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Culture Clash

OOC Date: November 6, 2015 (Optional)
Location: The Malachor
Participants: Russ Ordo, Oriana

This isn't business as usual for Oriana now, she, since her running into Navi, has had a lot on her mind, and more curiosity than she could wrap her head around. Instead of her normal wondering of the streets time had been spent nose deep in her datapad, researching, planning. But these things only give up so much information and after more consideration she knew where she needed to go and who to talk that.

And that's what brought her to Russ. This need to seek information. Walking onto the ship her light steps and that echo of grace follows her.. The blaster is at her side, the blade on her back but battle is the last thing she expects right now. Pausing once up the ramp big brown eyes would look around curiously taking in the new ship, grinning a bit while doing so. Seems she likes it.

A ship this size cannot be crewed by Russ and the Thunderheart crew alone and it shows. Armoured Mandalorians busily make their way through the halls or man consoles, several of them are loading cargo and restocking supplies. Russ is not hard to find, his armour is a little brighter than those around him his black and silver armour standing out against the duller tones of those milling around him. He is supervising those around him, clearly ticking things off on his datapad as they are completed. His eyes look over everything with satisfaction before they stop on Oriana. He nods to one of the men beside him handing him his datapad before he starts to make his way over. "Welcome to the Malachor, Oriana. Is there something i can help you with?"

She had taken in the busy crew, people working hard, the armour. In some ways it isn't unfamiliar but the look of theirs is different and she takes a second to take that in. Once spotted by Russ the woman turns a touch on her heel and looks to him giving a smile and nod, moving to head in his direction. It takes a few weaves around his crew until she is close enough to not need to talk to loudly. "Yes, if you've got the time, but you look busy." Eyes flicker to the cargo a second then the big brown orbs fix on him again. "I had spoken to Navi a couple days ago, by the way, sweetest girl, but it left some questions unanswered, or well, left me looking them up and wanting more information. I was hoping we could go and talk over a few things."

"One of the great things about being the leader of something like this is that i can delegate." Russ gives a brief smile as he turns on his heel. "If you don't mind talking to me in my quarters then? It is about the only place on this ship that we can have some privacy at the moment. As you can see things are quite lively." He starts to walk through the ship slowly his armoured feet clanking slightly with each step "So what has Navi spoke to you of that you need my clarrification of?"

There is a soft, sweet sounding laugh. "Perks of the job." Replies Oriana with a crooked sort of smirk. With his offer to go to his room for privacy she motions with a hand for him to lead, accepting the offer and falling a step behind as they'd walk. While they do she'd make sure to look around, take the people and the ship in. Not assessing but openly curious. "We were.. sort of discussing our pasts, and I had a few questions about your people. I've since been doing my research and getting what information I can. I'm not sure if I'm missing anything really. I know you're more nomadic, equality with genders I could say when it comes to battle.."

The crew seem proffesional, the ship seems to be in good condition considering it is now an older model. Russ opens the door to his quarters, it is spartanly decorated. There is a simple double bed against one wall with a bedside cabinet, there is a small couch and a small dining table with two chairs standing by. "My people are more complicated than many people originally seem to think. We are nomadic sure, but we are not opposed to having a home. And we always treat each others as equals, even where there are ranks seperating us everyones opinions are valued. Ask your questions, i am most likely used to answering them by now."

Stepping into the room she'd look around, it's better than what she has. Barracks. At least this has privacy. Stepping a few paces in and looking to Russ she nods slow, hands idly resting on her hips as she shrugs a bit. "I sort of caught that, but I guess I was wondering, where is your home to be more detailed. I remember once you told me you couldn't sat where you were going, yes. Now that I remember." So maybe that wasn't the best questions. "I guess, more so, how are they with mingling with other cultures?"

"At the moment we have no real home, we have these ships and we have a few training bases that some people are starting to consider home. But they are not in places you want to be your home, not even if you are a Mandalorian." Russ sits down at the table and places his helmet down atop it. His looks at Oriana appraisingly "Well that depends on what time period you look at historically." Russ lets out a brief chuckle "But as for how the Revivers and the True Mandalorians work now? Well we can mingle fine. Not everyone can be a warrior all the time, we need people to support us and help us in many different ways. The way i hope things to go in the future is for us to be looked upon as awe inspiring protectors. Well regarded and held in high esteem, guarding planets against threats that in turn support us and allow us to grow and be what we are meant to be."

As he speaks Oriana would slowly make her way to the table he sat at, and go to take the chair across from him. Of course asking if it's open first with a motion of her hand. There is quiet consideration once he is done, not that she has no reply it's more that she has many and is trying to figure out how to best approach this. With her poised regal like posture and a turn of her head that gaze would settle on the redheaded man and tilt, lips turning up into a smirk. "What if I gave you the option to have all that? A hope, a planet to protect, possibly planets. People to support. What if I could give you stability for you and your people."

