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Credit Dump Takedown

OOC Date: Oct 23, 2018
Location: Corellia
Participants: Corellian Rangers, Tylin Creel, Anadesi Driver, Elrych Cometburn, Dyannah Nerus, Merek

Lightening flashes in the not to distant, striking the top of one of Corellia's tallest buildings. The rain picks up and lets off as the weather continues to make it's presence known though by the looks of things the worse of the storm is passing. Huddled across from the local market store, a typical low rent store catered for quick in and out business, the Rangers wait for the right time in an abandoned business. Most of the windows have been boarded up but enough cracks let the freedom fighters peer out across the street.

"Right, the work is," Ty begins "that there are usually few guards here. They, like us, are trying to keep a low profile. I've sent to each of your datapads the layout that a Ranger was able to get." Datapads chime with new data. The outline is simple. Counter on the right, shelves to the left and coolers at the rear. Also at the rear of the store is another doorway.

"Word is the back door has a simple cipher lock on it. If forced those that are in the back room will be alerted to us gaining entry. Once we are through the back door a short hallway leads to another door. Our agent wasn't able to get us any info on how that door is secured." Ty looks at the other rangers and nods "Any questions, thoughts?"

After tugging her black jacket into place Dyannah considers the store across the street. "We were talking distraction for the guards but I don't see any to distract." A little bemused smile plays on her face as she looks up and down the street. "Your call."

Lethargy is the medic's response as the Sandman whispers dulcet poetry in to her ears that not even the inclement weather can detract. Her perch, a chair straddled in the opposite way with the spine of the chair affording a convenient if not comfortable shelf for layered arms and pressed cheek, creeks slightly with each idle shift.

The rubberized cloak Anadesi wears is a simple, burnished thing hued appropriately for night time excursions like the slick hide of a seal. From beneath its drape bits of her straw colored hair can be seen as well as the fiber armor about her arms though her right is also obfuscated by a tightly wound bandage. Tylin's voice manages to do what the lightning can not as she finally seems to stir to life. Snorting sharply, she chokes on her own spit and coughs violently.

"Kriffing," Anadesi sputters for a moment, "What?" Cobwebbed eyes peer at those in the room finally taking account of what's going on.

The two male shooters stand guard as they peer out through the slits in the boards "Yea, Boss. Distraction would be a good idea," one of the Rangers says and Ty nods. She looks around and her eyes settle on Dy. A grins forms "Dy, do I have the job for you. Look, go out the side door and make your way over to the guards. Ask for directions to 532 Meteor way. See if you can get them to give you directions." She waits a moment "Then start walking in the way they give. But be ready to come back as we hit the store."

Ty looks at the others "As soon as Dy gets their attention wait on my signal and then we hit the guards. We have to move fast and get inside so we can then make our way to the back room." She looks at each "Drak, you lead, Rem, you second," she tells the two Rangers "I'll go next and Anadesi you follow me. Merek, since you want it, you pull the rear guard." Any questions?"

Merek lifts up the pistol while he points it towards a wall, then he nods a bit in satisfaction as he places it within his poncho with a hand upon it, so that he can draw it when arriving at the place. "No questions here," he states, while he walks to watch with the other two Rangers a moment.

The black jacket, ample enough to cover a holster and in a manner hide in, covers a a little T, bare midriff, low cut, bright pink to contrast with her pale red skin. Guard bait in Dyannah's parlance. She pushes it back enough to act like an eye magnet but still keep the holster and its gun under cover. Sardonically, she primps her blue hair up and then gives a thumb's up to Tylin.

"Tell me when!" she says quietly and then goes to the gaps in the boards to look out.

Anadesi's hand flutters contemptuously through the air as a bird challenging the wind. Her eyes remain lidded but beyond the thin-skinned membrane, the steel stained orbs within twitch at a restless clip. The medic rises to her full height then before mindlessly running her hands along the non-descript pouches at her hips and back: cartridges, bandages, stims, and hypos a small sampling silently catalogued.

