Log:Collective Self-Defense

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Uli got assaulted; his friends plot vengeance.

OOC Date: February 7, 2016
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Stavros, Uli Gosse, Kasia Ciph, Lowkeyyy, Rebel Yell

Stavros is fresh and clean, still smelling faintly of honey from whatever soap he used. He's back in his normal work clothes, also newly washed - the blue zoot suit, pocket square, cane, and sunglasses are for special occasions. There's a touch of weariness, a sort of heaviness about his eyes, but he is humming to himself happily as he fiddles with the mismatched controls for the holographic projector.

Uli looks less...fresh than Stavros. He's wearing yesterday's clothes, which are a bit...wrinkled and soiled. There's oil marks here or there on his shirt, and if one looks closely, a bit of blood on his collar. He's moving stiffly when he gets off the elevator. "Oh, hey. Didn't think anyone would be here."

When the elevator doors close behind Uli, it goes up to the upper floor again, and not long after Kasia steps out into the command center. She too is fresh and clean, having bathed recently enough that her hair is still damp, though as always it's been styled, today so that it's half up and pulled back from her face. Fingers curl into the skirt of her long dress as she moves, lifting the hem just enough for her to step over the cables that stretch from one console to another. A smile is given for Stavros, and then Uli as well, though it dims as it finds the latter looking a bit rough. "Long night?" A hint of concern in her tone.

"Hey, Uli!" Stavros glances up from the console for a moment with small wave. He presses a button, and the projector lights up with an oversized holo of Sar Yavok's face. He leans back, surprised, then presses another button, powering down the display, then walks out from behind it. At Kasia's words, he looks more closely at the pickpocket. "You - had a rough one. Are you limping?" He frowns stepping a little more closely. The Zeltron's fingers touch his chest at the places corresponding to where Uli has oil on him, and then finally he touches where his own collar would be, if he were wearing a shirt that had one. "What is that? That looks like-" His eyes narrow as he considers the possibilities.

"It's fine," says Uli. He actually sounds like he means it, too. And yes, he is limping a little bit as he moves forward. He's also favoring his left side. "Just ran into a little bit of trouble closing out an old contract last night." And then, as if this were really no big deal, he adds, "Did you two have fun last night?" He tries to stand up completely straight, but ends up wincing and leaning a little on a nearby console. "Sorry I missed it. I wouldn't have had anything to wear anyway."

Kasia studies Uli for a few moments beyond his assurances, but she seems to believe the words, because she nods and moves past to take a seat on the couch. "It was interesting, to say the least," she says of the party, glancing over at Stavros briefly. "Met some new people." That thought is concluded with a vague wave of the hand. "I'm sorry that you missed it, too. I'm sure that we could have found you something to wear, should you have wanted to go. Or simply worn what you had, there were some that dressed more formally, and others that... did not."

"Gren was the exception," Stavros says to Kasia. "Because I can't make him do anything." His attention is still on Uli, especially when the latter winces and can't seem to stand erect without pain. "You're going to go see Fenwick," he says firmly. "I'm not sure he's in the base right now, but when he is-" He reaches out to help support Uli and tries to guide him towards the entertainment center's couch, so he can lie down. "What happened?" From up close, he can't help but notice that the blood on Uli's collar is, well, blood. "Who did this to you?" The concern in his voice is tinged with anger - not a usual emotion for Stavros.

Uli does accept Stavros' help to the couch. He's not proud. It's more that...well, this is pretty part for the course for him. He sits down and touches his side gingerly. Then he waves off Stavros. "Look, it's not a big deal. I chose a bad client. They decided to bruise my ribs instead of paying me what they owed. They took my merchandise, too. This is why I shouldn't deal with low level independents. They have no reason to have a good rep. But they were the only ones willing to pay a decent price for what I was selling."

In a further effort to diffuse the situation, he grins at Kasia. "I hope you got some holos. I'd love to have seen this crew polished up. I bet some even showered."

"Do you want help tracking down the people who took your merchandise?" Kasia asks, leaving Stavros to scold him over the injuries. "I could speak to a few people, if you need. Sar might be able to help, too, I'm sure he's still got contacts from when he worked here." A smile appears in answer to Uli's grin as she nods. "I'm certain that there are quite a few out there. I had to make sure that there were some if Sar." The smile turns into a full grin. "He wore an actual suit. If you can believe it."

"It's a big deal," Stavros insists. "We can't let them do that to you, or _you'll_ get a rep, as that guy who doesn't bring backup!" His left hand forefinger tightens unconsciously. "It sounds like they need a lesson. That would be a good rep to have, Uli. The guy who shouldn't be messed with."

Lowkeyyy comes down the elevator and steps inside of the Command center, he looks as if he's just gotten back from a long-ish and boring run, he has that more or less distant look in his eyes of a man who's zoning.