Russ considers the question for a moment leaning back in his seat as Oriana sits down "I would say at what cost? You must want something in return from me? And i am thinking it will be considerably more than my charming personality and spectacular good looks." He smiles slightly as he looks at you again "But i would give almost anything to have a home for my people again. Somewhere that will help us produce goods and such in future, as well as a pool to try and recruit from." he looks very cynical for a moment "But how could you offer me something of this magnitude?"

Oh, now that makes Oriana smirk all the more, with a touch of humour in her big brown eyes. "Well, I'm the type of girl where it takes more than that, Russ." There is a wink and she then in hails, because it'll be a needed breath. One done in such a way that'll say whatever she has to say is going to be a bit of a story. "You're right there is cost. It wont be easy. See I'm a princcess. In fact, Princess Oriana Verrni, of the planet Drik." A pause and her head would bow to him in official greeting - not that she expects one back, because she keeps going. "The world I am from is lush, green and vibrant. Wide expanses of ocean, rolling hills, forests and mountains. I know it sounds perfect but it isn't. Not anymore. My people - much in the way I use to be, are passive by nature We were not a people destined for war. Then one day the First Order came and took it from us. They killed my people, well some, ripped babies from our arms. They killed my parents in front of me. My brother and I got away, barely. I lost it all, everything and had no hope or idea on how to save my people. Of course, I'm no longer that passive scholar that I was then. The trick is, my people need to be freed, I had a contact who would give me information but something happened to him. I know they hover and work the planet, but my people need freedom.. They need to learn to defend themselves, a people like yours to help them grow and a people like mine to give you that balance. It isn't an easy task I know, and if you decline my offer, I understand. But a planet is on the table, a people to share it with, to mingle and join with. A safe, secure home."

"You are a princess? A mercenery on Nar Shaddaa? Do you have some sort of proof, how did this come to be." He looks intent but slightly confused, his mouth hardening into a grim line as you complete your speech. "Alright lets assume for now that what you are telling me is the truth, you are a princess from a conquered planet." Russ pauses for a moment as he considers "The problem is not what will happen after we take it back, but how and if we can take it back. Afterwards sure i can help strengthen your people, train those who never wish atrocities like this to happen again. All in return for a home for my people and the industry i need to push us foward." He pushes his helmet around silently in contemplation "We are perhaps 800 in number all told, i may be able to inflate that slightly with more mereneries and the like. We have this ship, the thunderheart and a few smaller fighter type craft and some landing troop transports. But that is us at the moment. Hardly a planet conquering force."

Her hand comes up, palm to him, eyes fixed on him. "Take a sample of my DNA if you want, run it into a system and see what it comes up as. It'll be me, tied to Drik. I am princess of it, and whenever returned to me, will be made Queen of Drik. I know, it's a lot, and hard to believe. Hell, I'm in the same boat with you, I don't feel like a princess anymore but I am. And I think it's a benefit now, because the person I've become has learned to survive. As for a mercenary.." Well now she trails off, bites her lower lip some. "I work for a bigger means, and I know people. The fight would not be yours alone if you decided to help liberate, trust me. There are many of us that want to see the Order taken down and will do everything in our power to." Though her voice is soft, that bit is full of emotional weight. "Our people I think can benefit from each other, we each offer what each other need. I will not stop those of my people who wish to join your ranks, but it must start from you and I. Finding balance within each others ways, acceptance and respect for our own people to follow us." Spoken like the queen she may be day become, it seems. "I'm tired, tired of being lost, tired of knowing me people suffer. Tired of loss. I want my home back, yes. But I want to help your cause too, because I can see the passion you have for it, for your people. No charm can override that, ever. I've told few, very very few who I really am, and nobody else but you this idea because of what it will take for us working together to pull it off."

"Well a queen that is onside with me and mine is something i could sorely use, especially one that is grateful for our work and appreciative of our skill. Especially one who is now a warrior of herself and can show a united front with me in support of the planet." He pauses as you elaborate onwards, mentioning possible allies to help you take your planet back from the First Order. His eyes narrow slightly before he speaks "If what you say is true and you have other powerful allies ready to shore up the numbers and aid us in this quest, if your story checks out and if your allies supply the support i think we will need you can count on my support. You offer me far to much to turn down something like this, even if there is only a chance of success." He pauses again and listens to the empassioned plea and it is clear even on his usually somewhat hard to read past the humour face that he is moves by the plea. "Aye our people in unision will be far better off then we would ever be a part i think. My people are warriors, but warriors without something to protect can quickly lose their way. If we can pulll this off i will endeavour to bring the same passion i feel for my people to defending yours. Or ours, as the case may be."