Slipping the snub-nosed blaster pistol out of the holster that's strapped to her left thigh, Anadesi's attention slides along to meet the Zeltron's twilight canvased form. Her nose twiches as if assailed by a rancid odour then abruptly she breaks her study with a snort and waits for Tylin's signal.

Elrych slowly pulls up in an old XP-38 he bought old and used from some guy for cold hard credits. Untracable and no questions asked. He pushes his Holo-shades up the bridge of his nose and ques the comm. "I'm in position. You're coming out the side door yeah." He has his earbuds in, listening to music which can be herad slightly over the comms.

"Okay, Dy, go do your thing. Don't stick around because as soon as we see them distracted we are heading out." Ty informs Dy. She watches as Drak and Rem line up beside the side door and Ty begins to move there herself. A nod to El "Yep, side door so we have time to get them in our sights before they, hopefully see us."

For those that are watching the store the last customer leaves and dashes off into the rain and the two guards try to squeeze under the awning that extends over the front door, trying to stay some what dry.

"That's the last customer," Ty says "Lets go do this. Remember these guys are bad guys, stealing from Corellians. Lets hit them and hit them hard and shut this down." She offers Dy a smile "You got this," she says before checking Anadesi "Don't rush in, Doc. But don't tary neither. A moving target is hard to hit." A look to Merek "Be ready, fan out so we all have a clear shot. Friendly fire ain't."

"You don't want me following you into the store then as backup?" she asks after another look outside. She saunters for the others in an exaggerated come-hither slink on the way out the door. At the last moment before committing herself, she looks back in and blows Anadesi a little kiss.

Out into the rain, she comes out of the alley with the air of someone lost and tired of being out in the weather. She splashes across the street, accidently letting her jacket open that little bit wider before skipping over a puddle to crowd in under the awning with the guards. No zeltron coyness this evening, there is a perfume in the air that immediately has both the men's attention. "This rain! And, I am so lost! Do you fellows know where 532 Meteor is? I think I've really blown it!" She puts on a little breathless helpless expression for them, wide-eyed violet eyes riveted on their faces and fixing their attention on her.

"Sure," Anadesi offers the elfin woman the single word delivered upon her usual mellow notes. A delicate nod follows swiftly afterwards but the motion is interrupted by the Zeltron's saucy gesture. Caught out of the corner of her eye, the medic's sidelong, ornery stare finishes with a clearing of her throat and a hiss of phlegm on the business floor.

"Copy..." Elrych says as he pulls back into the street and moves over to the side closest to that door. He parks the Car and plugs his datapad into the speaker system. It's not too loud but he's got the windows cracked a bit. He moves his head to the beat and mouths the words to the song, hands taping like drums against the steering wheel.

"They will kill you given half a chance, Merek. I would suggest you kill them first," Tylin says as she readies her pistol. "Oh, sorry, Dy. Yes do return to us but just don't be in front of the store when we move out." A glance out the boarded up window to where Dy has made it to the guards "Okay, be ready folks."

The one Guard waves a dismissive hand to Dy "Bugger off, Lady. Do I look like a map service to you?" The other guard shakes his head as he looks at Dy "Ignore him. He's just pissed that he has to stand out here. Look, you are not to far from Meteor drive." He turns and takes a few steps and points "Go down to that major intersection and hang a left. Can't miss it. Big ole sign." He smiles sweetly at Dy before he realizes he is once more in the rain. "I gotta stay here but really, you can't miss it." He turns and crosses back in front of grouch and stands in front of him "Seriously, can you be more of an ass. Acting that way to the locals and they begin to talk. I'm gonna have a talk to the Boss," he tells him.

When Ty sees the distraction is partly working she nods grimly "Go, go go."

Drak and Rem bolt out of the store, pistols drawn and take off, spreading out as they begin to take aim on the two unsuspecting guards.