Uli leans back, exhales and chuckles. That clearly hurts, because his face contorts and he flexes his fingers against his side. His shirt is pulled up a tiny bit, revealing a splotch as purple as a Zeltron. "I appreciate the thought, man. But I doubt that's going to be my rep anytime soon." He tries to sit up so he can look at both Stavros and Kasia. "Guys, it's not worth it. The exchange was worth maybe fifteen hundred credits."

The sound of the elevator draws her gaze, and when Low appears, Kasia lifts a hand to offer him a wave. "It's about more than the credits," attention going back to Uli, canting her head toward Stavros. "We don't want you to become a target to people who think that you can be taken advantage of because you're in it alone, especially since you're not."

Lowkeyyy pausaes momentarily when he catches the tail end of the conversation going on, canting his head curiously, the wookiee looks at Uli, who appears to be the center of the conversation. Low smiles a brief, sharp-toothed grin at Kasia and offers a return wave, and then keeps the wave up as his gaze moves to Uli and Stavros. "Am I interrupting?" He queries curiously.

"We can make it be your rep," Stavros says softly. "Stun them, hang them by their ankles in an alley facing a wall where we've sprayed 'Uli has friends' on the wall. Upside down and right side up," the Zeltron says with a glint in his eye and only one corner of his mouth curled up into a half-smile. "So they see it when they wake up, and when they get down. And anyone who finds them will know why they're hanging up there, too."

Then Stavros plays his trump: "It will keep you safer. Yvie really wants that, and we can make that happen." Stavros is focused enough on righteous punishment and convincing Uli of its necessity that he doesn't even notice the giant wookiee until he speaks. He turns his head slightly, "Not at all. Did you see Fenwick upstairs, by the way?"

"Oh, so this is about the rep of Rebel Yell, hmm? That's the real reason you guys want to get out the pitchforks." He seems amused by this, though he holds back the laughter. Because, ow. He sighs deeply. When the wookie appears, he looks up and arches his brows. "Not really. They're just trying to convince me to send you all in a posse against a pair of fences who backed out of the deal and left me with nothing but bruised ribs."

It's strange, but he still continues to act like the whole thing is sort of funny. He pauses, then frowns at Stavros. "Did you just play the sister card? Damn, man." He shakes his head.

"You're not," Kasia adds that assurance along with what Stavros says, and concludes it with another smile up at the Wookie. "No, that isn't my concern," is her immediate reply, twisting back around to look at Uli. "My concern is the fact that you've been beat half senseless by people who think they can do that to YOU, because YOU don't have people who will stand behind you. Except that you do." With a flick of the wrist, she makes a casual motion around at those assembled here. "I don't think Rebel Yell is in danger of having their reputation damaged because you got roughed up and ripped off."

Lowkeyyy grins a sinister sharp-toothed grin at Uli and the wookiee reaches across himself and pulls about a foot and a half of nasty Ryyk blade from it's sheath, showing the metal before putting it back in. "I'd slice someone in half if they pronounced your name wrong and it bothered you. We are a family here." Low then glances back at the lift and shakes his head. "I didnt see him up there, so I cannot say where he's at unless he's up in the apartments or something." Low moves to sit beside Uli and looks at the man curiously. "Who was it?"

"If you're not wearing the uniform, nobody has to know it's us," Stavros says. "Just 'don't mess with Uli,' spelled out however you like. If they get away with bruises, the cuts and shooting can't be too far behind." He raises both eyebrows at Lowkeyyy's words, and even as the translator starts to kick in, the Zeltron says, "I want to think you're exaggerating." But he doesn't look certain the Wookiee is.

Uli looks at the three of them. For a moment, he's silent, like he's trying to parse the concern. Yvie has always had his back, but that's it. He's never had anyone else to fall back on. He never expected it, and never thought he needed it. After a moment that becomes almost awkwardly long, he clears his throat. "A pair of Twi'lek gangsters called the Nosta Brothers. They operate out of the Entertainment District. They run a small gambling den and black market business. I stole a pair of vibroblades from a drop cache owned by a rival gang. They're tacky as hell, with a bunch of cheap stones inlaid on the handle. I think they belonged to some nouveau riche twat who wanted to seem flashy. But still, they're really distinctive. That's why I couldn't sell them to just any fence. Had to be someone who could handle the fallout if the other gang got wind of it."

"There we go," Kasia's hands come together in a clap, and then drop into her lap as she looks around with a smile. "Someone to dangle by their ankles. By the sound of it, they should be easy enough to track down, too." Now that this portion of the conversation is out of the way, she focuses on Uli again. "Do you want something for the pain? You look as though you're awfully uncomfortable. I can go find you something."

