Log:Corruption in the Senate

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Two flunkies meet to discuss business.

OOC Date: January 27, 2016
Location: The Tabac Shop
Participants: Sirus Yume as Arshona , Kaurava, as Radalph Untop Shadow Syndicate

The Tabac Pipe is mostly empty as the day is young there is just a young woman green skinned fair of eyes with those famous long tails on her head. The shop caters to the more criminal types of people with the large smoking pits with food and alcohol readily available. The prices are cheap but not to the point of losing money for anyone that owns said shop. She is smoking from a long bluish red hookah that is loaded to the brim with smoke right now. The smoke itself is a deep green with a little purple stars in the middle. Her eyes are closed in front of her is a meal with a drink deep amber with a little umbrella in it.

Radolph Untop, a small, suspiciously out of place squib had made his way into the Tabac Pipe and found a place to sit. His orders were to remain easily accessible, and what more accessible than a place like this. He lets out a sigh as he brushes a hand over his finely tailored clothing. "This is never going to stop smelling..." He mumbles to himself.

"Well then..."Arshona laughs softly looking at him with a worried look."Oh then that is such a first world issue. Such a high class issue." She moves over slowly sitting down at his table with a smirk."Let me guess Randolph Untop?" She bats theirs eyes with a faint smile on her face as she fires out the smoke again slowly this time right over his head."So what can we do for you?"

The squib greets Arshona with a frown. "This... is not a usual place for me." He bristles a little bit at the way she bats her eyes at him. Even a squib apparently can't resist a pretty Twi'lek. "That depends on who you are." He adds with narrowed eyes.

"A little letter found it's way to me." Arshona looks at him as one would a dullard with a shake of her head."But yeah we are here to hear the type of jobs you are offering." She then snaps her fingers for the girl to bring her to items from her table. As she waits her deep blue eyes move back towards the man taking him in with a smile."Honestly the fact you don't belong gives you away. Now be honesty about the job or I will shoot it down now."

The squib twitches nervously and looks around. "Ahh... s-so you're one of them." He smiles awkwardly. "I was wondering how long it'd take you to find me." Untop clearly gets a bit nervous. "Y-You are probably like me... you're not the one in charge. But... there is someone who needs a group like yours to take out a particular thorny thing. You understand, yes? A bit of asset denial."

"Well then...."Arshona so then and the smoke is exhaled soon as the hookah is set back up and the drink moved over but the food is left."I know what we do but you don't share what you need us to do?" She then looks slowly into his eyes with a predatory smile just for a moment."So then share the details before we know it I can't say yay or nay."

Radolph acquires a bit of... bravery out of no where. "Y-you'll be sabotaging a surveying party. They are getting in the way. Looking where they shouldn't be looking." He sits back a little bit and lets out a sigh. "They don't need to die, but... your choice."

"Oh then...."Arshona laughs softly watching the man for a moment and then she sips her drink slowly with a shake of her head."That can be arranged quiet easily. What is the pay for this job?" She then reaches towards the man slowly her hand stooping in the middle of the table. Her eyes meet his for a moment and then the smoke fires out of her nose like some sort of beast.

"You'll be paid when it is finished." The squid replies with a stern look. "You're not going to be paid to fail or to run off." He puffs up a little bit. "But you will be well compensated, I can assure you that."

"See we need to know how much so I can hold it out to the memebers see who wants the job?" Arshona laughs softly looking into his eyes."We don't work for free as you know. But their are several members and money speaks and motivates. So how much of a windfall will we get for this starting mission?" She then reaches up quick as a snake to pad his little check."I mean cute boy we speak money in the start of course. After a few jobs when your coin is know it will all be about us just doing."

"Uhm..." The squib gets a bit nervous again. "Six thousand credits is the offer. It's not really dangerous or anything, so any more would be unnecessary. It should be easy." She diverts his gaze a little bit. "Will that be acceptable?"

"Well then for a simple job that sounds very reasonable. Drop the rest of the info in the box as well." Arshona stands up slowly looking at the boy with a smile."Well then I will carry out the order and when you are ready for the payment drop it in the same box." She then heads out the door slowly with a smile. With that the little spy is gone into the night to her next appointment.