that brings me to my next order of business. Karys, please come toward me and face the clan."

"The time has come for a vote to blood another. I believe that Karys is ready to bear our mark, but to earn it, she needs your vote. I ask that everyone speak their heart concerning Karys, and share whether you're for her becoming your kin, or against."

As the others speak, Karys gives a nod to the words shared by Hadrix and Roth but it is Evie's kind words that brings a smile to her lips. A single dark brow rises slowly but Karys nods to Sumi. "As you wish." She stands to her feet and as it is explained what is to occur she glances then to Hadrix before turning about once at the front. "Thank you for your faith in me," she says, her chin lifting. She tries to measure herself up to the clan, straightening her shoulders and resting her hand at her side.

<<"Karys is as much heart as she is warrior. Dedicated, strong, compassionate...">> The Big Mandalorian's posh accented voice grumbles to a halt and he seems to be chewing over something. <<"More forgiving than some of us deserve.">> Hadrix's head turns to Sumi, Roth, Rathe, Evie and then back to Karys.

<<"I vote aye and the votes proxied to me vote aye. I would entrust my life to Karys, without thought or question.>>" He silences again some of his stance going stone, old habits.

Rathe Versiano remains silent for it is not his place to speak yet. the visor did follow Karys as she was called front and center. it will turn towards each speaker in turn to observe and listen.

Roth gives a soft nod when the vote comes up and there's a moment taken to reach up and remove her helm because she forgot and she's a goober. "I had proxied my vote to Hadrix as I was originally going to be away on work, but, I am here, so I'll give my 'Aye' in person." she smiles to that. "Karys has been a benefit to the clan and I trust her." she states. Roth's not a very wordy person. So that's all from her.

"I've never been afraid to speak my mind -- so now that I have a vote? I'm more than willing to do just that." Evie replies, eyes as blue as her armor turning to look towards the woman at the center of attention. "I've known Karys since before she had a name; had the pleasure of teaching her to fly," Along with the rest of the Vanguard, having been the group's flight instructor. "I served beside her as we wore the black of Kylo Ren, and again clad in more honorable garments."

Then she grins. It's a face that Karys is no stranger to -- not even the First Order could stop her perkiness entirely. "I vote aye; the line between comrade and sister, for me, had been crossed long ago. She will bring honor to our family, of that I have /no/ doubts at all."

Sumi rounds Karys to stand at her side then, glancing between speakers who bear the mark already and have the right to a voice. When their words have finished, Sumi turns to look at Karys wearing the bearing of a soldier. "They have spoken. The final vote is mine.-- Before I give it, I wish to hear your heart. Have you chosen Clan Kora to be your family? Are you willing to walk this path for life?"

The votes and words spoken about her very person leave her somewhat unsteady. She clears her throat a few times and swallows, giving each a nod in turn. You are getting emotional. She's definitely not. Her gaze settles finally on Sumi when the question is brought to her and the look of a nerf caught in headlights briefly passes across her expression. But her eyes lift to Rathe and the others and finally Hadrix before her attention settles on Sumi.

"This clan is already my family in more ways than I could ever have hoped or wished for. Some were my family before," she glances to Rathe, then to Evie and once more to Hadrix. "There is only Kora. I walk this path not only for family but because there is a future here. My future. I am more than willing."

"So be it, Karys of Clan Kora." Sumi says, a small smirk tilting her lips before she turns from Karys for a moment. "I name you my friend, my sister, my companion for life. From you, I charge the same pledge I declare now: No matter the field, the time, clime or place you will find me beside you. No battle will claim you absent me. Where you fall, I will be there to pick you back up. We will not die alone."

Sumi draws the Mando Iron brand free from the fire, the metal ticking with intense heat as it flashes orange. A nod is given to the Al'verde, before Sumi resumes her spot standing in front of Karys Kora.

"You have spoken your heart, Karys Kora, and I brand you with our mark." The iron is pressed to her shoulder pauldron (no, not her skin lol), the sigil of Clan Kora burning into the armor plating to leave a steaming impression. It is pulled free to show its clean new image. "Your mark is given birth today.." She states, then dips her hand into an unlit brazier, drawing it back up; it now covered in the dark blood of their fallen foes. "..and it is sustained by the blood of our victories." Sumi places her bloody hand over the newly formed sigil and swipes over it, staining it blood red, leaving a quickly drying yet glistening look. "Welcome home, sister."

Karys straightens up further, hearing the words and memorizing them so that as she is given the mark she widens her stance as the marking seers into the beskar. Sharp blue eyes settle on the blood dripping from Sumi's hand and she gives a nod, a critical look to her one good shoulder now branded. She clears her throat quickly and finds the words that were spoken to her. "No matter the field, the time, clime or place you will find me beside you. No battle will claim you absent me. Wher you fall, I will be there to pick you back up. We will not die alone." She makes this the royal You even as her gaze holds Sumi's. "My Alor'ad. My sister." She reaches up her one good hand towards Sumi in order to clasp her own. "I am honored."

Watching the branding and the blooding - Hadrix's visor pulses brighter for a moment in the right branch as his eye dully illuminates it. There is a moment where the massive statue seems unable to do more than remain such before he leans to rest a wampa paw high on Karys's shoulder, hand shake being offered to Sumi or not, and lean in to tap the crown of his helmet against her temple.

A brief burst from his helmet vox is the only sound at first before he rumbles, <<"Never alone.">> and then he pulls away again to rest like a monument to war once more. Still save for the rustle of his cape when the airflow moves it.

Sumi clasps the soldier's arm firmly and smiles. "We are honored to have you." Sumi releases and steps back to open the way for the clan to rush and congratulate her on this achievement. Sumi washes her other glove off idly, and uses an old towel to dry her hand/arm while watching from the side, the fire flickering in her dark exotic gaze.

Evie's a hugger.

Everyone knows that, so it's no surprise that, once the proper ceremonial work has completed, it's time to unleash the wolves! So she sets the part she's been tinkering with back on the chair she was sitting on and, indeed, rushes Karys. Arms wide, fond embrace given for the newest full member of the clan. "I'm so happy for you. For us. For everyone!" And the joy in her voice serves as proof. The girl sounds like her armor's the only thing keeping her from physically bursting with emotion!

Silent observation from one of the other figure in Dreadfinder armor. Rathe has watched the whole proceedings at modified form of parade rest. Some habits cannot be taken out of a man. The visor turns sharply upon introduction of a branding iron. There is a settling as it strikes armor and flesh. Visor looks from Sumi, to Hadrix and then towards Karys to give a solemn nod. His helmet vox crackle-ops. <"Congratulations. It is well earned."> Evie's run and hug gets a little helmet recoil as if horrified, or perhaps concern the condition is contagious.

The strong presence of Hadrix gets a look as the uncovered head of Karys is given the curve of his forehead. She looks up at him and finds her own reflection for the moment. She seems ready to say something but then there is Evie. As the exuberant pilot throws herself at the one armed wonder, Karys tries to compensate. She reaches her arm around the other woman and gives her a tight hug. "Thank you..and yes...happy for us all."

In the mix of those close to her, she glances past them to Rathe and offers him a slow nod. "I am just lad for everyone's confidence in me. I am glad to have my family again."

Bowing his helmeted head, Hadrix makes rooms for the others as his helmet seals his and he lifts the rim just above his patchwork chin and lips - leaning towards Sumi to offer her own back now that her hands are not burdened nor covered in blood now, murmuring to her as he does so.