Lowkeyyy does not appear as if he is the type who just says something for the shock factor, he's a stoner wookiee, so he's pretty easy going most of the time, but Low does not carry a sword half the length of a regular human man just for the looks of the weapon. Low gives Uli a light squeeze to one of Uli's shoulders as he stands up. "Well if you guys get something figured out, I'll be there to help out, Im not the brains of this operation, just the brawn." Low then looks at Kasia with a smirk as she seems to get excited. "I dont think this will be the same type of contraption that you enjoy getting dangled by your ankles, Kasia, its more of a punishment than pleasure." There's a teasing glint to his icy blue gaze.

Stavros's lips pucker as though he just bit into something sour. "The Nosta Brothers," he repeats, committing it to memory. "Lowkeyyy, you could be great for this. You'll draw their attention, we pop the security and the Twi'leks - on stun, of course, unless they start it - get the money they owe you-" Stavros winks at Uli. "And if you want, we tip off the rival gang that the Nostas stole their blades." But he shrugs slowly. "That could be a step too far," he admits. "Is there a cut? Where's the blood coming from?" He produces a handkerchief. It looks clean, for once.

"I took a painkiller. It's just...well, they worked on my ribs a bit. It's fine if I stay still, but when I try to straighten up, it stings like a bitch." He looks up at Lowkeyyy as he stands and nods once in appreciation. "I've never had a Wookiee at my back before. I can tell you...it's pretty reassuring. Way more reassuring than the other way around." He smiles in a wry manner and shifts a little in his seat.

A brow arches at Stavros' plan. "These boys aren't powerful, but they're scrappy, and they don't have a lot of honour. Hence, the beating instead of finishing off a deal. If we do this to them, they aren't going to let it go easily." He hesitates at the question of where the blood is coming from. Then, in an almost embarrassed manner, he pulls down the shoulder of his shirt. There's a long slash across the base of his shoulder. It's a vibroblade wound that's been sealed up with first aid sealant. "One of the brothers decided to test out the jeweled blade on me to see if it actually cut."

Kasia laughs as she looks around to Low, head shaking slightly. "I can't say that I've ever been dangled by the ankles and had someone try to convince me it was for pleasure." There's a pause, and then she adds, "Or for pain. I don't make it a habit of being dangled by my ankles." The amusement at that fades as she looks back around to Uli, leaning in a little closer. "Did you clean that first?" she asks, frowning as he explains the source of the injury. "I'm not Fenwick, but I can manage that much if you need."

Lowkeyyy gives a bit of a sigh as the word 'stun' is brought up and Low's gaze kind of drops down to the hilt of his Ryyk blade. "I could punch them in the face with a soldering iron." Low then shrugs once more. "I guess my bowcaster has a stun option, if I remember how to set it to stun..." Low, if he wants to stun someone usually just gets mad and most people either cease and desist or if they are stupid, continue and get shot or cut in half. He leans in to look at the wound, he's a wookiee, his wounds heal super fast and so he's always interested in wounds of this nature that dont heal right away. Low straightens up and winks at Uli. "Just dont make fun of my mother and we'll be a-ok." Low doesn't continue on the talk of dangling Kasia by her ankles as that moment was lost for the time being as Uli needs to be taken care of.

Stavros just stares at the vibroblade wound, until he rises to his feet to get out of Kasia's way, if more extensive first aid is necessary. "I'm not so sure about using the stun setting, anymore," he says, walking back to the holographic projector terminal. Up against the wall there is his long-barrelled blaster rifle. He picks it up, checks the power pack's charge, then slings it over his shoulder. "We'll see," Stavros says, his tone carefully neutral. "Once you're back shipshape- we'll see." He sits on a stool, where his gun won't get in the way.

"I grew up on this moon with no money. I learned how to clean and seal wounds," says Uli by way of answering Kasia's question. "It probably needs proper stitching, but it's holding together okay right now." The Wookiee gets a salute at his qualifier and a soft chuckle. He watches Stavros pick up his gun, unsure of exactly what that means. He ponders for a moment, then after a bit of hesitation, he says, "You know. I think those boys might have a bounty on them. Just in case you want to turn this into a profitable exercise and not just one about reputations."

Kasia squints at the wound for a moment, nodding a touch. "Alright. Hopefully Fen will be around to do that. I... can?" She hesitates. "I can. It just won't be near as neat and tidy if I do. It wouldn't be the first time I've stitched someone up before, either, though." She settles back, seeming satisfied that Uli isn't going to keel over anytime soon. "A bounty?" She glances around at Stavros and Low, curious to their opinion on the alternative that could be more lucrative.

"I'd be willing to slice off one of their arms if we got some money out of it." He says this as if it were some sort of tough concession. "Just let me know when we want to do this and I'll be around for it!" Low flexes a long arm, massive muscle is visible under the shaggy fur. "Bye bye Twi-leks!

"I'll look into it," Stavros promises. "We might as well get paid. It's a bonus. But we still send a message." He glances at Lowkeyyy. "One way or another."