Ty rushes out, sure to stay behind Rem as she does. But her pistol is up and while she doesn't ahve a shot it won't take long to cross the street. But Rem is big and Ty was told to stop rushing into the fight. She is listening, sorta.

Everyone is turned away from the side street, Dyannah is pointing down the road, hand raised in the air which highlights the attributes of her t-shirt enough for both guards to miss seeing the team move out into the street. The first shot is fired before the zeltron is hunkered low, peeling away from the guards in a run away from the side street. Tue Oct 23 20:53:54 2018

A sharp breath and Anadesi's lungs gorge themselves on the abrupt influx of oxygen as her muscles aggressively constrict and scream their demands for greater energy. The rubber of her boots hold fast as she propels herself in Tylin's wake, careening in to the falling rain with no hesitation. As instructed, the medic chases the slicer across the street and skids to a halt in the other woman's shadow. There's no battle cry or vocal punctuation to presage the raising of the blaster pistol for her first shot. She steps out of Tylin's cover for the sake of safety, stoops to one knee for support, and squeezes the trigger.

Elrych turns and looks over his shoulder out the back window of the cockpit. His brows furrough as the blaster fire starts. He dosn't pull his out yet, he dosn't need to draw any unwanted attention. Instead he just whistles along to his song looking to the time on his Datapad. He pats his hand against the passenger seat headrest. This is not the command you're looking for. (Try "help" or "+help" for help.)

As they charge across the street the poor second guard is hit again by the Doc and staggers back against the glass of the store. His buddy how ever faces a worse fate as the shot from Rem hits him square in the head. He's dead before he hits the ground. "Go go, we got to get inside before they lock the place down," Ty yells "Someone take out that other guy," as she follows behind Rem.

Merek steps from the car, then he walks forward towards the next guard while he cocks the pistol, then he shoots the weapon twice again, with one hitting the wall next to the man, then the next actually manages to hit, while he then looks to Tee and nods a bit, walking to find a cover that's next to the building. <Newbie> Merek(Black) says, "Pemit can only be seen by the target and sender, right?" Tue Oct 23 21:08:53 2018

The first shots are a signal for Dyannah to double back, she has drawn her pistol but doesn't fire because of Ty and the doctor proximity to her targets. Pushing the hair out of her face, she pulls back into a darkened storefront then peers around the corner in time to see one of the guards, the one that had been so kind to her, fall. She needs no empathetic sense to know he is dead. Ignoring the rain that pebbles her face like crystals under the streetlights, she takes aim at the onery guard still standing. Merek's shot takes him down before she can fire. Splashing up the street, she follows the others into the store.

Anadesi's breath remains heavy with each swallow bringing with it the astringent humidity of storm-addled air. The medic's eyes have widened since leaving the dim confines of the nearby store. Kissed with a touch of mania, there's a hunger for something more than just light that's obvious in her dilated pupils.

Remaining in Tylin's wing as the flange of the spear, Anadesi's steps splash with a metronome's rhythm. Her gaze remains fixated forward. The medic's focus profoundly blind to anything aside from the path forward and the other woman's earthen-hued outline.

"Huh..." Elrych says before looking back around once the team quickly takes out the two guards. He picks up his own Datapad and starts to cycle through CorSec frequencies and the like, trying different ecryption patterns. He was no slicer but he used to do this when smuggling in the Military. Just to see if he could get a hint if anything was about to surprise them.

Ty busts into the store at a full run yelling over her shoulder "Rem, Drak, stay outside and guard. The rest with me." The poor teen who was working the counter has his hands up and fear written all over he face "The credits, they are your's" he yells. "Don't shoot him, innocent," Ty directs as she skids on her knees, sliding up to the door with the cipher lock on it. Already the pistol she held is tucked under an armpit as the modified datapad is produced and the MD interface is hooked up. "Gonna take me a second," she tells the others as her fingers dance over the datapad. Soft music chimes through the store, the poor teen shakes in his boots as the Rangers pile in. Ty, meanwhile is oblivious to all this as she concentrates on the data before her.