Now in turn, Oriana listens to what Russ has to say. She is patient, waiting for him to finish nodding as she listens. Idly a hand comes to rest on the table and a finger draws some imaginary swirls here and there. "The deal is also for me. Just as your people need someone to protect, mine need the strength. I've thought long and hard on this over the past few days, of my people. I've had to reflect a lot on my life now, compared to how it was. There will be much to do, a lot of diplomacy between ourselves and our people. Any traditions you have, I will gladly walk through much like the way I hope you would with ours. I do," She reaches into her pocket and pulls out her datapad then, flips it on and slides it to the ginger. "There isn't many but that is the planet, before the First Order came, so you have an idea as to what you're looking at. I would like it if you didn't tell your people until this is for sure and we can do it together, I'm offering a lot to you in return for just as much, and it should be done together. Sadly, I don't quite have a people to announce you to, but that will come in time, because mine will follow me upon my return." As for the images, picturesque and beautiful, a lush planet with lots of potential.

"Yes it is for both of us, and hopefully with some time we may both strengthen your people so that things like this can never happen again." He shakes his head slightly as he looks at the pics of the planet. "You are already a fighter, it will not take much to instruct you in the ways of my people. You may have to learn the language, but that can be taught over time. We are a fairly simple people, and i think you will find much of our culture appealing. If all goes well we must present a united front. I have some ideas, but that can come abbout in the future. Once we have a more solid idea of what we have to do." He scratches idly at the light stubble on his chin for a moment "You will need to be seen fighting with us to retake your planet. Even if it is only for one or two propoganda shots. Your people will need to see you activly fighting to free them."

"That is a hope." Oriana speaks gently but not without pain. "I saw my people killed, slaughtered, babies ripped from their mothers my parents killed everything was ripped from me, and I was helpless." For a second her big brown eyes well up but it's gone fast along with a push of that pain back. "I don't want my people to suffer like that again, even if not all take that path anything is better than nothing. I too have ideas on this, though also that can be for a later time. I've got no problem helping you out for that either, battle is not unfamiliar to me. We should sleep on this, for a few days, let our heads settle and then meet again. It's a lot to take in at once and sometimes such excitement shrouds prospects more than it helps them. And once that is done, we can speak to your people together when ready of this plan. If they are not agreeable, it may not work after all."

Russ's eyes soften a a little at the story, the laughter completely gone from his face hard worry lines appearing where the normally jovial ones are. "I am sorry for your peoples losses. I have not seen slaughter of that magnitude from that angle before, not if innocents. My people have been dying a far slower death." He nods his head once "I agree, we should take some time and consolidate our various allies and organisations. We will need a firm plan." He nods again "We will need maps, particularly of any known strongholds. We will need to know layout and disposition." He nods one more time "And when i talk to my people, and they agree to follow me into the fire. I will need to meet these allies who will be supporting out offensive."

"A death either way is still a death." Oriana gives Russ a small kind yet sad smile. "All of that, is right in here." A hand comes up and a finger taps her head. "I know everything about my planet, save for what may have been ruined but I know enough. I know how the land works, the weather, that part isn't as hard as getting all the allies together. I do think that before that battle comes, we should each learn some of each others languages and ways, go through some trials too. I do hope your people accept this run too, I really do." A sigh escapes her, one that is tired but strangely relaxed too, given this conversation has given her a newer sense of hope. That hand that tapped her head came down and extends to him, with a growing smile of respect and kindness it in too. "To our new potentials, Russ, and may life flourish under the road we wish to pave." If taken, her grip is perfect and skin is soft.

Russ takes the hand quickly, his hand is not soft as it is encased in a gauntlet. The grip is firm although careful, trying not to hurt the unarmoured grasp in his own. "My people will accept it when it comes from me, they will see that this is our shot to really starting making something of ourselves again." He nods his head once more as he stands, moving towards the door "I agree though, before the time comes we must learn of as much of each others ways as possible. Otherwise things will be much harder after the battle than things need to be."

Once the shake is done Oriana would bring her hands down to her knees and push herself up to stand in one fluid smooth motion. Tucking the datapad back into her pocket those light steps would bring her to his door as he moves there. Now, it seems to be all the more clear where that echo of grace and poise comes from. Stopping there and facing him her head tilts to the side, those brown tresses of hers sway around her. "I think we'll make a wonderful partnership Russ, thank you for listening. I have to say, for the first time in a long time I hope more hope than I ever had."