Merek walks into the store with Tee, then he walks to the man at the counter, "Face down on the counter, don't look up and don't move," he tells him, while he uses the weapon muzzle as he sets the pistol tu stun to make sure that he does so. Unless he's planning to take them all on, it should work at least.

Skittering into the doorway brings the zeltron woman past the dead, rain already pooling in their eyes into the confrontation in the store. Gun down she walks past the quaking teen to stand behind Ty and the doctor, facing into the store as Ty works her magic. Tue Oct 23 21:32:53 2018

While the employee's authority to deliver his overemphasized permission to raid the register is dubious, Anadesi doesn't appear to be overburdened by any particular philosophical righteousness. Her harried footsteps carry her swiftly for the register and the credit chips within. With the voracity of a scavenging Ranat, the medic holsters her pistol and one glossy leaf after another are spirited away within the folds of her petrichor slicked cloak.

Elrych keeps scanning through the different frequencies, whistling along with the music he still has playing. Nothing has caused him alarm yet but he is keeping an eye on that time.

The door clicks open and Ty disengages her comp interface and pockets the datapad as well as the device. "Merek, you got him?" Ty watches Anadesi got to the register and begins cleaning out the till and cracks up "Good going Doc!" With a shake of her head "Dy, you are up, then me and then Doc down the hall."

The hall is short. Only one door at the end of it. By all appearances it looks just like a plain old door with an handle and everything.

Merek looks over to Tee with a gaze from beneath the poncho that looks amazed, "Thank you for telling us all our orders by name," he mentions quietly with some mouthing of the words, his hand seems to be switching the settings back and forth now, wondering what to do with the man at the counter.

"In we go," she says with a flippant smile to the money filching doctor as she passes. A pause, the hesitation of half a breath as the zeltron reaches for whatever might lay behind the door. Her jacket sheds rain as she paces the hall to the innocent door. An ordinary thing, an ordinary knob that makes her hand twitch ever so slightly when she touches it. All lessons in politeness forgotten she opens it, to stand fully silhouetted before an innocuous looking man counting his money. She smiles at him with all of the warmth of finding the love of her life, projects that to him. That smile carries her across the room with her gun pointed at his head.

Tylin's mirth is met with a vacant, oblique glance from the medic whose seemingly practiced pillaging of the register has left it empty in a matter of heartbeats. Anadesi does manage to catch Dyannah's cheeky smirk as she returns her focus to the task at hand. Instead of sniping back, she instead impassively eyes the man with the cybernetic arm and the hapless teenager.

"Are you going to do it?" Anadesi tilts her head quizzically the side as she draws a calloused thumb along the grip of her blaster pistol. Her other hand wanders about in a pouch at her hip momentarily before declining to produce anything. An idle shrug presages the drawing of her weapon as she steps forward to settle in at the frame of the hallway rather than going in.

Elrych would come up with some sort of witty quip to Merek's statement, however he's in a speeder-car enjoying his music, waiting for the finer folks to get done robbing a store. It was like old times back on the Captain's crew when he joined the Military as a freighter pilot in the Logistics corps. Ahhh, memories. A new songs starts to play and he raises his brows, "Ooohhh, havn't heard this one in a while."

The fat man behind the desk blinks as Dy enters. His face goes stone white. "Hey, what's this? I ain't done nuth'n wrong. This is all lee-get. I just count the money. That's all I do. I don't know nuth'n!" He exclaims as the rest of the Rangers enters the room. She looks around and sees a box of store bags "Fill them up," she says with a wink to Dy and Doc. Turning to the fat man "First things first." A glance to Anadesi and Dy "Me thinks he doth protest to much, don't you?" she says before turning back to the fat man "You are going to talk, big boy. Oh you will talk. I want to know who your bosses are and ..."

The fat man gasps as his eyes go wide and he clutches at his chest. Then he goes all limp and slides down in his chair.

"Uh, Doc. We got a problem here as she steps out of the way to allow Anadesi to get to the man "Tell me he is just faking. Please tell me that." But worry is plainly writ all over her features.

Merek seems to think about it a moment, then he takes the pistol and whips the teen so that he can then lean to check on him a moment. He shrugs then to Anadesi while he seems to think about it. rubbing his beard a bit. "I have something that'll make sure he doesn't remember much of the day," he states, while he begins to look through his tool kit.

"The doc will know but he is going, Ty," Dyannah taps the side of her head and lifts her chin at the man. The gun is holstered and larceny looming large brings a glimmer to her eyes. Bags are grabbed and she begins to stuff bills into them like stuffing the maw of a dewback with hay.

Perfectly obedient for the moment, the medic happily clears the distance between herself and the rotund man with a swagger that would put an aspiring Holonet performer to shame. As a cat prowling the railing on a high rise, her feet pad side to side, hips undulating in sultry precision as holster is replaced with vibrodagger. There's an

"Hrm," Anadesi singsongs sweetly, swaying back and forth as a reed sashaying to the tides. Reaching out, her finger tips subtly brush along the man's flesh before she straigthens seemingly satisfied.

"Sudden cardiac death," Anadesi declares. Suddenly, the vibrodagger whirs and with a dangerous ferocity she plunges it carefully between sternum and rib to split the flesh.

Ty watches Doc for a moment then shudders as she goes to help Dy bag the credits. "Okay, I can't watch this. Uh, thanks Doc." Ty gets out as she keeps her back to the Doc and her handy work.

Once all the credits have been gathered she looks around and grabs the ledger "We can use this and see where the credits are coming from." She says and then again scans the room. "Alright then. Lets get out of here, shall we?"

Merek takes out a vial and places that into an injector which he checks a moment. He then uses that on the teen. It's a drug which has the fortunate side effects of making sure that his memories won't be as kind to him, then he stands up and also checks his other things within the kit which he has with him. Seems he keeps a few dsticks with some spices on him at times. He walks then to follow the others!

One glance over her shoulder suffices to fix the image of the doctor with a knife plunged into the man's body. There is an unreadable expression on her face as she finishes stuffing another bag and carries the two of them out in Ty's wake.

Anadesi whistles melodiously in macabre juxtaposition to the sickly crunching of sinew and bone that punctuates each violent tug of her hand on the hilt of the blade. Seemingly oblivious to the meanderings of the other Rangers, she enthusiastically shoves a spanner in to the newly formed opening and breaches the core of the man like a pinata. Finding fat lined organs brimming yellow and dewy with ichor, the mephitic smell that creeps out is nearly tacky in the way it assaults the nose.

"Let's see what goodies we can find," Anadesi muses as she starts pulling out organs and filleting them one by one. She seems unperturbed the soiling of her gloves and the bandages that wind up one arm.

Ty gets into the waiting hover craft with El "All done," she says as she scoots over to give other's room."Lets go home, shall we?" She points south towards the direction of the farmhouse. "Well done everyone. Well done. I wish fat man hadn't died, we might have been able to get some useful intel from him," she says with a shrug.

Thats it, the money dump is no longer operational and with the ledger maybe they can trace where some of it came from and importantly where it goes. A lot more work to do for the Rangers. One page is turned and many more remain.

With casual irreverence, organs are discarded to lie deflated and destructured like deflated, spit-filled balloons. When she finally hits paydirt, there is some objection laced in the hesitation with which she reaches forward for the newly discovered anomaly. Fun's over.

"Neato," Anadesi remarks as she extracts a small synthetic capsule from the eviscerated man's bowels. Rising to her feet, she doesn't even bother trying to wipe herself off as she wanders for the threshold between store and the cleansing weather outdoors.

Merek walks to the exit after watching Anadesi for a bit. He then moves to open up the vehicle and steps up within, while he speaks to Tee, "That teen shouldn't be talking, gave him a safe dose of something that'll hit him up. Won't be able to make anyone of the Rangers," he states.